Secretary Clinton and The Special Contact Lens – Permanent Double Vision…

We have been waiting patiently, for over two years, for a moment, a very specific moment, when it was possible to confirm previous suspicions.  Today is that day.

What outlines below is clear and convincing evidence the 2012 health event of Hillary Clinton resulted in a permanent compromise to Hillary Clinton’s vision.  What is outlined below is why some seemingly innocuous notations can reconcile.  We’ll also explain why the Clinton team cannot reveal the reality.

hillary stroke

Back in October of 2012 the Hillary Clinton health story began around a cold, which became a flu, which became a slip and fall, which became a concussion…. which led to hospitalization for blood clots.

Pay close attention to the specifics here:

(Via Politico) […] She was discovered to suffer from “transverse sinus thrombosis” and began taking blood thinners to dissolve the clot. The concussion caused Clinton to suffer briefly with double vision, for which she wore glasses with a “Fresnel Prism.”

Those symptoms resolved within two months, Dr. Lisa Bardack said, and Clinton promptly dropped the glasses.

In 2013, a follow-up visit revealed “complete resolution of the effects of the concussion as well as total dissolution of the thrombosis,” Bardack said. She also tested negative for all blood clotting disorders, but remained on daily anticoagulation medication as a precaution. (read more)

Except we know, because of documented evidence, Hillary Clinton did not “drop the glasses”, she has been spotted wearing them recently.

February 2016:


Then, even more recently, September 2016:


You can clearly see Secretary Clinton did not “drop” the Fresnel Prism glasses, or stop wearing them.  It’s not a conspiracy theory, it is just a reality – Hillary Clinton has worn them, and wears them since the health incident in 2012.  That truth is non-controversial, and not in dispute.

Once we are clear on the reality that Hillary Clinton currently wears Fresnel Prism glasses; we can then move on to the issue of why: Permanent double vision.

This is the part the campaign has kept hidden.  The issue is not just that Secretary Clinton does factually wear the Fresnel Prism glasses on occasion -they admit that- the larger issue is that Mrs. Clinton wears a very specific contact-lens  intended to aid with the correction of permanent double vision which seems to stem as a result of that 2012 health incident.

There are a few ways to deal with permanent double vision:

  1. wearing glasses
  2. fixing prisms on your glasses
  3. wearing an opaque (not see-through) contact lens in one eye

Focus on #3 – “wearing an opaque (not see-through) contact lens in one eye” – This is the specific evidence we were looking for.


What you are seeing in that video isn’t actually that weird when you know what you are looking for.

In that video Hillary Clinton’s right eyelid (your left on screen) catches the contact and pulls it up. Mrs. Clinton’s eyeball moving upward then reengages the contact lens and it goes quickly back into place.

The result is an odd impression when witnessed because it seems like the eye pupil changes dramatically.  It’s not the pupil changing, it’s the contact lens moving. Watch the video again and you’ll see exactly what we mean. Her eyelid momentarily dislodges the contact lens.

FURTHER EVIDENCE – When you understand that Hillary has permanent double vision, other behavioral aspects relating to the corrective action for that double vision begin to reconcile.

♦ When wearing the corrective contacts Secretary Clinton is essential monocular. The effect means her lower visual field is disrupted. She cannot see well in her lower field of vision. This is why she has trouble with steps and must be careful. This is also why her aides carry a flash light go guide her footsteps and highlight the ground beneath her feet:


Flashlight assistance:

And again…. only this video of the flashlight is tricky/sneaky. The aide in this video is giving the impression they do it with all VIP’s because she initially follows Bill Clinton from the van. However, watch Hillary closely and the security (female w/ flashlight) actually waits for Hillary with the flashlight and guides her and Brady Williamson into the debate venue:

Contours in landscape are challenging to navigate when you are not binocular. Hillary Clinton’s correction for the double vision, the contact lens, means she gives up depth perception because she’s essentially monocular.

♦ The Microphone Tell –  Another way the issue manifests is when you consider that Secretary Clinton needs to look at speeches and/or notes.  Here’s where the specific style of microphone we have outlined comes into play.

When Secretary Clinton is using a teleprompter, she is looking straight ahead.  That’s the best optic range (straight ahead) for her visual ability.  As such, when reading script directly in front of her, she can use a double mic (traditional speech) set-up because she is broadcasting her voice in the direction of her vision – toward the crowd.


However, AND THIS IS KEY, whenever Hillary Clinton needs to look down -into the weakest part of her visual field- she needs to look straight down.  If she needs to look to the lectern, toward her notes, toward prepared remarks, and/or toward the i-pad containing the remarks,  she needs a single cordless mic.


The style of microphone is directly tied to the anticipated need for Mrs. Clinton’s field of vision.  The cordless mic provides optimum flexibility when she needs to look down.

