Charlotte Police Release Dash Cam and Body Camera Footage (Videos)…

The Charlotte North Carolina police department have released Dash Camera and Body Camera footage of the Keith Scott shooting.  This is the fifth video (3 eye witnesses and two police releases):

Dash Camera Footage (link):

Body Camera Footage (link):

The Charlotte Police also released pictures of the hand gun recovered from Keith Scott, and the ankle holster he was wearing (holster can be seen in video), along with the following statement:

There have been numerous unconfirmed reports published in the media concerning this case. The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department has prepared the following case update to provide factual information about the officer-involved shooting.

Two plain clothes officers were sitting inside of their unmarked police vehicle preparing to serve an arrest warrant in the parking lot of The Village at College Downs, when a white SUV pulled in and parked beside of them.

The officers observed the driver, later identified as Mr. Keith Lamont Scott, rolling what they believed to be a marijuana “blunt.” Officers did not consider Mr. Scott’s drug activity to be a priority at the time and they resumed the warrant operation. A short time later, Officer Vinson observed Mr. Scott hold a gun up.

Because of that, the officers had probable cause to arrest him for the drug violation and to further investigate Mr. Scott being in possession of the gun.

Due to the combination of illegal drugs and the gun Mr. Scott had in his possession, officers decided to take enforcement action for public safety concerns. Officers departed the immediate area to outfit themselves with marked duty vests and equipment that would clearly identify them as police officers.

Upon returning, the officers again witnessed Mr. Scott in possession of a gun. The officers immediately identified themselves as police officers and gave clear, loud and repeated verbal commands to drop the gun. Mr. Scott refused to follow the officers repeated verbal commands.

A uniformed officer in a marked patrol vehicle arrived to assist the officers. The uniformed officer utilized his baton to attempt to breach the front passenger window in an effort to arrest Mr. Scott.

Mr. Scott then exited the vehicle with the gun and backed away from the vehicle while continuing to ignore officers’ repeated loud verbal commands to drop the gun. Officer Vinson perceived Mr. Scott’s actions and movements as an imminent physical threat to himself and the other officers. Officer Vinson fired his issued service weapon, striking Mr. Scott. Officers immediately rendered first aid and requested Medic to respond to the scene.

Homicide Unit Detectives interviewed multiple independent civilian witnesses at the scene and at police headquarters. Those witnesses confirmed that officers gave numerous loud verbal commands for Mr. Scott to drop the weapon and also confirmed that at no time did Mr. Scott comply with their commands.

A lab analysis conducted of the gun crime scene investigators recovered at the scene revealed the presence of Mr. Scott’s DNA and his fingerprints on the gun. It was also determined that the gun Mr. Scott possessed was loaded at the time of the encounter with the officers. The investigation also revealed that Mr. Scott was wearing an ankle holster at the time of the event.

Attached are photos of the gun, ankle holster and marijuana “blunt” in Mr. Scott’s possession at the time of the incident. Additionally, links to the portion of the digital mobile video recorder (dash-cam) and body worn camera footage that capture the time of the shooting are included below.

The body worn camera illustrates the footage from the moment it was turned on until officers began rendering first aid to Mr. Scott

The dash-cam footage is from the time in which the officer operating the car with the dash-cam video arrives on the scene until officers began rendering first aid to Mr. Scott. (link)



Here’s the other videos from witnesses. As reflected in the media reports yesterday.

Police released information earlier today [9/23/16] that Keith Scott’s fingerprints and DNA were on the hand gun, seen in eye witness reports and retrieved from the shooting. This news apparently spurred the family of Keith Scott to attempt recovery of their narrative.

CHARLOTTE — The family of Keith Lamont Scott has released what it says is cell phone video, recorded by his wife, that shows the moments leading up to his fatal shooting by police Tuesday.

“Don’t shoot him. He has no weapon,” the woman recording can be heard saying. “He doesn’t have a gun. He has a TBI. He’s not going to do anything to you guys. He just took his medicine.”

She goes on to say: “Keith, don’t let them break the windows; come on out the car. Keith! Don’t do it. Keith, get out the car. Keith! Keith, don’t you do it. Don’t you do it. Keith! Keith! Keith!”. (read more)

However, beyond the drama and emotional content, the Scott family video release actually appears to confirm the earlier photographic release from an eye witness that a gun is on the ground near the feet of Keith Lamont Scott after he was shot by police:

The police officer in the red shirt can be seen straddling the hand gun immediately after the shooting.



This Scott family perspective actually backs up the earlier reporting by WSCO TV9 who released pictures from an eye witness with another angle (below):



And here’s video from another angle:

According to a story in The Christian Times, who they claim verified with The Charlotte Observer, Keith Lamont Scott had a two decades long history of gun violence, including an arrest/conviction for shooting at police officers in Texas. The New York Times has previously reported on his troubled past but not the 2005 shooting at police incident:

(Via NYT) […] According to court records, Mr. Scott was born in South Carolina, was about six feet tall and weighed 230 to 250 pounds. While living in South Carolina in the 1990s, he was charged with a number of offenses including check fraud, aggravated assault and carrying a concealed weapon. Later, he moved to Texas where he shot and wounded a man in San Antonio in 2002, for which he was convicted and sentenced, in 2005, to seven years in prison. He was released in 2011. (link)

The Charlotte Observer also reported on Scott’s extensive criminal career –SEE HERE– and we did independently identify a criminal record in Texas – SEE HERE – which aligns with all of these reports.

nc-riot-19-keith-scott(Via Christian Times) Keith Scott had a long police record that included gun violations. Christian Times Newspaper has learned, and it has been confirmed by the Charlotte Observer, that Scott was convicted in April 2004 of a misdemeanor assault with a deadly weapon charge in Mecklenburg County, and other charges were dismissed: including felony assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill, assault on a female, and communicating threats. Scott was also charged with assault with intent to kill in 1995. [ Texas Arrest Record Here ]

The most shocking find in Scott’s record, however, is what occurred in Bexar County, Texas in 2005. In March of that year, Scott was sentenced to 15 months in state prison for evading arrest, and in July, he was consecutively sentenced to seven years on a conviction of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Sources are now coming forward and alleging that those two separate convictions are in fact related, and they both have to do with a confrontation between Scott and Bexar County Police in early 2005.

