Black Lives Matter Activist Breaks Into Cops House, Threatens Officer’s Wife and Children, Shot Dead…

Unbelievable, President Obama needs to get his Black Lives Matter crew under control quickly… Things are rapidly spiraling out of control.

STL BLMLAKESHIRE • A former Affton High School football standout forced his way into a South County home and was shot and killed by an off-duty officer inside after a Facebook dispute over Black Lives Matter apparently boiled over late Saturday afternoon.

That’s what can be pieced together from the accounts of police and an uncle of Tyler Gebhard, who said the young man had been struggling with mental health issues.

“He walked over there and into a gunfight,” Gebhard’s uncle, Patrick Brogan said, drawing on accounts offered by friends of his nephew. “When he got there, he was met with a gun and the guy killed him.” 

Authorities said Gebhard, 20, and the officer were acquainted, and Gebhard made Facebook threats to the officer’s family and “uninvolved members of the community” in advance of the Saturday encounter with the unidentified officer.

Gebhard threw a 50-pound concrete planter through the window and entered the Lakeshire residence as the officer’s wife, mother-in-law and two young children struggled to escape through a bedroom window, St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar said. The off-duty officer shot and killed Gebhard.

“I don’t think the officer had a choice — I honestly don’t,” Belmar told reporters on Saturday, labeling the situation “a very difficult position to be in.”  (read more)

fist pump first fam

BLM Protest Memphis


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391 Responses to Black Lives Matter Activist Breaks Into Cops House, Threatens Officer’s Wife and Children, Shot Dead…

  1. Daniel Hughes says:

    “Struggling with mental illness” my ass.
    That’s the oldest excuse in the book for a Certain Demographic. Maybe they should ALL be institutionalized, since “mental illness” is so prevalent in the species, er, the “community”?

    I am rather annoyed at how consistently some stupid excuse is given to cover CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR for these people. XXXXX edited by admin (Pardon the offensive simile, but it is appropriate.) Who do they think they are fooling?

    Meanwhile, when an actual victim of criminal aggression defends himself, this happens:

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    • Eric says:

      Safari Principle 😉


    • pageoturner says:

      All liberals are struggling with mental illness – they don’t live in reality. Shock therapy – forcing everyone to earn their own living (not working for a gov’t agency, living off government subsidies, lobbying group or tax-payer supported charity) is the only cure.


      • cajost says:

        My only disagreement is your statement of “not working for a government agency” I work for the VA here in St. Louis and I EARN my living everyday.

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        • NJ transplant says:

          I agree with you, cajost. I am retired from a government agency. I earned every cent I made. I also had to go to school at night for many years while working full time to get the credentials to get that job. There were some who were affirmative action, relatives, etc who didn’t have to carry their own weight. It is an untrue and unfair generalization that people who work for the government don’t earn their money and contribute to the tax base. Working in that job is what turned me from being a liberal democrat to a Trump supporter. I saw how things really are.


    • paul vincent zecchino says:

      Sociopathic criminal jerkoffs always refer to their crimes in detached, third person manner.

      We’ve all seen their lame act on the marxstream media crime shows, when during the interview they refer to their heinous, demonic slaying of an innocent woman, child or man as ‘when it, like uh, you know, just happened’.

      They love to claim ‘the gun just went off’ along with my personal favorite, ‘If I didn’t have that gun, I wouldn’t have shot her.’

      No indeed, Mr. Cloroxion or whatever his name is would have instead stabbed, burned, strangled, beat her to death, or a combination thereof.

      They always detach from their crimes.

      And the stupid, satanic, garbage marxstream media enables them to do so.

      Shut off the cable, deny the networks their cable fee rakeoff.

      Starve this putrescent, luciferian, lying beast.


    • Menagerie says:

      Don’t use profanity if you don’t want to be moderated. We can’t keep up with every word of every comment so we will just have to blacklist people.

