Ted Cruz Endorses Donald Trump…

Grandma always said: “If you don’t have anything good to say about house guests, then don’t say anything”.  It becomes difficult to write anything about Ted Cruz.

defeatedYesterday Ted Cruz was rebuked by his congressional peers and leadership:

WASHINGTON — Senate Republican leaders did not include a provision pushed by Sen. Ted Cruz to prevent a planned transfer of internet domain control in the text of a stopgap spending bill unveiled Thursday to keep the government funded until December.

Cruz said in a written statement that he was “profoundly disappointed” in the result of the Senate negotiations, accusing his colleagues of giving in to “White House demands to hand over increased control of the Internet to authoritarian regimes like China, Russia, and Iran.” (read more)

Today, Senator Ted Cruz announces his endorsement for Donald Trump via Facebook:

This election is unlike any other in our nation’s history. Like many other voters, I have struggled to determine the right course of action in this general election.

In Cleveland, I urged voters, “please, don’t stay home in November. Stand, and speak, and vote your conscience, vote for candidates up and down the ticket whom you trust to defend our freedom and to be faithful to the Constitution.”

After many months of careful consideration, of prayer and searching my own conscience, I have decided that on Election Day, I will vote for the Republican nominee, Donald Trump.

I’ve made this decision for two reasons. First, last year, I promised to support the Republican nominee. And I intend to keep my word.

Second, even though I have had areas of significant disagreement with our nominee, by any measure Hillary Clinton is wholly unacceptable — that’s why I have always been #NeverHillary.

Six key policy differences inform my decision. First, and most important, the Supreme Court. For anyone concerned about the Bill of Rights — free speech, religious liberty, the Second Amendment — the Court hangs in the balance. I have spent my professional career fighting before the Court to defend the Constitution. We are only one justice away from losing our most basic rights, and the next president will appoint as many as four new justices. We know, without a doubt, that every Clinton appointee would be a left-wing ideologue. Trump, in contrast, has promised to appoint justices “in the mold of Scalia.”

For some time, I have been seeking greater specificity on this issue, and today the Trump campaign provided that, releasing a very strong list of potential Supreme Court nominees — including Sen. Mike Lee, who would make an extraordinary justice — and making an explicit commitment to nominate only from that list. This commitment matters, and it provides a serious reason for voters to choose to support Trump.

Second, Obamacare. The failed healthcare law is hurting millions of Americans. If Republicans hold Congress, leadership has committed to passing legislation repealing Obamacare. Clinton, we know beyond a shadow of doubt, would veto that legislation. Trump has said he would sign it.

Third, energy. Clinton would continue the Obama administration’s war on coal and relentless efforts to crush the oil and gas industry. Trump has said he will reduce regulations and allow the blossoming American energy renaissance to create millions of new high-paying jobs.

Fourth, immigration. Clinton would continue and even expand President Obama’s lawless executive amnesty. Trump has promised that he would revoke those illegal executive orders.

Fifth, national security. Clinton would continue the Obama administration’s willful blindness to radical Islamic terrorism. She would continue importing Middle Eastern refugees whom the FBI cannot vet to make sure they are not terrorists. Trump has promised to stop the deluge of unvetted refugees.

Sixth, Internet freedom. Clinton supports Obama’s plan to hand over control of the Internet to an international community of stakeholders, including Russia, China, and Iran. Just this week, Trump came out strongly against that plan, and in support of free speech online.

These are six vital issues where the candidates’ positions present a clear choice for the American people.

If Clinton wins, we know — with 100% certainty — that she would deliver on her left-wing promises, with devastating results for our country.

My conscience tells me I must do whatever I can to stop that.

We also have seen, over the past few weeks and months, a Trump campaign focusing more and more on freedom — including emphasizing school choice and the power of economic growth to lift African-Americans and Hispanics to prosperity.

Finally, after eight years of a lawless Obama administration, targeting and persecuting those disfavored by the administration, fidelity to the rule of law has never been more important.

The Supreme Court will be critical in preserving the rule of law. And, if the next administration fails to honor the Constitution and Bill of Rights, then I hope that Republicans and Democrats will stand united in protecting our fundamental liberties.

Our country is in crisis. Hillary Clinton is manifestly unfit to be president, and her policies would harm millions of Americans. And Donald Trump is the only thing standing in her way.