One source, who asked CTN to refrain from using her name to protect her identity, told reporters that Scott fired a handgun at San Antonio police officers when they attempted to detain him in February 2005 after noticing that he was driving erratically. (Scott had a history of drunk driving, according to court records).

Allegedly, as the officers approached Scott’s black Ford sedan, he fired two rounds from the driver’s seat and then sped away. Neither of the officers was hit, and they proceeded to give chase and detain Scott several blocks away.

While Scott did leave the gun in his passenger’s seat when he attempted to run on-foot, he did, according to our source, assault one officer by punching him in the face.

Scott was released from Texas state prison in 2011. (read more)


Charlotte Observer […] A public records search shows that Scott was convicted in April 2004 of a misdemeanor assault with a deadly weapon charge in Mecklenburg County. Other charges stemming from that date were dismissed: felony assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill, and misdemeanors assault on a child under 12, assault on a female and communicating threats.

In April 2015 in Gaston County Court, Scott was found guilty of driving while intoxicated.

In 1992, Scott was charged in Charleston County, S.C., with several different crimes on different dates, including carrying a concealed weapon (not a gun), simple assault and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. He pleaded guilty to all charges.

Scott also was charged with aggravated assault in 1992 and assault with intent to kill in 1995. Both charges were reduced, but the disposition of the cases is unclear.

According to Bexar County, Texas, records, Scott was sentenced in March 2005 to 15 months in a state jail for evading arrest. In July of that year, records show, he was sentenced to seven years in prison on a conviction of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. A Texas Department of Criminal Justice spokesman said Scott completed his sentence and was released from prison in 2011. (more)

An initial sentence of 15 months (March 2005) that gained an additional sentence of 7 more years (July 2005), that took until 2011 to complete, definitely aligns with a much more serious set of charges.

A long history of gun violence – HERE and HERE – including shooting at police?

If accurate, those reports when combined with the eye witness who took pictures of the handgun dropped by Keith Scott when shot by police officers (see above and below), the account of the Charlotte police department appears to be validated.


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428 Responses to Charlotte Police Release Dash Cam and Body Camera Footage (Videos)…

  1. In AZ says:

    The rabid racist Obama zombies are still crying police planted the gun. And some pull the “Open carry” . These marxists do not know anything except hate and lies they have been fed.

    The Clinton zombies are the same

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  2. Why are the thugs, the radical democrat terrorists allowed to get away with this crap? And the fact that they are allowed to terrorize us with impunity should scare the hell out of us. We are headed for anarchy. And we sit idly by and let it happen.

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  3. MouseTheLuckyDog says:

    I just came here from reading a story on this linked from Drudge. I have not read this completely yetor viewed the video. Let me say that everything I saw up to now has me feeling it was a righteous shoot.

    There is something that is a bit confusing which now seems to be clear to me. It doesn’t change anything just clarifies somethings. It was confusing what she says about his having TBI and just taking his medicine, why is she even telling the cops that.

    ? What if he was smoking pot as medication for his TBI?

    Doesn’t change anything but does give us a bit of perspective.

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  4. Reality Wins says:

    Civilization 101
    If you want to be treated like a civilized human being, act like one.

    If you want respect from a police officer, treat the police officer with respect. The police officer is a representative of the taxpayers who pay his salary. When you disrespect the officer, you are disrespecting the taxpayers who hired him to do a job. If you haven’t been paying attention this election cycle, we taxpayers are tired of being disrespected.

    If a police officer pulls your vehicle over, KEEP BOTH HANDS ON THE WHEEL. Do not take either hand off the wheel until the officer gives you a directive to roll down your window or show your license and registration. To comply, KEEP ONE HAND ON THE WHEEL and inform the officer where you are reaching (purse, wallet, glove compartment, console) BEFORE YOU REACH, to retrieve the item with your other hand.

    Always address an officer of the law with Sir or Ma’am. As in, “Yes, Sir” and “Yes, Ma’am” to show that you respect the office they have been entrusted with. Do all the above and you will not be perceived as a threat.

    And whatever you do if an officer asks you, “Do you know how fast you were going?” Never answer, “Gee, I don’t know officer, you see my speedometer only goes up to 120.”

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  5. Howie says:

    The wife say he just took his meds. Is he on medical weed? He gets out the car and starts walking backwards??? Weird. What was in that blunt?

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  6. freddy says:

    I saw a still from the cops cam and his pant leg is rolled up and the holster is clear as day and he looks to be palming the gun…. Very clear picture……..That does it for me…………..I’m just glad he’s dead and not a cop…..

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    • wolfmoon1776 says:

      That’s what I see, too. If it was some big-azz Glock, it would be easy to see the threat, but it’s a palm-pistol, and not that visible. These cops are very good, actually, to see the threat as clearly as they did in real time. It took me a dozen instant replays – that THEY don’t get.