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      • Daniel Hughes says:

        Just saw this. You are right; that was irresponsible and tasteless. I apologize for my bad behavior, and it will not happen again. 🙂


        • Defiled rekigons lied about the nude form being indecent. God’s loves what he made. Religions lied about what God wanted which is a changed heart not a cut body part. Religions lied making people think God did a big bang. God set the stars in the universe when he made them. Those religion’s lie about what is swearing – profanity is too.


    • Benson II says:

      Time to name it for what it is. Caused mental illness.


  2. benzy says:

    Isn’t it redundant to say he was a “Black Lives Matter activist” and he had “mental issues”?

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  3. Jonathan says:

    Why has no mentioned this from the uncle’s comment?

                   “He walked over there and into a gunfight,” Gebhard’s uncle, Patrick Brogan said, 
                    drawing on accounts offered by friends of his nephew. “When he got there, he was 
                    met with a gun and the guy killed him.” 

    No, Mr. Brogan, your nephew did not innocently “walk” into a gunfight; he invited, begged even, for it. He didn’t just walk up, and “was met with a gun.” He forced his way into a man’s house, threatening his family in the process; the reason, by the way, irrelevant.

    He deserved to be shot.

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    • louche9 says:

      Jonathan: It’s the passive voice so often used by black family and associates when discussing black criminal behavior. Several months ago, two black teens viciously beat an aged war vet to death. One of the “youth’s” pastor (yeah, right) said that he “got into trouble,” as though he were some scared kid who got pulled by older boys into stealing from a 7-11, instead of a sociopath who willfully beat a helpless old man to death. During the Ferguson riots, there were self-appointed black community spokespeople who kept using phrases like, “Things got out of hand,” to describe repeated nights of deliberate theft and arson. It’s infuriating because of the premise behind it: Black people are not responsible for anything they do.

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    • Josh says:

      Good. Perhaps some in media will start reporting facts. They helped to create this.

      Notice how when she became more rabid, he walked toward the police.

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      • I’ve zero sympathy for the media, they’ve hidden the truth from the public to cover for the those domestic terrorist groups that the race profiteers created & the criminal politicians empowered.
        I remember a 2012 black mob attack of 2 Virginia reporters after they’d left a restaurant, people on Youtube were outraged that the story was quickly buried.
        I laughed at them in comments & was glad MSM reporters finally reaped the poison fruit from the evil tree their bulls**t has been fertilizing for many years.
        I laugh at that FOX NEWS reporter in the above video, apparently he’d assumed that he was part of their crowd & he could safely be-bop round there.
        I noticed that look of restrained hatred on the faces of Ferguson protesters when one of their whitey simps had the nerve to speak.

        buried 2012 article regarding attack of reporters


    • Katherine McCoun says:

      If they do not want to be in the news and have reporters talking to them and filming them what is the point?

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      • Josh says:

        THEY don’t even know the point!

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      • McGuffin says:

        The reporter MUST be black in order to ask them questions. Otherwise it’s a “White Supremacist Journalist”
        True to form ONLY BLACKS MATTER TO BLACKS.


        • rattlerjake says:

          Unless they want to kill them. The majority of black deaths are to black killers. The only thing that matters to blacks is themselves. Whites are fools, if they read the bible they would know that blacks are NOT of man. God calls them the “beasts of the earth/field”. It also tells of exactly what is going on. Blacks will try to attain the same status as man. In the end times they will murder, rape, and be unrestrained. This is why blacks act the way they do!


    • John Galt says:

      Note the sacrificial line of bicycle cops w/o appropriate gear.

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      • Josh says:

        Bicycle cops … on a highway …

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        • Memphis in the downtown area used to have bicycle cops. I think they still do. BIcycles in a downtown area are much more effective for getting around than cars. The TN State patrol does not really patrol the interstate in Memphis city limits. The local police write tickets etc for Interstate 40. The Sheriffs department (Shelby county) does not usually make traffic stops. Its Not their Turf so to speak. We are really talking about revenue generation. The bicycle cops are to be commended for taking action. It was easier to track and observe them as they moved from the old Bridge to the new one. Note the OLD BRIDGE was the initial target by BLM it was closest to the Civil Rights museum and the area they gathered. The Police were waiting for them there. THey had sniffed it out and blocked their way to take it over. So they moved to the new bridge a long walk in the heat. and up a long entrance/exit way, quite steep. Now the question becomes, if they had blocked the Old Bridge. WHY did they not send units to block the I40 Bridge which is a major bridge in the US for East west Traffic. The walk from the Old Bridge to the New would have been around 20 minutes. It would have been obvious where they were going.

