CNN Interview with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi After Meeting With U.S. Presidential Candidates…

CNN waited four days to put the Erin Burnett interview with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi on video.  The videos were uploaded last evening, and the full interview is in two parts.   The first segment is a discussion of U.S. politics and U.S. foreign policy with the Egyptian President:


In the second, longer, segment Burnett’s discussion with al-Sisi centers around domestic Egyptian politics.

In this second segment viewers can see how clear-eyed Sisi is to the issues surrounding extremism in the North African gateway to the Middle-East. In addition, you can gauge the factual bravery of Sisi as he applies the term “Islamic Extremism” (@06:30) despite the challenge/risk to himself in calling out the hardline faction that exists.

It is unfair to project the definition of Western democracy -separation of church and state- against the sectarian protections of al-Sisi’s governance, who leads nation of 90 million mostly Muslim citizens entirely comfortable with religious values as part of their governing and legislative structure.

No mid-east leader has been as strong against the tide of religious extremism as al-Sisi in Egypt. There is absolutely no doubt the Egyptian people, and al-Sisi himself, can envision a more reasonable relationship, perhaps a partnership, with the United States with a Donald Trump presidency.

The Egyptian people suffered intensely as a direct result of the consequences from U.S. foreign policy carried out by President Obama and Secretary Clinton. It was President Obama’s speech in Cairo, February 2009, which unlocked the cages to the big cats -killed the zookeepers- unleashed the Muslim Brotherhood, empowered religious extremists and walked away ambivalent to the consequences.

One of Donald Trump’s key policy advisers, Walid Phares, discusses the Egyptian perspective and the meeting between Donald Trump and Fattah el-Sisi:

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108 Responses to CNN Interview with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi After Meeting With U.S. Presidential Candidates…

  1. Jeffrey Hardin says:

    Reblogged this on Jericho777.

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  2. Jedi9 says:

    Erin Burnett. What b*tch! I can’t stand her condescending arrogance! It seems every interview I watch so far this liberal twit, is that she always has an awe to grind against Donald Trump. Is it no wonder that she works for CNN?

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  3. smiley says:

    some relevant remarks by John Bolton (January 2015) on Al-Sisi, diplomacy, Mid East…and some favorable comparisons to the late Anwar Sadat.

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    • Esperanza says:

      It breaks my heart how we treated Sadat, he was a true friend to us. Sadat, al Sissi mega cojones.

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      • smiley says:

        totally agree.

        I was absolutely stunned for days after Sadat’s murder.

        such true progress had been made between him and Menachem Begin.

        we have to resurrect & redefine the meaning of being a true ally, imo.

        I think DJT can do that…it takes a Statesman.

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  4. I’m feeling the rest of the world is seeing a new America Rising.

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  5. andi lee says:

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  6. Humble Soul says:


    U know there are differences in the definition, meaning and scope of the terminologies- Radical Islam, Radical Islamic Terrorism, Islamic Terrorism etc.

    Al-Sissi has specifically used the word ‘Islamic terrorism’. The scope is much broader than other words, say, ‘Radical Islam’.

    As opposed to the word he used Islamic terrorism, CNN used the captioning ‘Radical Islam’

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    • Daniel says:

      It’s progress to the US understanding of the problem. We’re still stuck in “no all Muslims” and are convinced that it’s all mental illness and that the crazy ones are doing the opposite of what Islam teaches.

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    • wolfmoon1776 says:

      Great catch. This shows al Sisi putting responsibility on all Muslims to not tolerate the terror. At the core, this is the ancient civilizing influence of Egypt, which did so much to promote early Christianity, preserve Greek knowledge, etc. Al Sisi thinks in big historical terms, like a certain presidential candidate we know and love.

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    • brcajun says:

      Interesting take on words. Words stated in a precise way describe a specific meaning. In this case the phase is more inclusive of more Islamists! The president of Egypt stated this phrase!


  7. Daniel says:

    BOOM! The Middle East could become “The Middle Easy” just by electing Trump. “Please, America, just stop HELPING US!” That’s what they are saying.

