Hillary Clinton's Nonexistent Diagnosis – No Such Condition As "Non Contagious Bacterial Pneumonia" in ICD-10…

There’s something very odd about the diagnosis that Dr. Lisa Bardack has presented for her patient Secretary Hillary Clinton, it doesn’t exist.
As you can see from the two-page letter presented today by Hillary Clinton’s doctor, she has been diagnosed with “mild non-contagious bacterial pneumonia“.  However, there’s a problem….
hillary-health-14The International Classification of Diseases (ICD), an ObamaCare standard, is designed code all medical diagnostics.  According to ICD-9 codes, and the more current ICD-10 coding, there’s no such diagnosis as “non contagious bacterial pneumonia“.
Dr. Bardack apparently made it up.
Dr. Milton Wolf was the first to notice the issue:

(Source Link)
Dr. Wolf is entirely correct.  Here’s a link to ICD-10-CM Diagnostic coding.  There’s no such diagnosis.
Fake illnesses, fake diagnosis and fake tests.  All for a fake candidate.  Go figure.
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627 Responses to Hillary Clinton's Nonexistent Diagnosis – No Such Condition As "Non Contagious Bacterial Pneumonia" in ICD-10…

  1. robertnotsowise says:

    Everybody blabbing about how she doesn’t have Parkinsons but nobody has ever asked

    • Maga says:

      Robert, you know what they would say if she was asked; maybe that is why nobody IS asking!

    • toomanykats says:

      She doesnt have the gait, speech patterns, voice patterns, facial flatness of Parkinson’s….that is not is. She looks more like Post concussion syndrome as well as poss seizure disorder. She also may have the combo platter of cardiac and pulmonary issues due to her chronic cough…or just on an ACE inhibitor or extra esophageal reflux disease

      • robertnotsowise says:

        PD affects every patient slightly differently.

        • ladypenquin says:

          Hillary is “missing” just too many of the Parkinson symptoms. There are some basics that are observed, even before a final diagnosis. I know this, my husband has it. Hillary does have a neurological disorder, but it’s not necessarily one of the “movement disorders” like Parkinson’s. I believe her falls either were caused by a neurologic incident like a seizure or they (the seizures and falls) are sequelae to them.

          • robertnotsowise says:

            I’m sorry to hear about your husband. It’s a terrible disease. My father had it. I’m still convinced it’s PD based on some telling clues but we will see.

      • Sentient says:

        Wouldn’t that depend upon how far along it is? Stage 3 vs 4?

      • VoteAllIncumbantsOut says:

        Just wanted to add my two cents in here.
        Half of Trump’s supporters may be deplorable, but half of Clinton’s supporters are DEPORTABLE’s
        Thanks I needed that.
        By the way Sundance,
        Colin Flaherty produced a video regarding the Phoenix Police officers being run down and plugged CTH, thought that was awesome.

        • elize says:

          “Half of Trump’s supporters may be deplorable, but half of Clinton’s supporters are DEPORTABLE’s
          Thanks I needed that.”
          LMAO – ty I needed that! 🙂

      • Garrison Hall says:

        This guy thinks she does have Parkinson’s.

    • BigMamaTEA says:


    • Finalage says:

      Nor has anyone asked if it was a seizure. If you want to know why Hillary has been off the trail, it’s because she doesn’t want to answer any more questions. She’ll wait til it all blows over to emerge from hiding.

      • Esperanza says:

        I remind everyone we still have no conclusive evidence she is still alive. French media are saying the woman is not Burdack but a PR. Even wierder if so. Why was a PR holding Hillary ‘s hand all day?
        Also Hillary’s pants fit at the memorial, outside Chelsea’s they were dragging on the ground.

        • ladypenquin says:

          The woman who came out of Chelsea’s building was slimmer than Hillary. Good obs on the pant leg length.

    • Blaze says:

      The same goes for her “blue” tinted glasses!

  2. sarrask says:

    The medical records Hillary doesn’t want to disclose would include the billing code, if this was billed to insurance.

  3. MaryfromMarin says:

    She probably should be diagnosed with impending death. Not entirely /sarc, but take it as you will.

  4. Did you expect the truth? Crooked Hillary has all her surrogates lie for her!

  5. darnhardworker says:

    Keep up the outstanding work on outing Hillary. I found this site by accident and have been telling everyone I can about the good journalism that you do here.
    Thanks for being the lighthouse beacon in a sea of liberal MSM fog.

  6. John Galt says:

    Are there codes for pollen allergy attacks in January and February?

  7. Stinky-Inky says:

    This doc took apart the imaging description in some tweets. I’ll try to post the image here:

  8. ctdar says:

    “How well can you lie?”
    Must be the first question the Clintons ask when interviewing health care professionals or administrative staff.

  9. Bacall says:

    Well, this is a no-brainer. Hillary is being excused of exposing a child and her grandchildren at Chelsea’s home to her pneumonia. Being a loyal soldier Dr. Bardack pre-empts this conclusion by asserting the illness was non-contagious.

    • sarrask says:

      And would have needed to be non contageous back to the alleged diagnosis on Friday. After which she had close contact during her security briefing, then was in contact with the press corps, fundraisers, etc. If the Friday diagnosis is true, she likely had a chance to infect people Thursday and possibly earlier.

    • Bacall says:

      I meant “accused”, not “excused”

  10. Sue in MT says:

    I still want to know Chelsea’s version of events. Why is she hiding? Lies all LIES!

    • NCPatrick says:

      What kind of mental midgets does H Clinton employ anyway? These are supposed to be the most brilliant, cutting edge whiz kids in all of politics, but they constantly make fools of themselves and their employer. What a bunch of losers!

      • wolfmoon1776 says:

        I’ll bet that whoever treats her Parkinson’s is really good – possibly one of THE BEST.

      • woohoowee says:

        If Crooked didn’t pass out (I don’t buy that) and was making calls to family and staff right after she was dumped face first into her transport, she must have been the one making all the decisions. So, either Crooked was out cold or she has very bad judgement and immediately started the chain of lies.

        • freddy says:

          my best friend had this seizure thing from head trauma complications.. First few scared me bad but then came to anticipate them and put him out of harm and let him go out… He revived in about a minute or two no real worse for the wear.. However. They got worse and more frequent. She will to it looks exactly the same. He lived 4 years to be 75. It’s no joke. The complications pile up till the organs shut down…….

      • paper doll says:

        A lot of them are loyal to Obama…..

      • ctdar says:

        Yeah just figure the useful idiots she’d have around her if she got into the whitehouse ?

    • dizzymissl says:

      ‘Never Seen Her So Tired’: Chelsea Clinton Contradicts Campaign Spin on Hillary Bouncing Right Back From Collapse https://shar.es/1xmGxe

      • Guyver1 says:

        Now they are lying on each other. Great.
        Progressive insanity on full display.
        And they do believe they are superior, ‘enlightened’ beings…

    • BigMamaTEA says:

      Chelsea’s campaigning for her Monster, er, Mother.

    • lbmomblog says:

      what would you imagine her to say? I don’t really want to see her put in this position. As her mother says “What difference does it make”. 🙂

  11. Regina says:

    She must have one of those Obamacare Cadillac plans, eh? Didn’t the dems says they were all using the same plan we were?

    • Guyver1 says:

      Just like they sing the glories of Commie Core and the public indoctrination school system- while sending their own kids to private schools.

  12. John Galt says:

    “The illness that sickened Hillary Clinton with pneumonia and caused her to have to be escorted away from September 11 ceremonies in New York on Sunday also struck down several members of her campaign team at Clinton headquarters in Brooklyn, PEOPLE has learned.
    “Everyone’s been sick,” a campaign source tells PEOPLE.
    At the end of August, two weeks before Clinton was diagnosed with pneumonia, a debilitating bug was making the rounds among staff at her headquarters and campaign aides who travel with Clinton, a source tells PEOPLE.
    At least half a dozen senior staff were felled, including campaign manager Robby Mook. Two top advisers even needed emergency medical treatment, the source says. One top adviser diagnosed at a Brooklyn urgent-care center with a respiratory infection was being treated with antibiotics in the days before Clinton’s diagnosis. Another top adviser was taken by ambulance to the ER after collapsing from what turned out to be severe dehydration, the source said.”

  13. Bill says:

    Dr. Milton Wolf sounds suicidal.
    I worry about his own health. People who talk like this seem to end up dead under mysterious circumstances.

  14. R-C says:

    The ‘non-contagious’ part is important. No doubt the clearly partisan Dr. Bardack put it in there to cover Hillary’s appearance on the street, getting ‘up-close-and-personal’ with that child after announcing to the world that she had pneumonia.
    See, it being ‘non-contagious bacterial pneumonia’, there’s no problem with her potentially spreading it to innocent children on the street.
    The whole thing is a lie–the diagnosis, the ‘treatment’, the entire thing.

    • watcher says:

      Pneumonia diagnosis wasn’t revealed until Sunday evening hours after Chelsea’s condo visit.

      • Donna Kraft says:

        The purported diagnosis of pneumonia was made by her doctor on Friday, 9/9, but it was not made public until Sunday 9/11, after her collapse and subsequent visit with Chelsea.

        • ladypenquin says:

          When one has pneumonia, even if on antibiotics, they’re not out bouncing around. They’re sick. She has a pulmonary problem but it wasn’t pneumonia. Pneumonia is actually one of the leading causes of death in the elderly – Hillary is 68. If it was true pneumonia (bacterial, viral or aspiration) she’d have had to be hospitalized.

    • BigMamaTEA says:

      All political spin.

    • Regina says:

      as the good doctor said – if it’s not contagious, how did She catch it?

    • Plain Jane says:

      My kids’ pediatrician told me that once the antibiotics take hold in one’s system, the person is no longer contagious. Anyone have any ideas on that?

      • The Boss says:

        Heard a couple of MDs on Hannity say the same thing. The letter said she was given antibiotics a week before the alleged pneumonia diagnosis, so Unstable Hillary was considered non-contagious. As for the other things in this thread, none were called out by Hannity’s guest MDs as being odd.

  15. Doug says:

    So whos going to file a medical malpratice notice against this doctor?

  16. wikunia says:

    I was shocked that levaquin was prescribe and not something simpler like Augmentin.
    Levaquin should be used only for infections that cannot be treated with a safer antibiotic.
    So what kind of bacteria is it?
    Levofloxacin may cause swelling or tearing of a tendon, especially if you are over 60, if you take steroid medication
    To make sure Levaquin is safe for you, tell your doctor if you have:
    *a history of epilepsy or other seizure disorder;
    *a nerve disorder;
    *diabetes (especially if you use insulin or take oral diabetes medication);
    *low levels of potassium in your blood (hypokalemia); or
    * if you use a blood thinner (warfarin, Coumadin, Jantoven) and have “INR” or prothrombin time tests !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    *Levofloxacin may cause swelling or tearing of a tendon (the fiber that connects bones to muscles in the body), especially in the Achilles’ tendon of the heel. This can happen during treatment or up to several months after you stop taking Levaquin. Tendon problems may be more likely to occur if you are over 60, if you take steroid medication, or if you have had a kidney, heart, or lung transplant.
    *This medication may impair your thinking or reactions and cause:
    *severe stomach pain, diarrhea that is watery or bloody;
    *headache with chest pain and severe dizziness, fainting, fast or pounding heartbeats;
    *sudden weakness or ill feeling, fever, chills, sore throat, swollen glands, mouth sores, easy bruising or bleeding;
    *seizure (convulsions);
    *muscle weakness or trouble breathing;
    *liver problems – upper stomach pain, loss of appetite, dark urine, clay-colored stools, jaundice (yellowing of the skin or eyes); or
    *changes in mood or behavior – depression, confusion, hallucinations, paranoia, tremors, feeling restless or anxious, unusual thoughts or behavior, insomnia, nightmares;
    *increased pressure inside the skull – severe headaches, ringing in your ears, dizziness, nausea, *vision problems, pain behind your eyes;

    • bertdilbert says:

      And why does the doctor fail to address the hole in her tongue? That looked pretty raw as though it was recent based on photos.

      • Marygrace Powers says:

        …could drive a truck through that hole in her tongue… wth…

      • BigMamaTEA says:

        That was an oral surgery, not from this Doctor. Either a biopsy or removal.

      • wikunia says:

        I don’t believe Hillary is taking Levaquin. She is on the blood thinner for crying out loud. You don’t mix the two… unless absolutely necessary (bacteria doesn’t respond to anything else). In that case you reduce the blood thinner and watch the patient like a hawk for possibility of bleedings. I think dr. Laura used Levaquin in her report as an insurance to be able to explain future fainting or collapsing etc. as side effects of Levaquin.

        • wolfmoon1776 says:

          Interesting. Please keep your eye on that and explain it to the gang if it happens. I think that would be very significant in determining the doctor’s level of involvement in the cover-up.

    • hellandahandbasket says:

      @ wikuna – AGREE about the Levaquin .
      My own personal experience with the drug is consistent with what you’re saying.
      At times, I MUST take that medication – because the other antibiotic does not work. For example – When I first was a patient with a new doctor, one of the very first things I told him was that when I get a sinus infection – let’s not beat-around-the-bush with other antibiotics, and go straight for the Levaquin – since in the past those infections have been treated with regular/consistently used meds, but ALWAYS blossomed into ear infection/fluid retention and the initial infection worsening – practically making me deaf for months!
      This hack of a doctor is stating one thing (no big-deal, she’s got things treated normally, with normal meds), then prescribing another (Levaquin used when you CANNOT treat with regular antibiotics)

    • freddy says:

      Even the lesser antibiotics are so rough on your system. They kill all bacteria including the good ones. You can’t absorb nutrients in the gut and the runs is everyday.. This med alone can kill a horse. Very interesting to watch her come out of her corner swinging tomorrow….If she was taking this and her doctor took her out in the sun they are very lucky she didn’t die.

  17. LP says:

    Seems like the Ben Rhodes School of Creative Writing.

  18. starfcker says:

    I’m not a doctor, but one of my buddies is, i sent him the article, here is his comment. “Great article. Also a question I have is that she has a heart scan score of zero. For her age, a cholesterol level not perfect, and a family history of heart disease, I find that hard to believe. “

  19. Ace says:

    Paranoid Hillary.
    Mrs. Clinton can’t tell the truth about anything. Obsessed with perception management.

  20. disgustedwithjulison says:

    Dr. Bardack….what about the biopsy hole in her tongue at the DNC nomination??? I do not see anything in your letter.

    • bertdilbert says:

      This has turned into a reality show. Trump has experience in reality shows. Hillary excels at criminal acts but always get caught. Hillary has all the qualities of a villain in a TV series. Her antics are going to destroy the democratic party for at least a decade maybe two.

    • hellandahandbasket says:

      That was a partially dissolved cough-drop.
      Not sure if it’s been “proven” as such, but honestly – if you look at it…it is a cough-drop melting away on her tongue. …I know, I know, I know …wish it weren’t so too (lol)

    • freddy says:

      nor the glasses for epilepsy…..

      • Guyver1 says:

        Next they will say those are bacteria control glasses…
        (Hitting my head against the wall- second time tonight!)

    • NJF says:

      The real kicker in her doctor’s note was, “she has not been diagnosed with anything new this year.
      I tried looking up how a punch biopsy heals, and didn’t really get any satisfactory results. Wouldn’t a tngue punch biopsy be stitched closed? Everything I read seemed to indicate that is the case?
      We should ask Dr. Wolf!

  21. Bull Durham says:

    That house in Chappaqua must have pallets of cash to pay off all the “hired help” and the “hit men” the Clintons use for their criminal conspiracies.
    Romania had the answer for this kind of corruption when they took down their dictator and his wife. Husband and wife, Ceausecu. 1989.

    • Snow White says:

      I remember that day very well sir

      • hellandahandbasket says:

        Is it considered “bad” to (at times) wish this “could be” an outcome here in America…?
        {{{ sigh }}}

        • wolfmoon1776 says:

          If they steal the election, tens and possibly hundreds of millions of Americans are going there. I’m putting off such wishes until and only if that happens. I’d rather see Hillary suffer through 8 years of Trump saving the country and being showered in laurel leaves and carved into statues everywhere. Non-violent paths are always better, if possible.
          The thing is, you know the stiffs are trying to come up with some foolproof plan to derail the movement and elect the Bride of Alinsky, or perhaps scheme in another stiff using Ryno and the dark side. The media idiots would never think we’d catch on, but I think the pols know better, and those pictures from Romania play in their heads, when they think of the epic fail.

      • Guyver1 says:

        So do I.

    • Damn straight they did. This is the only thing totalitarian scum understands. It’s ours or theirs… ah, but how politically incorrect I am. Pffffft.

    • Sandra says:

      Hannity should have asked the docs if they would want a 70 year old woman who had been having coughing fits, was diagnosed with pneumonia, had just fainted, and was on antibiotics for more than 2 weeks to be around a baby.

  22. Ace says:

    Fake pneumonia. Staged child hugging. I guess she didn’t have time to think it through.
    She won’t bake cookies…wait she will bake cookies!

  23. raw moon says:

    desperate times call for desperate measures.