          I found this piece of info on blocking highways.

          Blocking major roads in the United States, however, is much more rare. Most notably, the Selma to Montgomery marches that were pivotal in the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s used U.S. Route 80, a move that was upheld in a ruling by Federal District Court Judge Frank M. Johnson, Jr. His opinion was deeply controversial at the time: “The law is clear that the right to petition one’s government for the redress of grievances may be exercised in large groups,” said the judge, “and these rights may be exercised by marching, even along public highways.” end Quote


          • Mike says:

            Even one step over the line into the highway is reckless endangerment, deserves arrest, BLM provocateurs not withstanding. Like the thug that got arrested.


          • Jso Rsa says:

            “We are really talking about revenue generation.”

            No, we are really talking about opinions based on bias, misconception, and an ignorance of the how law enforcement works. Even aside from enforcing traffic law, which is a good thing, traffic stops routinely catch people with suspended licenses, no insurance, warrants, drunk or drugged drivers, stolen cars, all manner of drug, weapon, and stolen property possession violations, etc etc etc. In a “good” neighborhood, anywhere from 10% – 25% of traffic stops result in one or more of the above violations. In rougher areas, it’s more like 50% – 75%. It’s called proactive policing and being visible to deter violations and to encourage law and order. It’s part of the job, and a ton of bad guys are caught on traffic stops.

            Just recently in this area a traffic stop was attempted for rolling through a stop sign at about 2 am. The driver tried to flee and was caught. In his car were bags of golf clubs and other suspicious items. Police found a business card in one of the bags and had dispatch center call the number on the card. The awakened resident checked and confirmed his garage had been broken into. It turned out all of the property in the car was stolen items from a series of burglaries that night, and the owners didn’t even yet know they had been hit yet. All from a “revenue generation” traffic stop. Another officer in this area stopped a car for speeding on the interstate with 2 -3 occupants onboard. The vehicle and the driver were from out of state, but there were no wants or warrants entered in the system for the vehicle or driver. The officer re-approached the vehicle to give the driver back his license and possibly his citation (I don’t know if he had written one up). As opposed to the first time he had went up to the vehicle, on the re-approach the officer went to the passenger side of the car. While walking up, he noticed there were bullet holes in the side of the car. The officer decided to not make contact with the occupants, rather to calmly return to a position behind his cruiser to call and wait for backup, upon which time the occupants were secured and detained. Phone calls to the agency of jurisdiction where the car was registered turned up the rest of the story. It turned out the car was stolen but not yet entered into the national database system. Further, it matched the description (a late model black BMW sedan) of a vehicle that was used in an armed robbery the day before, wherein shots were fired at the car by the victim as it fled the scene. A license number had not been obtained by the victim, only the vehicle description. Armed with that info and PC, arrests were made and a thorough search of the vehicle was done which turned up firearms and cash in the car. All from a “revenue collection” stop. I could go on and on. The biggest drug busts in this state’s history are all from nabbing interstate drug couriers on routine freeway traffic stops. Look up how the Oklahoma City bomber was caught. Do the same for serial killer Ted Bundy (twice).

            If you got hit by someone under suspension or driving without insurance, or someone had stolen your car and/or property and were driving around with it unimpeded, and police were sitting on their asses somewhere being completely reactive and waiting for things to just fall in their lap, you’d be bitching and moaning that they’re lazy, not doing their jobs, and don’t try to catch anybody.

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            • JSO Rsa, quite a rant, however When I said the Reason the Memphis police controlled the highways in Memphis, Its because the city wants the revenue from the tickets and fines court costs etc. Has nothing to do with Crime

              The State Troopers very rarely enforce as do the Deputy sheriffs. I lived in Memphis a long Time and can count many officers, State Judges, State Prosecutors, City attorneys, and more as Friends.

