President Obama in Dallas: “I understand these protests” … they can be messy” … “police can get hurt”

We will locate video, and transcript, as soon as possible. [Update Video Added] However, during an incredulous speech delivered at the memorial service for fallen Dallas police officers, President Obama just gave one of the most tonally disconnected speeches we’ve ever witnessed.

If we did not know better we’d almost believe that President Obama forgot where he was.  While staring at the families of the murdered police officers (seated in the front row) President Obama actually said:

obama prose

…”And I understand these protests, I see em’, they can be messy” …. followed seconds later by … “police can get hurt”…

In a very casual, unsympathetic and almost incredulous *meh-stylistic* presentation. Unreal. Here’s video (prompted to 32:20 for context):

“And I understand these protests, I see em’, they can be messy” … “police can get hurt”

~ Messy Protests ~

messy 1

messy 3

messy 2

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868 Responses to President Obama in Dallas: “I understand these protests” … they can be messy” … “police can get hurt”

  1. Centinel2012 says:

    Reblogged this on Centinel2012 and commented:

    Obama is an insensitive ass I wish congress had some spine and just impeached him even if they couldn’t get the votes in the Senate; it would be good drama and help to destroy Hillary.


  2. Victorious Grace Good says:

    “I understand these protests”…”they can be messy”…”police can get hurt”


    “I created these protests”…”they will be bloody”…”police will be killed”

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  3. Pam says:

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  4. lou says:

    so, white people do not tell their kids how to comply when a Police Officer pulls them over?
    truly a disgusting speech by Obama during a Police Memorial.

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  5. carole says:

    Do we need to have a conversation about race? I am white. And I have been hearing for the last several years that white people are racist. But I don’t feel toward black people any differently than I feel toward white people. I ‘read’ people when I meet them as most people do and I know who is friendly and who isn’t. I mostly have good encounters with everyone. But sometimes black people — young black people, not people my age — look at me as if they hate me. Why is that? They don’t even know me. I certainly haven’t done anything to them. I sat in class one day and stared into space, thinking, and a young black woman challenged me: “Who are YOU looking at?!” Why did she assume that I was ‘looking’ at her? I wasn’t. Why did she react so angrily?

    One night at the gas station, the pumps were really slow and a young black man was getting frustrated. He angrily blamed the (white) attendant, saying the attendant was stopping the pump from working for him because he was black. My husband (nice, kind, naive lovely man that he is) explained to the young man that he was having the same problem — the pumps were running slow for everybody. The young man said, ‘Who asked YOU…epithet? You hear me talking to YOU, epithet?!’

    Now I do not understand this kind of behavior at all. I do not understand these un-called for, over the top reactions. and I wonder…just as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, perhaps racism is also? Condoleeza Rice tells of going to pick her car up at a repair shop and asking the mechanic if it was ready. He didn’t answer her immediately and she just knew he was being rude because he was white and she is black. She figured he hadn’t even worked on her car. She had gotten herself into quite a state of anger, when the mechanic slid out from under the car he was working on and saw her there — for the first time. He hadn’t heard her speak. He’d finished her car. It was repaired. It was fine.

    Yes, I think we need to have a conversation in this country about race. But those who are assuming, and angry, and marching and shouting are in no fit state of mind to hear any voices but their own. Here’s a stretch, but it’s apt: When Jesus fed the 5000 with a few little loaves and fishes, he first made them SIT DOWN and be quiet.

    end of today’s sermonette

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    • psadie says:

      The African Americans do not understand the word RESPECT unless they are saying the “F” word that they constantly use! They cannot speak without yelling and screaming over others to be sure they’re the only ones to be heard!


    • wondering999 says:

      Carole, there is Nazi-era ethnic hate movie you should know about (called “Jud Suess”, released in 1940)
      “There were reports of anti-Jewish violence after audiences viewed the film; in particular, teenagers seemed particularly prone to be instigated to violence by the film.[74]” Young people would leave the movie theater and go out to beat up any random Jew they encountered after watching the movie, because viewing the movie uncritically would stir up that kind of feeling.

      Many months ago I was staying in a home with cable (I don’t have cable) and noticed that the movie “12 years a Slave” was playing over and over and over again on multiple channels. That movie is only one of many slavery/rape-themed productions designed to aggravate people emotionally after they watch movies/TV. The producers will claim they don’t intend to provoke racist violence, but you should doubt their word; the entertainment industry is not overwhelmingly concerned with ethical motivations

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      • carole says:

        wondering: I wasn’t aware of that film, but you have given a certain example of the evil motives behind all of this. It is so sickening to see such vileness … President Trump is going to have a lot to deal with, but I know he is up to the task.

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  6. psadie says:

    Obama is an arrogant, narcissistic, incompetent fool! I cannot wait for him to vacate the WH for he has been an absolute disgrace to this country! Good riddance.

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  7. Ono says:

    If the CIC showed up and treated my “life on the line carrier” this way, after five of my fellows were gunned down by a white hating individual.; with a “ship happens theme” I would crusade against him.


    I crusade against him almost daily because I lost my carrier (custom wood millworks) to his policy’s (Global warming and open borders)


    I talk factual stink about him whenever I can.

