Clinton Media Polling – CNN: “Now She’s So Far Ahead There’s No Need for an Election”…


Yesterday Fox News poll  (by Daron Shaw) showed Hillary Clinton crushing Donald Trump by 10 points (49/39) nationally.  Today NBC/WSJ (Mark Murray) delivers a national poll showing Hillary Clinton destroying Donald Trump by 9 points, (47/38).  The trifecta of confidence is capped with McClatchy-Marist delivering a poll with Clinton wiping out Trump by 15 points (48/33).

Accompanying pollster words include: “Stunning”, “Historic”, “Insurmountable”, “Magnificent”, “Incredible”, “Overwhelming”, “Unbeatable”… and more.

National Media Polls now show Secretary Hillary Clinton leading Donald Trump by 10 to 15 points.  And right on cue, the CNN punditry (Erin Burnett) begin tonight by saying:

…”with a national lead this large is there really any reason to have the election?”

Hillary Clinton press we can 2

Gee, who could have guessed?

As Hillary begins measuring the drapes in the oval office, the super-confident Clinton Campaign now stops running ads in Colorado and Virginia.  It’s August, but the race according to the water-carrying media is over.



Why waste taxpayer money on all those pesky polling locations when the entire nation now agrees there’s no way anyone other than Hillary Clinton will be victorious.

Simultaneous to this “surprise” post-convention cluster of glorious Clinton polling, the New York Times advances the Alinsky ball with a video series intended to define Donald Trump supporters and present them as unhinged rage-filled bigots.

..."and then I told em', that rigged nonsense is conspiracy theory; and they totally forgot about the DNC WikiLeaks emails. I'm telling ya, this job is easy peasy"...

…”and then I told em’, that rigged nonsense is conspiracy theory; and they totally forgot about the DNC WikiLeaks emails.
I’m telling ya, this job is easy peasy”…

Isolate – Ridicule – Marginalize.

Gee, where have we noticed that approach before?  It’s almost enough to make a person think that corporate media types, Wall Street corporate types, would be in some form of collusion with political parties.

Nah, that never happens right?

Exhausted from campaign events where she is consistently hounded by by dozens of supporters, Hillary might just need to take a vacation.

There’s really nothing to do until football season starts and there’s a debate on the calendar, and do we really need debates at this point?  I mean a two person debate will be so boring, what with Hillary being so magnanimously intelligent, and the vulgarian Trump being so, well, less than that.

Wait,… huh…  what’s that?  Oh yeah, don’t worry – the media pollsters will be sure to get Gary and/or Jill up over the hump of the 15% poll support threshold to get that multi-podium optic fired back up again.

Oh, to think…. oh wait… yeah,…

If, if, if, if, if…. If we call Mark Murray, and Daron Shaw, say, um, end of August, and they can get Gary Johnson to 16% (ish), we can then have three podiums on the stage.

Trump on one side, Gary on the other – and the anointed Hillary in the middle position.  Oh, won’t those optics just be delicious.  The female in the middle.  Can you imagine it…. can’t you just see it…  oh, oh, oh, it’s gotta happen now.

Bets anyone?  No more rice cakes – this time is cash only !!

Meanwhile, for some odd reason, tens of thousands of people keep showing up to these Donald Trump rallies and Town Halls.  I mean like, really, what are these people thinking?

Good grief, this was just today in Maine:


trump rally maine 6

trump rally maine 5

trump rally maine 4

trump rally maine 3

trump rally maine

Trump rally maine 2

Apparently all these people didn’t get the media memo that the race is over.

Go figure !


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626 Responses to Clinton Media Polling – CNN: “Now She’s So Far Ahead There’s No Need for an Election”…

  1. Incidental Visitor says:

    The official media attitude reminds me of an old joke from the Soviet Union times. The greatest military leaders of all times have gathered on top of the Lenin Mausoleum to watch an annual military parade. While everybody is watching the action on the Red Square, Napoleon is busy reading the latest issue of Pravda, the main Communist newspaper. When he is finished reading, Napoleon summarizes his impression: “If I had such a newspaper, nobody would ever know that I had lost at Waterloo.”

