Corporate Media Continues Campaign For DC UniParty – Key Indicators Show Growing Voter Immunity…

Several events behind MSM news stories today continue the process of shedding light on how the Corporate Media is structurally trying to prop up the Washington DC UniParty apparatus.

trump lion - romney rat 2

♦  First, in the Arizona senate race where incumbent John McCain is about to lose his seat to challenger Dr. Kelli Ward, you find the media trying to shape opinion toward favoring John McCain.

Before looking at the substance, it’s growing increasingly important to help readers identify the tell-tale signs of pending manipulation before and when it happens. ie. how and why to factually (and empirically) identify CNN staking out a biased position?

Check out the link to the story:

kelli 1

Notice the date: August 25th, yesterday.  So the current article is updated today with relevance to the authors original intent.  What is that content:

(Via CNN) Sen. John McCain’s primary opponent is standing by her criticism one day after she declared that the soon-to-be 80-year-old Arizona Republican is too old to be re-elected.

“John McCain has stayed in Washington, D.C. for way too long — almost four decades,” she told CNN’s Brooke Baldwin Friday, saying that McCain and his own family members had reservations about his age. “The Arizona voters will decide if they want an 80-year-old senator or not.”

McCain is the eighth-oldest senator currently serving. The oldest is California Democrat Dianne Feinstein, 83, who has two more years left on her term. (link)

Ahhhh, lift McCain using the “ageism” card against his primary opponent.  Arizona has a large retired population of older voters. The primary election is next Tuesday 8/30/16.

Ward has a very good chance to finally unseat McCain.  Enter CNN and the original article which was framing Kelli Ward as a long-shot and releasing a CNN “Media Poll” intended to undermine her challenge and giving McCain a 26 point lead.

This is how Corporate Media (Wall Street) protects the UniParty, which in turn protects their corporate interests.

According to the way MSM plays the ideological scheme ruse, John McCain, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell (et al) are all horrible people until they are rightfully challenged by primary opponents – then *presto* the same people gain mysterious media halos, until right after they gain reelection and go back to playing their pre-assigned, pre-agreed upon, UniParty roles.

Wash – Rinse – Repeat.

♦ Second item, Paul “don’t-blame-me-for-Iraq” Wolfowitz is now supporting Hillary Clinton:

clinton wolfowitz

(Reuters) […] Wolfowitz, a top advisor to George W. Bush during his presidency and vociferous champion of the “preemptive war” in Iraq, told Germany’s Der Spiegel magazine that he saw Trump as a security risk.

“I wish there were somebody I could be comfortable voting for,” said Wolfowitz, also a former World Bank chief.

“I might have to vote for Hillary Clinton, even though I have big reservations about her.” (link)

george bush and hillary clintonTransparent and quite silly.  Of course Wolfowitz is going to support his UniParty, it is in his best interests to do so.

Candidate Donald Trump is an existential threat to the entire structure of global interventionist military action; ie. “war for profit”.

Globalist goals cannot be achieved without people like Wolfowitz, along with the various neocon elements who support expansive military engagement, driving legislative intents that deliver on their objectives.

Hillary Clinton is, as everyone now admits, merely an extension of this objective.

marine 1



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123 Responses to Corporate Media Continues Campaign For DC UniParty – Key Indicators Show Growing Voter Immunity…

  1. IMO says:

    I saw Dr. Ward speak at the Freedom Rally in Cleveland Ohio we were so impressed with her. I sent her a donation she needs to win against song bird McLame.

    Liked by 11 people

    • ginaswo says:

      I met her at a Pence speech in Phoenix
      she is a politician 😊
      she is not mclame
      she says she supports The Don
      shes got my vote.
      on off chance mclame squeaks by I will vote moonbat kirkpatrick in Nov. to unseat him

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      • Notmeagain says:

        Please don’t do that. McCain knows which side his bread is buttered on. If Trump wins, Trump will make use of him. Kirkpatrick, never. It’s bad enough that our other senator, Flake, is a Flake who is a UBAN (Uniparty By Any Name) but really it would be worse if we had a real Dem too.

