Democrat AG, Kathleen Kane, Found Guilty on Nine Criminal Charges – Criminal Conspiracy, Perjury…

update-1A Pennsylvania Jury found Democrat Attorney General Kathleen Kane guilty on nine criminal counts last night including conspiracy and perjury.  Elected to office in 2014, found guilty of criminal conspiracy in 2016:

kathleen kane 3

(Via New York Times) […]  Ms. Kane stared straight ahead as the word “guilty,” uttered decisively by a juror in a flowered dress, echoed nine times around the courtroom. The lawyers immediately went into a private conference with the judge, leaving Ms. Kane, who campaigned on a promise to uncover political interference in Pennsylvania, alone at the defense table.

And when Judge Wendy Demchick-Alloy returned to the courtroom, she turned directly to Ms. Kane with a stern warning, her words slicing through the silence.

There is to be absolutely no retaliation of any kind against any witness in this case, either by your own devices, from your own mouth or your hand, or directing anybody to do anything,” the judge said. She threatened Ms. Kane, who is currently free on bail, with immediate incarceration if she failed to comply.

“Is that clear, Ms. Kane?” the judge asked.

“Yes it is, your honor,” Ms. Kane said. (more)

kathleen Kane 2

BACKSTORY – The story initially began back in March of 2014 when several black Philadelphia politicians were caught in a corruption probe and sting operation. At the time the newly elected Democrat PA Attorney General stepped in and pressured the Philadelphia prosecutor to drop charges; the reasoning was incredulous.

The corruption investigation itself was called racist because only the black politicians accepted the bribes. All politicians were offered bribes, but only the black politicians took the bribes – ergo the new State AG, Kathleen Kane, said the STING was racist. The local Philadelphia media reported on the story, which essentially shamed the Philly DA into filing charges. [January 2015] two of the lawmakers were charged – the Philly lawmakers admitted their guilt.

However, the story gets even more bizarre. The State AG was busted leaking information from the secret Grand Jury in Philadelphia who originally proposed charges against the corrupt Philly politicians. Kathleen Kane was said to have given information about the Grand Jury investigation to The Philadelphia Daily News. This turned investigative attention toward the State Attorney General, Kathleen Kane, who, if proven, would have just committed a very serious crime – for nothing more than political motive.

When questioned by a Grand Jury impaneled to look into the accusation, Ms. Kane then lied under oath.  (read the full back story)

Kathleen Kane

Read full story about her conviction last night – HERE

Each perjury count alone carries a seven year sentence.  Sentencing to follow.

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341 Responses to Democrat AG, Kathleen Kane, Found Guilty on Nine Criminal Charges – Criminal Conspiracy, Perjury…

  1. three by one says:

    Some local media does a better job than just regurgitating the AP release

    Clinton connections are not mentioned in any recent stories.

    FreeBeacon had a writeup last year when the trials were starting

    She would have been on track to run for Senator or Governor. Thank goodness she’s finished.

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  2. georgiafl says:

    The Clinton Defense (TM) is becoming a legal tactic as well as a meme.

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  3. Wow, the evil and corruption are everywhere.

    When does Soros get arrested for his crimes against humanity?

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  4. three by one says:

    Searched for Clinton-Kaine and this popped up

    Bubba! You seem jovial!

    Let’s get out of here, I got something I want to show you

    see you guys later, she wants to review my briefs

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  5. Dear husband watches local news in Phila “to get the weather”. I typically run screaming from the room with my ears covered, but caught some of the coverage of this recently, including the guilty verdict yesterday.

    At no time did our local ABC affiliate mention that the guilty Ms Kane is a DEMOCRAT. Not once in a 7 or 8 minute segment. Nothing to see here, move along, remember to submit your votes for Hilary, or not, we have you counted either way, move along…

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  6. quintrillion says:

    Multiple cans of worms opened when she got elected. clicking on all the links provided in this story each one leads to another different case of corruption all tangled together. From reopening Sandusky case and the porno emails and Supreme court judges resigning. Then the one with grant money fraud to the leaks and bribery.

