Virginia Democrat, James Madison University Student, Caught Registering Dead Voters…

voter+fraud+7A few days ago it was reported the non-citizen alien who killed five people in a Washington State mall was a frequent voter.

Last week a dead voter registration drive for Democrats was discovered in Colorado, this week it is Virginia.

Strange how we never hear a single case of “republican voter fraud“….

(Via WFB) A Virginia Young Democrat working for a Democrat-aligned voter registration group got caught filing applications on behalf of dead people when he filed an application for a deceased World War II veteran who was known by a local clerk.

Andrew Spieles, a James Madison University student working for HarrisonburgVotes, confessed earlier this month that he submitted 19 applications for deceased individuals, according to a report in the local Daily News-Record.

[…] The 19 applications were submitted through HarrisonburgVotes, which is run by Joe Fitzgerald, a prominent local Democrat. Fitzgerald is chairman of his congressional district’s Democratic Committee.

[…] “First of all, there was no voter fraud—they caught him,” said House Minority Leader David Toscana. “Nobody cast a vote. There’s still no evidence of that going on in the state”.

[…]  Virginia is expected to be a major battleground state in the upcoming 2016 elections. (more)


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222 Responses to Virginia Democrat, James Madison University Student, Caught Registering Dead Voters…

  1. Peter says:

    Yea, nothing to see here.

    “Next time, don’t get caught, fool!”

    Carry on….

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    • wolfmoon1776 says:

      The corruption must end. One way or another.


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    • Mike says:

      I don’t think this kid is even the tip of the iceberg (10%). One wonders how many are really out there – registration rogues, illegal aliens, politicized public employees on the make, etc by the millions.

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    • kpm58 says:

      Or as Hillary says…”yes I made a mistake (got caught) and I would do it differently next time (make sure to not get caught)”.

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    • Ruffin says:

      Maintenance worker in Franklin County, Ohio, found approximately one dozen ballot boxes containing votes for Hillary Clinton and other Democrats in the coming presidential campaign. There are supposedly tens of thousands of ballots in the boxes. Election officials were contacted and do not know how/who/when they arrived at the warehouse. Worker saw boxes and investigated, there is a picture with the article.
      I saw this article on the Christian News site and I have no idea as to the validity of this article, but based on Hillery ‘pulling resources out of Ohio” and the potential for massive fraud in Ohio, I decided to post this and get the word out. Better safe than sorry, so please don’t shoot the messenger!


      • bearsgrrr says:

        Not a reliable site. Don’t spread the story any more. It’s the boy who cried wolf of voting fraud. When a real case comes along no one will believe it.

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        • Ruffin says:

          FYI: The ballot box story is now on Redstate and Lame Cherry.

          Kasich won the Ohio State Primary by voter fraud, why would you dismiss this type of info from Ohio which is riddled by corruption, Fox News is not a reliable site, nor is CNN.
          Not trying to be a SA, but Corruption is going to be rampant, so I will continue to look for more evidence before I dismiss it out of hand.

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    • Not this time Peter.

      This time We The People win.

      Hilary loses and she and her minions actually start paying for their crimes.

      It will not happen over night and it will not be easy.

      This battle is not for the lazy or the weak. But all who want a better life for their families are welcome to join us and give it the best they have.

      We are going to win this one, just watch a few of Trumps rallies. Take a good look at the Trump soldiers of all races and walks of like.

      All genders and age groups. All are Americans giving everything they have to Make America Great Again.

      We are going to win this one and go all the way to the White House.


  2. But, no dead people actually cast a vote, so FBI Director Comey says nothing to see here. Move along, fool.

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  3. John Galt says:

    FBI investigating — no crimes were committed.

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  4. beaujest says:

    Were any of these dead voters polled for their choice by CNN ?

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  5. beaujest says:

    Is Vince Foster registered?

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  6. this needs to be an offense that, if caught, carries a maximum, inconvenient and unpleasant punishment. this is BS!

