Pre-Debate Mr. Nigel Farage Weighs In – America Just Doesn’t Like Political Family Dynasties…

Forgive me, but personally I’m getting a big kick out of many people who are seeing for the first time just how corrupt the GOPe is.

The GOPe/Bush wing of the UniParty is just as nasty and vitriolic as the DEMe/Clinton UniParty wing.  However, for more than a decade each time we pointed this out, people argued such an equivalence was incorrect.

It is not a flawed perspective,  It is entirely accurate; and today we are all seeing it play out in public.

The DC UniParty political dynasties, Team Bush and Team Clinton, are both horrid in their own self interests and demand to retain power at all costs.

When the Bush clan had to admit in February 2016 that Jeb wouldn’t/couldn’t get his turn, it was only a matter of time before their thermonuclear hatred surfaced.

If yesterday’s audio visual release would have aided Jeb in March, they would have released it.  However, we can only imagine how fraught with anxiety and intense hate the Bush clan must have been earlier in the year to know that nothing was going to help Jeb.

Seriously, think about it with a hindsights’ perspective.

The insufferable dolts are so disconnected from the electorate, they created an entire road-map in 2014 and 2015 specifically and exclusively because they refused to give up the quest for power retention. They simply cannot fathom a world where they are not important.

Not only were the Bushes rebuked, they were dispatched to the land of perpetual irrelevance…. and then Trump went to South Carolina for a debate and squished Dubya and Babs in front of a live audience with Dana Perino clutching her pearls.

It’s almost unfathomable to imagine the cloistered scheme-team assembled post debate and having a visual reference point for their own irrelevance.

As previously discussed in massive doses of new sunlight, the institutional mechanisms of the UniParty are intent on retaining power at any and all costs. There are trillions at stake, and powerful egos even bigger than the scope of the finances….

bush familygeorge bush and hillary clintonbush jeb and barbara

george bush and hillary clinton 2

(left to right – Bill Clinton, George HW Bush, George Wallace)

conservative quote 2.0

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416 Responses to Pre-Debate Mr. Nigel Farage Weighs In – America Just Doesn’t Like Political Family Dynasties…

  1. tytanshammer says:

    Psy ops folks, psy ops. Its all staged. Many people are all saying the same thing…..why is this such a big deal? It is not working, the people are seeing past the staged attack.

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    • wolfmoon1776 says:

      Hollywood doesn’t just work for the Dems. It works for the UNIPARTY.

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      • wolfmoon1776 says:

        This is in relation to threats of further releases. We need to close the tank hatches, load all the cannons, and just roll into battle saying this – we will ignore their fire upon Trump until Washington and Hollywood are destroyed.

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          • wolfmoon1776 says:

            Spiritual armor. Trump was a playboy, and he talks like a construction worker. That’s why we’re electing him. He knows his way around the elite, but he’s one of the rest of us. We simply have to accept the downside, ignore their distractions, and take down the Evil One with relevant truth.

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        • oldschool64 says:

          Seasons 1 & 2 aired in 2004. Their timeline seems to be going in the wrong direction.

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        • Kintbury says:

          These people in the media will tear the country apart. They simply don’t care. Trump has not done anything the Clintons have not done hundreds of times. This is a choice between open borders and the rule of law. Vote now before you go wobbly. They will chuck things at him and he will not be able to prove himself in time for the election. This is their plan. We will then find out afterwards that he was innocent and it will be too late. This tape was apparently edited to make it look worse than it was. If he is found to be guilty then impeach him but do not let this woman get in to the White House.

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          • wolfmoon1776 says:

            Yes – completely agreed. We must shake off the media to shake off Hillary.

            Last night I realized something. Hillary is the greatest threat to free speech that has ever arisen in the United States. She leaves no fingerprints, but she silences her opponents in every way possible.

            The media does not believe in free speech. They are backtracking now – Anderson Cooper’s weak attempts to look fair in the second debate being a prime example. The media did the same thing in 2012 and 2014 – try to look reasonable, suddenly, at a pre-determined time before the election, to increase credibility with the more doubtful sheep.