  24. The Devilbat says:

    ABC NEWS anchor Joe Torre announced on Sunday, “We begin with the breaking news about Hillary Clinton’s death.” The feed was then immediately cut. They now claim that he made a Freudian slip not that there is any such thing.
    If it had been a mistake they would have alerted him to it. All news anchors wear bone phone speakers on the back of their heads. There would have been no need to cut the feed. He would simply have corrected his mistake and continued with the script. It is obvious that the script he had was about Hillary Clinton’s death.
    The heading on a picture on the ABC website that also quickly disappeared stated that she died under hospital treatment at Montefiore Hospital. That’s a bit strange as that hospital is way up in the Bronx. Strange unless you look at the map and see that they had to drive right past it on their way to the Clinton residence in Chappaqua New York.
    It is of course quite obvious to anyone with a brain (non democrats) that the woman who came out of the apartment and was greeted by a little girl was a body double. She was about fifty pounds lighter and her haircut was different. There is absolutely no doubt that she was not Hillary as there were no secret service people around her. They must think that we are pretty dumb!!!
    No way would the secret service EVER let Hillary clinton go outside on her own. This especially after she had collapsed earlier. The woman was unquestionably a body double. My guess is that they tried to transport Hillary to her residence in Chappaqua and she went critical on them as they went through the Bronx.
    The question is what happens next. Will they drug up some poor blonde haired white kid and say he shot her? The kid would of course be a firearms nut and an ardent Trump supporter. They could use that to ban guns and get a sympathy vote for her replacement. Remember what Rahm emanuel said, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.”
    Will they run that demented old fool Biden and the false squaw lady?
    Will Obama simply declare martial law?
    Will they try to run the body double as Hillary? If they try that they will be caught out as simple facial recognition and eye scan software will immediately expose her as a phony.
    Then again, I am quite sure that Snopes would say that she was for real.
    We are living in the most dangerous of times.

  25. If she does, or did have pneumonia, its entirely secondary to whatever root illness is. I lean toward Parkinson’s disease, but it could be other things worth concealing.
    It was odd they went with, well eventually anyhow, pneumonia, since it only begs more questions and also is not harmless. Though I see, Bill stumbled onto “Flu” yesterday…
    Either way. All the queen’s horses, and all the queen’s men, can’t put free-falling Hillary back together again.

    • SteveFrench says:

      I have a regular debate with myself about whether her campaign team are really as stupid as they seem…right now my gut is telling me they are. I also think that what they are having to deal with is just ridiculous so they end up panicking a lot.
      But like you rightly said, even if the pneumonia is real it is not the big issue with her health. That is completely obvious to anyone remotely paying attention

  26. maggiemoowho says:

    Aspiration pneumonia is bacterial and is non-contageous. Hillary does choke and cough alot so this fits.

    • maggiemoowho says:

      And this is probably why Hillary’s doctor doesn’t want to say “aspiration peumonia.”

      • maggiemoowho says:

        (oops I hit the post key by mistake before I was done).
        What Causes Aspiration Pneumonia: Brain Injury, Parkinson’s disease
        Under normal circumstances, only air should enter the lungs. Aspiration pneumonia is more likely to occur if something is preventing your normal gag reflex. This can be due to a brain injury (which can occur due to stroke or trauma), medical conditions such as myasthenia gravis, Parkinson’s disease, dementia, multiple sclerosis (MS), and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease), or even excessive use of alcohol, prescription, or illegal drugs.

        • woohoowee says:

          (emphasis added)
          Antibiotic Treatments for Community-Acquired Pneumonia
          Joint guidelines issued in 2007 by the Infectious Disease Society of America and the American Thoracic Society (ITSA/ATS) recommend that mild CAP in otherwise healthy patients be treated with oral macrolide antibiotics (azithromycin, clarithromycin, or erythromycin).
          Many patients with heart disease, kidney disease, diabetes, or other comorbid conditions may still be treated as outpatients. However, they should be given a fluoroquinolone (moxifloxacin, gemifloxacin, or levofloxacin) or a beta-lactam (preferably high-dose amoxicillin or amoxicillin-clavulanate), plus a macrolide, unless they live in an area with high S.pneumoniae resistance to macrolides.


        • hellandahandbasket says:

          I agree. And from what I’ve read about Parkinson’s disease – aspiration pneumonia is the leading cause of death for folks w/the disease. Apparently, the disease hinders the “swallow” reflex/ability (of sorts), thereby saliva, phlegm etc are easily aspirated into the lungs instead of swallowing normally down the esophagus into the stomach – becoming infected = pneumonia.

    • Sandra says:

      I just researched your post and I understand now that you are correct. Or that you are correct for certain types of aspiration pneumonia, which would be the types where bacteria from other places (like the mouth) where they are normally harmless are harmful once they get into your lungs.
      I see now that this could just be the most convenient excuse. They had to diagnose an illness that required antibiotic treatment and required bed rest but was not contagious because everyone knows Hillary was around celebrities, 9/11 memorial service attendees, Chelsea’s baby, and the little girl outside Chelsea’s apartment. I’ll put my money on complete and total scam coverup.

    • Notmeagain says:

      Yes. One can aspirate something that bacteria would grow in and it would be bacterial but not infectious. But how did she know so quickly that it was bacterial and not viral, and that it was non-contagious? It all sounds like she is trying to not actually lie but not use the words like “aspiration” that would give away the game. Doctors are good at that because of insurance requirements.

      • lzap says:

        Would that not require a culture test? That would take some time. a couple of days for some cultures maybe less for others.

      • wolfmoon1776 says:

        Exactly. They cannot admit Parkinson’s – unless they have some dramatic reveal scheduled later for her pre-election finale (Democrats are pretty insane that way), and they would STILL want to hide it now. So they avoid anything that ties it back to Parkinson’s. They use every standalone ailment to add deflecting chaff, and then they turn every derivative ailment of Parkinsonism into its own standalone ailment. It’s a very smart lie, but it’s still a whopper.
        Gad, this woman is just the liar of the ages. I’m impressed, in a 1000-foot burning Lucifer way.

    • wolfmoon1776 says:

      So, like, maybe she used the wrong code! Surely there is a code for bacterial pneumonia resulting from Parkinson’s. Why didn’t she use that one? rolls eyes

    • Sentient says:

      But the story they’ve given is that half of the campaign staff has had pneumonia lately. So they implied that she’d caught it from others and then came up with “non-contagious” after people brought up her endangering the little girl. Next they’ll have to admit that Hillary knowingly endangered the girl – something she’s been doing since she defended a rapist by implying that his 12 year old victim was a slut.

    • lilbirdee'12 says:

      How does one account for her “coughing fits” back in Jan/Feb 2016? Is she the FIRST year-long pneumonia victim? /s

    • MichelleWSC2 says:

      Aspiration Pneumonia is not caused by bacteria. Aspiration Pneumonia is caused by fluid getting sucked into the lungs by choking (or drowning) which causes the person to inhale (reflex) thus fluid getting into lungs. When fluids get into lungs this is what sets up bacterial infection which is why it would be considered “non-contagious”. Since Hillary’s MD didn’t say it was Aspirate Pneumonia she contracted the disease through a contagion either by contact, or air (breathing). And while “walking pneumonia” is considered mild it is caused by bacteria affecting one lobe of a lung, but is still contagious.

      • maggiemoowho says:

        Her doctor didn’t say a lot of things, she could still have Aspiration Pneumonia. The doctor said it was bacterial and non-contagious, Aspiration pneumonia fits the bill. Aspiration pneumonia can be bacterial and is non contagious.

      • MichelleWSC2 says:

        PS: What’s curious is the fact that Hillary’s MD stated her WBC (white blood count) was normal. WBC isn’t usually normal if you have an infection and are running a fever. Fever is usually indicative of infection and a higher WBC confirms diagnosis (unless you have a compromised immune system).

  27. NJF says:

    I saw these tweets or whatever they are earlier.
    Yet not one doc today on any of the shows discussing this, pointed out any of these inaccuracies.
    Tonight on Hannity, he had the 2 docs on that are FOX regulars, and despite Hannity’s repeated attempts to get them to acknowledge that sometimes a doc will say/do/prescribe what the patient wants regardless of whether it’s right or ethical, neither really wanted to touch that topic. I get that, however, they had blatant lies from the Clinton’s doc right in front of them, and they acted as if nothing was wrong.
    This will never hit MSM, especially when all the news outlet “experts” failed to discuss it initially.
    Hannity for example, isn’t going to get this info & then turn around and ask his “colleagues” why they lied?
    But of course there was plenty of ridicule for Trump’s doc.(not on Hannity)

  28. celia1000 says:

    Pneumonia is considered an infectious disease process, but not contagious. It’s usually strep germs which take advantage of a person whose immune system has been weakened by a bad cold or flu so that the pneumonia germs can take hold. They are not a danger to those not in a similar condition.

    • ladypenquin says:

      But people susceptible, children, the elderly, immunedsuppressed and already weakened by some other illness could be infected by someone who has even a simple cold, let alone bacterial pneumonia. Droplet (via air – coughing) contact and hand contamination.
      Wouldn’t want to be shaking Hillary’s hand, no matter what she has…

  29. justfactsplz says:

    So the diagnosis and the medical letter are bogus, that seems to be a given. Come on Wiki Leaks, bring on the medical proof. Meanwhile they need to trot Ms. Clinton back on the campaign trail, no excuses now, she has a clean bill of health from her doctor. Bring on the debate and please let it be a noisy, bright, and long one.

  30. mazziflol says:

    A rare look inside Hillary’s new campaign jet!

  31. Carolyn says:

    He is correct. I code medical claims for a living.

  32. I don’t know if any of this is true. Hillary”s doctor is saying one thing and this Dr. Wolf is saying another. So I’ll believe what I saw. And what I saw does not fit what Clinton’s doctor or any medical person knows to be correct.
    Hillary rehydrated herself in less then an hour and 45 minutes. Drinking water! She went from severely dehydrated to almost dancing in the streets leaving her daughters apartment. No coughing, no problem walking, and no problem greeting people.
    She also was diagnosed on friday with pneumonia and was taking antibiotics. Those antibiotics started before friday because her doctor also said she had an upper respiratory infection prior to that. Thats what was also making her staff so sick.
    There is something very screwy with this whole business of her illness. Nothing lines up and nothing makes sense. When you couple that with the fact that it has now taken her 4 days to recover from something she showed no signs of on sunday leaving the apartment, one has to wonder.

    • Sandra says:

      Right! She looked just fine leaving Chelsea’s apartment but now she’s on bed rest?

    • lilbirdee'12 says:

      “Hillary rehydrated herself in less then an hour and 45 minutes. Drinking water! ” Actually, it was the greatest and cheapest miracle on the store shelf..Gatorade. LOL

      • hellandahandbasket says:

        Most likely, if we were to rip-up her shirt-sleeves up past her elbows – we’d see some needle tracks from IV-Fluids.
        oooh …which makes me very very skeptical of the fact that EvilTwatHillary ALWAYS wears long, or 3/4 sleeves doesn’t she…? I’d go out on a limb here and say all of her photos during the summertime NEVER, EVER show her in short sleeves – 3/4 sleeves are the shortest she’s EVER gone.
        …Things that make you go HMMmmMMmM…?

    • ladypenquin says:

      You’re right. Big difference from “thirsty” and dehydration. Dehydration requires IV fluids, usually one has a severe headache, and certainly isn’t acting like Suzy Sunshine less than 2 hours later.
      I’m beginning to believe what others have said – it wasn’t Hillary out there in front of Chelsea’s building. Her body build was different, and she was slimmer – and that’s just one of the differences noted.

  33. LP says:

    Oh boy, the Global Times (Huanqiu Shibao AKA party mouthpiece) published an Op-Ed on whether Houxilaili (Hillary) can ‘survive’ Healthgate. The Chinese language version is sui generis. One line that was fun was that after blaming her cough on her allergies to Mr Trump the author opined that every time she coughs (sprays the ballots) in the future she may lose votes.

  34. I’m surprised they didn’t say brain cloud …. That’s a standard diagnosis for fake doctors ?

  35. Sandra says:

    I just realized I’m OK with the reality that we’ll never get to the bottom of this unless she croaks and there’s an autopsy report made available to the public. I’m satisfied with what’s happening right now: immense pressure on Hitlery and her campaign team and the Dems in general. They are sweating right now! Hitlery and her team in particular must be in turmoil right now, trying to cover up her serious health issues, wondering if she’ll be able to stand up at the debates, she’s missing events/interviews, and there are fewer than 60 days left til the election. And the leaks are only adding to the fun. lol #BestSummerEver!

    • Sentient says:

      Too late to swap in another candidate because early voting has started and votes for Hillary aren’t transferrable. Bwahahaha

    • BigMamaTEA says:

      55 days left.

    • freddy says:

      This is absolutely perfect right now. Their lies have painted them into a corner. She must continue and look well doing it or the lies are revealed. Her every move under the microscope. She will fail that test all because of deceit again. Just like Benghazi. If the doctors report is true she will be bounding around like outside Chelsea’s apt….. More professionals will discount that doc report and Trumps workup will look great…… Best weekend ever for sure. Tick tock Hillary…….

  36. Rick says:

    Bacterial pneumonia is real, but it’s always contagious. ALL pneumonia is contagious. It can also kill people with weakened immune systems. I don’t believe Hillary has pneumonia, but if she does, her health might take a dive in the next week or so. Maybe she’ll dodge the first debate with that excuse.

  37. William says:

    Oh my Lord! This woven web has gotten more tangled. Is it too late to get it untangled?

  38. watcher says:

    I wonder what her blood pressure is during one of her rages is? Like having to wait on her motorcade.

    • Sentient says:


    • hellandahandbasket says:

      I was frankly SHOCKED at the 100/70 blood pressure. Come on…really – low pressure for someone who is ALWAYS conspiring, fielding questions, taking on more than she should under a stressful campaign which made her pass-out …and it’s 100/70…?
      Nah, that too is pure BS.

  39. Carlos says:

    I’ve worked in healthcare for 18 years on the administrative side, I actually just started a Revenue Cycle Management small business to fix practice’s billing issues (of which coding is of great importance), and the Doctor is correct, there are ICD 10 codes for EVERYTHING, so it is VERY curious that this code is nonexistent.
    If there’s no diag for it the diagnosis is nonexistent. Period.

  40. Raffaella says:

    I was trained as a microbiologist. My background is more than 30 years in healthcare/Pharmaceutical companies. On top of that, I have been managing my father’s care for 6 years. He fell and had major brain damage and subsequent coma, seizures and many life threatening bacterial pneumonia infections. One of those infections caused him to stay in ICU for more than two months.
    Hillary’s doctor is full of BS and millions of healthcare professionals know it. Here is why:
    If bacterial pneumonia becomes so severe that it causes fainting, patient can only be treated in an ICU and with a combination of IV antibiotics. At that stage, oral antibiotics fail and not effective. Most elderly patients die from bacterial pneumonia. If she fainted as a result of bacterial pneumonia, her fever would be very high, her oxygen saturation low and cannot reappear in public 2 hours later as if nothing happened. This whole episode is such a big lie that I am shocked no one is challenging them.
    NOT CONTAGIOUS: Most pneumonias come from bacteria we carry in our noses and throats. The bacteria can occasionally gain entry into the deepest parts of our lungs causing pneumonia (mainly in elderly and compromised individuals). Because we “catch” these bacteria from ourselves, these pneumonias are not contagious in the way a cold virus is. However, these bacteria sometimes do get passed from person to person in the population.

  41. skolek says:

    “Non-contagious bacterial pneumonia” sounds like “non-alcoholic whiskey”

  42. skyborn78 says:

    Hillary: “If at first you don’t succeed, lie, lie again.

  43. Rick says:

    My theory (and it’s kind of a long shot): a video showed something small and metallic fell out of the back of Clinton’s pants leg just before they chucked her in the van. I wonder if that little metallic thing was a clip meant to hold a liquid-cooled undergarment in place. People with MS will sometimes wear liquid-cooled underwear to help regulate body temp. I wouldn’t know if Hillary has MS, but the idea has been suggested by others in the past. It might explain why her energy runs-out so quickly or why she has motor control problems sometimes. The alternative would be a succession of minor strokes, but that little metallic thing that fell out of her pants makes me wonder. I also saw a photo a few weeks ago in which something was concealed under Hillary’s pants leg. It might have been the battery & pump for the undergarments. Like I said, it’s a long shot theory, but still within the realm of possibility.

  44. paper doll says:

    Having that double skip out of Chelsea’s apt and alone was really dumb. It seems they were still in The she got “over heated” mode when some genius thought that up.

    • hellandahandbasket says:

      Can you just imagine the circus that is the crux of the HRC campaign?
      Constantly figuring out who to send, what to say, where to be/go, how to say it, when to hide, when to ….aarrguh! I cannot imagine these nit-wits of her campaign can hold it all together for much longer. Overall, just from what we’ve been ALLOWED to see – it is a nightmare – imagine what we DO NOT see, at the helm, and in the trenches of the Clinton War Machine! The morning “meetings” must be off-the-hook with chaos and screaming, bellowing orders, fist pounding, papers flying, kids crying …Astonishing human feat!

      • KimJongHill says:

        Imagine the tell-all books that will come out once Bill and Hill are safely dead. Once people no longer have to fear that they will suddenly commit suicide, we will know the truth.

      • paper doll says:

        lol! Are you a writer? That’s very good! Part of the problem has always been , many on the campaign are Obama people…so the conflict is built in. There’s always a battle royal going on between these factions.

    • ctdar says:

      Probably didn’t realize video was out already.

      • paper doll says:

        You gotta wonder….did they have a TV ? It gummed things up considerably. Why would that perky lady need bed rest? She seemed fine to me!

  45. deqwik2 says:

    That letter says that HRC was put on short course of antibiotics Sept 2nd for upper respiratory tract infection. She was out coughing on people all week & 7days (Sep 9th). later she has pneumonia. Nobody is picking up on the antibiotics Sept 2nd & how short was the short course of meds because she’s really sick 7 days later.

    • This is exactly what I’m questioning. She was on antibiotics before she was diagnosed with pneumonia, for her upper respiratory infection that could have been brought on by her severe allergy problems.(the coughing).
      Apparently, she was the cause of her whole staff getting sick. But I go back to her leaving the apt., did she look sick? Did she look like someone suffering from any type of fever or respiratory problems? If she was as sick as they are saying, and as dehydrated as they say she was, that was certainly the best acting job I’ve even seen. This women had a complete physical collapse and was put into the van head first. And she recovered from that event completely in under two hours with medical help. While she was battling pneumonia and an upper respiratory infection.
      It just does not add up!

