Hillary Supporters Punch the Elderly, Spit and Turn Violent at Donald Trump Fundraiser (video)…

The civility of the leftist Clinton mob takes center stage again as violent protesters scream, shout, harass and turn violent at a Donald Trump Minnesota fundraiser.

People attending the Trump fundraising event were beaten, mauled and spit upon according to the Star Tribune.

The Minneapolis mob was very similar to the previous mob in San Jose; and in a similar fashion the media reports attempt to downplay the violence and avoid pointing out the political affiliation of the mob:

[…]  Dozens of protesters gathered out front ahead of the event and marched around the large building. Later in the ­evening, a smaller contingent grew unruly. Some fundraiser attendees were pushed and jostled, spit on and verbally harassed as they left the ­convention center. (link)

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minn 2

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Hillary - orange is the new black



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353 Responses to Hillary Supporters Punch the Elderly, Spit and Turn Violent at Donald Trump Fundraiser (video)…

  1. JB from SoCal says:

    I’m thinking that Trump was not actually AT that fundraising venue, therefore, not part of the motorcade, and no SS protection.
    He could have been on the big screen (remote).

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    • farmhand1927 says:

      Hillary had a bad week. She got Trumped over and over. The email scandal produced more lies. Obama dropped the ball and didn’t go to Louisiana, making her look bad as well as himself and the entire Democrat Party. The party of compassion is anything but.

      What to do? What to do? Why, how abt hiring Hillary’s Hateful Thugs to go create a news story. That’ll carry her through the weekend, at least. Nothing like a skanky rent-a-mob screaming in bullhorns, shoving and hitting elderly people and of course, the classic cool move–spitting–to really make a big impression.

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      • Southern Son says:

        Spitting Is Assault!
        Assault Is a Felony.
        An Armed society, is a Polite Society.
        If I witness an older Citizen being Assaulted, it is my Moral Imperitive to Stop It Immediately. Then try to restrain perp from leaving before Cops can get there.
        Obviously, It would require an Equalizer, but 15, 45 acp qualifies me.
        It is getting That Bad! Actually, we are beyond the point of requiring deadly force to Defend Personal Safety and Well Being.
        We should all be Vigilent, as our enemies intentions are becoming increasingly desperate.
        Situational Awareness should be practiced at All Times.
        I pray for our nation, and for all American Patriots.

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        • BINGO Southern Son! All kinds of lethal diseases can reside in human spit including HIV!

          Nothing like having a gang of angry middle aged FAT UGLY women doing you dirty work, hey! Makes for an easy target though!

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        • solomonpal says:

          So much for LEO’s that everyone loves loves loves


        • Jedi9 says:

          Hello Southern Son! You are absolutely correct! If I was there, I know I would be carrying at all times! My equalizer PX4 Storm 9mm and as you say, situational awareness should be practiced at all times and I know it would be my MO 24/7. I can’t imagine what the average American is going through these days. Just observing from outside the US currently, you confirm what I have been suspecting, it is really getting that bad! I am beginning to wonder if I have a future in the US, as my contingency plans really hinges on this election, and whether or not Trump can pull it off is my greatest fear. Not to mention, if he wins, he has quite a bit of a challenge ahead of him. If Hillary wins, I have concluded that it will be the end of America as we know it, and I certainly will not be going down with a sinking ship. Every night I pray for the decent law abiding hard working Americans who are suffering, and our beloved country, as well as the safety of Donald Trump. God speed to you and every one else here!