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    • grannysue says:

      Never in my life have I witnessed the kind of blatant propaganda by our media which is fraudulent in everything it says. I can’t think of one thing they have done that was not totally biased. I think we all need to stop listening to all media. Let’s give them no quarter. They want to lie, then let them lie. Just know the one reason these cretins put out false polling is to steal an election. That is what they are planning on doing. There are two families who have run this nation for decades, they are the Bush family and the Clinton family. They have appointed corrupt judges that do what they are told, their tenticles reach into state government, agenceis and everywhere. That is why Comey would do nothing against Clinton. The Clintons have dirt on just about every politician. The Bush cabal is throwing all of its resources behind Clinton. The state of Ohio is run by Kasich a Bush puppet, just like Texas has Cruz a Bush puppet. Wisconsin has Walker a Bush relative. Florida had Jeb. Connect the dots folks. This is how politics has been run for a long time.It will be up to the American people to stop these criminals.

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      • Mary Wilson says:

        Do let their sponsors know that you will no longer be using those ‘news’ sources. Nothing like a little financial pressure on them to help them get their acts together.


    • AnnMT says:

      Isn’t it funny that old jokes from pre-Perestroika USSR are relevant now in ObamAmerica? Looks like we are even going to have Milo Yiannopoulos as a local substitute to Zhvanetsky. Of course, Milo has lots to learn yet, but we still have toilet paper in stores 😉


  2. Jeff says:

    the FACTS are that simply switch the names around and this story is accurate .

    ” National Media Polls now show Secretary Hillary Clinton leading Donald Trump by 10 to 15 points. And right on cue, the CNN punditry (Erin Burnett) begin tonight by saying:

    …”with a national lead this large is there really any reason to have the election?”"

    becomes ….

    National Media Polls now show >>>Donald Trump<<< leading Secretary Hillary Clinton by 10 to 15 points. And right on cue, the CNN punditry (Erin Burnett) SHOULD begin tonight by saying:

    …”with a national lead this large is there really any reason to have the election?”

    fixed it for ya ! ……isn’t that how the libs snark

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    • grannysue says:

      The globalists are in an all out war against humanity. They are destroying every country in their reach, it is not just ours. Look at what is going on overseas in France, Germany, Japan and even Britain.

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  3. Hillbilly4 says:

    Faux news on TV…just shilled the EXACT same verbiage about the polls…nearly word for word. Good grief…there must be ONE editor for all of the news…ONE writer whose words are being emailed around the ‘news’ outlets.
    I tune out most of the FOX airheads…what a pathetic lot of wimps…all of them.

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    • grannysue says:

      They are all getting their talking points, notice all the same things they say. The night of Trumps convention when he accepted the nomination and gave what was one of the most powerful speeches in decades the media all had the same talking points, it was dark, it was fear mongering. Please we must all cut off the media from their ratings. Don’t listen. They are worse than pravda.

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  4. CountryclassVulgarian says:

    So is Trump finished now? Just want to clarify so I get over my stupidity.

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  5. Hillary Clinton is a PHANTOM CANDIDATE. We’ve seen this act before, like 10 times in the Republican Primaries, e.g., John Kasich who couldn’t even fill a pizza parlor or Jeb Bush who had to pay people to come to his tiny rallies, or Toxic Ted who barely could fill a church so he held his rallies during normal church hours when folks were ALREADY going to be there at church. This crapola is getting so easy to spot. NO ONE LIKES HILLARY, certainly not enough to lend credence to any polls touting she’s “surging.”

    Really folks, her candidacy and campaign only exists in the MEDIA. If you can escape the viewing of TV and stop being part of THEIR audience, it’s so easy to see. It’s almost laughable. If you feel fear or worry about her “winning,” you’re watching too much TV aka teLIEvision. She’s off to SHADY PINES – or a pine box.

    Then there’s THIS:

    The Truth About Hillary’s Bizarre Behavior (Length 5:53 min)

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    • CountryclassVulgarian says:

      I think it the evil coming out but that’s just me🤔


    • skifflegirl says:

      Just think about ALL that Hillary has to cover up…not just her incalculable misdeeds and criminal behavior (the Clinton hit list has added three or four more bodies in just the last few weeks/months), but her physical infirmities: stroke and head trauma related fainting, weakness, exhaustion, coughing, inappropriate laughter, light and voice induced petit mal seizures, MORE extreme mood swings and aggressive behavior, confusion and forgetfulness, and on and on. How many professional handlers does she now require to maintain the facade?

