Odd Factoid – Clinton/Kaine Together Only Once in 58 Days of Campaigning…

There’s an odd dynamic to the Hillary Clinton / Tim Kaine ticket that no-one in the media seems to discuss.  The presidential ticket is rarely together.

Since the 3-day Ohio Pennsylvania bus tour immediately following the DNC Convention July 25th-28th, Secretary Clinton and Tim Kaine have only been together once, on September 5th (labor day), again in Ohio.


(link to enlarge)

The red circled dates on the three-month calendar above reflect the times that Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine have been together since the DNC convention.  The ticket was not together at all in the month of August, and only once in September [5th (labor day) in Ohio]. 

VP Candidate Tim Kaine admitted he was unaware of Clinton’s illness (pneumonia) occurring on September 11th, and Tim Kaine did not attend the Hofstra Debate.


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137 Responses to Odd Factoid – Clinton/Kaine Together Only Once in 58 Days of Campaigning…

  1. TwoLaine says:

    Obviously he doesn’t like being drug around by his knees, and definitely doesn’t want her cough or “pneumonia”.

    Speaking of which, that’s the last time I remember them together. When she had the major coughing fits and he totally ignored it for about two minutes. Painful to watch.


  2. rsanchez1990 says:

    I bet they weren’t even together to shoot the photo used on the cover of their book which no one is buying.


  3. TwoLaine says:

    Or maybe he’s just not into hot sauce. )


  4. Agave says:

    You can’t really blame her…Kaine is just plain creepy.


  5. Merle Marks says:

    OK…it’s decided…we have an official name for him now…it fits with his personality (what little of it there is) and it certainly fits with him being picked to play a “role”…please meet….Tim Kaine ..AKA…


  6. TakeBackOurRepublic says:

    People are only relevant to Hillary based on their usefulness. First, Kaine’s value to the party ticket is irrelevant because she intends to rule like a dictator. But most importantly, their lack of unity during the campaign is the only way to mitigate the deceptions that he would otherwise become privy to. Their infrequent encounters leading up to November 8th ensures no leakage because he is definitely not a part of the Clinton decepticon “team”. He wasn’t even (allowed?) at the debate.

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