    • DebbieUK says:

      Hubby was on antibiotics in hospital IV a week then 4 weeks oral. He picked his up we think on a long haul flight. He was debilitated for a month.
      Any one who has seen what pneumonia can do can not believe Hillary recovering in a couple of hours and going on a walkabout no matter how short.

      • deqwik2 says:

        When she gets back on the campaign trail, we should notice her being weakly. You just don’t get over pneumonia easily. I had it & was not hospitalized but was out of work for 6 weeks & was still weak when I went back to work.

  46. HarleyQuinn says:

    National Enquirer has an article about Hillary’s health in the 9/19 edition. There is an awful picture of her on the cover. She looks like a corpse, I am sure the editors helped her achieve that look! LOL!
    There is also an article about testing her statements with a lie detector test.

  47. Ghostrider says:

    Isn’t it a bit peculiar given all the coverage and speculation around this topic that not one reporter in the press or media has been able to contact Dr. Bardack directly? Or, her physician group spokesperson, of which she is listed as chief of medicine? Isn’t it odd given Hippa Laws that the medical summary Bardack wrote (not medical records mind you) was made public Clinton’s campaign PR team? Come on Hillary, you may think you are pulling a fast one on us but you Madame Secretary are wrong. News Flash H: we deplorables are so done with you and Billy Boy.

  48. You will be judged Lisa Bardack. Ask Conrad Murphy, or Michael Schulenburg, or Khristine Erishevich, the list goes on. If she passes under your care, her loyals will find a place to lay their blame.

    • tellthetruth2016 says:

      I watch Dr. Of common sense alot on you tube videos because he is just so funny….. He did a video with the headline of Chelsea’s NY apartment is listed address for MetroCare Home services inc. I don’t live in NY But, it should be easy to find out if this is true…….

    • The ghost formerly known as Prince says:

      Or Dr. Nick.

    • Kevin Sherlock says:

      Hillary has the money to pay great doctors. But her personality, if bottled, could be birth control. So few docs, especially those hurt by her and O’s schemes to screw up medical care nationally, want to serve her.
      So she’s left with Ms. Bardack, who seems to be a quack, or a doc with the caring soul and the medical skills of an abortionist. (Whether you’re for or against abortion on demand, abortion providers are the bottom dwellers of the medical field. They get sued for malpractice far more often than the average OB-GYN. ACOG says their members get sued about 2-1/2 times on average during their careers, and only 15% get sued four or more times. Virtually every abortionist whose record I’ve tracked — and that’s more than 100 — is in this “elite” bottom 15% — despite having patients who are healthy and don’t want it known they had an abortion, and who suspect rightfully the abortionist’s lawyer will attack them with the “slut defense” (like many rape victims) if they sue. Still other abortionists escape lawsuits because they run without malpractice insurance, like illegals don’t buy car insurance.)
      Bardack will say what she needs to keep her gig, and if the Hillaryites turn on her, then she will fall on her scalpel and confess her crimes against the Red Queen like good Communists did during the show trials.

  49. Tony Stark says:

    Maybe her doctor is really a quack?

    • anthonydog says:

      British papers ablaze with Hillary’s body double…and it looks to be true.

      • Deb says:

        No, it doesn’t.

        • Kintbury says:

          I have noticed on several occasions that sometimes Hillary looks pretty good, and not so chubby and other days she looks as though she has every garment in her wardrobe on at the same time. You can deny all you like but who are the smart ones here, the ones who notice something odd or the ones who would never doubt her?

          • maxx power says:

            The body double has been debunked several times here. There are still photos that prove it was clinton exiting chelsea’s condo. You “smart ones” need to quit while you’re behind. We deal in facts here.

          • Bendix says:

            I think that’s not so unusual in an older woman with a thyroid problem.

      • Lucille says:

        There is no double. Doubles never have the same facial markings. Common sense needs to prevail. We’re not doing a DAVE here.

        • paris23 says:

          LBJ had a double, who was a cousin. He even played in some films as LBJ. He was later murdered. Hmmm….. The Clinton double, while I agree it is still not proved, does not have the same facial structure as Clinton (her face is more round and plump than Clinton’s) and she is 20 or 30 pounds thinner. We are talking about the Clintons. This would be very characteristic of them. They are masters of manipulation, who will do anything to stay in power.

          • Kokanee says:

            It would be simple to confirm. Facial Recognition Software can easily tell if the the person outside of the apartment building was Hillary or not. There are plenty of good photos.

            • KBR says:

              Look up “political decoy” not the same thing as “body double.”
              A “body double” is someone whose body is substituted in films when the star actor cannot or does not want to perform the acts required for the scene. A body double may be used for instance, for sex scenes, or for dangerous stunts, with the body double filmed from the back but with the close-ups of the face of the star. Body-double means the body only is substituted.
              A political decoy, on the other hand, might have extensive plastic surgery performed to meet the requirements of facial recognition software. Their hand surfaces could even be cosmetically altered such that palms, from a distance, seem to match the palms of the politician.
              Even Wikipedia has some info on political decoys.
              Use the right term, research using that term, and then decide. I agree there is no “body double.”
              I do not doubt there are political decoys, but whether the person on the sidewalk outside of Chelsea’s was one? I admit to the possibility.

              • anthonydog says:

                Good point KBR. I took some screen shots from a recent FoxNews story and they did not appear to be Hillary but rather the “political decoy.” However, it may be that with her facelift and Botox, Hillary appears different that she used to appear. That said –I would put nothing past the Clinton’s.

            • BigMamaTEA says:

              Kokanee, that’s good. Do you have access to such software? If so, do it! {grin}

          • Brian L says:

            Some of the pictures look pretty convincing. They’ve already proven they’re willing to do a fake “little girl runs up to Hillary she’s so happy she’s okay!” photo op.

    • kenramsey says:

      She isn’t a quack. The problem is that if you work for the Clintons, they will corrupt you. They will expect, and demand, that you break the rules, bend the truth, etc. They will corrupt you. It really is like a mafia dynamic. They corrupt everything they touch. I’ll be amazed if Dr. Bardack doesn’t come out of this campaign with her reputation in tatters.

  50. sysconfig says:

    But but they wrote that DNC staff had gotten ill too! and it went from Viral to Bacterial?
    I had Bronchial pneumonia and dehydration and the worse part was staying there for 3 days to recouperate and I was half her age. Losing the o2 and just rehydrating her in less than 2 hours does not address the o2 part where she is doing that cameo at her daughters or clinic. Every hospital i have been to also wheels you out for pick up not let you walk out. The whole thing is BS and they are making it up as they go along..It was a bad siezure and the video, thank god for that kid sez it all.
    The media is colluding big time .with a nod and a wink.THEY are shameless
    This his the CNN 2005 report..To the very end it is exactly what happened here and saying other staff reported ill
    Her Secret Service agents quickly surrounded the former first lady, and four people broke her fall, he said.
    “They took her down gracefully; let’s put it that way,” said Lenihan.
    Among the attendees was Dr. Stephanie Pincus, a leading doctor in New York and professor at the University of Buffalo.
    “She has had a GI virus — an acute gastrointestinal illness — and she has been sick for at least a day and she needed some fluids; she needed to sit down and relax,” Pincus told a reporter for television station WIVB.
    “She had clearly consulted with physicians beforehand,” Pincus said. “She came in, she said she wasn’t feeling well. She felt hot. She had stepped out to remove some of her heavier clothing, and it was just too much for her to continue.”
    Pincus predicted the senator would feel “much better within the next 24 to 48 hours.”
    The junior Democratic senator from New York was speaking to the Buffalo Women’s Taking Action Politically Fund — or TAP — a nonpartisan group that sponsors women running for public office.
    By the time of Clinton’s arrival, shortly after noon, most of the approximately 125 attendees — who had paid $100 apiece for their chicken salad and alcohol-free beverages — had already eaten, Lenihan said.
    Clinton did not go to a hospital, and no ambulance was called, sources said.
    “She received immediate medical attention at the site and is now proceeding with her schedule as planned,” said the senator’s press secretary, Philippe Reines.
    Club general manager Vincent Tracy said Clinton appeared to have recovered by the time she left through a rear door, as had been planned.
    “She waved and said goodbye,” he said.
    There were no cameras in the room when Clinton fainted, a club spokesman said.
    Clinton appeared about an hour later at Canisius College, a Jesuit school in Buffalo, where she delivered a speech on health care, a college spokesman said.
    The senator assured people there she was all right, said John Hurley, vice president for college relations at Canisius, and “she delivered a very forceful speech.”
    After retired Rep. John LaFalce, who introduced her, told the audience that she had “collapsed” at lunch, Clinton said, “It wasn’t as dramatic as it sounds.”
    She has since returned to Washington.
    A number of Clinton’s Senate staffers fell ill during a weekend staff retreat in Rye, New York, a staff member said.
    sound fami liars?

  51. CountryClassVulgarian says:

    And these are the smartest people in world? They can’t even come up with a bullet proof lie? Good grief…

    • sysconfig says:

      thats a good question and heres your answer
      While the press has lined up with dhs who initially denied Russian hackers hit the dNC and now joins the Hit squad to ramp up the cold war..
      thereis no evidence of that and the best intel people say it came from inside..
      voila..without even thinking seth richards matter
      This Is What The Democrats Did Immediately After Realizing They Were Hacked
      Sep 14, 2016 6:30 PM
      Having been ‘compromised’ – by sophisticated Russian hackers (likely working in cahoots with Trump) according to the mainstream media’s spoonfed narrative – the Democratic National Committee decdided the smart thing would be to send the new password for their system, via email, to all regional press… Brilliant!

    • In AZ says:

      Their Communists. They kept the peasants ignorant in order to keep manipulating them.
      As long as the peasant zombies keep adoring Clinton, the Commies do not have to be smart.

      • Jeff says:

        TRUTH !!!!

        • flova says:

          It’s a form of hypnosis–the communists love psychiatrists and psychologists. Many red diaper babies now in power have fathers or mothers who were in the field.
          In my Russian history course one time the professor showed us a photo of the people in the old Soviet Union standing in mile-long lines for bread, milk and basic necessities in the 1930’s. As they waited outside , on a wall next to them were posters lining the wall, one after the other with only a foot between them, which read “we have abundance, we are the land of milk and honey.” It was chilling.
          Of course, by the 1930’s the kids who had been indoctrinated in Lenin’s school in the 1920’s and who were threatened by his secret police if they rebelled against the totalitarian government did not question the lies. The truth was in the posters, not in the reality.
          That’s why they lie so easily about Clinton–they have the propaganda machine, they are in power and we have a couple of generations of kids grown up now who are acclimated to lies. No big deal. Truth, untruth-who can tell?
          Trump must win.

    • Lucille says:

      This has been such a hilarious day. I haven’t laughed so much in months. They really think people are going to believe this balderdash.
      It’s a good thing no one affiliated with the medical “professionals” using [email protected] to discuss Hill’s health and yoga regime knows anything about the ICD codes used by Obamacare or they’d claiming that Hill was, indeed, “Bitten by cow.” Oh, my goodness, can cows catch pneumonia when they bite an infected politician’s face off !!
      Alternate universe…that’s gotta be it.

    • The ghost formerly known as Prince says:

      Of course they can also burn, but they aren’t nearly as funny or unlikely as burning water skis.
      The diagnosis machine is a bunch of “whiz wheels” that can generate millions of permutations. The fact that you CANNOT generate “non-contagious bacterial pneumonia” is remarkable.
      Besides how did her entire staff come down with “pneumonia” if it isn’t contagious?

  52. jayhawk91 says:

    Rumor was she needed cover to have brain surgery-up to 5 days of time out of the spotlight. Could it be something like this?
    From early this year…I recruit in this industry and just read this press release.
    The FDA offered Medtronic ($MDT) a broader approval for its deep brain stimulator to treat Parkinson’s disease. The expansion will put it roughly on par with a PMA approval for St. Jude Medical’s ($STJ) Brio that came last June.
    Medtronic Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) Therapy to treat Parkinson’s disease was initially FDA approved in 1997 for tremor associated with essential tremor and Parkinson’s disease. In 2002, the indications were expanded to include patients with advanced Parkinson’s disease.
    The latest indication expansion includes patients who have had Parkinson’s disease for at least four years and with recent onset of motor complications, or those with motor complications of longer-standing duration that are not adequately controlled with medication.

  53. freepetta says:

    You can’t even get a straight answer about Hillie’s health, how do you think she will tell the American people the truth about her presidency. Woman is a giant bs artist.
    Sent from my iPhone

  54. Raffaella says:

    I know so many people here are excited about this Dr. Milton but he is wrong and not very knowledgable.
    Non-contagious bacterial pneumonia means that she became sick from her own normal flora. We all have millions of bacteria as part of our normal flora in our body. Our own bacteria does not cause illness unless we are immunocompromised. Hillary most likely aspirated her own saliva or has a very weak immune system due to another disease.

    • wolfmoon1776 says:

      I agree, but I think that Wolf is basically creating a wedge between what they told US and what they would have to classify it as in the medical world. It looks like there a codes for what you are talking about – but they didn’t give that name – mostly because they don’t want it to be aspiration, and they also need to add ambiguity to protect their “pneumonia was getting around” lies. We’re basically calling them out on their parseltongue.

      • Raffaella says:

        I see thanks. Hillary’s doctor is destroying her own reputation. She is a joke.

        • wolfmoon1776 says:

          I agree. I think she’s got gaga-eyes for the idea that she’s Hillary’s doctor, and therefore isn’t using the soundest judgment. She would probably have resigned if she had good judgment, and – thinking along those lines – there may be already SEVERAL MDs who have resigned from treating Hillary (most likely under scary NDAs that threaten federal prison time).

      • Bostonian says:

        There is an ICD10 code for pneumonia aspiration, J69.0 for liquids or solids. There are a lot of codes for pneumonia actually. They break it down by specific bacteria or unknown bacteria. If it’s caused by the flu or whooping cough. An antibiotic isn’t given for viral pneumonia. There is even a code for pneumonia with chlamydia J16.0.

        • wolfmoon1776 says:

          Cool. I hope when there is final clarity on what the heck is wrong with Cankles, that multiple medical professionals go back and do a complete analysis of how the Clintons misled the public. In fact, I think there’s a scientific paper or two in that effort.

    • Ir-re-Dem-able says:

      Ok, so then how did the her whole campaign staff catch it? Remember after Hillary copped to having pneumonia, the next day we were told everyone on her staff had it. Was it co-incidence that they all came down with non-contagious pneumonia at the same time? What are the odds of that?

      • vexedmi says:

        1) Normal
        2) Coincidence
        3) Conspiracy

        • wolfmoon1776 says:

          My money is on a combination of all three. I think that the “medical self-release volunteerism” was a viral individual and subgroup response to protect illary – which is essentially a “school-of-fish conspiracy”. Then, like the “birthday paradox”, people are surprised by the outcome, but they shouldn’t be. The numbers thus ARE normal, but it all looks like coincidence or conspiracy. The tiny numerator looks giant when we don’t know the monster denominator. Alinsky was expert at exploiting this.

    • ZurichMike says:

      Once she has it, is it contagious (for others)? That’s the point. And isn’t the kind of pneumonia she supposedly has consistent with neurological diseases?

      • ladypenquin says:

        Bacteria, from any source, or even in our own bodies can be malignant if you’re elderly, immunesuppressed, or otherwise compromised, or very young. It’s just a matter of how strong one’s own immune system is. So her “bacteria” can affect others, and overwhelm her own system if her health defenses have been lowered – as being in a chronic disease state would do.

        • georgiafl says:

          All that coughing is evidence that Hillary’s pneumonia is aspiration pneumonia.
          Her video appearances are evidence that Hillary has a neurological degenerative disease, according to medical professionals and family caregivers all over the USA.
          The consensus is that Hillary’s episode on 9/11/16 was a typical neurological event and most of these people say she has Parkinsons and/or a brain injury causing seizures and Parkinson-like episodes.
          I agree (I have 30 years experience with a close family member who has a recessively inherited neurodegenerative disease.) I have seen Hillary’s 9/11/16 stiffening, jerking, limb collapse, angry outburst, etc. behaviors many, many times.
          There is more than enough factual evidence to state under oath that Hillary Clinton is very ill and completely unqualified physically, neurologically, emotionally, morally, legally and politically (guilty of corruption/fraud/treason,etc.) to be President of the United States of America.

    • ZurichMike says:

      What about the CTA scan and the contrast/non-contrast issue? Either Hillary’s doctor is a bad writer, a bad liar, or a bad docotr.

    • KBR says:

      Rafaella, our own bacteria might not cause an illness to ourselves unless we are immunocompromised, but the “normal flora” residing in each individual is normal for that individual. Some individuals routinely carry minute numbers of streptococcus, for example, but routinely successfully fight it off and do not get sick with it unless they become immunocompromised by something else, whether that is, for examples, “burning the candle at both ends” or getting an infected wound in another area of the body which takes more defense in that other area leaving the mouth/throat more susceptible to infection with, and growth of colonies of streptococcus.
      Small amounts of potentially harmful bacteria may be found in almost anybody’s thorough culture of an oral exudate or oral cavity: we take it in, and our bodies fight it off all the time.
      In other words, yes “our own bacteria” can indeed cause infection in our own bodies.
      One clear example is an overgrowth of E. coli, the same E. Coli that without which we could not digest food: thus E. Coli is indeed normal flora of the bowel, but overgrown in the bowel, it causes illness.
      Another example is when our normal flora get introduced into an area which is usually a sterile area, such as in surgery, via careless or inadequate sterile procedures. If our own normal flora could not infect us, there would be no need to thoroughly cleanse the skin before using the scalpel. Our “normal flora” for one part of the body isn’t normal for another.
      In the areas where there is “normal flora” called “commensal bacteria” a balance must be maintained to keep the commensal from over growing and becoming infectious.
      Worked in microbiology laboratory, grew cultures, know my stuff.