A year ago, I pledged to endorse the Republican nominee, and I am honoring that commitment. And if you don’t want to see a Hillary Clinton presidency, I encourage you to vote for him.

Having previously been fooled by Cruz; and having researched how the Senator capably navigates (wind tests) his own sense of relevance/influence into positions where he can argue his stance on either side of any issue, see: TPA/TPP, and knowing how he uses specific issues to advance his own profile, while simultaneously advancing the larger goals of a Wall Street financiers, there’s little comfort in seeing Machiavelli endorse the candidate who will hopefully destroy Machiavellian UniParty politics.

If that makes sense.

The previous GOPe advice of fellow Machiavellian traveler Alex Castellanos comes to mind:

[…]  The best way to [defeat Trump] is how Brutus killed Caesar. Get real close, snuggle up, and shiv him in the ribs.

There are trillions at stake.

There is no upside for Donald Trump from this endorsement, the only benefactor is Senator Ted Cruz.  A Senator Cruz who is currently extremely damaged.  A Senator Cruz who could, by reasonable review, lose his ’18 reelection bid.  That is a reality which will not be lost on those political junkies who travel through the deep weeds.

The response from the Trump Campaign:



cruz bum


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447 Responses to Ted Cruz Endorses Donald Trump…

  1. smarty says:

    Glad to see this and the legislation to stop the Internet takeover is extremely important. I give Cruz credit for that. Everyone should be cling Congress in support of it. It is frightening to think we could lose control and ultimately see freedom of speech destroyed.

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    • Jedi9 says:

      I totally agree with you Smarty! I have been a dog whistle on this issue for months. I am glad to see that this is finally being talked about by like minds. Although I would never support Cruz to be president, if he is successful on focusing and stopping this issue then he will half vindicated himself, certainly coming out and endorsing Trump is a start. As this article suggests, like; “keep your friends close and your enemies closer” couldn’t be a better analogy in support of it’s cautious assessment of what Cruz’s endorsement means.

      Keep up the good Fight!

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      • dekare says:

        Teddy boy only came out in support of Trump because he had NO OTHER CHOICE. Not because he “saw the light” and “accepted Donald into his heart”. If given half a chance, he would stab Donald in the back for another chance at the presidency. For me, it’s a little too little too late. He should have done this in place of that horrible speech he made where he basically told everyone to vote up and down the ticket (but NOT Trump). He was sour grapes then and he is sour grapes now, only he has to now try to undo the damage he has done with his scorched earth policy.

        He made a promise…NO…he SWORE AN OATH to support the eventual nominee. But when that nominee was Trump, he faltered. He should have bee rock solid on his oath there and then, but he did not. He thought he had a chance to steal the presidency somehow, and only when it occurred to him that he screwed up, did he decide to do what is right. I do NOT want to be next to a man who only does what is right when there is no other option. It should have been his default stance on the issues. Not only after all else has failed.

        This man will have to crawl on glass for miles before he regains my respect. If someone shoots a bullet (metaphorically or in reality) at Trump, Cruz better jump in front of him, and then…maybe then, he will be on the path to forgiveness.

        Until then, Cruz is still doing what is best for himself. And that means nothing to me.

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        • susiepuma says:

          Excellent response………….and I agree with you completely……(notice that nothing was mentioned about trade in his 6 reasons??)

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          • Sayit2016 says:

            I agree….. Trump has his agenda out for MONTHS..Trump has become more detailed in his vision to MAGA—but the broad strokes were already there..most people understood this. I do not think Cruz thought for one minute he would get hammered the way he did. I think this is all about the fact that Prebuis stated anyone not honoring the pledge would not get consideration for other offices they might want to pursue…read FUNDING..I think it is more about this than a Cruz conversion to TRUMP. Sorry I am jaded…..


      • You better watch and wait.this man is a globalist..never doubt it. He first voted for TPP and is still for it. I don’t have to say..oh thank you Ted Cruz. I know who he is.. And yes, the statement of keep your friends close and your enemies closer applies here. He is no friend of the American people..you can gamble on that one.

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  2. georgiafl says:

    There’s only one time our sorry legislators have ever told Obama NO and that is the appointment of a SC Justice to replace Scalia.

