CNN’s Jake Tapper Tries Maintaining Clinton’s “Deplorable” Narrative….

CNN’s Jake Tapper interviews Trump campaign spokesperson Katrina Pierson and tries, rather pathetically, to continue maintaining Clinton’s “deplorable” narrative.

The transparency of agenda-driving is getting silly at this point.


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234 Responses to CNN’s Jake Tapper Tries Maintaining Clinton’s “Deplorable” Narrative….

  1. keebler AC says:

    Jake suffers from blinking dyskinesia. Please just stop your robotic blinking! Geeze!

    David Duke is NO LONGER associated with the KKK since decades, unlike the current and reall KKK Dragon Quigley who supports the real racist Hillary.

    To generalize half of Trump supporters as racist based on one voter David Duke who is not even KKK now and disavowed by Trump is GOING WAY TO FAR FOR JAKE TAPPER. Stop it at once you low life. Jake Tapper supports the real KKK, Hillary who had personal mentors and associates who were high Dragon leaders of the KKK movement. Please get the word out.

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  2. angryduc says:

    Why does nobody have the balls to say …
    “Why haven’t you attacked Israel on this point? ”
    “Why is the Jewish media desperate to erect Mosque’s over America?”
    “Why do they believe we HAVE to import muslims slave labor?”
    “What is the origin for mass muslim hysteria?”
    ” Why do jewish people believe white populations must be genocide’d?

    Never addressed. I don’t get it.


  3. McGuffin says:

    Jake Tapper and the restofem are a big basket of desperation.

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  4. angryduc says:

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  5. 4bleu says:

    What’s with the accent? Tapper’s lispy harsh ‘A’ making blah-blah sound like bleah-bleah, then all of a sudden ‘mooz-lims’
    But since Trapper is hired to insist on making connections… For a century, the kkk has been asserted by historians as the intimidation arm of the Democratic party used to maintain its power. Like the way as Jake Tapper would intone, ‘mooz-lim’ Khartoum uses the masked ‘mooz-lim’ Janjaweed to intimidate the ‘mooz-lim’ people of Darfur who are alas the ‘wrong’ type of ‘mooz-lims’, more like nature-loving blackAvatarians who are sitting on massive underground reserves of Unobtanium (oil). Now back to Jake Tapper who’s jaw has dropped, but unlike his artificial kkk premise, it’s actually all true.

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    • longiron2 says:

      Notice the lippy harsh only happens when he is losing or LOST the DEBATE. Cannot control that and the same with Chuck Todd. The looking for a answer gets ahead of the thought process and cannot be controlled. JMO


  6. Im going to say something that a lot of folks will disagree with, but I dont care, let me have it in the comments if it makes you feel better. Hell, admin can delete it if they think it could go too far off topic, but that’s their decision to make not mine. I have read David Duke’s book, and Duke is nowhere near the person the mainstream media makes him out to be. To listen to them talk he wants to kill all non-whites and is the Anti-Christ himself. Yes, he is pro-white and makes no bones about it, and he does frankly discuss race without any pc shackles. Yes he is critical of Israel and many, but not all Jews. However, he stresses non-violence in his book, and does not wish harm or want to reign supreme over any other races, and he makes this clear. I was actually surprised at some of the things I learned about in his book. I had no idea he was such an environmentalist, or nature lover, he never struck me as the type. He made a mistake in joining the KKK, and he will not come out and say so now, but I think he regrets it just by listening to some of the interviews he has given.

    I do not agree with everything he says or believes, but I do not listen to the MSM’s characterizations of him. His rhetoric is less bombastic than Jackson or Sharpton’s, and they are not treated as pariahs. I’ll go so far as to say this, had he not joined the KKK, there is a good chance he would have won his Senate race back in the early 90’s. Its hard to say how someone will be once they govern, but he struck me as a modern day Jesse Helms with one exception, he is much harder on Israel and perceived Jewish influence. This understandably would not be popular. Bottom line, if being un-pc bothers you anything in the slightest, he’s not for you, he’s respectful, but will not tow the pc line at all. For the record, the reason I read his book and watched some of his interviews is because he successfully lead the charge to keep some Confederate monuments up in New Orleans, and I read his book. The left has successfully been able to take down much of our historical and Christian monuments they don’t agree with, and I am glad when anyone stands in the gap against them, especially if they are successful.

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    • Daniel G. says:

      Not only that, but he has actually embraced the concept of “black empowerment”. He laid that out clearly in an interview he did a month ago with Tommy Sotomayor. That’s the sort of stuff that Democrats agree with, in addition to his misgivings about Israel and the so-called “occupation” of Palestine.


