July 30th – 2016 Presidential Election – Open Discussion

In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for “2016 Presidential Politics”. Please use this thread to post anything relating to the Presidential Race and/or any of the candidates therein.

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This thread will refresh daily and appear above the Open Discussion Thread.

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1,440 Responses to July 30th – 2016 Presidential Election – Open Discussion

  1. maxx power says:

    You guys that do Facebook wanna slam clinton on KDKA’s Fb page! I just did.


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  2. wyntre says:

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  3. NJF says:

    Who called it?

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  4. I think hillary has added about 5 million followers to her Twitter account. I believe two or three days ago I looked and she had over 2 million, she now has 7.99 million. She is trying to catch up with Mr. Trump.

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  5. Honest Abbey says:

    How dare Mr. Khan question the sacrifices of Donald Trump, or of any American for that matter.

    Mr. Khan’s son volunteered to enlist in the United States military, and that means it was strictly by choice – his choice.

    American civilians, however, by NO CHOICE OF OUR OWN were FORCED to sacrifice our sense of security – Nobody volunteered for this. Our most treasured gift that was afforded to us for generations, was STOLEN FROM US in the blink of an eye by terrorists who practice the same religion as Mr. Khan.

    Does Mr. Khan have any sympathy for the victims in America who have suffered at the hands of his fellow Muslims? For the victims who did not volunteer to sacrifice their life, but their life was snatched from them anyway? Does Mr. Khan have an appreciation for the pain and suffering the families of these victims have endured over all these years?

    Again, I say: How dare Mr. Khan question the sacrifices made by any American.

    I, myself, am a veteran of the USAF and granted, I am a peacetime veteran, but was willing to make the ultimate sacrifice had I been called upon to do so. When I enlisted, we were on very shaky terms with……..IRAN. Actually, I really don’t know how we avoided going to war with Iran, but we couldn’t have planned for a better outcome.

    I will never, ever forget the first thing I saw on the day I graduated from Basic Training. It was a big beautiful sign that said:

    Our 52 FREE AT LAST

    Never in my life had I felt more pride or more love for my country. And I am no more loyal to my country than what Donald Trump is. We were designated different paths to make our contributions to this great country.

    Donald Trump IS MY VOICE.

    God Bless my fellow Americans and may He keep us safe.

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    • Bull Durham says:

      Well done, Abbey!

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    • lizzieintexas says:

      Thank you for your service to our country.

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    • sarrask says:

      Not having heard any independant reports about how his son died, wouldn’t it be ironic if Obama’s crazy rules of engagement contributed to the death.

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    • vladdy says:

      Yes. Well-said. As for the speaker, we honor all our fallen soldiers, but to use his son’s death as a political talking point is close to if not out-of-line. It would have helped had he at least mentioned one recent incident by “his people,” such as talking about the priest in France. As it was, there was an unnecessary ugliness to the “tribute.”

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    • kimosaabe says:

      If Khan spent his energy civilizing fellow Muslims rather than vilifying Trump what a wonderful world this would be.

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    • MzMaryMac says:

      Amen!!! This man is simply Cindy Sheehan 2.0. Their “ace in the hole.” Someone who is unimpeachable, and treated with the utmost respect and admiration from the media and the left. But…they take a woman like Patricia Smith, who has been insisting that Hillary Clinton PERSONALLY lied to her, and has been supported with similar words by the families of 2 of the other victims, and call her all sorts of names in the media. I’ve heard her called delusional, mentally ill, a pawn of Trump, and accused of crying crocodile tears.

      This is a game for them, and they are used to winning it. But the reason why Trump is so popular is because so many have caught onto the game. The people who realize fully that the stakes of this game are NOT fun. Too many people have woken up to the realization that we are in big trouble if we don’t do something very soon! And we are tired of being silenced by the left, in the pocket of the media. We will continue to tell the TRUTH and not cower to their bullying and tactics.

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    • Flame says:

      Thank you very much for standing up to Mr. Khan.
      After his speech I had bad after taste.

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    • WSB says:

      Beautifully presented! Sent to Lou Dobbs.

      Many thanks for your service!

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  6. Qbinky says:

    Ok, just saw D’Souza’s Hillary’s America. Wow! Awesome information! My one and only problem was the interview with Jonah Goldberg. The content of the interview was excellent, but all the while, I’m thinking “Isn’t he a Nevertrumper?” He is part of a major production highlighting the dangers of electing Hillary but actively works to elect her by not getting behind Trump? Can anyone explain this to me?

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    • majorstar says:

      The “conservative movement” is really messed up. Most “conservatives” believe a lot of different things. That’s become apparent during this election. Goldberg calls himself one, but clearly he isn’t or he wouldn’t be against Donald Trump. Couldn’t be. Same goes for all the neverTrumpers.

