Understanding Donald Trump’s “America First” Economic Proposals…

This is a modified and updated repost from an early January ’16 outline which collected data from all of the various Donald Trump interviews, position papers, and historical outlines. Candidate Trump has been speaking about broad U.S. economic issues for decades. Trump approaches the challenges by focusing on “Main Street”, not Wall Street.

For the sake of brevity, I’m going to accept that most readers here are familiar with who funds and directs Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, Jeb Bush, and in larger more consequential measures, the DC UniParty legislative team in charge of U.S. Policy, ie. Wall street.

During the January 2016 South Carolina debate, and in response to Trump pointing out a necessary shift in trade position (a shift to put American interests first – a shift to stop the dependency on cheap import goods – a shift to use China’s dependency on access to our market to OUR advantage), Jeb Bush came back with an example of Boeing manufacturing.

trump west virginiajeb bush what

Donald Trump, responded to Jeb’s Boeing example, and pointed out China is forcing Boeing to open a manufacturing plant in China. As would be typical from a candidate who is unfamiliar and poorly briefed on the issue, Jeb Bush looked back incredulously and said:

“C’mon man”…

There we saw it.

Right there was the disconnect.

However, almost everyone missed it.

There, in that exact moment, was the spotlight upon all that is wrong with a professional political class; globalists dependent on Wall Street best interest for their talking points.

Donald Trump was 100% correct.

But the issue is bigger.

Not only is China demanding Boeing open a plant in China, the intent of such a plant provides an opportunity to explain why Trump, and his approach, is vitally important – and time is wasting.

China is refusing to trade with (buy) Boeing products if the company does not move. Why? It’s not about putting Chinese people to work, it’s about China importing their research and development, Boeing’s production secrets, into their country so they can learn, steal and begin to manufacture their own airliners.

This is just how China works.

In time, Comac, a state-owned, Shanghai-based aerospace company will then use the production secrets they have stolen, produce their own airliners, kick out Boeing, undercut the market, and sell cheaper manufactured airplanes to the global economy.

Boeing, the great American company that Jeb Bush thinks they are, becomes yet another notch on the Asian market belt.

All of those Boeing workers, those high-wage industrial skill jobs that support the American middle class, yeah – those jobs lost. And the cycle continues.

Of course Wall Street will be invested in the cheaper Chinese aerospace manufacturing company Comac, as it emerges as a manufacturing power.

This reality within this story is a peek into the future of the fundamental disconnect between Wall Street (grows again) and Main Street (lost jobs/wages). The reality within this example is exactly what has taken place over the past three decades.

Wall Street entities like Goldman Sachs will be fine. Ted and Heidi Cruz will be fine; Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, Nikki Haley, Carly Fiorina, Mitt Romney, John Kasich will also be fine – it’s middle America who suffers.

The economic consequence, yet again, creates disparity between those insulated by Wall Street and the rest of the U.S. This is how our current oligarchy is growing out of control.

And so they, as professional politicians, will propose solutions – their solutions. However, their solutions are actually the preferred solutions of their campaign contributors, ie. Wall Street. The same Wall Street that funds lobbyists, like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, to set the economic legislative priorities of congress.

Meanwhile the non-import market, your visit to the grocery store, food, energy etc. sees prices increasing. This is what happens when a production economy becomes a service economy.

trump hard hat

In 1984 a name brand polo shirt would cost around $45, a really good 26″ TV around $600 to $1,000, a decent couch $1500, and a pair of name brand sneakers around $100. However, eggs (.49), milk ($1.79 gal), and store bread (2 loaves for $1).

Electric bill $100, water bill $20, phone bill $50.

In 2016 an imported name brand polo costs around $20, a really good 42″ TV $300 to $400, a couch for $500 and a pair of sneakers $50 – All imported, all Asian, all about half of of what they cost in 1984.

However, eggs ($1.99), Milk ($4.50+), and store bread ($2+ each). All domestic products and all double or triple 1984. Electric bill $250, Water bill $100, phone bill $100+. Again domestic consumables, again double, triple or even more.

egg prices

We consume and spend more on domestic goods such as food, energy, fuel, than we do purchasing imported durable goods. As a consequence, depending on lifestyle, the net out-of-pocket is essentially the same to a little more.

However, the income opportunity, the jobs, the good paying jobs, well, those are gone because the durables are no longer part of the domestic production.

To keep the unemployed pitchforks at bay, government policy (now directed by Wall Street globalists and corporations) subsidize the income gap. Ergo EBT, WIC and food stamp assistance necessarily increasing.

The pitchforks are dropped, but economic independence turns to dependence. With government policy adjusted accordingly – deficits necessarily explode.  Stopping those deficits would require an actual budget.  There hasn’t been a federal budget since ’07…. “Omnibus”,… Sound familiar?

Yes, under Donald Trump’s proposal the cost of “durable” goods -at least those we import- will increase. Your iPhone might cost $800 instead of $600. However, the North Carolina apparel, clothing and furniture manufacturing market will have an opportunity to revitalize – and with it, jobs.

There’s going to be a period of pain as U.S. manufacturing finds it’s footing and begins to restart. However, in the longer term, it’s a shift from “dependency” to “independence”.

Those who were fully matriculated independent adults prior to 1984 know exactly what needs to be done.

Freedom is dependent upon it.

reagan trump 2ben shapiro

Meanwhile, Ben Shapiro was born in 1984 and necessarily views the world through the cost of his next iPhone. Another Wall Street supporter, Ted Cruz, was thirteen.

On Social Security – Unlike many candidates Donald Trump is NOT calling for rapid or wholesale changes to the current Social Security program; and there’s a very good reason why he’s the only candidate not proposing wholesale changes.

With the single caveat of “high income retirees” (over $250k annually), which Trump is open to negotiating on, candidate Trump does not consider these programs as “entitlements”.  The American people pay into them, and the federal government has an obligation to fulfill the promises made upon collection.

To fully understand how Donald Trump views the solvency of Social Security, you must again understand his economic model and how it outlines growth.

The issue with Social Security, as viewed by Trump, is more of an issue with receipts and expenditures. If the aggregate U.S. economy is growing by a factor larger than the distribution needed to fulfill its entitlement obligations then no wholesale change on expenditure is needed.  The focus needs to be on continued and successful economic growth.

trump hard hatWhat you will find in all of Donald Trump’s positions, is a paradigm shift he necessarily understands must take place in order to accomplish the long-term goals for the U.S. citizen as it relates to “entitlements” or “structural benefits”.

All other candidates are beginning their policy proposals with a fundamentally divergent perception of the U.S. economy. They are working with, and retaining the outlook of, a U.S. economy based on “services”; a service-based economic model.

While this economic path has been created by decades old U.S. policy, and is ultimately the only historical economic path now taught in school, Trump intends to change the course entirely.

Because so many shifts -policy nudges- have taken place in the past several decades, few academics and even fewer MSM observers, are able to understand how to get off this path and chart a better course.

Candidate Trump is proposing less dependence on foreign companies for cheap goods, (the cornerstone of a service economy) and a return to a more balanced U.S. larger economic model where the manufacturing and production base can be re-established and competitive based on American entrepreneurship and innovation.

The key words in the prior statement are “dependence” and “balanced”.  When a nation has an industrial manufacturing balance within the GDP there is far less dependence on the economic activity in global markets.  In essence the U.S. can sustain itself, absorb global economic fluctuations and expand itself or contract itself depending on the free market.

When there is no balance, there is no longer a free market.  The free market is sacrificed in favor of dependency, whether it’s foreign oil or foreign manufacturing, the dependency outcome is essentially the same.  Without balance there is an inherent loss of economic independence, and a consequential increase in economic risk.

No other economy in the world innovates like the U.S.A.  Donald Trump sees this as a key advantage across all industry – including manufacturing and technology.

The benefit of cheap overseas labor, which is considered a global market disadvantage for the U.S., is offset by utilizing innovation and energy independence.

The third highest variable cost of goods beyond raw materials first, labor second, is energy. If the U.S. energy sector is unleashed -and fully developed- the manufacturing price of any given product will allow for global trade competition even with higher U.S. wage prices.

In addition the U.S. has a key strategic advantage with raw manufacturing materials such as: iron ore, coal, steel, precious metals and vast mineral assets which are needed in most new modern era manufacturing. Trump proposes we stop selling these valuable national assets to countries we compete against – they belong to the American people, they should be used for the benefit of American citizens. Period.

EXAMPLE: Currently China buys and recycles our heavy (steel) and light (aluminum) metal products (for pennies on the original manufacturing dollar) and then uses those metals to reproduce manufactured goods for sale back to the U.S. – Donald Trump is proposing we do the manufacturing ourselves with the utilization of our own resources; and we use the leverage from any sales of these raw materials in our international trade agreements.

When you combine FULL resource development (in a modern era) with with the removal of over-burdensome regulatory and compliance systems, necessarily filled with enormous bureaucratic costs, Donald Trump proposes we can lower the cost of production and be globally competitive. In essence, Trump changes the economic paradigm, and we no longer become a dependent nation relying on a service driven economy.

The cornerstone to the success of this economic turnaround is the keen capability of the U.S. worker to innovate on their own platforms. Americans, more than any country in the world, just know how to get things accomplished. Independence and self-sufficiency is part of the DNA of the larger American workforce.

In addition, an unquantifiable benefit comes from investment, where the smart money play -to get increased return on investment- becomes putting capital INTO the U.S. economy, instead of purchasing foreign stocks.

With all of the above opportunities in mind, this is how we get on the pathway to rebuilding our national infrastructure. The demand for labor increases, and as a consequence so too does the U.S. wage rate which has been stagnant (or non-existent) for the past three decades.

As the wage rate increases, and as the economy expands, the governmental dependency model is reshaped and simultaneously receipts to the U.S. treasury improve.

More money into the U.S Treasury and less dependence on welfare/social service programs have a combined exponential impact. You gain a dollar, and have no need to spend a dollar – the saved sum is doubled. That is how the SSI and safety net programs are saved under President Trump.

When you elevate your economic thinking you begin to see that all of the “entitlements” or expenditures become more affordable with an economy that is fully functional.