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      • alliwantissometruth says:

        Cops know what to look for. They survey the situation in seconds

        See, that’s the thing, these brave men & women are put in life & death situations in a blink an eye. Unless you’ve been a cop or been in combat, most people have no idea what confrontations like this are all about

        One minute you’re asking a person for his or her ID, & seconds later, you’re in a situation that could mean your life ends

        99.9% of the scumbags who say cops are killers would, if in the same situation, shoot the person faster than the cops do. It’s absolute hypocrisy by morons who either don’t realize what cops go through or simply don’t care

        To have a national “controversy” about something so obvious & phony is absurd to the max

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  7. skeptiktank says:

    The city should not have released the video, even if they felt they could do it without compromising the investigation. They have now given the appearance of caving in to the demands of hooligans. This will only embolden the rioters to continue to riot and make more demands. And who can blame them. It’s working for them. These protesters (Cough) do not represent the people of the City of Charlotte.


    • freddy says:

      yeah who put a mob of dindus in charge of the law and the court case that will surely ensue… Once you let them do this it’s hard to walk back. Why is everyone afraid of these fools. If you don’t show us the evidence and taint the jury pool we will burn your town………. So wrong….. I’m so sick of these people and all the pandering… It’s like we are going bacvkward fast and people dividing into camps…….

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    • Duhders says:

      IMHO they should have gotten out ahead of the liberal MSM and held a press conference just like in Baron Rouge. PD’s across the nation are being assaulted and marginalized by their unwillingness to provide information in example after example of criminals not complying. I’m sick and tired of families making out with taxpayer money in settlements of lawsuits when these people were not obeying the law.

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      • wolfmoon1776 says:

        Trouble is, I think the DOJ/CRS helps them pull off the shakedowns. I’ll bet the secret orders they can’t talk about prevent them from getting out ahead of these things.

        Trump DOJ is gonna have to rip that stuff up and fire the Dindu attorneys who shake people down. Starting with Crooked Loretta.

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    • On the contrary, if anything the city waited too long. There was a lie inciting a riot that could have been easily dispelled by releasing the videos.

      I’m sure one of the conspiracy theory’s will be that the city delayed to give the video editors time to alter the recording, digitally adding a gun.

      There’s no pleasing some people, obviously, but had the video been released sooner the veracity of the “unarmed black man” hoax might have blunted the rioting.


    • armie says:

      The second guessers were demanding the video. LE was saying it didn’t show much. The video was released, and the second guessers are now complaining that it doesn’t show much. Second verse, different words, but same as the first.

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  8. NJF says:


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  9. freddy says:

    Oh Oh the mall shooter is from Turkey not a hispanic……….Lets watch CNN go for the big spin….

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  10. Honest Abbey says:

    FOX News just cut in with some Breaking News.

    The shooter in the Washington State mall shootings is in custody. No other information available at this time.

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  11. Keln says:

    Bottom line here: Don’t do drugs. Don’t have an illegal weapon. If you are stopped by cops, do exactly what they say. If the cops are in the wrong, sue them later. But do what they say in the moment.

    If you don’t, you are asking to be shot. That is just how it is now…too many cops get killed for hesitating.

    Every single one of these cases is the same. The “victim” is a criminal and doesn’t do what he is told.

    For those of you who love to nay nay the police, keep that in mind. These are never innocent citizens as you like to say. They are always criminals, and they always resist police.

    They don’t want to go back to jail, because they don’t want another night with Bubba. But they are more than willing to waste you to steal a beer. Keep that in mind.

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    • Reality Wins says:

      Another lesson is if you are the wife of a career criminal who gets lawfully shot by police for brandishing a weapon, instead of asking the police, “Did you call an ambulance?”, STOP VIDEO TAPING and use your phone to call an ambulance yourself.

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    • starfcker says:

      Great post, keln. And one line sums it up. “Every one of these cases is the same. The ‘victim is a criminal and doesn’t do what he’s told.” Bingo

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    • Esperanza says:

      Actually following these caes has made me feel much safer aroung US cops. They are incredibly good at what they do. If you are law abiding. you will be fine. And even most law breakers are fine. This man already survived shoot outs with cops. Think about that. That he didn’t survive the third or fourth is a numbers game he lost.

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      • Keln says:

        Yeah. Police show a lot of restraint. Of course there are bad cops out there. Any position of authority attracts bad people (just look at our government). But most cops are good people who feel a need to serve and protect.


        • Esperanza says:

          We hear a lot about bad cops, but I haven’t seen one yet. I’m guesseing the current bad cops are the ones skiving off and letting their collegues do the dangerous stuff.


  12. unseen1 says:

    seems to me this is a case of suicide by cop. He wasn’t going back to jail.

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    • unseen1 says:

      even the wife’s video seems to confirm the suicide by cop take. When she yells don’t you do it scott. She knew what he was going to do. He most likely told her he wasn’t going back to jail numerous times.

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      • MzMaryMac says:

        Absolutely! I would imagine with his background and all that is going on in the news lately, that Mr. Scott had made it quite clear in many a conversation as to what his plans were if the dirty cops would ever try to put him away again. He would have loved to take a couple of those guys down with him, I am sure of it. Just glad he didn’t get the chance.

        People die horrific, sad, untimely deaths every single day in this world. War, sickness, traffic deaths, murder, accidental deaths, you name it. Why is so much time, money, energy, etc…focused on the deaths of criminals??? I don’t get it. If they spent just a little bit of time doing something constructive with their lives. Be a mentor, volunteer in your community, visit sick kids in a hospital.