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  7. Lulu says:

    He should get 19 years in prison – one year for every voter his fraudulent votes would have disenfranchised

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  8. OmegaManBlue says:

    And the democrats keep claiming there is no voter fraud!

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  9. Finalage says:

    They will steal the election if it’s close! Get out and vote! GOTV!! MAGA!

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  10. Catherine Kalna says:

    So what happens to the people who are registering dead voters, or registering voters in multiple states? Isn’t stealing votes a felony, or in this case an attempted felony?

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    • Lea says:

      Just thought of that. Here on the Jersey coast we have people from Pa. and N.Y. who have summer homes here, winter homes in Fla. and in their home state. Just who will tell them they can’t register in all these places if they don’t say they live in three or more places around the country. (I think this makes sense)


  11. JustTea says:

    Hillary is known to have the most absentee ballots of anyone, just ask Bernie

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  12. sam says:

    Also, voter registration have to be non bias. You can not just recruit to vote for Democrat only but I’m pretty sure they violate that also. Throwing all the republican registration in the trash.

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  13. Preppin247 says:

    he needs to be made an example of..lock him up with convicted felons ..also demorat voters..for 6 months. .I’m sure it will be a life changing experience for the young man

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  14. they just found thousands of Hillary Ballots in Ohio-
    She is trying any way she can to steal the election! THE CROOK!

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  15. KBR says:

    Check with voter registration about your own loved ones! Make sure they are not being used this way!
    Report the death, send a copy of the death cert., or photo of tombstone!

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  16. rick says:

    Why is it that the dead always vote democrat….

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  17. In AZ says:

    Only ONE got caught. How many more are out there doing this very thing?

    If I volunteer to help people register to vote, then I too could register dead people? Do they get names from Obituaries?

    I read that the Alinsky thugs scoured obituaries from several states looking for dead children to steal the names for Passports and other nefarious activities. Nothing changes with marxists.

    Past time to push back against these Commie SOBs

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  18. Eric Kennedy says:

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  19. Daniel says:

    And I guess there is no punishment for planning a murder or planning to rob a bank or planning to do just about any crime right?

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  20. Truthfilter says:

    This has to be punished. It undermines the the most fundamental right we have as U.S. Citizens. It should be viewed as treason. At the very least, it is fraud and identity theft.

    If there are no consequences for this, then it’s a free for all. Our country is done.

    What’s to stop me from voting on behalf of my late grandparents–both sets of them? Chances are, nobody would catch it because nobody is paying attention. Ive got a couple of cousins who died young, too. So that’s 7 votes for Trump, including mine. Is this what it’s coming to? A contest to see which side can commit the most fraud? Can’t do it.

    Please Lord Jesus–forgive us of our sins and our complacency. Expose the fraud and the lies of our enemies. Intervene on our behalf. Let truth and justice win on November 8th. Amen.

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  21. Fireman says:

    and now Ohio? Not sure how legit this publication is but sounds about right for the Hillary camp.


    • Regina says:

      who was it that asked earlier why Hillary wasn’t worried about Ohio??


    • Joe says:

      This site is a hoax. Don’t link to it. They had the “Black Trump supporter killed” hoax. It makes us look bad to spread this around.

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    • fred5678 says:

      Don’t jump quite yet — from the linked article: “According to sources…”

      From Trump tweet: Remember, don’t believe “sources said” by the VERY dishonest media. If they don’t name the sources, the sources don’t exist.

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    • Sandra-VA says:

      Stop linking from there!!!! That site is bogus and makes all kinds of stuff up in the hopes that people will share them enough that some pol will eventually get caught in the trap.

      Again, that site is BOGUS!!! They spread lies.

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      • Fireman says:

        Thats why I put the question mark. If I could remove the post I would. I was putting it out there because I know this site is great at either confirming or debunking stories like this. Thanks for the heads up on the source.


