Massive Donald Trump Rally in Wilkes Barre Pennsylvania – 7:00pm Live Stream…

Tonight Donald Trump is holding a massive rally in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, at Mohegan Sun Arena at Casey Plaza.  Live coverage begins now, with the Trump speech anticipated for 7:00pm EDT:

Live Stream LinkAlternate Live Stream #1Alternate Live Stream #2

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539 Responses to Massive Donald Trump Rally in Wilkes Barre Pennsylvania – 7:00pm Live Stream…

  1. JoeS says:

    LOL! I have to comment. I was listening in the background (kid brought up to Donald Trump), and Trump asks the little kid, “do you you want to go back to your mommy and daddy or do you want to stay with Trump!”

    The kid says, “Trump!”


    Media headline, “Trump abducts child!”

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  2. willvecchio says:

    I will NOT vote for any GOP candidate for ANY office that doesn’t give full support to Donald Trump.
    I will consider voting for a DEM who supports Trump.

    Finding out who is who is my next job now that I got my ballot in the mail in Cape Coral, Florida.

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    • You should vote for the Republican. We want Trump to have a Republican Congress so he can force the weenies to do the will of the people.


    • R-C says:

      That’s what we did in the R-C household. No support for Trump? No problem. No vote for YOU, Kelly Ayotte, soon-to-be ‘former’ Senator from NH.

      We in the R-C household are ‘Never Ayotte!’ to the core. And our absentee votes to that effect are already in the custody of our Town Clerk.

      TRUMP 2016!!

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  3. fernleygirl says:

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  4. Landslide says:

    I hope some creative person will make a “Rally Highlights” video—-that moment with the little boy will surely be one of them! So great!!!

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  5. wolfmoon1776 says:

    Crowd chanting USA!!!

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  6. mazziflol says:

    His debate victory has revitalized him. He is on fire!

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  7. Concerned Virginian says:

    Trump holding “TRUMP DIGS COAL” sign. YES

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    • TheOldBear says:

      Rapest Bill was “The Comeback Kid”. Has now been replaced by Donald Trump as “The Comeback King” 👑!
      Mega Burn ! That’s gotta hurt ! Even that has been taken from him by Trump… Oh how the high and mighty have fallen ! This is such delicious irony…MAGA

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  8. Concerned Virginian says:

    Channeling Ronald Reagan:

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  9. NHVoter says:

    WTF? How is Hillary pulling such a YUGE crowd?


  10. Briana says:

    MSM still repeating that “Donald Trump bragged about sexually assaulting women.” Listening carefully to that tape shows that’s not what he was saying.

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  11. peace says:

    Paul Ryan is married to Janna Little a liberal, left wing progressive, anti-Constitutional, big government George Soros supporter who voted for Barack Hussein Obama twice.

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  12. dot48 says:

    its a UNIVERSITY I’m sure they PAID a lot of students EXTRA credits to show up Nobody likes that bitch

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  13. I think Trump finally feels liberated from the GOPe. They turned on him so now he is free of them.

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  14. arkansasmimi says:

    Eric Trump retweeted awww

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  15. TheTorch says:

    What a rally, one of his best, the kid part was just fantastic!

    Imagine Crooked doing that – firstly it would have to be planned about a week in advance, and then the poor kid would be scared to death!

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    • maxx power says:

      Yeah, can you imagine. It would be focus grouped & polled. Then some agency on Madison Av. would be contacted for a suitable child actor. clinton would have to be even more medicated and braced for impact. Then the poor kid would have to be inoculated with pre-Parkenson’s vaccine or something. They would do the shoot, then the kid & entire family would disappear off the face of the earth, all their records would be scrubbed from the courthouse & their house would be burned to the ground & the ashes hauled away and disposed of in a secure location under Yucca Mountain or someplace.

      Yes, there’s a big run on sentence in there. 🙂

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    • TheOldBear says:

      Germs !!!!


    • WSB says:

      She’d get sick and die.


  16. freepetta says:

    Bravo 👏Bravo great rally!

