Legislation Without Representation – A 2016 Perspective…

There are various comments/questions being raised about the current state of our national political condition, and the potential for failure toward the goal of MAGA in 2016.

To those voices specifically; to the members of the Rebel Alliance who hold trepidation about the possibility of losing; to people holding these concerns, I would like to take a moment and present an alternate perspective.

tea party dc

If you were to ask a general question about the beginning of the American Revolution to a thousand average educated Americans, the customary reference point would be the Boston Tea Party.   Ask what was the issue and you’ll hear the phrase: “taxation without representation“.  England, and specifically King George, being the essential tax benefactor.

Fair enough, albeit modestly simplistic.  Using that historic reference framework, and attempting to carry a crude analogy forward, I would argue we’ve already well passed the dumping of the proverbial tea phase.

After the famous Boston Tea Party, the British Parliament responded in 1774 with the Coercive Acts, or Intolerable Acts, which, among other provisions, ended local self-government in Massachusetts and closed Boston’s commerce.  This only increased the resolve of the Sons of Liberty.  King George sent 4,000 British troops under the command of General Thomas Gage to occupy Boston.

EnoughThe Sons of Liberty (Sam Adams, John Hancock etc) essentially became an insurgency within Boston and continued their organizational efforts after the occupying British forces disbanded local and provincial government.

Adams, Hancock and the Son’s of Liberty formed the Provincial Congress, and subversively organized teams of local militias and coordinated the accumulation of, and hiding of weapons, and other military supplies.

The key point to note is during the phase after the Boston tea destruction and prior to the battles of Lexington and Concord, the activity was insurgent.  General Thomas Gage and his army ruled the commonwealth, the Sons of Liberty used stealth and secrecy to operate.

In 2016 we have already passed the destruction of the tea phase when we, like the Sons of Liberty, united to break the grip of the DC UniParty and successfully nominated Donald Trump.   We did not fracture tea boxes, we fractured a rigged political system.  We are not currently fighting taxation without representation per se’; we are fighting legislation without representation.

fireworks 2And, just the British Parliament, the response from the DC UniParty was fast, strong and severe.  Instead of a British army, the DC UniParty dispatched every media tool, every Wall Street financier, almost all popular culture figures, and every available ounce of leverage they have to retain their grip on power, against us.

As a specific and direct consequence, we now hold a tenuous stake in a new Republican party.  And just like the provincial congress, our efforts have shifted into the Deplorable insurgency phase.  While the army of the MSM marches in the streets 24/7 via broadcast and print media against us, we moderate our visibility on alternate/new media.

The analogy is a critical frame of reference because the time for wondering about “what if” has passed.  We have already destroyed the tea.  There is no retreat from this moment, and more importantly, we have nothing left to lose.

There are many who use a frame of reference about ‘saving a constitutional republic‘; while I do not mean to be dismissive of this benevolent sensibility – in case you have not been paying attention we’ve long since passed the threshold of that possibility.

The architecture of our own U.S. government is now operating independent of the electorate (Obamacare, Omnibus etc.).  Congress is consistently passing legislation without appropriate representation (PR Bailout, Ominbus, Corker/Cardin amendment, Fast-Track Trade Authorization etc.), and the various operational constructs, divisions, and agencies within the DC UniParty are now fully weaponized against us (IRS targeting, FBI Comey/email non-finding, etc.).

Whether we like to admit it or not, just like the futuristic Skynet, our government has become self-aware, risk adverse and is intent on sustaining its UniParty agenda against any threat, risk or voice that might rise in opposition.

During the presidential debate NBC moderator Lester Holt said: “stop and frisk has been determined to be unconstitutional“.  What would Holt’s response have been if Donald Trump simply said: “lets have that conversation with the TSA at an airport“?

Think about it.

The concept of freedom is usefully pushed by the media -in the above example Lester Holt- to retain a false premise, an illusion.  The reality is, we have long since passed all historic references to that concept.  Listening to Old Yeller Levin shout about it philosophically on talk radio isn’t going to make it come back.

♦  Current legal and judicial interpretations of the: “2001 Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act” also known as the “Patriot Act“, resoundingly agree that if you are within 100 miles of a U.S. border the typical interpretations of constitutional rights no longer apply because you are within a specific geographic zone where governmental limits on search, seizure and detention are suspended by the needs of the modern law.

This is where people take out a map and draw a 100 mile interior line on it to figure out if you live within the remaining zone of constitutional protection.  Keep in mind, a state like Florida is less than 200 miles wide and the border is both the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean – do the math.

My larger point in this perspective is this:  If you are concerned about this election because you are anxious about losing something, forget it – what you are worried about has already been lost, you just haven’t noticed it yet.

This election is not about winning and losing.  While you were sleeping that war was already fought, and lost.  The system is already rigged now, you cannot stop the rigging from taking place.  Done is done. Debating whether to give national leadership power is moot when they already have it.

trump eagle 10

The accurate perspective for this election is we are trying to block those who are now in control of a weaponized government from doing even more damage TO US with the power of the UniParty they already possess.

This distinction is critical.  This distinction defines the insurgent nature of this specific campaign.

Make America Great Again, is a vague concept more akin to grabbing the power cord feeding the UniParty, ripping it from the wall, and shutting down the out-of-control Skynet U.S. Federal Government.  Only when the entire apparatus has been halted can we begin the evaluating, dismantling and cutting it down to brass tacks phase.

Don’t worry about tone folks.  We don’t have time for tone conversation. Grab your section of Bangalore and wait for your call.


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  1. truthandjustice says:

    Here’s another example of how “they” have been working on our takeover for years, unbeknownst to much of the “masses” but now ready to go in their endgame. Just as the handover of the internet to the “international body” had been planned long ago, here comes their “regulations” that one could see if paying attention – back in 2014: “The Purge Begins”

    “The Vice Chair of the Commission.. demanded a total “re-examination of the Commission’s [regulatory] approach to the Internet and other emerging technologies.” .. the Vice Chair apparently believes the time has come to impose greater regulation on political speech over the Internet.”



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  2. truthandjustice says:

    Another: “Strong Cities Network” that’s already passed – globalizes police:

    “.. U.S. cities will be cooperating and “sharing resources” with foreign governments around the world. Local police are already training with FBI, DHS and even the military. Obama’s new program lays the groundwork for them to train with foreign police units under the banner of the U.N.

    “.. goal is to have global police, so it’s going to be very hard to rein in global cops,” Cops who were trained locally are going by the wayside, dealing solely with local cops is going to be a thing of the past. It’s sort of in your face,.. the U.N. is going to be a global police force, working in this country one way or the other.”


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    • Thanks for that link and insight.

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    • sDee says:

      The EPA, HUD, and DHS all have been working for decades with a clear agenda to implement federal control at local levels. They have done it through strings on grants and by infiltrating city staffs and city councils with their fellow travelers. The agenda is simple and set in place decades ago by the UN. Local-to Global

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      • Tejas Rob says:

        We’re still fighting the Civil War, we just don’t realize it. That’s where Washington taking over the whole of American government and rendering the states irrelevant started, and it has only grown.