            Reject the media utterly. Cutting cable is sending a message that is being received YUGELY.

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    • woohoowee says:

      Uniparty stood up to lead a “moral outrage party.” Said party didn’t and won’t materialize for them. If a tree falls in the forest….

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  2. rumpole2 says:

    It is beyond silly that people are (pretending to be) worried about Trump’s private (typical male sex banter) conversations. To be (supposedly) agonizing over whether he is suitable to fill the role of POTUS when the “alternative” is Crooked Hillary. It is a SAD indictment of the American political system that she is propped up as the candidate for a major party. It is ludicrous to imagine that she would ever be actually sworn in as President. IF that were to ever happen it would point to a totally corrupt and flawed political system in USA. Maybe that is how it is?

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    • WSB says:

      I believe if HRC somehow wins this election, we will be in a civil war and revolution at the same time…just as 1775. There are just too many of us.

      PS Send Puddy a note…she asked for you! 😉

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    • deqwik2 says:

      Somebody on twitter said they are hearing a rumor that GOP tried to blackmail Trump with the tapes. Step down or we release it & he told them he would not step down. They wanted Pence to run as pres.


    • DGinGA says:

      My leftie hubby was gloating last night at a party attended mostly by his fellow lefties. He went on and on about the “hot mic” moment with Trump, and about how someone like that has no business in the White House. Finally I had had enough and said, “Frankly Dear, when it was Bill Clinton engaged in piggish behavior while President, you weren’t bothered a bit and, in Fact, said it was his own business and nobody else’s. Now that it’s a Republican candidate you’re clutching your pearls and acting like it’s the most vile and vulgar thing you ever heard, even though I’m sure it’s the kind of crap you and your friends have talked about for decades. No matter who people vote for in November, we will end up with a vile, sexist pig in the White House. Our choice is whether to elect someone who will build the country or drag it even further into Socialism.”

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      • MMinLamesa says:

        I have never understood how anyone can marry another with political beliefs in direct opposition to what you hold dear. As an individualist, I could never see myself in a life long argument with a collectivist.

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  3. BigMamaTEA says:

    Best summer/fall EVER!

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  4. barton2016 says:

    At this point I would vote for Trump if he stood on 5th Avenue and shot someone.

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  5. nimrodman says:

    But outraged wilting-flower liberals are perfectly fine admiring and throwing all their support behind a band named Pussy Riot, right?

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  6. geoffb5 says:

    Nice picture. Didn’t know Bill C. and George Wallace both drank “Diet Pepsi.”

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  7. oldschool64 says:

    The bitch was warned!

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  8. Martin says:

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  9. SR says:

    MSM is dying. Time to build new free online media empire. Breitbart TV live and kill liberal media.

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  10. keebler AC says:

    It bears repeating, lol

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  11. William says:

    Loving it! Trump is smoking out all the rats. Anyone who can’t take the heat now, “git outta that thar kitchen,” for the conflagration is heating up. So, let’s praise the Lord, pass the ammunition, and work the ramrod.

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  12. Lion2017 says:

    I believe that Mr. Trump was not just referring to refugees when
    he was reading “The Snake”. I have watched every rally & I remember him
    saying that ‘he would do this on his own’ (paraphrasing). He knows who he
    up against. The truth will be known!!

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  13. keebler AC says:

    Donate too please to Wikileaks the same way we support CTH because they’re not in it for money but they need to pay for operational costs and security. In light of the GOPe operatives, we need allies!

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  14. beaujest says:

    Time to put Hillary and her cigar loving husband down !


  15. SR says:

    Forget about ratings and analysis from overpaid MSM experts. Only way we can win by just destroying Hillary and her MSM monkeys who are putting this debate stage show for make Hillary likeable and presidential.

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  16. Rebel Mope says:

    Not only is the Supreme Court important, but the Census will be controlled by the next Administration. Not that it matters when it comes to Trump, but I can guarantee gerrymandering if Hillary gets control. Her minions will chop up every district Trump wins so as to further consolidate power and marginalize any opposition.