    They had better stop Obama from doing these two other things:

    1) Congress had better not let Obama put our internet under the United Nations – which has become an Islamist Agenda Organization. That would mean the institution of Islamist blasphemy laws in the USA, and likely punishment for criticizing regimes and leaders, which would mean the end of the freedom of speech. This has been a goal of many involved in the UN. Everything would be called ‘hate’ speech, blasphemy or incitement to violence….except the speech of the people in power. We have tasted this to a small degree on Facebook, Twitter and other places recently. What they have in mind is totalitarian control of speech AND information. No exposure of their foul deeds and no communication of that to others.

    2) Likewise, they had better not allow Obama to federalize local police. This would be the end of the USA as we know it. Obama’s imported murderous barbarian Islamist terrorist fighters from all over the globe, pretending to be refugees, would be placed in this role faster than you can imagine….just as they have been made UN troops.

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    • Tom W says:

      Obama began interviewing for UN leadership on his “Euro-apology tour” and has never looked back.

      What better means to control so many thanks via internet content, but more importantly via an internet tax.

      Trump, and broad based nationalism everywhere, are ruining his/Soros’ plans. I believe this is more important to Obama than the “protecting his legacy” theory. That is old school and 3 chess moves behind.

      Obama is young, and his dream is to make the UN a very powerful governing agency, with him at the head. TTP and “Internet surrender” make this a cake walk for him…as I see it

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  3. PreNanny says:

    Ted who?

    Why is there a need for a “stop gap” spending bill and why the hell does it just go to the end of December?

    Still preppin

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  4. sarrask says:

    Sundance appears to be right. Haven’t seen any change of heart in any of the vitriolic anti-Trump people. Even Mike Lee says he doesn’t want to be on the SC list.

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  5. Timmy-the-Ute says:

    I will admit I will not forgive Cruz’s roll in the suppression of the Trump vote in CO, WI, and AR. And how he tried to strip Trump of his delegates at the National Convention. It was great to see party chairman Reince Priebus give all of Utah’s and Alaska’s delegates to Trump. All that effort by Cruz to strip delegate backfires.

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  6. Drazil says:

    i have to disagree. i can’t believe i said that. i think Cruz’s endorsement is huge. i think there were a lot of never-Trump hold outs that look up to Cruz. we just gained that support. also Cruz has a way of talking, that i find annoying, but others seem to respond well to. if we even gain a 50,000 people from this, that can be the difference in a state. also with a never-Trumper like Cruz turning around, we might get other never-Trumps on our side. with that we will see a perspective shift with undecideds and right-leaning democrats. this could be a start of a set of domino that could seal the deal. i would love to see how this plays out in the next month.

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    • sarrask says:

      Have you argued with any Cruz people on twitter in the past? If so, look at their timeline to see what they’ve been saying. I checked, and I can’t find any who’ve changed their tune.

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      • Drazil says:

        that is true, i have not. i might be making the mistake in thinking these people show any meager sign of logic. though i want to sit back and see how it pans out. i found a lot of people will not change their tune right away. they will fight it and after a week or three they start to make the realization. cruz was their anchor. now that, that is missing they are free to float on. so they are able to think uninhibited and soon start to wake up. i may be wrong, but i think assuming this will mean nothing is not thinking about this in the long run. i say give it a couple weeks and see what changes. this could be the first step.


      • John R says:

        I was and definetly am a Cruz supporter, but I wasn’t happy with the childish antics or the way he left it. I do support much of what Cruz fights for. I do think this may change a few minds, but most of the people with open minds were likely already on board with Trump in my opinion.

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        • Drazil says:

          thank you. i agree a lot are already on our side, others held out under pettiness. i think the Cruz endorsement will shift more to realize Trump can make a good change to this country. all in all, at least maybe they will see that hillary just can’t get into the whitehouse. we can’t let that happen.

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      • Tom W says:

        Levin has, if I understand your point correctly.

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        • Sayit2016 says:

          After TRUMP got the nomination that was it -HILLARY or TRUMP any hold outs after the convention were idiot in my view and very short sighted. There is this chick on Twitter a so called conservative and she slams Trump every damn day. WHY ? Let me break it down …With Trump we have a chance with Hillary there is NO chance.


