DNC Replaces Bad Optics of Interior Convention Wall by Switching to Plexiglass Barrier….

DNC wallsOn Day #1 of the DNC convention, the democrat party received a significant amount of ridicule on social media for constructing a make-shift wall around the stage. (pictured left)

The wall was made of metal barricades covered in blue cloth to disguise the barrier.

However, the optics were terrible, and the DNC is all about theater and the optics.

For Day #2 it appears the DNC modified their security wall to make it less obvious to the camera’s covering the convention, and the viewers watching:

clear barriers dnc convention

The border wall barriers are still there – only with plexiglass, easier to hide.  Better optics.

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80 Responses to DNC Replaces Bad Optics of Interior Convention Wall by Switching to Plexiglass Barrier….

  1. sarrask says:

    So they create a glass wall while bragging about breaking the glass ceiling.

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  2. rumpole2 says:

    Apparently they need a wall at the rear of the arena… to stop delegates escaping… maybe just lock the doors 🙂

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  3. YvonneMarie says:

    Trump effect optic.

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  4. craig swanson says:

    Now they can return the cattle gates to Tractor Supply and put the refund in the Clinton Foundation.

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  5. geoffb5 says:

    Amazing just how fast walls can go up when someone in charge really wants one.

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  6. tz says:

    There was this TV series … “Bern Notice”?

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  7. fran wendelboe says:

    their problem was having steps down into the audience like that. The RNC did not have steps to the stage that I noticed and at times I was literally standing next to the stage where the podium was. There “may” have been a small set of steps around the sides, didn’t notice.

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  8. zek says:

    I thought walls didn’t work.

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  9. JoD says:

    I thought that they preferred bridges not walls.

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  10. craig swanson says:

    Like Colonel Klink: They run a POW camp where the prisoners escape IN!

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  11. Millwright says:

    It certainly seems the DNC has multiple “optics” issues after today’s events ! The LSM ballyhooed “conflict” at the RNC, when little or none existed. But I don’t expect even a mention of the massive demonstrations – including attacks on police lines – outside the convention this evening.

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  12. catmom says:

    Nothing gets past Sundance. I wondered what happened to the wall. LOL!

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  13. JoeS says:

    Reminds me of:

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  14. notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital says:

    Killary tear your multiple walls against the people down.

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  15. justfactsplz says:

    Oh, pleeeeze, just hide them all behind the blue cloth. I don’t want to look at them. I already know what’s behind the curtain and it ain’t pretty. Our convention was so much more classy and patriotic. That ugly blue cloth must have been left over from one of Hildebeast’s traveling pantsuits.

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  16. Paul Killinger says:

    They’re all for WALLS (and ARMED bodyguards) to protect THEMSELVES, just not the rest of us!

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  17. Jimmy Jack says:

    The double wall of fences/walls outside to keep the protestors at bay is another great optic. They are such incredibly hypocrites.

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  18. CM-TX says:

    Putin so did NOT do it. I stumbled on (this) the end of June- via DM article on the DNC hack, & linking to it.

    The top line is from the article below it. Dated June 15th!
    Guess by DNC/MSM/HRC standards, this hacker had a crystal ball?! Amazing- He knew exactly what would leak & where… over a MONTH in advance!

    Blog link: https://guccifer2.wordpress.com/2016/06/15/dnc/

    Note: further proof… blog has some DNC/HRC memos embedded t/o, plus links to more docs. CrowdStrike who investigated for DNC, made mention of a possible ‘leaked database on Trump.’ So to mock the scare tactic (?), first doc you see via link:
    DNC’s manual: Donald Trump Report (12/19/15). It lists “Top Narratives & Top narrative Backups.” Over 70 pages of scripted spins & lies to disparage Trump with… Crooked Hellary’s little playbook.

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    • maiingankwe says:

      Thank you so much and WELL DONE! Awesome job!! Thank you, thank you and thank you.

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    • jeans2nd says:

      I read somewhere Guccifer 2.0 had died in prison. No wonder Bernie caved. Poor guy.


      • 1stgoblyn says:

        Those early reports of his death were quickly hushed up. But where is he? Has anyone seen his lately? Things to make one go hmmmm.


    • RG says:

      Gee…Richard Nixon and his cronies were fishing through a file cabinet…have we come a long way or what?


    • Sherlock says:

      Whoever did it, it’s clear it wasn’t done for Trump. Even the scummy New York times analysis reported that “the earliest hacking attempts linked to current DNC crisis dated back to middle of 2015, long before Trump became a viable Oval Office hopeful.”