As the GDP of the U.S. expands, so does our ability to meet the growing need of the retiring U.S. worker. We stop thinking about how to best divide a limited economic pie, and begin thinking about how many more economic pies we can create.

Simply put, we begin to….

…..Make America Great Again !

trump west virginia

Trump flag

Authors note:  If I absolutely did not believe this economic model was doable, I would never expand the concept and place advocacy upon it.  I am an absolute believer that we can, as a nation, reignite a solid manufacturing base and generate an expanding middle class.

Yes, in the short term durable goods may cost more, that’s to be expected. However, these are durable goods, not disposable goods.  As consumers we may have to spend a little more on maintenance and repair to offset an increase in durable goods, but that’s a small price to pay to make the U.S. manufacturing base great again.

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  1. OneVoice says:

    I also liked the idea that if foreigners want to sell a manufactured good in this country, you have to at least make a certain percentage of that good in the U.S.

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    • Guest says:

      Durable goods will last longer because they will be better made.

      This is a superb essay.

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    • DMorgan says:

      Yeah… It’s called local content and most countries in the world have that policy applied to various goods and services.

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    • n3angus says:

      Some thoughts on Hilary Clintons attacks on Donald Trump today , June 21 , 2016

      Its been because of the Clinton WTO/ Trade policies and their not being crafted to benefit the US people but created a Boom for Clintons and their Cronies over the years as you can see in all the pay for play arrangement using USA natural Resources in deals that the Clintons then receive big donations for while they appease the radical environmentalists with regulating the Industrial Sector out of the USA and the peoples Jobs right with it !!!!! There has been many Businesses large and small that have reeled from the effects of POOR trade Deals being done that has led to Out Sourcing as the Only way to exist and it Began with the Clintons and we cannot afford more Poor Deals , it has been the reason for many bankruptcies in the USA and has Created a Society dependent on Government bailouts and subsidies with no way for the Debt to Convert to an Equity product realized by the people of this Great Nation !!!!!!!

      This is why no one has good paying jobs anymore and why electing Hilary and Bill and all their cronies back into the Control of Our Government is very Dangerous and will continue the SERFDOM that comes from Being Dependent on a Liberal Controlled Government that wants to control and Micromanage everyone’s rate of consumption and having the vast majority of the People on Government assistance of some kind Gives the Liberal Ideologues a Dangerous Control over people’s Lives and when you consider how Hilary made deals with foreign Countries giving them Control over USA raw Materials that we the people should be using and making our essential needs with and exporting whatever we can make in addition to that in fair trade agreements that balance trade deficits , doing this along with innovative systems that can make our Industrial systems environmentally safe should be how we rebuild our Great Nations Industrial Ability again and along with it a Convertible Equality position in the lives of the American People , enough with these Unfair TRADE POLICIES !!!!!!!!!

      Hilary says she will take the Equity from the Businesses and give it to the Working families but with their unfair trade agreements the only equity that’s been made is a debt that’s not converting because a durable supply of Goods imported into the USA does not have a negotiated value for the Traded raw materials in exchange for the finished products or parts the USA imports so that the Corporations and small Business can create profits that can afford all the Fair Share ideas that Hilary Clinton talked about today , so what we heard today was just words again while the Clintons plunder the Resources of the American people to the foreign countries that promise them their fair Share of Donations and Speaking Fees !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Its time to Rebuild the Durability of the working families in America with what Made America Great in the First Place and that was with a Robust Industrial Tool and Die sector that in balance with fair trade agreements can be the way we prosper instead of being Dependent on a Government Bureaucrat that today has Tyrannical tendencies that will not give the Individual the Liberty that the world needs today to make innovative progress and that in turn affect people’s ways of lives stimulating Quality of living and a Positive thought process about the way we all need to be working together for the common good of us all !!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • grannysue says:

      Has anyone been hearing that the Bush family is behind a coup at the convention. I would not put it past them. I also read that delegates were being threatened to do it. To break rank and vote against Trump. If that is going on the secret service needs to protect them. Trump is going up against the globalists. These people have no conscience and will do any manner of evil to keep their power and to stay out of jail. Pray for Trump and for the delegates at the convention..

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    • Bob says:

      We all love Donald…but wish he would get on the Fair Tax train. It would fund all the necessary parts of the govt. and bring American money back from overseas. It benefits every citizen and our Country too.
      If you are not familiar with the Fair Tax go to FairTax.org there is a great FAQ that will answer your questions. It would also bring a large voting block to Donald for sure. Of course most are going to vote for him anyway, but Fair Tax would keep them from staying home.


  2. Scocope says:

    The removal of insane governmental regulation and mandates will lower the cost of manufacturing greatly. The cost of manufacturing domestically did not rise in a vacuum and I’m sure Trump’s involvement in the construction industry has made him understand this very well over the years. However this understanding is why the establishment is scared to death of him; regulations are not abstract concepts but are a entire industry within themselves. The regulation industry consisting of enforcement, the proposal of new ones, the fight to enact as well as the fight to stop them, etc. is how the Establishment makes their living and they are fighting tooth and nail to keep those regulations from going away lest their livelihoods go away with them.

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  3. Ursula says:

    I don’t want to fly on an airplane made in China. The quality of their products is frightening.
    I’m not happy with my washer and dryer made in South Korea. The best products are made in USA!

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    • annieoakley says:


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    • mopar2016 says:

      I agree.
      Some of us remember when the US had a vibrant manufacturing base, and the world bought from us, not the other way around. I worked at an automobile factory a few decades ago and the cars were made by Americans using steel and other materials that were made in America by Americans. China makes garbage and they always have.
      After Bill Clinton signed us up to the WTO, every other country in the world was allowed to buy up the US. China recently bought the Chicago Stock Exchange, the Waldorf Astoria, water rights to the Great Lakes, and a whole lot of other things.
      Enough is enough!
      Trump, last chance people.

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  4. IfThenElse says:

    My friends, I feel so offended that I, and we really together, have been so disrespected by traditional republican news outlets including talk radio in the case of the morning choice of Glenn Beck and his sidekicks.
    I called the conservative voice in Grand Rapids radio side, WOOD Radio (I-Heart) and explained very clearly why I don’t think it is right that Glenn comes on our airwaves with a constant drumbeat of negativity and trashing every day the man who received more votes than any other republican candidate in history.
    I’m sick of it and thinking of ways that I can influence this election for DJT in big ways this summer and fall, up to and perhaps including full time efforts. Donald might not have hired many full time, but I am part of his army.
    Is this unfairness prompting others to engage fully in this “war”?

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    • Trumpstumper says:

      Iheart 》Bain Capital 》Mittens Romney

      Money talks and BS runs our govt.

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    • Garrison Hall says:

      Interesting that you said this. I just got back from running a morning errand. Glenn Beck was on and, in the space of about 5 minutes, railed against the collectivist evils of Common Core, the generic dangers of progressivism, etc., etc. In short he was back to his customary “conservative talk-radio” talking points. But there was one problem. This is the same guy who’s actively working to sabotage Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. He knows and we know that doing that will deliver the presidency to Hillary Clinton who will then set to work using our government to enact the very policies he speaks against every day on his radio show. Apparently, he’s ok with that. In fact, Beck along with the entire “Never/Trump” Quisling brigade are actively working for Hillary Clinton. They’re just kidding themselves if they think we don’t understand what they are doing. GO TRUMP!!

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      • Guest says:

        Just like Gruber, they believe Americans are stupid, or too busy trying to stay afloat to pay more than superficial attention to their deception. That’s also why MSM uses deceptive headlines, knowing that many people get their info by headline skimming.


        • booger71 says:

          Someone forgot to tell the Grubberites about the Monster Vote


        • So true, Guest. “Grubergate” will not be forgotten.

          Gruber, architect of Obamacare will be end up in prison with the rest of the decepticons.

          “This bill was written in a tortured way to make sure [the Congressional Budget Office] did not score the mandate as taxes. If CBO scored the mandate as taxes, the bill dies. Okay? So it’s written to do that.  In terms of risk-rated subsidies, if…you made explicit that healthy people pay in and sick people get money, it would not have passed…
          Lack of transparency is a huge political advantage. And basically – you know, call it the stupidity of the American voter, or whatever – but basically that was really, really critical to get anything to pass…”

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      • benY says:

        IMO, Beck and the other “talkers” are counting on the crowd that goes with “just throw them a bone” every few weeks and they’ll forgot all the treasonous crap I’m doing other times.

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    • kalena says:

      As an alternative, listen to 1340 AM in Grand Rapids airing at the same time. I bounce back and forth between them and listening to Laura Ingraham on intune radio when she is not on an anti trump rant. I am also in the Grand Rapids, MI area.

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      • mopar2016 says:

        Laura Ingraham was always one of my favorites, but if she’s bad mouthing Mr.Trump she’s in the wrong, and I won’t listen to her any more. Maybe she thinks that Santorum or someone else that she likes is going to emerge and beat hilldog, but that’ll never happen.


    • Jedi9 says:

      I am a motion graphics expert.(Video), animation, broadcast graphics And can produce superb professional Videos next to no cost. I am willing to donate my time for DJT if someone just directed me where to go and I sign up! Please send me a e-mail if anybody knows where I can go to offer my services, meaning to volunteer for free, for this great cause. I love America, I was born in the same town where the British surrendered to Washington, and I am proud of my heritage as an American, so I will do anything I can to defeat Hillary, Ryan, and whole entire lot of vipers wanting to sell us out!

      This article especially really inspires me that there is hope in restoring America back to sanity once again! What better way to do it than putting everybody to work again!


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    • Kathy says:

      I could not agree more. Even Rush should be reprimanded for his support of a Canadian for president of the US. Cruz should be sued for entering the US senate as a Canadian not American citizen and that is clearly against the law of the United States and a federal offense. Maybe the state of Texas should also be sued for sending a clearly unamerican senator to congress. The more we disregard our constitution, the more we become a tyrannical government like Obama is doing now.


