Beware The Predictable Polling Onslaught to Paint the Potemkin Village…

We are not, repeat NOT, going to exhaust unnecessary energy in the next 10 days to deconstruct the insufferably predictable media-agenda-polls that are looming on the near horizon.

The corporations who have a vested interest in manufacturing the Potemkin village have their collected pollsters armed with fresh paint to create the optics of a “historic” surge in polling upon the conclusion of the Democrat National Party Convention in Philadelphia.

Benjamin Franklin Half a Truth is often a Great Lie

This paint job has been planned for weeks, if not months.

You can count on a manufactured corporate-media pretense to deliver a carefully scripted narrative giving Hillary Clinton a post convention bounce around 10 to 15 points (+/- 3).

What’s coming is so intensely predictable, that if they don’t do it – we’ll actually eat a plain rice cake.

There may be a few scientific polling outcomes that are not connected to the tentacles of the media; we’ll look for those.

However, polling from:  CNN/ORC (Turner), ABC (Disney), NBC (Mark Murray), Wall Street Journal (Rupert Murdoch), Monmouth (Patrick Murray), FOX News (Daron Shaw), Reuters, CBS (David Rhodes), and PPP (Happy Liberals), are g-u–a-r-a-n-t-e-e-d to be manufactured for maximum political value.   ie. Painting the Potemkin Village.

Fortunately, there’s a decent (and recent) history showing the ideological fail of their best prior efforts. Divergent outcomes including: Matt Bevin (KY), GOP Primary (FL, IN, etc), The Brexit outcome, and the Republican delegate totals etc., the list goes on.

Consequently, amid the new electoral awakening, people are looking more critically, more cynically, at the disconnect between agenda-driven media polls (corporate interests) and the factual real outcomes (people interests).

How can we be so certain the onslaught is about to take place?   Good Question.

Take today, as a litmus in a predictive sense.  The Pennsylvania polling from Suffolk U is bizarrely disconnected from current reality.  Also today,  Rasmussen says Clinton leads by 5 points amid “unaffiliated” voters.  Keep in mind just last week the same Rasmussen poll had Trump leading by 20 points (44/24), with those SAME unaffiliated voters. Did unaffiliated Rasmussen voters swing 25 points in a week?… of course not.  That’s silly.  But that’s what they presented today.   The week prior to last week it was Trump +11 (43/32) with the same voters.

Conversely, Donald J Trump did not swing 16 or 17 points in his post GOP convention bounce.  Attributing such pro-Trump polling outcomes to reality is just as flawed as accepting the upcoming pro-hillary polling paint job.

Outlining the media corruption in this process is not conspiracy theory, it’s not hiding from reality, it’s not a host of other “things” or “isms” that those with vested political interests might call it.   It’s just simply the natural and transparently predictable acceptance that trillions of dollars are at stake in this election, and those massively invested influences have a vested stake in a very particular and specific approach.

And we hate rice cakes.

soros clinton


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183 Responses to Beware The Predictable Polling Onslaught to Paint the Potemkin Village…

  1. Howie says:

    There is a lot of internet activity about her MASK!

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  2. maiingankwe says:

    While I was reading this article I thought there was no possible way they could give her a 10-15 jump when there have been so many protestors. The public could no way fall for it. And then I read how they had given Trump a 16-17 point jump in a week. Well, if they have the audacity to do that then of course I was wrong in my initial assessment.

    I would appreciate if Sundance or anyone else could give us a list of poll companies who are pretty straight forward. I know the list would be small, but it would be helpful. In addition, Idaho and Kansas had Trump pretty high in their polls. Would it depend on the state who is polling, or are state polls more honest then rest or no? Any thoughts would be helpful. Thank you.

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  3. dmi60ex says:

    God I would love to wake up in the morning and see where Wickileaks dumped all the Clinton Foundation crime emails overnight

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  5. daddio says:

    This was pre-ordained. Like they did with King Putt, this is an “historic event”, the first woman president. So the propaganda media will be all in on getting the Witch of Chappaqua elected. (Not that there was ever any other candidate they would support). The only thing that will stop this is a MASSIVE MONSTER VOTE of the real Americans who are fed up with business as usual, and the corruption and lying of the last 20 years. Get out and vote Trump or prepare to live on your knees.

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    • Grannysue says:

      So am asking all my fellow aTrump supporters to do everything they can to stop massive vote fraud. Obama won because of vote fraud. He had buses running over state lines from precinct to precinct, Somalis were voting multiple times. Kasich is going to steal Ohio for Hillery if vote fraud is not stopped. He is along with Ted Cruz and Ryan part of the Bush/Clinton crime cabal. The Bushs have been running this nation for decades and are the ones behind the attempt to get rid of Trump. Let’s not forget Bush got Perot to drop out by threatening him over his daughter. We are dealing with basically two families who have sold this nation down the river and Trump is on to them.


  6. chasingfactsblog says:

    When Erdogan moved to take control of his country with faked revolution, He first went after the his political enemies:military etc, but quickly realized he should have shut down communications first, so yesterday shut down communications. Typical of totalitarians…and I think would have to be the next step of the fake Communists/Socialists here in Democrat clothing.
    They know they won’t win this election and they certainly don’t want to be investigated by the next administration….I think they will harden off and do something really unthinkable,

    the question is when and how will our side harden off? Don’t answer that-

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  7. geoffb5 says:

    Tweet found this morning.

