Update: FOUND HER – Omar Mateen’s Hidden Wife – Noor Zahi Salman (30)

orlando 20Why does the media only reference an ex-wife, Sitora Yusufly from 2009 ?

It looks like his first wife, the one in all the media interviews (pictured left), was a green-card marriage from Uzbekistan.

Omar Mateen was currently married and has a young son.  Who is the current wife?  Why is there virtually no discussion of this in the media?  It’s always the questions you are not allowed to ask that reveal the most.

update-1UPDATE 11:00pmFound Her via public records – in 2013 Omar Mateen married Noor Zahi Salman (pictured below).  They have a 3-year-old son together.

Noor Zahi Salman, age 30, has scrubbed her social media history:

orlando 21 noor-salman1

Omar Mateen lived in St. Lucie County, Florida, with his second wife, Noor Zahi Salman, but it is not clear if they were together or separated at the time of the shooting.  Mateen sold his sister, Mariam Seddique, the house in April ’16 for $10 (Quit Claim Deed).

(Via WaPo) […] Mateen later had a son with another woman who also appears to have left him and declined to comment when reached at her current home. –link

It looks like the Washington Post knows where she is, so she’s not hiding very well.

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  1. dizzymissl says:

    I know nothing except the dad said he (Omar) saw the men kissing a few months ago and they did it in front of he and his wife which enraged him. So I was wondering about the wife thing too.

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    • sundance says:

      CNN Pamela Brown accidentally let the wife slip when she said “not his current wife, who has not been in the media”….

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      • TwoLaine says:

        The Quit Claim Deed to his sister for the home says he is a married man. His wife Noor Salman was a witness to the document. Her signature is at the bottom.

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        • Concerned says:

          Hey good catch! I saw that signature and was wondering who the person was. Thanks!

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        • Mike says:

          Noor acquiesence is prima facie evidence of the Islamic assimilation problems. I can’t imagine a true American woman with a 3 yo giving up her house claim for husband’s nut case religion or obsession.

          Whether she was quietly paid off, just submissive or active to some degree, there is something seriously wrong or missing with her signing that quit claim.

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          • TwoLaine says:

            You bring up a very good point. And what about the family members accepting the property.

            I hope the FBI is capable of connecting these same dots, and asking some questions about this real estate transaction.

            April was a significant month for several reasons. Disney announced today that they warned the FBI about the couple scoping out Disney in April.

            Another FBI miss!


    • Sounds like his rage coincided with his sale of home to sister in April.

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      • Joe Knuckles says:

        He obviously quit claimed the house to his sister in perpetration for martyring himself. That property should be seized and sold to the highest bidder, and the proceeds given to surviving victims or deceased victim’s families. They should go after everybody that was complicit in this attack.

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        • I read somewhere that the condo in Fort Pierce was owned by the Mateen family and he moved into it when he married the first wife.
          I’m speculating that the parents may have given it to Omar when he married. Maybe the second wife also left, and since the sister was a newlywed, the crazy father asked him to sign it over to her, thus the quit claim deed.
          Just speculating…
          By the way, this hits close to me since I just moved to the Treasure Coast and this condo is 11 miles down the road.


          • freddy says:

            yeah know what ya mean. I live down the road from San Bernadino and the girl killed was our health dept. inspector….We are drowning in illegals from everywhere only here for welfare and to kill us off…….

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        • Martin says:

          If a bar can be blamed for vehicular homicide;
          If a car maker can be blamed for horrendous driving;
          If a guitar manufacturer can be raided for using wood the bigwigs think they shouldn’t;
          If a gun manufacturer can be blamed for murder, or individual carelessness;

          Then a mosque, and anyone connected with it when a Sharia-compliant killer is produced, can be closed, it’s members deported or jailed, and the structure(s) demolished and property sold to compensate the victims. What more evidence is needed, than a connection to a madman (Robertson) and a radical imam, preaching Sharia-compliant hatred? What about, say, connections to listed terrorist orgs?

          So, the house of family members is a piece of cake.