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        • yy4u says:

          EXACTLY! While I do not believe the South SHOULD HAVE seceded, the fact is, the Confederate States had the RIGHT to. Lincoln fought a war to prevent the “lady” from divorcing her husband or vice versa. In short, the states had a right to join the union (get married) but not the right to leave it (divorce). This is similar to the Islamic law on apostasy, i.e. the person has a right to become a Muslim but not the right to leave Islam if s/he changes his/her mind. That’s tyranny by any name.

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          • JeremyR says:

            In part I would agree with you except that after the first thirteen colonies, and Vermont, every state was formed on land purchased by the United States government. Even Texas was purchased. Yes, while Texas fought for independence, later, after the Mexican war, we signed a treaty with Mexico and we paid them. Then, to top it off, we again paid them for it when we negotiated the Gadsden purchase, which in addition to giving us access to land which allowed for easy rail to southern California, settled all land disputes and established the Mexico United States border.
            Our country would be a fractured mess if we allowed states to leave at will. California would have bolted the moment Reagan was elected as would Minnesota, New York, and several other intensely liberal bastions. Had that happened, those new republics would have turned in to liberal hell holes, California is any way, and the residents would have fled in droves to conservative regions where the process of liberalization, realization and migration would have repeated the process through the nation.

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            • sturandot13 says:

              What is more is that Great Britain was looking to get its nose BACK into the “colonies”. Abraham Lincoln wanted NO part of that. Which is why, when there were incursions from Canada into U.S. territory, and some of Lincoln’s cabinet urged him to “do something”, he told them: “One war at a time.”
              Great Britain openly backed the Southern states; and, with Rothschild money, supported their war effort. (They also loaned money to the North. Nothing like making a killing, so to speak, no matter WHO wins!) The Czar of Russia was openly backing Lincoln and the Union – and indeed helped the Union in numerous ways.
              FWIW, anyone interested might want to read a very interesting book by A. Ralph Epperson, called “The Unseen Hand: An Introduction to the Conspiratorial View of History”. It’s an excellent book and has some very enlightening information about the real genesis of the U.S. Civil War. It would seem that the globalist pukes were hard at work making their billions even back then.

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          • Ron Hyatt says:

            Be Proud to be a Rebel, the South’s gonna do it again!

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          • Katherine McCoun says:

            The Principle at stake was states rights v. Fed gov overreach. Unfirtunately, the Policy over which it was fought was slavery, a practice that was beneath the state of Western civilization and whose time had come to die. If the Northeastern states had succeeded 50 yrs previous to the Southern states then the issue or policy would not have over shadowed the principle had stake so completely.

            (I say Sadly, although originally practiced by almost all cultures it is Still practiced by dome in Africa, ME and even In Asia but not in Western, civilized cultures unless brought here by foreigners or by a rare, deviant criminal.)

            I completely agree that the principle of states rights was not fully settled and continues to this day. Now, we Dems saying that the fed gov is limited on issues such as cities and states overriding immigration and drug laws. Same principle but different policies or issues.

            I am for states rights. I am against slavery and against discrimination or unequal treatment under the law based on skin color, ethnicity, or any other physical characteristic. When one stands up for states rights the Left’s favorite tactic is too invoke racism or pro slsvery charge.

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            • The reasons leading up to the American Civil War (or, if you prefer “The War Between the States”) have many levels and facets. Fundamentally, though, it was a war of secession where separatist states asserted a right to quit the union with the other states.

              Any historian will tell you that prior to the Civil War people were citizens of their state first, and Americans second. When the war broke out many army officers, forced to choose between their state and the Union, chose their state. Robert E. Lee is one note able example. He was a distinguished officer but his first loyalty was to Virginia, and despite entreaties to stay and the promise of a command he resigned his commission and went home.

              In a sense, prior to the Civil War the attitude of Anericans towards their nation was closer to that of Europen members of the E.U. They are British, or German, or French first and Europeans second.

              In 1861 American states made the same choice the British people made, to exit. Britain is lucky they have the English Channel separating them from the rest of Europe, and that the EU doesn’t have an army (yet).

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              • grannysue says:

                I suspect that many Northerners profited from the civil war. Not only was money made by war profiteers, but the south, was left devastated. Wealthy Northerners came down and bought up land for pennies on the dollar, many times just paying the taxes on property. Slavery was part of it but the biggest motive I suspect was the theft of the wealth in the South. Wealthy land owners were left in poverty.


                • JeremyR says:

                  There was a lot of debate near the end of the war concerning slavery. Johnson was a slave owner, but eventually argued that slavery as an institution had to end. The loss of the slaves was the most devastating part of reconstruction. 1. They were a monetary loss, every one of them represented a financial investment. 2. The land owners lost their means to plant tend and harvest. With out the slaves, they had no means to care for their holdings.
                  It would have been better for them if they had chosen instead to incrementally free their slaves. The north had a massive influx of labor. It did not flow south because the job market was filled by slaves. Looking at it from an unbiased perspective albeit a harsh one, slavery was a losing proposition. a hired man is more apt to work hard. He wants money. a slave resents his position. He only works as hard as he must. If the slave holders had offered the slaves freedom as a means of leverage, they could have had harder working labor, and been freed of the burden of caring for the slaves during off times. The risk was that the slaves would pack up and leave, but reality was, where would they go? The job market in the north was being flooded with Irish and eastern European immigrants who would have eventually flooded down south looking for work. The fact is, those Irish and Poles would have been better worker then the blacks for the simple reason that they were hungry and wanted to put food on the table whereas the black were resentful of the entire institution. Many, given a choice would have returned to Africa right into the hands of the muslims who enslaved them and most likely death. That is a harsh reality that the blm crowd wants to forget, that the options for their ancestors was death, slavery in America or slavery in Arabia where the male slaves were emasculated and raped just like the women were.


            • JeremyR says:

              State’s Rights, as an issue of the Civil war was not mentioned by any of the states that seceded. Every one of them in their declarations mentioned slavery.
              That is not to say state’s rights was not part of the problem that led to the war, it was, but it was reversed. The slave states opposed the right of Kansas to enter the Union as a free state. They wanted Kansas to be slave state. Why? To maintain the status quo.
              What is missed by so many is that the reconstruction was controlled by the democrats. Johnson, who succeeded Lincoln as President was a democrat. Wait, what? They ran together as the national union ticket. The republicans ran John Fremont.
              It is interesting to note about Lincoln, that he championed the Declaration of Independence as a cornerstone of the republic over the Constitution. He viewed statehood as a contract the dissolution of which required agreement of all parties.