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  8. Martin says:

    In this day and age, polling is as accurate and a real indicator as is weather for the “science” of AGW.

    We’ll just have to work through it, and do the required things that genuinely result in what both “sides” internals reflect: Trump victory.

    Knowing it, and seeing it happen are connected by effort – truly a Trump concept.

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  9. Grandson of TheGrumpus says:

    [Somewhat O/T]
    I’m sorry to read that you hate rice cakes!

    Are you talking about the Japanese type (thick, between a half of an inch and a full inch thick), and comes plain or flavored, which are sold in your average supermarket?

    If it is the Japanese style, I can certainly understand it! Is it only the plain ones, (which are like chewing a styrofoam cup) or do you dislike the flavored ones also? I can “choke down” the sweetened and flavored ones of the Japanese type… but not a lot.

    There is an alternative, however!

    I’ve found a ricecake that is heavenly— it is the Korean style ricecake, and it changed my mind about what a ricecake could be!

    They can be found at many of the large Korean foodstores, (…like “H-Mart”, a Korean based chain of supermarkets here in the USA…). There you’ll find these uniquely Korean, very thin, ricecakes and they are completely different in character!

    It is very thin… only a grain or two of pop-rice thick… and about the diameter of your average frisbee. They’ll a little more than just slightly sweet— in fact one finds that the sweetness is just enough to leave one slightly unsatisfied, and wanting another!

    These are not at all like styrofoam! The rice cakes come in three flavors: sweetened plain, sweetened green tea, and sweetened mild mint flavors, (green tea and mint flavor might sound odd, but they actually work here).

    They’re simply wonderful!

    Best of all, the machine that makes them is right in the store, on display as they make the rice cakes, (…I guess to show-off to customers, in case you wanted to buy one…) they sell the cakes by the baker’s dozen, you put your order in and they are made fresh while you shop!

    I hope you can find a place near you to try some, the operator will always give free samples, even if you don’t speak Korean but look questioningly at the machine. After a visit or two he’ll probably make & hand you a sample every time he sees you’re in the store.

    In my case… after about a dozen visits where I bought 5 dozen or so, (for my kid’s team’s after-practice snack)… even if I wasn’t buying any that trip the operator of the machine would give me a couple dozen, not letting me pay for them at checkout!

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  10. How many times must I say this: SD, Bluto, FluffyDogAttack, in that order or it didn’t happen.

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  11. yacov d says:

    The ultimate reason for the polling game is not only the psychological warfare aspect. They usually are gradual moves that lend credence to the viability of their candidate over time. Eventually when it’s crunch time, the public is led to believe that it’s too close to call. This is when voter fraud takes over. Criminals, have no moral pangs when they cheat.


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  13. This is right outta State Media’s playbook for presidential elections as far back as July 1980 when Jimmy Carter was proclaimed a 5-7 point winner over Reagan.

    And then there’s this…..Published: July 26, 1988

    In the aftermath of the Democratic National Convention, the party’s nominee, Michael S. Dukakis, has expanded his lead among registered voters over Vice President Bush, the probable Republican nominee, according to a Gallup Poll.

    This was among the findings of a national public opinion poll of 948 registered voters conducted late last week for Newsweek magazine by the Gallup Organization. The telephone interviews took place on July 21, which was the last night of the convention, and on the night after that.

    55% of the 948 registered voters interviewed in the poll said they preferred to see Mr. Dukakis win the 1988 Presidential election, while 38% said they preferred to see Mr. Bush win.

    The drumbeat of shrill anti-Trump “news” found everyday on MSM outlets is a dead giveaway…..They know their client Ms. Clinton is a dysfunctional political misfit and loser.


  14. I don’t see much issue in fox news poll. Here is why it is showing 10 point lead for Hillary and why it doesn’t matter:

    Fox news (and many other polls) have sampled 6% more democrats. It is because as per 2012 CNN exit poll data, there were 6% more republicans. However as per latest Gallup poll, they are almost even. At best Dems are not more than 3% more. And I expect Republican turnout to be much higher time time.. Safely remove 5 points from that 10 point lead.
    Poll shows Hillay has support of about 90% Democrats after the convention while Trump has it around 78%. All Trump needs is to unite Republicans which much easier than booing muslims or African Americans.. If he gets to around even 85% Republican support, he will be way ahead of Hillary..

    So don’t worry much about the polls. Trump will win in November.


  15. My intuition says you are right. These polls are misleading constructs designed to create foregone conclusions. Reagan suffered through the same subterfuge. The last 2 weeks of the election will show Trump barely ahead, then he’ll win by a landslide, just like RR. The polsters have to eventually agree with reality to ever be taken seriously again.


  16. Skribbles says:

    I just want to say that I like the idea of being “secretive” about my candidate. I am a trump girl! I’ll be campaigning hard and I’ll be diligently watching for any sign of voter fraud, but I stopped doing polls. I’m in some groups for DJT and have started noticing posts suggesting that we all wear RED on Nov.8.. Easier to keep up with exit polls. I personally like the idea but RED happens to be my favorite color. I just want to Celebrate a Win in Nov. God Bless!


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