          Yes, we have “religious freedom” here in the good ‘ol USA, but even that has it’s limits. Eggshells on the bottoms of one’s shoes is not an unknown circumstance. When an entire sovereign nation entertains the condition in the face of mass murder, it’s suicide.

          It’s not who we are. Really? When Westboro holds signs, or when Muslims kill, which gets the press? The founder of GP Jim Hoft admits he’s gay, and adjures gays to “come home to the Republican party.” The discussion? Whether or not the GOP is that party. sigh Yes, really.

          If we don’t start playing hardball (which is significantly less than murder, BTW) we as Americans won’t be a sovereign nation anymore. Frankly, I don’t give a damn about party identity, at this point. When you’re surrounded, you have to do things you may later regret. But at least you’ll have a later.

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          • canadacan says:

            If this happened in Israel it would be fait accompli as far as the house and the family and anything of value is concerned.


            • Your friend Mencken says:

              Yes, thankfully we don’t live in a theocracy.


              • William Rogers says:

                Sorry “friend”, nice try at the Israeli slamming. However, Israel is a democracy. They actually have Christian & Muslim citizens who get to vote and serve in the Knesset. Look up the surrounding Muslim countries if you want to find your theocracy. Better yet, maybe go try to live there. Oh, and just for grins bring a Bible with you. See how that goes over… Shameful 😦


  2. TheLastDemocrat says:

    Here is a thought about the ex-wife —

    She says they were married for several months, then divorced. She said he was violent. She also says, despite the fact that two Muslims/people from the middle east were married, that he was not religious until some certain point – sure, maybe relatively not religious.
    What if this was her role? Make him seem violent – his aggression gets blamed on his personality, and she helps his Jihad, but she escapes suspicion.

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    • sundance says:

      Forget the ex-wife. She’s public. Married 4 months.

      The new wife.

      Did he send her off to the middle east, or to the protection of Islamist sympathizers?.

      Is she a Jihadi bride?

      Where is she?

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    • doubledenvy says:

      TheLastDemocrat , i had the Clinton News Network on all day in the background (knowing they would be the lead for the rest of the media to construct a Leftist narrative) Blitzer was all over the place (details where coming in fluidly) , but you could sense they were searching for some construct. Then Obama came on and I was just waiting , 3 2 1…”Once again , senseless killing by someone with a military type assault weapon” Nothing about the guy was a religious nut affiliated with throwback stone age barbarians. Then throw in an ex wife who has not had contact with this Islamist in 8 years “He was mentally unstable”. The left is so predictable. When will the Left and LGBLT (on rye bread please) realize that Administration prefers Muslims over Gays. Don’t get mad at me , jus’ keepin’ it 100%

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    • sundance says:

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      • seventhndr says:

        Her description of their marriage seems, unfortunately, typical for orthodox islamists.

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      • Truthfilter says:

        I noticed in her interview that she called him”bipolar.” My first thought was that this was a planned explanation to keep the focus off Islam and on denying gun rights to people with questionable mental stability. Considering the enormous number of people on SRI meds, that would be half the country.


    • OK, so I have read the shooter has two ex wives and a girlfriend. All say he was violent. Isn’t that the Sharia way? Perhaps these women were more Americanized than they realized and didn’t like being treated like a sub-human. Wasn’t he just acting in accordance with his religion?


      • TrumpFanGirl says:

        ^ THIS. Murdering people is also in accordance with his religion. It shouldn’t surprise anyone. Islam is directly opposed to the Constitution, pick one.

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        • Criss says:

          If that’s the case, I mean if that’s the way Islamist do things then they can’t live in our land of freedom and democracy. I am a very liberal person and I care very deeply about people all over the world and their problems but since these things keep happening over and over and over I have had to do a lot of soul searching. Maybe the reason that my God (and no I’m not Christian, I have my own relationship with God) put us in different places and give us different languages is because not all of us can learn to live with each other. Heck we are barely learning to do that in our own country. Maybe we need to shut down the melting pot for good. But it’s broke, and we have to fix it. And we do have to stop handing people assault rifles. I like my hand gun but I do not need an assault rifle by any means. But I know several people who have them. They just want one for the heck of it. Why? No one NEEDS one. That’s just my two cents.