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  8. sDee says:

    “It is unfair to project the definition of Western democracy -separation of church and state- against the sectarian protections of al-Sisi’s governance, who leads nation of 90 million mostly Muslim citizens entirely comfortable with religious values as part of their governing and legislative structure.”

    I respectfully disagree toward another perspective……

    America catapulted the world beyond a 5000 year leap, in every facet of humanity, with one religious value at the core of our governing and legislative structure.

    The essential difference between the American republic and muslim theocracy lies not in the oft construed notion of “separation of church and state”. Our constitutional protection from tyranny, whether monarchical, marxist or islamic, lies upon a singular fundamental religious concept of inalienable rights – laid down as our foundation through the collective brilliance of our Founders.

    Inalienable rights are few, but come from God, They may not be granted by any man. Nor may they be taken from us by any government of men – and no obstacle lies between us and removing those who attempt such.

    These essential inalienable rights run deep, back through Christianity to the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob. Undeniable rights, inseparable from man, run completely counter to the god of Muhammad.

    Muhammad carefully crafted his religion to ensure that the rights, fates, lives and suffering of men lied solely in the hands of other men – men self annotated as messengers of their god.

    This is why “democracy” is impossible in a muslim nation. There are only two steady states in a contemporary muslim nation – brutal Sharia law, or a brutal dictator to contain Sharia law. All else is a transition between the two. Arguably, in our times, the most successful at this brutal balance were Ataturk, The Shah, and Sadat. All of whom brought great advances and freedoms to their muslim people – and all of whom our American interventionist globalist regime undermined and replaced with sharia.

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    • angryduc says:

      It isn’t for us to determine if democracy exists in the Middle East or even up to us to promote the post age of discovery colonialism in the middle east. Nothing could be more un-American.

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      • sDee says:

        It cannot exist, as I posit – impossible The democracy hawks who intervene under the self righteous banner of establishing “democracy” know it is impossible in islam too. They deceive us. Their true objective is de-stablization and re- installation of sharia which the globalists can easily control.

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      • andi lee says:

        Angryduc, what would you say if HRC did just that all over the world?


        • angryduc says:

          I fully believe she has been involved in regime change for personal and donor profit all over the world. I don’t condone it. The false promise of “spreading democracy” is in many ways indistinguishable from Islamic efforts to build a world caliphate. (ie watch a few of Ted Cruz’s fathers sermons on youtube).

          Fomenting uprisings and wars for profit and dominion is by definition not liberating, not Christian, and consistently condemned by the Catholic Church through Papal Bulls since the late 14th Century as you would expect given the timing of the Age of Discovery. I’ll stop there lest I digress into a theological discussion.


          • Boudica says:

            I think you are absolutely right. It is the Hillary brand of spreading her own idiology and that of her donors all over the world. Some of them say they want to make a level playing field…imagine that. When the leveling happens we will be knocked down. The whole objective is profits for her donors, and power for her. At least that’s how I see it.

            There is a video of her talking about commercial prospects in Iraq where she is thrilled over the ready made and skilled work force, and saying they need everything and they are the fastest growing economy in the world, even more than China…you could see her salavating.

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    • Gov Jay says:

      Truly excellent post…

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    • Kent says:

      sDee…excellent post….

      “This is why “democracy” is impossible in a muslim nation. There are only two steady states in a contemporary muslim nation – brutal Sharia law, or a brutal dictator to contain Sharia law. All else is a transition between the two.”

      A poignant point…

      Also the motivation behind obamas arab spring…his intent was/is to overthrow the secular regimes so sharia based regimes can reign.

      His intent is to advance islam rule over all people of the world.

      (lower case misspellings intentional)……


      • sDee says:

        Thanks. Your point about Obama and Clinton’s Arab Spring is very interesting. I really never saw it that much different than what Bush was doing – just a faster, cheaper way of destabilization. Bush was intending to fill the vacuum, Obama/Clinton were fine with the islamist filling it.