  55. VegasGuy says:

    What I just fail to grasp is the “recovery” that took place as soon as she was able to sit in the van & get some water. Who would have initiated the procedure for “overheating”? Why, the very same medical assistant that was standing right next to her throughout the walk from the ceremony & the wait for the van.
    Maybe, for optics, they did not want to sit her on the curb, that I may be able to appreciate.
    But, WOW…how about at least some water right then…Unless she was not capable of swallowing at the moment perhaps? There was one picture of her with the assistant walking towards the van location, & there was a SS Agent not 5 feet away with a bottle of……Yep…Water! So it was certainly available, yet not administered until she was safely in the van?
    If she “recovered” spontaneously, as they claim, in the van, once seated, with some air conditioning & some water, wouldn’t that exact treatment have been determined by the very medical assistant standing right next to her during that episode?
    What does that tell you about the “quality” of care she received? More importantly, what does that tell you about the entire episode and what her malady actually was? No indication of any standard treatment for “overheating” or “dehydration” performed immediately. Like get her off her feet, elevate the legs, shade her, and provide fluid?
    There was nobody else in the van that wasn’t standing with her (& literally holding her up) while waiting for the van. Whatever they claim was done for her in the van should have & , IMO, could have been done immediately while awaiting the van.
    That, to me, is glaring admission that it was far more serious than mere dehydration which could have been addressed immediately either during the “walk” to, or the “wait” for the van. Yet, no one administered any sort of medical aid, not even a sip of fluid, until she was “comfortably” in the van?
    Does not compute in the least……Especially when coupled with the Medical report released & the almost immediate debunking of it that is beginning…..

    • 3x1 says:

      Fastest way to rehydrate is IV. Next is Pedialyte p.o. or p.r. if a pt is unconscious.
      I think they gave her a shot of apomorphine in the bus, then Levodopa, then rehydration at Chelsea’s.
      I think she was dehydrated from drinking Saturday after the “Deplorables” gaffe went viral.
      Dehydration and a Parkinson’s freeze are not mutually exclusive. She’s got multiple issues.

    • deanbrh says:

      She wasn’t accompanied by any medical person. The woman beside her was a friend and former aid, a PR person already identified as such.

      • wolfmoon1776 says:

        Exactly. This was one of her normal workday freezes, treated by her gophers who’ve been trained by the nurses, although perhaps bigger than usual because of the outdoors venue and sunlight (vampire!).

    • Keln says:

      Actually it implies something less serious than dehydration/overheating. At least, less serious in the acute sense. If she was having some neurological “episode”, then they would know there is little they can do but to get her away from cameras and people. That from an immediate health standpoint, she’ll be “fine”, but the optics are politically damaging if people see her that way.
      Because you’re right; had it been dehydration/overheating, they would have given her water right away. You can gather something about the situation based on the immediate actions, because in any field, the immediate actions to a crisis situation are the most important and practical things you can do that directly respond to the problem. In this case, the immediate actions were to get her away and hide her.
      Not re-hydrate her.
      So the “problem” was people seeing her.

    • BigMamaTEA says:

      Hillz had a seizure leaning up against that pole. When that seizure ended. Hillz was “better.”

      • Hillary was out leaning up against the pole…after her medical handler, the large black fellow, opened the assisted living Van , you see a SSA walk between HRC and the vandoor…then immediately turn back when he sees HRC is unable to walk to the van, her knees buckling…..he starts to assist her to walk, but she’s unconscious…that’s why she pitches forward, because they aren’t fully aware she is unconscious. And think she just needs assistance getting to the van door.
        I thought the person with HRC was Dr. Bardack ?…whoever it was, she saved the day for Hillary…she quickly assessed HRC’s condition, knew a seizure/temporary ischemic event was coming and got her out of there literally seconds before she seized. If she had delayed by just a handful of seconds, HRC would have gone down, in public, and carted off on a gurney…and that would be the end of it all.

    • They didn’t even remove her hot jacket.

  56. hellandahandbasket says:

    Makes me believe a catheter is also a reality of the daily attire worn by the EvilTwatHillary, in the Clinton’s War Machine push for power.
    (I can’t figure-out how to post a picture, but a google image search shows some pretty convincing images of the contraption under her slacks.)

    • VegasGuy says:

      “pretty convincing images of the contraption under her slacks.”
      LOL…..Her “Doctor” & the campaign staff will insist that she merely has protruding & pronounced “varicose veins” …..

    • BigMamaTEA says:

      If she has a loss of control of her bladder, then maybe that is hers solution. If she’s that ill, that’s a problem.

  57. nobaddog says:

    The more i hear about Hillary the sicker im getting. She can have any illness she wants as long as she loses in November. God help us if she wins. I cant think of another person that has any chance of winning that would be as bad as her.

    • freddy says:

      If the polls drop she will tap out claim bad health keep her dignity not losing to Trump. If they get her across the finish line she taps out soon and some sinister plot is carried out like Paul Ryan is appointed president. Kidding on that part but she’s sitting pretty she has her alibi setup…..

    • lorenetn says:

      Moochelle Obama would be worse.

  58. Merle Marks says:

    a couple things…1) when the National Enquirer is on your ass and placing Frankenstein pics of you on the cover, and you were the Chosen One prior to the start of your presidential campaign, you gotta know you’re gonna lose big time…2) I found this website about 3 weeks before I knew I was deplorable, and 3) this is the BEST SUMMER EVAR!!!!! TRUMP/Pence 2016!!!!!!!!!!
    I spend way too much time on this site….I have hated Hillary for a long time and nothing gives me more pleasure than WINNING!!!! I am laughing constantly!!!!!!!

  59. nwtex says:

    Any information on why Nick Merrill (advance man/press secretary) went up to that bollard post and ran his fingers on it?

    • wolfmoon1776 says:

      We discussed this yesterday or the day before in a late-night thread. I believe that they used some kind of elastomer stretch band (like the ones used to hold box flaps down on moving boxes, or bags in garbage cans) to secure her to the bollard. [This is likely due to her having an accident when leaned or parked in the past.] They either cut it, or more likely unhook it from the bollard by rolling it up, and then unhook it from a hook on her belt in the back. Or it goes around her waist and they cut it. I think all the slaps on the bollard are gropes to make sure it has been retrieved and not left behind to embarrass her.

      • wolfmoon1776 says:

        Added note – these bands can be almost transparent – crystal clear and a bit like clear gummi.

      • nwtex says:

        Thanks wolfmoon. I was hoping that the mystery would have been solved by now as I, like you and everyone, have put way too much thought into resolving this crazy maker. I’ve watched frame by frame and also slowed it down to .25 but get nothing. Anyway, thanks again.

        • wolfmoon1776 says:

          No problem. I think it may require some pretty sophisticated digital video enhancement skills to make a clear stretch band show up – which is exactly why the Secret Service would use such a thing. Thus, the only thing we really have is the hand motions of people on the bollard. However, it seems like MANY of them take swipes at it, which thus means they are all very aware of whatever is going on.
          Hillary seems very intent on hiding her illness. Sad stuff. Like people say, “rules are for the little people – not illary.” Trump is expected to tell the truth – her, not so much.

      • maxx power says:

        I can’t believe someone else hasn’t solved that misconception yet. The SS would never tether a protectee to a stationary object in that fashion. Never. That would be the last thing they would do. They broke protocol by having her wait for the vanbulance. They do not want the person stationary for any length of time. Besides, there were plenty of staff around to hold her upright. This rubber band thing is nonsense.

        • wolfmoon1776 says:

          Hell in a handbasket, like I always say. They may be writing the book of “new protocol” as we speak. The Obama SS has been repeatedly pushed into negligence by their bossy charges, who value their own convenience over the safety of the Republic.
          Illary should be in a wheelchair, or using a walker at times, but clearly refuses. I would not be surprised if the SS are being forced by her to break protocol on an almost continuous basis, because the Clintons have been like that from day one.
          The video doesn’t lie. She’s planked out, leaned up against the bollard, and nobody is obviously securing her. They literally CAN’T keep her moving, unless they get her in the vanbulance quickly, which they can’t, they would have to move her around like a perp in chains, which they only do at the last second to load her in.
          Illary is forcing this stuff on the SS. And nobody is holding her accountable. I would even imagine that she had gotten Obozo to issue secret directives to put up with her crap!

          • maxx power says:

            I agree. But the doctor & another female staffer are supporting her while she is leaning on the bollard. I feel sorry for those SS guys. I bet they can’t wait to get to work in the morning. \sarc.
            She should be in a sanitarium somewhere.

      • ladybug says:

        First time poster. I think you are right about a stretch band. When I read your post this morning, I looked at the video at the top of this page and enlarged it. There’s a woman behind the woman who is holding Hillary under her left arm. She crossed her legs and looked to her left. When they started to move Hillary she touched the bollard and it looked like she pulled something upward and released it toward Hillary as she started moving. She may have handed it to the bald guy. I think they did have her attached to the bollard. Then, the dark-haired man went over to check to make sure the band was gone. I may be wrong, but that’s what it looked like to me. She doesn’t have pneumonia anymore than I do.

        • WeeWeed says:

          Welcome Ladybug!

        • wolfmoon1776 says:

          Thanks – glad I’m not alone.
          Yes – that is what it looked like to me. I didn’t see the motions closely in the middle – so I’m the same – kinda iffy – on whether something was handed to somebody else, but it sure did look like that to me.
          It’s not unreasonable. They do have enough people at the ready, that she could be released, thrown down, and covered by gun-toting agents if there was a crisis. The woman is not self-mobile now, so keeping her moving in a freeze is not an option, unless she accepts a wheelchair.
          I do think she may have pneumonia, but that is the least of her problems. And they are lying to us that the pneumonia caused her to zone out and zombify into a Parkinsonian state.

        • jakeandcrew says:

          I looked again – the timing is right. Woman with beige purse (who is she, by the way?) touches the bollard, and immediately Hillary moves/lurches for the first time.

  60. freddy says:

    Those seizures she had get more frequent and they only last a few minutes then they regain conciseness and back to normal. Hard to tell when they are coming but the duration is that short so catching her again going down will be hard if she is guarded all the time…… My friend had this and I spent every day with him. Next is can’t complete sentences and forgot what I was saying…….. Anger from being confused……

  61. Sunshine says:

    This lady has a gun to her temple.

  62. 3x1 says:

    Dr. Wolf concluded in his note to GP:
    ◘ HC clearly has an underlying hypercoagulable blood disorder. That’s the only reason to give Coumadin (other than chronic atrial fibrillation and prosthetic heart valves, which are actually themselves causes of hypercoagulable disorders).
    ◘ Her hypercoagulable is likely severe. There are safer blood thinners than Coumadin. They’ve tried them on her (Lovenox) and it failed. Coumadin is typically given to those who can’t afford the newer drugs or reserved for cases that are refractory to the safer drugs. Coumadin is a powerful and dangerous drug; originally developed as a rat poison (Warfarin).
    So let’s look at the causes of hypercoagulable blood disorder. It’s either genetic or acquired.
    She hasn’t been on Coumadin forever, so that would tend to indicate acquired.
    (From the Cleveland Clinic link above)
    Acquired hypercoagulable conditions include:
    Some medications used to treat cancer, such as tamoxifen, bevacizumab, thalidomide and lenalidomide
    Recent trauma or surgery
    Central venous catheter placement
    Supplemental estrogen use, including oral contraceptive pills (birth control pills)
    Hormone replacement therapy
    Prolonged bed rest or immobility
    Heart attack, congestive heart failure, stroke and other illnesses that lead to decreased activity
    Heparin-induced thrombocytopenia (decreased platelets in the blood due to heparin or low molecular weight heparin preparations)
    Lengthy airplane travel, also known as “economy class syndrome”
    Antiphospholipid antibody syndrome
    Previous history of deep vein thrombosis or pulmonary embolism
    Myeloproliferative disorders such as polycythemia vera or essential thrombocytosis
    Paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria
    Inflammatory bowel syndrome
    Nephrotic syndrome (too much protein in the urine)
    I don’t want to speculate, but Bubba is a walking VD incubator. Hillary supposedly did her fair share in return. So there’s at least one item on that list that jumps out.
    Anything short of full disclosure will lead to more speculation 🙂
    Darn it, didn’t mean to put a smiley face there.

    • yakmaster2 says:

      Obviously, since she’s on Coumadin, Clinton shouldn’t have been doing so much flying all over the world as Secretary of State. Who would take a job requiring so much airplane travel after being diagnosed with Deep Vein Thrombosis!?!
      Like Colin Powell said in his recently leaked emails, she has a “driving ambition” and she’s “greedy”—to a degree where she will endanger her own health to fulfill her avaracious needs.
      She has some type of personality disorder in addition to her increasingly serious health issues. Powell said she screws everything up due to her “hubris.” I’d call it her narcissism coupled with pathological lying. But then, I’m not a psychiatrist, just a smart cookie.

      • Bendix says:

        You’re wrong. She can’t have a personality disorder, as she does not have a personality. If she did, we would have seen it by now.

    • teaforall says:

      She has a history of DVT deep vein thrombus. 1998 and 2009 . In 2012 a transverse sinus clothttp://www.huffingtonpost.com/cary-a-presant-md/too-many-blood-clots-hill_b_9024886.html

      • yakmaster2 says:

        That’s my point. “Who would take a job requiring so much airplane travel after being diagnosed with Deep Vein Thrombosis!?!”
        Answer: Hillary Clinton. Because she has unbridled ambition and greed. She raked in multimillions in her Sec. Of State position, funneling it through the Clinton Foundation. She wanted the money and power DESPITE knowing she was taking a serious risk with all that flying because she has a blood clot history. On TV during her stint as Sec. Of State she always looked bedraggled and tired. Not healthy.

  63. I feel sorry for the dr, as her other choice was knowing she’d be a candidate for Arkancide.
    I sure hope she got her fees up front and got the check cashed already!

    • ladypenquin says:

      I don’t feel sorry for the doctor. She is willingly participating in this scam against the American people.

      • teaforall says:

        I agree. To give Hillary a clean bill of health , when it is obvious that she has a neurological disorder. To think that all these people support her an if elected cannot effectively perform her duties as president let alone make decisions.

  64. Sunshine says:

    Whatever, the word PARKINSON is widespread.
    As Colin Powell – the traitor – said: Hillary has had everything. Her last greatest wish is the White House.
    Brings us back to Crooked Hillary.

  65. Merle Marks says:

    and when she loses, I fully anticipate that she will Arkancide herself and be gone within a year….her daughter and grandkids aren’t important to her now…they will be less important after she loses….besides, she really only wants to show Bill she can…because, of course, he womanized because she couldn’t…..

  66. NYGuy54 says:

    So did HRC have a CTA scan (ie with contrast) or just a regular CT scan (without contrast)? What is Dr Wolf suggesting?

    • 3x1 says:

      Could be a bunch of things.
      Guaranteed that release was worked oved by her campaign staff. They may well have screwed up the report, but the onus is on Dr. Bardack to check everything before signing off on it. Being rushed or under pressure does not excuse carelessness.
      Possibly relevant:
      “What do you call the person who graduated last in their medical class?”

      • fuzzi says:

        Just an FYI: as a former medical office employee (I was a jack of all trades), I discovered that the insurance companies would hire non-practicing physicians to “review” and “approve” reimbursement for medical procedures. My boss said those were the physicians who couldn’t make it in the real world.

    • QuiteContrary says:

      I’ve been wondering whether she could have had the CT without contrast to check for calcium (blockages) in the arteries and then had contrast injected and had the other procedure. Dr. Wolfe doesn’t seem to have addressed that.

    • QuiteContrary says:

      Someone commenting at Zero Hedge caught something: The doctor’s letter notes she had the Pneumovax pneumonia vaccine, so how could she get pneumonia that is bacterial? Is this possible? We all heard her campaign’s stories about how others caught it, but now it is not contagious? When pressed, perhaps the Clintons will do what they always do and say oh, well, the doctor was saying it wasn’t contagious at the time because she’d taken antibiotics for a few days.
      Now Bill claims she has the flu. They’re not even trying to be consistent but are instead trying to throw so much out there that everyone is maximally confused about what’s going on. They know their media supporters will not hold their feet to the fire as they should.
      That video of her unable to move at all trumps all this smoke and mirrors. If it happens again, she’s in big trouble.

      • QuiteContrary says:

        There’s a comment on Zero Hedge under the story about Hillary’s doctor’s letter that’s a must read. This person must be an MD and goes by the name Elvis is Alive. It’s very long and detailed and analyzes Bardack’s letter and what it tells about Hillary’s health. It was posted last night, 9/14, at 9:36 pm. Since I’m not a doctor, I cannot assess its accuracy, but it goes into great detail about the implications of the test results and the meds she is on.

  67. Sparky5253 says:

    Good analysis by Dr. Wolf here. Thinks Hillary had a stroke in 2012 and is now suffering from residual effects of it.

  68. sysconfig says:

    Make no mistake..someone else is pulling the strings here

  69. Trumpire says:

    It’s funny because if she doesn’t have any other major underlying problems then having the Secret Service take her to the nearest hospital wouldn’t have been that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things.
    Concussions, several falls, elbow injury, blood clots, corrective glasses, thyroid problems were already in the public record.
    The SS protocol is strict so they knew what they were dealing with and it wasn’t pneumonia.
    But we know they got caught flat-footed because they didn’t know that there was a video out there.
    The whole – legally non-existent pneumonia diagnosis – diagnosis – is just back engineering to cover for getting caught in an ever changing story.
    It’s a classic Clintonian lie – get caught – change the lie – get caught again – change the lie – get caught again – act like you don’t notice that you’ve completely changed every aspect of your story – no controlling legal authority – great right wing conspiracy – I didn’t not have sex with that woman – depends on what the meaning of is is.
    And remember her “I don’t have a private server” charade is still playing out and we haven’t even gotten to the Clinton Foundation part of her emails yet.

    • catluver99 says:

      I think the funniest thing I ever heard Hillary say is, after she finally admitted she did have a home brew server but it was for yoga and wedding garbage, she told the press the server was completely secure because…………she had secret service on the premises. She plays dumb at times but she’s as dumb as a fox.