              • Frankly, “states rights” wasn’t an issue because everyone assumed that sovereign states, which joined the Union voluntarily, could leave the Union whenever they chose to do so. The issue that brought matters to a head was slavery, but the matter of whether or not states had the right to secede was not in question.

                It was only later, when creeping Federalism begin to encroach ever more beyond the enumerated powers of the Constitution that the question of “states rights” vs. “federal authority” became an issue. A similar debate is going on in Europe right now, as the EU continually asserts new powers that member states (such as Great Britain) object to, saying these newly asserted powers were never allowed.

                One silver lining in the Obamacare decision is that the Federal government cannot withhold Medicare funding from states that don’t establish an exchange, the reason being that the states are not merely administrative districts of the federal government and cannot be treated as such. However, the diminution of the role of states has been remarkable since the Civil War, and far beyond anything the Founders intended.


          • SSI01 says:

            Gives those men in homespun butternut and grey, and their red flag, a whole new meaning, doesn’t it?


        • Diane D says:

          Amen. We have the same tyrant, FedGov. But there is a huge different. The Confederates had the guts to fight.


      • Your Tour Guide says:

        sDee: Other, non federal organizations have been in place , also to further this. The worst example I’ve found is N.A.C.O.

        NACO stands for the organization of county officials. Damn near any county comissioner you can name in the majority of U.S. counties belong to it. When Bush 2 was in power he
        actually slid up and did something useful. His proposal was to limit the spending on Community Development Block Grants. Community Development Block Grants sound good to the ear. In actuality, it works as HUD lite. HUD slums up the big complexes, CDBG
        monies “rehab” and slum up the complexes with fewer then 100 units on an average.

        When the CDBG proposal came through, NACO went into overdrive to block it. In many areas of the US, they were wanting to retain funding in investments that were killing their
        local communities. It became a NACO platform. Other NACO platforms? “Workforce Housing” which is made to sound like it will bring housing into range for local police, fire ,
        teachers. The example NACO quoted on their website in near DC (forget if MD or VA),
        was 60% elderly, 40% section 8. And that was the SUCCESS story! Winding up the tale:
        When also the expose’ came out about ACORN, something occurred to me. Haven’t been
        able to get anybody to look into it that has the ability, however. Take the “N” off the end of


        • Your Tour Guide says:

          Sorry, senior moment. Take the “N” off the end of “ACORN”, and put it at the front.
          Drop the “R”. It gives you “NACO” . Coincidence?


    • Toronto Tonto says:

      This was his goal of a domestic army as well-funded and powerful as our military. I also think they are going to declare war on all dissenters. Bill Ayers wanted internment camps. They’re ready to go. They’re making up lists and stalking the first they’ll take out.

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    • Howie says:

      The masses of Hillary voters are clones of those stupid fools in Venezuela who elected Chavez and Maduro. The result here would eventually be about the same. At least there would not be a wall and some could escape to Mexico.

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      • This activation of socialist-trained youth is now part of Hillary’s platform. She really is going for Venezuela.

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      • grannysue says:

        The bottom line is Hillery does not have near the support that Trump is getting. She will not have the votes to win. She will probably use fraud. In Ohio they found tens of thousands of pre filled ballots in Hillery’s name in black ballot boxes.How many of those are out there. Also states are finding dead people voting.


        • justfactsplz says:

          That was debunked yesterday on several threads. That link was to a bogus article and the picture of the boxes of ballots was actually taken some years back in a foreign country. If you read all of the comments under yesterday’s articles here at CTH you will see them. Thank goodness is was a hoax.


    • paper doll says:

      We have watched the UN take over places for years…now it’s aimed at us


    • Janie May says:

      This is really happening. USG is promoting Strong CIties everyday with your money, along with T-TIP and more.


  3. Southern Son says:

    To that Truthnjustice, I say, Molon Labe.
    I practice with Blue Pie Plates.

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  4. truthandjustice says:

    More: (please help to get this info out while we can)

    “Obama/Clinton Secret Operation Handed Port Canaveral To Brother/Business Partner Of Saddam Hussein’s Nuclear Bomb Mastermind;
    Submarine And Space Bases In Grave Danger

    America is facing a grave national security nightmare at Florida’s Port Canaveral.

    After an apparent Clinton pay-to-play operation, .. Obama administration officials handed over control of Port Canaveral’s cargo container operations to the brother of Saddam Hussein’s chief WMD nuclear physicist, Dr. Jafar Dhia Jafar.

    Port Canaveral is home to a U.S. Navy submarine base and sits within the nexus of U.S. Air Force and NASA space operations. Canaveral is also the second largest cruise ship port in the world.

    The “secretly-negotiated” 2014 backroom deal, code named “Project Pelican,” covertly awarded the Crescent Group’s GT USA LLC a 35-year container terminal lease at Port Canaveral. GT USA is owned by Gulftainer Company Limited, a unit of the United Arab Emirates (UAE)-based Crescent Group of Companies.”


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  5. Tejas Rob says:

    Electing Trump is the first victory in a long battle, let us never for get that. He will not solve everything and we shouldn’t expect him too.

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    • You’re right, Tejas Rob: electing Trump will be only a small step in a YUUUGE pushback against a system that’s been in place since the turn of the century- the 19th century. This rigged ‘system’ has gotten worse with each passing decade.That’s about twelve decades now, plenty of time for the cement to settle in place.

      Essential reading is this essay by Codevilla, “After the Republic”

      The consequences of empowering today’s Democratic Party are crystal clear. The Democratic Party—regardless of its standard bearer—would use its victory to drive the transformations that it has already wrought on America to quantitative and qualitative levels that not even its members can imagine. We can be sure of that because what it has done and is doing is rooted in a logic that has animated the ruling class for a century, and because that logic has shaped the minds and hearts of millions of this class’s members, supporters, and wannabes.

      That logic’s essence, expressed variously by Herbert Croly and Woodrow Wilson, FDR’s brains trust, intellectuals of both the old and the new Left, choked back and blurted out by progressive politicians, is this: America’s constitutional republic had given the American people too much latitude to be who they are, that is: religiously and socially reactionary, ignorant, even pathological, barriers to Progress. Thankfully, an enlightened minority exists with the expertise and the duty to disperse the religious obscurantism, the hypocritical talk of piety, freedom, and equality, which excuses Americans’ racism, sexism, greed, and rape of the environment. As we progressives take up our proper responsibilities, Americans will no longer live politically according to their prejudices; they will be ruled administratively according to scientific knowledge.

      Progressivism’s programs have changed over time. But its disdain for how other Americans live and think has remained fundamental. More than any commitment to principles, programs, or way of life, this is its paramount feature. The media reacted to Hillary Clinton’s remark that “half of Trump’s supporters could be put into a ‘basket of deplorables’” as if these sentiments were novel and peculiar to her. In fact, these are unremarkable restatements of our ruling class’s perennial creed.

