Proof It’s Rigged – Clinton Campaign Caught Sequentially Seeding Presser Questions To Compliant Media….

How far will the U.S. media go to collude with the Clinton campaign?  How corrupt is the U.S. press corp?

This research thread will answer those questions and more.

Following the debate Hillary Clinton held an “impromptu” presser with journalists aboard her campaign plane.  However, if you look closely into how it’s coordinated it might just blow you away.

Watch as Hillary Clinton’s travelling press secretary, Nick Merrill, actually instructs specific reporters on what questions to ask.   It took about three different camera angles to fully identify the ruse, but when you see it, it’s rather jaw dropping:

First.  Here’s the segment as broadcast on MSNBC. Pay close attention at the very beginning to Andrea Mitchell and Nick Merrill (staffer with the suit/tie):

Notice at the very beginning, the construct begins with a seeded question to MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell:

From a second (Fox) Camera Angle you can see what was taking place at that moment:


While Secretary Clinton is answering the seeded question from Andrea Mitchell, Nick Merrill (suit, black tie) begins typing up another question for another selected reporter.

Watch his eyes, and how Merrill signals via tapping on his phone to tell the next journalist what to ask.  The signaling is at 01:44 of this video angle – WATCH HIM:


(Changing angle so you can see the questioner) The seeded “journalist” then asks the question about “Goldman Sachs and Bernie Sanders”:


As soon as those two questions are fully utilized, Fox News Jennifer Griffin asks about the James O’Keefe videos and Clinton abruptly ends the presser.

Here’s another angle where you can see what sequential activity Merrill was using to seed the questions and gain the communications narrative desired by the compliant press:

The media should be ashamed of themselves. Everyone in that airplane has zero journalistic integrity, everyone. Even the reporters who might not be participating directly are being willfully blind in not exposing this ridiculous Potemkin Village construct.

However, it didn’t go unnoticed to the viewing audience at home.  Check out this couple’s response:

It’s all rigged folks.


Yet the pundits and people on TV wonder why their efforts no longer hold any weight.

There is no credibility left to lose.


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361 Responses to Proof It’s Rigged – Clinton Campaign Caught Sequentially Seeding Presser Questions To Compliant Media….

  1. Jason says:

    passing his phone on the down low

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  2. The Recent Republican says:

    I’m sorry, but does anyone else have an urge to slap Robby Mook in that video? (striped oxford shirt, no tie — as usual, smug grin)

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    • Dixie says:

      I was preoccupied with watching him. He is looking at the back of hillary’s head like he is in love. In fact, they all behave with adoration including John Podesta. I dislike Robby Mook intensely – you are right, he’s smug, arrogant, and quite impressed with himself.

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    • I feel like slapping him every time I see him. His last name is perfectly appropriate.

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    • bofh says:

      Punchable face.

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      • Bendix says:

        I’m noticing the top woman Democrat evidently doesn’t have any young male Democrats willing to support her that closely, and when I say male I mean heterosexual male. They are supposed to be the party of women or something, but shouldn’t the men be falling all over each other to prove how down they are with the whole role reversal thing? Unless it’s deliberate with Hillary, a slap at the white male dominance paradigm, but I don’t think it is, I think she has slim pickings when it comes to who is willing to closely align with her.
        Then there’s Huma, the AINO, American In Name Only, a term I believe I’ve just coined. Obama is the same thing, a foreigner in all but a technicality of birth, which is probably why so many are willing to believe that part was faked.
        In some ways, this election has become about the triumph of the AINOS over the Americans.
        Donald Trump is worldly, well-traveled, and highly tolerant of customs and cultures not his own, yet people of his own social set often dislike him intensely, even though they are just fine with others who exhibit what they claim to see as Donald’s negative traits in spades.
        I think Donald offends them in the old-fashioned way, the way often decadent European upper classes looked down their noses at what they considered to be brash, uncouth, uncultured Americans.
        Donald is iconically American, he would not exist in any other culture. Ted Cruz was wrong when he said that Donald had “New York values”. It’s precisely his lack of, not New York, but Northeastern Liberal elitist (and no, I don’t mean Jewish, if I meant Jewish I would say Jewish) values which turns them off. He isn’t one of them.
        Neither is Hillary, actually, but she is doing her best to make herself acceptable to such people, and it is destroying her.