        I’ve said it before and I will say it again. Electing Obama as our first African American POTUS is a true American tragedy. What a good, decent AA president could have done for this country and the black community in 8 years would have been so transformational. He could have led by example. Reached out to the black community to be educated, to respect authority, to be a productive member of society. He could have been lifting them up all of this time. We were at a place where racial harmony was in our sights and a great AA president could have sealed the deal.

        Instead, he chose to divide, and to destroy and to cause this horrible hate and chaos you see all over. I am so glad it is almost over and pray pray pray that Mr. Trump will take over in January and start healing our country.

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  13. acumenmac says:

    Another fine history of another upstanding minority with a record a mile long. Don’t matta, dinn do nuttin!
    Can’t let facts get in the way of our lying false narrative. Got a race war to get started here.


  14. Shadrach says:

    Police are now being told to run away from armed suspects. I have no words.

    Apologize if double post. It disappeared (?)

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    • Ad rem says:

      Sorry….you mistakenly ended up in the spam bin. I deleted the duplicate posting.

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    • starfcker says:

      Walter Scott, Keith Scott, those Scott family elders in the Carolinas better do some talking to their men about how to behave, or their family reunions are going to get a little sparse. This f#cker SHOT at police in the past, no threat? Burn it down fellas, our bad.

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    • Marc says:

      Make America British Again.


    • armie says:

      That’s one of the hassles with civilian police review boards. They come up with ideas like that, then when some hapless officer follows their recommendation and the crook subsequently commits a high visibility offense, they conduct an investigation that concludes he should have known better than to follow their recommendation with that particular individual. “Everybody knows our policy of running away from felons with guns is only supposed to be applied to felons who aren’t going to go commit crimes”


  15. freddy says:

    The BLM and Hillary really know how to pick their heros huh…Wonder why she bailed on visiting…She got the word……There will be tons more on this guy to come out. ANYONE making this guy a hero was very stupid…. Black Caucus Hillary etc….

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  16. Tz says:

    Something to look into: who was the original warrant for? And what for? I wouldn’t be surprised if that person was an associate of Scott’s. Just a thought

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  17. Gabby R. says:

    Who pulls up next to a cop and starts to roll a blunt or brandish a weapon? That seems suspicious.

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    • wanthetruth says:

      Poor Sundance, wonder if he has all his hair pulled out yet! READ the article before commenting, is his oft request.

      Third paragraph after top two videos in – surprise! – this very thread article! “Two plain clothes officers were sitting in their unmarked police vehicle…” Waiting to serve warrant on someone else, when the suspect pulled up and they observed drug and gun. They left (if you missed it) got on vests and cop identifying markings, and went back for this suspect interaction. Still suspicious? Read article for more edifying information – just a suggestion…

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      • quagmire86 says:

        I am curious. I read the article and was wondering to myself, at what point in the blunt rolling process does a handgun get introduced? Was Mr. Scott happily smoking his medicine became bored and pulled his pistol from his ankle holster to admire it? Or was he patiently sitting in the lot waiting for someone to settle a score or waiting to engage in scoring more weed and checked his “Protection” device beforehand?

        I guess we will have to wait for the answers since Scott is currently unavailable for comment.


    • freddy says:

      they were undercover dressed down.


    • CA Warrior says:

      Don’t forget the officer’s statement that they were in undercover mode when he pulled up next to them, and they had to withdraw to put on identifiable wear to be clearly identified as law. That sounds like a stupid criminal.

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  18. Bull Durham says:

    The gun in his right hand as he exits the vehicle is the gun in his hand when he was shot.
    The gun came from his ankle holster on his right ankle. The gun was the gun they first saw him with when they arrived on the scene and saw him outside the vehicle. It was the gun he took with him back into the vehicle. It was the gun he had when the cops broke the side window with a baton.
    It was the gun he held when he decided to shoot it out with five cops surrounding him yelling for him to drop the gun. He let go of the gun when struck with four bullets. The gun has his fingerprints, DNA and blood on it. The hammer on the gun was cocked. He cocked the gun before he was shot.

    He deserved 9 warnings. He received 9 warnings.

    He was a violent man with a record of violence. He died the way he wanted to die.

    We know all this because it is recorded by his wife, the neighbor, the body cam and the car cam, and supposedly other cams yet to be released.

    We have five cops, four of whom could have shot also, who reported these facts of the incident.
    There are no discrepancies in the police stories.

    His wife’s own words are prosecutorial to his complicity in his own demise.

    If I left anything out, please add it. The man’s life was generally a burden on society in several states. Now his death has become a burden on Charleston and NC and the Nation.

    We have our priorities upside down. Criminals deserve justice. Cops deserve hero awards for this work.

    The officer was professional and a guardian of public safety.

    I am really tired of seeing good cops’ lives ruined by doing the right thing.
    Wilson in Ferguson and now this young cop in Charleston painted wrongly by ignorant social justice scam artists looking for a pay day.


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  19. Why am I not shocked., oh wait because this has happened before. Spoiler alert if there are BLM riots, it must be based on a lie.

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  20. Paul Killinger says:

    All this should be good for at least $250,000 on “Go Fund Me” for this poor misunderstood gentleman’s survivors. No doubt Hillary herself will contribute.


    • JohnP says:

      Evidently the public isn’t buying this one. The GoFundMe has been up since the 20th (the day he was shot) and has only raised $1,700.00.


  21. Paul Killinger says:

    Meanwhile, if you can imagine, the Republican CONTROLLED Congress in Washington is working with Obama on “Sentencing Reform.”

    My only question is why this menace to society wasn’t ALREADY doing “25 to life?”

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    • wolfmoon1776 says:

      The only sentencing reform I’m interested in, is the one that sends Obama and Hillary to jail for the rest of their naturally traitorous lives.