              I also know about the drug interdiction task force you mention. I also know it had a lot of assistance on who to stop when they rounded that turn.

              So exaclty what is the point of that long rambling rant.

              I know how the system works.


              • Jso Rsa says:

                A condescending, insecure blowhard AND a drama queen. Nice combo. It’s hard to tell which you love more, exaggeration or your own opinions. Let me guess – your “rambling” OP and flailing, substance-free rebuttal (or whatever that was intended to be) were NOT rants, right? Funny how that works. Labeling as a “rant” a few real-world examples (that you obviously can’t refute) of why your comment was dumb shows demonstrates your closed mind and that you’re threatened by anything that exposes your ignorance.

                Don’t worry, we’re all quite impressed with your list of friends (lol) and by how that somehow, magically makes you an expert on their jobs. I’ll bet if you had a “friend” who was a neuro you’d be telling people that means you understand brain surgery.


    • We NEED DJT! says:

      MY gosh…it’s like rabid animals. If they were truly passionate they would have talked to the reporter…in a civilized manner. They would have articulated with facts why they were out there protesting. This is a prime example of how easily led the poor uneducated democrats follow like sheet. They are simple lost souls…and I’m not the most religious person, but I do “pray” to a creater to end this all…somehow…some way. It is getting worse and way out of control.

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    • nwtex says:

      Individuals of this ilk are beyond “repair”. They cannot fit into a civilized society. Seems to be generational. Thanks dems. They need to ship out….to far, far away places.


    • Lucy says:

      What a disgrace she is to her cause. How can anyone take you seriously when all you do is shout and curse ?


  5. Josh says:

    “President Obama needs to get his Black Lives Matter crew under control quickly… Things are rapidly spiraling out of control.”

    “Things are rapidly spiraling out of control.”

    Uhhh, sundance, that’s the goal.
    Obama does not care who dies as long as his goal is achieved.

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    • John Galt says:


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      • Sandra says:

        Inequities in education? All of the kids in the wasteland ghettos are able to go to school. You can have almost no resources and still be super smart. The problem is with the parents, or usually parent singular in the ‘hood. The stupid parents don’t value education, they value scamming the system. Look what we can get, free housing, free food, free transportation. They aspire to be dependent. Hillary, that’s a cultural problem that can only be solved from within … if at all.

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      • Obama is like a monkey grasping all of the bananas that he can to himself thinking he is making others safe doing just the opposite. Obama does not want Black lives matter to be under control. He wants excuses to degun people going OH – My – what – do I do? I – know – I will confiscate guns as the violence problem gets worse and worse Obama grasps for a method that fails over and over gain like a person drowning that cannot swim. People tell him what to do to not drown with the drowning person acting like they don’t exist doing a failing thing over and over. The water is boiling. Turn down the heat. Obama looks blankly at people saying what? How do you do that? He then burns himself doing what he can getting the boiling water out of the pot. Obama is taking guns from people with a pure heart letting corrupt Muslim hearts stock pile guns like crazy to burn us. Obama will read this being stone faced not affecting him at all.

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      • nwtex says:

        Criminals all.


  6. Sandra says:

    Every time the BLM terrorists act, they lose supporters. Imagine being in one of the traffic jams they created. Those people are done with BLM. And on Daily Mail I read all of the comments to the article about the BLM “protesters” in London … the British people who commented don’t want BLM over there, they say it’s ridiculous because the police aren’t armed (I didn’t know that) and apparently in a year only 3 people were killed by British police so the whole “brutality” meme is completely false.

    Obama’s great plan is falling apart. This is not phase 2 of a warranted civil rights movement, and race relations are far worse now than when he took office. Even the narcissistic girly man must recognize this. That’s probably why he’s stuttering so much lately.

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  7. saveedra says:

    Obama the great community organizer, follower of Rules For Radicals by Saul Alinsky. Turmoil, unrest, division etc., is what he thrives on–it is his goal. He is a monster folks.

