WikiLeaks Releases More Clinton/Podesta Emails – Clinton Speech Excerpts Now On Kindle…

WikiLeaks has released a second batch of John Podesta emails including more Hillary Clinton paid speech excerpts which seem to contradict her publicly claimed positions.  The speech excerpts are also available on Kindle, Book Reader and pdf formats – HERE

podesta-emailsPodesta and Clinton

The full archive of the Podesta release (so far) is available HERE – If you find something you feel is of particular interest, please drop a notation and link in the comments section.

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273 Responses to WikiLeaks Releases More Clinton/Podesta Emails – Clinton Speech Excerpts Now On Kindle…

  1. 20-GAUGE says:

    And a few last ones, hot off the press:

    George Soros: $2.5 mil IN Contribution – FFA Legal Funds
    LLC Model for 501c4
    Podesta and extraterrestrials
    Chris Stone as insider CEO of Soros Foundations
    We don’t want to see the fund like this in print
    Soros fwds Ukraine documentary
    Bill Clinton damaging sex life
    Catholics – bad phone call ( I wish I knew what this was)
    shitty jobs
    trying to handle hillary’s same sex marriage flip flop
    close the gun show loophole by executive order
    Get Obama to hint at hillary endorsement
    ***racist against confederate states
    immigration – our own vulnerabilities
    Frank Luntz info
    DOMA flip flop
    ****Hillarys insiders have a problem with her email lies
    Draft of explanation for emails
    Freak out that emails will be released
    ****Better to push the story to benghazi than servers in her basement

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  2. KBR says:

    Apparently Chelsea’s email was in 2011. To: Date: 2011-12-06 22:18

    This email concerns Teneo, Bill Clinton, Terry MacAuliffe and mentions Tony Blair, Andrew Liveris and Dow. Chelsea is concerned that someone she mentions has compared her father with Tony Blair in association with
    An article stating “Clinton collected $50K/ month from MF Global” is included in this email.

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  3. 20-GAUGE says:

    CLINTON STAFF OPINION OF VOTER ID LAWS : “On voting rights, I think we have to do more than modernizing. This is about stripping away the obstacles the Govs and legislatures in 22 states have enacted.”


  4. 20-GAUGE says:

    “WE’VE ALL BEEN CONTENT TO DEMEAN GOVERNMENT, DROP CIVICS AND CONSPIRE TO PRODUCE AN UNAWARE AND COMPLIANT CITIZENRY…unawareness remains strong but compliance is obviously fading rapidly. This problem demands some serious, serious thinking-not just poll driven, demographically-inspired messaging”

    BUDOWSKY TO PODESTA: “had multi-email exchange with someone in the media…who is telling me there are people close to Clintons who say WJC’s sex life could be damaging to her…both Clinton’s would be well advised to advise the people in their orbit to shut the hell up about this”

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  5. 20-GAUGE says:

    STEVE FLYNN DHS RESIGNATION: “I cannot overstate how badly broken Depart of Homeland Security is…would be reckless to understate how damaging to Obama should it be…inept in responding to major terrorist incident..homeland security issue never came up during election..public is largely oblivious”

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    • kinthenorthwest says:

      H3LL Illegals and Muslim Refugees control large sections of America. They do all this with the money they get from governmental benefits …..


  6. 20-GAUGE says:

    BOMB SHELL: Hillary Strategist says Hillary PERSONALLY deleted emails!

    “AND why further Hillary took it upon herself to review them and delete documents without providing anyone outside her circle a chance to weigh in. It smacks of acting above the law and it smacks of the type of thing I’ve either gotten discovery sanctions for, fired people for, etc.”

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  7. GREENMIRROR says:

    Amazing the DNC/Media is now spinning all this as “The Russians are trying to influence the election”!


  8. bulwarker says:

    Another Smoking Gun: Mook, Podesta wringing their hands over the fact that the DNC chair DWS did not consult with the Hillary camp before hiring a convention CEO. Despite the fact that the DNC does not need Hillary’s approval.

    From: Robby Mook
    Sent: Friday, March 27, 2015 6:50:01 PM
    To: H; John Podesta
    Subject: Convention CEO
    I’m distressed that DWS hired a convention CEO without consulting us
    after Charlie and I both told them repeatedly that we expected to be
    consulted–and we were under the impression they would. They didn’t
    consult the White House either.
    Madame Secretary, I’m not going to call anyone or say anything until you
    have your conversation with DWS, but this concerns me a lot.
    John–you, Charlie and I may need to sit down with Debbie to make clear
    how we want things to change/improve before we are willing to consider
    playing ball with them.