      For names and crimes, see Fred Siegel’s thorough (but accessible) explanation of the century-old hatred. If you can’t afford the book, read the reviews. If you have a Kindle, order a free sample. He will change the way you view our world.

      “The Revolt Against the Masses: How Liberalism Has Undermined the Middle Class”

      It was from his book I finally tracked the source for the term “totalitarian democracy”. HINT: All Western democracies are totalitarian.

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      • mcclainra says:

        Wow! Excellent comments. TY.

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      • Enlightened Vulgarian says:

        “Thankfully, an enlightened minority exists with the expertise and the duty to disperse the religious obscurantism….” Exceptions, of course, are necessary to further promote the cause. Allahu Akbar!!!

        Thanks for the tip about Siegel’s book. I just checked on Scribd. It is currently available for subscribers or others with access.

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  6. GREENMIRROR says:

    This is great thing about Trump adding the “law and order” candidate to his profile. You have to have the agreement on paper and principle. A CONSTITUTION! That’s why we sign our name at the bottom…our word is our bond.

    Two big problems are religion, sharia…kneel 5 times a day creates a whole different belief of life, we have a group with extremely different values religiously. and sovereignty …another great philosophy from the founders is that a nation must control it’s wealth and it’s land.

    Sovereignty is just as big of a problem because of the new progressive global attitude…Central Banks have learned how to steal the wealth from kings and nations. “Give me the power to control ones money and I care not who makes the laws”.

    Our 2nd amendment Scopes, Red Dots, and Sights need to be drawn down on the Federal Reserve and then global central banks. Kings looked to banks to pay for their kingdoms only to find the bank becomes the master. Countries looked to banks to pay for expanding their control only to find the bank removes their wealth. Nations now ally with banks to form world wars only to find the bank takes the wealth from both sides.

    OUR country founded A CONSTITUTION which punished counterfeiters with death removing the king’s redcoats and the king, but the financier bankers hid among the free. When the people of our nation understood that all people have the right to be free the bankers gave Lincoln the tool of TAX and Fiat Currency to control the nation. That foothold doomed us to what we have today. The strength of 1913 FED/IRS is great and Taxation through unbacked fiat currency is the great counterfeit to be punishable by death.

    When television media scoffs that Donald’s tax returns may be zero they don’t understand that Donald Trump’s Taxs should be zero! All of us should not be paying tax to king or government. Only under WAR to protect this country from all enemies foreign and domestic should we ever remove wealth from the individual. Any politician that swears to protect this country from all enemies foreign and domestic should own a firearm and know how to use it.

    Silver must be the base of Currency…Joachimsthaler, jefimok, jocandale, talar, tallero, thaler dollar) and it must be pure. The base of labor of the individual is not the minimum wage, The storage of ones wealth is money, property, estate, the pursuit of happiness. Currency improves the speed of transfer of wealth and must be in the form of gold or silver backed wealth when trading with other sovereign nations.

    This is what George Washington, Ben Franklin and our founders designed:

    Congress has the power to bring it back…in the end banks and magnetic strip wallet cards will make transactions faster but a return to the base of silver is necessary.

    Yes a return to legislation represented by Adults and backed by Adults with values. Voting age should be raised to 26 or young land/property owners of some stature and understanding of the Constitution of The United States of America.

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    • Tejas Rob says:

      a return to the base of silver is necessary.

      When it all comes crashing down, it will return. Wise Treepers have a stash of gold and silver for just such situations. Barter will be currency as well. Horders will be kings.

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    • Howie says:

      To buy and sell you would have to have a chip like the ones in the new credit cards. Eventually it will be implanted like the ones in your dog. Your social credit rating will determine your fair share and rations. If she wins get out away from the city ASAP and prepare for the storm.

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    • Ono says:

      Goldman Sacks…member bank of the federal reserve
      Hillary Clinton…Candidate supported by Goldman Sacks

      “Follow the money”

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    • Sam says:

      Greenmirror: Gold is a better standard than silver. Silver has too many boom/bust cycles; however, much US gold has been traded away to foreign nations (think Obama giving Iran palattes of dollars and reportedly gold). I hated it when Nixon took us off the gold standard. Fiat money is always a recipe for a crash.


  7. Howie says:

    Male Hillary voter gets to go for a walk with his master.

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  8. yy4u says:

    “No taxation without representation””? How about No Representation without Taxation? Why should someone on the dole who pay no taxes have a say in how other people’s taxes are distributed. I’m all for helping the needy, but I’m not sure someone receiving charity should have the final say in how much charity s/he receives.

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    • Howie says:

      The living wage will be paid to all but the elite party members in the village of idiots we would become.

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    • JeremyR says:

      Charity should be the job of the church and not the state. The grifters change congregations when the money runs out, or the people lave when the grifting gets out of hand.
      If we are forced to accept the gov doing this job, take away voting rights for a period of time that is the length of time they receive benefits, plus five years, plus ten percent of the rime they received benefits.

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  9. McGuffin says:

    I thought that image of the Lion “because this isn’t working” was so perfect that I had a bunch of T shirts printed with that image if anyone wants one. Grown, sewn and printed IN THE U.S.A. !! Here’s my etsy store set up just for these Trump shirts.
    (Sorry I don’t know how to post a picture on here).

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  10. Tonawanda says:

    If anyone has not read this short story by Matt Bracken, set aside 15 minutes and do so.

    In addition to just being a pleasure to read, the ideas expressed in the story are intriguing (for want of a better word). It is also pertinent to the ongoing discussion in this thread inspired by SD’s essay.


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  11. Great analogy Sundance! After reading it I began to wonder if there were large portions of the American population prior to the revolution that were against the insurgency. I’m sure there were some but how many? And then it hit me, they aren’t the ones we hear about in the glorious tale of American history! My point is friends, yes there will be people voting for Hillary, voting for the UniParty, and voting for the status quo, but they are not the one’s history will talk about. We are the game changers, the brave and the courageous men and women taking a stand against injustice. We are the insurgency. We are the one’s history will talk about, the one’s who dared to hope for a world better than their own and fought to bring freedom and liberty back to a land that so desperately needed it.

    Keep heart friends, we are fighting the good fight and we are on the right side of history.

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    • Tonawanda says:

      Going by memory here and the numbers are necessarily impossible to nail down, but I believe the pro-British/loyalist population was considerable and often dominant across all the colonies. I am basing this on my memory of reading The Patriot’s History of the United States which is highly recommended.

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      • JeremyR says:

        3% of American supported the revolution, another 7-10% were favorable to it. roughly the same number were loyalists. who took up arms to support the King. The vast majority were indifferent as long as their day to day lives remained unchanged.