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        • Modernlove says:

          i.e. “Jewish.”


          • Sounds like someone needs to meet more actual people in life rather than run with the stereotypes put forth by “some people”…

            How about i.e. “Christian” become a “thing”? It could you know…


            • Marc says:

              “Christian” is a thing. Like the fake Cafeteria Catholics that Palmieri spoke of. She was right. Just look at Fox News and how everyone there is Catholic or Jewish. Many at Fox convert as well. Judge Napolitano boasted of how many Protestants and Evangelicals he had convinced to become Catholics. It’s about fitting in with the NY elite and being a Roman Catholic is the safe sect. Being an Evangelical in the big city is anathema and will get you dismissed and/or mocked.

              There are plenty of cultural Jews out there that don’t even believe in God. Check out Barna research on American Jews and religious beliefs. You’ll be shocked.


  3. rsanchez1990 says:

    Caught those SOBs with their hands in the cookie jar!

    Those media stooges better be partying hard now. Because once Trump wins, and all the SuperPAC money propping up the media dries up, there will be A LOT of lay-offs. People won’t take newspapers for free knowing that it’s all lies.

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    • DelAware says:

      Like there was any doubt?

      Hint: “Andrea Mitchell”–who has had more facelifts than that cat-looking horror lady–has another name:

      Mrs. Alan Greenspan.

      They don’t have their hands in the cookie jar. They’ve got everything in it so deep they can no longer see daylight. It is their job.


  4. sysconfig says:

    Paul Watson Has The Best wrap up I have heard yet . Simply Stunning

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  5. Ip Siscr says:

    Please, puleeeeezz, Sec’y Clinton, lose the Mao suit. And, that extravagant white brings to mind the Roman “cretata ambitio”, i.e. your corrupt greed for office, not a good optic. Maybe part of why you are not up by 50 points …


    • dannz says:

      The Lion the Witch & the Wardrobe comes to life.
      Aslan wins in the end and the witch is dead.
      Good job nobody in the media still reads (they only write)

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    • flova says:

      If the brain dead still don’t get our country along with their jobs and their way of life is on life support, then perhaps we ask them, ‘can you really stomach looking at those pants suits and funeral parlor makeup and listen to that screeching for the next 4 years?’

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      • Bendix says:

        The idea of someone who has time and again ignored our laws as it suits her, in a position to rule over us, offends me to the last fiber of my being.
        We are Americans! Doesn’t that mean ANYTHING?


  6. belle819 says:

    I can’t wait for the election already. I have been getting so disappointed in so many people, but am glad at the same time Donald Trump is exposing them all.

    I remember when I gave my father a subscription to the National Review for his birthday and continued it until his death, he loved it and would be appalled at what it has become. So many other pundits I respected growing up and now I can’t even watch or listen to them anymore like Krauthammer.

    Can’t wait until the Trump rally tomorrow to get another boost of energy and resolve. Thank you Sundance for making The Conservative Treehouse a sane place to visit and it is always uplifting to read everyone’s comments.

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    • Harry Lime says:

      I cancelled my subscriptions to both The National Review and The Weekly Standard several months back so I know how you feel. I felt pretty disappointed at first until I realized that my new sources of information are far superior to what I was getting before. There are some great people and organizations doing fabulous work to get the truth out there starting right here at the Treehouse.

      I need to remember to donate what I can, when I can, to keep these Patriots going strong. They’ve already given me far more in the last few years(?) (been here since the Jessica Chambers coverage) than I ever received in over a decade from those other magazines.
      Not to mention the fantastic comments section…

      Thank you Treehouse!

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  7. wolfmoon1776 says:

    I forwarded this to both Drudge and Breitbart. I think the salient point is not THAT she’s cheating, or HOW she’s cheating, but why. Griffin’s question is the key.


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  8. notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital says:
  9. I used to be annoyed, then amused at the press carrying water for the Clintons. Now I am scared. It is so blatant and ubiquitous. We are the Soviet Union. Not becoming. We are there.