          • TrumpFanGirl says:

            You realize that a semi-automatic weapon requires a separate full trigger pull for each bullet? For home defense, it gives an advantage to women or older people who do not have the hand strength +/or dexterity to quickly load in the event of more than one assailant.


          • TrumpFanGirl says:

            Also, try living in the mountains, Alaska, parts of Florida without a decent weapon and get back to me how it went.


    • B Rodriguez says:

      He was not born in the Middle East but born in New York City, went to HS and college in Florida and was an American – A prime example of home-grown terrorism.


  3. Amy says:

    I guess we will know when Sundance finds out out who she is..
    tick tock
    Yep. That’s a hint Sundance. 🙂

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  4. jackmcg says:

    Watching ABC 2020, they showed a picture of the current wife briefly but did not give her name. Blink and you’d miss it. By contrast, the ex-wife gave an interview and got lots of screen time.

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  5. Custer says:


    This link has his picture with woman, I guess this is his wife? Picture won’t paste here

    omar mateen view gallery
    Omar M. Mateen

    Male, 29 years old
    Port Saint Lucie, FL


  6. MaryfromMarin says:

    “WHERE is she?” is an equally important question.

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  7. TheCloseButton says:

    Interesting that with a wife and son, he gives the house to his sister. Wife and son may be on the run, or planning attack.

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    • notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital says:

      Planning an attack?
      Have you seen this that happened last week?



      • sundance says:

        Don’t screw up our research thread with unrelated stuff.

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        • Dan Patel says:

          Sundance great research. My theory is Islamic state is somehow identifying troubled US born individuals and radicalizing them through these women.

          Tangent thought:

          Indian civilization has suffered under these fanatic Jihadis. Muslims are a minority in India but terrorize and dominate Indian democracy using vote bank politics. They even enjoy their own personal Islamic laws like instant divorce, polygamy and abandon their women and children. They refuse modern education, integration with Hindu kafirs and segregate themselves into colonies. The fate of India seems to be the fate of the west. Stop them before they destroy western civilization too.


    • stella says:

      The son must be a little kid, toddler or infant. Guessing that he married current wife after divorcing former wife in 2011.

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    • lovely says:

      Giving the sister the house for $10.00 looks like conspiracy to me. Why would a man with a wife and young child sell their home for $10.00.

      If Omar and his current wife are separated why not leave the home to his son?

      Perhaps Omar knew his assets were likely going to belong to people’s family that were going to bring a lawsuit for wrongful death.

      The home sale is a piece of the puzzle.

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      • I wonder if it’s traditional for radical islamic jihadi wives to accompany their husband to their promised paradise? If so, perhaps she’s one of the deceased within the scene of the terrorist attack.
        Is it likely also traditional for terrorist’s to pay family such as the sister with the $10. house for agreeing to care for the terrorist’s son after much of the attention fades away?

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      • Maybe, maybe not. if they were just deeding it over, the $10 may have been for consideration. I don’t know what the law in Florida says about deeding a home to someone else, but in Paralegal class in college I was taught that the consideration money could be as low as $1 if the intent was merely to transfer but there had to be some type of consideration included.

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        • stringy theory says:

          Yes, the actual amount is often not included in the deed. Some say this amount and other valuable consideration. Often a check of the recorded deed (many counties now have deeds online) will show the transfer tax/stamps, and that can sometimes be used to figure out the actually sale price.


  8. woohoowee says:

    Orlando shooting suspect Omar Mateen is pictured with his wife, Noor Zahi Salman, and their son in an undated Facebook photo.


