National NBC Reporter Claims “Trump Rally Crowds Small” – Despite Akron Ohio Max Capacity Crowd 5,000+

The trust in U.S. journalism is at a historic low. Most Americans now accept the U.S. media is completely dishonest. However, the media reporters claim such public opinions are unwarranted.

Here’s today’s audio/visual demonstration from NBC reporter Katy Tur in Akron Ohio.

You decide if she’s honest or not:

katy tur 3

Now check out the truth:

akron 6


akron 1

akron 2

akron 5

akron 4

katy tur 1


…How’s that trust thing working out for ya?

akron 7

[…]  Any objective observer of the news media’s treatment of Trump can certainly conclude that reporters are taking a side in this election — and they don’t have to be wearing a button that says “I’m with her” for this to be readily apparent. The irony is that the media’s Trump bashing may wind up having the exact opposite of its intended effect.

Polls shows that journalism is one of the least respected professions in the country, and with Trump calling out media organizations for their bias, widespread slanted reporting is bound to reinforce this point — and to backfire.

Trump’s campaign is throwing down the gauntlet to the political class. If journalists are seen as the mouthpiece of that class, they may soon find themselves covering Trump’s inauguration.  (link)

trump inauguration

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282 Responses to National NBC Reporter Claims “Trump Rally Crowds Small” – Despite Akron Ohio Max Capacity Crowd 5,000+

  1. smartyjones1 says:

    For the love of God, hold the camera horizontal to get the widest view.
    Don’t hold a smartphone so it shoots vertically.

    This NBC woman must really want to please her bosses. Why else would someone lie so blatantly? The media keeps trying to top themselves on how more despicably they can lie.

    They must have some sort of secret pool going who can get away with the biggest lie!

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  2. Pam says:

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  3. Mr. Morris says:

    Katy Tur is a paid propagandist for NBC. Her job is to provide disinformation. Will she be able to fool most of the people? We shall see.

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    • chojun says:

      Agreed. This is why they embed reporters in the various campaigns. In this case, the embedded reporters are able to put the MSM filter on Trump under the guise of “covering” his campaign.

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    • p'odwats says:

      Start calling her Katy Turd because her lies and reports are full of sh**! We’re at war with the media as much as we are with the left in this country.

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      • anon says:

        We are at war with the globalists, the inheritors of internationalist ideological disease from last century’s communists. The self-described ‘main-stream-media’ is 100% globalist. Most, but not all, globalists are also leftists. If it weren’t for the anti-American corruption of the globalists, we wouldn’t have a serious leftist problem in the US. We would be able to keep it in check administratively and legally like our forefathers did.

        The globalists want all Western nations destroyed and replaced by a more easily ruled multicultural empire. Democracy becomes a sham when the historic national peoples within democratic nations become so few that their replacements (who reliably vote the globalist parties who import them and shower them with welfare) can prevent any concerted effort by national peoples to choose their own destiny by ballot box. The left are useful allies to the globalists (where they do not overlap) because they hate us and want us destroyed (because we are uniquely evil, don’t you know) and are perfectly willing to serve as subsidized subordinates.

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        • 2x4x8 says:

          glad you brought up Globalism vs Nationalism, Trump is making it an issue, it is something Rush Limbaugh has to cover it

          Rush is the last line of defense for the Globalist before reaching the American Patriot, so the Patriot Globalist Leader, has to steer or frame the issue in such a way and kept it confusing for the audience, example:

          1.”Globalism is a Liberal-Democrat Party-Elite thing”
          (so his audience doesn’t consider it is on the Republican side, a Uniparty, where the leaders of both Parties are owned by the Globalist working, agreeing on common issues)

          2.”The True Blue Classic Conservative wants nothing to do with Nationalism or Populism”
          (to conserve something means to preserve, protect and defend what we, the people, the posterity, inherited, and that includes tariffs, praising Nationalism and condemning it at the same time)