  70. Ray Caruso says:

    Something else about Hillary’s alleged doctor: She represents herself in this letter as a “Diplomat of the American Board of Internal Medicine”. However, a “diplomat” is defined as:
    1. a person appointed by a national government to conduct official negotiations and maintain political, economic, and social relations with another country or countries.
    2. a person who is tactful and skillful in managing delicate situations, handling people, etc.
    The word she actually wanted was “diplomate”, whose definition is:
    1. a person who has received a diploma, especially a doctor, engineer, etc., who has been certified as a specialist by a board within the appropriate profession.
    Here is a document from the American Board of Internal Medicine that uses the correct spelling:
    In other words, Lisa Bardack can’t spell a title she claims to have. Is she even a real doctor? If she is, did she actually write this letter?
    Is there nothing about Hillary Clinton that is not a lie?

    • sysconfig says:

      This has been going on a while ..I once ready a scary quote
      “We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality — judiciously, as you will — we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors . . . and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.”
      ― Karl Rove
      The MSM is owned by six people or entities..and they have circled around to protect her.
      They are like a movie production outlet for whoever is sitting in the WH..
      They will lie on the fly.

    • MouseTheLuckyDog says:

      Pleased lets not go crazy over a typo. It is even possible she did not type it hersel;f just read it and signed it.

      • 18CatsInOH says:

        Typos matter. They really do. Even if that’s all it really is, it is slipshod work indicative of a slipshod network. Accuracy matters. It is just further proof these people can’t be accurate about ANYTHING.

    • VERY INTERESTING. Misspelled “diplomate”.

  71. Patriot1 says:

    Did anyone actually believe the so called Doctor’s diagnosis from the get go? I doubt it.

  72. 3x1 says:

    What’s Hillary’s favorite pizza chain?
    Little Seizures.

  73. deqwik2 says:

    This is interesting. Gary Byrne gives his take on the Sunday incident from the Secret Service view point. When the van pulled up & nobody moved to get in was very suspect to him.

  74. TheseTruths says:

    If Hillary has aspiration pneumonia and the doctor didn’t want to use those words, here is a code:
    J15.9: Unspecified bacterial pneumonia
    Clinical Information
    Inflammation of the lung parenchyma that is caused by bacterial infections.
    Pneumonia caused by various species of bacteria; commonly results from bronchogenic spread of infection following microaspiration of secretions.
    The doctor probably included the word “non-contagious” because everyone is talking about Hillary possibly spreading it to others. But the key words are “microaspiration of secretions.”
    According to this site, aspiration pneumonia is not contagious:
    “Aspiration pneumonia is not a direct risk to family members or other caregivers. However, the person may develop a more serious infection if the condition is not effectively treated. This more serious infection may be highly contagious.”
    So IF the Parkinson’s/neurological problem is correct, and IF Hillary has aspiration pneumonia as a result, then it’s likely she is not contagious. However, the coverup continues: The doctor could have said “aspiration pneumonia that is not contagious.” Then the public would know she is not contagious as well as the source of her pneumonia. (Those with more knowledge about this, please correct me if I’m mistaken.)

    • Bostonian says:

      The code would be J69.0 for pneumonia, aspiration which isn’t contagious.

    • KBR says:

      Aspiration pneumonia can start out as noncontagious but quickly become contagious.
      The inflammation-response pneumonia in the lungs caused by aspiration of something (like water)-non contagious- can become just the beginning stage of an infection-pneumonia of the lungs-possibly contagious depending on what flora was in that drop of water.
      After all, most people don’t drink sterile water, and water naturally contains minute amounts of bacteria, mold spores, and viruses. Once these are introduced (on the water droplet) into a sterile area (the lungs) they can go on to colonize and reproduce in the formerly sterile area, and because there is no competing bacteria, mold, or virus in that formerly sterile area to battle the new invaders for territory, the growth/reproduction rate can quickly become exponential.
      This is one reason why a person with aspiration pneumonia may be given antibiotics: as a protective measure (prophylactic) against a likely infection.
      (And bottled water isn’t truly sterile water. After the bottle is opened, and certainly after the first sip and backwash…well? The mouth flora gets in that bottled water fast. Mouth flora is not lung flora!)

  75. Gov Jay says:

    Is Dr. Lisa Bardack perhaps not a real doctor but an operative working for the CIA?…

  76. wolfmoon1776 says:

    There is a major post on zerohedge that I can’t link properly but I was told how to find it (middle of the latest Hillary records thread). I’m going to copy and paste here. The upshot is that somebody predicted what Hillary’s results would look like if her pneumonia WAS aspirational, and BAM – his prediction is exactly borne out. There are some additional damning things, but they require more explanation.
    Here ya go….
    Elvis is Alive Sep 14, 2016 9:36 PM
    Wow, this doctor just cost HRC the election. Go back to my post from a few days and you will read this, “People should be clamoring to see the chest x-ray, lab results and lab results for HRC. The most damning thing would be a normal white blood cell count.. and an infiltrate in the middle lobe of the right lung.” And what did we have? HRC was an afebrile patient with a normal WBC and right middle lobe chest infiltrate. There are three lobes in the right lung and two in the left, so either I know what I am talking about or am just damned lucky.
    This is what I said about HRC and the right middle lobe infiltrate, it “would be strongly suggestive that HRC has aspiration pneumonitis due to dysphagia from an underlying neurovascular issue and that the walking pneumonia diagnosis was pure bunk.”
    So the “pneumonia” wasn’t walking pneumonia, another lie, which is contagious and is treated with a tetracycline type drug or macrolide antibioitic. Levofloxacin is a florquinolone used for bacteial pneumonia, but here is the problem. The doctor says that HRC had no fever, no elevated WBC, and a normal oxygen saturation level, and how often does that happen with bacterial pneumonia? Almost never. And normal vitals signs means HRC had a normal blood pressure and pulse. That is even worse. She should have an elevated pulse and low blood pressure if she is going to be weakened due to dehyrdration from pneumonia. And how likely is it that she gets dehydrated if she doesn’t have a fever and the temp in NYC is 80 degrees? Very unlikely. This doctor just destroyed her own excuse for the syncopal event.
    On the other hand, doctors frequently see aspiration pneumonitis on chest x-rays in patients who aren’t that sick with normal vitals and no fever, and aspiration pneumonitis is not contagious.
    Then there are some other really fishy things here. She has a sinus and ear issue as do many Americans and is no big deal. She has a CT of her sinuses which is fine, but why the comment about a CT of her brain being fine? That is out of place. Why did you do a CT of her brain for a chronic sinus issue? And is this whole ear thing included to try to justify her chronic dizziness?
    Then there is the Armour thyroid for chronically low T3. That is not a reason to treat with thyroid. Low T3 is more likely due to euthyroid sick syndrome than hypothyroidism. Treatment for hypothyroidism is done in patients with an elevated TSH level not for a low T3 This is damning to HRC once more and not reassuring to me at all. It means she has a much more serious issue going on causing her thyroid to plummet. Thyroid sets the metabolism for the body (Trump’s low energy comment was right on then) and thyroid plummets when the body needs metabolism to be lower like with a bleed or other serious strain on the body like an infection or serious chronic disease.
    Then you have the comment on Coumadin. “The blood levels have been relatively stable.” That may be the dumbest comment of all, and it shows me that this report is for the drive by media and Boobus Americanus. Coumadin is the brand name for warfarin. Warfarin works by lowering the production of four clotting factors in the liver. Reduction of the clotting factors prolongs the body’s ability to clot blood which is called the protime. The way one measures the effectiveness of warfarin is making certain the protime is prolonged to the desired result. A shorthand and more digestable number is comparing the protime measured versus the protime anticipated in a person with normal clotting factors known as the international ratio or INR. The way you talk about warfarin is not via “blood levels” but by using the term protime or INR. No one in the medical field uses “Coumadin blood levels”.
    Dr. Drew came under fire for saying HRC was on ancient medicine as her anticoagulant was the older warfarin versus the newer anticoagulants like Xarelto which don’t require the rigorous monitoring warfarin does. Warfarin has one advantage though that the newer agents like Xarelto don’t have, and that is that the warfarin can be reversed very quickly with fresh frozen plasma. Why is that important? The biggest side effect with warfarin is bleeding, and the most critical area to have a bleed would be the brain, and that would be really important in a person who is falling all the time and could potentially hit her head. Didn’t Bill just say that HRC falls frequently? If a patient is at high risk for a fall and would need to have the effect of the anticoagulant reversed, that would be a sound reason for using warfarin over Xarelto.
    And you don’t even have to have a fall to have bleeding in the brain with warfarin. All you need to is tap the head with your fingers and a potentially fatal brain hematoma can develop.
    And we still haven’t been given a good reason for HRC’s fainting spell bc it sure as heck wasn’t dehydration and pneumonia.
    Remains healthy? On what planet is this the history of a healthy person? Fit to lead? WTF does that mean? You have a woman with coagulation issues, low thyroid, frequent syncopal events per her husband, and on “relatively stable Coumadin levels?” This the course of events one finds in your average nursing home patient. This doctor has given enough to have HRC disqualified IMO on the basis of her health. HRC is done.

    • georgiafl says:

      Link – http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-09-14/hillarys-doctor-releases-new-medical-record#comment-8113910
      Elvis Is Alive’ is evidently a medical professional of considerable experience.

      • wolfmoon1776 says:

        Thanks! There was somebody on Breitbart spreading the word, and urging others who understood the significance to pass it around.
        I think it’s amazing how the guerrilla-informed public is able to work around illary’s lies. The Democrats, I think, are less afraid of the news itself, than the idea that, by pointing out illary’s lies on a continuously refreshing basis, we are attracting disgusted voters into the Trump camp. Those slipping illary numbers come from somewhere.

    • mostlylurking says:

      The paragraph on hypothyroidism is dismally lacking. T3 is the active thyroid hormone. T4 has to be converted to T3 by the liver. Doctors usually just prescribe the patented synthetic T4 and ignore T3. The healthy thyroid gland puts out both T4 and T3.
      If the liver is sluggish because of (1.) estrogen overload, (2.) alcohol consumption, (3.) liver toxic drugs, (4) no T3, then it cannot convert T4 to T3. Adding T3 to the protocol or using natural desiccated thyroid that includes T3 helps the liver to work (like priming the pump).
      Alcohol consumption taxes the liver to the point that it cannot get rid of the estrogen, causing estrogen overload. Estrogen overload negatively affects the level of thyroid hormone and usability which is why there are more women suffering from hypothyroidism than men. Hillary drinks, is obese, and is female. Estrogen overload happens even without HRT. It happens in older men too.
      Hillary is taking Armour ND thyroid. Armour reformulated their ND thyroid medication in 2009. It no longer works for a lot of people (happened to me). Untreated and under-treated hypothyroidism is very serious. The blood tests used today are not calibrated correctly; you need a very experienced doctor to decipher the tests. It’s a long story. See here: http://raypeat.com/articles/articles/thyroid.shtml

      • wolfmoon1776 says:

        Fascinating – thanks for that. This is a kinetics problem that makes sense. I think this illustrates why criticizing older drugs per se is a bad idea. But by the same token, people who release health records only partially, have no right to expect that such partial release will go unquestioned. If the attitude of the Clinton camp is “you figure it out” – well – that is exactly what will happen, and it may happen in very embarrassing ways. Personally, I think the Team Cankles attitude is “Here ya go, and we hope you don’t figure it out.” That includes misleading presentation of misleading truths – the usual behavior of the Clintons.

      • Bendix says:

        Ironic that Hillary herself is a victim of the neglect in medicine today of older women and thyroid issues.

  77. wolfmoon1776 says:

    Good night, Treeps! Carry on!

  78. labrat says:

    Ok, this health angle has officially gone full tinfoil!

    • Bendix says:

      It helps to deal with the stress brought on by knowing the MSM is allowing the Clinton campaign to get away with flat-out lying to our faces. If I wasn’t here discussing it to death, I would feel very alone.

  79. Keln says:

    What I don’t understand is, after over 30 years of The Clintons, with their long and sordid history of pretty much anyone who works for them getting thrown under the bus or becoming a scapegoat, or dying under mysterious circumstances (although I’m not sold on the body count thing), why would anyone, especially someone as presumably intelligent and educated as a physician, willingly work for the Clintons beyond basic service?
    This Bardack character has to know that eventually she will be added to the long list of losers who stuck out their neck for these people and got burned. That it could likely end her career or worse. I mean, people earlier in the Clinton years had the excuse of not knowing better, but at this point there is no excuse. Even the most corrupt people on Earth should know better than to get near the Clintons. Yet they do anyway. It boggles the mind.

    • deqwik2 says:

      The Colin Powell emails prove you only have to know the Clintons to get thrown under the bus.

    • PreNanny says:

      People delude themselves into thinking it will not happen to them, they are special/the person has reformed or been lied about yadda yadda. It is not boggle worthy it happens all the time so often it could be said to be human nature. Personally I do not care what happens to her, she is in the enemy camp. No time to Gitmo her. Get TRUMP elected make America Great Again that is my mission.

    • testpointwp says:

      When Bill Clinton was president, a close friend of mine was hired to help the Clinton’s during another public relations fiasco.
      A few flattering words from Bill, a few nights in the Lincoln bedroom, experiencing the aura of power and very quickly he began to think, I’m special, I can make a difference, this time will be different. He could not accept that he was a mere prop on their stage.
      After the crisis was over, my friend was thrown under the bus. Lost his job, his credibility, his self esteem and almost lost his wife. Many of his friends turned against him.
      The Clintons destroy everyone and everything they touch.

    • Bendix says:

      I’m thinking a physician who treats politicians earns some sort of exemption to the onerous Obamacare rules that are driving our doctors out of practice and coming between them and their patients.
      Money, probably.

      • Keln says:

        Dealing with the Clinton’s is like the real life equivalent of those old tales about making deals with the Devil. It doesn’t matter how much money they offer, you’ll end up screwed in the end.

  80. ladypenquin says:

    I commented earlier at GP on this fact, there’s no such thing as non-contagious bacterial pneumonia. – bacteria is contagious (btw, viruses are contagious too), so saying she had “non-contagious bacterial pneumonia” was nonsense. Bacterial infections can be spread by droplet (coughing) and direct contacts, and hand contamination. Even healthy people can be infected along with susceptible people as in elderly, children, immunosuppressed, or others who might have a weakened immune state for any reason.
    I’d like to know what drug she’s on that gives her that low a blood pressure and pulse. (100/70 & P-70) At her age, unless she is doing aerobics, (and even then the pulse would be lowered, but the blood pressure would not be that low without meds – not with her weight and figure). Those are not normal numbers, but medications will often lower blood pressure and heart rates.
    Also her cholesterol and triglyceride numbers. I mean that’s laughable… she must be on meds controlling those numbers. Even great genetics don’t do that for one at that age.
    No matter what they’re spinning, Hillary has obviously had some neurological incident with residual sequelae. She appears to be having seizures. Seizure activity is often a common sequelae to having brain trauma – her falls… Her coughing fits are not benign events.
    One last point, her first fall could have been caused by the fact that she had an initial seizure.

  81. Arkindole says:

    SMH at some of these comments/hypotheses.

  82. sysconfig says:

    Well maybe the stress of Judicial Watches deposition played a role which we all know ((cough cough) can lower our immune system rendering us susceptible to all kinds of bugs..bacteria virii and stuff. They were supposed to send the answers by the 26th and wouldn’t you know it she just got an extension of 2 more weeks. She said her lawyers were unavailable..that must be Cheryl Mills. I would have saved time an money cuz any bank will notarize for free if you have an account..so…I dont see any reason for the delay 🙂
    I remember the last time she did the twas a week before the Benghazi hearing. She eventually did it when feeling better and was wired to go..
    Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was hospitalized Saturday after fainting and striking her head, officials said.
    Clinton, who has been battling the flu, fainted and fell, according to a statement released by the State Department.
    She suffered a concussion and was treated at a hospital, but she is now recovering at her Washington home.
    Clinton, 65, has been ill for the last week, forcing the cancellation of a trip to the Middle East. An aide said that she had grown dehydrated due to the flu, which caused her to faint.
    She was scheduled to testify on Capitol next week about the investigation into the September attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya.
    So she postponed the pain but I hope not the debate

    • sysconfig says:

      Its a boilerplate SOP from 2013
      The concussion was the result of an earlier illness, described by the State Department as a stomach virus she had picked up during a trip to Europe that led to dehydration and a fainting spell after she returned to the United States.
      “It did not result in a stroke, or neurological damage,” the doctors said in a statement.
      But, they added, Mrs Clinton “is making excellent progress and we are confident she will make a full recovery.”

  83. Jeff says:

    ” But in the 1990s – another moment in time when an event in North Korea varies (some say it happened in 1991 and others in 1994), the late dictator, then 50 (or 53) years old, set a golfing standard that will assuredly never be surpassed. It occurred at the grand opening of the Pyongyang Golf Complex, which contains North Korea’s only 18-hole golf course.
    After picking up a golf club that day for the very first time in his life, the Dear Leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea fired a 38-under-par round of 34 at Pyongyang. According to the 17 security guards who observed the performance, the score included an amazing 11 aces. Naturally, the event was dutifully reported to the North Korean masses by the state news agency.”
    communist “STATE NEWS AGENCY ” reported ….hmmm sounds like we are in the same boat as North Korea .
    The Doctor will be moving in next to Bernie Sanders in her new BEACH HOUSE any day now . What choice did she have anyway …BEACH HOUSE or sudden “suicide “

  84. sDee says:

    Dr. Drew said that Clinton’s doctor is prescribing outdated treatments for her thyroid and blood clotting.
    Now Dr. Wolf says Clinton’s doctor is lying.
    When choosing a doctor, the Clinton’s clearly value duplicity over competence.