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  9. matt says:

    her facebook page was inaccessible earlier today, according to this tweet:


  10. Sargon says:

    The message from San Bernardino and Orlando is patently clear:

    Our traditional metrics of stability and sensibility don’t work for Islamic Terrorists:

    Here are the assumptions violated:

    individuals that are born / bred / raised in USA will be socialized into American values and culture
    stable job, marriage, family, children and good middle class lifestyle de-radicalize them.
    even radicalized, terrorists have feelings towards close family / colleagues and will spare them in an attack (not in San Bernardino).

    All that hocky pock about Islamic terrorism being bred by being excluded from society or marginalized like they are in Belgium or France did not apply to these cases in the USA.

    We are dealing with something far more dangerous than previous enemies like Germans or Communists before WWI and WWII.

    For one, they are willing to throw everything away even after they become established in this society.

    For another, they welcome or do not fear death, much like the Japanese Kamakazi pilots.

    Religion is such a powerful driving force that it is overriding all our customary means to deradicalize people.

    We need some real good science on this phenomena…

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    • JoJo says:

      Here is the description of a film I saw in Portland, Oreogn recently – the parallels are uncanny. Emphasis mine. The Israeli agent did not stop the bombing, the terrorist who had been trained as a doctor as part of his cover, didn’t go through with it.

      April 12, 2016
      God’s Slave
      A riveting story based on actual events of a 1994 bombing in Buenos Aires. This is a cat-and-mouse story of a deadly showdown between terrorists and an Israeli special agent. A man trained since childhood to be a suicide bomber attempts to execute a bombing at a synagogue. An Israeli agent works to stop the plot and the story ends with violent and unexpected consequences. Never doubt the power of free will in a human being.


      • JoJo says:

        Oh, I just noticed the Orlando “jihadist” doesn’t look at all like his “father.”


        • Jenny R. says:

          Most Islamic families, you are dealing with multiple wives and sometimes the children of brothers and sisters and sometimes a wife gets divorced from one brother and winds up with her kids in tow (or not) in the sister-wife group of another brother — they actually have very fluid family arrangements.
          Oh, and they take on different names (and different spellings of each name) at the drop of a hat.


          • Jenny R. says:

            Oh, and that’s just the immediate family…then you get into the whole clan/tribe thing, and from there the ummah. There’s a lot of interconnected strands in that society and a code of secrecy/lies towards the outside world, so it’s really easy for someone to become lost in that.


            • TrumpFanGirl says:

              Why anyone coming into the country needs to provide biometrics and dna–names make little difference when half of the males have some version of mohammed or hussein in their names.


    • MVW says:

      To get proper perspective realize that Jihad has been full on active for 1400 years. This is a formula worked out, proven to result in 1.3 billion people. Don’t treat this as some new social science experiment. Islam is a political movement propagated through total war, political, economic, and social, waged for over a millennium.

      It must be understood. It was peaceful for only the first 13 years of the 1400.

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    • Exactly… except having had a friend who is Muslim..the part about sparing..colleagues.. don’t know about that. Jihad doesn’t spare anyone but believers in my studies..


  11. NHVoter says:

    I saw a woman being interviewed on Megyn Kelly (Megyn didn’t interview her – she showed a clip of the interview). The woman said that she was Omar’s ex wife and described him as being bipolar. I think Megyn mentioned a 3 year old child. I didn’t realize that he had 2 wives…


  12. tuskyou says:

    Blog with a list of addresses associated with shooter/family. Read the first comment about name changes.


    • Tejas Rob says:

      Thanks, interesting. I’ll post it here to save others the trouble

      “If you access the St.Lucie County Clerk of Court site, you can find much more information. It appears the father used multiple last names, was involved in multiple lengthy lawsuits, auto accidents and creditors seeking judgments. There are petitions for name changes among the family. Once case even went on appeal to the 4th Circuit.”


  13. Custer says:


    note WaPo reached second wife at her current home

    Mateen later had a son with another woman who also appears to have left him and declined to comment when reached at her current home.

    But one friend said Mateen became steadily more religious after his divorce and went on a religious pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia.

    “He was quite religious,” said the friend, who also spoke on the condition of anonymity. Yet, he added, if Mateen had sympathies for the Islamic State or other terrorist groups, he never mentioned them.