    • Notmeagain says:

      I have to shout: (ahem) CHRISTIANTIMESNEWSPAPER.COM IS A BOGUS SITE. IF YOU READ THREE POSTS UP YOU WOULD SEE IT. IF YOU READ ANY OTHER THREAD TODAY YOU WOULD HAVE SEEN IT. FUGGEDABAHTIT! Hillary may indeed have fake ballots hanging around but this is A HOAX SITE. Geez. That’s at least the fifth time today. Just because it has Christian in the name doesn’t mean it’s good.

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    • fred5678 says:

      On a similar topic, NEVER forward an email with a “too-good-to-be-true” story, which ends with “pass this on immediately”, etc. with NO LINKS to (hopefully multiple) reputable sources. Always go read the sources for yourself.

      We have plenty of valid ammunition without spreading myths which discredit us.

      Question: Does an avalanche make a sound if you are sick in bed at home in Chappaqua?

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    • Ruffin says:

      Both Redstate and Lame Cherry have this article on Ohio fraud on their site(s).


  22. Sunshine says:

    Same thing happened in 2012 and worse. Democrats own the electoral process.
    This is why it is so important to have Republican Trump vigilance on the ground, in every polling station and Democrat registration center.


  23. Fireman says:

    Just saw the post above. sorry for the double post.


  24. Regina says:

    There’s an article linked from Drudge about Chik-fil-A holding voter registration drives…the local dems are up in arms. How’s this for an infamous quote:

    Susan McGrath, leader of the Stonewall Democrats and head of the Pinellas Democratic Party, said the decision to use Chick-fil-A would be similar to a Democratic supervisor of elections holding the event at Planned Parenthood.

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  25. asawasa says:

    I heard on the radio today that California, where i live,will send out a ballot to all registered voters 28 days before the election. this probably has something to do with the New Motor Voter Act they recently past.

    i haven’t found any information verifying what was reported on the radio yet. they made it sound like it was something that just happened in the last day or so.


  26. fred5678 says:

    My comment emailed to with my CAPS addition to his quote:

    “House Minority Leader David J. Toscano (D-Charlottesville) said the case was not proof of voter fraud because no one had actually managed to cast a vote in the names of the dead.
    “First of all, there was no voter fraud — they caught him,” Toscano said. “Nobody cast a vote. . . . There’s still no evidence of that going on in the state. But there is evidence every time you turn around that the Republicans are trying to make it more difficult for DEAD citizens to vote in elections.”


  27. WeThePeople2016 says:

    I heard this on the local radio today. It does not surprise me. It is their way around the voter ID law that was put into place after the 2012 election because there was massive voter fraud discovered in the state. My guess is that this type of thing is going on all over the state.

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  28. Joe says:

    To be fair, there was one case of one illegal alien voting Republican a few times, once per election, who claimed she didn’t know it was illegal. One case. In the entire country. Since I began following politics.


  29. fred5678 says:

    In 2010 I was a volunteer in the GOP campaign in Reno. One telephone bank caller reported this call:

    “Hello, I’m calling from the Republican office for Mary so-and-so.”
    “Why do you want to talk to her?”
    “Well, we want to encourage her to vote for Mitt Romney.”
    “Mary is only eleven years old!”
    “Well, she’s voted in the last two presidential elections.”

    Mary was a registered Republican at age 3, apparently.

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    • Joe says:

      Do they only call registered republicans, or independents and dems too?


      • fred5678 says:

        They were calling Republicans only — and of course anyone can vote in the general election, which is the election cheating that matters for Democrats, not the primary.

        I wonder how many “registered Republicans” there are stealthily hiding as “R’s”, and waiting to vote D in the general.

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  30. fred5678 says:

    My second email to , who is an attorney:

    His quote:
    […] “First of all, there was no voter fraud—they caught him,” said House Minority Leader David Toscana. “Nobody cast a vote. There’s still no evidence of that going on in the state”.