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  8. Centinel2012 says:

    Reblogged this on Centinel2012 and commented:

    These poor Schmucks are being used as cannon fodder by the President and his cohorts the progressive Democrats and I actually feel sorry for them for they do not know they are being used! Its a sad thing when our politicians do that to their citizens.

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  9. Black Lives Matter is a lie that the media refuses to expose. According to CDC 40% of black American babies are aborted. Of the 60% that survive 72% will be raised in a single parent home probably in the inner city. Most will not be well educated simply because the educational system is broken and parental supervision that would encourage education will be non existent. Otherwise many will basically raise each other in the streets.

    The words and actions of the President, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and other black activist simply feed a fire of hate that they constructed with anti American rhetoric fueled by the media.
    . These activists are evil and say nothing of the needless black on black killings in cities like Chicago. Martin Luther King accomplish more for black Americans that any other human in the last 100 years and he did it with non-violence because he was really concerned about people and not power. Malcolm X said the media was the most powerful group on earth they could make the innocent appear guilty and the guilty appear innocent. That is exactly what we are seeing out of media outlets like Fox. They know the truth but they won’t report it they get more views that way.

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  10. Once you accept the idea that Obama has never ceased being an activist it is much easier to understand what he is doing. HE IS NOT AN AMERICAN PRESIDENT…. EVER. He is simply a sociopath that moved out of reality into an indoctrinated existence as a young man.

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  11. The Hour of Decision says:

    I posted this short video yesterday, and I am posting it again. Watch the xcenes and behold what is also unfolding here in America right now. The riots, the burning of the flag, the complicity of religious leaders and “activist” groups. Check it out. These scenes are eerily almost exactly what we saw this weekend.

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  12. What is the difference between the useful idiots in Black Lives Matter killing cops and ISIS terrorist killing whoever they choose? A terrorist is a terrorist no matter who or what the cause.

    If black lives really mattered to the Black Lives Matter group (or the President) they would be in Chicago on a daily basis marching the streets demanding the end to black on black killing. But they aren’t. Black Lives Matter has proved to be simply a empty slogan. However, the useful idiots making up the group use the cause as a shield to justify chaos, murder, rioting, theft etc. Blacks don’t really matter to blacks. The blacks in Chicago prove it everyday. Government data indicates that 40% of black American babies are aborted and of the 60% that survive 72% will be raised in a single parent home probably in the inner city. Most will not be well educated simply because parental supervision that would encourage education will be non existent. Many black children will basically raise each other in the streets while taxpayers pay the bill for their birth, life and burial. That is realty not the crap the media and the President puts out on a daily basis. The useful idiots making up the media simply feeds the flames with the Black Lives Matter propaganda. . Malcolm X had it right when he said the media was the most powerful force on earth, they could make the innocent appear guilty and the guilty appear innocent. The words and actions of the media and people like the President, Jackson, Sharpton and many of the other activist who make a life of stirring up hate will be used even more by Black Lives Matter terrorist to justify, the chaos, murders, riots etc. that always accompany their cause.


    • Backspin says:

      Dallas WAS terrorism ….. no matter what media is TOLD to call it. To admit an enemy is already here is a non-starter , wont happen until it can no longer be hidden.
      Then we will be told ,” Whoculdaknowed ? Missed warning signs , Give up more Freedom and we will get them ‘ next time ‘ promise “


    • Jso Rsa says:

      I’m not saying there is currently a connection, but ISIS or whomever wanted to do internal damage to the US (aka asymmetric warfare) would be crazy to not try to infiltrate, encourage, and support either openly or through surrogates groups like BLM, particularly in view of the support and encouragement such groups get from this country’s so-called “leadership”.


  13. Bob Werner says:

    It is really time for the revolution folks — this has got to stop. We cannot tolerate an administration that incites terrorists actions and lawless riots. Let’s work to take down Nehlen first.


  14. azchick says:

    Please…I hope you mean Ryan. GO NEHLEN! GO TRUMP1 2 Professionals who are sycophants to the donor class. Get in there and clean house. WITH CLOREX


  15. Pam says:


  16. jmclever says:

    mental illness is the new Twinkie defense


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