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      • The USA does not have a history of revolutions and civil wars. We will go silently into the night of slavery. The only one’s talking about watering the tree of Liberty are us old white men. That’s because we were never brainwashed by the liberals. Our generation is the last patriotic gen, and we were raised by parents who lived through the great depression and fought in WW11. The greatest gen. was that of our parents. Unfortunately, we were too busy trying to give too much to our kids (a better life) and grand kids to pay attention to the liberals who were transforming our country and culture into a socialist/communist country. Right now half the population is very happy with a socialist/communist government. I hate being a downer, but the MAGA ship sailed long ago w/o us aboard. I’m all for Trump and will vote for him as many times as is possible. I visited my dead relatives this week and every one of them said they were voting for Trump. (Just following the dem. model)

        Folks, our culture has been changed for the worse. It will not be reversed. If we were to take action to water the tree of liberty, who the hell would follow us old folks? The American Revolution had many young patriots. They had little to lose. Life was hard. Our young people would never put their cell phones, sports teams.and other look at me toys and computer games and jobs aside to join in the fight. Kiss your azz goodbye if Hillary wins. I’m no youngster and I have lived through the best days of America. Why I even give a shit is beyond me. I’ll be lucky to be alive 10 more yrs. It’s depressing enough as it is. I can’t imagine being a young white male. I would be so depressed. But on the other hand, maybe I wouldn’t because I would not have lived during the best times of America, so I would have no reference point. Plus I would have been brainwashed to hate America and capitalism. So, I’d be happy as a pig in slop.

        We are preaching to the choir. We lost the battle yrs. ago when we were the silent majority and stayed silent and let the commies boil us like frogs. Slowly. And now it’s too damn late to jump out of the pot.

        Hillary is going to be the next POTUS. All of my family and I will be voting for Trump. But the election is going to be stolen. The globalists have perfected the system.

        Praying every day and many days several times a day that I am so wrong. When I see a corrupt scum evil ungodly person like Hillary being this close to the WH, when a few decades ago, she would be in prison, I have to conclude that it’s over.

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        • Tonawanda says:

          Very somber …

          I do look at younger folks and sometimes think it is a shame they do not know what it is like to be a free man.


        • flova says:

          Keep praying. Solzhenitsyn once said that the only way to reverse the course of a dictatorship and that is what we have now, is through some unforeseen “crowbar event”- a serendipitous occurrence against which the commie left cannot plan for.

          They are not God.


        • ufferndan says:

          With all due respect, you might pause before discounting millions of not-so-old white females who hold liberal feminists in abhorrence. While we are probably more educated, independent and ‘worldly’ than our own mothers, we raise our children in accord with traditional values. The basic tenets of our cultural norms remain unchanged; we make only superficial modifications to accommodate ‘the times’.
          Melania Trump, at 47 yrs, is an excellent example of ‘one of us’. So all is not lost, we are more than ready to stand and be counted. (smiley face)

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        • Taffie says:

          The young ones are not lost. They know that Trump’s fight is for our country, but if they say anything, they are called racist. The threat of verbal and physical assault is real. Everyone is hoping for a landslide.


        • Bacall says:

          What the he**. Haven’t you viewed any photos of Trump rallies? Who is there? Every sex, age, race, religion of American appears at those events? Don’t sell Americans short.


  12. fernleygirl says:

    Allegations a PLANE was used to drop tear gas during the protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline:



  13. karenkln says:

    My husband recently saw the presidents motorcade. Do u know what’s written on the license plate? Taxation without representation.

    The word no is missing. They really like to put it right in our face and laugh about it don’t they?


    • TeddyOn20th says:

      That’s actually put there because Washington DC is not a state and so its residents pay federal tax without being properly represented in Congress.

      (… just in case you weren’t joking…)


      • karenkln says:

        Thanks, no I did not know that. Still I find it odd to say that on the presidents car of all people.


        • TeddyOn20th says:

          From the perspective of an ordinary tax-paying DC resident, it’s a good anti-government slogan. It does feel a little weird on a vehicle being driven by the recipients of our taxes.

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  14. fernleygirl says:


    “Data from JPMorgan shows that the top 50 central banks around the world have cut rates 672 times since the collapse of Lehman Brothers, a figure that translates to an average of one interest rate cut every three trading days. This has also been combined with $24 trillion worth of asset purchases.” (“QE Infinity: Are we heading into the unknown?“, CNBC)

    $24 trillion!

    $24 trillion represents the biggest freaking bank heist in human history, and what do we have to show for it?

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  15. Geri Smith says:

    Commission on Presidential Debates 2016
    Our Mission
    The Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) was established in 1987 to ensure that debates, as a permanent part of every general election, provide the best possible information to viewers and listeners.
    1st debate moderator-Lester Holt (NBC) RINO Republican ordered by his Democrap bosses, Roberts, Burke, Lack, and Turness, to dump on Trump
    2nd debate moderators- Anderson Cooper (CNN), Martha Raddaz (ABC); both Democraps
    3rd debate moderator- Chris Wallace (Fox) Democrap ordered by Murdoch to take down Trump in first primary debate -https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2016/09/03/confirmed-rupert-murdoch-instructed-fox-news-to-take-down-donald-trump-august-2015/
    VP debate moderator- Elaine Quijano-CBS = Democrap
    Commission Leadership
    Frank J. Fahrenkopf, Jr.-RINO
    Michael D. McCurry-Democrap
    Honorary Co-Chairmen
    Gerald R. Ford-deceased Republican
    Jimmy Carter-Democrap
    Ronald Reagan- deceased Republican
    Co-Chairman Emeritus
    Paul G. Kirk, Jr.-Democrap
    Board of Directors
    Howard G. Buffett-Democrap- Warren Buffett’s son
    John C. Danforth-RINO
    Charles Gibson-Democrap
    John Griffen-?
    Jane Harman-Democrap
    Antonia Hernandez-Democrap
    Reverend John I. Jenkins-Democrap
    Jim Lehrer-Democrap
    Newton N. Minow-Democrap
    Leon Panetta -Democrap
    Richard D. Parsons-Democrap-Obama’s close friend
    Dorothy Ridings-Democrap
    Alan K. Simpson-RINO
    Olympia Snowe-RINO
    Shirley M. Tilghman-Democrap
    Executive Director
    Janet H. Brown-RINO who worked for John C. Danforth-RINO
    Politics of Commission on Presidential Debates
    Trump must demand Republican moderators to balance the debates.

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    • Bull Durham says:

      Trump must batter the moderators into pulp and focus on his message to Americans for Americans and by Americans.

      Take the question, hit them with a 2×4 and pitch his plan for prosperity!!!!

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    • Sherlock says:

      What a joke. Time to scrap the whole phony debate commission. It’s a con. Much fairer for each candidate to get to pick a moderator, or let each submit ten names, and then draw lots. ANYTHING would be more fair than what we get now, which is a 90 minute dem attack ad framed as a debate.


    • Reality Wins says:

      Trump should demand that Ann Coulter be one of the second debate moderators. Can you imagine the fireworks at that debate?


  16. Jenny Hatch says:

    Reblogged this on Jenny Hatch BLOG and commented:

    Stunning analysis…

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  17. labrat says:

    Going into the belly of the beast in Pa.