    Sent from my iPhone


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  17. Martin says:

    This kid is a lot smarter than Paul Ryan and the rest of the traitors:

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  18. wolfmoon1776 says:

    Please let Team Trump know that RSBN turns the camera! And you can see in the footage that the others are NOT TURNING – proof that Trump is right!

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  19. NJF says:

    And he loves us!!! Missed hearing that!!!

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  20. Bull Durham says:

    His momentum will keep building. His plan all along has been to really pour it on in this last month. The time to donate is now. We can’t sit back for a moment.
    If you live in a battleground state, get involved. Work with your family, neighbors and church group. The ground game may be sabotaged by the GOP. Do all you can.

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  21. WeThePeople2016 says:

    Sam Clovis: ‘Weak-Kneed, Lily-Livered Republicans’ Put on ‘Despicable Display of Cowardice’ by Abandoning Trump

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  22. wyntre says:

    Please donate to RSBN!

    They”re covering 12 Trump rallies this week.

    Offering $500 for anyone who can get Trump to mention RSBN is the only company that pans the crowd, as he requests.

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  23. Bull Durham says:

    Donate to RSBN. They are trying to cover all the rallies. They need money. We need RSBN.
    RSBN.TV donate button on the top right.

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  24. Stuart Frimmel says:

    Your live stream from Wilkebarre PAwas hacked and somebody inserted Vladamir Putin in the bottom right side of the video in a red jacket applauding every Trump line. Take a look. The first option is not working. There is a second option beneath. I clicked on that and got Trump apparently live but I immediately noticed Vladimir Putin inserted into the bottom right corner of the video mixed in the front of the crowd. It is obvious the message the hacker is trying to send.


  25. sundance says:

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  26. Thurstan says:

    Reports of 3 news organizations telling staff outright to destroy Trump or lose your career is no surprise but nice to out. With only 6 media groups dominating the entire media, you have 50% dedicated antiTrump. May be more depending upon what percentages these three comprise. Is there any doubt the other 3 just have not been outed yet? Or their intimidating directives have been more subtle?

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  27. Thurstan says:

    Wouldn’t this be an attempt by global corporations to effect the outcome of an elections? Seems to me that global organization constitute foreign influence.

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  28. Pam Wheeler says:

    We Trump supporters need to let Fox News know that if it treats Trump the way Trump/Pence were treated by NBC, ABC, CBS and CNN, Trump supporters will boycott Fox News!

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  29. arkansasmimi says:

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  30. daughnworks247 says:

    What a terrific rally.
    Crowd on fire. Trump “feeling so good” he read the Snake.
    The toddler was darling and made Sopan Deb and Katy Tur wretch —- can you imagine either of them ever being parents??
    And poor Jeremy Diamond when the crowd, twice, shouted, “CNN SUCKS”.

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  31. FL_Guy says:

    AWESOME! President Trump is collecting hurricane relief supply donations from attendees at his FL rallies on Tuesday! Now is this the man we need for President or what! MAGA

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  32. silverlakela says:


    Leaked Emails Show Facebook Exec Shared Research With Clinton Campaign

    Not endorsing but uBlock origin will block all ads, including facebook

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  33. lbmomblog says:

    it is eye opening, really think about it. Most of America’s News Networks are basically trying to “ruin” our vote. And we are called Deplorable?
    We can’t trust the News Anchors to just report facts…and not act like we are their children with no rights or brains of our own?

    Ok, and here is my other thought for the day.
    Bill Clinton lied…to the American People…remember “I did not have sexual relations with that woman” ….
    Hillary Clinton lied…to the American People…do I have to remind you..there have been so many but lets just start with “The emails were mostly of Chelsea’s wedding and my Yoga classes”…

    And, Donald Trump stands up there last night, apologies to the American people ..but not for lying to us…he didn’t lie..

    And, to finish it all the end of the debate he stood there and again didn’t lie to us…he stood there and told us what he finds positive in Hillary. And, it was truthful.

    And, to that end…
    Lying Bill &
    Lying Hill
    No Lying Don


  34. EllieEnlightened says:

    Yet Hillary is winning. This is a large DEMONrat area.


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