Breaking Through The Media – Donald Trump Hires Robert Mercer…

If this report and article is accurate; and if Donald Trump has actually hired Cambridge Analytica, then there’s another dot of clarity within the campaign matrix.  When you cut through the chatter, noise and obfuscation, Cambridge Analytica is Robert Mercer.

Without the existence of billionaire Robert Mercer -and the millions he pours into it- Cambridge Analytica would not exist.

trump hatersrobert mercer

So what is Cambridge Analytica?  You can use google, and look at the presented framework (identify how others define the psychological targeting operation) and their explanations behind  behavioral science of social media profiling/marketing and analytical tools.

It would be far too cumbersome for this discussion for us to outline the “intended” definition of the psy-ops program; and, incidentally, we abhor it – we dislike everything about it.  Taken to it’s logical conclusion, behavioral science exploited is dangerous.

The rather eccentric billionaire Robert Mercer funded/created C.A. as a social tool to target behavior.  However, the behavioral analytics tool itself is intended much less to identify behavior, and much more to shift the action of the entity being targeted.

Our own research into the 2014 and 2015 “advanced polls for preferred candidates” quickly dispatched any notion that C.A. was a scientific or altruistic endeavor.  It is not.  It’s expressed, albeit unwritten, motive is to change behavior – not just identify it.

Mercer funded C.A. to assist Ted Cruz.  Mercer used/deployed C.A. through a very specific media outlet to gather information to assist Ted Cruz.  It was only AFTER Mercer realized the Cruz objective was self-serving, that Mercer removed Cruz as a benefactor of his endeavor.

We understand, given the objective need for candidate Donald Trump to work around the insufferable media, why Trump would be reluctantly willing to enlist the assistance of C.A. as a tool toward that goal – but the alignment still presents a discomfort:

[…] The London-based company set up approximately ten data scientists within Giles-Parscale, the Texas-based firm that runs Trump’s website. The cost was about $1.6 million. (link)

It would be intellectually dishonest for us to say there’s no risk involved here.

cell phone 2

If you are a person who goes out to eat, maneuvers through life or engages in the world around you, while attached to a small computer called your cell phone – and you find yourself engaged in the web-based internet reality as opposed to “real life experiences”, while traveling through the real world around you – then you probably don’t quite accept the following with the same degree of comprehension held by a person who has intentionally kept themselves disconnected from it:

  • On June 15th “Aggregate Media Polling” showed Hillary Clinton leading by 15 points.
  • On July 15th “Aggregate Media Polling” showed Donald Trump leading by 15 points.
  • On August 3rd “Aggregate Media Polling” showed Hillary Clinton leading by 10 to 15 points.

These aggregate media claims are factually impossible.  There is no real world scenario where political opinions swing 30+ points every two to four weeks.  Such claims are pure nonsense; manufactured nonsense, absurd in the extreme.

They are not real.

The only place such reality exists, is within the world of ‘alternate reality’.  Or put another way, within the world of those who construct your impression of reality.

Those who construct these insufferable ‘alternate realities’, particularly those within the media, feed the information into your world view via those alternate reality windows we call cell phones, or portable computers.

Hence, here is where you find the challenge for Donald Trump to connect to you when it is impossible for his message to travel through the same network because the gate keepers have a vested interest in filtering out the Trump message.

And that’s where Robert Mercer and Cambridge Analytica come into play.  They have designed tools to work within the tightly controlled networked system, to track you down and communicate with you.

It is fair to say without a corrupt corporate media, there would be no need for Trump to hire Cambridge Analytica; but the former is reality, and therefore the latter is a necessity.

It’s still dangerous.

Because this:

cell phone 1

Leads to this:



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683 Responses to Breaking Through The Media – Donald Trump Hires Robert Mercer…

  1. LULU says:

    This article dated June 28 talks about Trump’s people having talks with CA. (Trump had opined that CA was overrated.) Thought this bit interesting:

    One GOP data source said the Trump campaign is “far more sophisticated than anyone has seen or reported on.” The source said “there’s a substantive infrastructure that’s not been seen or found out about or reported about quite purposefully.”

    That sounds very much like Trump.

    Liked by 1 person

    • fuzzi says:

      I am not going to worry about Trump: he’s a smart businessman, he knows how to do things or find people to do things, and he has shown that his campaign is quite capable of adapting to and outrunning the opposition…just consider how he let Ted Cruz deep-six his political career by letting Cruz speak at the convention. As someone else said, those against Trump are playing tiddlywinks, while Trump focuses on 3D chess.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Kate says:

    Are we raising a nation of goons? Take the cellphones away, parents.

    Liked by 1 person

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