          3.”The Berxit happened because the European Central Bank bought Bonds directly from Large European Companies and not from the marketplace where bidders set the price”
          (Brexit happened because The People wanted to CONSERVE their heritage and stop Muslim foreign invaders from destroying their countries, the Federal Reserve bought Corporate debt and Mortgage Backed Securities ages ago, the best government to limited, small and local)

          4,”When Trump raises the issue of Free Trade, its because the Elite Ruling Class are not concerned about being Patriotic Americans and helping out the Country”
          (its about Labor-Jobs and where International Corporations can get the cheapest labor, like immigration, Wall and Deportation, apparently its considered “conservative” to help Companies out by bringing in foreign labor by raising the H-1B high tech visa allotment, even for Disneyland, Disney is a media company with ABC, ESPN, A&E, HULU so best to be on their good side)

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          • longiron2 says:

            Rush see himself as a ELITE, Republican Conservative and has been for 27 years of his BS. You know the America Last crowd, big gov’t the right wing of the UNIPARTY. He hides it better than most until it counts and he is all RINOGOPe. sorry but TRUE. Look for a retirement when TRUMP becomes the next POTUS.

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      • Steven McGinley says:

        If you had paid attention during the last election in 2012 Ron Paul had crowds like this as well, we lost our chance then, lets not allow it to happen again. We have been at war with the media for quite some time now, the ONLY reason they have come out of the shadows is because of the internet.

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        • p'odwats says:

          Ron Paul never had these kinds of crowds and please that man was a fringe candidate all the way. He and Pat Buchanan may have paved the populist path, but it’s Trump who has been able to convey the populist message to a wider audience and has a bigger core of support than Pat or Ron could of ever put together.

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          • David In E Texas says:


            Au Contraire, you must have been asleep, or lulled by the Uniparty both in 2008 & ’12 – Ron Paul DID draw huge, SRO crowds that were in the 10-20,000 range continuously, at every venue & state.

            I recall the classic time Mitt Romney came to a middle american city, and drew like 150 to a venue that could seat 3000, showing his real appeal.

            Ron’s team rented a place down the street that held 5000, and he packed it out SRO with just 1 day notice !

            I suppose it’s understandable that you, or others hereabouts, may have missed this. These facts were totally panned & omitted by both the MSM AND, to the utter shame of them, the majority of the ‘Conservative’ RHINO commentators, Limbaugh, Hannity, Levin, et al.

            Ron’s sin ? He was dead honest about the WARfare State, not just critical of the WELFARE state. These are the twin sins of the UNIPARTY, War for Empire abroad & Welfare at home.

            The impoverishment of the middle class and the rising dangers we face from ‘Blowback’ are due to the “war for empire, on every front” mentality, benefitting corrupt defense / military contractors, and few else. Same for the Welfare state !

            Mr. Trump has been sounding very similar themes, to our cheers.

            So yes, Ron Paul truly paved the way for Donald Trump. So too did Pat Buchanan !

            I guess you likely weren’t there in San Diego in 1996 when the GOP Also ran phony conservative Bob Dole (yawn, retch !) drew an intimate 500 to a venue much larger, while our Populist, Paleo-conservative Favorite Pat Buchanan drew 10,000 screaming Patriots just around the corner, on much shorter notice.

            So, glad you’re here supporting Trump, but please don’t be as blind to the facts as you just were & please show respect to those forebears who paved the way and endured much, so that ‘The Donald’ would be able to help us Patriots to, hopefully, sucessfully harvest what these other worthies have worked to cultivate !

            Just Sayin…..

            David in East Texas


    • Howie says:

      She is the star of the Caddyshack pool scene.

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    • wyntre says:

      Tur HATES Trump for revealing her ineptitude on live TV. (Plus she’s just daffy as Keith Olbermans’ discarded GF and her daddy turning into her second mommy).

      Must WATCH!! (Go to 22 second to start)

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      • daughnworks247 says:

        I did a LOT of tweeting to Katie after this moment. It was a perfect opportunity moment. Trump ground her into the dust here. If she would have bounced back and shown some grit, she COULD have become a premier reporter and parlayed it into the “newest” version of Barbara Walters, considering Trump was going to be in the news for the next year.
        She fizzled like a sparkler on July 4th instead of becoming Halley’s comet.