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    • lizzieintexas says:

      I saw it last weekend. It is a great movie and it ties everything together nicely. I too was surprised to see JG and I immediately got my defenses up. I forced myself to listen very carefully. D’Souza used the interview for factual and historical data which JG has plenty of knowledge. I will continue to support anyone who is fighting for America.

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    • vladdy says:

      Have noticed Jonah’s softness when it comes to the left for quite awhile now. Hard to believe he’s the same guy who wrote about “The Fascist Left.” The Never-Trumpers, besides coming off as sore losers, are actually in a position to do some damage to the country (4-8 years of Hillary Rotten Clinton, and we are part of the global system, no longer our own country). Paul Ryan, for instance, has helped the Dems tremendously by being who he is and saying what he does. Glad he is to be primaried.

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    • WSB says:

      Think about this one…Dinesh D’Souza and his wife were married by Ted Cruz’s father.


      Small world. I have seen Dinesh on several interviews and he seems to now support Trump, so hopefully that is sincere.

      I als thought the movie was fantastic. Honest history, and Jonah is a lost cause for now.

      The word Conservative has been hijacked by the left. Just as the word liberal. The Republican Party has been infiltrated by globalist leftists. We’re just taking it back to the people.

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    • Trumped says:

      He needed money? Cant live from interviews on honest documentarys.


  7. Shevtsova251 says:

    Obama, Clinton and globalists & co. should be so shameful

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  8. Katherine McCoun says:

    Video from May re African American vote for Mr. Trump

    Latino Trump Supporter – Well made video, professional

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  9. MzMaryMac says:


    This is the kind of stuff that make me steaming mad!!! What he said was absolutely true and what everyone is thinking and he basically has to resign from his job. GRRRR!!!! I bet if he said the most vile things about Trump, he’d still have a job.

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  10. angie says:

    A rapper, Demarcus Davis, in Baton Rouge made threats to Donald Trump about wanting to take away his mother’s food stamps. He and his scumbag friends were waving around guns.He also said that he had connections to ISIS. The idiot made the video in front of his house which showed his address. People called the police. The officers went there to talk to him and found that all of the guns had been stolen. He is in jail now on charges of illegal possession of a stolen firearm and three counts of felon in possession of a firearm. A radio program, Walton and Johnson have a saying, “Criminals is stupid. Davis proves their point. The link to the video in the article is dead but I have one posted from Facebook.

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  11. kimosaabe says:

    BREAKING…New Hillary Campaign Song

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  12. Karla says:

    Anyone watch judge Jeanine slam the Hillary surrogate?

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  13. CO Gal says:

    Friends, please investigate. I don’t know much about Twitter but i have been watching Hillary’s Facebook page. So strange, until a week ago many negative comments. This week a huge spike in likes and comments all positive. I clicked on a few of these commenters. Many foreigners, people with few friends or all of a sudden have a passion for Hillary that did not exist a few weeks ago. I know Facebook BS when I see it as I have been sent many fake friend requests.

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  14. Howie says:

    Coup attempt in Turkey raises a nuclear concern at US air base
    Incirlik Air Base was an operational centre of the attempted coup. It is also America’s largest foreign stockpile of nuclear weapons

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  15. Howie says:

    As predicted here comes the utter Bullscat. Enjoy. Hillary 46 Trump 31.

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  16. duchess01 says:


    • The votes from the 2012 presidential election (from 14 select states) were sent, for counting, to Spain. The voting boxes were sent, sealed, directly from the poling places. There was no opportunity for challenges, or counting by local officials. They were counted in a company owned by Soros.
      A year or so ago I got a number of responses to a Google search for “Where the 2012 presidential votes were counted”. I checked 3 or 4 of the sites just to make sure that the information was the same on each site.
      A few weeks back I referred to that information in a commnt I made here. A reader responded that he could not find any articles in response to his Google search for “Where the 2012 presidential election votes were counted”. In response to his comment, I tried the same search and was surprised that there were NO responses to the search. Unfortunately, I did the original search just for my own verification of the facts. I did not save any of the URL’s. Just wondered if any one else is familiar with that situation? I only used Google to make both searchs. I will keep searching, using different browsers. I know that information was readily available when I firsted searched, just wondered what happened to it. I’m curious to know if the votes will be counted out of the country this election? And, if so, why?

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  17. ladyfortruth says:

    There are nearly 1300 replies on this portion of web-site(wow), so I don’t know if this will even get read, but I just had to ask.