    • Keln says:

      Read their own comments on Cruz’s FaceBook statement. They consider it a betrayal. No, the ones who would have shifted to Trump already have. The ones who have dug in and refuse still refuse. Nothing has changed.

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      • Drazil says:

        i guess it is hard for me to predict the actions of people with this level of delusion. though i am thinking more in the line of everyday people sitting at home. you never know. i will sit here stubborn and wait for the next couple weeks and see if anything changes. in the end what i think isn’t important. i am hopeful, that is all i can have control over. i will still believe this might mean something to those people who find the fact that republicans are not endorsing Trump. here we have the biggest obstacle that trump faced in the primary, someone who fought him even during the convention, and now here he in endorsing Trump. maybe it doesn’t mean anything to us because we know better, but to others, the uninformed, it might mean something. i just think we shouldn’t dismiss it. it might be beneficial. those people who hoped to wright in cruz might now reconsider. we get to once again hold our hands open to these people, we can’t brush off their hero like he was nothing when we can use it to get more people on the Trump-train. you can never win to big.

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        • Keln says:

          What you think is important, and what you say may be true. It just doesn’t appear that way. But it’s kind of hard to know what the real effect will be. I personally think Trump is so far ahead, it doesn’t matter. But it certainly isn’t a negative for Cruz to support him. As SD said, it only benefits Cruz, if anyone. He’s a sneaky SOB, and he only does things if he thinks it helps him.

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          • Drazil says:

            i’m not saying it isn’t better for cruz than Trump. he is definitely getting the prime deal in this endorsement. my main factor is it is going to take time to see the true effects.

            it is like trying to sand something with sandpaper. when it first hits the wood it doesn’t go anywhere, but once you start to move the paper and give it time, it starts to move with ease. people are not changing right now, but in a week it will set in, few days later they will think and soon they will latch on.

            i picture it like this. their army was headed by cruz, now without a leader they will still try to keep up with the fight, but they are not leaders, they are followers. once they realize they need someone to lead, they will need to latch onto another strong leader. since their old leader decided to follow Trump, it is only natural for them to follow Trump too.

            i know Trump would win without their help. we all know you can’t win to big, and when it comes to trying to overtake the rigging of the votes, you can never have to many fighters.

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      • Benson II says:

        It’s difficult to judge who is a Cruz supporter dug in or a leftist trying to cause trouble and influence others. I’ve thought for some time the commenters on some websites and on social media aren’t really Cruz supporters but are liberals trying to keep Cruz supporters from changing allegiance by stirring the pot.

        Overall the Cruz endorsement might be an important influence for actual Cruz voters when they enter the voting booth where no one can see how they vote.

        I doubt very much Cruz will have any influence in a Trump administration.

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      • El Torito says:

        Keln, it is going to take more than 12 hours to realize and measure any benefit from this. All you’re seeing now is the caustic reaction from the emotionally defective portion of the never Trumpers. The people who are NOT in this state of mind will need some time to consider what Cruz said, and we don’t need to trust him, but they do. Some will, but not today. In the meantime we need to throw them a lifeline – one at a time if needed, for the win.


  7. DEPLORABLE Jeff says:


    I believe this is Cruz making nice with Reince more than anything . With no GOP support for his 2018 Senate campaign he may never get to be ” OBAMA ON THE PERCEIVED RIGHT ”

    Ted Cruz to Reince on the phone ….” Ok …OK!!!! I’ll make nice …BUT I’m NOT GONNA MEAN IT ”

    First term Senator , claims to be constitutional scholar , no legislation to their credit , COMMUNIST ROOTS in the family !!! , USES GUILT to badger the electorate !!!!

    The treehouse and SUNDANCE documented nuances that clever Ted tried to pull off . On one hand Mr Constitution would say one thing …and DO ANOTHER .

    Most notably as Sundance links in this post TPA , Corker Bill , and advancing the Wall St GLOBALIST (communist ) agenda !!


    Ted Cruz …is OVER !!

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  8. The ghost formerly known as Prince says:

    Now, now, Sundance. Why so cynical? Even if Ted is a completely Machiavellian self-serving SOB, he has now thrown in with Trump. As has been said before of other unsavory characters with whom an alliance of convenience if forged, “he may be a SOB, but he’s OUR SOB.”