  19. flyingtigercomics says:

    Day 1: berlin wall

    Day 2: zoo enclosure for animals with rotten hearts

    Day 3: the good god alone knows

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  20. maiingankwe says:

    It’s a good thing they have money because they sure are spending it. It just proves dems are terrible when it comes to planning and implementation. They keep messing it up, and they keep having to fix it, which all adds up.

    No wonder California, Detroit, Illinois (especially Chicago), Baltimore and so many other democratic controlled towns and states are in the hole. Spend, spend spend and spend some more. Heck, it’s not their money, it’s all from the people they control. What a waste.

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  21. That backdrop is so not flattering, and dull. Really poor stage design. I’d think with all the Hollywood help, the Democrats could find a better set.

    The RNC was bright and shiny, this is gunmetal grey.
    Or, they’re just naturally tapping into their Stalinist tendencies when it comes to design.

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  22. paper doll says:

    I have to say they are doing way more to help Trump than I imagined they would. This is a hot mess.

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  23. redsequin4 says:

    Watching the implosion of what was once the Democrat party but now just a shill apparatus with a dual purpose, crown the Queen and stop Trump. Everyday there are new scandals, plots, schemes and dirty tricks. Since the Wikileaks document dump we finally have the proof of collusion between the MSM and DNC, proof of what we all knew was happening. Of course the Clinton News Network and the rest of the MSM wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot pole, they want to talk about Philly cheese steaks instead. Can you even imagine the firestorm if the emails came from the RNC? Sploidy heads galore. Haven’t these idiots learned by now how bad emails can bite you in the backside? Thankfully for us, NO!

    Wikileaks is promising more to come. Do they have the 30,000 deleted emails? Oh man this is getting good.

    We’re going to win this so YUGE! Clinton is going down big time. Can’t wait for the debates!

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  24. Bob says:

    It’s the communist way. Those cities that have gone bankrupt have done so by design. It’s exactly what Obama has tried to do for eight years to the whole country. The foolish spending on foreign aid, funding the unwanted refugees and the list goes on.The toxic assets just about did the USA in, but we survived. Now the whole system needs a do over from the small city hall right up to congress, the Pentagon and the White House. It’s the only way, if we leave the same people in the bureaucrat positions, they will only subvert efforts of change and in time raise up again.


  25. TexasRanger says:

    DNC Building Walls At The Convention and……

    And No American Flags

    And They Cut Out “God” From The National Anthem.!

    These People Are Totally Out of Touch and Absorbed With Themselves.!

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  26. vexedmi says:

    For folks who are so against building walls for American defense they certainly erect theirs for their own defense…..wonder why that is?


  27. TexasRanger says:

    I’m Encouraging All Bernie Folks and Disgruntled Democrats To:

    VOTE “ABC” – Anybody But Clinton

    Maybe Even Vote For Trump…..

    But For Sure You Must Vote, Don’t Stay Home.

    Split The Vote – The Fewer Votes Hillary Gets The Better For Trump.!


  28. compare/contrast:

    RNC: no wall. Open steps to the speakers and DJT. Commitment to a return of America the Free, Brave and Great, Beautiful stage, flags/patriotism showing everywhere.

    DNC: blue wall separating the unwashed from the protected/criminals. Cold, lifeless, steel-gray backdrop to the speakers, not a SINGLE American Flag, negativity, Trump-bashing (middle-school ‘name-calling’), now a new, “clear” plexiglass wall, giving the “illusion” of openness, transparency, access!

    Wake the hell up, Democrats! These people hold you in contempt; all they want is your votes!

    A President Donald J. Trump will only build walls where they count. At our borders, so that YOU, your family, your children, those you love, can be protected.

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  29. doc says:

    Of course the DJT people put up barriers and walls for the Republican Convention. He’s the law and order candidate who doesn’t have a problem with protecting everyone including himself. There is nothing wrong with protecting yourself and others who are speaking. In fact, it’s their responsibility to protect the speakers and think ahead to ‘what if’. We try to live firmly in the real world where if you’re white you don’t go in the hood unless you’ve got a good reason. Where you see and are not ashamed to say who and what is causing the problems AND the fact that we need a wall on our border.

    It’s not that the Dems need the gates/walls outside and inside their arena that is the funny part. Heck, we have so many idiots now with BLM and dirty Liberals that every event needs protection. It’s that they say one thing while doing the exact opposite. We would live in a much safer place if they would just acknowledge reality.


  30. mobiuswolf says:

    Are they afraid all those empty seats are going to rush the stage?


  31. thegoldman says:

    Can get to freedom ? ? ?

    Get your freedom hammer…

    Mil-Spec Freedom Emergency Hammer…

    And you will be able to break threw…


  32. WSB says:

    They also corrected the signage:


  33. nulli says:

    The barrier is to keep out common sense and keep in elitism. We csn’t have the commoners thinking for themselves!


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