Donald Trump’s Outreach Has Caught Activist Quanell X’s Attention…

Wow, this is a little bit stunning.  Community activist Quanell X and AM 740 KTRH NewsRadio show host Matt Patrick discuss Donald Trump’s direct and honest appeal to the black community.

Quanell X’s response is NOT what Hillary Clinton wants to hear.  Watch:

Below is the speech by Donald Trump that Quanell X is referencing.

Quannell x

This is the speech Quanell is discussing:

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188 Responses to Donald Trump’s Outreach Has Caught Activist Quanell X’s Attention…

  1. Curry Worsham says:

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  2. Kevin Sherlock says:

    Matt Patrick is a bit of a coward.

    He had the opportunity to expose Summit County Ohio Prosecutor Sherri Bevan Walsh (D) as a protector of sex offenders.

    We gave him info on how we served Ms. Walsh with info showing her child support enforcement agent, one Jean Workman, was a sow that shacked up with a serial child rapist named Scott Dietz (who is on the Dru Sjodin sex offender website). Dietz had raped his 6 and 4-year old girls and confessed to molesting his kid sister and his two much younger girl cousins. Ms. Workman helped him violate the law by moving without notifying authorities. They bought property together and eventually married.

    If you want to read something truly disgusting, see Dietz’s criminal case paperwork is on this website. When you read how a little 6-year-old girl has to describe how Daddy makes her perform oral sex on him, you’ll want to kill this spawn of Satan.

    Ms. Walsh did not order her sow agent to get rid of her child molestin’ sugar bear. None of the judges in corrupt Summit County (Akron) would do anything about this situation, nor would the Strickland or Kasich administrations when I contacted thiem. No media except for Jimmy Trafficant dared discuss this case on air with me. Matt Patrick was in particular afraid to go against Ms Walsh on his talk show. I confronted him on it and he said it wasn’t odd for a prosecutor to have agents who were degenerates. Well, maybe not in Ohio …. you can’t spell “child molestation” without “Ohio.” But whien I challenged him to fight the system like a man, he went into the fetal position and hung up on me.

    Matt Patrick is a “true conservative” honk, not a nationalist. He had to leave Ohio …. instead of acting like a watchdog, he was Sherri Bevan Walsh’s GOP lapdog. He postured as a big conservative and was yellow when it came to confronting corruption. Of all talk show hosts and media in NE Ohio, only Jimmy Trafficant stood with us, God rest his soul.

    (So Jimmy went to prison for stealing 140K over 20 years in Congress. Hillary stole that much in an afternoon with a moving van at the White House. Trafficant changed the laws to make the IRS prove taxpayers owe money, not the other way around. Jimmy hated Hillary and Bill and the Bushes and would have been a national Trumpocrat.)

    Eventually I contacted all the defense attorneys who represented guys late on their child support. I let them know Jean Workman was doing a guy who owed state taxpayers 60K or so in welfare reimbursement because his girls required cash welfare for a decade or so while he was in prison for raping them. Needless to say, her effectiveness cratered even worse than Ted Cruz’s when he lit himseld on fire at the GOP convention in nearby Cleveland. She is now a social worker: Prosecutor Walsh had to let her go.

    Some of you may have heard me on radio in Ohio and PA during the primary season discussing Kasich’s pro-sex offender orientation. Even now his AG just had his people bust an honest cop who was checking out a corrupt sex offender and woman-beating resort owner (DEM) for possible sex trafficking. Kasich’s lead prosecutor in this case, Maggie Tomaro, serviced Sherri Bevan Walsh as an assistant prosecutor in Summit County while she was protecting sex offenders.

    If Matt Patrick did some good, then it is like a stopped clock being right twice a day.

    Matt, if you read this site, bring it on. You too, little Kasich. Your aide called me in a snit when we served you at your house in Westerville, Ohio on these matters. You didn’t even collect the money Dietz owed the taxpayers for welfare reimbursement.

    Kevin Sherlock

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  3. sammyhains says:

    HiLlARy Clinton’s manic attack on Trump via the “alt-right” planted the seeds of her destruction.
    Trump should now create an ad the hangs it around her neck like an albatross.

    Something like this:
    Show Clinton’s speech as she calls out the “alt-right” and someone in the audience shouts “Pepe!” and segments from Clinton’s ad showing the KKK. Attack it head on. These images could be projected on walls behind a host who speaks. I think Amarosa would be perfect for the part. As she walks by these images she says “Hillary Clinton has been throwing around a lot of wild accusations. Accusations about a vast right-wing conspiracy involving the KKK, cartoon frogs, and Putin. But this isn’t the first time she’s made wild accusations to smear her opponents. She has made a lifelong career of it.”

    Show Clinton video from the ’90s of the “vast right-wing conspiracy”, her making a speech claiming a YouTube video was responsible for Benghazi, anything from the Benghazi hearing where she plays the victim and attacks the committee (just NOT “what difference does it make,” which is too played out), and any other clip where she talks of smearing and destroying the other side.

    Now the host turns the corner where Trump sits on the corner of a desk and talks about how he opened up Palm Beach country clubs to blacks and Jews, how he hired the first female executives in construction, his philanthropic work (particularly pertaining to minority communities), and then end with “and unlike Hillary Clinton, I have always paid the women I hire equally.”

    Such an ad would completely neutralize all of the racist attacks on Trump and make Clinton look rightfully ridiculous and unhinged, like the desperate smear-merchant that she is.

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    • Jedi9 says:

      Does anybody know where I can download video’s of Hillary’s statements and speeches? I can make such a video! It would be easy for me as I am a professional Motion Graphics Specialist, and I would gladly do this for everyone here to see!

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      • seventhndr says:

        You should be able to find them all on youtube and there are several programs (and I think even sites) that will allow you to download a youtube video locally. I for one would be excited to see this!!

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  4. The behavior of groups of people are influenced by opinion leaders. Opinion leaders broach the new, different, abstract or anything that is not the norm or acceptable (for the good or the bad) among that group. They signal to the group approval, disapproval or indifference.
    As Trump makes his appeal to African Americans he creates an unsettling experience for a large group of people.
    Trump appeals to the inner core of the people and the dems immediately tug on all the binding cords and tweak the embedded hooks that hold the people down.
    Any opinion leader, who the people look to (grandpa, the co worker at the water-cooler or community leader), who signals that what Trump says is ok or we should give Trump a listen begins a sense of acceptability that can grow like wildfire.
    This is what is happening.

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  6. tommyd22 says:

    Donald Trump should make a unannounced appearance at a rally of a African American group and really open a dialogue with the people.
    It would be a very ballsy step..


    • tommyd22 says:

      What did I say…

      bada bing…

      Trump Campaign Manager Conway: We Are Planning to Hold Minority Outreach Events in Inner Cities


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