    • jakeandcrew says:

      When choosing a doctor, the Clinton’s clearly value duplicity over competence.
      Absolutely, they do, because they don’t live in reality. It’s all about the optics with them. They don’t want a doctor who will give an honest evaluation, they want a doctor who will paint the picture they want to portray. Trouble is, the reality of Hillary’s health is catching up with her, and the lies are just not holding up.

  85. Lanna says:

    I thought I remembered Dr. Milton Wolf as Obummer’s cousin, so I searched to be sure. Sorry for the Wikipedia link.

  86. Howie says:

    I am pretty sure she has Double Barking Moonbat Cooties. Very contagious.

  87. holly100 says:

    Last line of Sundance’s post…..
    “Fake illnesses, fake diagnosis and fake tests. All for a fake candidate.” Interesting…very interesting 🙂

    • sDee says:

      Well it would have been yet-another entirely fake election had it not been for Donald Trump and Les Deplorérables

  88. NHVoter says:

    I watched the video that’s embedded in this article yesterday and found it very interesting. I’m not a doctor so I really don’t know if Hillary does in fact have Parkinson’s. However, the doctor in this video does a good job of explaining why Hillary does not have pneumonia. The video is not too long and is worth a watch.

  89. jwingermany says:

    This could be Dr Lisa Bardack’s way of blinking “S-O-S”.
    We have a doctor’s statement written up more like a political statement and sprinkled with errors that other health experts would pick up on…explaining the explosion of videos online with REAL doctors giving their own opinion and analysis on Hillary’s health.
    Dr. Bardack may have just joined Club Comey…because she doesn’t want to join Club Seth Rich.

  90. K. says:

    Bardack simply wrote ‘fit’ to be President of the United States….not ‘physically fit’ nor ‘mentally fit’. Harkens back to : “I did not have sex with that woman” Couldnt resist.

    • georgiafl says:

      It’s disgusting that old Monica pretends to be a victim of the Clintons, when she was a willing participant in the obscenities. She also knew about the other women the Clintons persecuted and attacked. Why should she be any different?
      Being a Democrat should always come with Surgeon General’s Warnings.

  91. K. says:

    I would further point out that, as referenced to the Miller-Keane Encyclopedia and Dictionary of Medicine, Nursing and Allied Health, Seventh Ed. 2003, “health” can be “more than the absence of disease”…..”leaders in the health field suggest that it is better to think of each person as being located on a graduated spectrum (continuum)” ……Thus “high level ‘wellness’ is described as a dynamic process in which the individual is actively engaged in moving toward fulfillment of his or her potential”..
    The Clintins just love semantics because they think that they are sooooo smart…Sundance and all of you…..keep poking holes in thier ‘speak’!

  92. cohibadad says:

    yes. it is correct that there is no such thing as non-contagious bacterial pneumonia. Also, if diagnosed by CT, it cannot be determined to be bacterial at all. So the bacterial part of it isn’t explained, let alone the non-contagious part. To be diagnosed as bacterial requires a culture, but there is no mention of it. The CTA non-contrast part caught my attention also, but if you search for CTA calcium score there is a page which lists them together, but does make it clear that the calcium score is non-contrast. That one I chalk up to a believable mistake. In the letter Bardack mentions examining her when she got back to the apartment, but conveniently neglects to mention that she was with her during the ceremony and at the time of the collapse or whatever they are calling it now.

    • jakeandcrew says:

      Dr. Barack wasn’t with her. That was Christine Falvo, a former aide of Hillary’s at the State Dept. – now a PR exec.

    • Bendix says:

      She examined Hillary at her ‘home’, she said. Hillary’s home is in Chappaqua, isn’t it? Does she have an apartment in NYC as well, and if so, why would she go to Chelsea’s, then?

  93. TrustyHaste says:

    I am a medical coder and I work in ICD 10, all day, every day. I was focused on that diagnosis also. The only way to tell what type of bacteria is causing the Pneumonia is to test the sputum. This requires growing cultures and takes days, unless there is advance testing that I am not aware of. But, do not study the letter too much (it was written mostly by Hillary and her non-medical staff) The important thing is, that she is A-ok, no health problems, as fine as fine can be! OK, so no dropping out and no missing the debates!!!!!

  94. squid2112 says:

    Here is a whole lot more from Dr. Milton Wolf on the matter:
    Dr. Milton Wolf: Hillary’s Doctor Claimed Hillary Got a Perfect Score on TEST THAT DOES NOT EXIST
    Some quick, indisputable facts:
    ◘ Hillary Clinton suffered a dural sinus thrombosis (blood clots in the brain). Very serious. Significant risk of stroke, intracranial hemorrhage and death.
    ◘ They blamed the clots on a concussion. Not a chance. Concussions don’t cause blood clots. It would take a skull fracture with tearing of the dural sinus.
    ◘ She suffered/suffers residual/recurrent neurological deficits (visual disturbance, balance, memory, mental status). Bad prognostic indicator.
    ◘ She is on lifelong Coumadin. This is highly significant. Dangerous drug. Blood thinner. It’s clear she has a hypercoagulable disorder despite their denials. Coumadin carries a substantial risk for patients, particularly those with fall risk. Spontaneous hemorrhage common, intracranial and elsewhere. I see it commonly, including life-threatening brain bleeds. Normal, healthy patients are NEVER, NEVER prescribed Coumadin.
    My conclusions (and I’m right about these):
    ◘ HC clearly has an underlying hypercoagulable blood disorder. That’s the only reason to give Coumadin (other than chronic atrial fibrillation and prosthetic heart valves, which are actually themselves causes of hypercoagulable disorders).
    ◘ Her hypercoagulable is likely severe. There are safer blood thinners than Coumadin. They’ve tried them on her (Lovenox) and it failed. Coumadin is typically given to those who can’t afford the newer drugs or reserved for cases that are refractory to the safer drugs. Coumadin is a powerful and dangerous drug; originally developed as a rat poison (Warfarin).
    And the big one:
    ◘ It’s more likely than not that Hillary suffered a stroke in 2012 that they called a concussion. Stroke is extremely common following sinus thrombosis (of patients with clot in SSS: 75% stroke and 60% have intracranial hemorrhage). Overall about half the cases of sinus thrombosis resolve completely but that’s obviously not her since she exhibits and confesses to lasting neurological deficits. This is med school 101 stuff.

  95. Rob says:

    “Lisa Bardack MD” needs to be investigated by the NYS Department of Health for malpractice. Better yet, concerned citizens should consider filing a complaint against her with said agency: http://www.health.ny.gov/professionals/doctors/conduct/file_a_complaint.htm (license #187980)

    • Hold on. Hillary may well lying to Bardack about her episodes. Hillary may be lying about how much she drinks. Many of Hillary’s symptoms could be alcohol related. People keep that secret from their doctors for a long time until the family confesses it..

      • CA Warrior says:

        Yes, but this is a doctor’s report of specific tests that has been proven to be a false narrative. Put out there for the uneducated masses to see. Shame on this doctor for putting her personal political beliefs well out in front of her professional ethics.

        • georgiafl says:

          Both Dr. Bardack and her husband, Dr. Mitchell Nobler, noted neurologist, may be under threat…or bribe… by the Clintons.

        • 4bleu says:

          the misleading banality of ‘mild pneumonia’
          ‘mild pneumonia’ is like saying that wasn’t a tornado, that was a ‘microburst.’ Everyone bent over double in misery with a ‘mild pneumonia’ diagnosis suddenly become frightfully grateful it wasn’t ‘medium’ pneumonia or ‘severe’ pneumonia. Pneumonia is an inflammation of the air sacks with fluid build-up in the lungs. ‘Mild’ is a partial build-up of fluid, severe is a dangerous build-up that will suffocate the victim. The body coughs to expel the fluid/mucus to clear the lungs — to breathe. Coughs violently from the chest, not a hack-hack a-hem! cough-drop cough.
          Bacterial pneumonia killed the muppets inventor – very quickly. So, it’s not less harmless than ‘viral’ pneumonia.
          And people sick with pneumonia lose weight. miserable.

          • fuzzi says:

            I was thinking of Jim Henson with all this talk about “pushing through” or whatever Hilliary’s aides were calling it. Henson could probably have survived if he hadn’t ignored his symptoms and illness.

          • JunieG says:

            Plus, Hillary has been coughing FOR YEARS. Did they think we forgot? Has suffered a number of accidents which have had serious consequences – like a concussion and subsequent cranial blood clot – which have been attributed to dehydration. When we see her, she usually has a drink in her hand, like the cold chai of the other seizure video.
            Doc is making this up as she goes along, and is accumulating favors from HRC.

      • jc says:

        I thought alcohol was truth serum?

      • High alcohol levels in the blood DO cause dehydration, dizziness and hallucinations.

    • Scott says:

      I just want an explanation of how lungs full of fluid with bacteria flourishing and growing is not a cause for great concern. If they are making it up (and using that) what the heck are they covering up? It has to be much worse.

    • The Heretic says:

      When you have non-existent illnesses diagnosed with non-existent tests, it gives one to wonder if the patient is even among the living? Or is her life is also non-existent?

  96. Patrumpsupporter says:

    Side effects of Levoquin include seizures, confusion, weakness. In light of that, one might consider an alternate anti biotic after the 9/11 event?

    • seventhndr says:

      Or perhaps she’s not taking it, but by adding it to the list they have a convenient excuse should she “short circuit” during the debates. 😉

    • Norm Balog says:

      Standard of care treatment (per several sources, not the least of which being the venerable “Sanford Guide to Antimicrobial Therapy”) for CAP (Community-Acquired Pneumonia aka “walking pneumonia”) is STILL azithromycin, clarithromycin, doxycycline or amoxicillin/clavulanic acid… fluoroquinolones are the LAST choice and since the FDA put out a strongly worded black box warning advising against their use as first-line therapy for just about anything, I seriously wonder about Dr. Bardack’s understanding of infectious disease and proper, responsible antibiotic prescribing habits. I worry about my colleagues who prescribe Omnicef for whiners who come into our clinic with twelve hours of sniffles and sinus pressure “I have a SINUS infection” just to satisfy the patient’s demand for “something really strong because I’m resistant” and/or get them out of our hair; they’re not doing the community any favors either. Considering HRC’s history of seizures (even Bill’s mentioned she does this frequently), is Levaquin really a sound first choice antibiotic for a frail 69 year old woman, especially as she’s on coumadin and LT4?

      • Ralph S says:

        You are 100% correct sir. I used to sell branded azithromycin for community acquired pneumonia (CAP). Unfortunately I used to have to remind doctors all the time about the increasing issue with bacterial resistance to antibiotics and one of the contributing factors of resistance which is inappropriate antibiotic selection and overprescribing.

      • DGinGA says:

        It sounds like you are a medical doctor, sir. Can you tell me when, exactly, one would use a CT scan of any kind to diagnose pneumonia? My docs use a quick chest x-ray.

        • bofh says:

          CT certainly pays better than just a CXR. And, the Calcium Score coronary evaluation can probably also be billed separately…

      • Bendix says:

        She does seem a little free with the antibiotics, doesn’t she?

      • Afterthought says:

        Community acquired pneumonia does not equal walking pneumonia. They call it “walking pneumonia” because the bacteria causing the infection do not have the surface antigens that trigger the typical immune response so you don’t feel like you are sick.
        Everyone’s a doctor then?

    • ladypenquin says:

      Essentially, that drug is contraindicated because of seizure issue, especially in someone who has seizures. Also, her age is a disqualifier for the drug. IOW, it’s more a choice of last resort, when other drugs have failed. If Hillary had any pneumonia, she would have had to be hospitalized – long before the “diagnosis” of pneumonia on Friday, the 10th.
      The whole story is a scam, once again perpetuated upon the American people, and the media is complicit in the coverup.

      • JeremyR says:

        Yes, but for the low information public who tunes in for five minutes of this, or less depending on network, this is all they will ever know. The doctor said, so it must be so. Doctors never lie. That is the mentality that got Barry elected, a second term, and speaking of second terms, with all we knew to be true in 1996, it was the lofo problem that got Worthless Willie a second term instead of jail time.

  97. MJB says:

    Woodrow Wilson suffered a catastrophic, disabling stroke while President (Oct. 3, 1919), as recounted in multiple sources .This was the most serious illness suffered by any sitting President.
    Wilson’s condition was hidden from his Cabinet, from the Vice President and, of course, from the public. This could only be done by keeping Wilson physically isolated.
    The nation was stunned when FDR died unexpectedly on April 12, 1945 — less than six months after being elected to a fourth term in office. The death was unexpected because the president’s personal physician, VADM Ross McIntire, whenever asked, had proclaimed that FDR’s health was excellent. McIntire, an otolaryngologist and then surgeon-general of the U.S. Navy, must have known FDR was gravely ill — FDR’s physical decay was plainly evident even to non-physicians in the final months
    During the first six months of his presidency, Kennedy’s physicians “administered large doses of so many drugs that [Dr. Janet] Travell kept a `Medicine Administration Record'”. Many of the drugs Kennedy received affect thinking
    If an officer in the U.S. Air Force were taking any one of these medications, he or she would not even be allowed to talk on the radio to aircraft as supervisor of flying. Kennedy, as commander-in-chief, was supervisor for the entire Air Force

    • Matt Musson says:

      If elected, Hillary will not survive 4 years in office. Her health is not up to it.

    • Churchill, struck by seeing the decay of Roosevelt while at Yalta, asked his personal physician what he thought. His doctor opined no more than 6 months left for FDR.
      When FDR died (and I have good souces he is in Hell), Churchill had to deal with Truman, who didn’t have a clue to the Allied arrangements between Britain, Commonwealth, and USA.
      Those who foget the past…..

      • Trumpmendous says:

        If Hillary died today, the only people that would be surprised are Democrats.

        • JeremyR says:

          And only the lofo ones. You can bet Donna Brazzille and Debbie Whatshernamesluts know what is going on. Barry would know if he had a brain instead of Soros knuckles in his head.

    • F16jetjock says:

      Dittos for Pearl Harbor. Because Naval Intelligence had broken both Japanese diplomatic and military ciphers by February 1941, FDR was able to monitor the Japanese First Fleet as it sailed from Northern Japan to north of Oahu in November/December 1941. It is apparent that to retain the integrity and secrecy of the Presidency, Pearl Harbor still remains a “surprise attack” to the majority of Americans.

    • JayneDoe says:

      There is a very well researched book about Roosevelt’s health and the coverup that was involved. It is called “A Conspiracy of Silence” by Harry S. Goldsmith , M.D.
      Very scary to think that in this day and age something like this could still happen. Very scary.

    • Bendix says:

      Back then, in the Kennedy era, there was a prevailing idea that there was a pill for everything, but now it is swinging back the other way sharply. In spite of this, Hillary & Co. seem to believe they will be able to medicate her way out of age and illness.
      She can’t even manage to follow doctor’s orders for a day or two for the illness it is claimed she has.

  98. Craig W. Gordon says:

    Confuscious say, ‘Sum ting wong’. I hope these lies catch up to Hillary. How can someone get away with so much lying?

    • seventhndr says:

      I think the only reason she is alive is satan himself is apprehensive about her arrival.

      • sassymemphisbelle says:

        your comments reminds me of the saying “heaven doesn’t want her, and hell’s too afraid that she’ll take over”. 🙂

    • Bert Darrell says:

      Her lies, scandals, and crimes have already caught up to her, Craig.
      Only lofos and the voluntary blind and deaf would missed them.

    • Bendix says:

      I’m concerned about the lying in the ‘bullying’ story she put out there recently, being swept aside in all the coverage of this new episode. SOMEBODY should be out there looking for Hillary’s ‘friend’, who took the LSAT the same day she did, so she can confirm the story. That shouldn’t be hard to do.
      Hillary has the bad habit, which has gotten way worse since her association with Barack Obama, of slandering nameless people who fit into a category she feels it’s okay to demonize for political reasons. She needs to be called out on it, every time.

  99. Illegal says:

    Who ever walked out of Chelsea’s condo looked and acted the picture of health. If you had pneumonia – even what is referred to as walking pneumonia you look and feel like shite. They must have pumped Hillary full of some powerful meds to get her to perform for her exit.

    • Privacynomore says:

      They didn’t fill her with meds. They plugged her in and yelled “it’s alive, it’s alive!”.

    • mcfyre2012 says:

      Not to mention she looked like she lost 20-30 pounds (maybe it was the blue outfit and glasses).

      • georgiafl says:

        It was the camera lens angle. Other photos showed her usual size/shape and the SS detail accompanying her.

        • Illegal says:

          The thing that is odd is the girl giving her the flower. Hillary seems a lot more flexible then she has appeared in years. Also this sentimental gesture is not normal Hillary behavoir. The whole video has a staged feel to it.

          • georgiafl says:

            Hillary was able to appear healthy for a total of 3-5 minutes….after which she collapsed into her medical van and was taken somewhere (home or to a private medical facility) with several of her medics in attendance.
            She then cancelled all appearances and called on Bill, Biden and Barry – the three Bs to handle her BS campaign.

          • CA Warrior says:

            Yes staged. By a body double. If you or I were on the verge of collapse and almost passed out, we would be rushed to the nearest hospital. This was a staged event, and what we all saw on this video shot from afar was not hillary.

            • Sandra-VA says:

              It was Hillary. Side by side photos of pre-seizure and post-exit Chelsea’s apartment show an identical wrinkle pattern, nose shape and chin.
              However, she looked MUCH better in the 2nd photo than the 1st. Drugs and makeup…

          • corimari2013 says:

            That is what I noted: her peppy movement, her ease of knee-bending for the photo with the little girl, her stability…not believable for a woman who had tremors or a seizure and collapsed just over an hour earlier. The media was kept far away, and no aides were anywhere nearby…more reasons to doubt that it was really Hillary.
            Take a look at the photos with this article, and compare the side-by-side shots of Hillary’s profile on 9/11. Look at the nose…is it the same person?