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    • oits2100 says:

      It seems ALL on-air ‘talent’ @ NBC are paid propagandists!


  4. Why do we even bother talking about this witch! Better to ignore or send her thousands of nasty twitters.

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  5. freepetta says:

    I just got a chance to look at the pictures, is Katie Tur blind or just out of her mind?

    Sent from my iPhone


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  6. Alphonsus Jr. says:

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    • Lucille says:

      “Why it was worse than loosing everything you own plus your place of employment in the Baton Rouge flood! No food; no dry clothes, car gone.” Was that what she said?

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    • dpeeze says:

      To quote Karen Walker from Will and Grace…”that was so delicious it’s GOT to be fattening!”.

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    • Sandra says:

      Not sure what the media expect. They lie, we hate them for it. Seems reasonable to me.

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    • Garrison Hall says:

      Katy can spin this any way she wants but I rejoice in seeing Donald Trump drop the polite pretense and deal with her straight on . . . and as an equal. Essentially, she’s pissin’ and moanin’ about him being “mean” to her. He wasn’t being mean, he was simply arguing with her as an equal when she was expecting to be treated like a media princess. What I saw happening in this video is a not-very-skilled reporter asking a very skilled Donald Trump a gotcha’ question—which he promptly made her eat. He showed her to be incompetent on national media which was obviously humiliating for her. And so the good Ms. Tur now seeks petty revenge by under-reporting his crowd sizes? Scheech. Where do they get these people? GO TRUMP!!

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      • Buck Turgidson says:

        That is right, GH, Tur was asking Donald a string of stupid gotcha phrases that she thought were going to catch the Donald and make her famous. He friggin’ steamrollered her and she never will recover. She was outed as a moron and mediocrity with a <85 IQ. She is a DOPE. To boot she has some mental patient tranny father who ought to be institutionalized. Used to date slimebag K Olberman. She ought to be working down at the KwikTrip by the interstate although I wouldn’t trust her near the cash register.

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    • irenehull says:

      We are sick of the bias and being lied to……we are desperate for truth. Give us the facts about Hillary, give her the same question’s. Then you will receive the respect you desire!

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    • Buck Turgidson says:

      Hey you little media pussies, wait until that is not one mad old man who is just venting, but 500 angry burly men coming after you to settle some scores. You smug little leftist pricks better watch b/c some day you may very well get your comeuppance. America hates your guts. No one is going to forget your unhinged anti-Trump hostility.

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    • fuzzi says:

      Poor baby, like “he threw me to the ground” Michelle what’s-her-name…Katy makes all women “journalists” look like they can’t handle the job, they need to be protected from those who they are supposed to interview. Whine, sniffle, sob…


  7. ALEX69 says:

    Something rarely mentioned is the short notice of his rallies. Most times it would be weeks or months for 5000 plus people at a concert.

    It has been fun to see the Trump Social Media Army develop the past 12-14 months…I. turned 18 a few months before the 88 election and it was much easier to manipulate the media back then ,as we all know.

    I have a feeling some of you have a few years on me..hahaha My mom moved in with me and the wife a few years back .She was talking about where she was at when Pearl Harbor was bombed Saturday- on her bike( she was 5).

    We will be a potent political force/voice. Comparable to any super-pac me thinks for years to come..

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    • doit4atlas says:

      I know this to be 100% true. My daughter is vice president of the College Republicans club at UNCW and she was involved in preparing for his recent rally on their campus. She was on summer break at our home in NJ, got a call Saturday, drove down to UNCW on Sunday, interviewed with the Secret Service on Monday for the rally on Tuesday. She had 2 days to advertise the event an 10,000 showed up in a town of only 100,000.

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  8. seeingeye2 says:

    The “powers that be,” everyone in charge of the Uni-party in Washington DC, are throwing everything they can get their hands on at Trump. They realize that Trump will unveil them all to show their corruption to the world. There are so many of them throwing stones at Trump now that it reminds me of the video I saw of ISIS stoning to death that poor screaming woman. I just hope Trump has extremely good security!!