    Ted may have realized he has zero “cred” (actually, negative cred) with the GOP establishment/Washington Cartel, and decided it’s time to switch teams.

    Glenn Beck is pretty tore up about this; reading his anguished lament is it’s own reward and if this endorsement produces nothing else then it is still totally worthwhile. Lots of other #NeverTrump agony out there as well.

    Yes, I do think this is mainly self-serving on Ted’s part. I supported Ted, but he really disappointed me at several key points during the primaries and especially with his too-cute by half convention speech non-endorsement.

    I do think Ted is spot-on, however, in his list of key issues. I agree 100%, and frankly I don’t see how anyone calling themselves a “conservative” can possibly oppose Trump when he is the only thing standing between Hillary and the presidency. If she wins then it’s game, set, and match to the Left. Not to mention “infinity corruption”. Honestly, I can’t see how Hillary Clinton is beating Gary Johnson. She is, indeed, “manifestly unfit” for the office.

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  9. Eric Gold says:

    I’m with you Sundance- I don’t trust this greasy rat one bit. He is a self serving weasel, and at his core a deconstructionist. Phooey on him and the nevertrump morons. That includes Rush, Beck, Levin, Crystal, et al.

    PS Don’t think for a second Limbaugh wants Trump as his president. What he wants is to eradicate Clinton, and he’s stuck with having to support the republican nominee. Every day he has a sneaky little pussy swipe at Trump, and sometimes edits them out of the 24/7 archives.

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    • El Torito says:

      Trump must see an upside or he would not have wasted his time with the statement he released. Somewhere in this, Cruz has enlisted to be one of Trump’s useful morons in the Senate, a la Rubio.

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      • susiepuma says:

        Trump has stated many times that he will be President for ALL Americans, which, unfortunately, includes the weasel and others…………………….what else would you expect him to say?? tell the weasel to go to hell?? Trump is still playing 3rd dimension chess & the weasel is still learning how to play checkers……

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  10. HoneyB says:

    Funny that Cruz’s support came shortly after Reince Preibus said in an interview that the candidates who gave their word to support the nominee would probably not get any help from the RNC on their own races. We all know Cruz has plans for 2020.

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    • HoneyB says:

      correction: who gave their word but refused to support the nominee

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    • Well, after 4 years of Trump making American Great Again, who the heck would want Cruz, either Trump will run again or Pence or someone great. “Great excludes” Toxic Ted-not-eligible Cruz. But good Reince Preibus is keeping that carrot dangling in front of Cruz–it’s working! Pride, selfish ambitions gets ’em all the time.


  11. mamadogsite says:

    31,000+ members on “The Deplorables” facebook page as of this morning. Lotsa patriots out there…BUT…it appears we have tons of work to do yet.

    One of last night’s conversations centered around “how many people do you know who are still voting for Hillary?” and where are you from.

    There are millions reluctlantly voting for her…primarily because she is a woman. Not only is race dividing this nation, but it appears gender is as well.

    Don’t let down folks…get your own talking points in order and let’s see how many we can introduce to some common sense.

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  12. jeep guy says:

    I love reading this web site. Many topics are well presented and viewpoints well argued. I don’t contribute comments because I only have opinions. But I thank you all for what you teach me.

    Ted Cruz has no honor. I don’t believe he’s a legal US citizen, and so not constitutionally eligible to run for president (or serve as a US senator). There’s no defense for hiding a birth certificate. Unless you are hiding.

    I’m also all in for Trump, and have been since before he announced. I choose to hope that the birth certificate issue is privately very important to him. But he has to get elected and then he can pursue it if he wants. Obama is also guilty of this deception. And I hope that Trump exposes him.

    Hillary has to be the target for now. Adding any hold-out Cruz voters will not counter the vote corruption methods inherent in our digital vote tabulation system. Hillary must be destroyed in public opinion…somehow.

    Cruz was the last man standing only because of the shift of Jeb Bush’s campaign structure after Jeb bailed out. Without that primary support, he would have been much less successful. I hope that this Trump endorsement further isolates Cruz. I have faith that Trump has integrity. And he seems to be truly generous. I’m not that good a man. I hope he hates having to say “thanks Ted”. But I get it.