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    • wolfmoon1776 says:

      I’ll go further. The United States would likely become one of the most evil forces on the planet, and if they spread the globalist empire – bad news. Imagine Hillary and Obama clones running the country for a century. Bad stuff.


  17. Disgusted says:

    I cannot tell you how furious I was this afternoon while working in the home of a young couple I’m sorry to tell you that had their giant screen t.v. on ALL DAY (very loud sometimes) tuned to MSNBC , which I was forceably exposed to because our business of the day took place right there in the room. That station covered this nonsense wall-to-wall every second I was there. Ticker crawl along the bottom, panels of talking heads, video of Romney played over and over, not one interruption to break in about anything else at all! Does anyone realize what their intentions must be? Not covering any of the e-[mail info story, no interest I guess. TRUMP ’16’ !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  18. IfThenElse says:

    Well, I don’t approve of everything Mr. Trump has said in the past, but I did just make another donation in the present 🙂
    Best election EVER.

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  19. JD13 says:

    The Bush family needs to change their name. I feel micro-aggressed by the word bush.


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  20. NJF says:

    Judge Jeanine on fire despite FOX sabatoging her!!!

    They completely took out her TelePrompTer & she had to say “I’ll have to go to my first guest.”

    Who thankfully is Boris Epstein.

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  21. Sherlock says:

    Speaking of Bill…here’s a page from the Grand Jury transcript of Ms. Lewinsky, talking about having phone sex with the president from the oval office. Yes, that’s right.

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    • Sherlock says:

      There were other matters to foul to post. Let’s just put it this way–if any of you ever happen to find yourself in the Oval Office for any reason, do NOT under any circumstances use the sink.

      And yes, the faux outrage of the media over Trump is equally disgusting.

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    • TwoLaine says:

      Now, now. You know he was just “ministering” her, said The Shrill.

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      • WSB says:

        Hillary’s words?

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        • TwoLaine says:


          Why Bill Clinton’s Sex Scandals Still Matter
          by Michael Tracey
          30 Sep 2016

          “Though the impeachment affair is today sometimes remembered as being the product of a “vast right-wing conspiracy” (to quote Hillary Clinton) or a bunch of hypocritical Republican hucksters getting fake-outraged over a blowjob, Clinton wasn’t impeached for sexual transgressions as such, and no one forced him to repeatedly lie in public. Perjury and obstruction of justice, the crimes Bill was accused of committing, are both serious felonies that have landed plenty of less-powerful people in prison. Nor was the ensuing furor limited to prurient Republicans: Tim Kaine, Hillary’s current running mate, declared in 2002 (when he was lieutenant governor of Virginia) that he believed Bill should have resigned over the matter.

          The issue then, as now, was never the sexual indiscretions themselves. Adults are free to indulge in whatever consensual activities they wish. Bill’s apparently boundless lust only became a subject of legitimate political concern because he was accused—time and time again, often credibly—of harassing, abusive, and sometimes outright criminal behavior against multiple women. The political dimension became unambiguous when federal government resources were deployed to cover up the misdeeds, an endeavor spearheaded by none other than Hillary, at whose behest Bill’s many accusers were regularly tarnished in the media. This sordid process led to an ever-expanding tangle of state-funded scandal, drama, and duplicity, culminating in Bill’s December 1998 impeachment by the House of Representatives.

          Just is the case with Bill, Hillary’s culpability lies in her public actions, not any private romantic matters. As the journalist Gail Sheehy wrote in the 1999 biography Hillary’s Choice: “It was Hillary who made the first call, on the morning the [Washington] Post story [reporting that Bill and others allegedly encouraged Lewinsky to lie to lawyers] broke, to establish the line the White House would use.”

          The “line” was disseminated by way of Sidney Blumenthal—the White House aide and longtime Clinton fixer who was in charge of disseminating talking points to the media. “The First Lady said that she was distressed that the President was being attacked, in her view, for political motives for his ministry of a troubled person,” Blumenthal later relayed in sworn testimony. (According to the Starr Report, Bill told Lewinsky he’d had “hundreds” of extramarital sexual encounters—which is a whole lot of ministering.)

