Corporate Republicans Continue Being UniParty Corporate Republicans…

The corporate republican gaslighting is going full bore today in advance of Crooked Pickles last debate performance.   Rush Limbaugh’s “Full Throated Conservative” Senator, Marco Rubio telling everyone to reject the information coming from WikiLeaks:

little marco

[…]  “as our intelligence agencies have said, these leaks are an effort by a foreign government to interfere with our electoral process, and I will not indulge it.” “Further, I want to warn my fellow Republicans who may want to capitalize politically on these leaks: Today it is the Democrats. Tomorrow it could be us.” (link)

In order to fully appreciate little Marco’s statement above, we would suggest reading Rubio’s statements while wearing a top hat and utilizing a high-pitched munchkin voice.

Corporate republicans are not worried about Trump losing the election, they are absolutely distraught with fear that Donald Trump is going to win this election.


Next up….. Clear Channel/iHeart Media (Bain Capital, Romney)  via Rush Limbaugh, and Salem Media Communications (Hot Air, Human Events, Twitchy, NRO, Red State) via Hugh Hewitt and their attempts to protect the Wall Street corporate interests.

Which follows on the heels of:….

…[…] Ohio Republican Party Chairman Matt Borges acknowledged that Ohio Republican Party Executive Director Katie Eagan created a parody Twitter account on Sunday that mocked Bob Paduchik, the Ohio state director for the Donald Trump campaign.

[…]  “If it is in fact true that the Executive Director of the Ohio Republican Party is spending time 23 days out from a critical election for American families setting up crudely named fake Twitter accounts to attack staff for the GOP presidential nominee, it is very disappointing and reinforces the Trump campaign’s decision to address the State Central Committee directly with these issues this weekend,” Unger said. (read full)

GOP primary 2

Some things just never change with these UniParty creeps….

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295 Responses to Corporate Republicans Continue Being UniParty Corporate Republicans…

  1. Libertyvibe says:

    Little Marco ended every speech with his occultic mantra “NEW AMERICAN CENTURY”. This has been the Neocon nation building battle cry since 911. When we hear it, we should run for our lives. Little Marco, Cruz, Kasich, and all the neocons are hungry for war with Russia. They are willing to lie to the American public, and sacrifice our freedom and our children to satisfy their lust for blood. Drain the swamp Mr. Trump! After you drain it, you need to purify it with fire! Rebuild it from the ground up with pure, clean soil. Then, surround it with solid walls to keep the wild animals out!


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