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    • Esperanza says:

      This is what I always say, which laws will you repeal? And will it only be for AAs? Will other races still be prosecuted for armed robbery?

      There’s a current drive to stop the 10 percent fraud in the Paris metro, the person on the poster is of course a white middle class male. I want to know is the drive just for white people or will they crack down on the 9 per cent minority frauders? Bearing in mind that poor people already get their travel free. They just can’t be bothered to get the free pass.

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  22. 1stgoblyn says:

    I want someone to ask the wife what she knew her hubby was going to do.

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  23. billsothermistress says:

    I wonder if he was walking backwards purposely to hide the gun from the dash cam to stir up trouble of “innocent man” killed by police. I sure hope someone can discover the extent of his involvement with Islam. Who were his cell mates, Muslims?

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  24. Illegal says:

    Based on the discussion about marijuana and guns the police could have acted more cautiously. If the police had enough time to leave and return then they should have had time to run the tag through the dmv. Once they knew who the vehicle belonged to they could have contacted the family and gone from there. Was there a imediate need to apprehend this idiot? No, he was stoned and irrational more than likely as he demonstrated. This is the same mistake the police made in the Eric Garner case.


    • sarrask says:

      Running the tag would show he’s a felon in possession of that gun.

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      • wolfmoon1776 says:

        Absolutely. Which would be added to the probable cause they already had by observing the gun and the drugs.

        As the police put it:

        A short time later, Officer Vinson observed Mr. Scott hold a gun up.

        Because of that, the officers had probable cause to arrest him for the drug violation and to further investigate Mr. Scott being in possession of the gun.

        Due to the combination of illegal drugs and the gun Mr. Scott had in his possession, officers decided to take enforcement action for public safety concerns.


      • quagmire86 says:

        That is if the vehicle he was in belonged to him. Plus, to find out if he was a felon they would have to run a “Criminal History Report” which (in my state) requires a report number to run such a report by dispatch.


      • Illegal says:

        Exactly and a different approach was needed. Officers with more experience dealing with suspects who have drug problems should have been involved.


        • Esperanza says:

          And how would that helped? The guy had a gun and was pointing it at officers. He was told to drop it 12 times that I counted. How would you not shot in that situation?


    • TrumpFanGirl says:

      Was his life more valuable than a child walking home from school that afternoon?


      • Illegal says:

        I am sure the people in this neighborhood are fully aware of the idiots that live there. He has been living in this neighborhood carrying a gun and doing drugs which he may have obtained in this very neighborhood for awhile. The children in this neighborhood probably have the street smart to steer clear of drunk or stoned adults.

        Yes there is probable cause, but did the police need to act immediately that is what needs to be reviewed by the police.


        • georgiafl says:

          Your affirmative action accommodation of the culture style rules of engagement for police would lead to utter chaos and get a lot of people killed.

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          • Illegal says:

            Well your blunt force lead to blowback which the police were unable to handle. After Baton Rouge, Minneapolis, and Baltimore the police knew what the results would be of shotting this individual. The odds of getting this idiot to corporate was very small. The odds of something going wrong were very high. The police have access to guns which are not lethal, but will take down the suspect. The system is corrupt and you fail to see that. I am not talking affirmative action.


            • JohnP says:

              Yeah, the problem is they don’t always work.


            • georgiafl says:

              Heh – can’t wait to see how Mr. Trump & Co. deal with the filth in the hoods and the projects that you want to tolerate.

              “The children in this neighborhood probably have the street smart to steer clear of drunk or stoned adults.” is the most pathetic excuse for actual understanding of the dangers of these neighborhoods and the traumatic hell these children live in that I have ever read!

              Dealers, pimps, drugged out adults – need to NOT be tolerated anywhere!

              Get over yourself.

              Your screen name is appropriate – your mindset should be illegal.

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          • JohnP says:

            Safety off, and hammer cocked….end of discussion, Mr. Scott was fully prepared to execute somebody. He knew he would go back to prison and decided not to.

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    • Esperanza says:

      I’m sorry the Police are supposed to just let a dangerous no licence guy drive with a gun, stoned?

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  25. The officers observed the driver, later identified as Mr. Keith Lamont Scott, rolling what they believed to be a marijuana “blunt.” Officers did not consider Mr. Scott’s drug activity to be a priority at the time and they resumed the warrant operation. A short time later, Officer Vinson observed Mr. Scott hold a gun up.

    between the perceived “rolling” activity and the appearance of the gun…i wonder if the officers witnessed him actually SMOKING the blunt while in the car.


  26. aprilyn43 says:

    Blacks supporting Black criminals !!! They say they need and want Segreation from Whites – Maybe we should give it to them!
    Isn’t there an island somewhere ?


  27. aprilyn43 says:

    And the wife lies and lies,
    “He doesn’t have a gun” .. “He’s not going to do nothing” .. I and love this one .. “He just took his medicine, he has a TBI, which is Traumatic Brain Injury, and … smoking pot, drinking or doing drugs is a huge NO, NO for those with TBIs.


    • sarrask says:

      Just like eating hot sauce is dangerous for people taking coumadin. Which means either Hillary was proven lying when she said she carried hot sauce around in her purse, or she’s disobeying doctor’s orders regarding the coumadin she’s been taking for years.


  28. 2bn3mr says:

    Are any treepers doing a frame by frame examination of these two PD videos to ascertain any and all possible sightings of the gun?


    • JohnP says:

      The Colt Pocketlite 380 is made to be easily concealed. I’m not surprised that it doesn’t show up in the videos.