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  13. RP says:

    “On HD tv she doesn’t look good” ~ Colin Powell

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  14. Jenny R. says:

    Cruz isn’t completely foolish — he probably put his nose to the wind and realized that if Hillary gets in, he will be in a very, very bad position. I have a feeling if Hillary wins, actual purges could take place. They will not feel the need to keep up with the charade of even a loyal party of opposition…they will also not feel the need to keep up the charade of representing the will of the people or even protecting the lives of all the people. Just a hunch, but I think I may be right.

    Hillary and her cronies will be Stalinesque; it will go far beyond mere socialism. And with an Internet treaty which can effectively shut down opposition, plus (and you had all better pay very close attention to this one) a UN Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) which our current president vows to get accomplished before he leaves office, and all of the power concentrated into the executive branch (thanks largely to her husband’s terms), and the Supreme Court, she would have such power. TPP and a new Atlantic trade treaty will of course happen…the Congress Republicans will 1) not want to be purged; 2) get a seat at the table of the new Duma; they will not stop anything she wants.

    And then there’s the bringing in of refugees ala Merkel. (funny that; we have an honest to God humanitarian crisis happening very close to home — Venezuela — and not one refugee from that country is being accepted by Obama….I wonder why; actually I don’t wonder that much because I have a girl from that country in my class; the average Venezuelan is about as inoculated against socialism as an Eastern European of a few decades ago; also, they’re Christian or secular).
    Hillary and the left will have their thugs to terrorize, which will in turn require a complete police state (we already are close anyway, thanks to the “5 bad emperors” of the last 30 odd years).

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    • Jenny R. says:

      Of course, we have brought this upon ourselves. We have worshipped Moloch and Baal, and most damaging of all for us: Beelzebub, just as much as our leaders have. We have forgotten ourselves and what truly made us great. We are falling down with ashes in our mouths, just like Hillary. She’s a mirror of what we have become.
      However, thanks to the qualities that made up our former greatness, I think we have been given a chance at reprieve…but it remains up to us to take it and remember what gave us reprieve.
      I’m hopeful, but not optimistic.

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    • “I have a feeling if Hillary wins, actual purges could take place.”

      Jenny, you can give yourself more credit, that’s MORE THAN A FEELING, YOU CAN TAKE THAT TO THE BANK! And Hillary’s purging is usually murder disguised as suicide, she likes plane crashes too. She just LOVES murder and intrigue. She’s so BENT!

      Thank GOD she will never be president.


  15. Taurnil says:

    You may be right in no upside for Trump. On the one hand at least Cruz kept his debate promise.

    The other hand suggests to me something different. There are many Cruzroids staunchly anti-Trump and stauch might be an understatement. From other sites (pro-Cruz) I get the impression they would rather have Hillary over Trump. Yes I know one needs some extremely twisted logic to stand on her side but well, hate can make people do twisted things. My point is this might be a calculated move on the part of Cruz to push his supporters towards Hillary. Why would he do that? I don’t think he is the wookie his supporters thinks he is or they know he is the globalist he pretends not to be and they are all for the destruction of nations via globalism.

    Frankly I do have “some” respect for Cruz but I am not fooled by his slickness of wrapping himself in the Constitution and singing Yankee Doodle. We have seen that stage act before and history shows little substance by those performances. With Trump WYSIWYG; with Cruz there is a curtain.


  16. drillerelite says:

    Ok I couldn’t help myself and broke my months-long boycott of RS, I just had to see the reactions. The arrogance of the holier than thou purists is breathtaking and really getting creepy now. Damn the country and all we rubes cause at least they can go down with their principles while yelling at us for ‘not seeing the light’. Some can’t wait for our punishment to arrive. Hopefully the disillusionment in their leader sinks in quickly, as it did for me with Cruz when it happened. For Christians, a lot of them have a curious understanding of grace, and trusting that God can use imperfect men. Sure happened in the bible.

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  17. Careful with Cruz. He is a snake. A complete opportunist. As good as it sounds that he is defending U.S. control of the internet – we know deep down he must be doing it for personal reasons.

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  18. Wayne Robinson says:

    As a retired Ironworker I can say it is known as a truism to be careful who you step on on your way up cause your gonna have to face them again on your way down. Knowing full well what a piece of work Cruz is its still better him to be in the tent pissing out than outside the tent pissen in / but watch him he has two mouths and one neckline trust him and scrap him out as soon as feasable


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