    • moosebytes says:

      Well…he’s still hangin’ in there having spent a tiny fraction of what The Hildebeast has spent, and that’s a good thing. Once the convention is over though, he’ll need a lot more cash on hand as well campaign staff in each of the 56 states. Anyone know who he’s hired (if he’s hired anyone at all at this point) as a communications/media/marketing firm to develop and coordinate the distribution of TV ads?


      • The Tundra PA says:

        Just received this in the mail this morning, from Donald J. Trump/the Trump Campaign.

        Dear Tundra PA,

        This is the first fundraising email I have ever sent on behalf of my campaign. That’s right. The FIRST ONE.

        And, I’m going to help make it the most successful introductory fundraising email in modern political history by personally matching every dollar that comes in WITHIN THE NEXT 48 HOURS, up to $2 million!

        Tundra, this means any donation you make between $1 and $2,700 (the maximum allowable contribution) will be matched, dollar-for-dollar.

        Help make history by giving one of the amounts below:

        $10 DONATION [$20 WITH MATCH]

        $20 DONATION [$40 WITH MATCH]

        $25 DONATION [$50 WITH MATCH]

        $50 DONATION [$100 WITH MATCH]

        $100 DONATION [$200 WITH MATCH]


        Even without this match, this initial effort would have been the most successful first fundraising email in history. I am certain of this. But let me tell you why I decided to match your donations.

        The Democrats are desperate, and they’re throwing everything they have at me. They just keep failing and losing.

        Now they’ve sent out a very nasty email attacking me, all to raise a measly $250,000. They even promise that a group of “all-star Democrats” will match every dollar raised.

        They will say and do anything to elect Hillary Clinton, but I am standing in the way.

        I’m fighting back against Crooked Hillary and her pathetic cronies, as well as the dishonest liberal media, and I need your help.

        We can’t let her back into the White House ever again.

        The bottom line – Crooked Hillary has been a DISASTER for our country, and we must win against her this fall, Tundra.

        Let’s make history again, and keep winning, by making this the most successful first fundraising email ever.

        Double your impact by donating today.

        Let’s show the liberals, the professional pundits, and the Washington establishment that this campaign IS NOT ABOUT ME. It’s a movement of hardworking, patriotic people who want to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

        Best Wishes,

        Donald J. Trump
        Candidate for President of the United States

        P.S. Help me make my first ever fundraising email the most successful fundraising email ever sent in the history of modern politics. Remember, I will PERSONALLY match your donation, but we must receive it WITHIN THE NEXT 48 HOURS.

        Please stand with me today.

        Since this comes directly from Mr. Trump, I will donate (again). I would like to see some acknowledgement of our unrequested Birthday Donation blitz on June 14th. There had to have been a huge spike that day which they surely had to have noticed.

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    • Guest says:

      Trump has #TrumpArmy, a massive loyal base like no other candidate in history. We should start organizing large scale fundraising for Trump so he doesn’t have to start compromising his policies to get cash.

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      • n3angus says:

        I think Mr. Trump needs to analyze the reason why the Conflicts between Islamic and Western civilizations exist ….

        The conflict exists because there is a ideology within the Islamic society that wants to change the western societies culture in particular the USA constitutional rule of law , and what Mr. Trump needs to do is create a platform that seeks to find ways that can bring the root ideology of Islamic leaders out into the light of day , and talk about why they want to drive a wedge of deceit that’s radicalizing their young with hate , when we all should be seeking a life for all of Liberty .

        Oppression of another’s Liberty as a solution to terminology like “ Social Justice “ as is talked about in Mosques in western societies by Imams , like in this link , https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zaid_Shakir some where in the 1970s his Feeling about American Culture took a change , and now he advocates changing the USA to a Islamic culture and therein lies to root cause for conflict !!!!
        If he and most Leaders in the Islamic society are hell bent on teaching this ideology then the Conflict between the western nations and Islamic Nations will continue and a Confused people will be the biggest threat to world and USA Peace !!!!!

        This needs to be debated out in the open without the restraints of Political Correctness if people’s Ideologies are going to find ways to live together without Infringing on the Plight of Liberty for all !!!!!!!!!!

        Talking to these people in the public theater can be the emotional roller coaster that can generate ideological changes to take place . Hiding in the darkness so far has only led to confusion and a lashing out by some who are the results of public policies that has not been front and center in the debate process of our Immigration policy that for the most part has not been in operation and has left alone this ever growing cultural divide !!!!!!

        Here is a Link to showcase the ideology that’s in the dark and needs to shed the darkness of PC terminology like how the term “
        Islamaphobia is used to shut down any debate on how cultures can live together instead of this ideology by the Imams saying the want to change to USA to a Islamic ran nation !!!! https://www.jihadwatch.org/2015/10/51-of-u-s-muslims-want-sharia-60-of-young-muslims-more-loyal-to-islam-than-to-u-s

        I would debate having a Immigration policy that says to anyone that wants to come to the USA that if you are wanting to change the Rule of Law in the USA to anything different that will force other people to lose their right to Not follow another’s culture then you do not belong in the land of Liberty for All !!!!!!!

        And I would debate the culture of PC constraint and how it has crippled the US Constitution’s ability to up hold Freedom of Debate to Identify threats to Liberty for all and instead is allowing ideology of Un- assimilated influx of cultures to RUN WILD all over the Mechanisms of Individual Liberty to sustain FREEDOM for all .
        And something that Mr. Trump has broke through on is the culture of PC constraint that has crippled the US Constitution’s ability to up hold Freedom of Debate to Identify threats to Liberty for all and instead is allowing ideology of Un- assimilated influx of cultures to RUN WILD all over the Mechanisms of Individual Liberty to sustain FREEDOM for all .
        Once we can neutralize the threat of PC-ism Debate will again be able to realize and capitalize from the debate of a Free thinking Society full of Hope and Inspiration for that new innovation or service a entrepreneur is developing for a the market place !!!!!! We need to be inspiring innovative solutions for the future of sustainability in the Domestic markets of the USA .
        Retooling the Industrial Sector so the USA is creating a percentage of durable goods in the USA so that the price of being totally dependent on foreign sources of supply do not threaten the security of the US Military’s ability to maintain itself should be a strategy . http://www.americanmanufacturing.org/blog/entry/report-says-u.s.-military-dangerously-dependent-on-foreign-suppliers
        Liberty and its Ability to sustain human dignity in the USA needs to be a self supplying society in balance with its trade deficits so those deficits do not become a tool for trade currency conflicts . How can a Wall Street investment value a foreign sourced product that is not shipped due to a Currency Conflict from the debt against our nation’s currency when allowing currency manipulation by trade partners has been the root cause of the Debt and Durable Goods Dependency in the first place , and Monetary Policy should reflect this from a Domestic economic point of view .
        FREEDOM is a Multi-Cultural Gift but it doesn’t grant one to impose on another his or hers culture or allow Trade and Currency Manipulating Policies , and once we find a way to except these concepts we will be Freely self supplied and self reliant people and Peaceful .


        • Miss America says:

          @n3angus….good commentary but you are only partially right. There is conflict between islam and the west because islam is a satanic cult bent on destroying Christianity. This is biblical. You cannot hope to defeat islam and preserve the west without addressing and understanding this fundamental truth.

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      • Indimex says:

        Agree. Suggestions for us in small towns, or rural areas?
        Like I’ve said here before, mine is the ONLY, “Trump,” yard sign that I’ve seen. I did see one other bumper sticker last week. And, I’m getting a few, “Attaboys,” from fellow travelers that aren’t advertising their own support. It’s discouraging. I live in a very, traditionally, conservative area of Oregon.


      • CoolEdge says:

        I gave $100 to the Trump campaign a while back, and just today got an email from them asking for more, getting in on the foundation, etc. It seems they have only begun to reach out beyond the self funding thing.

        Trump was on FOX this morning saying how Hillary would spend a billion, and he doesn’t want to do that. I hope he changes his thinking and realizes many Americans feel this is our last hope. He should aim for $3 billion, and let his own army of support give as much as possible. I’d hate to lose the country just so Trump could try to teach us about efficiency, only to come up short against the Hillary/MSM propaganda machine. He/we are not just fighting Hillary, but the whole leftist machine, and even the globalists and foreign entities that want us weak. It will take Billions, and Trump supporters should be unleashed, (like Bernie’s “army” of support was from individuals, not global entities)

        This is an all hands on deck situation, frugality can be displayed after Trump wins. “Release the Hounds” 🙂

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        • booger71 says:

          I disagree..this election will not be driven by money, but by common sense ideology. To this point, Trump has spent a fraction of what Cankles has, and he easily won the GOP nomination, Cankles sweated over every vote. Trump does not need to spend a billion dollars on attack ads, he just needs to keep being Trump and speaking to the heart of the American people. He pretty much gets all the air time he needs for free.

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          • CoolEdge says:

            You MAY be right, and indeed the driver is that Trump has an America First message. But he is now against not just much of the GOPe, but all the Hillary cabal and most of the MSM. So why take the risk that Trump’s message will be enough?

            He does get air time, but all he needs? For one thing, much of the “air time” is just out of context clips of Trump, then several minutes of the various personalities being aghast that such a racist bigot egoist vulgar dummy could even be in contention. So, much of that air time is without context and feeds “their narrative”.

            It’s amazing what Trump has done, but I want to WIN, not show we can win without spending a billion.

            “If you find yourself in a fair fight, you didn’t plan your mission correctly”

            So the left will not make it fair, and I’m not wanting to trust that we win with Trump’s “fair” message. We need overwhelming victory.


            • SharonKinDC says:

              Even the RNC’s Sean Spicer said the traditional model of flooding the airwaves w/ ads is dead.

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              • CoolEdge says:

                thanks … yeah, but there are other ways to spend it. I found his mention of flooding airwaves, but it was last year. And he pointed to other ways they were deploying resources. They could have an answer for Julia for example … remember her, the perfect little Democrat drone that so badly needed government? 🙂

                Today, we have a 50-person department solely focused on digital that is constantly trying to figure out ways to interact with folks and learn about the voters, interacting with them through petitions and different online tactics.