      Hickok isn’t a big man and it fits in the palm of his hand.


  29. Where was the gun found? The bodycam video proves that the ‘red circled object’ is not the gun; more likely just a medical glove dropped by one of the officers.


    • Bull Durham says:

      The gun was never lost. It fell from his hand when he got shot four times. Gravity took it to the pavement. It was then straddled by the cop in red shirt. It is visible in seconds on two different video sources, the wife’s video and the neighbor’s video.

      Subsequent items on the ground that are not the gun fell from the wrapping of the gloves (the black cop dropped) when he put on latex gloves. Those are picked up by the cop straddling the gun, because they don’t belong in the scene.

      The dead guy had palmed the small gun. Because it was not clearly seen in the videos does not mean that the two cops looking into the car in the body cam video and then five of them could not see he was holding the gun. They could see the holster on the ankle and the gun in his hand.

      You might notice the gun is cocked in the evidentiary photo.

      This guy was a half-second from firing on the cops. Half-second.

      There is no question this was a NECESSARY shooting by the police. They saved lives.

      Liked by 2 people

      • Esperanza says:

        I don’t see how the cops could all shout in unison ‘gun’, if there wasn’t one. Shouting stuff in unison is very difficult to do, as anyone ones who’s done any theatre.


      • VegasGuy says:

        “The dead guy had palmed the small gun”
        I tend to agree on that point. In the body cam video, 2 questions< IMO, are answered. Did he have a gun? Did the weapon land at the spot the red shirted PO was standing over?
        I believe “yes” to both.

        Did he have a weapon at the time……..?

        In the body cam video, at the 0:19 – 0:20 mark, Scott, as he is backing away. the angle of the video has him positioned toward the back of the parked P/U truck. His left hand is clearly visible and empty. But the right hand is obscured by the side view mirror of the truck. So while it can not be said with certainty that the weapon was in his right hand, other than the repeated commands to “drop the gun”, there is “something” that protrudes from the lower right corner of that mirror that could be the barrel of the weapon. That image, when compared with his left hand, would be at the proper height position for a weapon “palmed” in the right hand.

        As a side note, at that point in the video, Scott was looking directly at the PO with the body cam. All the other PO’s were in plain clothes & wearing vests. This PO was in uniform with no external visible vest. Was Scott determining to shoot at this Officer assuming this PO was the “least protected”? Did Scott make some sort of move that was noticed by the PO that fired? Possible……

        The location of the weapon on the ground….

        At the 0:23 – 0:24 mark, as both the body cam PO & the PO in red shirt rush from their positions behind the pick up truck towards Scott on the ground at this point, the weapon can be clearly on the ground at the exact spot that the red shirt PO stands over it in the resident video & the wife video.

        That is almost simultaneous to Scott falling. So the weapon clearly landed at (or bounced to) that spot when Scott was fired on & both he & the weapon dropped to the ground.

        He had a weapon…Police did not “Plant a weapon”…..the weapon is clearly visible on the round at the instant Scott hits the pavement….

        The only unanswered question I have at this point is what did the PO that fired see from his vantage point that these videos do not show…..The PO’s statement .should clarify that issue. He most certainly saw something that the other PO’s did not at that instant.

        Liked by 1 person

  30. Trumped says:

    race baiting.. a lot of it going on. Don’t get baited.
    Divide and Conquer (=more power for the globalist elitists)


  31. Irredeemable and Deplorable says:

    The State of NC through its Attorney General should press charges against CpGeorge Soros for funding destruction of public property and on behalf of those private citizens who have suffered loss in connection with his thugs “protesting.” It’s high time someone stood up against ole baggy eyes.

    Liked by 1 person

  32. Upon reviewing the videos and the evidence, the rioters en masse said, “Oops, sorry, my bad” and began cleaning up the mess they had made./sarc

    The wife who broadcast the lie about him being unarmed and reading a book should be arrested and charged with inciting a riot.

    Liked by 1 person

  33. JohnP says:

    To Officer Brentley Vinson, sorry you have to go through this, it was a good call.


  34. Sarah says:

    My husband has a TBI, he is messed up and would be even more of a reason for officers to shoot if he had a gun. TBI can make you irrational. We had to get rid of our guns. Can’t risk, depending on area of the TBI, some have lost ability to rationalize and foresee consequences.


  35. Blaze says:

    Not sure if anyone has posted the screen shot but BearingArms.Com has a screen shot (front page) I think at 17 sec into body cam vid and it CLEARLY SHOWS his ankle holster. You can see his pants leg rolled up and the black ankle holster sticking out like a sore thumb.


  36. joanfoster says:

    The following link is to a sermon preached by the pastor of the church where the police officer involved in the Charlotte, NC shooting attends. This church is very integrated and the pastor makes some interesting political remarks, but the comment that stood out to me was his so called understanding that members of the victim’s family sang in a praise choir at a local church. I could not help but wonder if the daughter with the foul mouth or the one who lied about the book is a member of a church choir. While I agree with much of what the pastor says, it is disappointing that while bemoaning the plight of children living in poor neighborhoods and in poor conditions, he places absolutely no blame on parents who might be responsible for their hunger, lack of books, school supplies. Again, without saying it clearly, I think a lot of white folks were indirectly blamed. Maybe I am wrong. I did not post this to cast a cloud over this pastor because he is a very Christ centered, gospel believing preacher. I am not certain that I personally see this issue as he does. Maybe my heart is not in the right place.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ziiggii says:

      I know my heart is not in the right place Joan and I had to repent yesterday/today of that. I will continue to struggle….