    For several years, Mateen regularly attended the Islamic Center of Fort Pierce and was there as recently as two days ago, said Imam Shafiq Rahman on Sunday.

    The imam said Mateen’s father and young son would pray with him, and Mateen’s three sisters were active volunteers at the mosque, which had about 150 congregants.

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    • Honest Abbey says:

      It says Mateen later had a son with another woman who also appears to have left him and declined to comment when reached at her current home. but she updated her FB photo on May 9th and it shows the three of them together. Will we ever know the truth? Not Likely!


  14. Honest Abbey says:

    So the terrorist was born in New York, but lived in Florida. First wife was born in Uzbekistan but lived in New Jersey when she met Omar Mateen online, moved to Florida when they married, gave LIVE interview today from Colorado. Second wife known to have lived in California, Illinois and Florida.

    These Muslims sure do move around the country a lot. How can any government agency possibly keep track of them?

    And no need to wonder whether the wives were/are Muslims too. If they weren’t Muslim before marrying the terrorist, they would have had to convert prior to the marriage.
    So the second wife telling CNN today that she is not Muslim is very deceiving, but as expected, the reporter didn’t ask how it would be possible for a non Muslim to marry a Muslim.

    Everything about this guy and his life appears to be shady.

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    • Honest Abbey says:

      *Need to correct above comment to read “FIRST wife telling CNN today that she is not Muslim is deceiving……”


  15. True Colors says:

    This Orlando situation is already reminiscent of the San Bernadino attacks(e.g., the green card marriage, the selective media filtering, Obama willfully ignoring the muslim elephant in the room, etc).


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  16. True Colors says:

    A bit more info on the Salman woman.


    Noor Z Salman

    30 years old

    Rodeo, CA
    Berwyn, IL

    Bassam Salman
    Abdallah Salman
    Hala Salman
    Ekpal Salman

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    • Nicole Chadwick says:

      Look up info on Abdallah Salman

      Name / Title Company / Classification Phones & Addresses
      Abdallah S. Salman RAFAT CORPORATION

      Found in Ohio.. searched Ohio Sec of State Business .. and this

      Entity Number 1061904
      Business Name RAFAT CORPORATION
      Status Active
      Original Filing Date 02/22/1999
      Expiry Date
      Location: CLEVELAND County: CUYAHOGA State:
      Agent / Registrant Information
      CLEVELAND,OH 441070000
      Effective Date: 02/22/1999
      Contact Status: Active
      Incorporator Information
      Filing Type Date of Filing Document Number/Image
      DOMESTIC ARTICLES/FOR PROFIT 02/22/1999 199905400752
      DOMESTIC/AMENDMENT TO ARTICLES 04/09/1999 199912000555
      Old Names

      Effective Date Old Name
      04/09/1999 AFAF PROPERTIES, INC.

      SEARCHED AFAF PROPERTIES and check it out…
      AFAF Properties LLC
      601 University Blvd Ste 206
      Jupiter, FL 33458
      9031 S US Hwy 1
      Port Saint Lucie 34952


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  17. True Colors says:



    Noor Salman – Fort Pierce, FL
    Company: Super save market – Richmond, CA     2009 to 2010

    Company: Kmart – Pinole, CA     2009 to 2010

    Company: Kalaydascope kids daycare     2006 to 2009
    My job was a teachers assistant

    School: Heald College     2004 to 2006
    Aa in medical

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  18. Centinel2012 says:

    Reblogged this on Centinel2012 and commented:

    Now if i were someone in the government and wanted to change the narrative i would find her and pay her to say that Omar was a nice guy but was picked on relentlessly for being a peaceful Muslim. It was so bad for him her in American that some radicals talked him into doing what he did.


  19. West Highlands says:

    Big red flags on first “wife” for sure. Where she came from, met “online”, married four months, scam alert or fiancé green card. Where have we heard that one before? Yeah, now she can claim he was violent and beat her. No domestic violence charges or calls to the home? Could there possibly be “another” reason why the marriage was so short? We are the ones being abused. Also, notice how quickly they pick up terms popular in American culture – bi-polar, met “online”, was depressed, blah, blah, blah.