        • Garrison Hall says:

          Keep in mind that all the other Republican candidates also spent millions on ad buys, only to be swamped by Trump who spent next to nothing. By spending next to nothing on traditional campaign style ad buys, Trump is still within a few points (margin of error, actually) in most reliable poles. In contrast, Hillary has a staff numbering in the hundreds, is spending millions in capital like it was water and, like Trump’s primary opponents, really has little to show for it. If this is turning into a pissin’ contest, Trump can let Hillary spend and spend . . . only to stay a few points ahead. That’s not winning, folks, that’s basically running in place. It’s Hillary’s baggage that’s holding her back. If Trump starts running attack ads listing her long history of deceit and skulduggery, she’s going to have real problems. Her attacks on Trump depend on people seeing her as better. She simply isn’t.

          It looks like the GOPe donor class is trying to elect Hillary by not starving Trump. Trump has said several times that he can go it alone. If he has to do this alone, he will need our help. If we believe in the insurrection then it would be shameful to expect Trump, despite his wealth, to shoulder the fight by himself. That just ain’t right. I don’t normally donate to campaigns but I’m sure as hell going to donate money to Trump. GO TRUMP!!

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  5. China has given us a throw away world. I remember when a washer and dryer would last over 10 years and might have a minor repair. Now everything I buy seems to break down right after the warranty has expired and the cost to fix it is not worth it. I have a blow dryer from the seventies that still works fine. I have replaced the lightweight plastic one I use for travel so many times I can’t count. It is bad for our environment.

    Also, the hidden warranties are unbelievable. Companies are not upfront when fixing things as I learned recently with a dishwasher. The component that needed to be replaced had a longer warranty and 2 companies failed to tell me this. Luckily the third, makes it a point to check that and I will use them all the time now. I had to have the specific component warranty, all of the receipts etc and pictures. If something has a warranty, it used to be fixed regardless of registering, having a receipt etc.

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    • Indimex says:

      I buy used appliances on Craigslist, or yard sales. I hate washing machines with locking lids! The one I’ve been using for the past five years is, at least, ten years old, going strong, gets things clean, and it was free!

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      • booger71 says:

        I long for the days of no catalytic converters, and dream of carburetors, and points.

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      • Speed Queen is the best washer. Made in Wisconsin.

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      • entagor says:

        “I hate washing machines with locking lids! ”

        I have a new USA made Speed Queen with reliable dials. No locking lid. A button for extra rinse. Absolutely wonderful, as is the matching dryer. But, the big box stores won’t sell them. You have to find a distributor at the Speed Queen site. In my case, a small family appliance store. Young people have never heard the name. That is the point.

        We are getting the mushroom treatment (keep them in the dark and pile them with manure)

        we are being channeled to buy Chinese junk. Amazon has gotten really bad. I search ‘canister vacuums’ and get 20 pages of the usual plus unrelated items like a pencil sharpener. Searching for ‘turbo brush’ I find a Numatic brush made for the ‘Henry’ Search ‘Henry Vacuum’ and Amazon returns Numatic, the number one brand in England, built in England by a privately owned company. It is sold on Amazon, has great reviews, but Amazon will not return this brand in a normal search.

        Globalization should have expanded what we can buy, but the selection has been contracted and we have been conned.

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        • bocephus0h says:

          Speed Queen , the best wash machine/Made in USA. Bought a top of the line Kenmore front-loader (Made in Mexico) in 2008. Had enough f’d up “error codes” to make me take a shot-gun to the piece of junk in 2015.

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  6. Aparition42 says:

    The reality that most Americans, indeed most people around the world don’t get is that no one makes money off of a stable stock market. An old, well respected company with a long history of continued success may produce a modest dividend for investors, but it produces almost no profit potential for traders.

    In order for traders to make money, they have to be able to buy stock in a company with low value and sell it when the company is perceived to have high value. Buying Boeing stock and holding it for a year isn’t going to net enough gains to be worth it . Your growth will be in the modest single digits. On the other hand, buying stock in an almost unknown Chinese company for pennies a share and deliberately maneuvering to destroy that company’s competition while gifting them a hundred years worth of R&D and trade secrets can multiply your money by a factor of thousands. Heck, after China kicks them out, the Chinese company will get their factory and all the equipment they paid for too.

    Reliable, stable economies are terrible for stock traders and all their brethren in options, derivatives, junk bonds, hedge funds, and even precious metals. They are incentivized by instability. The bigger the peaks and valleys, the larger the bubbles and bursts, the more money they stand to make off the rigged game. The richest, most powerful people in the world have every reason to want the economy in a constant state of chaotic flux because that’s how they make their money. Why would anyone take their advice on how to “fix” the instability they profit from?

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  7. dekester says:

    Good Morning,
    As I get my morning “fix” of The last refuge.
    I am also watching the local business channel up here, and would you believe it fake Chinese ice wine is being featured. This is a huge business. The Chinese are producing fake Canadian ice wine, and selling it in China where it is extremely popular for $300-400 (Can $) per bottle.
    Apparently there is little chance of retaliation.
    For any readers interested research Chinese influence on Vancouver real estate. Our leaders are fools, well not really. More likely they are self serving bar stewards.
    Thank You.

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    • maiingankwe says:

      They are also selling cans of fresh air. I’m serious as all get. You can get them in sizes equivalent to a soda can. Pop off the top and suck in that fresh air.

      A small Canadian company is doing its best to get a piece of that market. They are selling fresh, Canadian, mountain air in China right now.

      I live in Alaska, and I wanted a piece of that pie like there was no tomorrow. My husband talked me out of it with some pretty worthy arguments though. And yet, I still wonder if it would’ve worked. I know someone will do it, and sell Alaskan fresh, mountain air. It’s only a matter of time. The smog has reached extremely high levels in parts of China, and they are willing to spend money, lots of money for just a can of air. Incredible.

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      • rubyyarn says:

        Egad, we are becoming Planet Spaceball!


      • The Tundra PA says:

        Waqaa, maiingankwe! I didn’t realize you were another Alaskan, I thought your name was probably Hawai’ian. Glad there’s two of us, and likely a few lurkers.

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        • Dixie says:

          That would be a switcheroo, wouldn’t it?…..U.S. selling “cool hot air” to China! Hahaha! In that case, I have some ocean air to sell them too! I just got to figure out how to “can” it.

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        • maiingankwe says:

          Boozhoo Tundra! I am of the Anishinabeg People. Most people know us Ojibwe or Chippewa.

          I live in the Interior of our great state. We’ve decided to live here always since she has captured our hearts. Now I will always visit my family on a regular basis, and we are all very close, but Alaska has called me for many years, and I just had to follow my heart. It’s kinda a good thing since I met my husband here.

          I’ve found beauty in so many places I have visited, but there is something profoundly different about this state. It’s too difficult for me to put in words, but I think most people can understand.

          It would be nice to know how many of us visit CTH. Which area of this yuuge state do you live? 🙂 City names are not necessary.
          Be well and enjoy your summer. The weekend is looking to be quite hot.💥 🌞💥

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          • The Tundra PA says:

            I’m on the Kenai Peninsula. I agree, Alaska is a very special place. I can’t imagine living anywhere else.

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            • maiingankwe says:

              Oh my, what an awe inspiring place to live. I love traveling through there. I used to camp and go clam digging at a place between clam gulch and ninnilchik. So many great memories. You are one lucky lady.
              If you ever drive to Seward and have a f extra hours, take a detour to Hope and stop at their little cafe past the laundry and campground. It has a carved black bear by the entrance of the cafe. Stop in for a piece of pie, they are all home made and so very delicious. It is worth the stop. They close early, so do it for lunch or early dinner if you can or in between. You will not regret the out of way road. It’s a beautiful drive. I took a picture of mile marker #1 on the road.
              The cafe has a lot of really great black and white pictures of the people and area too. The town Hope is on the road where the crossing of Seward and Homer is. If you need better directions just ask. 😊

              I try to stop there every time I go fishing in Seward or Homer.

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              • The Tundra PA says:

                Thanks for the recommendation, maiingankwe. Hubby and I drive to Anchorage 3-4 times a year, and every time we pass the turnoff to Hope I think “we gotta go there someday”. We just never plan the time to actually do it. Same with Whittier. The cafe in Hope sounds lovely. Who can resist homemade pie? Not me. Now I’ll see that we get there.

                My fervent hope is that Mr. Trump makes a trip to Alaska and holds a rally in Anchorage before November 8th. If so, we’ll be there with bells on! Perhaps me and my DH can meet up with you and yours!

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                • maiingankwe says:

                  If Trump makes it to Anchorage, I will be taking the trip alone. My hubby will have to watch our daughter. Don’t get me wrong, he is actually going to vote, and for the first time ever may agree his vote does count. Still working on that, but picking my battles. As long as he votes, I’m going to stay smiling but quiet.
                  The cafe is only 30 min if that out of the way. It seems longer at first, but it isn’t. Great people live there too. I always find my self talking to someone there for awhile.
                  The cafe is on the right side of the road soon after the laundry/shop/rv park if my memory serves right. It too is on the right side.

                  If Trump does visit us, yes, it would be really nice to meet up whether it is before, during or after is good with me. I’m so used to traveling and seeing things alone, it doesn’t bother me in the least. I actually enjoy my own company. Don’t get me wrong, I love people, but only in small doses. If we meet, you might understand. I will be the one talking to everybody and smiling and asking lots of questions and then move on to the next group. If I see someone alone and looking lonely, I will grab them, bring them in a group and wait till they are comfortable till I take off again and again. After the day or evening festivities I will find solace with myself and thoughts, and enjoy that time as much as when I was surrounded by people I enjoyed. When I was younger, they called me, Memengwakwe (butterfly). Never in one spot with people around.

                  If I’m stuck in a long line like at the airport, I will kick up a conversation with the person ahead or behind me. I do it because it helps pass the time, and I always learn something.

                  I guess what I am trying to say after all of that gibberish above is, if you and your hubby want to make it a “you” moment, you are under no obligation to entertain me because I may have come alone.

                  One of these days, it would be cool to get a huge number of Treepers all under one tent or roof. I’m kinda particular to outside celebrations, but Mother Nature never takes my ideas into consideration. But seriously, how sweet would that be? A big number of us meeting, passing on ideas, debates, laughing, joking, smiling and eating. Gotta have food.