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        • ginaswo says:

          sorry mclame myst go
          he funds murderous scxm and arms them
          he wants war with the bear
          he hates we ‘hobbits’
          he will block The Don
          ps he was in gang if 8 and supported toomey manchin
          no more

          Liked by 2 people

        • ginaswo says:

          and flake goes next
          ps mclame and flake have identical positions on every issue
          juan has been quiet lately to try to save his sorry axx

          Liked by 2 people

        • longiron2 says:

          How can it be worse. That is typical UNIPARTY BS. MCCAIN has to go. No difference between McCain and the DEM except the DEM has no audience. As far as TRUMP using McCain for what. He will challenge and stab TRUMP in the back every chance he gets until he dies in office in the next 6 years if elleceted again.


    • For everyone/anyone…Here’s an appetizing video clip of P.Wolfowitz:


    • mhs100 says:

      To change the subject

      Issac Hayes “Soulsville should be the voice of Trump reaching out to blacks. It captures what Trump speaks out on. The commercial should consist of the Soulsville playing and Trump in the back ground which shows Trump intensely involved in his rallies, with no sound. Trump does not has to say anything.Hayes sings about what is going on in the ghetto. I guarantee you that as an African American that such a commercial will make the the liberals too angry because Hayes speaks the truth. Not even Sharpton could speak out on such truthful commercial. The words of this song says it all. Such a commercial should run in L.A., Baltimore, N.Y., Detroit, Philly, and Chicago. Th entire song must be played.


  2. sanj says:

    Well, that ended my good mood. Having swallowed the red pill over a year ago, I now have to face reality for what it is, but only from honesty can change take place.

    Trump 2016 for our country and our children.

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    • Augie says:

      Actually, this improved my mood. After my grumpy comment yesterday, I’m reminded of the uniparty … and how fortunate we are to have Mr. Trump to combat it. And Sundance.

      Trump 2016.

      Liked by 14 people

  3. Backspin says:

    It’s like exposure to a disease over time , learning the media’s tricks renders them nearly harmless.
    And by the way Hillary ….. you just gave Alt – Right the BIGGEST possible endorsement , here’s a cookie.

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  4. tz says:

    MaCain and Obama flew back to DC to vote in TARP. Uniparty indeed.

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  5. Ellie says:

    That could be my son in that picture, lying there. What are we doing fighting these stupid, endless wars? Enriching the military industrial complex, that’s what.

    Hatred doesn’t begin to describe what I feel for these people. They will surely go to hell for the blood that is on their hands.

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  6. Pam says:

    I truly hope that Ward can beat the MSM war against her and win on Tuesday. This would definitely be a blow to Mccain’s daughter Meghan who appears on Fox time after time bashing Trump at every turn. I appreciate Mccain’s service to our country but it’s time to put some fresh new leadership in this seat.

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    • Ellie says:

      Dig a little deeper into McCain’s background.

      You might feel differently about his service and whether or not you appreciate it.

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    • Josie says:

      McCain’s service was not noble. He got lots of people killed being a frat boy on his aircraft carrier. He got himself shot down by not following the rules (a common thing for him), He admitted at 2008 RNC that the enemy broke him and he provided propaganda for the enemy. He’s disgusting. Just because you’ve served, doesn’t make you a hero or “absolute moral authoritay” (Cartman), Trump was right. He’s not a hero. He was a deficit to the objective.

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      • TatonkaWoman says:

        Yes, even the military can have its rotten eggs. Unfortunately, rotten eggs in the military have an extra repugnant stink to them. Just because they were in the military does not mean their time there can be considered service, much less honorable.

        Examples: 1) Bergdahl 2) John Kerry. (I consider him to be a traitor. Some may feel he was not traitorous to his country, but he sure as heck was to his fellow soldier…all of them, in fact. Husband and I went to the DC anti-Kerry swift boat demonstration in 2004 – left with a great feeling of satisfaction)

        I am one who believes McCain has an extra stink to him. This applies to all of his “public service” – military and political.

