Donald Trump Rally, Davenport Iowa – 4:00pm Live Stream…

Candidates Donald Trump and Mike Pence are focusing on two states today, Michigan and Iowa, with two campaign events in each state.  Governor Mike Pence is in Michigan (Grand Rapids 3pm, and Novi 7pm), while Donald Trump is in Iowa (Davenport 4pm, and Cedar Rapids 8pm).

Donald Trump’s first rally of the day is in Davenport, Iowa at the Adler Theater.  His event begins at 4:00pm EDT.

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186 Responses to Donald Trump Rally, Davenport Iowa – 4:00pm Live Stream…

  1. duchess01 says:

    Just before I leave – I want to tell you two things – it was a year – and now, it is three months – Supreme Court Justices – important – this could be a presidency that chooses the most Supreme Court Justices in history – not getting a lot of traction with that – how do we know he is going to pick the right judges – so I made a list and put it out publicly – and people liked it – the second thing is – TPP – we are not going to approve these horrible trade deals – NAFTA – worst economic trade deal in the history of the world – it has destroyed jobs – I love this country – you see what happened – factories – coming down – thousands of businesses – millions of jobs – TPP – Clinton called it the Gold Standard – it is 5,000 pages – I guarantee nobody read it – I want to make deals with individual countries – if they misbehave – 30-day notice – one deal for each country – China is going to come in the back door – I want nice, simple deals – beautiful – UH, OH – uh, oh is right – if they don’t treat us right – we give them 30-day notice – your deal is terminated! All of a sudden, Hillary changes her support – then, her VP is in favor of it – Terry said – don’t worry – she’ll approve TPP – TPP is a disaster – she will approve that deal as sure as you are standing here – We are tired of stupidity, a lack of common sense – ‘He may not be perfect, but he is going to get the job done’ – what the Evangelicals say about Trump – taking about his meeting with Christians – powerful pastors – they are all incredible – they were praying and talking – I asked for their endorsement – they could not – their voices have been taken away – Lyndon Johnson – took it away – if they did that – they could lose their tax exempt status – this took away their voice – so basically, the common man has more power than you do – if I become President of the United States – we are going to get rid of that Johnson amendment – I believe that is why religion in this country is going in the wrong direction – Whew!

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    • duchess01 says:

      Whoa! This is in the Republican Platform! The Johnson Amendment! Wow!


    • BuckWeaver says:

      Wow, I want to hear that story he told about the pastor’s meeting again and study it. What it shows is just how deeply he thinks about these things. He thought their reaction, of not endorsing him after the meeting was odd, and he listened to their reason and gave it long thought and came up with what he said today. I loved what he said.

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      • duchess01 says:

        Me, too, Buck! The man is amazingly perceptive – wants to understand – Trump is one caring, wonderful man – this nation will be mightily blessed WHEN he becomes President!


      • Peter. Lau says:

        Trump is right.buildthe wall.Revelation 21 the bible says the new heaven and th new Jerusalem have walls many walls.god loves wall


    • Trumped says:

      I cant keep up lol.
      Pence is FIT and looks good! HE IS ON OUR SIDE!

      He knows when to take emphasis to a case on his notes!

      “For the sake of the rule of law,…!” No need for him to read that. He really stands behind his words!

      “Civil rights movement fuelled by FAITH” !


    • MVW says:

      Mike Pence is truly an awesome speaker and campaigner. His rally speech was on target and his answers to questions clear and complete. I am amazed, stunned actually. His answer to the question of how America business, industry, and jobs will be turned around… quickly, was as good and believable as I could have ever wanted.

      Thank you Donald Trump for picking the right man and giving him the jet to take the fight to every blue state of the union. There is no reason Trump-Pence won’t steam roller this election.

      Again. I am stunned.

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  2. Trumped says:

    Trump decided to go to Iowa to kill the Johnson amendment!
    He just won every church in every precinct there with his closing remarks!
    (cruzmachine worked on that for years with their proselytizing sleaze tactics)

    Him mentioning his non perfection in Iowa is also no accident 😉
    TRUMP mentioned IOWA staying first in the primary again! Thus ensuring Iowas allegiance for the next 8 years!(countering any cruz et. all movement in 4 years)

    I could see Pence having multiple events in Iowa for days! (Trump Chopper? 😉


  3. Patriot1 says:

    Trump needs to add to his speech the following:

    I am funding this campaign because I believe in myself and I believe it’s worthwhile because I believe in you and our country.


  4. ThePatriot says:

    Is there a reason why RSBN can NOT get their videos of Donald Trump right?? I have asked them several times to please straighten out their audio, but it seems they just ignore me and continue to produce sub-standard videos. I had to stop listening to this video because the echo was so bad I could not understand what Donald J. Trump was saying.


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