                  We should have it in Alaska. These things are always somewhere too far away for me to attend. I hope you can see I’m kidding and joshing except for the part all of us getting together. It would be nice to put faces to comments.

                  If you are good at videotaping and putting things on this site, we could put on a cool show for the Treepers. We could do interviews and such with the crowd. I could videotape too, I just can’t transfer it to web sites. I can send it email and that is it or text message.

                  I really think the Treepers would love to hear from people way up here. Plus, if we have to stand for hours, what better way then to pass the time? Give it some thought. I’ve been thinking about it on off whenever I wonder if Trump will visit us or not.

                  Sorry for the ramblings. I’m just in a really good mood today, and acting a bit goofy. It’s 80F here today. Water balloons and water guns and the sprinkler were what we did today. All of us wet, especially the dogs who we believe had more fun then we did in the sprinkler. 🌞😋🌞
                  Be well.


      • rashamon says:

        A friend who stuck around Asia, mostly Singapore and Hong Kong, after Vietnam counseled that the Chinese keep three sets of book: one for the investors, one for the government and one for the owners. There were and are YUUUUGE disparities in the three.

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  8. n3angus says:

    I think Mr. Trump needs to analyze the reason why the Conflicts between Islamic and Western civilizations exist ….

    The conflict exists because there is a ideology within the Islamic society that wants to change the western societies culture in particular the USA constitutional rule of law , and what Mr. Trump needs to do is create a platform that seeks to find ways that can bring the root ideology of Islamic leaders out into the light of day , and talk about why they want to drive a wedge of deceit that’s radicalizing their young with hate , when we all should be seeking a life for all of Liberty .

    Oppression of another’s Liberty as a solution to terminology like “ Social Justice “ as is talked about in Mosques in western societies by Imams , like in this link , https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zaid_Shakir some where in the 1970s his Feeling about American Culture took a change , and now he advocates changing the USA to a Islamic culture and therein lies to root cause for conflict !!!!
    If he and most Leaders in the Islamic society are hell bent on teaching this ideology then the Conflict between the western nations and Islamic Nations will continue and a Confused people will be the biggest threat to world and USA Peace !!!!!

    This needs to be debated out in the open without the restraints of Political Correctness if people’s Ideologies are going to find ways to live together without Infringing on the Plight of Liberty for all !!!!!!!!!!

    Talking to these people in the public theater can be the emotional roller coaster that can generate ideological changes to take place . Hiding in the darkness so far has only led to confusion and a lashing out by some who are the results of public policies that has not been front and center in the debate process of our Immigration policy that for the most part has not been in operation and has left alone this ever growing cultural divide !!!!!!

    Here is a Link to showcase the ideology that’s in the dark and needs to shed the darkness of PC terminology like how the term “
    Islamaphobia is used to shut down any debate on how cultures can live together instead of this ideology by the Imams saying the want to change to USA to a Islamic ran nation !!!! https://www.jihadwatch.org/2015/10/51-of-u-s-muslims-want-sharia-60-of-young-muslims-more-loyal-to-islam-than-to-u-s

    I would debate having a Immigration policy that says to anyone that wants to come to the USA that if you are wanting to change the Rule of Law in the USA to anything different that will force other people to lose their right to Not follow another’s culture then you do not belong in the land of Liberty for All !!!!!!!

    FREEDOM is a Multi-Cultural Gift but it doesn’t grant one to impose on another his or hers culture , and once we find a way to except this concept we will be Free and Peaceful .


  9. All Hype says:

    Regarding China, they also monitor all email and internet communications. They take snapshots of your computer screens on an ongoing basis. My friends who have worked over there have stated their computers are very slow due to the government intrusion.

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  10. maiingankwe says:

    God Bless you Sundance and your incredible and hard working team. To be able to put this in perspective for some of us simple folks is not always easy.

    You’ve given us additional tools to add to our Trump bag of sound arguments, and you don’t know how much that means to me.
    Thank you,


  11. TheLastDemocrat says:

    There are a few things that ought to be stalwarts of our economy for the near future.

    Airliners are a great example – it is now obvious any country of a certain size can develop an automobile industry. But it really takes a large, more sophisticated country to build an airliner industry. Great example.


  12. bertdilbert says:

    Yeah we export scrap steel but it has paint and oil on it. It must be more economical to deal with this overseas than in the USA due to environmental.

    We can return manufacturing back to the US but it is probably going to be a lot of robotics involved and thus fewer jobs verses when the jobs left.

    Here is what I see overall. Higher prices due to forced/taxed manufacturing. People are going to be buying fewer items. This means we have way too much shelf space in retail. There is going to be a lot of store closings and the price of commercial retail property will crash.


    • MissV says:

      Your worldview denies the unlimited potential of human creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurial spirit. It’s like government-think for a limited sized pie that must be divided into smaller and smaller pieces.

      Trump’s, and the free market, American pie is the one that realizes that unlimited human potential – it grows and grows and grows.

      Robots are not a limit on jobs – but a way to innovate and achieve things once thought beyond our reach.

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      • bertdilbert says:

        My world view says that Trump policy will throw the rest of the world into a depression. There is already excess capacity and governments are printing money like crazy around the world to save the economy and depreciating their currencies to remain competitive.

        If we return manufacturing to the US, then it takes away from jobs overseas and the current excess capacity becomes magnified. What is good for us is bad for them. We were headed to a depression anyways, there is no stopping it.

        The lower standard of living overseas means less consumption of protein and hence lower grain prices which is feed for animals.

        There is no free lunch.

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        • joshua says:

          ah, bertdilbert eeyore is back again with the ultimate pessimism analysis of how everything falls apart…


        • CoolEdge says:

          With ZIRP (heading toward NIRP, Negative interest rate policy) … and QE and all sorts of debt, the free lunches were all eaten and paid for with debt, with profits going to billionaires whose bad bets got bailouts. We have “kicked the can” maybe over the cliff … and something wicked this way comes (global depression maybe, as you suggest).

          But the vision of where we go from there (which will probably be forestalled till after the election) is still important, and Trump has to sell that vision. But too many will only look at the stock market and still feel rich. I’m thinking “they” will do another big QE just before the election to try to pump/pimp the market (which voters will perceive to be “the economy”) and try to force Queen Hillary upon us.

          Anyway. … no free lunch … but money is just paper now, so some even say “how about one big $20Trillion QE and the debt is paid off?” In any case, drastic measures will occur, and we need an America First business person taking them, not a globalist villain.


        • flawesttexas says:

          A stronger US economy helps the world

          Most nations that have received US factories still have a much lower standard of living. Return those factories to the US and things don’t really change

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      • rodney says:

        Ain’t no such thing as a free market when industry can influence economic policy and congress. What we’ve had for decades is socialized capitalism where us peons backstopped the losses of the corporations and banks.

        As for robots, they are a limit on jobs. Sure they’re fine if you’re the guy programming them or the MBA firing the workers they displace – both of you get fat bonuses for getting rid of workers and that nice tract home.

        But for those who aren’t bright enough to become a programmer or spend six figures to become a MBA, you’re screwed. Oh yeah that work can also be done by some guy in Bombay India for about 1/5th the cost of a American coder.

        The fact is we need to place limits on automation and out-sourcing. Otherwise we’ll end up like England with a massive and permanently group of people that will be on the dole forever.

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    • booger71 says:

      President Trump as head of the executive branch can have all the EPA and other agencies codes abolished with a stroke of a pen. Box stores are already going out of business

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  13. pyromancer76 says:

    Sundance, you have a way with words, as well as an ability to outline essential ideas in an understandable and enjoyable-to-read way. Thanks. This is the economics I learned; this is the economics I taught to many students — American entrepreneurial can-do experience is exciting, stimulating, creative. Most Americans new to this ‘”personality”, tried it and liked it. It became a “DNA change” that transferred from generation to generation (Lamarckian evolution?). Those multitudes of immigrants in the 19th century, many off the farms, were willing to fail nine times, pick themselves up, and move on to succeed the 10th. Magnificent.

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  14. ElGato says:

    This is what should be taught in Business School. This is laid out with such fluidity that your average Joe/Jane could understand. Outstanding essay, Sundance.

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  15. TheLastDemocrat says:

    There are a lot of great points about our economy in this essay, and in the comments – I hope many people review these, and advance their thinking about what an economy is, and how it works.

    Here are two really workable ideas – if we are going to avoid being protectionist, which many conservatives do not like – since it goes against some recognized principles of economics – but we still want to get American jobs back, or keep them here.

    One: if you want us to import your goods, we have to certify that your employees work under a certain set of basic humanitarian conditions. We develop yet another certification system, and we train the certifiers. They visit your production site and review conditions, and documentation, occasionally – annually, or whatever. So, we take away some of the “cheap foreign labor” equation – each bit shifts jobs back to U.S. -In the meantime, we boost humane working conditions. Kathy Lee Gifford’s clothing line will increase in price, but the modest increase is a pill we have to swallow in order to actually have decent-income jobs back here.

    This certification could be graduated: the more humane, the less import tariff. This replaces the “Most Favored Nation” trade partner system.

    Two: Same thing, but for environmental standards. Releasing heavy metals, etc. We develop certification system, we inspect – all American jobs. You hit your choice of certification level, and you get a certain tariff level. You decide how much of a polluter you want to be, and enjoy how much of the U.S. market you want.

    This reduces the other major benefit for industry to go overseas – relaxed or non-existent environmental protections. The cost of production in foreign countries rises, and with each incremental rise, jobs shift back to U.S. –Bonus: we protect the environment.

    All of this sets the ball in the foreign country’s court – this greatly reduces the risk of a “trade war.”

    And no protectionism is required. No “Most Favored Nation.” MFN is one who treats workers decently and is not polluting beyond acceptable levels.

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  16. Listening to Hillary speaking about the economy is like getting an enema.