    In a potential game changer in the 2016 presidential election, activists from around the country have come together to organize a political rally supporting Donald Trump in the swing state of Pennsylvania.

    The first ‘All American Rally for Trump’ will take place at 1:30 PM on October 8 at the People’s Plaza located near the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia. The rally is the creation of Indian Americans and African Americans who have come together and it will feature Indian Americans, African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Haitian Americans, Jewish Americans and other groups who wish to see Donald Trump win the election.

    Bruce Carter who is the founder of Black Men for Bernie along with Hindu activists Satya Dosapati and Arvind Kumar are the main organizers of the rally.Over 1,500 people are expected to attend the rally which signifies the coming together of many people for their own reasons. Satya Dosapati, who is one of the organizers stated, “This is a very important election. It is the first time the voters have seen through the establishment’s manipulation of the electoral process and have decided to assert themselves.”

    “The Clinton family and Bush family partner with each other to advance the agenda of corporate welfare and illegitimate wars. This is an opportunity to end the political fortunes of both families,” added Arvind Kumar.

    Philadelphia has a large black population which has been let down by politicians who typically use them to further their careers. Elaborating on the reason for organizing this rally, Bruce Carter stated, “Black voters can no longer afford to be slaves to any party.”

    The organizers plan to organize a series of rallies in other swing states. While Philadelphia will be the venue for the first rally, other rallies will be scheduled in the swing states of Florida, North Carolina and Ohio when sufficient funds are raised.

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  18. Rodney Plonker says:

    I posted previously on the Gannett Company (Parent company of USA Today amongst others) and how many of their newspapers are editorializing for Clinton.

    I am wondering if this push is coming from the SVP & CHIEF STRATEGY OFFICER, Maribel Perez Wadworth. Here is her twitter page https://twitter.com/mwadsworth Nothing too overt thought some of her retweets are interesting for example, Sarah Silverman’s put down on the Bernie supporters. The interesting is her husband’s FB page. https://www.facebook.com/chris.wadsworth? Who has “H” logo as their profile?

    Gannett’s chief content officer is proudly tweeting about the USA Today opinion. https://twitter.com/joannelipman


  19. R-C says:

    “I would argue we’ve already well passed the dumping of the proverbial tea phase.” –Sundance

    Oh, yes. Yes, we have. The divergence of course between left & right–between politician and citizen–has been ongoing for quite some time now. Paths moving steadily apart; there is little to no ‘common ground’. Left-wing sponsored mobs roam the streets, assaulting, burning, and looting as they go. Leftist politicians attack time-honored American traditions and processes constantly.

    Federal law is routinely twisted to support leftists, and to persecute conservatives. (Don’t believe that? Take a look at James Comey’s FBI.)

    The US Constitution has become a footnote in history.

    The arrogant political class no longer even feigns interest in the citizens’ opinion. They do as they want, when they want, how they want. And they don’t care what WE want.

    This ranks among the finest Sundance essays ever. BRAVO! And the conclusion is correct–the horse has already bolted from the barn.

    It’s Mr. Trump or bust. And as others noted in comments above, Mr. Trump can’t possibly fix it all in 8 years. But without Mr. Trump, there is zero hope of fixing things at all.

    If Mr. Trump is defeated through election tampering (the ONLY way he ‘loses’ this), the prognosis for our nation’s survival is grim. The fabric of society, tattered and already stretched and straining in so many ways, will finally shred completely…and the outcome of that catastrophe is anybody’s guess. But it won’t be pretty.

    Trump is our last hope. I’m glad he’s added this notion to his recent speeches: “…one last, golden opportunity to fix our problems…”

    Ladies and gents, we are re-living colonial America, c1769–the ‘Boston Massacre’ is right around the corner. Mr. Trump is right–we have but one last chance to stave off catastrophe.

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    • yy4u says:

      We just got back from the grocery store and had a very interesting happening. As we were leaving, a gentleman told my husband who was wearing his Trump T shirt that it was “brave” of him to wear the shirt. We had a conversation and the gentleman admitted he is voting for Trump. But he is not telegraphing it (and has bought into the mainstream media’s painting of Trump — he just hates Hillary more). How that fits on this board is that it might be an argument for our not being colonists after the Tea Party and before the Revolution but rather dissidents in a country in which the Bolsheviks or the Nazis have gradually taken over. Not saying that’s what it is, but when people are congratulated for being “brave” because they dare to go against the political establishment something is terribly wrong.

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      • Yes. When citizens are too scared to even outwardly show which POTUS candidate they support right before an election, we have become a third world country. It’s jut a matter of time before we are rounded up and put on the trains.

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        • flova says:

          We have been forced to go underground but really, so what? This could work in our favor. Let them think we are afraid, they’re so stupid they’ll think we won’t show up to vote.. If we don’t get to wear our hats or t-shirts at the grocery store it’s not the end of the world. Nov 8 is when we show we are not afraid.

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      • quintrillion says:

        yy4u, same happened to me yesterday. Had Trump hat on at outdoor restaurant. Man came over and said I was brave. I am not afraid, if Trump is not elected I shudder to think. I do not focus on any mental images of that occurring, not even for a second. I will never give the devil a foothold in my thoughts or project negative imagery. Winning IS everything. As he left he said, ‘I’m with you.’

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    • singingsoul says:

      R_C “The arrogant political class no longer even feigns interest in the citizens’ opinion. They do as they want, when they want, how they want. And they don’t care what WE want.”

      That is a sore point for me that people vote politicians back into office who do what they want and who do not care what we think. We all know who they are but no one has the will to boot them out.
      Why should they do what we the people want if their job is secure…?

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      • R-C says:

        First, we listen to our politicians ‘talk a good game’. They’re conservative as all get out during the campaign.

        Then, we watch our politicians run rampant, turning their backs on virtually everything they said they’d do. They totally ignore us for the bulk of their term of office, passing the establishment’s agenda without regard for budgetary constraints, or even Constitutional limits on their actions and power.

        Then, come election time, they start pandering. They promise the moon all over again, but their record proves otherwise.

        When we voters object to them citing their records, the politicians trot out the ‘vote for the team’ notion: “You must vote for ‘so-and-so’ to make sure Trump has a majority!”

        Trouble is, ‘so-and-so’ (in my case, Kelly Ayotte) is not–and has never been–a ‘team player’. She does as she wants, regardless of the team. She’s untouchable, at least in her own mind. She’s unaccountable to we voters–we don’t matter, nor does the health and stability of our nation. Only her establishment agenda matters–and we now know for certain that the establishment seeks globalism, which is anathema to the continued health of our nation.

        Well, I don’t see a difference between electing a democrat, and electing a democrat who claims to be a republican. (Actually, there is a difference: at least the overt democrat isn’t misrepresenting him/herself to the public, as the stealth-democrat (RINO) habitually does.) It matters little which of the corrupt parties runs the Senate; they’re globalists no matter which way you slice them.