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  9. Hillbilly4 says:

    The nefarious MSM…seeking to discourage others, twisting in the wind like an old worn out sock.

    The demise of journalism isn’t really their fault, nor is it their lies, nor their incompetence. It is one thing: the average American citizen has the technical know how, skills and knowledge that have bred a new Class of Journalism: The Citizen Media. We no longer wait for the old cable news, CBS, NBC or ABC news : the old sure handed journalists and investigative reporters are sipping Mai Tais on an island. Their replacement? Not the wannabees with a college education. It is the new ‘Citizen Media’ driven by real time reports, real time pictures and real time Truth.
    The Journalists have managed to shoot themselves. How many do you ‘trust’ now? Zero, the entire job class of journalist is kaput. The word it self has become obsolete, useless and worse. It soon is to become an odious word: sort of like ‘carpetbagger’. There is no truth, honesty or respect left in the business. We can smell them from a hundred yards out. Yes, I know there are some that still fight for truth, justice, and the American way. But really, how many? Do we allow them to fight on alone? Do we leave them in the breech? No!
    We are ALL Breitbart….we are ALL CTH. We are ALL Drudge. We are ALL Savage.
    We are seeing the birth of the ‘American Renaissance’ and its point guard is the ‘Citizen Media’ ; its leader is Trump.
    My opinion is just that an opinion, nothing more, nothing less. AMDG.

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  10. TwoLaine says:

    Katy Tur is so cheap she had someone set up a GOFUNDME account so she didn’t have to pay for her own vacay.


  11. feralcatsblog says:

    They are deceivers, dissemblers
    Their trousers are alight
    From what poll or banner
    Shall they dangle in the night?

    What infernal serpent
    Has lent them his forked tongue?
    From what pit of foul deceit
    Have all their lies and hiding sprung?

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  12. Prothonotary Warbler says:

    I remember the squabbling between Tur’s tranny dad and Ben Baggins Shapiro.

    As Henry Kissinger once said, “It’s a shame they can’t both lose.”


  13. flyingtigercomics says:

    The lapdog media are lying scum.

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  14. Gospel Moody says:

    Hey, in one of those photos I saw a space for at least 5 more people. That’s it, Trump is toast.

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  15. andymilken says:

    Well, at least in a way, she “admitted” those previous crowds were HUGE. Don’t watch, don’t listen, and don’t care about these propagandists.

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  16. AdukeLAXobserver says:

    Here is some unsolicited advise I am sure Katy won’t take. If you want Trump to treat you with respect, treat him with respect. Stop lying about what he says. Stop asking stupid gotcha questions and have a substantive interview on policy with Trump. Same thing applies to the rest of the presstitutes out there. But Katy and the media can’t do that. Their biases won’t allow it and they might stop getting invited to cocktail parties.

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  17. robertnotsowise says:

    I got sick reading the replies to this Twitter post. Morons


  18. Mike says:

    Keith Olbermann’s old GF. She was a freelancer meaning unemployed. He got her an NBC job and she dump him. LOL!

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  19. JAS says:

    Whores, all of them. They sell their bodies, their mouths, their souls for fame and money. It’s all sooo Hollywood.

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  20. teaforall says:

    Katy Tur NBC Liar
    Brian Williams NBC Liar
    Time to shake things at nbc Boycott if you watch, send emails

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  21. Buck Turgidson says:

    Katy Tur is an absolute piece of excrement and who cannot add. She should go back to working for Tiger Beat. She ‘interviewed’ Trump last year and she absolutely embarassed herself as Trump took her to the woodshed. “You know you are really a very naive person” said the Donald. That was about the point where I thought “You know I am really liking this Trump dude!”

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  22. Buck Turgidson says:

    “Like boiling down a good sauce”? WTF??!?!?! Good Lord that is such ignorant phraseology, I don’t know where to begin dissecting it. It is something written by a mental midget who struggled to get through high school.