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    • Tejas Rob says:

      She claims she came here from Uzbekistan when she was 11, I assume with her parents. I find that a little shady since she speaks with no accent.

      I find her story about him “not being religious” shady as well, he became a devout follower of Islam when he was 13 according to others, coworkers said he had a prayer mat and prayed towards Mecca five times daily.

      She also sounds a little radical herself, judging from this quote of hers… “In a 2014 Instagram post – Yusufiy described her feelings upon hearing that a case of Ebola had been diagnosed in the United States. She said she wasn’t surprised because “Americans want to swear they’re on another level of untouchable.” Yusufiy added, “Lol if only they knew it’s because their own government is destroying the world. But it’s only a matter of time before it all hits home.”

      The US government is destroying the world but it is only a matter of time before it all hits home”? Sounds like she knows something is coming.



    • Naomi Riches says:

      Sitora Yusufiy has a brother from NJ named Iraj Yusufuiy who is in the military and could be gay .Sitora’s fathers name is Alisher Mirzaev from Lawrenceville NJ owner of shady furniture stores. These Yusufiy kids could be in the country illegally.


  20. Polish Rifle says:

    Mateen’s home was located at 937 SW Bayshore Blvd. in Port St. Lucie, correct? http://oncore.stlucieclerk.com/oncorewebnew/showdetails.aspx?id=5052305&rn=8&pi=0&ref=search


    • Concerned says:

      I was just looking at that. Four people took out a $76,000 mortgage in 2013 for that property.

      “Borrower” is Omar Mateen joined by his wife Noor Salman, Seddique Mateen, a married adult and Mariam Seddique, a single adult

      So Omar, his second wife, his father, and his sister all joined together to take out a $76,000 mortgage. $76,000 is so small, I can’t imagine why all four would join together like that.


  21. Jean Alves says:

    Where did he work? G4S = Wackenhut .He was retained in spite of his abrasive behaviors per coworker that quit. Wackenhut has a company in Pakistan, among it’s vast holdings. Mateen’s father anti Pakistani over the Afghan border dispute. Wackenhut, a major government security contractor has had ex FBI and ex CIA heads on it’s board of directors. Lone shooter? Feed me another line.


  22. Nicole Chadwick says:

    Noor Salmon – Father?

    Abdallah S Salman ~61
    Rodeo, CA


    1032 Viewpoint Blvd, Rodeo, CA 94572
    (510) 799-0350
    784 Windward, Rodeo, CA 94572
    (510) 799-0628
    Richmond, CA

    Name / Title Company / Classification Phones & Addresses
    Abdallah S. Salman RAFAT CORPORATION

    There is a listing
    RAFAT CORPORATION is a business entity formed in Ohio and is a CORPORATION FOR PROFIT in accordance with local law. Its registration number is 1061904 and according to the registry, it is now Active.




    ABDALLAH S. SALMON Registered Agent

    ABDALLAH S. SALMAN Incorporator

    Regulatory regime
    Ohio Secretary of State

    Maybe something there.,..


  23. Concerned says:

    According to St Lucie County court records, in 2006 Omar petitioned to change his name from Omar Mir Seddique to Omar Mir Seddique Mateen. I wonder why he would do that. https://courtcasesearch.stlucieclerk.com/BenchmarkWebExternal/CourtCase.aspx/Details/1796265?digest=5OJDEWXLO6jBvN4sIwbhyQ

    And regarding the house at 937 SW Bayshore, Omar, sister Mariam, and father Seddique all purchased the home on Aug 30 2013. On Feb 18 2016 father Seddique was the first to quit-claim his stake in the home to Omar’s sister Sabrina Abasin and her husband Mustafa. Then on Mar 5 2016 both Omar and Mariam executed separate deeds to quit-claim their stake to Sabrina and Mustafa. So father Seddique was the first to offload, I wonder why?