    Did anyone else just get an e-mail from NRSC labled from: John Kasich [info@nrsc.org] begging for money to support the Senate? When I saw the heading of the e-mail, I thought, ‘Oh good, Kasich is FINALLY going to endorse Trump and we can really be happy for his help—but Oh No —he never said a word about Trump! How rude of him and the NRSC to have a former horrible, rude, and non-wanted candidate suddenly asking for our Trump crowd to listen to him and send money!! He had his chance and blew it 😦

    I’m almost tempted to cancel my account with NRSC because of this. (I can just send all my donations directly to the Senators that I want.)

    Tell me what you think! I’m so angry!


  18. Keln says:

    The following is text of my message to the Trump campaign concerning uranium enrichment in the US. I feel this is a very important issue that will continue to fly under the radar due to its nature. I’m posting it here too on the off chance someone who talks to Trump might see it. Who knows?

    I’ve been wondering for a while now, considering that Mr. Trump has discussed the Iran Nuclear Deal many many times, whether or not he knows about the status of Uranium Enrichment in the United States.

    The Iranian deal allows Iran to continue enriching uranium via the use of Uranium Gas Centrifuges, yet the United States, under President Obama, has ceased it’s own centrifuge program. This program was started under G. W. Bush, but met with constant delays, and ultimately (recently) a total shutdown by the Obama administration.

    In fact, the United States currently does not enrich any uranium, nor do we have the ability to enrich any uranium. The Department of Energy, under secretary Ernest Moniz and under direction of the Obama Administration, “pulled the plug” on our efforts to take uranium enrichment into the 21st century.

    The unfortunate economic realities of uranium enrichment, especially post-Fukushima, do not make enrichment a viable commercial enterprise, as all other enrichment entities in the world are either fully or partially state-owned and immune to profit concerns. The Obama administration used this reality as an excuse to cancel the promised loan guarantee, a $2 Billion government backed loan to build enrichment production capacity in the US, because the financials don’t work under current uranium (SWU) prices.

    The reason why uranium enrichment was separated out from the Manhattan Project legacy of the Department of Energy was a result of the Clinton administration choosing it, oddly, as an example of a government program to be privatized. It didn’t work, and I believe it was obvious to the Clinton administration that it wouldn’t. Uranium enrichment is one of few industries that must be government operated, unfortunately. A private uranium enrichment company cannot survive in a market where all other enrichment companies are heavily subsidized by nation states.

    The US is now unable to even fuel our own reactors, much less replenish our own strategic supply of enriched uranium…enriched uranium which must, by law and by treaty, be enriched by US technology within the US only.

    Not only does this put our nation at a disadvantage when it comes to energy independence, but it also undermines our contribution to global non-proliferation efforts. When the US is not able to supply enriched uranium to other countries who desire nuclear energy as a part of their energy infrastructure, they will be tempted to begin enrichment programs of their own. This has shown historically to lead to the proliferation of weapons grade material, especially in countries that should never have such material.

    As a result of this, we must saturate the market with Low Enriched Uranium for reactor fuel use. This is the best way to prevent other nations from starting enrichment programs, which could lead to weapons programs. As a businessman, I am sure Mr. Trump understands that a saturated market is an unprofitable one…privatization of uranium enrichment thus does not work if we also want to prevent other non-nuclear nations from enriching themselves AND unless all other enrichment programs are privatized globally.

    Surely the Clinton administration knew this. So why did they choose this particular program for privatization?

    This also undermines our ability to keep our nuclear weapons arsenal maintained, due to the necessity of replacing Tritium in our warheads because of its short half-life. This tritium can only be produced in US-owned and operated reactors using US-enriched uranium reactor fuel. We no longer have the capability to enrich, so we are now forced to deplete our finite stockpile of strategic enriched uranium to replenish Tritium in our warheads.

    Mr. Trump needs to be made aware of this discrepancy in our energy and strategic nuclear policy, and how incredible the contrast is between our granting Iran the ability to enrich uranium while we ourselves, under Obama, have completely lost that ability.

    I would also point out, that this is an issue that is very important to south-central Ohio, the home of the American Centrifuge Project where the buildings already exist that were supposed to house these gas centrifuges and create thousands of jobs in an incredibly depressed economic region. It is also very important to the people of eastern Tennessee, where the other half of the ACP provides many scientific, engineering, and technical jobs for the people of that area around Oak Ridge. Workers in many other states also were contributing to this project, thousands of them, who have now been laid off in recent years due to the decisions of Obama’s Department of Energy.

    This is a hot-button issue in southern Ohio especially where generations of Ohioans have enriched US uranium since the 1950s at the Portsmouth DOE site. All of the talent and skills are already there. The buildings are there. The technology is there. But the support of the Obama administration isn’t. That is the only thing stopping Ohioans from helping to secure our nuclear future in the US.