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  17. kalena says:

    This is true about Chinese aerospace manufacturing. I was an engineer at the old Douglas Aircraft Company in 1986 & 1987. At that time, I was working on the C-17 program but the MD80’s and DC10’s were being built in Long Beach, CA. China Airlines placed an order and required some manufacturing in China. Back then, probably export controls disallowed the entire aircraft from being manufactured over there. I believe they ended up manufacturing the wings. The wings were then shipped to Long Beach for assembly.

    There was some sort of currency issue back then. China ended up paying for the planes with some goods in trade. One of the goods was canned ham, yes canned ham. Douglas ended up issuing vouchers to employees as a Christmas bonus to pick up 2 25# canned hams to take home. They didn’t taste that bad.

    Moving on to Sundance’s whole point of this article. At that same time period, as a manufacturing engineer, I became acutely aware of the fact that corporations were being “hallowed” out. In fact this was the featured issue of Business Week back then. Hallow corporations kept R&D, Sales & Markting, and Service stateside, but sent the manufacturing portion overseas. The ivy league MBAs convinced corporations that this was a smart thing to do, kill the high skilled, highly paid American manufacturing jobs to beef up their bottom line a bit so they could get their big stock performance bonuses.

    Working with people “on the line” in manufacturing companies such as food production (Kellogg’s, they shipped their jobs to Mexico), GM auto assembly (half the American plants are now closed that were producing in 1981), aerospace (Douglas was absorbed into Boeing and Long Beach plant closed), Izod (alligator shirts only put the crocs and labels on the shirts once they arrived from overseas back in 1982), I realized that many Americans in these jobs were there because that was the better alternative to them than trying expensive college degrees. Some worked in factories as legacy hires, generations of the same family working at the same plant.

    With the exception of Izod, ALL of the companies that I worked for had BAD union/management relations. The unions were pricing themselves out of the market and management ran the facilities so incompetently, that it was difficult to be competitive. Thus, the jobs vanished as production was moved overseas or south of the border. Being raised by a union worker, I was very discouraged by the trend and ended up leaving engineering and using my marketing MBA to make a living instead.

    When we rebuild our manufacturing base, we need to be mindful to create better environments where the workers and management understand they are on the same team. One side benefit to the hallowing out of corporate America is that the % of union jobs in the private sector is down to about 5-6% from what used to be about 35% of the work force. We need to get right to work laws passed in all states to avoid the trap of forced unionization that ends up funneling money to the “give me” democrats that are against free enterprise (notice I didn’t say free trade).

    I know Trump completely gets it. I am glad to see this. I hope he can shift the minds and hearts of Americans so they understand what Sundance has stated here that needs to be done. It is the only way we can keep our freedom and our country independent from the globalists.


  18. TheLastDemocrat says:

    I don’t see our tax system being changed any time soon. But a federal consumption tax seems to beat any other systems in terms of keeping companies located here in the U.S.

    Bernie is engaged in magical thinking when he solves problems by ridiculous taxation levels. We do need some level of revenue, skimmed off the top of our productivity, for federal govt.

    A Nat sales tax accomplishes a few things. First, with no business tax, no business is incentivized to move offshore, in genuine or on paper. Second, no individual is incentivized to hide assets offshore. Third, individuals are incentivized to save versus spend, relative to what we have now.

    Companies pay the tax when they buy whatever they need to buy to conduct business. Individuals pay when they decide to spend rather than save.

    Since this is “regressive,” and at some point a regressive tax has terrible down-sides, there are just a couple twists to make things more tolerable for anyone, say, at 200% poverty level (20K/year) or lower.

    First: as is regularly in place now, certain things would not be taxed. Food, clothing. Maybe rent. Sure, let luxury renters catch a break – we will catch their money elsewhere – they are the crowd that has nice cars, boats, second homes, etc.
    Second: for low-income, say 200% of poverty level, they could “file” with receipts, or “file” to reclaim some set amount – we already have this – a set amt of deduction for state sales tax – you can save your receipts or accept the set amt for your income level.

    This means low-income have to at least file for such a refund, but hey – that is not such a bad deal. The problem is it actually requires a bureaucracy. –But that system could only be “cheated” or gamed so much – there simply would not be that much to get from it – a “rebate” of 5% on 10K would be $500.

    If we had a flat sales tax – 5% or 8% or whatever – we would ALL be much more aware of the portion of our money that goes to the federal govt – we would all pay more attn to how thrifty and efficient our fed govt was. We would freak out at all of these Solyndra deals. we would greatly restrict federally backed student loans – maybe to degrees where return-on-investment is obvious, and maybe to those sustaining an A/B average. After that, you blew your chance at a good deal.


    • This is how the VAT was initially justified / sold in EU. It is extremely punitive against low and fixed income people. Go visit some EU country where the VAT on, e.g. automobiles, is well over 30%. All taxes, IMO, are evil. But I believe that a consumption tax is WORSE than a production tax (which is what we have now. BTW, in Texas an income tax is against the Texas constitution.


      • TheLastDemocrat says:

        Dockie – I am no expert. I just try to think through the effects of one plan versus another.

        If the money you gather in the long run is equal, how is “VAT”/national sales tax worse than individual income tax, or corporate income tax?

        The down side of indiv and corporate income tax is that they encourage those making a lot to hide income. That is regressive/ unfair.

        A VAT at 30% is excessive to run our federal govt.

        By my idea, then, we might need a Constitutional Amendment declaring national sales tax be no more than some percent. A balanced budget might also be a requirement.

        I don’t have an answer for unusual times such as war, but maybe war bonds or something could accommodate those time.


  19. TrustyHaste says:

    Finally some real hope. Last few lines, inspiring, author’s note. I have little time to research one tenth of this and I rely on your efforts, superb analysis and insights. Your writing is so clear.

    Liked by 2 people

  20. This is a very insightful article. The problem is that it is way over the head of most voters, Drats, probably over the head of most politicians. The challenge, therefore, is to convince the GE voters that Mr Trump is the right candidate. Which will probably also mean to convince them that HRC is the wrong candidate.

    HRC will play up Trump as an unfit, and scary and not trustworthy individual. I talked to a friend of mine in Europe, who is millennial, and not particularly well informed. She tells me to be scared of Trump. I ask why ? Because he is a NUT.

    I am sure we have a lot of peeps in the USA witch similar unfounded convictions. That my friends, is what we are up against. I talked to a gay friend from Alabama, and quoted from Mr Trumps’ speech after Orlando, where he said (paraphrasing) that we should all be allowed to love who we want. He (my friend) was flabbergasted. He believed me, as he knows me to be trustworthy, but most of the peeps in his community would rather be caught dead than admitting listening to a Trump speech. Or his message.

    A massive information campaign is needed. The MSM will NOT help. I remain optimistic, Mr Trump is a genius. Share this (Sundance) article when and where you can, and be prepared to explain it. Thank you Sundance.

    Go TRUMP

    Liked by 3 people

    • CoolEdge says:

      “A massive information campaign is needed. ”
      I agree, and Trump needs to let his army of support give a lot of money to buy a lot of that. But with the internet, he can do videos with his experts laying out these arguments in simple terms with simple graphics. He could even do his own version of those animated arguments …. geared to each generation separately.

      On trade the “you didn’t build that” baloney could be better applied to America … we did build that, quit subsidizing Mexico by having illegals here send profits back to their failed economy. The remittances are probably $80B that came from manufacturing/labor that we built, and they collect the profits. That money needs to be recirculated here to build those communities instead of subsidizing failed corrupt socialist Mexico. (for an example of a video)

      Liked by 1 person

    • bocephus0h says:

      Dockie, perfectly stated ; It is perception versus reality. The big challenge is getting people to hear & see Mr. Trump unfiltered, because once that happens we win easy. Most all normal Americans with a sense of discernment will agree with the America First message. He’s the complete opposite of Crooked Hillary who can’t show her real self & wheels out the props/staged events, working hand in hand with the lsm in their deception.

      Liked by 2 people

    • daughnworks247 says:

      I’ve NEVER met an attorney who knew “jack” about finance.


  21. Current condition.

    The Two Party Evil Money Cult in Washington DC leaves the borders open , over spends , over taxes, waste, fraud, gets American fighting men kill and does not win the conflicts, and smirks at U S All via the MSM!

    If we do not make a change and go Trump then the only change will be from where we are to being ruled by a Criminal Two Party Evil Money Cult.

    Not long after that the fight will go civil war !

    Liked by 1 person

  22. joshua says:

    we are producing more and more uneducated unskilled population, and importing even more to the USA. because there is NO Clear Penalty for doing nothing in school to LEARN, and for the parents of making kids that waste the expensive school and facilities we provide them, we are cultivating a ripe venue for robots to do all unskilled jobs…leaving the SLACKERS no where to go but to breed more SLACKERS to riot, and commit crimes. We need some serious personal consequences for failing schools for both parents and kids…..when we originally set up free education, it was to assure that kids could count and manage money and could read and write well enough to take care of their families to be, and to become educated voters to preserve the integrity of the US……this is NOT THE CASE today……irresponsible citizens cannot produce a quality labor force in the high tech manufacturing world, and agriculture and service industries will not grow the job economy any more.

    We are all focused on victim and perpetrator politics, and religious and civil rights and presidential elections….while the Marxist program of destroying our capitalism is well underway as it has been for decades…..I am all for Trump trying to manage the economy, but the CITIZENS have a huge JOB to do and that is not a function of the GOVERNMENT….it is the job of CITIZENRY.

    Liked by 2 people

  23. palafox says:

    The Boeing/China anecdote is what Trump should open. His first Hillary debate with. In 60 seconds he can detail exactly why jobs are leaving the US, tie it directly to Hillary, show how Wall Street and career politicians directly benefit (and therefore by insulation don’t care about the problem), show a business acumen that Hillary cannot match, AND speak with a direct knowledge of a specific example that presents a clarity that mealy-mouthed platitudes — the bread-and-butter of lifelong politicians — can do nothing to undo. Hillary would have no answer to this, and would have to heap lie upon lie to twist out of.
    I know Trump has spoken of this in the past, but he needs to shove this right down Hillary’s piehole while the whole world watches.

    Liked by 1 person

  24. CoolEdge says:

    Thanks Sundance …. this is excellent.