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  10. Thurstan says:

    I do not see many reporters going off on Hillary’s nuclear launch giveaway. The possible explanations for her comment are very few. Stupidity is really not an acceptable reason. As SoS she knows better. It is not lack of knowledge after working in that capacity. If it is true that she never understood that this was secret, she has displayed her total ignorance to be president. The only logical reason, which IMO seems more likely, is that she has some degree of diminished mental capacity related to her health issues. If she has early dementia, she would no longer realize the significance of keeping this secret.

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  11. Mr. Izz says:

    Keep this in mind too, anyone on that plane who isn’t playing ball with Hillary will not only be blackballed by Hillary and the other journalists, but they might be forced to forfeit their place on the plane.

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    • EggsX says:

      But isn’t the ‘real’ story the collusion between the media and the HRC campaign? A real journalist would take video of the collusion (I am sure we have only seen the tip of the iceberg) and drop the story in a series.

      In this day and age, it may be career suicide similar to what has happened to Sharyl Attkisson because nobody wants a real journalist around because you can’t trust them to keep your secrets.

      The only other strategy is to play dumb and leak the details so others capture the collusion – but then you will be considered to be complicit and you have to accept a sullied reputation as a person and journalist.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if the Clintons brazenly do this to corrupt the journalists and anyone else they work with. Once you’re compromised, you serve as their tool.

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      • Bendix says:

        Somebody has to pay you to be a journalist. NBC was willing to pay a known liar and Hillary’s daughter. A handful of globalists own the media. Reporters work for them, not us.
        Somebody has to pay you to be a scientist too. That’s why there’s a “consensus” on global warming, allegedly, because the funding flows to those who get with the program.

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    • Fake Nametag says:

      In midair.

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    • KBR says:

      “Forced to forfeit their place on the plane” without a chute.

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    • dekare says:

      …via immediate exit right then and there without a parachute.


    • Burner says:

      Forfeit, as in immediately, Clinton style.


  12. RedBallExpress says:

    When the witch tells the lap dogs to get something to drink does she put a bowl of milk on the floor for them?


  13. History teaches says:

    Post election reaction will be the biggest national meltdown since the civil war. Either way.

    In a Trump victory, any thing but an overwhelming monster vote will have the establishment going radically insane. Clinton will never concede under any reasonable circumstance. It will make Gore and Kerry look positively benign. The goon squads, lawyers, activists and 98% of the media will be in full nasty destructive mode. Antithetical to the fake outrage they now espouse about the sanctity of elections.

    A relatively close Hillary win with dubious components will also be contested and not meekly accepted by Trump.

    A Hillary landslide win does not compute, but if it happens then it’s time to regroup, rethink the state of the nation and roll up sleeves to create an alternative set of ‘rules for radicals’ from a right wing perspective. Many leftist radicals were integrated into the school system as teachers when young. The Viet Nam crisis galvanized their energies and the socialist playbook provided the strategy. The fifties fight back about the ‘red menace’ was mocked and belittled. A cute culture took hold ideologically, and SAS proliferated by the entertainment industry.

    And the entertainment and media worlds have always been leftist propaganda. It will take at least another generation, but the left has to be challenged at the very entry level. From school curriculum to cultural norms to common sense ways of looking at the world. A monumental challenge. But I fear it will only be unprecedented catastrophes and government meltdown that just might plant a seed of doubt. Thy had Viet Nam. The future may have a Hillary war, heaven forbid. But it will take such a crisis to break free ideologically this descending spiral.

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    • Harry Lime says:

      I’m starting to think that the reason Wallace (msm) asked Trump if he would accept the election results was not really done so much to trap Trump in some way, they knew he would say no, but so they could make it headline news for days and days and make a big stink about it. That way when Hillary loses she can contest the results with her ten thousand lawyers and then be able to point the finger back at Trump (and the Russians) and try not to look like the crooked sore loser that we all know she’s going to be.

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    • Jimmy Jack says:

      Brilliant, brilliant comments. I agree thoroughly. I do think we need to roll up our sleeves and get to work and like you I know it has to be done at every level, starting with the indoctrination of our kids in government schools. It has to stop. We also need to turn away from popular culture (tv and movies) bc it is all propaganda, some obvious, some subtle.