    Possible the judge could sentence her to the full 28 years?

    A microcosm of the District of Corruption and the Uniparty.

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    • maxx power says:

      There’s a lot more. Philly & Harrisburg isn’t the only corruption in the state. Allegheny County (Pittsburgh) is just as bad. The DA is as corrupt as it gets, along with most of the judges. Real slimeballs. Even to the extent of taking down a sitting state Rep & a PA supreme court judge. These two are sisters, the Rep, Jane Orie is as straight as a string & a truly fine woman who was trying to clean up the corruption. They set her up & destroyed her and her sister, Judge Joan Orie Melvin (so she couldn’t provide any cover.) It was sickening. I know these people personally and have for many years. I got word to them to release their information, but they wouldn’t do it, too scared. The entire (huge) family has been threatened.

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  7. joanfoster says:

    This scumbag Attorney General has all the credentials needed to be head of the DOJ in a Clinton Admistration were she not going to prison (which we have yet to see). BTW, wouldn’t put it past this current Republican congress to confirm her if they had a chance.

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  8. Bob Werner says:

    She is kinda hot. I would let her go with a slap on the wrist and a good spanking.

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  9. Sandra says:

    This is why even though I’m female I really have no driving desire to see a female President. It will mean nothing because women are no better than men. There are just as many corrupt slimeball women as there are corrupt slimeball men.

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    • Spock says:

      Sandra, your statement reveals you to be thoughtful, rational, and 100% correct — which makes you the antithesis of the female supremacists, snowflakes, and all-around crazies I encounter at seemingly every turn these days. Wanna be friends?

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    • Exactly! I want the best person – be it a man or a woman. This time around, the best person is a man. Next time, who knows? Maybe it will be a man again or maybe it will be a woman.

      The absolute worst thing we could do – again – is to elect someone because it will be a first. Last time it was the first (half) black man. This time it’s the first woman. Complete stupidity to base one’s vote on a person’s skin color or gender. That’s like basing one’s vote on the person’s eye color or hair color. It’s arbitrary, irrelevant, meaningless.

      Sheesh, people are stooopid.

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    • Your tour guide says:

      Evil women make the absolute worst bosses. Personal experience. Said person’s evil finally caught up with her, but it took 7 years. Security escorting her out, after they seized files that showed fraudulent billing, etc . I was expecting the phone lines to melt from
      all the people she’d fired at meetings, back from delivering babies, returning from surgery,
      or guilty of being white in Atlanta reminiscing. Evil women are also an effective dietary aid.
      Lost 15 pounds from worry under said person. Others had similar stories.


  10. watcher says:

    Attorney + politician + democrat + Clinton crony = crook
    Break a federal law OK, state law not as safe.

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    • Coldeadhands says:

      This is born out by the tale of imprisoned, ex Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevitch, convicted in state court for attempting to position peddle. He famously said regarding Zippy’s open senate seat, “I’ve got this thing and it’s fcking golden, and, uh, uh, I’m just not giving it up for fckin’ nothing…just tried to get his 14 year prison sentence reduced. Judge wasn’t having it. Aw c’mon ump!! Never would have done time on a Fed rap.

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  11. Oldskool says:

    I am curious why this was not a Federal case as they made state senator Vince Fumo’s case back in 2009. By not being, prevents Kane’s ability to be granted a presidential pardon. What she did is par for the course there in demworld, so would love to hear the backstory why she gets strung up.

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  12. MfM says:

    She has said she has no intention of resigning. There is talk of getting the Legislature to take care of this. Since PA has Wolf, a Democrat, as Governor if he gets to appoint someone, I doubt it will be much better. We’ll see what is up at her new conference later today.


  13. itsallvanity says:

    Well, some good news for a change. Have fun in prison, Kane 🙂

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  14. MfM says:

    I’ve heard that the jury was only out for 4 hours. With 9 charges I think that is really quick. I’ve been on juries that did more than 9 hours for just 4 charges or similar. That indicates to me that the evidence was clear cut and they were just being careful to go through each charge and make a decision.