    I’ve argued this kind of thing for years, and stumbled around on the subject. The globalist “free trade” types swear by “comparative advantage”, and even Greenspan was a big believer. He used to say that even if we have a trade imbalance it still works to our advantage. I believe he later testified that he had found a flaw in his thinking. Well, duh, if we are the only “free traders” and all nations (even enemies) are “mercantilists”, we will lose, as we in time have to balance the account with service on the debt or their purchase of our real estate or industry (or maybe they defeat us in war after Clintons treasonously sell/deliver all our military knowledge .. see multipolarity and Chinagate).

    After my novice attempts at these arguments, I found a great link to a real economist that put those thoughts together. This guy showed that even the original concept of “Comparative Advantage” had several conditionals that don’t hold up in the real world where not all parties are saints. This link makes the arguments in simple terms.


    The guy that made that argument also has a book “Free Trade Doesn’t Work” and there is a group that is pretty good that makes good academic arguments, (as far as I can tell)

    Liked by 1 person

    • rodney says:

      Generally I despise economists, too many are just glorified court astrologers and PR for the establishment.

      That said, Free Trade does work – if you’re a executive, member of the political class or the owner of the factory doing the manufacturing for the 1st world country.

      That’s the point, for them it’s great.

      If you think trade was meant to help us peons, it never was. Remember those with the gold make the rules, rules that benefit them.

      Before NAFTA was passed the CEO’s and bean counters had it all figured out to the last penny who was and was not going to benefit.

      Trump is dead wrong when he says these people negotiating trade deals are stupid. They aren’t, they cut deals that were good for them. Trump knows better but won’t say the truth for some reason.

      Trump needs to be honest and level with the people, that the corporations supported these pacts because it made their stock holders and executives even richer.

      He needs to explain to people the old social contract between businesses and the community is gone.


      • palafox says:

        I believe it was George Bernard Shaw who once said “if you stacked all the economists in the world end-to-end, they wouldn’t reach a conclusion.”

        Liked by 1 person

      • CoolEdge says:

        Well there CAN BE advantages to trading (“free trade” is completely ambiguous and mostly Orwellian), but it is best when THEY pay a premium for our superior product, and we get a bunch of menial work products because we are so busy making the great stuff. But that is mostly a dream, and sadly even our services are being exported (product support from India).

        “Free Trade does work – if you’re a executive, member of the political class or the owner of the factory doing the manufacturing for the 1st world country.”
        True, globalism makes it legal to hire 12 year old slaves, and not pay for their tuberculosis or lost limb, or worry about scrubbing soot from coal plants.

        “They” like to claim we are “exporting capitalism” and that will make all the beautiful globalized children best friends forever. But only those with the capital are becoming “capitalists” and the oligarchs don’t like to share too much. So the slave labor class MIGHT be slightly better off than dying in the mountains of China, but not much, and only till the boom goes bust, or they are sent to war.

        The spread of “capitalism” for the freer world has been extended via mutual funds, where everyone “shares the wealth”. So now monetary policy is not for a stable currency (as intended) but rather to support the stock (and bond) markets. So that throws real capitalism out the window as worthless paper is tossed around by bureaucrats in DC according to Obama’s whims, while production of energy is taxed to support the stealth socialism/communism.

        So many are invested in stocks and so emotional at watching them rise (and fall), that they will resist real change. Even the investor class has now been made a dependent on BigGov making sure their portfolio always goes UP. They like the funny money making their paper assets soar as the USD is devalued. That works unless/until they find they can actually “break” the currency … or maybe that’s their goal, to usher in their global currency, or whatever.

        “They aren’t, they cut deals that were good for them. Trump knows better but won’t say the truth for some reason.”
        Well, the smart guys are the ones bribing the corrupt and/or dumb guys in government. Trump is right when he says he doesn’t blame China or Mexico, and says they are smart. But that extends to the CEOs that are “bribing” our politicians, who get a pittance compared to what they give the globalists. I’d label them as useful idiots. I’d guess many of them are “true believers” in “free trade”, but they are very wrong and use magic thinking.

        Liked by 2 people

      • TheLastDemocrat says:

        Here is the problem with anything other than Free Trade: the world leaves you behind.

        If you protect your steel industry, the rest of the world finds ways to reduce steel production. Eventually, manufacturing moves off-shore in order to use that less-expensive steel.

        You protected steel, but harmed the auto industry, and the washing machine industry.

        This is why, above in comments, I have suggested certification of imports, including the labor and environmental conditions under which things are produced, as an alternative; you don’t protect, but you shift the production costs away from the foreign advantage of cheap labor and low environmental protections.

        Along with, generally, believing we cannot be protectionist, I believe people and industries prefer to be in the U.S. versus overseas. advantage: us. If there are no tax advantages, if we go to federal sales/consumption tax, then again: advantage: us.

        We do have to have some certain core of industrial capacity in the U.S. to be prepared in times of war, or famine. Rather than have an entire industry move offshore, you can address this in a couple ways. One is to require the government to buy from indigenous industry. For example – let’s say we always need PC-style CPUs. Well, we decide the Govt has to have at least 20% of computers have U.S. -produced CPUs. Unless foreign sources are diverse enough that it is very unlikely we get into hostilities or trade war with all producing countries.

        This is a combo of economic strategy to support U.S. industry, and a strategy for wartime.

        Right now, we have the Strategic Petroleum Reserve plan. My idea is similar. But rather than have some cache of oil, I would say that a certain portion of govt vehicles must be fueled with U.S.-developed gas. So, that requires/supports domestic drilling and refining.

        Where needed, subsidize.


  25. Betty says:

    I have never been quite sure what Jeb meant by “C’mon man”…. Did he mean: C’mon as in: your kidding me man. Or did he mean C’mon man, as in C’mon man you know the rules – we are not supposed to mention that in front of “the people”.


  26. Yep … that real headline was meant as an attack on Trump … the elites just don’t get it !!! 😎


  27. http://www.nytimes.com/2016/03/27/us/politics/donald-trump-foreign-policy.html?_r=0

    Here’s the original NY SLIMES article that goes with my meme above !!! 😎


  28. Rose says:

    EXCELLENT! I learned that from my Daddy’s and one of my Uncle’s knees. My uncle had a chicken ranch in California – so the Price of the Basics, as you listed them – and the Price of Gold in terms of Gold’s buying power of those basic commodities, Eggs, Milk, and Bread! Tells you the Financial Health of the Nation, or the Community.
    Uncle’s calling was Bible Teaching regarding End Time Bible Prophecy and Holy Spirit.
    Economic realities of the Times was a core Measure of the state of everything, from war time, or such as Gold Strike Time in Alaska or California, or times of Bible Prophecy fulfillment across History. Poor Times or Richest of times, how hard was it to get those Basics.
    Not a core part of his Teaching, but a foundational element of the difficulty of a Time’s daily living realities.


  29. Sherlock says:

    Please dig down and donate directly to the Trump campaign. He cannot be expected to fund a general election campaign himself. He will undoubtedly kick in money, but he heeds our help. Please everyone, do not sit back and think that this victory can happen without us–it cannot. The big donors that usually step up to buy influence will not be there. The GOPe will figure a way to deprive Trump of funds that usually go to help the presidential candidate, of that I have no doubt. That leaves Trump and us.

    Yesterday, Trump sent out a fundraising email–his first one, as far as I know–asking for our help.
    Here is the link for direct donations that will go directly to the campaign. We must defeat the Crooked one! Thanks to all who can give now.


    Liked by 2 people

    • Howie says:

      For Trump yes, my bottom dollar. For any Ryno, not one red cent.


    • CoolEdge says:

      right … Trump won’t “owe us” as individuals for our donations, except to do what he has proposed. I actually kinda WANT him to owe us a return on our investment in him and those promises. Our support is more than money, but the money is not for Trump, it is for winning our future.

      And in this all out war, we should consider how much Hillary would cost us, not just in future misery, but in the loss of what our forefathers bought with their lives. All Trump supporters should have some financial skin in the game, and then demand (of Congress) the promises be kept.

      Ten million give $200
      Two million give $500

      That’s 12 million invested patriots, and $3B to “let freedom ring”.
      No one gave much so far, so that seems doable. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  30. JJ says:

    Employee-owned companies always instill hard work.
    Why not more talk of this??


  31. Howie says:

    Friend or Foe. Attention Ryno’s and the rest. You are either for us or against us. Friend or Foe. i do not care about how fat your damn wallet is or what the hell your fat cat donors want. Let them vote for you. You will not recieve my vote. All the way down to city dogcatcher.

    Liked by 1 person

  32. spacette55 says:

    This is the first of a four part PBS series on Boeing’s Building of the 777. It had massive cost overruns due to the policy of outsourcing most of the 6,000,000 parts to various countries including China. Chronic late delivery and substandard foreign manufacturing was an expensive hurdle to overcome. All four 55 minute episodes are currently on Youtube.


  33. entagor says:

    I just received a mailer from Paul Ryan. It is all about ‘us’. Ryan and ‘us’ together/

    It’s your Ryan for Congress contribution of $2700, $1000, $500, $250, or $100 that will get us to our goal and make sure we’re financially strong for the tough race ahead

    [entagor’s first name], I like people who believe passionately in things, and that’s why I’m writing to you. Your presence on our “Ryan for Congress” team as one of our pre-eminent financial leaders will instantly make our team stronger and ensure we’re ready for what’s ahead

    Check is to be made out to Ryan for Congress, Inc
    I live in Michigan


  34. Coast says:

    FYI…just got home…and found an email from Trump asking for donations. I just gave him one…no problem as long as the GOP doesn’t get their grubby hands on it. Also, a few days ago I got a letter from Ryan asking for a donation….sent him a nice “letter” instead…using his postage-paid envelope. Let’s all help Trump the best we can.