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    • Betty says:

      sDee: “Our constitutional protection from tyranny, whether monarchical, marxist or islamic, lies upon a singular fundamental religious concept of inalienable rights – laid down as our foundation through the collective brilliance of our Founders. ”

      I believe that it is the concept of “Inalienable Rights” that the globalist have been trying to destroy for decades. When our inalienable rights are no longer acknowledged – the next stop is slavery in one form or another.

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      • sDee says:

        I agree. The enemies of freemen, liberty and and self governance have long been within. They too know well that this is where to plant the seed of destruction.

        Sad that freemen, who have everything to lose, do not know.

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        • Sherlock says:

          Dees summary also explains in a nutshell why globalists must destroy Christianity (not their only reason)–destroy the concept of God and you destroy along with it the very possibility of inalienable, inherent, God given rights.

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    • brcajun says:

      I agree. We have bigger fish to fry right NOW and those fish are THIS COUNTRY is in deep doo doo and the focus should be mainly on this country. and the multi problems we have!


    • haoleboy says:

      Really good post . So , how do we convert millions of mislead followers of Mohammad
      in time to avoid what could be the last world war ?

      As best I can tell the numbers are going the other way.


  9. angryduc says:

    Allow the US to apologize for the FATTY erin witch we unfortunately had to interview you given her support for the Muslim Brotherhood. May she be strapped to a pole for your people to deal out justice.

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  10. Humble Soul says:

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  11. SouthCentralPA says:

    The Friday night news dump takes several forms. Sometimes it’s holding back an interview like this and then sometimes it’s stuff like this: (“What did the President know and when did he know it??”)

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    • Remington says:

      Southcentral…Right…times a million….Now what?..This guy has been hosing our Country forever; and it seems on a daily bases. …’and what do we do?..The populous keeps sleep walking….He should have been sent on permanent vacation to Florence…Florence Colorado…a long time ago…I can’t tell you how badly I want a pound of flesh for the damage he’s done to our country.

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  12. MVW says:

    Sissi has to do the diplomatic dance and can’t say what he would like to say, but Egyptians have been extremely hurt by 8 years of Obama and by the actions of Clinton. So there is extreme, extreme dislike of Obama and Hillary by Egyptians.

    Muslim Brotherhood is a terrorist organization and has been included at the top of Obama’s regime. Muslim Brotherhood did serious damage to Egypt and Egypt’s economy, therefore Sissi, who is a very smart man, likely walked away from his meeting with Clinton with a bad case of hives.

    Trump will immediately change the world starting midnight November 8 when he is elected, just because the scourge Obama and his Muslim Brotherhood gang will be finished.

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  13. Katherine McCoun says:

    President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi seems dignified and very diplomatic.

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    • JC says:

      Agree, Katherine. He has a pleasing smile and exhibits great courage. The possibilities inherent in a coalition between el-Sisi and Trump are extraordinary; disastrous, as usual, with hrc.

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  14. rashamon says:

    For more on the movement of Islam to the U.S., which was, quite frankly, a dangerous game of gaining power and money by many of our administrations (the most recent one being the worst of all). Note that Washington State U. plays an important role in hiring these extremists as academics. The donations of money to colleges for departments on Middle East studies was solely a ruse to control the information and develop the political think tanks and influence propagandists so much love.

    My daughter, who tutors middle and high school students, was appalled to see how heavily it had infiltrated those texts as since her own daughter started secondary school and then college in the 1990s. And that information is critical to all the tests for entry to college, thus forming political attitudes that favor Islam and insinuate anti-semitism into our school systems and beyond to political prejudices. The dogmatic intolerance of student bodies toward Jews in my area’s colleges (Northwestern U., DePaul U., Loyola, etc.) addresses shocking lack of education and fact checking. Talk about hate groups!

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  15. Clinton and Obama have been directly responsible for thousands of innocent mid east deaths. They should be tried as war criminals and sentenced to death. In a just world, they would pay the price for their being a tool of the devil. We will have to wait for that judgement day but in the meantime we can do our part to make sure they do no further harm here or abroad. Getting rid of them is the easy part. Getting rid of ignorance in this country will be damn near impossible.

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  16. President Al-Sisi looks like a good man. We need to pray for his safety. It’s not easy to find good national leaders with their own nation’s best interests at heart and mind.