  • Reading from  a teleprompter, eyes and voice direction directly straight ahead, means a stationary mic is ok.
  • Press Conference, or the utilization of notes etc., where downward eyesight/vision is needed, a cordless mic is necessary.

•  Summary so farSecretary Clinton has double vision.  To correct that challenge she wears Fresnel Prism glasses, or corrective contact lenses.  The corrective eye wear comes with alternate challenges: depth perception, and lower field of vision loss etc.

Which brings us to the last points.

♦ Why The Secrecy – Why is team Clinton not just admitting the ongoing double vision issue?  No big deal right?

The uncomfortable answer to that question, comes within the discussion about what causes permanent double vision, and takes us back to 2012 when it was said:

…She was discovered to suffer from “transverse sinus thrombosis” and began taking blood thinners to dissolve the clot.

~ Dr. Lisa Bardack

In adults, if double vision develops suddenly and isn’t caused by a childhood squint, it may be a sign of another condition affecting the free movement of the eye, or the muscles, nerves, or brain. Conditions may include:

• A condition affecting the blood vessels supplying blood to the brain, or to the nerves controlling the eye muscles (for example, a stroke )


There’s your answer about all the secrecy.

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493 Responses to Secretary Clinton and The Special Contact Lens – Permanent Double Vision…

  1. weavinplain says:

    being monocular doesn’t affect one’s inferior visual field in any way. It does cause a loss of depth perception, which would make walking down stairs harder.*

    I don’t know what ‘inferior visual field’ is but monocularism makes any attempt at vision with the affected eye difficult. I’ve been monocular for more than 20 years, and living alone for more than three. My right eye has a completely blacked out retina which makes the depth perception on that side a blasted nuisance, but it’s not noticeable even to people who think they know me well.

    Yes, Hillary would have to turn in the direction of the affected eye to perform certain movements, like reaching for a handrail, but I’ve been driving for all 20 years and the only problem I had was difficulty in judging distance or making turns to the right. For a long while I had to turn my body and head as far to the right as possible – think Charlie McCarthy – but after cataract surgery I discovered slight peripheral vision and everything was much improved.

    Being monocular is an inconvenience but if that’s the only problem, Hillary should not be super-hesitant in movements or need to be a contortionist because of it.

    Dr. Patrumpsupporter is correct most 70 year olds wearing high heels are very cautious on stairs.. I’ll turn 80 in a few months and it has been more than 10 years since I’ve worn any shoe with a heel taller than an inch and a half. I just get a grip on the handrail and go for it.


  2. fred5678 says:

    Just a layman here — I don’t even play a doctor on TV.

    But I was a 24/7 caregiver for my mother with Alzheimer’s, a stent from angina, and a few other maladies. One of them was two TIA’s, which diagnosis for Hillary has been noted in earlier comments.

    A TIA would seem to exactly explain the 9/11 event, wherein she completely loses body control for a few hours, then completely recovers. She was a complete limp rag waiting for the van, and had to be carted into “Scooby”.

    My mother’s second TIA occurred at an orthopod’s office where she was getting her arm cast off.
    She went out like a zombie and two of us had to get her into my car and to the ER, where she suddenly snapped out of it 90 minutes later.

    TIA’s are symptoms of probable future strokes, so watch carefully in the coming days.

    Also, aren’t strokes/TIA’s caused by hypertension? And would not putting out endless “bimbo fires” cause hypertension? Even if you try to relieve the stress by throwing crockery and lamps in the White House and Governor’s mansion?? ….

    Debate question for Trump: Hillary, if your stamina is so great, can you explain to the audience why your personal van looks like an ambulance??

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    • cali says:

      What I personally find beyond appalling or disgusting is this: If Hillary’s personal doc – Lisa Bardack – were to conduct her responsibility as a physician as required by her license and medical board – she would have been sued for malpractice times over if her patient were not Hillary but some other executive applying for the CEO position that also required a ‘medical evaluation’.
      Every physician is required during their oath ‘to do no harm’ – but Bardack feels she can medicate Hillary for every appearance and debate to enable her to get through while forgetting it could backfire on her. One can not just experiment and as physician she conceals the truth and when asked – lies while hiding the truth about Hillary’s health and fitness for the presidency.
      Stress is an indicator for many health issues even in young people. Hillary is an older woman with serious health problem yet – her doc feels she can play god.
      Utterly despicable!


  3. Intermittent strabismus? Loss of vergence?


  4. alegenoa says:

    Wait. In the first video on the plane, if you look around you can clearly see that the lights on the plane ceiling dramatically change in sync with the eye glitch. This seems to be a problem with the video, possibly tampering, so it proves nothing.
    I’m just commenting for the sake of accuracy, I’m not trying to defend Killary.