        These feckless agenda-driven politicians know that their record doesn’t matter–they’re certain the voters will re-elect them ‘for the team’.

        No more. Not in Casa R-C, anyway. I voted selectively, to punish the renegade RINOS in my state. DONE DEAL; my ballot is in the hands of my town clerk. I sleep well at night, knowing I did as my conscience dictated.

        TRUMP 2016, and to hell with the duplicitous RINOs.

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  20. Enlightened Vulgarian says:

    The corrupt and the ignorant “go together,” as Forrest Gump might say, “like peas and carrots….”

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  21. If Hillary wins, we who have life savings, etc. in banks or stocks better sell ot, withdraw our money and get the hell out of the country. That’s my back up plan. I will be researching what country to immigrate to as soon as the election is over if Hillary wins.


    • Remington says:

      Good luck….I haven’t been able to find one….Maybe Poland? And how to transfer money…Aruba is a possibility. Not anticipating a Donald loss but the scoundrels abound


    • Dale says:

      I have been doing this type of research for several years. Try this site Escape Artist

      Most such sites are trying to sell real estate, 2nd passports, gold & silver, legal advice, travel to foreign countries, etc. You might also check out the CIA World Factbook.

      My conclusion has been that there is no place to go. If you find something different please let me know.

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    • singingsoul says:

      If Hillary wins we will not be able to sell our houses because no one has enough money to buy them.
      I had planned to move to Columbus but might stay put.


    • Wend says:

      I’ll be interested to see your research and will be doing some of my own as well. Eastern Europe is looking good. Hungary actually isn’t even too nasty in the winter.


      • KimJongHill says:

        I lived in Hungary for two years and it was wonderful. But I was there almost 20 years ago, just after the yoke of communism was thrown off. Americans were heroes there at the time. It’s the only place I’ve been overseas where someone (many people actually) bought me a beer simply because I was American.

        To my understanding, Hungary has become more nationalistic since then. While this is a good thing in some ways (border fence and anti-refugee stance), it might also mean that you’d be less welcome there than I was. I honestly don’t know, but I thought I’d seen that they’d started moving to block foreign ownership of property.

        Having said all that, I’d still be happy to live there. The people were great, the food was great, the countryside was lovely, and it was extremely inexpensive.


    • Concerned Virginian says:

      I understand your position.
      A few thoughts:
      If you have grandparents who were born IN Ireland or Italy, you can establish Dual Citizenship by Descent. It takes about 3 years to get this accomplished. You’ll need certified birth/marriage/death records from the country the grandparents were born, married, and died in.
      If you have lots of disposable cash, there are legitimate “second country passports/citizenship” that one can purchase. These arrangements usually require a large financial outlay (most countries require you to give them a minimum of $250,000. American dollars for “economic development” in order to grant you a passport/citizenship).
      Other countries, such as Switzerland (permanent residency and a 15-year wait) and Italy (permanent residency and long, expensive, exhausting process including exams to demonstrate complete fluency in Italian and a history test, that you must pass before you are granted dual citizenship IF you can’t prove citizenship by descent), make it VERY difficult for a person to become a citizen. Canada requires an immigrant usually to have “good character”, lots of financial resources, and has a job or skill that is needed in Canada, plus at least 5 years’ residency, before you can apply for Canadian citizenship.
      Becoming an American expat is a different situation and also has its own difficulties. The US government will levy income tax on you even if you never set foot in the US again. You will also be levied US taxes on ANY monies you earn as an expat, whether it’s a salary or it’s dividend income from foreign investments.
      If you’re going to live in a country where the principal language IS NOT English, it is in your best interests to learn the language of the place you’ll be living in.
      And if you decide to give up your American citizenship by renouncing or relinquishing it, remember that this step is also irrevocable. You can’t give up your passport and then decide you want to “rewind the clock” ten years down the line. In addition, the US government now levies stiff “severance tax” on people who renounce/relinquish their US citizenship. You will need TWO good immigration attorneys to assist you—one, in the US; and the other, in the country you will stay in/become a citizen of.
      Sorry to be long on this. But if you’re going to have a “back up plan” for leaving the US in the event of a Hillary Clinton victory, you’ve got your work cut out for you. If you wait until the election is OVER, in my opinion, you’re too late.


    • Davinci'sGhostOfScotland says:

      Do what you feel is right. If that is all the fight you have in you, you’re no good to the true patriots that can do nothing else but fight this to the end anyway. You can’t leave evil in the dust. Sooner or later, you have to turn and fight it. If you don’t have the fight in you, get the hell out of the way.

      TRUMP 2016


    • bearsgrrr says:

      Good luck trying to withdraw your money. Banking regulations prevent large withdrawals, limit transfers, and basically work for the bank – not people. Most done to allegedly fight the “war on drugs”.


    • Reality Wins says:

      It is not me and mine who will be forced to leave America. I will not cede an inch to those who have no appreciation for the gift of the Constitution that was paid for with patriot’s blood. Sundance’s horseback rider, flag waving graphic in his post says it all, “Enough!”

      American Patriot Manifesto

      We demand a divorce from all nanny state Democrats who because they have no self control, want to control others. Their zero self control makes them feel powerless and instead of seeking control over themselves. they seek power over others. ENOUGH!

      We demand a divorce from the self righteous, condesending NeverTrumpers and their bankster buddies. These are the same idiots who shoved the unelectable McCain and Romney down our throats and ordered us to swallow. The only candidates they put forward look no different than the ‘opposition.’ They involve us in endless wars to enrich themselves without a second thought to our sons and daughters who are sent to their deaths. We have been beaten up, lied to and cheated on. ENOUGH!

      The rest of us worked hard and played by the rules only to keep being abused over and over again by the two groups above. WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH! Through our hard work and taxes we are the ones who built and paid for this house called America and we are keeping it in this divorce. We demand that you abusers move out.

      We demand a divorce and Donald J Trump is our process server!