    We cannot allow our adversaries the ability to enrich uranium while we ourselves do not have the ability to do so, and are not moving forward to be able to. I pray that Mr. Trump will look into this issue and understand how important it is, not just to the people of southern Ohio, but to our nation and even to global non-proliferation efforts.

    Thank you

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  19. duchess01 says:


  20. Hillary might be planning an October surprise. Someone earlier mentioned the movie Birth of a nation. 1915 film

    Hollywood has a total rewrite of Birth of a nation. The movie is SURE to stir up racial tensions.
    Due to come out in October. Here is the link to the trailer. See what you think.


    • This trailer is shows better what this movie is about


    • Keln says:

      As a life-long Republican, I am anti-slavery. I am against slavery in any form it may take.

      From these trailers, it appears that this version of The Birth of a Nation is the Republican version in response to the 1915 Democrat version.

      It is up to us to help our black brothers and sisters, Americans all, to understand that they must rise once again, against the oppression of their masters, to leave the political plantation they now toil on: the Democratic Plantation.

      The old slave owners were Democrats. The new political slave owners are Democrats. It is time that the slaves become free in all ways, from the Democrat masters.

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      • Trumped says:

        Aint that the truth?
        I hope to see Trump soon going right into the innercities exposing the democrat hypocrisy. He already attacked the Johnson amendment for churches having no free speech.

        So why not go further…


      • Keln, I am anti slavery as it gets. I haven’t watched the old version of Birth of A Nation.

        All I know is fanning the flames of racial tensions this October is suspicious to me. Something Hillary & Hollywood would do.


        • Keln says:

          I’m not claiming you like slavery 😀

          My point is, any such thing can easily be used as a way to convince blacks of the truth.

          I don’t care if they vote for Trump or not. I want them to know the truth. And even a movie like this, even IF it was intended to “stir up racial tensions”, can be used to spread that truth. One only has to make the connection between physical slavery and current political slavery.


          • Toronto Tonto says:

            I want blacks and all races to vote for Trump. LBJ supposedly evolved on race, and for Democrats, that’s good enough. The same with Byrd. They say in the end, he supported programs that helped minorities. They say all the racists joined the GOP after the CRA as part of Nixon’s Southern Strategy. We can argue whether all of this is true or not, and I think that’s more productive that the N word and implying that blacks only vote for free stuff.


  21. I just got back from seeing Hillary’s America. I recommend for everyone to go see it in theaters. It is worth it. There was about 40 people in attendance during a 5:30pm showing. On my way out, one older lady said: “Trump can win this. People just need to see this movie. The problem is no one is going to see this movie….”

    I wish they would do free screenings of this movie in the inner cities. African-Americans have been duped by the democrat party. The fact that 95% of blacks vote democrat is an embarrassment! The blacks are voting against their own interest. The democrats have been against blacks from the inception of the party.

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    • viddysweet says:

      We tried to see it this morning. They had it listed on Fandango, but when we got to the theater, it wasn’t showing in that time slot. I think I’m just going to order the book instead. It’s another option for people who may not be able to see it in the theaters.

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    • Daisy says:

      Hubs and I saw “Hillary’s America” at the 7:20 showing at a theater in a major city in Ohio. The audience consisted of mostly middle aged caucasians; a few asians; and one black man. Trump has the connections and could show this movie for free (and provide popcorn & soda) at hotels in every major city across the US! Rent out large conference rooms, have multiple showings, and advertise on the most popular radio stations/twitter/Facebook and the masses will come! I once stood in line for a free burrito at Chipotle for 3 hours because of a radio announcement! I wanted to see who would show up….all walks of life, showed up!!!

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    • Keln says:

      Sounds like something the Trump campaign might want to pay for.


  22. three by one says:

    Politico was harping on the NON-PARTISAN Presidential Debate Committee scheduling debates a year ago for highly-likely NFL Game timeslots (Sunday and Monday night)

    Neither Trump nor the NFL are pleased.

    So who are the co-chairs of the non-partisan Presidential Debate Committee?

    Some 78 y/o fossil from the Reagan administration and FORMER CLINTON PRESS SECRETARY MIKE MCCURRY

    Politico of course made no mention of this.


  23. Finalage says:

    Manafort on MTP setting them straight.

    Aside from his “bumbles” in his speech pattern, he does an excellent jump of steering the questions away from where Chuck Todd wants to go with them. A true pro.


  24. Finalage says:

    Trump on TW

    I guess this is the interview with Trump’s controversial attack on “gold star mothers.” These people are truly pathetic.


  25. Finalage says:

    Manafort on FTN

    Good job


  26. Finalage says:

    Sessions on SOTU

    The questioner was an ass. As you can see with all of these media interviews, they got their talking points/questions from the Clinton campaign. They all ask the same questions. It’s disgusting.


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