  5. ledygrey says:

    I think you are right about Comey. I just finished watching an excellent Judicial Watch panel on the Clinton email & foundation scandals that aired Thursday. Joe diGenova’s assessment of Comey is especially damning (and epic, I might add). If you’ve got 90 minutes it is well worth the watch. They did not address Hillary’s health but that may likely be the only thing that will take her down now.

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  6. Patriot1 says:

    Who pulls their car into a tent outside of West Virginia? When it looks like someone is hiding something the are.

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    • 2zymos says:

      Have observed this “tactic” for high security individuals in many locations to conceal or foil attacks on VIP’s caravan of cars — hard to know which vehicle the protect is in (location), hard to anticipate when they will be under way (timing).

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  7. DEPLORABLE Jeff says:

    GREAT WORK SUNDANCE and those who contributed to this information . You are a Godsend in these times of massive corruption and lies .

    Occum’s razor . the simplest explanation is the MOST LIKELY . I think this it the truth about Hillary

    The double vision explains much of Clinton’s falls and weird eyes . Her clinging to railings for dear life as well as the trip when entering the plane . The remote mic and CLEANER MAN explains the ENEMEDIA helping to pull off making her SEEM “normal ” at the debate .

    Her signals to Lester Holt were calls for his assistance as evidenced in many videos .

    The problem here is this never makes it to TV for the zombies to see .

    REAL EYES …realize …REAL LIES …What we saw at that debate was the establishment pulling off a successful STAGED and well rehearsed event . Hillary obviously was not resting days before the debate . She and the parties involved were likely PRACTICING this staged debate . Complete with her practiced answers to GIVEN UP FRONT QUESTIONS .

    All to fool the TV ZOMBIES !!

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    • wolfmoon1776 says:

      Great link! And THEIR readers are building the evidence pile, too! This is snowballing! (I also made sure that Milton Wolf MD saw Sundance’s post).

      This explains why she did that “bobblehead” move when that reporter stuck her cell phone in her face. She couldn’t see it out of her right eye and it startled the hell out of her when she turned in that direction and it was right there in her face. -Jethro


      • TheseTruths says:

        “This explains why she did that “bobblehead” move when that reporter stuck her cell phone in her face.”
        I don’t think it does. At :10 she had already seen the phone; her head was turned straight toward it. The bobblehead comes after she already knew the phone was there. Earlier, she had turned her head in the direction of the reporters, so she knew they were there, as well.

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        • The bobble here definitely requires a neurological explanation. I think the Parkinson’s proposals thought she was surprised, did a sudden eye and head pivot, and that this triggered the bobble. That is exactly the same as the balloon drop bobble. Sudden attention pivot triggering a bobble.

          The fact that the reporter was close enough to be out of her monocular vision would explain the triggering event better than before, but not the bobble itself.


        • MagaMan says:

          So much written on this, but it’s clearly a passive-aggressive gesture. I recognised it in an instant.


  8. NoeliCannoli says:

    There is another issue with monocular vision that also contributes to this behavior: loss of depth of field. If you have ever had to wear an eye patch for an injury, you will know exactly what I mean. Having both eyes functioning (binocular vision) gives us depth of field, making it easy to judge our distance from objects. Without this valuable capability, a person has to very carefully look at their path and “feel” where the position of their body parts are (especially feet).

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    • Peg_C the Deplorable says:

      I worked with a woman who lost her eye to melanoma (it spread to the lung, then the liver, then she died). She was not allowed to drive after losing the eye due to loss of depth of field vision. You cannot judge distances.


      • Deplorable Nation says:

        Well, you can, but you have to wiggle your head from side to side constantly, and believe me, people will REALLY look at your weird if you keep those snakelike head/neck movements up for long.


    • Dr. Bogus Pachysandra says:

      Well, when I was a teenager I worked as a framing carpenter. I couldn’t drive, so one of the crew guys picked me up every morning. He had lost an eye and wore a patch. No problems driving a car or nails!


  9. ladypenquin says:

    I’ve always believed that Clinton had a small hemorrhagic stroke from that “fall” – blood clot on the brain – hemorrhagic meaning bleeding. it’s why we see other neuro deficits including the seizure activity – which can happen after clots/bleeds in the brain, depending on where it occurred.

    Now why did she fall in the 1st place, was it because she was having a stroke or a fall because she was drinking as I had heard? Doesn’t matter. What we’re seeing today are residual effects of the catastrophic event. And it was serious, that’s why they’re covering it up. She is at risk for another…

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  10. DaniTX says:

    Why would you ignore the first condition on the NHS list for causes of double vision in both eyes: thyroid condition?


    • TrumpFanGirl says:

      because that is temporary and would have been used as an excuse if they could’ve

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      • wolfmoon1776 says:

        Extremely well said. We are so ahead of these liars, we almost channel the secret discussions of Hillary, Huma, and Mills.