      It’s easy to be objective and emotionally detached when these events happen some other place, but when it’s in your backyard and it forces one to have the difficult discussions; well my friend and pastor (not this one) said it best today.

      We are not the judge and we have a person that sits on a thrown that has paid for whatever sin was committed that day. No matter which side of the fence one sits on.


  37. lettruthspeak says:

    My question is, where did the wife come from? It doesn’t appear she was in the SUV with her husband, so if that is the case how did she happen upon this scene? She just happened to be strolling around, phone at the ready to film this scene between the police and her husband? Also, her reactions, or should I say her lack of reactions upon her husband being shot are extremely strange. What gives?


  38. I believe he was sitting in his car across from his apartment. She probably knew he had gone to sit in his car to blow some weed.

    I actually feel sorry for him. The guy probably used his car to be alone. He probably had his gun for protection from the neighborhood hoodlums. He was not trying to hide the gun….he was walking with it.

    The undercover cops were looking for someone else. They go after this guy and end up killing him. I do feel sorry for him. This is exactly the situation that blacks complain about. Do the cops wonder around white middle class neighborhoods in plain clothes? If they did, I bet they could find plenty of people breaking some law…especially marijuana smoking.

    What happens is that they arrest these black guys for mj, then they have a record, then they can’t get a job. I know it is their fault, but whites do the same types of things and don’t get caught because the cops aren’t all over the neighborhoods looking to meet their arrest quota.

    I know this is not a popular opinion to have here, but I do feel sorry for him.


    • Esperanza says:

      you think a white person could smoke pot and wave a gun around and be left alone by the cops? You’d get arrested QUICKER because someone would call the cops on you. I would. I call the cops for way less than that.


      • The point is that there would not have been any plainclothes police around to observe this behavior and it does not say he was waving a gun around. You are adding all of this personal emotion and opinion to the situation.


    • cali says:

      Your projection reflected in your comment suppose to be an excuse for his behavior? Really? Do you walk around with a gun in a holster located on his ankle? Do your have an extensive criminal record including shooting at cops before?
      If your answer is ‘yes’ to all – maybe you should do some self examination!
      Feeling sorry? Really? No mas!

      Liked by 1 person

      • The police did not know who he was!!! They did not know about his criminal behavior when they approached him. That’s the point…he was just a guy sitting in his car smoking a joint.


        • Sandra-VA says:

          With a visible gun!

          If you read the article above, they were going to ignore the blunt he rolled and was smoking because they were there to serve a warrant on someone else. When they observed him with a GUN is when they had to step in for public safety.

          They SAW the GUN. They reacted to the sight of a GUN being held by someone smoking dope, in a parking lot.

          All that Scott had to do was comply with directives and drop the GUN. He did not. He got shot because he had a GUN.

          Liked by 1 person

          • NC has an open carry law.


            • Sandra-VA says:

              He was smoking a joint, had a gun. They were going to ignore the joint, but once they saw the gun, they had to intercede. Drugs plus Gun.

              You are being very obtuse and stubborn. ALL that Keith Scott had to do to protect himself was to DROP THE GUN. He chose NOT to drop the gun. That is what got him shot.

              Had he DROPPED THE GUN, he would be alive today.

              Liked by 1 person

              • All you had to do is leave off the comment about being obtuse and stubborn and a conversation could ensue. Why interject those types of comments about someone who is initiating a conversation that presents another view.


        • aichawallaby says:

          Yes, they did know who he was and his record:

          “It was not lawful for him to possess a firearm,” Putney said. “There was a crime he committed and the gun exacerbated the situation.”


        • VegasGuy says:

          “They did not know about his criminal behavior when they approached him”

          Well that is an argument Libs love to put forth….And a weak one at that….The PO doesn’t know the criminal background at the time…..So Police should not approach anyone with that frame of mind….That they may be approaching a Potentially A Dangerous Perp…….It is the exact opposite that is the real danger for the PO.

          The real danger is that the perp Does know his criminal background at the time and might be or become, very unpredictable.

          You say……”That’s the point…he was just a guy sitting in his car smoking a joint.”

          Which LE said was initially ignored since they were there for a totally different reason….A Warrant. But when he showed a weapon he was no longer “Just a guy sitting in his car smoking a joint” was he? He was now a person of interest with a weapon.

          His criminal background, while unknown to the Police at the time, did not play any role in their course of action at the time they approached him.

          But his criminal background certainly DID play a role on HIS part when the Police returned & it suddenly became apparent to Scott that they were Police & not just some “dudes” sitting in a car next to him.

          So in reality, think about it….Who caused the escalation….Scott or the Police? Who could have easily de-escalated the situation…Scott or the Police? Just how long should 5 PO’s, with weapons drawn, face off with an unknown person with a weapon? Until he “shoots first”?

          This is the exact narrative the Black community, & now Scott’s family, pushes forward.

          They just cannot or will not, accept that potentially suspicious behavior on the part of a Black ( or of any person for that matter), is justification for Police to react as trained….it’s called “investigate further”…..In their view, it’s called “racist”…..And they will modify & twist that even when a Black LEO happens to be the “racist” in question….

          The Black community feels “suspicious behavior” is the norm within their community. It is overlooked by them, and immediately taken and identified as “Profiling” by the Police.

          You would be hard pressed to find a single Black in that complex that would accept the fact that he had a weapon, flashed said weapon at Police, & refused to comply with lawful commands. All they will point to is that the focal point of the incident… that Scott was Black & he was shot by the Police while not being threatening in the least.

          From their prospective, he diddunuffin at the instant he was shot….It is anger at the Police in general that clouds their perspective of what lawfulness actually is.

