Hot Mic – Reuters Intentionally Cuts Camera Feed During Positive Bishop Jackson Remarks To Trump in Detroit…

~ There are trillions of dollars at stake ~

During a visit to Detroit today candidate Donald Trump was blessed and given a prayer shawl by Bishop Wayne T. Jackson.   However, as Bishop Jackson continued his remarks the operators of the Reuters news feed began speaking uncomfortably about the power of the positive optics for the Trump campaign – Via YouTube.

It appears the camera operator was initially reluctant to cut the feed saying:

“I’m shooting this, I don’t care what they say,… I’ll take a demotion for this…. you?”

Moments later you can hear the intensity of the voice off camera increasing: “Shut it down” followed by the a voice asking “shut this down?” and the response “yeah”… “blackout“.  Seconds later in the middle of Bishop Jackson’s remarks the feed is cut:

Reuters was primary video feed for the event, all other video delivery services were coming from the Reuters feed.  When Reuters shut down, all other outlets lost the broadcast.

trump detroit1

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581 Responses to Hot Mic – Reuters Intentionally Cuts Camera Feed During Positive Bishop Jackson Remarks To Trump in Detroit…

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  4. Max Donwell says:

    Shameful behavior by Reuters. I resent news staff deciding what we should see, and blocking-omitting-censoring everything else. Disgusting!!! There should be fines and other penalties for this.

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  5. Capitol says:

    It’s further up on the thread, a link to a video of the rest of it. I see others using their phones in the video, so there’s at least a few out there somewhere.

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  6. Stephen says:

    This is what is fighting change in Washington. This mindset has been doled out for so long the society it all lives off of is viewed as sheep. Literally! If what we see, read, hear about is not incorporated into their spin, it does not exist.

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  7. B Da says:

    Reuters blames CBS, as if there is some actual difference between Reuters, the AP, ABC, CBS, NBC, or CNN, Leftist Establishment shills every one of them a pox on their house.

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  9. Peter Toth says:

    Journalism in North America is dead! We must now rely on those sources that distribute via the internet, in order to get accurate news reporting.


    • DT4P says:

      PeterToth…. So True, and its coming faster than most are aware. Live Internet Streaming is all the rage, and the broadcasting industry is loosing its butt big time, just in general programming. The biggest hurdle is to get past those like Reuters (and the like) who continuously block us (the little guy), who can pull of what they’ve been doing for years, at a fraction of the cost, quicker and better. Our time is coming, and media coverage as you know it will take a hard shift and the big guys will be left in the dust.


  10. SharonSandy Wharton says:

    This really burns me that we allow the media to contradict what we the American people can see or want to see and hear. How dare they be the judge of what we the American people can hear or see, how dare some of the media try to rule in favor of a certain candidate, namely Hillary Clinton. It seems corruption is not only in our government but is starting to evolve in the media world as well.


  11. Djea3 says:

    Reuters…guess what, I just deleted you from my searches. I will no longer be reading your “sanctioned” news.


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