        Sorry if off topic


  7. 2x4x8 says:

    Another, “what is Rush Limbaugh up to” segment

    well, yesterday, while speaking of Trump pivoting/softening about his stance on illegal immigration, Rush said, “I saw a poll that the Trumpsters would support it”

    and today, Rush continues his long running “sell out”, by saying, “I would support Amnesty in a heartbeat if the illegals could not vote”

    so Rush agrees that violating the law is alright, forget about crime, drugs, gangs, welfare, anchor babies and free medical

    this is so opposite Trump, in Art Of The Deal fashion, you makes a far out claim, knowing it is the first offer and this way the real price you have in mind is to bargain down to that number

    Rush sells out short for just “not voting”, as if that is going to make our neighborhoods great again

    Liked by 2 people

    • starfcker says:

      What a doozy this election is shaping up to be. Hillary is going all in, you’re either with her, or you are a racist. Period. No middle ground. White people are the devil. It’s astonishing. The dems have nothing left. It ain’t gonna be close. Lock her up

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    • Wend says:

      And you’re listening to Rush because…?

      Not the band Rush, they’re fine.

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      • Paco Loco says:

        I tuned in to Rush today, first time in many months. I listened for about five minutes and switched him off. He’s nothing but a loud mouth who thinks that the spin he puts on “the news” is brilliance. It’s just more GOPe clap trap.

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      • 2x4x8 says:

        Hi W a couple years ago here there were a few Die Hard (not Bruce Willis) Rush Limbaugh fans, i kinda let the air out of their party balloon

        well, I can use some bible words like “test everything to see what is good”, know your enemy, and what they are up to, then spread the word like Paul Revere would

        if you are aware of fake conservatives for profit, good for you, there are newbies out there, and occasionally explaining it to them, “causes scales to fall from their eyes so they are no longer blind”, ya know?

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    • Burnt Toast says:

      “this is so opposite Trump, in Art Of The Deal fashion, you makes a far out claim, knowing it is the first offer and this way the real price you have in mind is to bargain down to that number”

      In this case it is settling in the short term for what you can do in the short term – direct the Border Patrol and INS, etc. to vigorously enforce the law (vs. Obama stand down order), maybe even have the AG begin novel prosecution of business owners and sanctuary city politicians.

      Liked by 1 person

      • 2x4x8 says:

        the concept here, this thread on MSM , is how they can/are attempting to manipulate the public for the Globalist Establishment, this is my contribution


    • Lulu says:

      Worst part is Rush has said any amnesty leads to voting because a Federal judge will find they must be given voting rights

      Liked by 1 person

    • rf121 says:

      Actually the point Rush makes about amnesty is to show what the demorats are up to. His example is to say sure let them stay but they can never vote. Which the demorats would not agree to because all they want is the illegal alien vote as they know most would go to them.


      • 2x4x8 says:

        so the Democrats are making demands about criminal illegals, and Rush willing to accommodate their demands, he mentioned it to Chucky Shumer at the secret NY meeting


  8. markstoval says:

    The populist uprising is going to take a lot to beat the Deep State (or Uni-Party). I certainly hope that Trump can overcome both parties, the lying media, and the rigged voting to become president. But whether he does or does not; we are in for one hell of a war to beat the ruling masters that are now in charge.

    They will not go quietly into the night.

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  9. DC politics are staged for public consumption, just like the WWE. Heroes aren’t heroes, and the villains aren’t villains. They’re all just actors, and we act like the rubes cheering from the stands.

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  10. fleporeblog says:

    Was shocked by the first 8 comments especially on Yahoo of all places. Maybe there is hope!

    CommentsComment Guidelines
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    SeaTurt1e1 hour ago
    Okay, wow… now I really will have to rethink my support for Hillary Clinton.
    This is one of those endorsements she really should disavow. Kind of like Trump and David Duke.

    Pazuzu1 hour ago
    The horrible Jews still want to destroy Syria and Iran and think the goyim are stupid enough to go along with them even after the WDM in Iraq lies. Although they will probably get their Jew wars under Trump, they are worried that it will be too much of a challenge. In Clinton, they already have a compliant servant.