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  23. Keln says:

    Maybe Katy Turd was comparing it to his rallies of 10-20,000, in which case she is being “honest”.

    She’s also being stupid, but I’m not sure she can really avoid that. If that lone neuron of hers ever slammed into a cogent thought, she might hurt herself.

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  24. shirley49 says:

    What media? We have not had one for quite awhile.

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  25. jeans2nd says:

    Rally goers, calling in to local (Akron, WNIR) talk radio last night –

    “The JAR was packed to the max…there were close to 7,000 people in there…Mr. Trump was 3/4 finished with his speech and people were still streaming in…the crowd wouldn’t stop cheering to allow Mr. Trump to speak…the joy…the love in that crowd…people were so hopeful…”

    This, from caller after caller after caller. Many first time callers. Katy Tur? Pfffft.

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  26. Dave says:

    Looks to me that Katy Turd wants a job in a Clinton administration, because she has all the right qualifications! Too bad for her it ain’t gonna happen!

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  27. Pentheus says:

    Why isn’t she covering the unprecedented enthusiasm at Hillary’s events?

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  28. daughnworks247 says:

    For those of us on Twitter, Katie Tur is an easy target.
    Who would ever sleep with Keith Olbermann?
    Sopan Deb, the Rockefeller CBS News imbed, is so far up Katie’s behind, his pandering to her borders on juvenile.
    Note: Sopan Deb’s claim to fame (b/4 Trump) was covering Boston University baseball.
    Where do they find these people????
    And they wonder why we have no respect?


  29. Angry Dumbo says:

    Who would sleep with Keith Olbermann?

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  30. Bart Manson ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ says:

    Journalist is on par with prostitutes and beggars for professions right now.


  31. americalsgt says:

    I think she should get a D


  32. jameswlee2014 says:

    It could be that, in their panic, it was the only thing she could think of to cover up the fact that three days ago a Vote Trump rally organized to protest the visit of VP Biden in Serbia outdrew a Hillary rally in Cleveland. Got it? A Trump rally in SERBIA outdrew a Hillary rally in Cleveland.


  33. cheryl says:

    I hope all these dishonest people in the media are banned from the press room when he gets elected.


  34. SukieTawdry says:

    She didn’t say “small,” she said “smaller.” I don’t pay attention to these things. Is a crowd of 5,000 smaller than is customary for Trump? Is he drawing smaller crowds than he used to?


    • dot48 says:

      The arenas are smaller due to the Secret Service request however the dishonest media would NEVER report that. So sick of thier lies


  35. Alma says:

    Talk about ignorant – don’t the MSM know that all his speeches and rallies are online on youtube and that everyone of them, combining the various youtube channels carrying them, are seen by anywhere from 50,000 to 400,000 viewers and that all of them, on one channel or another, shows the crowd size at each event? The MSM just discredit themselves more and more in their desperation.


  36. Alma says:

    If she calls a crowd of 5,000 a “small” crowd and believes it, that just shows, despite the MSM’s attempt to hide the size of his crowds, that they are well aware of his typical crowd size as well as Hillary’s handful-size crowds. They are, in essence, saying 5,000 is a small crowd for Trump. They are exposing the truth – that he usually draws YUGE crowds far in excess of 5,000. Now, you gotta laugh at that. It really is funny.


  37. Carolyn Rosenberger says:

    It has been a couple of weeks since I was at the Akron, Ohio Trump rally and I am still fuming. It was a great rally that was packed. Long lines to get in, all seats filled all around the arena, standing on floor packed, lines of people still coming in till the end. Everyone was in great spirits waiting for Trump. We were an energized crowd throughout his well spoken speech. Great night. Until we left and heard on nbc news that there was a small crowd but enthusiastic at Akron Trump rally. Katy Tur is a LIAR!!! This news reporting is so wrong. If I have learned anything through all this is DO NOT believe the news. They make you believe what they want and have their LIARS doing the reporting. I have lost ALL respect for the news. No morals anymore. GO TRUMP!!!


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