          Even the most so called, “ignorantly educated” of the community will argue as to what the Police “Didn’t” do to de-escalate, rather than what the perp actually DID which caused the escalation…

          And then the “ignorantly un-educated” will take to the streets because they cannot comprehend any logic in “cause & affect”. Simply, that the action of the Perp is what caused the resultant action by the Police……

          All because they have been indoctrinated with “Black Lives Matter” rather that “Black Actions Matter”. They don’t accept ( or comprehend), that the actions lead to the stated cause.

          From their prospective …..One is a quest while the other is not relevant…..Until that changes, all they have is “protests, marches & riots” with zero advancement of any common ground. A totally lost cause because their interpretation of what is “racist” will never be accepted by the rest of the population that just doesn’t “see” their position at all…


          • I appreciate your response but I am not a Lib. I am a Donald Trump supporter. By throwing out the accusation/labeling of a comment as Lib,you really diminish the contents. You notice, the very first thing I am commenting on is the label “Lib”. This is just a friendly suggestion; leave off those types of accusations and your comments will be taken more seriously.


            • Ziiggii says:

              First off, stop being such a delicate flower. If you want to jump in the slop be willing to get a little dirty.

              Secondly, I do not think Vegas was calling you a Lib. He was equating your statement to one the Lib’s like to push. We are all bias and depending on ones age spit what we perceive as truth that we’ve been taught growing up.

              And identifying as a Trump supporter does not give your argument any more validity on this blog then identifying as a lib. This is not a Pro-Trump blog only. Which brings this comment full circle to my very first sentence; as a Trump supporter you seem to be a very delicate flower. Something which goes against the grain of what Trump even believes.


              • VegasGuy says:

                Thanks Ziig….Exactly the point I attempted to bring out. The post was purely a response to LittleFlower’s comments & an opportunity for her to reflect on the “below the surface ” issues raised by her thought process.

                LittleFlower……Here is the core point and you seem to be missing it…..I stated…

                “His criminal background, while unknown to the Police at the time, did not play any role in their course of action at the time they approached him.”

                Just pointing out that your argument tends to imply differently. That somehow the actions of the Police relied upon knowledge of past criminal history when, in fact, it was clearly not known to them at the time.

                I then went on to explain, from my prospective, how that relates to the thought process of the BLM.

                The Police were acting on observed “probable cause”, they took proper procedural action, & Scott escalated the situation by not complying. Period.

                The Police did not “hassling” Scott, the Police did not “Profile” Scott, the Police did not use “excessive force” on Scott under the circumstances, & the Police did not “over react” to the situation. They gave him every opportunity to just comply & end the incident peacefully.

                Scott refused……..Scott caused his own demise.

                Liked by 1 person

  39. cali says:

    Always mindful of Sundance’s post about the ‘tripwire’ I find the behavior of the wife very suspicious – most likely with lots of dollar sign in her eyes awaiting the race hustling law firm that began with the Trayvon case. I forget the name. Have they shown up yet? I’m sure there is some money in for them and this wife.
    Personally – I feel nauseated about the extent of manpower that is needed attempting to quell the racial onslaught and after accusations fly wild without a shred of evidence. Just like it was with the Michael Brown and others – lies prevail. No matter what – the lie stands long after it is cleared up and proven beyond a doubt that police officers are targeting black americans for murder. On the other hand – murdering our police officers appear to be accepted as though it is the right thing to do. That is the real crime in all of this! The victimized families of these murdered police officers never get as little as an apology. That is shameful!
    Watching a series on Netflix called ‘Crimes and CCTV’ deals with the many surveillance of live-feed cameras operators by many employees who watch every nook and cranny on London’s streets among other places – observing patrons living bars, fight on streets, shoplifting, attempted rape and other crimes with immediate response called into police officer who are out patrolling the street. Law enforcement there have less complicated lives than ours who are under constant threat, accusations and necessity to fight back false charges – taking enormous effort because the Soros organized and paid for racial animosity always ending with riots, looting, burning down of businesses, assassination of police officers with the intent to divide and conquer while hoping to gain ‘control’.
    What the UK does using these live cameras operated by employees observing and pre-empting crimes often before -, during the events while solving them 95% of the time without so much as doubts because it’s captured on camera.
    We need many Sheriff’s named Clarke or others like him, we need many DT’s who will put a stop to this lawlessness. We need to support our police force and restore their confidence that has been somewhat destroyed based on crap like this. They earned it! Anyone that continues to lie and say otherwise should be ashamed.
    Although Hillary and gang informed the mayor that she would be arriving today – without so much as to see if it is okay – the mayor and democrat – told her not to come. She also told DT although he wasn’t going. Hillary and her tweet as seen earlier in the week saying ‘I will talk to white people to stop killing black people’ is just like she approaches everything else. She is the worst of the worst opportunist I’ve ever seen and a shameful, pathetic one to boot!


  40. mimbler says:

    I think we have a couple of trolls on this thread as their willful ignorance supporting this felon just isn’t credible. The police shouldn’t bother the poor man smoking weed and brandishing a gun at the people in the car next to him? Brandishing is the legal term for displaying a firearm in the manner described above.

    And the neighborhood children are probably aware of his habits and safely stay away when he is driving? This troll should go pro and write for the Onion,


  41. JohnP says:

    Dash Cam Footage 15:51:44

    Zoomed, cropped, and run though everything I have that can enhance an image.

    Judge for yourself.


  42. TheVelvetKitten says:

    I think the police should get better quality cams and then see to it that everyone is wearing them . The wife’s recording is the most damning and the most visually clear.


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