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          • Southern Son says:

            Thanks Jedi.
            Now I, absolutely, am Not suggesting, always looking for an opportunity to Throw Down on anyone.
            The reality and severity of any situation has to be totally taken into account…in Miliseconds!
            I live in a Very rural setting, compared to an urban jungle.
            This is by design.
            I cannot Imagine the Anxiety I would have, if we lived in eUrOpE!
            Of course, being born American,
            we(wifeandmyself), would be CCW, whether Legal or not.
            It is a treacherous terrain legally, when it comes to using Lethal Force.
            Even if justified, some have conscientious problems after an incident.
            My main point, is anytime you Pull a gun, it must be in a dire situation, with dire consequences.
            That said, Yeah…I can live with it. It would have to be justified, before I even indicate that I have it.
            I would like to think I would look and act like Josie Wales, while holding plugs of chewing tobacco.
            Well, are you gonna Pull them pistols…or whistle Dixie!!
            But life ain’t like that.
            Be Smart.
            Be Alert.
            Be Vigilent.
            Prepare mentally, as well physically(familiarization with weapon).
            Situational Awareness at All Times is not paranoia, in this societal climate.
            Incidents are happening in all segments and locations in our country.
            I do not pretend to be a self defense expert. I have many LE friends, and have learned from that pespective.
            And they are all very anxious right now.
            Personally, I hope the spineless feral bastards Are too Cowardly, to start something they can’t even imagine.
            Thank God for America, the Constitution, THE Second Amendment, and Donald J. Trump.
            oh yeah, and Thank God for the
            Conservative Treehouse!

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            • DS says:

              The Outlaw Josie Wales — one of my favorite movies of all time !!!!!
              “Well, are you gonna Pull them pistols…or whistle Dixie” — classic… I love the contempt that just drips from those words as he says them.


      • Charlie says:


        No need to Snopes this… Channel 12 in Beaumont Texas did the reporting. The story appears on Beaumont TV station Channel 1. According to the Beaumont newspaper and reports from a couple of Beaumont TV stations this really happened. Why did Hillary REALLY visit Beaumont, Texas?? Got to read this!

        Hillary Clinton made a campaign stop yesterday in Beaumont, Texas. Only six people were there to greet her. Her security detail outnumbered her supporters by quite a bit. She wouldnt talk, wave to, or even acknowledge those there to greet her. As bad as that is, its not the real story here.

        The real story is who she took a private meeting with. After landing, Clinton headed off to a fundraiser in West Beaumont, where she was greeted by around 150-200 Muslims, most of whom were of Pakistani origin. The event
        was held by Pakistani businessman Tahir Javed and Hillary raised approximately $500,000 by pandering to Muslims, making it one of the top five private fundraiser’s Clinton has had in this country. Shes bought and paid for by them.

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  2. itswoot says:

    As a defensive weapon of last resort when being threatened with bodily harm, and one that should pass through security screening at rallies, use a simple plastic ball point pen as a means to stab. Anyone who has seen “Bourne Identity” may remember the scene where Jason Bourne defend himself from attack with one. A metal pen would be sturdier, but may get rejected in a security inspection.

    Hold it in such a way to use your thumb as a stop at the top of the pen. Try practicing with it on a cardboard, or an old couch pillow. One in each hand and deployed ‘praying mantis’ style is even more effective.


    Lastly, I think there was a lapse in the Trump Campaign team in not being better prepared to insure that Trump supporters were not vulnerable to the violence. Cancelling the event because of the threat wasn’t enough. Most likely this came about as a result of the recent transition in campaign management.

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    • Rhodin says:

      A lot of it is because cities let the protesters right up to the gates at some of these venues. If they were properly organized, there’d be a buffer zone thicker than a single layer of sawhorses and cops. The protesters and attendees would largely not even see each other, ideally.

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      • TheLastDemocrat says:

        If they were pro-life protesters at an abortuary…


      • Robert says:

        You mean just like they did at the Democratic National Convention?


      • Jedi9 says:

        Then again, we are talking about Minneapolis! Not exactly a place where original thought and respect for opposing Democratic views is encouraged. Hell, they managed to elect Al Frankin of all people under the auspices of having committed election fraud. Also the Muslim big mouthed do nothing Keith Ellison. What did anyone expect? In all likely hood and realistically speaking, Trump probably would not be carrying the state of Minnesota in the general lelection, so why waste resources there? Its a lost cause IMO!