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  22. LANE says:

    What a way for the GOP-controlled Congress to end the legislative mandate given to them in 2014. It can truly be said that whereas Democrats are the Navy SEALs of political combat, Republicans are the NAVY SEALs of political capitulation. They managed to give Democrats everything they wanted in both houses, got it all passed by violating their own rules, and left town to campaign for re-election so they can … er … well … ahh … beat Democrats and … er … well … enact some more Democrat policies.
    The Senate voted first Wednesday afternoon and passed the budget continuing resolution (CR) 72-26. Only 14 of the 54 Republicans voted no, and presumably, not all for conservative reasons. The 14 GOP noes were as follows:

    Corker, R-Tenn. (F, 45%)
    Cruz, R-Texas (A, 97%)
    Flake, R-Ariz. (F, 49%)
    Graham, R-S.C. (F, 30%)
    Heller, R-Nev. (F, 57%)
    Inhofe, R-Okla. (C, 72%)
    Lankford, R-Okla. (D, 69%)
    Lee, R-Utah (A, 100%)
    Paul, R-Ky. (A, 92%)
    Perdue, R,-Ga. (C, 73%)
    Risch, R-Idaho (C, 76%)
    Sasse, R-Neb. (A, 94%)
    Scott, R-S.C. (B, 89%)
    Sessions, R-ala. (C, 78%)
    This bill funded every major Democratic policy priority with no meaningful limitations on a single illegal, abusive, or harmful executive action taken by the president. It contained no limitations or reforms to Obamacare, Planned Parenthood funding, Obama’s transgender bathroom mandate on the states, sanctuary cities, or DACA amnesty. What was particularly disturbing about this blank check is that the timing of the budget deadline coincided with two new harmful unilateral policies of the Obama administration: the giveaway of oversight over internet IP addresses to a foreign entity and a net increase in refugee admission for the new fiscal year — all on top of the existing increase in refugees from the Middle East during a time of grave homeland security concerns.

    The budget bill also reflected Obama’s spending priorities instead of the spending figures reflected in the Republican budget. It wasted $1.1 billion on Zika funding that was unnecessary and funded Planned Parenthood with those extra funds. While one expects compromise with divided government, this blank check was truly breathtaking in completely reflecting Democrat values — as if Republicans had no control over Congress.

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  23. quintrillion says:

    I think this is the best, although it’s debatable, because of so many well written, timely, informative articles. This is the best of the best and the comments are too. God Bless the vulgarian, irredeemable, Les deplorable wolverines at TCTH we will MAGA.

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  24. redsequin4 says:

    Experience hath shewn, that even under the best forms of government those entrusted with power have, in time, and by slow operations, perverted it into tyranny……Thomas Jefferson

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  25. LANE says:

    Our representatives no longer are compliant with the will of the people. Our country is controlled by the corporations and lobbyist. As we can see the US Government has overstepped thier privileges. Congress and our Representative are not doing anything to stop the tyrants in the Oval Office. Congress rignt now can take steps hold Clinton in contempt and also has the right to impeach her. They have the tools to do it but won’t. Someone put a good link to judicial watch. It’s worth checking out. I am praying everyday that Donald Trump wins. Trump has opened up the eyes for all to see just how embedded the corruption is within the branches of our government. And the MSM are their foot soldiers. They have everything to lose ( power and money ) and we have our freedom to lose. That is what makes us dangerous to the left and the elites. People should not be afraid of their governments but their governments should be afraid of the people. I suspect that more corruption will be revealed and you will see nothing done to address it. So we the people may have to really step it up. Hillary is not your target but your own government, the MSM, and the radical minions that protect them like the FBI and State Department. The people who gave the oath to protect this country ( police, 1st responders, border patrol, military, our Veterans ) are under attack by the people in the government that they are ask to serve.


  26. donebydesign says:

    Sundance, I thoroughly appreciated the Wall St/MainSt paper economy essay earlier this summer.
    Seeing the same positive comments today as you once again skillfully boiled it down to a clear and concise (historical analogy) provocation. The reader must choose.

    I always compliment my dental hygienist for her light touch when cleaning my teeth. I sense a heavy touch on your keyboard today….and we are listening. Thank you.

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  27. Deplorable Combat engineer Cinderella reporting for duty, SIR!!!

    You are spot on, as usual.

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  28. Sundance, as the election draws near, this might be the right time to shift from Alarm to Action on what appear to be our most immediate threats to Liberty:

    How to we secure the Election against theft?

    How to organize and collaborate in the event that patriot access to the Internet / Social Media / Alternative Media is shut down before/after the Election?

    How to reconstitute or recreate an independent Internet?


  29. No One says:

    One chilling thing to realize is that Trump will lose everything if he loses, no way the weaponized administrative state will leave him be. They are going to go after his companies, his kids, his grandkids. He should expect Roman levels of retribution. I hope he knows this.

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  30. Sandra says:

    What are we all willing to sacrifice if Pickles steals the election? I’m proposing a work stoppage or something else that will bring the country to its knees temporarily. Am I being too outrageous?

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  31. Millwright says:

    A most apt analogy and xcellent commentary Sundance ! But few Americans know the “Intolerable Acts” were merely the latest in a long history of such levies and constraints imposed upon the colonists beginning when they were literally, slaves. Yes America was founded upon a system of slavery ( bond and gaol) long before the importation of Africans. Parent England saw the “new world plantations” demand for labor as a way to rid its society of the poor, debtors and criminals profitably where they labored to produce timber, ship masts, crude iron, copper, tobacco and dyes, etc. As its indigenous expatriate population grew the “new world” was seen as a captive market for english manufacturers to the extent that local manufacture of many goods was prohibited or heavily taxed. IOW, the tax Acts of 1774 were more the “last straw” than the sole underlying cause.

    Much the same analogy might be made with our current situation where the pending election furor is the culmination of over four decades of increasingly more intrusive and restrictive and punitive federal and state regulations and laws. These seem, increasingly over the decades, intended to favor select groups; a practice growing more blatant over the past decade or so, culminating in the alleged “….I’m too big to jail….” remark perhaps ?

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  32. Jimmy Jack says:

    I’ve been thinking about the AR a lot lately and I really enjoyed this piece SD. I American History is a subject I love, and it bothers me tremendously when I think about the lack of knowledge most Americans have about our history, particularly this time period. It is a critical framework to understanding where we are and where we should be as a nation.

    There are a lot of stories we should draw inspiration from right now bc we are living in a revolutionary time period – most people just don’t realize it yet.

    For people who like to read the book The Founding Brothers is a unique analysis of the founders, looking at the relationships they had with each other as being critical to all they accomplished. That is missing today. Trump is going it alone, with those who you’d think would be working with him working against him instead. However, the everyday people at that time were necessary to accomplish the establishment of the new government. They were active and committed. I think we’re those same kind of people.


    • You’re right: Trump is going it alone and his opponents on both sides are terrified he’s going to destroy their comfortable arrangements.

      I’d recommend the late Peter Drucker’s book on where we are right now, and where we’re headed.
      As he noted, every two hundred years or so, society is transformed. The one our Founding Fathers created (almost) ex nihilo is being replaced. The replacement will NOT be socialism, which the sad Dems cling to. That political/economic philosophy is dead- even Putin knows that.
      Trump will be a pivotal but transitional leader and can get us past the worst of the disruptions that change causes, with or without the help of the legislative branch. At least he can if he’s allowed to survive.
      Clinton’s criminality aside, her utter cluelessness blinds her to the changes we’re already experiencing.


  33. Bacall says:

    Unlike most insurgencies, most of law enforcement, the armed instrument of the state, supports MAGA.


  34. PatriotUSA says:

    Damn the torpedoes and full speed ahead……………


  35. 1dragon says:

    Comment deleted by Admin….


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