          • marierogers says:

            my second post on issue of where was the SS? maybe out of camera range? doubtful !

          • navysquid says:

            I think that was the same girl when Hillary was taking “Snipper fire” and a girl came out to meet her with flowers.

        • Wiggy says:

          Funny, the long shot picture of her, there was no one anywhere near her, especially the SS. If they were there they were hiding. Besides, where was her nurse and the black Dr that was always at her side, just in case? Funny the pant suit was dragging the ground as if it was too long for her body. Also funny was in one picture she had no ring on her finger then the next picture she had a small ring. Hillary’s picture before the incident had a wide band ring on her finger.
          Regardless, people will believe what they want to believe.

  100. Paul Killinger says:

    Like I said, whoever concocted this disinformation, they got her to sign it.

    • when Bardack writes “mild noninfectious bacterial pneumonia” of the right middle lung lobe she could be describing an aspiration pneumonia but doesn’t use that term because it implies disability.

      • Sam says:

        IF she has aspiration pneumonia, that would indicate she has trouble swallowing. After I survived MRSA pneumonia last year, my pulmonologist ordered several tests to track my swallowing mechanics. Turns out i’m swallowing normally. Hillary would be taking those tests, IF a competent doctor were treating her.
        IF Hillary has Parkinson’s, there would come a point when she would not able to swallow properly and would aspirate both liquids and solids.
        In summary, the public has been given a pack of lies by Hillary’s doctor and her campaign.

        • angie says:

          yes all of that coughing she was doing could have caused aspiration pneumonia –
          Pneumonia can also be caused by breathing in a foreign object, such as a piece of food, or a harmful substance, such as smoke. This is called aspiration pneumonia. If breathing in a foreign object leads to a bacterial infection, this is contagious.

      • Sandra says:

        Regarding the suggestion that she might have aspiration pneumonia … I think the key clue here is Levaquin. Dr. Bardack says she’s taking Levaquin. If you look at the typical antibiotics for aspiration pneumonia, you’ll see metronidazole and clindamycin. Levaquin is used for community-acquired bacterial pneumonia … and those bacteria are contagious. Very very fishy here. I think their story was too hastily cobbled together (to try to accommodate all of the bizarre goings on and things that people had already said) and now it doesn’t make sense.

  101. saintoil says:

    Tripping over their lies now. Amateur hour.

  102. Ruebacca says:

    BS for the press.

  103. Barney Boydston says:

    In the second paragraph we learn:
    “Mrs. Clinton has been seen by me regularly this year for routine care.”
    In the last paragraph we also learn:
    “My overall impression is that Mrs. Clinton has remained healthy and has not developed new medical conditions this year other than a sinus and ear infection and her recently diagnosed pneumonia. ”
    Weasel words? Nothing new this year. Was there an underlying condition previously?

    • Sherlock says:

      No one should believe a single word of anything released by the Clinton campaign. History proves it has been one lie followed by another, with no exceptions whatsoever.

    • DGinGA says:

      Sure, PARKINSONS!

    • Sandra says:

      Nothing new this year except three illnesses requiring surgery and multiple courses of antibiotics. But she’s healthy! That’s a really poor definition of health, you know?

  104. openpass2 says:

    I’m starting to believe Hillary isn’t being completely forthright about her health.

    • Patients hold out on their doctors, too. It’s conceivable that Hillary is lying to Bardack or withholding info re: her neurological situation and is seeing another ‘doctor’.

      • Bendix says:

        The rest of us will no longer be able to hold out on our doctors. The electronic medical records The Affordable Care Act demands will see to it that not only will we not be able to keep records private between our doctors, we won’t be able to keep them private from the NSA and probably not even the Russians.

  105. bofh says:

    There is no mention by Dr. Bardack of sputum culture or microscopic examination – without knowing the organism how could it be pronounced “non-contagious”? And if “noncontagious”, what was the point of the campaign s mentioning that numerous staffers “had gotten it” (and Chuckles Schumer’s “me too” as well)? More importantly, this pneumonia issue skirts the bigger issue of her underlying neurologic health.
    I hope Dr. Bardack has enjoyed the thrill of dealing with the rich and ultra-powerful, because her medical white-wash has left her in a very vulnerable position – one that will crumble if/when Hillary has her next visible medical issue.

  106. It’s a special Russian/Putin non-contagious bacteria made to make Clinton look bad and influence our American election system. They’re using a virus for our computer voting systems. (that was sarcasm)

  107. As Dr. Gupta and others have said, Dr. Bardack’s letter is not the medical record. Dr. Bardack is an internist, not a radiologist and not a Pulmonary specialist. The letter represents her opinion. When she writes “mild non-contagious bacterial pneumonia” in the right middle lung lobe, she is describing an aspiration pneumonia which can show up just about anywhere in the lungs but occurs most frequently in the right middle lung lobe. The radiologist is most likely seeing only a minimal sketchy infiltrate in that lobe on x-rays/scans. It might be old stuff and irrelevant. It’s unclear that it could manifest as coughing and dehydration. It does look like Lisa B. took the radiograph as her gospel and ran with it.to fit a narrative and made herself look ridiculous in the process.

  108. nero10 says:

    Dr. Milton Wolf was the first to notice the issue: But he is mistaken about the CTA Calcium score. That test DOES NOT use contrast injection at all. I dont believe that she had CT angiography with contrast.
    I do believe that she suffers from seizures both petit mal that we saw many times on videos, and now grand mal (that we saw near the van). Her doctor will never reveal that she has seizures as this will disqualify her from the presidency.

    • Ficklefinger says:

      Hillary’s doctor has a greater public service responsibility than to the wicked witch’s privacy. This harridan is not some grandma in private life. She seeks the power of the presidency and the ability to take the country to war and command the entire military. Forget all this HIPAA stuff. She wants to be the most powerful woman on Earth and wants US, the voters, to grant her that power WITHOUT US KNOWING THE FULL TRUTH OF HER MEDICAL HISTORY.
      Hillary’s medical privacy ends at the hallway to the Oval Office.

      • I wouldn’t take any doctor’s representations to third parties very seriously— except under very specific circumstances, a doctor’s legal duties are owed ONLY to the patient. Bardack has no legal duty to the public to provide them with accurate, objective information about her patient …

  109. ecmarsh says:

    I predict a bigger than normal Hillary crowd today in Greensboro.
    The youngsters will have their flash turned on to see if they can make her fall on the stage.
    If she doesn’t drop on live TVeeee, her polls will shoot skyward.

  110. Neri Holzer says:

    Dr. Milton Wolf is mistaken about the CTA Calcium score. That test DOES NOT use contrast injection at all. I dont believe that she had CT angiography with contrast.

    • Bert Darrell says:

      I think you misunderstood Dr. Wolf comment RE the calcium score. You and him are saying the same thing.

    • KBR says:

      What you have stated is exactly what Dr. Milton Wolf wrote, you should reread it!
      Why would you state that Dr. Wolf is mistaken, and then argue against him with, in essence, what he said?
      “9/14/16, 5:27pm A CT calcium score study (of the coronary arteries) MUST be non contrast.” (Quote from Dr. Milton Wolf tweet above.)

    • AND ONLY information that Hillary dictates, truthful or not.
      As a doctor, she signed that released misinformation. Does she have a license to practice?

  111. “mild non-contagious bacterial pneumonia” in the right middle lung lobe sounds an awful lot like aspiration pneumonia where it occurs most frequently.

    • It’s really irrelevant— she may or may not have a mild case of pneumonia. It didn’t cause what we saw on 9/11–that was due to her history of brain blood clots and subsequent neurological deficits , eg, she has seizures of one type or another or transient ischemic episodes .Thats what we saw on 9/11— a neurological event — it’s not from overheating or dehydration or pneumonia…and it’s not Parkinsons…Following Dr Martin Wolff @martinwolfmd is a good idea– he clearly and concisely points out that Hillary has a clotting disorder , she has had a sinus thrombosis (” stroke “) and the symptoms we see are residual and recurring effects of her stroke.

      • Sherlock says:

        She’s clearly a basket of maladies, and truly unfit physically, mentally, and morally to hold any office.

        • Bendix says:

          I honestly believe that some of her ill health is attributable to her real thyroid condition and trying to follow the crappy ‘healthy’ diet the government recommends. Stiffness, fatigue, insomnia (which Provigil is used to treat), ‘brain fog’ etc.
          Look at Bill. He’s on that ‘plant-based’ diet they have in store for the rest of us.

        • steph_gray says:

          Basket of incurables.

      • I agree. On 9-11 Hillary was propped up, her body was RIGID, she had no control of her legs..Her head was looking straight ahead as she tried to walk, she never looked down at the curb..she was unconscious. She flopped into the van because she was a limp as a rag doll.
        AND wasn’t she first videoed having coughing fits last February?

    • Sandra says:

      Levaquin, which Hillbilly is now taking, is not the antibiotic for aspiration pneumonia. Levaquin is the antibiotic for community-acquired pneumonia bacteria which are contagious. According to what I’ve read. (Is there a doctor in the house?! lol)

  112. daughnworks247 says:

    Sounds like Dr. Drew was correct. Hillary is being diagnosed and treated by quacks.
    Could it BE that Hillary is paranoid and more concerned with personal loyalty to her than actual medical credentials?
    I can see Hillary going with Doc Lisa rather than NYU Medical.

    • daughnworks247 says:

      This is such a contrast to a businessman like Trump. Biz school 101 teaches us to hire people with skill sets we DON’T have, to make the company stronger. We also purposely hire people who are strong enough to tell us NO, and who can make a lucid case for their opposition. Biz owners do this because we have consequences for our actions in the private sector.
      With Hillary, she has fallen victim to a lifetime of patronage. She surrounds herself with cronies FIRST, who are chosen for their loyalty rather than their competence. It’s a recipe for disaster, waste, fraud, and in Hillary’s case, ill-health.

      • tampa2 says:

        One of the greatest posts I’ve read! I owned a general contracting company and searched far and wide for the best subcontractors, suppliers, superintendents, accounting personnel, office staffers and even receptionists who were polite, courteous and understood they were integral to the initial and on-going perception of our professionalism, honesty and integrity. No ass-kissers anywhere.

        • Bendix says:

          I like BOTH of your posts. This is one of the things I’ve been saying to Trump detractors. The man has superior executive function skills. It isn’t his business experience, it is his demonstrated skill that qualifies him for the office. Hillary falls into the trap of believing that just because she’s smart, she can solve every problem herself.
          I think a lot of the people who were able to figure out how to make money off of the fiscal malpractice or whatever you would call it, the ‘bubble’ foisted on the world, believe themselves so smart because they got rich, they can’t stand it that someone like Trump has a better understanding than they do of the whole picture and how what happened on Wall Street or in Brussels or China had a negative effect on places like Flint. They don’t like to believe that they themselves were riding high while their pet people were suffering.
          Michael Bloomberg comes to mind. We are supposed to believe that he knows the way out of a situation that made him, and that he would even want to fix it if he knew how?

          • HRC isn’t exceptionally bright — she FAILED. The DC bar ! In the demographic of white females who graduate from elite law schools, I am certain that less than 5% fail the bar…it’s probably fewer than that…
            Unless she had pneumonia, bright people dont fail the bar– that’s an epic disaster for a graduate of an elite law school.

  113. Paul Killinger says:

    Another aspect of Mrs Clinton’s health issues is what Dem Sen Whitehouse said after sharing a dias with her earlier this year, when he remarked that she could BARELY CLIMB THE STEPS TO THE PODIUM.
    While this symptom may be impacted by other infirmities, her inability to climb a few stairs IS NOT NORMAL for soneone her age. WHY she has difficulty would be an excellent question for her physicians.

  114. Deb says:

    Aspirational pneumonia. The bacterial infection is secondary which is why it isn’t contagious. They are playing word games to cover up the fact that Hillary has a hard time swallowing and aspirates easily. It could be as simple as acid reflux, or it could be a neurological disorder.
    We can’t know her actual prognosis, but we can hammer away at the fact that her campaign is dishonest and uses misdirection. Also, he collapse shows she should have follows doctors orders and been resting, she has terrible judgement caused by hubris.

  115. SSI01 says:

    The good doctor never executed this document. One of the HRC campaign’s staffers did so on instructions from campaign management. If you worked long and hard – 12 years of your life – to become a doctor, you’d have a justifiable pride in your accomplishment, and you’d want proper credit. You’d want to ensure any professional affiliations you had, any professional associations you belonged to, were properly represented on your business card, on your website, and on your stationery. One glance at the signature block of this document gives the lie to the entire thing. Remember, it’s IMMEDIATELY below her signature so she should have paid attention to it. Even if her signature was artificially generated, she should still have noticed this on review and prior to release. The proper word to describe her affiliation with the American Board of Internal Medicine is “diplomate,” not “diplomat.” It’s pronounced “di-plomait.” A “diplomat,” as made abundantly evident by Guccifer 2.0’s release of Clinton documents yesterday, is a person who pays the Clinton Crime Family Foundation a certain fee in return for appointment as a US ambassador to a foreign nation. The two are not the same. “Diplomate” v. “diplomat” is a rookie mistake for someone who composes a document like this to make. They probably thought the person who composed the REAL blank or pirated document they used as a template made a mistake in their spelling, and they (the one faking this document) thought they’d correct an “obvious” error. Turns out the joke was on them. This report is a fake.

  116. FelineFine says:

    This medical “report” seems as authentic as Smidgen’s birth certificate. Doubt anyone in the media will question any of it.

  117. dmi60ex says:

    Dear Americans
    Please excuse Hillary from the debate .She saw Chris Stevens ghost on 9_11 and thought it was a piece of undigested pudding . That night she was visited by the three ghosts of Benghazi
    Dr James Carville

  118. Ron Hyatt says:

    “Sounds like Dr. Drew was correct. Hillary is being diagnosed and treated by quacks.” Know who else was diagnosed and treated by quacks?

  119. Ken Watson says:

    The non-contagious part is obvious. It is to cover for the ‘optics’ involved when Hillary engaged that little ragamuffin who managed to zip through the Secret Service screen. Even Libs don’t want their children exposed to diseases that kill the old and young. I think.

    • Polish Rifle says:

      The tiny street urchin was actually a HOLOGRAM.

    • Bendix says:

      I don’t know that much about pneumonia, but my relative who is susceptible to it is supposed to avoid crowds when she’s sick. Because her immune system is compromised, or something. I can remember when hospitals didn’t allow children under fourteen inside near sick patients, because of the risk of communicable diseases. They don’t do it that way now, I hear, and people who go in the hospital come away sicker than when they went in.
      In short, why would a woman nursing a serious illness get that close to a strange child?

  120. Patrumpsupporter says:

    According to medicinenet pneumonia is contagious. Walking pneumonia, from mycoplasma, is highly contagious. Pneumonia is one of the top ten causes of death in the western world. Hope someone is monitoring her contacts

  121. daughnworks247 says:

    ooooooo, You guys are impressive this morning. Thank you for the tidbit Polish rifle.

  122. dmi60ex says:

    If this Dr is gonna right up phony reports ,she definitely should stay away from sharp scalpels , slippery surfaces , planes , trains, automobiles , any food substances , barbells and Fort Marcy Park

  123. James Crawford says:

    Hillary is just tired.

  124. Michael Hennessy says:

    Fake illnesses, fake diagnosis and fake tests, Fake Dr.

  125. Polish Rifle says:

    Bardack’s husband, world famous GERIATRIC PSYCHIATRIST and NEUROLOGIST Dr. Mitchell S. Nobler, is a published expert in ECT (Electroconvulsive Therapy). Has he been giving Clinton the “Eagleton Treatment”? https://books.google.com/books?id=8IxAO4wySBkC&pg=PA29&lpg=PA29&dq=%22MITCHELL+S+NOBLER%22+ECT&source=bl&ots=6z8C9Rtk8X&sig=gb2Wp2tMvvvwX4aB9JFmBXNq8ic&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiE6s35yJHPAhXIoD4KHTncAH8Q6AEISjAH#v=onepage&q=%22MITCHELL%20S%20NOBLER%22%20ECT&f=false

    • Just_me says:

      Difficult to read if you are not a doctor, but I would bet this doctor has been treating Clinton. I, like another poster, believe Clinton is suffering from partial lobe seizures. She had one on 9-11 and once antisezure meds were administered and the seizure stopped, she was ‘fine’. Saw that over and over again with someone I took care of that had seizures. I believe Hillary has some type of cranial, vascular dementia and she will get much, much worse.

    • navysquid says:

      Great information Polish!
      What is RIDICULOUS is that “WE THE PEOPLE” are doing all the work the MSM SHOULD be doing on investigating all of this background. Maybe this is why the MSM is wanting to form their little group to watch and confirm what is “REAL” journalism and what THEY SAY is not…
      Animal Farm / 1984 anyone??

  126. Indy in a Deep Blue Sea says:

    Perhaps the underlying cause of the good doctor’s diagnosis is a recent abnormal swelling of her bank account.

  127. Mike Farley says:

    I was wondering about this non contagious bacterial pneumonia. I was working a job in Birmingham Alabama a few years ago and picked up a bacterial respiratory infection. The doctor I saw told me not to go to work because I’d spread the infection to co-workers. As a matter of fact that’s how I got it. The boss showed up for work hacking and coughing, a week later I was sick.

  128. sassymemphisbelle says:

    Did Mook write this letter, seriously. i can’t wrap my head around an authentic MD risking their reputation, career and the obvious legal ramifications for this heinous bitch candidate.

    • Concerned Virginian says:

      It may well be that Mook wrote the letter and the MD looked it over then signed it.
      I believe that Dr. Bardack is now walking a VERY fine line.
      I also believe that Dr. Bardack does NOT want to be “Vince Fostered”.
      And there’s that awful feeling for anybody who has a conscience on the morning they wake up and realize that their career, license, maybe even life, are all now compromised…I am assuming that Dr. Bardack has a conscience.