  3. TexasRanger says:

    Clinton Mob Protesters Block Trump Motorcade, Jump On Vehicle!

    Hillary’s Mob Protesters at a Donald Trump fundraiser at the Minneapolis Convention Center got between vehicles and jumped on the hood of a Secret Service SUV in Trump’s motorcade as the candidate was leaving the building.

    Minneapolis Breaking News Video Aug-20-2016:


  4. Paco Loco says:

    The mayor and chief of police need to be held to account! The MSM will not cover this truthfully and they are as guilty of promoting violence as these thugs.

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    • H.V says:

      When the mayor of the cities are democrats they tell the policemen to stand aside and not do anything. They let those thugs hit the Trump supporters. These democrats have to be held responsible for this. They are pandering to those who want anarchy. It’s time that we fight back. Protesting is for peaceful assembling not for violence. These are not protesters.

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      • georgiafl says:

        The leftists are ugly, mean, intolerant, bullies. Maybe it comes from believing lies and having multiple abortions.

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        • Les says:

          I think much of their bad behavior is self-hate they project onto others. Many are unattractive and unintelligent and immoral. At times I think I don’t understand them, but I do. It is just hard to grasp people really are that pathetic IRL…

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        • alliwantissometruth says:

          The thing is, they’re only bullies when they’re in a mob. Look at those skinny dorks. I could knock out about 80% of them with one punch. These are nothing but little punks emboldened by the size of the mob

          Every last one of these scumbags would shake & go into convulsions if confronted one on one

          They’re nothing but immature little dorks who get their jollies intimidating others through mob size. That’s the only way they feel powerful. In reality, they’re nothing more than scared little rabbits

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        • Sara in NC says:

          Time for police canines, although it would break my heart if any of them got hurt.

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          • Rural NC says:

            Sara in NC,
            We North Carolinians must think alike as I just wrote a post about the K-9’s!! I fully agree that if any of them got hurt, it would also break my heart. One of the most touching funerals I’ve ever seen was online this year when LEO K-9 Jethro got killed saving his human partner in Canton, Ohio. (Fortunately his partner has gone to Texas to find a new K-9 partner.)

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      • Sara in NC says:

        The SS should be taking care of this … sure wouldn’t depend on local mayors.

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    • Betty says:

      Does anyone recognize any of these thugs. I would like to see just one I know and I would make sure the whole world knows their name forever. Every time they apply for a job, a loan, they will have to explain why they think they are more important then the rest of us.

      I am so ashamed of MN. I am so sick of election fraud in my state. I am so sick of deluded virtue signalers who think they fly with angels. I wish I recognized just one of those fat dumpy frumps daring to shout obscenities at and give the finger to my fellow citizens.

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      • Shannon says:

        I heard that two senior democrats lost their races in MN to two immigrants who didn’t look to ne twenty five or a legal resistance for seven years hence they are unqualified under constitution. I haven’t found any news or outrage over this in MN. Maybe it’s not being reported because democrats control many aspects of MN?


  5. usnveteran says:

    Are these the ‘Super Delegates’?

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  6. AdukeLAXobserver says:

    Was that the Trump motorcade? If so, some skulls needed to be cracked. Same thing would apply if some Trump supporters tried to do that to a Hillary motorcade.

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  7. Geri Smith says:

    Buck stops with Mayor Betsy Hodges
    Party affiliation: Minnesota Democratic–Farmer–Labor Party

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  8. dianeax says:

    Deray probably had a hand in organizing it.