          So that was the story: Bill was the real victim here, not the intern repeatedly slimed by executive branch employees as a “stalker” who wore her dresses a little too tight. In a letter written several years later to the late writer Christopher Hitchens, Lewinsky personally thanked him for “being the only journalist to stand up against the Clinton spin machine (mainly Blumenthal) and reveal the genesis of the stalker story.” Hitchens had stated in a sworn affidavit that he was present when Blumenthal propagated the “stalker” slur at lunch one day in March 1998.”

          Read more:

          “federal government resources were deployed to cover up the misdeeds”

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    • Slip of the finger cut off my comment.

      It isn’t ENTIRELY true that there is no choice between the two branches of the UniParty. It’s like the choice between vanilla ice cream, and French vanilla ice cream. Both are vanilla ice cream, but one is slightly yellow.

      The GOPe tend to appoint better judges, on balance. They are corrupt globalists to their very core, but unlike the Democrat Progressive flavor they don’t have a hard-left agenda. Although as they have shown us, given the choice between preserving American liberty and making a nickel they’ll slit your throat for the 5 cents.

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  22. jupitercomm says:

    test… my comments aren’t showing instantly…is this an attaq? 🙂


  23. I loathe people who self-identify as a member of a “generation”, but for convenience I will tell you that I am “Gen X”, born in 1969. I grew up in El Paso, TX.

    I was a teen in the 1980’s and I thought the world of Ronald Reagan, supply side economics, low taxes and de-regulation.I can’t quite recall exactly where I came by it but I thoroughly believe in the values of the American Enlightenment (inalienable rights, endowed from the Creator), the Constitution, and conservative ideas from Classical Liberalism (the 19th Century kind) such as limited government, free enterprise, and capitalism. I am a firm believer, philosophically speaking, in free markets and free trade. Overall, a deep abiding patriotism and a respect for the traditions and the wisdom of our Founding Fathers.

    Growing up in Texas in general, and El Paso in particular, showed me from a very early age the evils of illegal immigration. I have NEVER believed in the globalist canard that open borders and the “free movement of labor” is a good idea. People are not goods, nor are they capital. There are very legitimate reasons why you want to control who enters the country, and to exclude certain people because they are not helpful.

    Anyhow, bottom line is this: I always hated the Bush family. Bush 41 (the elder) sorely disappointed me. He was the first president I was old enough to vote for, and I thought I was voting for Reagan’s 3rd term. I detested him, as I detested most every other GOP candidate who followed. I did like W, at first because he was governor of Texas after all and seemed like he was a better conservative than his old man. His betrayal of the conservative movement and globalist bent paved the road for Barack Obama.

    Donald Trump is the first GOP presidential candidate I am really, truly excited about in my entire adult life. And I’ll be DAMNED if those shit-sorry Bush motherf*ckers are going to ruin him.

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  24. Mike says:

    They are going to do this until election day. ANYTHING to keep the spotlight off Hillary’s health, her crimes, wikileaks, or her rapist husband. The most maddening thing about it it that it works.
    Here we are talking about FKN Pussygate endlessly. Meanwhile, wikileaks, which is about REAL
    crimes, get’s pushed to the sidelines.

    I am out of bright ideas how this can be overcome. OK, done for now. logging off, out. Be good.

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    • James O'Malley says:

      That’s what’s scary. We here at the Treehouse know all about this, and aren’t swayed by the MSM crap. But SO many people are and that’s the thing that deeply worries me about whether Trump will win. Not because he doesn’t have enough support but because too many voters are easily swayed by stuff like this.

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      • This won’t hurt Trump’s core supporters, but the intention is to peel off just enough of those who are on the fence to tip it to Hillary. And it just might work, but then again … if the Monster Vote is real, these aren’t the sort of people who care about salty language and they will see through the obviousness of this “October Surprise”.


  25. unseen1 says:

    unlike the roman senate the gope can’t even get a coup right. Keystone cops with their failed coup. They made turkey military look smart.