      Additionally, I believe no matter who wins we will see “urban” riots – riots in urban areas that are predominantly black. I do believe part of this will come organically as Obama was a historic choice for the black community and they will be loathe to relinquish that, especially those who are LIV, already frustrated and marginalized people who will see Obama leaving the WH as a loss.

      However, much of this won’t be organic although it will be sold to us as such by the lying MSM and corrupt politicians. Large groups of La Raza supporting Hispanics and all of the useful Soros idiot white college kids and burnouts we have seen at violent rallies so far will also riot. I believe they are working behind the scenes to make this happen and have done so for quite some time. All of these meetings at the WH are strategizing planning sessions.

      This is my prediction. I would like to be wrong. However, I watched Obama voters in NYC start fires throughout the city when he WON the election in 2008. What will those same people do when his time in office is up?


  14. History teaches says:

    Sorry for the usual autocorrect nonsense. ‘Counter culture took and propaganda proliferated by the entertainment industry.’

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  15. MfM says:

    When Trump talks with just a few notes there is seldom an ‘ahh’ or ‘umm’. During Hillary’s talking she liberally scatters them throughout.

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    • Jimmy Jack says:

      He is brimming with innate confidence so he doesn’t hedge his speech. People give him a hard time for being arrogant but I think it is high time we have had a conservative man who is not ashamed to be bold or act like a man. I love it.

      Bring back the real men!!!


  16. freepetta says:

    These people can’t do anything without polling or cheating.

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  17. It’s defrauding America to steal the Presidency. It’s organized criminal behavior. This is proof of organized crime!

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    • Patriot1783 says:

      Hopefully there are journalist majors out there that are watching everything unfold and are incensed as well. There must be some out there that still strive to be independent with a desire to break that next world event or hidden gem and want to “report the news.”

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      • Jimmy Jack says:

        Or at the very least opportunists who realize having integrity right now is a golden ticket to a very lucrative and long career. I’d take that too.


  18. James O'Malley says:

    We’re still not addressing the elephant in the room: many key states use Smartmatic voting machines, and the company CEO is connected to Hillary and Soros.

    What do we do about it? Reddit /r/The_Donald is strategizing and attempting to get as many counties as possible to invoke an emergency clause and use paper ballots instead, but what else can we do?

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  19. Sandra says:

    At 1:53 in the FOX video you can see the tap-cued reporter holding up his phone and it looks like he’s reading the question from the phone, texted to him by Merrill no doubt. Nick Merrill thinks he’s one slick secret agent CIA dude. (eye roll)

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    • Sandra says:

      I just finished watching the 3rd video. How hilarious! FOX reporter killed it. 🙂

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      • Jimmy Jack says:

        She may well be in on it, used to be a closer for the interview by posing a tough question. Makes her look tough but still helps Hilldog. We can’t trust Fox News anymore outside of Dobbs and Hannity when it comes to Trump and Hillary.


    • bofh says:

      It’d be nice to identify who the droid is. Pretty good face view is available as he asks the question, but I don’t watch TV and don’t recognize the reporters (other than, of course, Aaaaaaandrea Mitchel).


  20. 1hear2learn says:

    Media, ashamed? C’mon, no way, they’re happy and proud to play these rigged games!

    Personally, I don’t understand how not a single one of them attempts to ask Podesta a direct question about his leaked (not known if hacked) emails?

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  21. It’s chilling to watch, absolutely creepy.
    I’ve always suspected it to be true, but to see it with my own eyes… it’s unnerving. It just makes all of the other known corruption feel that much more real and it’s actually kind of scary. ._.

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    • Jimmy Jack says:

      What is chilling, is how they are doing this in the open, on camera. They are doing ALL of this right in front of us. I feel the same way about Hillary’s jokes at the Al Smith dinner – they are all things she has done and thinks it’s a big farce. Under our noses and rubbing our faces in it.

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  22. horologia15 says:

    I wonder about Nick Merill. I’m no psychoanalyst, but mildly neurotic (aren’t we all? 🙂 — enough to have an idea of what’s really going on here…

    Lots of studies have been done on the psychopathic condition. A rare but recurring analysis is that the extremity of the psychopath’s actions are driven in part by a “desire to be caught.”