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  15. Frank says:

    She’s hot the way a diamond ring on a pig’s feces smeared snout is hot.


  16. mikebrezzze says:

    She’s about to learn a new skill, how to make a female sex toy out of newspapers


  17. Wiggy says:

    Remember Trump keeps saying that the elections are rigged in Pennsylvania. This just helps to emphasize his being right about crooks in the State. I hope he pushes this to the people of Pennsylvania so they can be even more wise to it.

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  18. TheseTruths says:

    Some peopel are so bent upon doing evil that they will do rash and stupid things to accomplish it. Some, like the Clintons, have gotten away with it for years. They all need to be far, far away from positions of power.

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  19. flounder, rebel, vulgarian says:

    Outstanding, and outstanding overview.

    This guy has had a exaggerated interest in her for a long time.

    It’s good to see a little law and order prevail against elected criminals from time to time.


  20. belle says:

    Just heard Kane has resigned.


  21. Sentient says:

    I think Sundance is working on something big today…

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  22. MfM says:

    I’m not surprised she resigned, even though she said she wouldn’t.

    There was serious talk about the Legislator removing her if she didn’t resign and Governor Wolf also was calling for her resignation.

    I think she saw the writing on the wall that she would be removed, because even the Democratic Governor was calling for it.

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  23. andi lee says:

    There is something especially wicked about Pennsylvania Government (basing this off past research into Jerry Sandusky).

    Not attempting a hijack here but anyone remember the (2005) DA Ray Gicar missing case out of Centre County, PA? He disappeared without a trace. Abandoned vehicle, cellphone inside. Laptop found under a bridge without the hard drive (found down river). Brother was found floating face down in a river two years earlier-1996). DA RG refused to indict Jerry Sandusky in 1998 case that involved PAs CPS. Da RG last case involved a large heroin indictment involving NJ & NY. Background check revealed CIA ties.

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    • abc says:

      Luzerne County PA google kids for cash. corrupt, greedy judges jailed minors for ridiculously minor offenses and were financially rewarded. judges are locked up. rob mericle businessman who built the private prisons got a cake walk prison sentence, and is out running his business. poor kid committed suicide being stuck in the private hell hole prison. many kids lives were ruined. lots of corruption in PA.


  24. pliticiansrscum says:

    This is a resume enhancement for this POS scum. It will launch her bid for Potus in 2020.


  25. barton2016 says:

    Let me guess… her original line of work was an attorney. The last thing we need in the White House is another attorney!


  26. JimBonobo says:

    Can she and Hillary share a cell? They’d make a lovely couple.

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  27. JRD says:

    Pennsylvania Attorney General DEMOCRAT Kathleen Kane announces resignation day after conviction


  28. redlegleader68 says:

    Do we have a time on the Wisconsin event tonight?


  29. I find it natural but discouraging that when a State goes after corruption the populace disparages the people and the State. I say huzzah! to them and encourage more due diligence! After all, we get the governance we deserve.

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  30. Liberalsarepukes says:

    Racism in this country is a farce and is being used as an excuse for all kinds of BAD BEHAVIOR – nefarious Behavior.

    These politicians who happened to be black were trying to use racism – their skin color – as a ((means)) to absolve them of Highly unethical in criminal Behavior – try to use racism as a means to alleviate their
    guilt !! Seriously – what kind of “Character” do these people have to do that??

    The “Character” – THE Moral Compass of a person as Martin Luther King had so eloquently put it, was once used in this country to judge a person. What ever happened to that??

    Wait – rhetorical question I’ll answer it Democrats – liberals progressives – communist have tossed it for “Humanist Ideology”
    ( which basically means do what you think is right – you be the judge of right and wrong) – anyone ever wonder why they keep trying to take (( God )) out of the equation…. this story and happy ending pretty much gives you an idea of why…

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  31. paulgilpin says:

    imo, this judge is rather short sighted. she said no retaliation against witnesses. i bet the personal information of the jurors is being passed around to certain people. the prosecution is fair game. the judge even left herself off the list. this judge is rather short sighted.


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