    No shortage on material with Barry


  8. thetrain2016 says:

    Barack, you declared us enemy. Do we have the right to defend ourselves? Just asking…


  9. Duhders says:

    So this might be old news here, but I just learned of the gold fringed flag and I don’t know what to think of the information as it applies to some of the recent comments regarding martial law. It is something I never noticed before: the difference in the American flag when outside (no fringe) versus inside (gold fringed) government offices (for example the WH, courtrooms) and this website’s explanation:

    Doing a quick search Obama, Bush and even Reagan all have the gold fringed flag behind them.

    Anyone know if this should be of concern??


    • Duhders says:

      An example of why I’m asking is at the end of this speech: there is an American flag on the far left that appears to be without gold fringe and the speech occurred outside a governmental office.


    • Linda Ruth says:

      Duhders, according to the info given at the site you posted:
      “The judge sitting under a gold or yellow fringe flag becomes the “captain” or “master” of that ship or enclave and he has absolute power to make the rules as he goes. The gold or yellow fringe flag is your warning that you are leaving your Constitutionally secured RIGHTS on the floor outside the door to that courtroom.”
      The display of this flag means that if we do not verbally object to submitting to the authority of the place/person representing it, then we have relinquished our legal rights and can exert no defense. That can be very dangerous if TPTB want to harm a person in some way. The USA does have and has had political prisoners through the years. In private hearings any kind of judgment can be given secretly with no recourse for justice for the victim of injustice.


      • Duhders says:

        Thx Linda. You stimulated my memory about a man I read about last year in a situation that defies logic according to the Constitution, IMO. His name is Martin Armstrong and he was held in contempt of court for 7 yrs. He claims it is because he did not hand over a formula for predicting market cycles that he acurrately predicted, the gov’t wanted to seize his property after being indicted for fraud. After reading his account, I don’t know why someone who could predict market cycles to the day would need to defraud investors, especially one who was being sought out by various gov’ts to help them make predictions.

        There is something to be said of someone who claims innocence after 17 years. Few are willing prolonged hardship for principle, especially 7 years of your life.


        • Linden says:

          I read his blog every day, the man is a complete genius… and principled. The government wanted the work of his lifetime, to manipulate and control markets, and he would give it to them. If you want the story, and a good education to boot, subscribe to his blog,, it’s free,


  10. ckainredstateusa says:


    And he insulted everyone but blacks by his hectoring and lecturing.

    He is an evil man. He hates America(ns), the Constitution, the police, Caucasians. And he’s been officially at war since the day he was inaugurated in 2009.

    Obama’s a societal, political, fiscal and spiritual malignancy on and in our country.

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    • JC says:

      CK – excellent post. Every single word a powerful indictment of this abomination in our White House.


    • Linda Ruth says:

      I saw a comment in which the writer stated that there was no applause given by the police at the end of Obama’s diatribe, but in the video it appeared that applause was given by non-whites among the many officers present. This does indicate a racial divide in the Dallas police department when enforcing the laws there. It is likely difficult for upbringing to not influence one’s perception of reality.


  11. I can’t stand to hear him speak, dad to shut off after just two minutes. I can’t believe why anyone was clapping…were they prompted to? When are people going to stop putting up with his bullshit? He shows no respect, therefore, why show him any?


  12. JC says:


    An atrocity. Shameless exploitation of American Police just days after their murders. Ghastly display of Rotten-to-the-Core BO’s evil, narcissistic egotism. Inconceivable, unforgivable.

    If this scene, and all of the others leading up to it, were written into a novel, I’d have closed the book by now and returned it to the library or gotten a refund from a bookstore. Totally implausible, tasteless, exploitive drama.

    There’s not enough brain, eye and ear bleach in the WORLD to purge this from our collective conscience.

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  13. Martin says:

    So glad I had to work and not have to hear this horse manure coming out of this clown’s mouth. Thanks, Mayor Rawlings. You’re just as bad as Obama.


  14. The Boss says:

    I can’t stand obama’s white half and his black half. But he is 100% one thing – a total ass.


  15. Obama's boyfriend says:

    Has thereever been a more morally bankrupt, selfish, little man? In ten years I can’t wait to read the books detailing his crimes and the endless scandals. Carter must be a very happy man because of Obama.


  16. acumenmac says:

    How can this once great nation sit by and listen to a usurper POTUS of America dishonor 5 men of valor of the Dallas Police Department by comparing two recent black thugs as equals. The audacity, the disrespect, the perverted moral twistedness of Obama.
    And worse, no one has the balls, (accept maybe Hannity) to stand up and speak the truth.
    Once again the radicalization of political correctness reveals how close the marxist’s are to completion of the destruction of America. The silence of PC ————– it is in fact deafening!

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  17. tammy says:

    Worst pResident in American history!


  18. Mara says:

    Correction, Mr. President. You should have said:
    “I understand these messy protests…police can get hurt because they are the targets.”


  19. Linda Ruth says:

    I re-assess what I said about the lack of applause to Obama. There was a mixed group applauding, but why? Picked and paid to? An especially pre-picked backdrop audience?


  20. Jhm says:

    I’m late to the game. If this is true,
    I have blue Christmas lights. If the white house refuses to light blue in honor of our police force, why can’t we?


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