    JQ2 hours ago
    He wants war with Russia, and Trump is getting in the way. He’s evil.

    Batavia14 minutes ago
    Repigs did this to themselves. Sweeeet!!

    Mike1 hour ago
    well aint he the little communist is disguise

    Paula3 hours ago
    Hillary and her lying campaign. Who is this guy seriously. If you dont want to have a country anymore, vote for her. She has had illegals signing up to vote. That is against our constitution. She needs to be locked up.

    Ronald Sommers
    Ronald Sommers3 hours ago
    Seriously corrupt establishment at its finest

    BMplazan2 hours ago
    I wonder if this guy knows that….”even if Trump would shoot someone in the crowd during his rallies”…he’s 110% sure he won’t lose even one single support from his true die-hard people. That’s basically how cult works,…never ever question the leader.


  11. Hillbilly4 says:

    We may see some real advances on Term Limits for elected officials, and a jump-start to some kind of dialogue on the Life time tenures for Judges. CHANGE is needed.

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  12. Concerned. says:

    In that CNN article they bring up the chemtrails issue and make it look like Ward adheres to the chemtrails theory. But when I did a little research I found out that she held a town meeting because many of her constituents were concerned, and she told them that while she understood their concern there was really nothing she could do to help them. It appears she doesn’t buy into the chemtrails theory at all but you’d never know that reading the CNN article.

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    • George True says:

      As biased as the media has been over the years and decades, I have never seen it like it is now. Now they will report the conservative candidate as saying the EXACT OPPOSITE of what they actually said. Their in-your-face LYING is breathtaking in its sheer chutzpah. And they do not even try to hide their total bias anymore.f

      Here is Arizona, the only Kelli Ward ads I have seen so far are hit piece ads paid for by McCain’s PAC. Here she is, a conservative Republican in a solidly red state running against a the RINO Gang-of-Eight MdCain,. and yet the hit ads on her make it sound like she is an ultra hardcore left wing Democrat who is even farther left than Hillary Clinton.
      Also, the only polls I have seen so far seem to show that McCain is so far ahead that she doesn’t have a chance. I hope these polls, just like the bogus national media polls showing Clinton is leading Trump, are push-polls designed to drive the narrative rather than discover which way the voters are leaning.

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  13. Cetera says:

    Let them play the agism card for McCain. It isn’t going to help. None of the snowbirds will be back for the primary election. They may be back in November for the general, but this primary will be decided by permanent residents.

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  14. SPMI says:

    “Trump is an existential threat to all of globalism”
    I am so done with this narrative. What are we doing about it? Are they the globalists going to win? It is so mind bending, dissilutioning, and nauseating.
    I need a solution NOW!

    G O D J T R U M P!!!

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  15. Kerri says:

    It is non stop open warfare from msnbc, cnn, fox, michael medved, rush, joe scarborough, and mika sighing as hillary (frog) speak (croaks). It is Armageddon out there today. Had to turn off everything and listen to Christian music channel to lift my faith back up.

    I pray Trump is huddling and figuring their next move.

    I despise the Bushes most of all and the Cruzbots. Truly evil people. The goats.

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  16. SharonKinDC says:

    Ousting Ryan, though a pleasant thought, was a long shot. Nehlen had no local political experience, up against a locally popular long term guy who is the SOTH.

    Ward on the other hand, should have a good shot to send McCain packing. Here’s to McCain’s retirement!

    Liked by 8 people

  17. Terz says:

    ‘The Arizona voters will decide if they want an 80-year-old senator or not.’
    I wouldn’t vote for deluded warmongering McCain if he was 30 years old; he’s basically America’s version of the last German Emperor and his generals.

    ‘Wolfowitz, a top advisor to George W. Bush during his presidency and vociferous champion of the “preemptive war” in Iraq, told Germany’s Der Spiegel magazine that he saw Trump as a security risk.’
    Angela calling… Der Spiegel is a far-Leftist, globalist rag living off the fame of its founder, who just hated politicians in general and was biased against anyone. It’s now a trash paper since his son Jakob Augstein took over – a man called one of the world’s worst anti-Semites by the Simon Wiesenthal Center. The fact that these people run an English site doesn’t merely reflect their self-important delusions, it also shows that the globalists use every tool available to brainwash Americans and to control the narrative.