    Aug 30 2013 (recorded Sep 11 2013)
    Omar Mateen, Mariam Seddique, and Seddique Mateen bought the property for $95k

    Aug 30 2013 (recorded Sep 11 2013)
    Omar Mateen, Noor Salman, Mariam Seddique, and Seddique Mateen took out a mortgage for the property for $76k (lender is Seacoast National Bank)

    Feb 18 2016 (recorded Apr 20 2016)
    Seddique Mateen quit-claimed the property to Sabrina Abasin and her husband Mustafa Abasin for $100 “considerations”

    Apr 5 2016 (recorded Apr 20 2016)
    Mariam Seddique quit-claimed the property to sister Sabrina Abasin and her husband Mustafa Abasin for $100 “considerations”

    Apr 5 2016 (recorded Apr 20 2016)
    Omar Matten quit-claimed the property to sister Sabrina Abasin and her husband Mustafa Abasin for $100 “considerations”

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  24. deqwik2 says:

    The FOX news reporter said he could see in the back of Mateen’s apartment & could see Disney toys & a helium filled Minion balloon still floating in apartment. That was around noon today. The reporter was speculating that a child was recently there because of the balloon that was still afloat.


  25. Concerned says:

    Intelius showed that Noor had lived in Berwyn IL at some point, so I checked Cook County court records and did find a case for a Noor Z Salman in 2010: https://w3.courtlink.lexisnexis.com/cookcounty/Finddock.asp?DocketKey=CABA0MB0BJGGHB0MD Looks like it was some credit-related case.

    Where did she meet Omar? Where did they marry?


  26. LULU says:

    In 2009, Mateen married Sitora Yusufiy, who has said in interviews that Mateen beat her severely. They separated about nine months later. A judge ruled in 2011 that their marriage was “irretrievably broken.”

    After he married a second time, his current wife, Noor Z. Salman, also left him to return to her childhood home in Rodeo, Calif., with their 3-year-old son, acquaintances said.

    Friends and co-workers gave conflicting reports about Mateen’s religiosity and personality. To some, he was extremely pious and serious. But others described him chasing girls, going to parties and drinking.

    “He was fun,” said Ryan Jones, 27, who said he often went out with Mateen.

    This long article, a patchwork put together rather inartfully by a number of reporters, has a lot of information on Mateen from those who knew him in his school days and during his time after that when he ended up with many different jobs at places like GNC, Chick Fil A, etc. He drifted.



  27. gunnyjim says:

    Keep 747’s warmed up on a runway and if you are even caught looking at the wrong sites and are pledging support for these animals then the FBI comes to your home with a team to escort you to a one way ride home with other wonderful folks who have been engaging in the same behavior, on the way you are given army surplus parachutes and are told to put them on, once over that area the door is opened and you are encouraged to exit the plane.


  28. Karen says:

    I wish posters could read and comprehend prior to making a post. He was a US citizen born in New York. His first marriage lasted around 3 to 4 months with no children and she was from Uzbecistan. I don’t know where the second wife was from; but, he has a three-year-old son by her and the FBI currently has her in custody and is questioning her about her involvement. She should be an accomplice because she went in the gun shop with him when he bought the guns and then she scouted out the areas with him in Orlando. Both families should be deported. Where is the second wife from?


  29. As to Noor Zahi Salman’s parents being from Afghanistan, it is now being reported that her parents are (late father was, mother is) actually PALESTINIAN, having come to America and settling in California in the 1970s from the city of RAMALLAH in the WEST BANK. You have to bear in mind that when the apartment in Fort Pierce, Florida was searched, a book entitled “Being Palestinian Makes Me Smile” was among the things found. Noor being of Palestinian parentage could explain their having such a book. Adding Palestinians to the mix would of course add yet another dimension to this whole matter!


  30. TimBuck2 says:

    Please keep the good research coming!


  31. How is it that no word or update has been reported on about her .. JUST LIKE SAN BERNADINO and the mother of the couple — who LIVED w/ in the bomb making apartment…WOW!


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