Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders Supporters Turn Violent in New Mexico…

Democrats turned violent in New Mexico tonight while protesting against a rally held by republican candidate Donald Trump.

Will the media demand Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders denounce their supporters who have turned violent?

Democrats Civility

new mexico 6

new mexico 7

New Mexico 1

New mexico 2

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144 Responses to Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders Supporters Turn Violent in New Mexico…

  1. wyntre says:

    “Will the media demand Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders denounce their supporters who have turned violent?”

    Of course not!

    Great clips, BTW.

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    • Clearly the anti-Trump violence is getting worse, as Hillary looks more and more to be the nominee. Therefore, we MUST presume that Hillary supporters are violent, that Hillary is encouraging violence, and that her violent rhetoric against Donald Trump is inciting violence.

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    • Garrison Hall says:

      Those idiots just can’t understand that their violent protest are the perfect backdrop for everything Trump is saying. Everytime they do something like this it just generates more new members into the conservative insurgency now being led by Donald Trump. I didn’t notice any Mexican flags in this crowd so I guess they forgot to bring them. Maybe next time the Trump campaign can purchase some Mexican flags and quietly pass them out to the crowd.

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      • Desert Transplant says:

        There were plenty of Mexican flags. We have a high number of illegals in Albuquerque. I have just watched local news in ABQ, where both the CBS and ABC affiliates have reported no use of pepper spray. CBS affiliate, KRQE gave the protests a few remarks. ABC KOAT did a better job of giving the protests more time, but both stations concentrating on the remarks Trump made about our illustrious Gov.

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      • TwoLaine says:

        No, there are plenty of Mexican flags there.

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      • Sherlock says:

        There were Mexican flags on TV, but only a few that I saw. Highlights of these riots would make a nice campaign commercial. “Hillary and her people want to end your right to speak, your right to hear a candidate who will look out for America’s interests first.
        This is how they want to do it. Help us stop them. Elect Trump and let’s Make America Great Again.”

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    • Suzy Kiprien says:

      A CNN guy was saying Trump supporters are violent, thus they should expect demonstrators to be violent also.

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      • StuckinCa says:

        CNN stands for C*ck No Nuts.


      • photozombies says:

        Sorry, I was there. No violence I saw by Trump supporters. We were having a good time. These people are deranged. Somewhere around 6k to 8k Trump supporters, well mannered and respectful and 500 outcasts breaking doors and throwing rocks and they are calling Trump supporters violent?

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  2. Mr. Haney says:

    How Nice.

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  3. rashamon says:

    Watch the mayhem at Milo Yannopoulos’ speech at DePaul U./Chgo. Last time BLM did this, Trump won the Illinois primary.


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    • JunieG says:

      It was appalling. I am called DePaul tomorrow to complain about how they would let agitators (were they even students?) seize the stage without police trying to keep order.

      Gay vs black…..

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    • wyntre says:

      Milo as fantastic, leading the 500 supporters to the college presidents’ office!

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      • rashamon says:

        That was really funny. He was trying to be patient, thinking that the police would come to clear out the agitators, but they didn’t show up and the security people HIRED by the GOP organizers and Breitbart wouldn’t budge.

        Meanwhile, he wanted to continue the exchange with those who had paid to see him, so he moved to the middle of the room, trying to take pictures with and talk to the audience. The agitators just took to loud, shrill whistles, so nobody could hear him and the sound was very uncomfortable. All of a sudden he wheels around, goes back to the stage and announces, “Hey, we going to be proactive. Let’s march to the president’s office.” And out the door they go.

        Priceless. Way to go, Milo!

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  4. hocuspocus13 says:



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  6. Martin says:

    Of course, the LSM are giving these animals the spotlight. Just continuing to fuel the flames.

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  7. wyntre says:

    Can you imagine how the police feel having to “protect” the presstitutes who lie and in their biased articles and cause the cops to be threatened?

    “Police push press back into empty convention center hall, not letting us outside.”

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  8. Newman says:

    This is only going to continually get worse until the police start using real force against these domestic terrorists and start cracking heads.

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    • I for one will be happy when they start unleashing on these punks. Send a couple to the hospital, sounds bad but it needs to be done at this point. Police should not behave like saints when their lives and the lives of others are being threatened by an unruly mob. Start kicking ass and they will think twice about doing it again. Also remove the ability to sue during a protest/riot situation. If you are warned to leave and you stay at that point all potential lawsuits should be null and void if you are injured.

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      • elena19501 says:

        eastcoastpatriot: Mob is now protected and encouraged by our Muslim and Whiff in the White House. Until we will get our man in the WH police told to stand down.


    • Timmy-the-Ute says:

      O for the days when they would sent in the dogs and cops could crack a dozen heads as a reward for doing overtime.

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    • Ruebacca says:

      The justice department is on the side of the protesters. The cops know this.

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    • Joe says:

      A “broken windows” policy would probably be best. That is there there are small penalties for small crimes, and it keeps people from escalating out of control when they see that there are immediate consequences.


  9. wyntre says:

    Pigs FLY!

    Fox’s Brett Baier is on with Stirewalt and they’re bashing HRC, Bernie and the Dims for their nomination chaos..

    Saying the NM protests help Trump.

    The worm has turned.

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  10. Artist says:

    Who’s the bully ????
    The police need to take a hint from the Israelis and use this Skunk Water on these violent dirtbags, most of whom couldn’t even form a complete sentence to tell you why they are creating mayhem!