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    • Sherlock says:

      Interesting. Well before primaries over. Wonder what the “playing ball” reference is about.


      • bulwarker says:

        If Bernie didn’t have knowledge of this, equal contact, or a say in the CEO then its clear collusion between DNC/HDR while the primary was still an active contest between Bernie and Clinton.


  9. Controversy, scandals, lies…it’s who the Clintons are. And thieves.

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  10. wtd says:

    BOMBSHELL from @OreillyFactor: “Media orgs. have actually put out, if you support Trump, your career is done here.”

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  11. KBR says:

    “there are people close to the Clintons who says WJC’s sex life could be damaging to her.”
    “Shut the hell up”


  12. Jamie says:

    There is more than enough within just the Podesta emails to demonstrate HRC is a lying, homophobic racist who iintends to use the stupidity of the masses to her advantage. Not even touching upon a he emails that demonstrate criminality.

    How though, can this be made to reach and resonate where it needs to – with the dumbed down voters who stick to their party like flies on Hillary?


  13. francinepink says:


  14. JohnPaulJohnes says:

    How about audible or audio books? Over 2000 emails is a lot of reading.
    Could listen while in the car.


  15. Sherlock says:

    Campaign tries to stall/punt on question from reporter on gay marriage, because they couldn’t figure out what to say. Apparently HRC had not yet put her finger to the wind on this issue.


  16. arkansasmimi says:


  17. arkansasmimi says:


  18. andi lee says:

    This Administration & Hillary is going to get us killed. If Congress doesn’t wake up and snap out of it, pray Putin has compassion for the American people because “Children” are running this country right now.


  19. Mikeydoo says:

    Can we discuss 3599??? I’m so revolted. “Conspiracy to create unaware and compliant citizenry!##”

    Who is bill ives? Why is this not a huge deal?


  20. Sherlock says:

    August 2015 “script” for HRC re: email scandal.
    Many staffers try to write a convincing script (their words) about blackberry’s and emails that the press will swallow and not “chase”. Look how the story evolves.


  21. KBR says:

    House of Horrors email about EU and “immigrants”

    (And this is what Hillary plans and wants to happen in the USA: she adores Merkel.-KBR)


    • Joe says:

      What I hate about it is that they know full well the damage being done to western society, but insist publicly that everything is fine. The know they are signing the death warrent for the western world, and continue to pump out propaganda saying that everything is fine. They are not stupid, they are malignant. I thought it before, but I know it now.


    • Joe says:

      What I hate about it is that they know full well the damage being done to western society, but insist publicly that everything is fine. The know they are signing the death warrent for the western world, and continue to pump out propaganda saying that everything is fine. They are not stupid, they are malignant. I thought it before, but I know it now.


  22. arkansasmimi says:


  23. Sherlock says:

    Draft of opening statement to Benghazi committee?


  24. arkansasmimi says:


  25. arkansasmimi says:


  26. jakeandcrew says:

    Strategy for the release of “Clinton Cash” —

    *Clinton Cash Content for The Briefing:

    1) a comprehensive post that debunks the book with all of our attacks in one place;

    2) a short video narrated by Brian Fallon highlighting most egregious errors (we will need more time to do comprehensive version we discussed with HRC on Friday, but think it is worth doing short one for the book release on Tuesday);

    3) a number of social media products that our supporters can share and are designed to get buzz with press and supporters and further discredit the author and the book;

    4) the products we have already put out over the course of the last week.

    “Important that we do not appear beleaguered.”*


  27. arkansasmimi says:

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  28. Sherlock says:

    Breakdown of campaign positions by race. One unfilled apparently just referred to as “hispanic woman”. Bean counters.


  29. jakeandcrew says:

    Who is the Cutter Financial Group, and why are they dictating the key messages for Obama’s incoming cabinet in 2008?

    From: Cutter Financial Group, LLC
    To: John Podesta; Dan Pfeiffer; Brooke Anderson Cc: Stephanie Cutter
    Sent: Sat Nov 29 12:55:43 2008
    Subject: FROM CUTTER: revised key messages for nominees

    This is what i’m sending to holder, napolitano, jones and rice. John, you’ll take care of Clinton and Gates, right? Please ask for a copy of their 1 minute remarks by tonight. If you need me to follow up with them, just let me know.