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    • Carol Adams says:

      Good line..Hillary exists only in the media!


    • svenwg says:

      The simple fact is that this election is like no other in recent history, where the eligible voting population that has not bothered to vote for the past 20-30 years are going to vote in their millions for Trump. The polls only contact registered voters for their numbers, but do not get any feed back from the largest voting block in the country, those that have believed, up until now that their vote counted for nothing, who are saying they are going to vote for Trump, the block consists of over 100,000,000 citizens, ensuring a very Nast surprise for Killary in November. The polls mean diddly-squat.


  6. Mike says:

    the media is not going to fool us this time…but they will keep trying!


  7. JC says:

    We need to get everyone we know out to vote during this election for Trump. If Hillary wins, America as we know it will go down, down, down. Everything Trump is for will go just the opposite and far to the left including and maybe most importantly, Hillary’s selection of liberal Supreme Court Judges.


  8. Loretta says:

    Donald will win and Hillary loses. Who wants than hen ? Good grief it is too hard to listen to that cackle once and every day? Lord helps to get her a supply of cackleberries. We do not l need this liar as a president.


  9. NoFlow says:

    Orange is her color!
    I would love to see her in government housing for the rest of her life. With a lifetime supply of orange jumpsuits.


  10. Carol Adams says:

    Good comment..especially the last line! Maybe the American people will get back to doing what is right for the country!


  11. Rita Oswald says:

    The Clinton campaign in CNN is the most crooked bunch of people I’ve ever seen. Donald Trump all the way to the White House. The American people aren’t going to be fooled by the clintons rhetoric. This country will be among the most dangerous place if Hillary Clinton gets president. Everybody needs to get out and vote in November and vote for Donald Trump he’s the only one that can turn this country around. The clintons and other people at the GOP are afraid of trump and will stoop to any dirty tactics to try to stop Donald Trump. Donald Trump all the way to the White House get out and vote people.


  12. mike diamond says:



  13. No one but idiots watch the Communist News Network and their little puppets


  14. “If we understand the mechanism and motives of the group mind, it is now possible to control and regiment the masses according to our will without them knowing it.” Edward Berrays
    The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent,and that’s power. Because they control the minds of the masses.” Malcom X


    • Ann says:

      Do you think Pravda and Vremya in late 1980s had the influence which the communists in USSR wanted? Propaganda can work only if people WANT to believe in its’ lies. If people want to know the truth and are ready to accept the truth no matter how ugly the truth is, they would find the way to get it. If people don’t want to hear anything but politically-correct fairy tales, they get what Soviet people had in USSR before Perestroika and what American people have now.


  15. feralcatsblog says:


  16. Linda Anderson says:

    If we as conservatives boycott the main stream media, (nbc, abc, msnbc, cnn, etc.) and refuse to watch it unail after the election, they might wake up. I hope this is the biggest upset in American history. If not, there will no longer be a free America as we have always enjoyed. Listen to Fox news and Fox business news. They are the only channels reporting the truth. They gives both sides. America please wake up before it’s too late!


  17. Doug says:

    Plan A is to vote Trump/ Pence and I’m sure it will be a landslide win for America’s candidates unless the anti-God anti-America candidates win by stealing the election.
    Any ideas for Plan B?


    • Ann says:

      Plan A – be ready that anti-America candidates will win by stealing the election;
      Plan B – your vote is not a message for the feds, they don’t care what do you think. Your vote is, most importantly, a message for your state and local governments. Be sure that they understand that no matter who will be the president and how newly appointed federal judges would interpret the constitution (I would not be surprised if with Hillary they will declare the Bill of Rights unconstitutional) you expect your local and state governments to protect your rights and to stand against federal totalitarian regime.
      Plan C – If you live in California or on east Coast, move out.


  18. beingreal says:

    “If you don’t read the news, you’re uninformed. If you read the news, you’re misinformed.”

    Mark Twain

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  19. Brenda says:

    Keep thinking that Hillary is all that. The joke will be all on the nuts that vote for her. And when she takes the country down.. They will know they are to blame just as much as she is. The Trump haters too.


  20. orchidgrl says:

    Reblogged this on orchidgrl and commented:

    great article, couldn’t have summed it up any better


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