  9. alliwantissometruth says:

    They must be choosing their victims (the elderly, women, young) & waiting to pounce when there’s no men around, otherwise I’m not sure how this happens. If I saw that going on, those scumbags wouldn’t have time to do any more harassing because they’d be too busy looking for their teeth that were knocked out

    Really, how does this keep happening? Any police dept worth their salt knows to keep both sides separated. These incidents are set-ups. This is by design

    I’m not sure how many cops were there or if this was an event that the cops would usually patrol, but come on. Those scum were laying in wait right outside the doors. Trump supporters are being led to the slaughter

    Trumps team has got to be more security conscious (private security) & the logistics of police protection must be worked out beforehand, especially in democrat controlled cities. Something must be done about these obvious set-ups by mayors & politically appointed police chiefs

    The best case is blatant negligence/incompetence & the worst case is local government collusion with the thugs. Hardly anyone is ever arrested & the few that are are released & you never hear about it again

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  10. tim glave says:

    Every time one of those savages spit on someone like that it is a battery. These people absolutely need to be arrested. This isnt a protest. This is a crime..

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  11. georgiafl says:

    They are acting like Hillary – she is a vile, vengeful, vituperative, violent person.

    Same with Obama.

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  12. NYValues says:

    Rent a mob brought to you by Soros and the DNC

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  13. Lucille says:

    The thugs are feeling their inner ISIS. Only a matter of degree.

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  14. SPMI says:

    One other thing, what law is there that says attendees at Trump Venues must walk a gauntlet of gutless scumbags. We need to stop this crap.

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  15. Christoph says:

    How the hell is there going to be free and fair and unadulterated elections in Minneapolis when you have this example of the the obvious orders of the police chief, sheriff, mayor and governor to tell the law enforcement to do nothing? For the protestors to breach the perimeter of the motorcade there must have been a total lack of police resources devoted to that incident. This means collusion at various levels of government. Vomit inducing

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  16. darcy says:

    So — when is George Soros going to be arrested for his crimes against America?

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  17. gghd says:

    Attacks on the Trump people are ~permitted by the local government leaders. It is a crooked area. Donald Trump needs to avoid the crooked Democratic strongholds, and schedule his appearances/venues, a few miles away, where there are honest Republicans in charge.

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  18. WSB says:

    The comments from some past residents of Minnesota are very telling about what is going on in that state. Seems like the entire place needs to be razed to the ground:



  19. Centinel2012 says:

    Comment deleted by Admin….


  20. lo says:

    Pepper spray, people! Use it!

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  21. Calinder44 says:

    The Elderly: The information in the title mentioned that “the elderly” were punched. Does anyone remember a “bygone era” when seniors, the elderly were given extra special respect & deference? Not anymore. The elderly are now viewed on the streets and in their homes (home invasions) as extra “special” targets because they are viewed as more vulnerable.

    Criminal penalties for assault and battery vary by state. In some states, extra special penalties are tacked onto assault & battery on seniors/the elderly.

    Here’s one information resource:


    Sentence enhancement
    “In some states, assault or battery against a special victim like a police officer or elderly person carries more severe penalties or is subject to sentence enhancement, which permits the court to add extra time to the sentence for the underlying crime. ..”

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  22. Will says:

    Tired of seeing elderly people beat on. I’d like to see some legislation proposed with a mandatory minimum for assault. Federal charges.

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    • JeremyR says:

      The judges too often reduce the charges. Multi repeat offenders got probation time after time.
      What we need to do is scratch probation off the list. One time, one offense, you screw it up and the judge must implement the full and maximum sentence would be a good start, but I’d say a horse whipping after the first felony conviction, castration after #2 and a patriot implant after #3. Lets see how many hood rats want that second conviction.
      We lost it many years back, prison went from being a punishment to a combination reform school, corrections, and isolation system. What we created was criminal university. A screw up goes in and comes out a well versed criminal capable of committing worse crimes and evading detection. It has made the jobs of the police harder and they don’t see it as punishment.


  23. aprilyn43 says:

    Not surprised, this is Obama’s America! And … Killery doesn’t care, she’s murdered ppl, encouraging her followers to get her elected any which way is nothing !!
    Lawlessness is the new normal in the Democrat Socialist America … And white middle class America’s are to pay for it!