  30. Sherlock says:

    Only people from the “confederacy” like beauty pageants.


  31. Polish Rifle says:

    From Jen Palmieri to HRC, Podesta, Abedin and Merrill on 4/23/15 re: Uranium One deal … ” We are also leaking this response document to the press so it gets more circulation.” More collusion.


  32. arkansasmimi says:

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  33. mazziflol says:

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  34. silverlakela says:

    … and Hillary says Trump is a Racist???!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wikileaks Reveals Hillary’s RACIST Remarks About Blacks

    “The main reason behind successful immigration should be painfully
    obvious to even the most dimwitted of observers: Some groups of people
    are almost always highly successful given only half of a chance (Jews*,
    Hindus/Sikhs and Chinese people, for example), while others (Muslims, blacks** and Roma***, for instance) fare badly almost irrespective of circumstances. The biggest group of humanity can be found somewhere between these two extremes – the perennial overachievers and the professional never-do-wells.”


    • mimbler says:

      This doesn’t ring true to me. Although Hillary might feel this way; after 40 years in politics she wouldn’t speak like this let alone put it in writing. And who in America talks about Roma?

      This also appears not to be from the official wiki leaks site. I suspect it is planted garbage to cast doubt on the real leaks when well intentioned people pass it on.


    • These are not Clinton’s comments – these are the words of John Podesta who is the Chairman of her re-election campaign. This is from the 1st dump of Podesta emails. I am surprised that the Trump team has done nothing to exploit this. For example when he was hounded at the last debate about banning Muslim’s Trump could have pivoted and said Hillary’s closest adviser and campaign mgr John Podesta says that black, Muslims, and Roma don’t make good immigrants “ask Hillary why she is close friends with such a racist”


  35. 20-GAUGE says:

    CLINTON URANIUM DEAL WITH RUSSIA : How did Maura Pally, Sr VP of Programs, at Clinton Foundation, get a copy of the letter Sen. Grassley sent to AG Lynch, demanding that she look into Clinton’s Uranium deal? And why did she then send it to Podesta, who forwarded it to others?

    (NOTE: click on attachments)


  36. 20-GAUGE says:
    EMAIL FROM ATTORNEY FOR 9/11 PLAINTIFFS TO PODESTA : Says he recently learned of Saudi donations to Clinton Foundation, offers to share “briefing on status of discovery efforts, responses to KSA’s motion to dismiss and our best assessment of prospects for litigation and final resolution”


  37. Truthfilter says:

    Found another possible victim of the Clintons.
    David Mercer was a foreign agent working for Turkish government who met with Huma and others, wanted favors from Clintons, is almost beaten to death.
    David Mercer

    7-13-2012 Mercer Is nearly beaten to death. Clinton staff supposedly asked to “see what’s going on” since a detective was calling his girlfriend.

    The attacker wanted his cellphone. Here’s an actual story from 2012 about the attack:

    This is the rather long story of his miraculous recovery and how there was no indictment of his attackers.
    Maybe he was being warned to keep silent or else….


  38. Sherlock says:

    Very interesting that HRC seems to do virtually nothing in terms of running her own campaign.
    Where are the emails one would expect from her to Pedestal and the others? Do they use a separate account? Pedestal is clever, a veteran fixer of many Clinton scandals–was put before the grand jury in the Lewinsky matter, for example, as part of the perjury investigation. Wiki email shows him recommending the same lawyer to someone that represented him there, saying “He kept me out of jail.”

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  39. andi lee says:

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  40. cali says:

    Sundance has stated before that ‘shining lights on all of this is the best disinfectant’!