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  17. Joe Knuckles says:

    The Egyptian President’s comment regarding his country’s population growth is very enlightening. I believe the population growth in the muslim world, and the third world in general, is at the root of many of the world’s biggest problems. The bottom line is, those countries need to be forced to either solve their own problems or suffer the natural consequences of over-population in their own country. The west has, for the most part, controlled it’s population growth but now we are at risk of eventually being replaced by inferior third world cultures simply by being out reproduced. We need to either stop letting them in, or we need to start breeding like jackrabbits. BTW, the same (European) libs that were screaming about over-population are the same ones who are now claiming they need more immigration because of the low birth rate.
    Most Americans in the last couple generations have chosen to have 1 or 2 kids or none at all. This is a responsible choice for most people. Now we are being punished for it in favor of cultures that have no responsibility at all in this area. Some even come right out and say their goal is to eventually out-number us through their high birth rate. Don’t let them in! Let them stay where they are and screw up their own part of the world.

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  18. I’m sure Al Sisi would much rather have Trump.

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  19. 813.52Ran says:

    “One day, millions of men will leave the Southern Hemisphere to go to the Northern Hemisphere. And they will not go there as friends. Because they will go there to conquer it. And they will conquer it with their sons. The wombs of our women will give us victory.”
    – Houari (Mohamed) Boumedienne, President of Algeria, 1965 – 1978, in a 1974 speech at the UN

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  20. georgiafl says:

    With the dramatic reverses and changes of policy in every new Presidential administration (such as our past, recent and ongoing forays into the Middle East) THE US HAS A FOREIGN POLICY THAT RESEMBLES A WOMAN WITH BORDERLINE PERSONALITY DISORDER OR MULTIPLE PERSONALITY DISORDER.

    We need some permanent LAWS that prevent the messes our leaders have made in our global relations and prevents the wars for oil, drugs, spite (Libya, Iraq, etc.) and presidential ideology (Arab Spring).

    Obama is well deserving of trial for treason and so are the Clintons and not a few other past and current elected and cabinet officials.

    I’m disgusted with the lot of them. Very few Jeff Sessions and Mike Pence caliber statesmen in the USA.

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    • georgiafl says:

      I also abhor the current administration’s misuse of power and all the agencies of government, turning these agencies into political weapons against opponents and to further anti-American agendas.

      Long comprehensive list* Obama’s abuses of power and lawlessness:

      *(incomplete since the abuses and lawlessness occur every day)

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      • rashamon says:

        I was going to say: we have a list up until today? He boggles my mind with his overstepping. But then I also blame Congress which is charged with the job of making the policy and keeping him under control. He’s like the little kid who keeps messing his pants because no one makes an effort to train him. The stink is getting unbreathable.

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  21. Contrarymary says:

    I’m convinced Obama and Hillary brought down Mubarak on a personal vendetta for their friends bill ayers and Bernadine Dorhn. Right before they brought him down, Bill ayers and his code pink wife tried to take an illegal caravan of “supplies” through Egypt in to gaza to try to break Israelis blockade of military supplies into that hotbed of terrorism. Mubarak stopped and detained them and wouldn’t let their caravan go thru. That made Obama and Hillary, along with their Muslim brotherhood buddies very, very unhappy with him. Soon after, Mubarak was dethroned.

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  22. Dixie says:

    Erin tried very hard to get President El-Sisi to say something negative about Mr. Trump.

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  23. Siouxma says:

    I remember those anti-Obama signs in the streets of Cairo during the Arab ‘Spring’ chaos. Mubarek was out and all hell was breaking loose thanks to the Muslim Brotherhood (Obama’s BFFs). I don’t think Obama is “ambivalent” with the results – he is quite pleased and wants way more of it before he leaves office.

    How does he get away all this with no Resistance from our Congress – gotta believe they are on the side of CHAOS, too. Even in corrupt Brazil, their legislature impeached and dispatched their criminal leader.


  24. sunnydaze says:

    el-Sisi gave a VERY diplomatic answer to Burnetts question: “Do you think Hillay would be a good Prez?” LOL. I like this guy.


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