  129. […] Lisa Bardack says Hillary has “mild non-contagious bacterial pneumonia“. The folks at Conservative Treehouse did some research on that […]

  130. truthandjustice says:

    I don’t know if this is of consequence or not since I’m not a doctor either but all I know is you usually take anitibiotics for bacterial infections since they do no good for viral infections. You can have either kind with pneumonia. It’s only the viral kind that is contagious, not bacterial. You get that from some “non contagious” reason that has gotten into your lungs. ?
    Don’t know why there was no listing using those specific words. Maybe not needed because it’s automatically known that if it’s bacterial, you need antibiotics and not contagious???
    What I’m waiting for is her “reappearances” – if she’s indeed very sick like we think, would they stoop to trying a crazy thing like using her “double” (that has been mentioned here) for awhile???? Crazy – yes – but then again there’s those very high stakes at risk and they are all crazed, desperate people to some degree in my opinion.

  131. JeremyR says:

    The part of this which has me shaking my head is that Kansas could have had him instead of flatline Pat Roberts in the Senate.
    Thanks to a TEAparty patriot.

  132. IntoTheFray says:

    Blah, blah, blah for all the speculation and what Hillary, her quack Drs. and the MSM pundits are saying. And no, I don’t need to see either candidates medical records. You are not going to be able to verify them anyway.
    Thrump, travels around the country doing rallies and political evens almost daily, sometimes two or three in a day. He displays more energy and stamina than most people who are half his age.
    Hillary goes to an even, has to leave early because she isn’t feeling well and ends up thrown into the back of her specially modified van like a sack of potatoes because she can’t stand up. Add to this her known recent medical history.
    Do you really need to see a medical record to know which candidate is healthy and which one isn’t? The fact that Hillary’s Dr. is giving a medical diagnosis that doesn’t officially exist tells you all you need to know about Dr. Bardack.

    • Sandra says:

      Someone pointed out last night that Dr Bardack couldn’t even spell Diplomate correctly. She spelled it Diplomat. That’s probably a fixed part of her letter template, so every letter she sends out has that misspelling. She doesn’t even know how to spell her own credentials. What school did she go to?

    • Bendix says:

      But Harry Reid diagnosed Donald as too fat, and the MSM runs with it.

  133. Redware says:

    If it “quacks” like a duck… Are we sure her name isn’t Lisa Barduck?

  134. B Woodward says:

    69,823 ICD-10 diagnosis codes (the standard used by Obamacare) and crooked Hillary’s doctor couldn’t find one for Hillary’s condition? WTF?

    • JeremyR says:

      Sue she could, but all the right ones would have people sprinting to get Bernie back in the race, or draft Gaffer Joe.
      Best to let some dogs lie and just make jokes about them. Hildabeast is something we can destroy in the election, and we are set to do it. If we let them take her out and substitute Joe or Bernie, or even let succession roll and give her Veep the nod, it changes the equation and that favors them not us.
      Make them own it, every stinking lie and deception right up to the moment it is too late to play switch-a-roo which is mid evening November 8.

  135. Tejas Rob says:

    A couple of things I noticed in that press release. The doctor says “To help alleviate her symptoms, a myringotomy tube was placed in her left ear in January of 2016”
    Wasn’t her left ear where many thought she was wearing an earpiece during the Commander in Chief forum recently? Could she have had one of these tubes or something similar then?
    Also, the doctor says Hillary was diagnosed with pneumonia after a CT scan when she was seen and evaluated at the doctor’s office. Aren’t CT machines rather large, expensive pieces of equipment that require specialized staff to operate? Is it common for doctors to have one in their office? Should be easy to find out if this doctor has one either way.

    • Sherlock says:

      Would not be common to see a CT machine in a doctor’s office. X-ray machines yes, but a CT is much, much different and far more expensive. Usually they are only at imaging centers and hospitals. This is just my experience, though.

  136. ctdar says:

    Getting nice applause, even stopped the guy from eating. That or someone texted him and told him to shut his pie hole.

  137. Bendix says:

    This is a doctor who misleadingly says she examined her patient “immediately upon her return home”. What sort of exam, performed how many hours later, leads to a conclusion of ‘dehydration’ as the cause of such a shocking episode? “Immediately upon her return home” makes it sound as if she met her sick patient at the Manhattan apartment, doesn’t it? That isn’t Hillary’s home.
    People who get so dehydrated that it leads to apparent electrolyte imbalance are soldiers in the desert, marathon runners, and elderly people with serious medical conditions who are receiving the horrible medical care that is a cornerstone of the Obamacare Hillary helped foist on the rest of us but not herself.
    There is absolutely no reason on God’s green earth for a woman Hillary’s age and state of health it is claimed she has to collapse that way after 90 minutes of standing around on a mild day.
    Shame on Dr. Bardack, basing her ‘diagnosis’ on something ridiculous the lay hacks around Hillary told her to say.

  138. Karen says:

    Non-contagious pneumonia…and how did her whole staff catch it?

  139. cooking1 says:

    I discussed this issue on ABC comment board.. Sometimes I’m pretty critical but quite tame in comparison to most of what I see…. I got banned… Never happened before and the comment was not really bad……. So is that good for me or will they send the big yellow taxi to my house for reduction school…..

  140. BrianB says:

    I am not a doctor but the answer to this question “How did Hillary catch it” can be quite simple.
    Our GI tract contains bacteria which are not in our respiratory system. Aspiration pneumonia which is fairly common, is the result of those GI bacteria breaching the respiratory tract by ingesting vomit, gastric juices etc into the bronchial tubes and lungs.
    You don’t catch it from someone else; it’s your own bacteria in the wrong place.

    • sassymemphisbelle says:

      True and Aspiration Pneumonia is a major symptom of Parkinson’s disease. My dad passed from AP due to Parkinson’s. This is another parseltongue deflection from the “MD” to escape having to used the actual facts of the beast’s medical condition

  141. marierogers says:

    …thats what you get for going to that liberal hellhole!

  142. PFCal says:

    It was politically directed diagnosis, not a medically sound diagnosis.

  143. Concerned Virginian says:

    Prayers and good wishes for the courageous Dr. Milton Wolf.
    He has put his country over his private feelings and opinions on the “Hillary’s pneumonia” matter.
    God save him and his family from an “unfortunate accident” or being “Vince Fostered”.
    A real cause for concern in my opinion.

  144. Maxine Smith says:

    Nothing new in the Clinton camp. Just more lies and coverup!

  145. jhollis says:

    I totally agree , there is no such diagnosis.

  146. jhollis says:

    Dr Wolf is correct!!!!!

  147. Polish Rifle says:

    Dr. Johnny Rivers just diagnosed her with the Boogie Woogie Flu?

  148. JunieG says:

    Spin Doctor, not a Medical Doctor.

  149. melsbabysis says:

    It’s not BACTERIAL pneumonia. It’s ASPIRATION pneumonia. Aspiration pneumonia is the leading cause of death in Parkinson’s patients and is not contagious.

    • Concerned says:

      Well, aspiration pneumonia is bacteria that has gotten into the lungs, but the bacteria that are normally found in the mouth so outside of the lungs the bacteria isn’t dangerous. But read earlier in the thread, she was not given either of the standard antibiotics for aspiration pneumonia, she was given a standard antibiotic for community-acquired pneumonia.

      • melsbabysis says:

        And you believe everything you read? The last thing they want is to have to admit she has a debilitating deaseas. And aspiration pneumonia is not generally contagious.

  150. Sancho Panza says:

    If her body temp was 99 something, she couldn’t overheat. Besides, staph and strep are related to all bacterial pneumonia.

  151. jakeandcrew says:

    Terrific post –
    “Late Stage Lying: Pneumonia Theory vs. Parkinson’s Disease Theory; Doctors Chime In”
    Comments From M.D. Zadeh
    (emphasis added)
    Hi Mish
    It looks like you got two doctors commenting and now you will have a third. While I don’t disagree with the doctor’s opinions given what was presented, I think some of the facts presented to the public are in question.
    Let me go over some basic things. When you have a blood clot in the brain, the biggest danger is that blood flow to that section of the brain is cut off and brain tissue dies; that is a stroke. If there is a blood clot causing symptoms and the clot gets dissolved or breaks away such that blood flow is not permanently interrupted, that is called a transient ischemic (without oxygen) attack or TIA or mini stroke.
    However, there are also very small strokes that destroy brain tissue at the microscopic level. Those are called lacunar infarctions and they often result in a type of dementia called vascular dementia. Not to get too technical, but vascular dementia also is overlapped by a process called Lewy Body dementia which is basically a mixture of Alzheimer’s dementia and Parkinson’s.
    I think people pointing to Parkinson’s don’t get what Lewy body and vascular dementia are: forms of dementia with Parkinsonian features that wax and wane depending on blood flow. If there is diminished blood flow to the dopamine producing parts of the brain: Parkinson symptoms can occur but vanish once blood flow is restored. Hilary wouldn’t have gotten through the election campaign with full blown Parkinson’s, but she could have gotten by with hiding early vascular/Lewy body dementia IMO, and that is what I suspect is going on with her.
    The thing I have told people is once you have blood clots gumming up your brain, things don’t get better. This is a progressive problem and as someone who has extensively studied coagulation, the notion put out by HRC’s staff that you put someone on blood thinners, the clot dissolves because of the blood thinner, and a person has a full recovery is complete baloney. A disruption in blood flow to the brain is going to be followed by continued disruptions in blood flow, and I know of no treatment to stop it in a case like HRC’s that involves smaller blood vessels.
    When you have a neurovascular issue causing dysphagia (difficulty swallowing which is what causes her to cough), seizures (the reason for the staff caring around the Valium or diazepam pen), and weakness, those are REALLY bad signs. IMO she is a ticking time bomb to have a major and debilitating stroke.
    With Hiliary’s “pneumonia”, a doctor saying so is completely inadequate. How was it diagnosed? Was an acid fast stain done? Were mycoplasma titers or cultures performed? What was the level of cold agglutins? Furthermore, if HRC was diagnosed with mycoplasma or walking pneumonia, why was she allowed to come in contact with a child when this disease is known to be contagious? And what did her chest x-ray look like? She should have had one to be diagnosed with pneumonia.
    Bear in mind that when you have weakness with pneumonia, it usually is due to dehydration and causes orthostasis (dizziness when getting up). If HRC were going from sitting to standing and needed support, I could buy the dehydration/pneumonia story. But she was already standing and then went limp. That is most likely a neurological problem not a hydration one.
    People should be clamoring to see the chest x-ray and lab results for HRC. To me the most damning finding would be a normal white blood cell count, a negative acid fast stain, normal tiitre ratio of cold agglutins, and an infiltrate in the middle lobe of the right lung. That would be strongly suggestive that HRC has aspiration pneumonitis due to dysphagia from an underlying neurovascular issue and that the walking pneumonia diagnosis was pure bunk. But I would be shocked if we see the lab or X-ray results.
    Bottom line though is I said HRC had serious medical issues to someone a month ago, and recent events have fortified that opinion. If the Dems handle HRC’s health issues as a conspiracy or a malicious Trump plot versus truthful full disclosure, IMO they are giving the election to Trump. For the Dems to win in November, they need to get a new candidate yesterday.
    Joseph Zadeh


    • Just_me says:

      I think this doctor nails it. The man I took care of for 5 years died from vascular dementia and I see very similar behavior/problems with what we have seen with Clinton. The fast recovery was often seen with the guy I took care of. She will get worse real fast and no she is not capable of handling the duties of the presidency. Heck, she will be lucky to be alive this time next year.

    • This is what everyone needs to read—because this tells you what’s going on and it’s the guy who posted under name “Elvis is Alive” on the ZEROHEDGE article about HRC’s doc releasing her medical records on 9/14.
      He points out that dr Bardack undermined her claim that p eumonia caused the syncopal event on 9/11— because the type of pneumonia that results in fainting, weakness, dehydration etc is ALSO accompanied by a fever and elevated WBC count…But Bardack states she is afte rile, has normal WBC !
      The clincher is the finding of infiltrate in the middle love of the right lung– see next to last paragraph above…
      HRC does have pneumonia–of the aspirational variety, eg ” nonconagious ” , but also the variety that would not have caused her medical crisis on 9/11.
      But aspirational pneumonitis is a consequence of serious neurovascular condition…so the doctor has actually confirmed that HRC has serious neurovascular deficits.

    • VASCULAR DEMENTIA — one notes that the medical records circulating on Twitter last month and which were said to be forgeries– by Bardack herself — actually fit nicely with what we are seeing
      Those records record diagnoses of ” complex partial seizures and vascular dementia”–the comments above make ” vascular dementia” a likely diagnosis– and a very grim one.
      HRC is an extraordinarily Ill woman.Her condition is progressive and deteriorating .

    • Concerned Virginian says:

      I agree and add that to me (CNA training and 25+ years taking care of sick elderly people) that if indeed Hillary Clinton has aspiration pneumonia, there is a real issue with swallowing and choking problems. Every patient I’ve worked with who had aspiration pneumonia has speech therapy ordered by the MD and are taught to eat, drink, and swallow safely. Also, people with aspiration pneumonia need to be monitored for eating and drinking safely. If the situation warrants it, a pureed diet is recommended.
      In my experience, aspiration pneumonitis is a side effect or other presenting symptom of another serious underlying medical issue or issues.
      In my opinion, watch for “coughing episodes”, “raspy speaking voice”, or obvious trouble swallowing with Hillary Clinton.
      This is all aside from anything related to the Dr. Bardack/correct diagnosis and treatment issues, and aside from what Hillary Clinton’s REAL medical history would reveal.

  152. pam2246 says:

    I’ve been a Critical Care RN for over 20 years. I’ve never heard of “non-contagious bacterial pneumonia” until Hillary’s physician concocted the term out of thin air,

  153. This pair are obviously very socially connected because their wedding in 1989 was reported in the NYT…!…Nobler ‘s residency was in psychiatry– at probably the best med school in the US for that field–so I doubt he practices in Neurolgy…
    Why would HRC entrust her serious health issues to an internist ?

  154. mao says:

    I don’t believe pneumonia is hillary’s primary medical problem, although patient may have pneumonia as secondary condition. first she (through her election team) lied that overheating was her problem. When that was challenged, she (through her election team) said it was really pneumonia. Lies are likely coming from hillary and her team. What is the truth about her medical condition? Brain injury? Alzheimer’s disease? Stroke? Aneurism?

  155. Mary says:

    At any rate, she sure didn’t take long to get over it!

  156. Major Styles says:

    My gut tells me that she is not well.

  157. Sovereign Mary says:

    Hillary’s doctor has “doctored” Hillary’s diagnosis.

  158. TwoLaine says:

    The Doc on Faux says that anti-bacterial and non-contagious cannot coexist. You can be one or the other, but not both.
    At this point, what difference does it make?

  159. Asparagus Tip says:

    I was diagnosed with bacterial pneumonia after inhaling a piece of tuna fish. I was eating in bed. It took me two courses of antibiotics to kick it.

  160. maureen says:

    Live your life dont try to be a president you dont look well sorry tosay

  161. sysconfig says:

    Hillary hated drinking water..which is actually kind of like me..relying on coffee juices etc..and never get dehydrated
    That said..Well what does she drink when not drinking water?
    She can chug it with gusto t with the best of them. And NEVER had any such problem swallowing
    Something else is going on here..I dont know what..But you read and decide. Because she has conked out since 2005.
    Patti Solis Doyle, a longtime Hillary Clinton adviser who served as campaign manager during her failed 2008 presidential bid, joined CNN as a political commentator Tuesday morning and penned an op-ed for the network about the Democratic presidential candidate.
    The same lady that admitted Clintons campaign started the rumor about obama works for CNN as a commentator..She was sacked by email by the HRC and went to work for obama.
    Patti Solis Doyle, a longtime Hillary Clinton adviser who served as campaign manager during her failed 2008 presidential bid, joined CNN as a political commentator Tuesday morning and penned an op-ed for the network about the Democratic presidential candidate.
    During the piece, Solis Doyle, who has previously described Clinton as a “fun” drinker and a gossip, zeroes in on her experience tossing back beers with the former first lady.
    “Having worked for her for more than 17 years, I’ve had a beer (or two) with her and I can tell you it is a hell of a lot of fun,” Solis Doyle brags. She spotlights her affinity for “the ‘which candidate would you rather have a beer with’ game,” though neglects to admit whether she would prefer to imbibe with Clinton or other competing candidates.
    Earlier this year during a roundtable for HuffPost Live, the former Clinton aide made a point to emphasize how “fun” Hillary is and how she enjoys gossiping and drinking with her allies.
    “She’s a lot of fun,” Solis Doyle alleged. “She likes to hang out and drink and gossip.”
    “She hangs out and she laughs and she likes to gossip, like, ‘who are you dating?’” she added.
    New York Times reporter Amy Chozick would likely corroborate Solis Doyle’s claims. The journalist, who covers Clinton, told ABC News in a February interview ahead of Clinton’s official campaign launch, “She likes to drink. We were on the campaign trail in 2008 and the press thought she was just taking shots to pander to voters in Pennsylvania.”
    “Um, no,” Chozick continued.
    Early on in her 2016 presidential campaign, Clinton claimed that she wanted to “drink [her] way across Iowa,” though she was talking about coffee.
    Solis Doyle insists she prefers Hillary “the happy wonk warrior” over Hillary the beer drinker.
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  162. Johnny McTonny says:

    Sorry, but that VIDEO destroyed any chance for her to be president on top of the other outright treason, lies, this lady has already disqualified herself for.
    Double jeopardy, America is all you’ll get with this lady.

  163. Apollyon says:

    Listen, if they told the truth, we would be surprised and get excited, so they just tell us another lie, so we will yawn and go back to sleep.

  164. […] So its “bacterial” but “non-contagious”…? Some doctors would beg to differ if such a thing even exists. […]

  165. steveday72 says:

    Is she up to date on her Kennel Cough or Parvo shots? (Remember her barking? Yap, yap, yap yap.)

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