    My comment in BOLD:

    With that logic, you would defend an unsuccessful armed thief, who only TRIED to hold up a bank, as an innocent bystander!!!!


    • William F BUCKLEY Ghost says:

      He’s wrong. The fraudulent voter REGISTRATION of a deceased person would be a federal mail fraud violation, wire fraud and an aggravated identity theft all major felonies!


  31. At my former job, we could use a service to compare SS numbers against the SS database. They sent a list back to us of all numbers that were listed as deceased so we could contact their beneficiaries. It wouldn’t cost hardly anything to do.

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    • adoubledot says:

      My agency runs the same kind of report every month called SSA Death Match. Not just to contact beneficiaries, but to stop payments to the deceased. Hey, maybe we have a common employer.

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  32. NJF says:

    Oh the irony.

    Democrats object to Chick-fil-A voter registration drive | Tampa Bay Times


  33. Ace says:

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  34. teaforall says:

    Just read in upper post that this site is a fraud. thanks for the info , Got to admit they had me….


  35. sunshineonmyshoulder says:

    Sorry if this is a dumb question….

    How does one make sure a dead relative isn’t voting? Calling the registrar is enough? Sending a death certificate is enough?


  36. 3x1 says:

    Why is this not a felony?

    Why is this criminal not kicked out of college, or at least kicked off staff?

    He’s hidden his social media accounts since being busted

    Vote tampering should result in an immediate and permanent ban from voting or holding any elected office.

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  37. Mike says:

    No crime no foul! And by the way, the FBI will grant him immunity, so shut up and move along!


  38. Obviously, the next step is passing laws that criminalize registration of dead people or non-citizens, animals, etc. Penalty: fine them $10,000 and a month in jail for each fraudulent registration.


  39. Neural says:

    This is why there is still a very grave danger that Hillary will win in November. This is the tip of the ice berg, and I don’t believe that “19” is the extent of the number of false registrations.

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  40. rain of lead says:


    “Tens of thousands” of fraudulent Clinton votes found in Ohio warehouse

    According to sources, Randall Prince, a Columbus-area electrical worker, was doing a routine check of his companies wiring and electrical systems when he stumbled across approximately one dozen black, sealed ballot boxes filled with thousands of Franklin County votes for Hillary Clinton and other Democrat candidates

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    • 1stgoblyn says:

      Just a little FYI for you. This has been posted on this page at least four times and others have commented that it is a bogus site. Remember this for future reference; just b/c the newspaper’s (?) name is ‘christian times does not mean it is a good cite.

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  41. giddyup says:

    rain of lead- i’m old so not so computer savvy. please send that link to the trump campaign, rnc, and lou dobbs. we’ve got to get this out. my guess it’s happening in many states.


  42. rain of lead says:

    seems like that was a fake, sorry, with the killory krew, anything is possable


  43. flyingtigercomics says:

    The margin of fraud. #VOTESCAM

    A lot of people need to get off of their lazy asses and VOTE or this felonious behavior could still steal the election for the lying old hag.


  44. satmfs says:

    There should be only one way to register, and that is at the voter’s local polling place with a valid, state issue photo ID.

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  45. ryanomalley1 says:

    “If it can happen in Colorado, imagine how bad it is in Chicago!”

    And Philadelphia and Miami and Detroit, etc. There are AA voting districts that vote literally 100% Democrat. There is zero chance that there is not significant fraud in each of the districts where Republicans are as foreign to voters as fathers. This could be why Hillary is so confident in her eventual election. If she gets anything close to the Obama level of support among the AA vote, she will win handily. For anybody familiar with voting observer rules, please share any details on how this can be monitored.


  46. Frank_O'Pinion says:

    Dead democratic voters – aka tombstone voters.


  47. keeler says:

    Voter ID laws unfairly discriminate against breathing-disabled Americans

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