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  24. JeremyR says:

    Minnesota is my home. It pains me to see this sort of behavior, but I must remind myself that they were loons back when I left there. The wacky liberalism was there when I left, and is part of why I stayed in Kansas.

    Just an old memory;

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  25. timmihendrix says:

    Just like with the police, people need to stand up for themselves. Allowing this behavior without consequence guarantees more of it.

    If we refuse to stand up for ourselves then we don’t deserve to win. If we are people who allow our friends to get attacked while we sit and watch, run away or cower in the corner until it’s safe to check the damage then what’s the point of winning?

    I dont like violence, but I don’t like masochism either.

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  26. LKA in LA says:

    It is my opinion this faux rage was staged to bump Mr. Trumps good deed’s in Louisiana off of the news cycle.
    I am a new poster and happy to post among you guys! TRUMP 2016

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  27. wyntre says:

    I haven’t seen this story reported anywhere except Drudge, BB and GP.

    The level of information-suppression and propaganda through omission is off-the-charts.

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    • avgjosephine says:

      I do hope some twitter-ers can spread this around. It’s just chilling. The shrieking in the beginning is unbearable. Everybody needs to see this. If this level of “protest” doesn’t make the undecided wake up and choose which side they want to be on, then nothing will.

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    • That’s actually a good thing, wyntre. If this stuff gets wide dissemination, it becomes normal and imitatable (is that a word?). Also can feed the “police brutality” meme. Not good. We know. Mr. Trump knows. That’s all we need to know.

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  28. Another Video for your viewing pleasure

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  29. dalethorn says:

    We need to remind everyone that what we’re seeing is classic Communist agitation. Yes, it is mindless agitation, but those in charge of the mobs are very mindful of what they’re trying to accomplish. Now, how many people would be shocked and surprised to learn that government money (i.e. your money) is being funneled into private accounts (private email servers?) to pay these agitators?

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  30. Charlotte says:

    Billionaire George Soros spent $33MILLION bankrolling Ferguson demonstrators to create ‘echo … He’s spending more for these protestors


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  31. maggiemoowho says:

    Al Franken encouraged those people to go and do this. This crooked union (afscmemn.org) is involved.

    If anyone wants to know where all the protests (BLM protests,Occupy protests, wage protests, Taj Mahal protests) stem from, check out the AFL-CIO @AFLCIO and the AFSCME @AFSCME and @RichardTrumka. Just read through their tweets. Those Unions have people taking a Solidarity Pledge to Black Lives Matter(no joke).



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  32. elena19501 says:

    What is I keep thinking that it could to turn violent at some voting locations…Some, which located in the bad neighborhoods…I am going to do early voting whole Republican ticket.


    • deanbrh says:

      I wonder what happens to the early voting tickets in a state where Democrats are the ones counting the votes. Early voting by mail has really been encouraged in California.

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      • elena19501 says:

        I guess, my vote is safe in that aspect: I live in Houston, Texas…But I do worry about people being intimidated in the minority neighborhoods and my most fear is that democrats can mess with the voting machines…


  33. In AZ says:

    Paid Nazi Soros Communist thugs

    Ovomit’s and Klinton’s Amerika


  34. cali says:

    The Hillary campaign and family et al are thankful for their goons attacks on innocent americans who exercise their rights to assemble, meet and/or rally.
    Hillary et al also handsomely pays these same goons for their service on her behalf. The Ford Foundation – a Clinton Global Initiative sponsor and Clinton foundation donor just paid the BLM and agitators $750,000.00 to cover the costs for their incurred expenses to attack, insult and physically harm their opponents supporters!


  35. We MUST Win says:

    Sad to say, but in this day and age, we have more domestic enemies than foreign. We’ve got to fight back or the violence against us will increase.


  36. We MUST Win says:

    Minnesota used to be the land of Little House on the Prairie. Now it’s the land of Little house in Mogadishu


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