    In apparent contradiction to conventional theory that these personalities have no sense of guilt or shame, this analysis holds that they are in fact intensely aware of societal rejection of their disorder and mental state, and desire to be cured of it by the intense humiliation of public condemnation and punishment.

    This approach essentially occupies the area of the Venn Diagram between the conventional psychopath and the behaviour pattern of people in hostage situations, held in fear of their lives.

    Nick Merill goes through his motions in a deliberate, ostentatious manner. He knows the cameras are rolling, but he doesn’t attempt to conceal the subterfuge. One may argue that he’s “hiding it in plain sight,” and indeed that will predictably be the root of his defence: that campaign staff routinely interact with reporters in innocuous ways, and this was one such incident. Don’t be surprised if he belatedly produces the content of the message as proof.

    However, there are countless other ways he could have done whatever he was doing in less suspicious ways — orders of magnitude less suspicious.

    He could have had the exchange with Andrea Mitchell before the interview, or after.

    He could have had the exchange out of view of the cameras. This is the obvious counter to the predictable defence that it was an innocent, innocuous occurrence.

    He could have gone “round the cameras” and delivered the note from Andrea’s back. There is no overriding value for his having to stand behind Clinton during the interview.

    He could have sent a campaign aide or intern to do the dirty deed. There is plenty of time between when the message is passed and the question is eventually asked.

    But he does it openly, in full sight of the cameras. Take a look again at the footage — it’s so blatant and ostentatious that it practically draws the viewers attention away from Clinton and to himself!

    Does Nick Merill (and other members of the Clinton campaign generally) sense the circling vultures? Does Nick want “out,” but is patently aware that Hillary won’t let him go — not with all the dirt he obviously has on the inner workings of the campaign?

    He knows Hillary will bite his head off for this faux pas once it gets into the public discussion — it’s probably happening right now as you read this. Is this the Nick Merrill version of the “blink if you’re being held hostage” act?

    I’m not saying Nick’s a psychopath, but those of you of a certain age know what I’m getting at. You would certainly know if you’ve raised a difficult teenager.

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  23. John R says:

    Can I just ask, why do we have 17 intelligence agencies in our government?

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    • Don’t know that we do, John R. Just because Lyin’Crooked proclaimed it; I’m banking it’s another LIE.
      No one asks her to NAME the 17 intelligence agencies.
      Just another fairy tale spin job.
      They truly believe it’s in the bag for Lyin’Crooked and we the stupid people will just plod along with our heads down on Nov 9th.


      • Justah says:

        Actually – we do have 17 Intelligence Agencies and they all report to James Clapper. That one thing should indicate why our “Intelligence Community” can’t figure anything out. The Bureaucracy is unbelievable. The LIE part is that they all agree (they don’t) – General Flynn (Trump supporter) headed up the Defense Department Intelligence and was fired by Obama when he wouldn’t cook the intel to match what Obama wanted it to match.

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      • Jimmy Jack says:

        It’s a lie that the 17 said we were hacked by Russians for wikileaks. The 17 agencies is not a lie.


    • Jimmy Jack says:

      I did a white paper on this recently. It is a jumbled convoluted system that has many redundancies and many gaping holes. This is one of the reasons we are at great risk and why DHS is a joke.


  24. goswell says:

    Is it possible to put forward a class action suit against some of these news corporations for manipulating information meant for public consumption?


  25. Howie says:

    Pure evil.


  26. gandiji says:

    The networks hold their right to broadcast at the sufferance of the American people, who are legally considered the owners of the airways. Broadcast media hold their licenses from the public. The public (through their congressional representatives) have the ability to rescind those licenses and auction them off to new buyers, or assign them to different assignees.

    An open congressional investigation of government and establishment co-opting of the broadcast media over the past few decades needs to take place, followed by a rescinding of the broadcast licenses.

    Only that will break up the government-media nexis (axis) and actually give free speech another chance in the USA.

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    • quintrillion says:

      No need for dog and pony congress investigation that qo no where or end up a cover up…..just take the licenses away from the conglomerates.

      If people were really bold enough and mad as hell they would stop paying for propaganda and the cable media would collapse.