    Liked by 1 person

    • John Doe says:

      Me too. I got my hand slapped here yesterday for asking if anyone had received this email. Mine came today. Just made my donation and sent text to friends not on his mailing list. We gotta win this thing. MAGA


  35. Coast says:

    Also, any way we could develop a real action plan to help Nehlen and thus defeat Ryan? Could we get a mailing list of his district and perhaps send a pre-formulated letter? I’m willing to do some mailing off a list…

    Liked by 1 person

  36. daughnworks247 says:

    I do biz in China/India/Turkey/Brazil daily.
    Sundance is correct. The Chinese will target a specific industry and once mastered, work their way up. Now, the Chinese are working on the master prize, aircraft, and the Boeing deal is stupid.
    Please understand, the “trade war” or threat of war is merely a means to an end. The goal is to STOP the fluctuation of currency. If the devaluations stopped, Chinese prices would rise about 30%. Once parity is acheived, I would bet money on the American manufacturer.

    Like Trump, I believe the ONLY way to stop the Chinese (and Japan) is to walk the bill through Congress and let them know we are serious (high stakes poker). Note: The Chinese responded to Trump’s announcement speech on June 17 of last year. Do you think they are listening?

    As others have pointed out, American goods lasted longer, from textiles to durable goods. Just try to get 20 years out of a Korean washer/dryer and don’t even bother calling customer service. I also agree with Sundance and others, that most born after 1970 have never known “the other way”.

    Free trade is NOT fair trade. Sundance is absolutely correct when he talks of free trade helping Wall Street and not Main Street. These policies would have been fine if we had some kind of tit for tat in the agreements – but our leaders were negligent. For instance, I pay 4.9% customs duty on Brazilian goods imported into the USA. If I try to sell to Brazil, the duty is 35% (18% goes to the fed to fund the Brazilian form of Social Security and 17% goes to the state to general funds). With this prohibitive duty, Brazilian manufacturers are, in effect, protected and I can’t sell a DeWalt saw blade in Brazil. Interestingly, Brazilian construction companies know that the DeWalt blades are terrific and ask us to smuggle them in.

    Sundance is also correct when he talks about re-investment in the USA. Remember the 80s when we all wanted “Pac-Rim” funds for high growth? Well, now we need Middle America Mutual Funds for venture capital to work in our country.


  37. JAS says:

    It’s all about the global banks. That’s where the problem is. Quote of the day:

    “Give a man a gun, and he can rob a bank. Give a man a bank, and he can rob the world.” – Mr. Robot.

    Liked by 1 person

  38. VegasGuy says:

    “China is refusing to trade with (buy) Boeing products if the company does not move. Why? It’s not about putting Chinese people to work, it’s about China importing their research and development, Boeing’s production secrets, into their country so they can learn, steal and begin to manufacture their own airliners.”

    Here is a short evolution of that issue……from an “explanation to the ultimatum“…

    An article from 2015…


    {SNIP}… Boeing Co. has agreed on terms to sell 300 planes to China and plans to open a facility there to finish work on its 737 jetliner that would allow it to boost production of the best-selling jet in the U.S.

    And another from 2015…


    {SNIP}… The grand plan
    Labor leaders (and Mr. Trump) aren’t buying Boeing’s explanation — but it does sort of make sense. As we’ve pointed out multiple times over the past few months, Boeing has a backlog problem. At last count, Boeing had 5,710 airplanes in its “backlog” awaiting construction and delivery. 74.7% of the these airplanes, or nearly three out of every four, were 737s.
    At current production rates (42 single-aisles built per month), it would take Boeing more than 100 months to build and deliver all 4,269 of the 737s in its backlog. That’s probably why, when announcing its new Chinese venture, Boeing took pains to repeat its already-published plans to accelerate 737 production to 47 airplanes per month in 2017, and 52 planes per month in 2018.

    If we jump forward to 2016.…


    {SNIP}…. “It is absolutely undeniable there’s been a communication of Chinese expectations for companies to build in China, to provide jobs in China, that they will be treated less equitably otherwise”, said Scott Harold, the Washington based associate director of Rand Corporation Center for Asian Pacific Policy. “If you build in China, you are a friend of China”….

    {SNIP}… Led by State owned Commercial Aircraft Corp. of China, or COMAC, the country is working on developing its’ own large planes & the government is keen on China to develop its own jet engines as well.

    And here one that supports the position of potential “technology theft”…


    {SNIP}…“Yet, as for other American companies in China, this success may come at a future price. China has long demanded that foreign companies transfer technology and manufacture some of their products in China. In exchange for access to one of the world’s most valuable markets, foreign companies must help China build brands that may one day put them out of business.”

    So there is no disputing the argument as it pertains to a high tech industry such as aerospace. But I do believe the objective does go a bit deeper when looking at main stream manufacturing in general & the desire to expand, & in certain cases, create markets.

    Look, manufactures, regardless of their product, want to Globally expand their market. The way to do that is to make 3rd world countries “wealthier”. One way to do that is to expand manufacturing & jobs ( along with wages) in those countries so citizens there can “buy” their product with the new found “wealth“.

    The objective of say, Ford’s investment in Mexico, or any other Manufacturer investing anywhere else in the world, is two fold. First, to enrich the Foreign economy to some degree so manufacturers & producers can sell them products that average foreign citizens otherwise could not afford to buy.

    Second, products produced overseas will produce fatter profits when sold where ever, due to lower manufacturing costs for labor, and potentially lower cost raw material. It is a long term strategy that starts with initial investments now, fully supported by Wall Street & their underlings now in control of the Administration.

    The immediate bottom line effect is that Ford‘s or Carrier, or HOG, or Nabisco, or Boeing, take your pick or add your own pet peeve, have their profits improve immediately when “cheaper” labor in Mexico or India or China, or Japan, or Viet Nam, again, take your pick, is employed to produce whatever product.

    Most of these products will make their way back to either the US or to other 3rd world countries for sale. Basic market expansion with an added twist of market “creation”. That is the ultimate goal, to create new markets where none existed before by introducing “wealth” into a foreign economy via expanding manufacturing & production into that foreign economy so as to enhance the foreign citizens ability to be able to purchase goods otherwise inaccessible to them due to lack of so called “wealth”.

    The initial blow back to any of these manufacturers who leave the USA are the jobs lost here which, for all practical purposes, will never be replaced. These companies intend to initially “fast track” their profits overseas which is truly a short sighted approach.

    Eventually, their products will only be attractive to Global markets because the US consumer, due to a failing economy, lack of job growth, and stagnation of wages, will no longer be able to participate in purchases. The only factor that allows this approach to work is that the World Wide market is far larger than the U.S. Market alone is.

    Short term gain will ultimately result in long term failure within the American market. There are far more foreign consumers available than there are US consumers available. These companies just need to insure that the foreign markets can afford to purchase their product ongoing.

    The Global expansion plan is even more far reaching when the technology aspect, as pointed out in the posted article, is taken into account.

    One only need look as far as your local supermarket and notice all the “Product of Mexico” or “Product of Where ever“ items for sale. Or look at the automotive production of cars “assembled in” (fill in the Country) with 40% ( or some X%) US manufactured parts. Or electronics manufactured in Japan or S. Korea. Or Harley-Davidson assembly plants in India, where HOG manufactures the parts in kit form & exports the kits to India for final assembly. They then export a finished product to other 3rd world countries, or back to the U.S. for final consumption.

    It’s really all there for anyone to see. We should not ignore it and Trump certainly isn’t ignoring it. IMO, it is more that just an attempted technology “steal”, as would be the case with Boeing & China.

    The list goes on and on. With the continuing lose of American jobs, combined with stagnant economic growth, the US consumer is handicapped all along the way. We have less & less disposable income available to purchase the ever increasingly “profit driven” marketing originating in off shore factories. All with labor & manufacturing that has been eliminated here.

    That’s good for big business insiders, good for Wall Street investors, good for the Foreign Interest Trade which puts us at a deficit, good for politicians who get “donations” …But bad for the US people, & bad for the US economy, and clearly bad for the American economic future.

    Ultimately, we will become a “consumer” driven economy for all the worlds’ goods to be dumped on us. But, with the rate of growth of our economy ever dwindling, we won’t be able to continue purchasing indefinitely. That is where the Global share of new consumers kicks in with their new found “wealth”, courtesy of the US companies’ investment in their economies. It is an evil plan……

    We will become more like a 3rd world country & become subservient to Global economies. We will be victim to ever spiraling “basic needs” costs, thanks to special interest Government price supports driven by lobby donations.

    Trump, as a businessman & with a keen knowledge of economics, recognizes and fully understands this. He intends to stop it before it kills the US economy beyond any hope of recovery.

    He will prevail because he knows he must win in order to stop this madness or our country is doomed …..



  39. TrumpOrDie says:

    When labor costs rise, as good jobs are brought back to this country, it’s not clear that this will translate into higher prices to consumers — that is assuming that the profit per item stays the same. The stockholders make the managers jack up the prices so that good-paying American jobs don’t eat into their profits.

    But there’s also competition in their sector, which puts pressure on the managers not to raise prices too much — sticker shock would price them out of the market. First one company decides to raise its prices a bit, but not enough to maintain the old profit per item. Then the other companies follow along, or they’re priced out of the market.

    Ultimately, the consumer prices will not be that much higher, if at all — instead, the higher labor costs will translate into lower profits for stockholders.

    Sounds fine to me — I don’t own any stock, and neither do most Americans.

    That’s how it was before the deregulated Go-Go Eighties. The stock market was not a way to make money hand-over-fist because profits were meager — labor costs were high (good-paying jobs), and there was enough competition among companies, and thrifty-minded consumers, to keep that from turning into higher prices.

    It won’t be ordinary consumers who suffer from re-patriated manufacturing jobs — it will be the big-time stockholders who eat those costs. Some profit is better than no profit.


  40. pancho says:

    Thank you, Sundance, for another excellent analysis of Trump and his policies. I can’t tell you how indebted I feel toward you and your informational articles and your analysis of what’s going on behind the scenes. Donald Trump is the only chance we have to reverse this destructive course that the Uniparty has put us on. Bush AND Obama. I do not want to live under Sharia Law.


  41. thetrain2016 says:

    I’m just fine with the concept of more expensive American made goods. I could afford to buy an IBM PC for $2,500 in 1985, because I had a decent job. I don’t care if the EBT card carrying bum can’t afford a DVD player or 60″ TV today…


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