    Liked by 3 people

  18. dianeax says:

    Fox News In Turmoil As Megyn Kelly May Bolt From Crumbling Network

    Could we be this lucky?

    Liked by 6 people

  19. James O'Malley says:

    It seems as though people on both sides of the aisle are starting to wake up to the corruption of global society as a whole. Now only if people on the left were smart enough to realize that voting for Hillary is only going to perpetuate the system.

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  20. 2x4x8 says:

    speaking of dishonest media, surprised by honesty from the Huffington Post

    if you haven’t read it, here’s the link:

    Liked by 1 person

    • George True says:

      While it is a pleasant surprise that the PuffHo is predicting a Trump win, I would not exactly call this honest reporting. They are essentially saying that he will be elected because there are so many of us in-bred, retarded, knuckle-dragging, gun loving, beer swilling, bible thumping morons who want what he is selling.

      Liked by 5 people

      • 2x4x8 says:

        really depends on the use of the word “reality”

        the public believes Trump, being a non-politician, is talking to them straight, as in honestly facing the reality of what is wrong with the Fed Gov

        opposite of Hillary being not real, a total liar

        Liked by 1 person

      • zephyrbreeze says:

        But then after the article, it has a poll question:

        Poll Question

        Is Trump dangerous?

        Yes, his political dialogue rhetoric violence.

        No, he’s just a joke.


    • frjas says:

      Right conclusion–false premises. Trump’s tv’esque persona just gets him heard and listened to. His policy positions are what’s going to propel him to victory.

      Liked by 2 people

  21. eubykdisop says:

    Of course, I can’t speak for anyone else but I wrote off the MSM long ago. I really don’t care what they do or say. They made themselves irrelevant long, long ago. The time I used to spend with the MSM I now use much more productively cleaning my fingernails. 😉

    Liked by 5 people

  22. MissV says:

    not crazy about Ward. She’s an establishment type but she will get my vote because mccain has got to GO!


  23. emet says:

    Wolfie will always be “wildly off the mark”. And who is the fool who let him play with our Army?

    Liked by 1 person

  24. freeperjim says:

    So it does appear Songbird has a 25 point lead over Dr Ward.

    Is there ANY way we can rid ourselves of these traitors?


  25. fishon2016 says:

    Sundance thanks for the cold anger reminder. Spot on!!

    Liked by 1 person

  26. Ashley says:

    Any polling news on McCain-Ward?


  27. Summer says:

    Liked by 4 people

  28. Bill in AZ says:

    Ya’ll are being too hard on McCain. Why he is nearly as severely conservative as Mitt Romney and he shows it every 6 years. “Build the dang fence!” he snarled over the roar of of 1100 horses of Allison V12 in his P51 as he lined up the six 50’s for another strafing run over the border.
    Most of the time he cleverly disguises his severely conservative bonafides by making gangs of 8 and 14 and bending over the aisle so he can block pass severely conservative legislation. Of course the corrupt media luvs them some McCain, especially when there is a challenger, and they have done their best to destroy Kelli Ward.

    Liked by 2 people

  29. Sentient says:

    Trump should put together an ad that shows all of the neocons who are supporting Hillary. The close with: Trump…for peace.

    Liked by 3 people

  30. HeatherMae says:

    If wikileaks does come out with proof that Obama/Hillary along with McCain/Grahm knowingly armed Al-c.i.a.-da/isis then the whole lot should be arrested for war crimes……or breaking the law by violating The Patriot Act at the very least.

    Liked by 1 person

  31. Ip Siscr says:

    Who is the dark figure in the background of the picture behind Biden and Hillary ? Would it be Nemesis ?


  32. Please says:

    Off Topic – I’d like a window sticker for my car that is just the red-and-blue star-spangled Lion Rampant of Trump with no text for discreet signalling to fellow Trumpians.


  33. zephyrbreeze says:

    QuannelX asks blacks to consider Trump.


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