  27. Diane says:

    Sometimes I think that her brain is so compromised that her staff has actually been doing it all with very little input from her. I also believe she resigned from sos position because she was unable to hide her health problems back then and her staff took over for her presidential run.

    Liked by 2 people

    • wolfmoon1776 says:

      Yes – very much agreed. I think “health hiding” is, at this point, an integral part of her persona. These people see nothing wrong with it now, because they never did, and particularly 5 years ago, when she/they made the decision to keep her moving forward in spite of emerging problems.


    • gainny says:

      The strong impression I get from the Podesta emails is that “Hillary Clinton” is functionally a committee.

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      • Jimmy Jack says:

        That is a good observation and one that definitely does not apply to Trump. He is his own man for better or for worse. That is integrity.


  28. jeans2nd says:

    This is totally irrelevant, but – listen to the first 23 seconds of clip #1. Don’t watch, listen. Clinton has been drinking. (I know, off-topic, I’ll shutup.)

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  29. Wacahootaman says:

    The operative word in “The Corrupt Liberal Media’ is “Corrupt”

    Liberalism has killed journalism.

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  30. bofh says:

    I’ve not so far seen mention of the first question asked: “Will you accept the results of the election?”. This is at about 00:09, and Hillary’s first response is that awful, forced, death’s-head smile and a false laugh, followed by a pivot into attacking Trump. She, of course, never actually answered the question, one that should certainly have been put to BOTH candidates during the debate. I suspect that asking that question on the plane, especially as the very first question, will result in beatings.

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  31. talkaftercarefulthought says:

    I’m thinking that we need to name Hillary’s pressers (including her embedded press entourage) “the Muppet Shoe”

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  32. TC says:

    Notice also despite being on a dark airplane at night, no flash photography allowed. Why isn’t anyone in the media talking about that?

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  33. laurelmarycecilia says:

    Ashamed ? Don’t think so as they are fighting for secular (read atheist) global governance. For them the end justifies the means. They are not shamed. They just hate it when exposed because they are somewhat less effective

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  34. another new low, who could vote for this trash?


  35. JoeS says:

    Where do they get these frat boy advisors?

    Did you see the smug look on Mitchell’s face when she turns to go to the MSNBC audience? She was like, boy Griffin was mean and not nice to Hillary! These people are so phony and in the tank. It is a mass media conspiracy.

    When Jennifer Griffin asks the question about Wallace when Hillary turns back around, did you notice Hillary’s eyes. She had a ANGRY “look to Kill” for Griffin for asking the O’Keefe question.

    She is an angry, shrill authoritarian, and that should scare everyone.

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  36. Do we have and ID on this guy feeding the questions?


  37. ZZZ says:

    such a well informed and original thinking candidate. /major sarc


  38. There seems to be a cue as to who has the next loaded question as well. When it is Mitchell’s turn she looks right at her to select her next. Same with the guy. All these reporters are trying to talk over each other but Clinton knows who is next.


  39. Brett says:

    “…a country based on laws…” Really? What a corrupt lying hag, and what a complicit crew of lying bastards.


  40. That was a metal tube, zipping thru the air at breakneck speed, full of crap.


  41. Patriot1 says:

    Wow! She has the audacity to say we are a country based on laws?!!! somebody get rid of this sick witch. Talk about satanic!


  42. Pingback: Was Hillary’s Henchman Feeding Questions To the Press?

  43. Farook Al Bernstein says:

    Why do all of HIllary’s supporters who appear on Fox to defend her always laugh and smirk when asked a questions about Mr. Trump doing well??
    Did they all attend the Columbia University School of Snark?


  44. Kaco says:

    “Will you accept the results of the election?” She never actually answered the question.


  45. deanbrh says:

    Discussions of what should be done about EACH proof of corruption should have to include reality about what COULD be done, since there is NO way any of us are going to do anything but chatter. She’s killed people, for God’s sake, and nothing has been done about it.


  46. Linda Ruth says:

    Comparing photos of Hillary Clinton at recent times, including the debates, how can a fat woman become physically slender? And a vastly wrinkled old hag become a smooth-skinned, younger female? Whoever she may, or may not be, she is the vile figurehead of evil being propped up and protected by the powerful, wealthy controllers of the world, and of this country.


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