        Liked by 1 person

      • ladypenquin says:

        Correct. Hypothyroidism is one of the easiest and inexpensive conditions to treat. IMO, it’s also one of the most actually “benign” health issues to have, but it’s also very much underdiagnosed. Because women often have symptoms that coincide with hypothyroidism – tiredness, depression, feeling cold, it might be caught first in them if you can get passed the “you’re depressed” quick diagnosis. Men aren’t tested like they should be for it, because their own hormones (testosterone) kind of masks the energy loss, but body changes, especially in middle-ages can be an indicator.

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  11. holly100 says:

    Flying increases the risk for blood clots. Hillary has a history of blood clots. The position of POTUS requires a lot of air travel. For that reason alone she should be disqualified.

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  12. Peg_C the Deplorable says:

    Watching her eyes makes me slightly queasy! The problem eye is the left one? In one video it looks like the right one is off the reservation.

    All I know is if she becomes POTUS I’ll watch her even less than I have 0bama, whom I have not willingly laid eyes on on a TV since 2009. (Being held captive in waiting rooms and restaurants/bars doesn’t count.)

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  13. There is a video on youtube showing some sort of light on HC’s podium at the debate… one that did not seem to be on Trump’s. One that turned off when she left the podium. I wonder if this is related to her double vision somehow… to assist her with seeing notes?

    Liked by 2 people

    • I should have said lectern.


    • wolfmoon1776 says:

      It’s plausible that she had the cue-card light-box (that’s what it is) turned on so that she could have more ambient lighting. The problem is, one can also use a mini-projector to project to a cue-card light-box, and THAT is what many people are theorizing she did. Apparently, she was looking at that light-box, and not directly at her notes, when she was supposedly looking down at her notes.

      Interesting theory of further Cankles criminality, but she’ll probably get away with it.


  14. Twila F. Hughes says:

    You are all so right. But her eyes and v ision are not the only problems with Hillary. She is obviouslty a bully, as she was at the presidential debate. Shows how she woudl handle the presidency. She is so corrupt it is pathetic and fraudulent and lies up a storm. But she never gets caught. And she projects this warm, always smiling person, which she is not. And she projects calling the kettle black all the time. Whatever anyone else says or does shed does or says. She calls Trump things that she is. Typical socialist progressive marxist methods.


  15. Dr Bardack’s dishonesty is mind-boggling
    1. blood thinners DO NOT dissolve clots.thats not contested.Their role is to mitigate the development of future clots, but these clots will continue to occur . They cannot be stopped.

    most such brain clots NEVER dissolve .Bardack has never presented any evidence that this one did, other than her statement that it has. the clot is still there.

    3.Bardack is lying when she says HRC doesn’t have a clotting disorder.Her entire history is one of blood clots, she takes a very dangerous drug, Coumadin, because that the only drug that works…and she has a genetic history of clotting disorder, as her MOTHER WAS ON COUMADIN !
    Doctors all know Bardack is lying…no one is that incompetent. no

    There is no way to prevent further blood clots in the brain from causing more neurological damage…l, transient ischemic episodes/mini strokes, seizures will continue to occur due to temporary blockage of blood flow to the brain…until a major stroke causes enormous damage or death.

    More to the point, HRC suffers from progressive VASCULAR DEMENTIA…she is continuously having lacunar infractions, microscopic damage to blood vessels in the brain that slowly accumulate in a progressive, deteriorating coursse… She will present at times with Parkinsons-like symptoms when certain areas of the brain are compromised, sometimes with Alzheimer-like symptoms, like confusion, freezing , etc and sometimes Frank neurological episodes like seizure.

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  16. tax2much says:

    Lupus is also something that Hillary may suffer from. I have a close relative who has had it for many years and has had numerous TIAs, takes blood thinners, has severe arthritis in her spine causing difficulty in walking, memory problems, and requires days of bed rest in between “good” days. Her ailments fit Hillary to a T.


  17. vexedmi says:

    Any one catch her buddy the “Cleaner” in the video of the guiding light? Quite the chums would say.

    Liked by 1 person

  18. raw moon says:

    This is an amazing piece of work. I can’t find any place on the internet, or anywhere else, with this level of depth and analysis.
    Thank you sundance.

    Liked by 1 person

  19. roger on pradaxa says:

    anti-coagulants don’t dissolve clots they prevent new ones. Clot busters are a completely different class of drugs.


  20. haoleboy says:

    Hillary calls these episodes “Short Circuits.”
    The “bobble-head” , the double vision , the foot drop , the cough , the falling …………
    These are all seizure related. Her brain must look like varicose veins.

    If it was anyone else I think I’d feel sorry for her.

    As for her “doctor” , well I suspect she is well paid and submits her reports to Hillary before anything gets released , even to other doctors (a practice that makes it pretty hard for an honest doctor to help her life quality .

    All this subterfuge in her blind loyalty to Alyinski and her Satanic lust for power.


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