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  26. Paco Loco says:

    We will see a very different Trump at the debate. No more mister nice guy. All the marbles are on the table now…time for Trump to whip out his “steely” shooter and run the table and put Hillary into a hole that she can’t dig herself out of. Full frontal attack on the Clintons, her corruption and focus on pay for play specifics like the Uranium deal with the Russian. The Clintons sold out the US. They are grifters at best traitors at the worst. Ignor the moderator and just go on the attack.

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    • DEGinTN says:

      Something that has always bothered me about W is his claim he is a born again Christian. Now, being a member of skull/bones and a Luciferian proves that he is no born again anything. These people are evil to their cores and will be spending eternity in flames.

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  27. Sherlock says:

    As somebody posted yesterday, Bush Sr., Bush Jr., Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton have been either in the white house in some capacity (VP, Pres, First Lady) or Head of State Dept. for something like 32 out of 36 years. Definitely time for a change.

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  28. Chris says:

    From an Australian Observer.
    As the reeds of a river will follow the flow of the main stream, so to will the voter be swayed by the media.
    You look at Trump, you look at Clinton and you wonder how a great nation can throw up two such people who aspire to the highest office in the land.
    No longer are politics of the nation on the agenda, the future of a once vibrant country the issues, but rather an all out brawl fanned by party hacks digging for dirt as though their jobs depended on it.
    The media feast upon the revelations and bleed it for every ounce of blood it can extract.
    The staged drama is underpinned by corruption and division; we wonder why the cancer of hate is toppling a declining giant.


  29. Watcher says:

    Got several emails from RNC today begging for money to elect senators.
    The RNC must be using Trumps mailing list, I never them a dime.
    Yes this was a coordinated event by the rhinos.

    Interesting article written in 2012. The two families may have merged activities.


  30. Joe says:

    I officially now Hate the Bush Family and the Clinton Family. I could draw up a list of toadies like Hugh Hewitt, John McCain, Lindsey Baby, and all the other RINOs who’ve been waiting for the opportunity to pull the rug out to enable the Globalist candidate to win…but you already know who they are. If Trump is still alive Nov 08 I’ll vote for him. If he’s dead I’ll vote for him too. If he wins and takes office I won’t be forced to become a Revolutionary.

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  31. Linda Ruth says:

    If the “debate” is allegedly governed by rules, why does only Clinton team get to MAKE the rules, AND control the entire event? Why isn’t the Trump team allowed to make demands of who runs the event and how it is run? The whole event is planned to be a multi-rattlesnake massacre of Trump. Instead, this may become a Daniel in the lions’ pit victory for Trump by the hand of God.

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  32. sunnydaze says:

    Wish Nigel would immigrate to the US.

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  33. redsequin4 says:

    Has anyone seen the new Drudge headline on Ryan, PUSSY-WHIPPED. OMG I almost choked on my Bai coconut drink. LMAO!!!!!!!!

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  34. Attorney says:

    Awesome post Treehouse! I still fear we are doomed, but at least some hope remains. Let us hope Trump takes it to the Witch tomorrow. Good night, God bless.

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  35. Greg says:

    This is WAR. Take no prisoners. Nothing to lose. Trump is a warrior fighting for his country on behalf of us. This is the last chance before the Uniparty/Media dictatorship takes control. The co-ordinated faux outrage of the media is nauseating. The responses of the GOP quislings are pathetic. They are now exposed as just fake window dressing designed to create an illusion of a 2 party system. This is May 1940. The British turned to a flawed, unliked but brilliant Churchill to save the country because he was a leader prepared to fight for his country. Of course, Bill Clinton is fair game because he will be co-president!

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  36. TwoLaine says:

    Has no one ever heard of “Sex and the City”?

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  37. shirley49 says:

    I would vote for Mickey mouse before I would vote for a thieving, lying, murdering scum called Hillary. I bet these so called offended politicians have said and done a lot worse. Many rumors about infidelity amongst these so called virtuous politicians who think they are better than us. Any American who has been to a party male or female gets into these discussions from time to time. You should hear females talk about the nice looking hunks they run into.

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