    • Carlos says:

      I’m a Mexican, and I have read and watched some of Duke’s stuff and NEVER felt he was a racist. What is wrong with being pro-white? As long as you don’t intend to harm anyone else I fully support whites who want to maintain their heritage and their race. In my community we embrace brown pride, so it is hypocritical to say that whites can’t do the same. Much of what he says is correct and I agree with a bunch of it.

      I own a heavy metal website/FB page/Twitter account and I constantly fight against the liberals there that demonize whites that stand proud for their heritage. Yes, there literally is a liberal heavy metal media, as crazy as that sounds to some. I won’t post the links here as I’m not here to for that, but I constantly fight to defend Phil Anselmo who is pro-white and NOT a racist.

      Yes, you CAN be proud of your race and seek to maintain it without being a racist. I’m proud to be a brown mestizo of Apache/Italian descent. I’m a direct descendant of Pablo Machiche, the great anti-Marxist Christian Mexican general that turned against the Marxist President that banned the Church in Mexico and joined the Cristero War. He was betrayed by his compadre and shot by firing squad defending Jesus Christ!!!

      All should be proud of their race and heritage as God intended.

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      • Absolutely, and I think the tide is finally starting to turn against these leftist brownshirts. What you said is common sense to the majority of people and this iron lock the left has had on speech has went on long enough. Funny you mention Phil Anselmo, my supervisor just gave me a Pantera Greatest Hits cd today that he didn’t want anymore.


  7. viddysweet says:

    “People call people who..but people do not call people who…” How can anyone seriously listen to this guy, he is so tedious.


    • jmclever says:

      You can tell when Tapper and his kind know they are losing the argument because they start talking over their guests.

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      • paulyho39 says:

        Yes…you’re right on there! He couldn’t let her go on..she was being too good in her answers! I thought she did a great job…and the statement about not wanting or needing to use Hillary’s term, “deplorables”, was wonderful! He just kept “egging ” her on..trying to get her to use the word…but she refrained and deserves Kudos for handling herself so well!


  8. shirley49 says:

    Guess they do not realize that we consider him and the majority on the MAM DEPLORABLE and traitors.

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  9. mamadogsite says:

    Way to go girl. You are so good.


  10. Maggiemoowho says:

    Clinton needs a Trump spokesperson to use the word Deplorable against someone who supports Trump so they can use it to justify Hillary calling Trumps supporters deplorable. I guarentee if A Trump spokesperson would say David Duke is deplorable, Clinton would use the clip in a TV add and the media would use it to say “look even Trumps people agree some supporters are deplorable.” I really hope none of Trumps spokespeople fall for this trap. Screw Mike Lee, he is trying to destroy the GOP and should not be supported with any Republican funds. Kick him out and make him run as a the Democrat he truly is.


    • maggiemoowho says:

      Want to see what a man looks like when he loses his balls to the Clinton. Just take a good look at Jake Tapper. Hillary ownes one of his balls and Chelsea Clintons mother-in-law ownes the other. Tapper is pathetic.


  11. barton2016 says:

    Mike Lee the NeverTrumper! Way to go Katrina!

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  12. neb65 says:

    Good on ya, AJ! Do these msm fools not realize how flaming ridiculous they appear?


  13. Voice of Reason says:

    Tapper was throwing out bait. His attempt to get Pierson to call David Duke deplorable is akin to asking when did you stop beating your wife. If she called Duke deplorable, she plays into Hillarys narrative. If she refuses to call Duke deplorable the headline will read “Trump Campaign Refuses to Call the KKK Deploable.” It is a no-win question. Pierson almost got caught in the trap by calling Duke vile. A better answer would be to say “We disavow Mr. Duke’s beliefs and politics. We cannot control who he chooses to vote for. What does Hillary think of Will Quigg’s endorsement?”


  14. davecatbone says:

    I disagree with the idea of White Supremacy and the goals of the KKK. That said, I would suggest the Trump campaign refuse to discuss David Duke with any so called journalist who cannot quote something written or said by David Duke as evidence of their side of the argument. They are lazy syncophants who deserve retribution for the harm they’ve done to our nation.


  15. john lorenz says:

    So the Jake do you expect Biotch to denounce her communist supporters? Aren’t they as vile as Duke? Communists killed over 100 million people last century alone but silence from the little weasel.


  16. Chris says:

    Hey,Tapper.. bravo ! I think That was the finest example of you trying to put the word ‘deplorable’
    into someone else’s mouth, as I have ever seen by anyone in my entire life!
    .. even self -shameingly caught yourself doing it in the trip-up..
    Stuningly..Deplorable ! .. that Gal is too smart for you!

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