    Mark my words: Hillary et al have been very sloppy in hiding, contradicting and obfuscating the ’email’ scandal. There is more to this and we can safely assume that unpeeling this Clinton onion all the way down to its core will continue to expose the true intent of action by not only Hillary et al but also the pseudonym in the white house.
    There were successful in destroying the most important and applicable data/emails that would explain and lay out what really took place during her term as SOS. There was an agenda – a devious and evil agenda affecting the middle east.
    Here is my thought: WikiLeaks and Guccifer 2 are those who will continue to publish docs involving the current players as mentioned above. However – 22,000 emails – those that were successfully destroyed by Hillary et as well as the FBI who took it upon themselves to destroy the laptops of Mills and Samuelson after their permission to inspect them. That is telling!
    The 22,000 emails that were swiped by other governments will make it into the trove of WikiLeaks and Guccifer 2 exposure.
    The final blow/bomb will drop on an unsuspecting American electorate sometime before election day. The current releases are just a means to keep the information coming no matter how criminally corrupt they are. Nothing can change what has been done according to these dumps. Sanders – the opportunist even now enjoy his new dig – mansion type home – without so much as to care about those who supported him and their disappointment. He was in for the money – nothing more and nothing less. To purchase his new dig most likely was the consolation price paid by Hillary et al as the ‘goodbye’ gift.
    WikiLeaks and Guccifer 2 are holding the core of the onion as the final drop – the most damaging one – and those players involved will have no way out of their treacherous actions during the years 2009-13. The will be the finality in all that which was at the core of Hillary’s term as SOS and pseudonym in the white house. That is at the heart of it all!
    Every American citizens will get a full picture about all that was done in our name! It also will be the biggest embarrassment ever experienced by every American citizen.
    Every dump so far by WikiLeaks and Guccifer 2 appear to be teasers for the finality!
    It is just a hunch I have!

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  41. Jen says:

    This one isn’t from WikiLeaks, but important for people to see.

    There’s Voter Fraud in NYC, says…the Democratic Election Commissioner?


  42. jambo says:

    Just a quickie, how many e-mails does Hillary have on the Podesta leaks?

    Just from browsing these are definitely ‘H’.

    Are there any more? Hillary seems to be very aware of what not to say on e-mail.


  43. Deplorable ZZZ says:

    For those who might want to know who HRC’s campaign is employing for Pollsters and Media Consultants.
    Date: 2014-11-26 20:40 Subject:
    RE: Pollsters and media consultants

    Just to follow-up, I checked my notes from our call and HRC just confirmed this is also her understanding: – She is not meeting with any pollsters except for Benenson for a general check in meeting. Robby will proceed with Anzalone and GSG to do what needs to be done now. – CDM confirmed Wendy Clark for Dec 6th meeting. – John will follow-up on Ed Reilly. – Everyone else (Campaign Manager, Media, and DNC leadership) is getting scheduled for meetings with HRC. Guy Cecil and Stephanie Schriock are confirmed. Others in the works.


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  44. Deplorable ZZZ says:
    Date: 2016-02-29 21:31
    Subject: FW: Disappointed

    Hammed dropped!

    From: Darnell Strom
    Sent: Monday, February 29, 2016 3:13 PM
    To: Tulsi Gabbard (
    Cc: Michael Kives
    Subject: Disappointed

    Representative Gabbard,

    We were very disappointed to hear that you would resign your position with the DNC so you could endorse Bernie Sanders, a man who has never been a Democrat before. When we met over dinner a couple of years ago I was so impressed by your intellect, your passion, and commitment to getting things done on behalf of the American people. For you to endorse a man who has spent almost 40 years in public office with very few accomplishments, doesn’t fall in line with what we previously thought of you. Hillary Clinton will be our party’s nominee and you standing on ceremony to support the sinking Bernie Sanders ship is disrespectful to Hillary Clinton. A woman who has spent the vast majority of her life in public service and working on behalf of women, families, and the underserved.

    You have called both myself and Michael Kives before about helping your campaign raise money, we no longer trust your judgement so will not be raising money for your campaign.

    Darnell Strom & Michael Kives

    (I think these two are actors; the rhetoric is so over the top…not surprised, huh?)


  45. Flair1239 says:

    Not Earth shattering, just an interesting little blurb about how to tee up some ammunition against Gowdy before her appeared on Face the Nation


  46. Flair1239 says:

    This one from Brian Fallon is letting someone know that the Today Show plans to ask her about gun control. I don’t know if it is typical for the Today show or not.


  47. Flair1239 says: To:,, Date: 2012-01-04 19:43 Subject:

    I just received a call from a close friend of wjcs who said that cvc told one of the bush 43 kids that she is conducting an internal investigation of money within the foundation from cgi to the foundation The bush kid then told someone else who then told an operative within the republican party I have heard more and more chatter of cvc and bari talking about lots of what is going on internally to people Not smart


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