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  11. photozombies says:

    Hi Ho, just back from the Trump rally in ABQ. It was a fun time. Here are some observations.
    The protesters here in ABQ are not a surprise. There is a fairly large contingency of tent city occupy wall street types.
    As usual, they are really foolish and I’d guess a certain number are paid.
    Protesters are smelly. Security took them out of the rally right beside our location and man – you can smell them coming.
    Inside the rally it was very nice, calm, and civil. Hispanics were probably 50% or more of the attendees inside the rally.
    Trump was great, crowd was great.

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  12. alliwantissometruth says:

    This is it people, this is what we’ve allowed to happen to our Republic. We’re taking the first tiny step at taking our country back & look what happens. Imagine the next 6 or so months

    Illegal aliens & their reconquista handlers rioting, waving Mexican flags & demanding an American presidential candidate stop his rally & go away. I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again, if you’re not sure we’re being invaded, try to stop it & see what happens

    Young leftist lemmings, the shock troops for the left, anarchists, rioting, attacking the police, shooting, burning, demanding a lawful rally be stopped. We’ve allowed generation after generation of these students to be brainwashed by the leftist monopoly in charge of our schools

    Gang banger thugs creating mayhem, just out for the chaos/fun of it all

    And with our police departments controlled by political operatives of the left, & our media comprised of globalist puppet talking heads, we’re in deep doo doo. I’d like to see how many of those rioting criminals were arrested. My guess is not many

    This is what decades of passivity & politically correct intimidation has done to our country. This is the Cultural Marxism agenda in full swing. This is what we’re leaving our children, the rubble of a once great Republic, left in the hands of violent rabble rousers, the puppets of the globalist elite

    This is going to take more than just a Trump in the White House, this is going to take every patriot American getting involved, removing the leftist disease that permeates every pore of our government & our institutions

    If we don’t vote out 80% of the politicians now in office, & if we don’t take back our schools, it’s over. These f***ers are ready for war, are we?

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    • NJF says:

      commentator earlier commented that incidents like tonight or the Milo incident, is the result of “a generation that was given ‘participation trophies’ all their life.”

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    • This is going to require more than Mr. Trump winning. We need to galvanize our legislatures, local,State and National with like minded “practical conservatives”. Time to step up and do your part. Get off your couch and walk the walk!

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      • Joe says:

        I am confident that Trump will publish a slate of good primary candidates for all positions from senator/govenor to dog catcher in 2018. He will have other people do most vetting of course, lots of work for all the slots. Then, we can get everyone together and vote for real change at all levels.

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    • In AZ says:

      The European Union has said it will not tolerate nationalists, populists and conservatives. Europe has fallen to totalitarian communism.
      I pray the Britain will vote Brexit.

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  13. lisaginnz says:

    Somehow I think when the MONEY dries up for the paid protestors and their leaders are ARRESTED, things might just calm down a bit… won’t happen until the lawless O regime is ousted though…. gonna be a rough ride until Trump takes the oath of office. #PresidentTrump #ASAP

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    • yakmaster2 says:

      Thanks for posting this. It’s about dang time legislators stood up to O’s blatantly biased law enforcement agencies!! It’s been glaringly obvious to so many people for so long, but our elected officials have been nothing but two-faced suck-ups, either cooperating with the Feds or too wussified of their own careers to publicly speak up against them.
      These lawless lefty “protests” happening around the country are prime examples of the deference given to precious them versus the hostile aggression shown to Finicum’s group and the Bundys.

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    • texasfence says:

      Outstanding read, usnveteran!

      Thanks for sharing!

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  14. nimrodman says:

    Fox doing live reporting, started at 10pm local time on The Five show

    Crowd still standing off against police, lots of Mexi flags

    Police line with face shields and batons, just standing

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  15. nimrodman says:

    Cop shining a bright flashlight while another is videotaping over his shoulder. Not sure if he’s just hitting peoples’ eyes with the bright light or illuminating for video.

    Guys in crowd playing anarchist with bandanas up over their faces.

    Face-shield cops also have gas masks on.

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  16. John Galt says:

    “big protest” looks like two dozen bums.

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  17. nimrodman says:

    Riot line of police with batons now advancing on the crowd. Bare-headed police also have their batons out and at the ready. Mounted police at the rear scanning back and forth visually.

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  18. NJ transplant says:

    The worst thing about these protests is that Trump will get blamed. Hillary and Bernie never get blamed for their followers.

    How did the NM governor know not to attend? It really makes you think. I hope she is off the VP list. Trump needs Jan Brewer.

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  19. nimrodman says:

    Cops pushing crowd down the street, some bandana guys are choosing to mix it up and taunt and are getting pepper sprayed

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  20. nimrodman says:

    Smoke canister or tear gas deployed, blowing back on the cops (wrong wind direction tactics, guys). Crowd is throwing fireworks at police.

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  21. Backspin says:

    3rd and Gold , crowd of 200 / growing ? — Pop – Smoke ….. enjoy dirtbags 🙂

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  22. nimrodman says:

    Cops are liberally pepper spraying some folks. Couple of baton smacks. One woman knocked to the ground. Stuff being thrown at cops.

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  23. wheatietoo says:

    These aholes are still at it.
    They’re still throwing rocks and banging their stupid drums.

    Throwing rocks at mounted police officers…that means their horses are getting hit with rocks too.

    These little basturds deserve to get a beat down.
    Then arrested.

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    • nimrodman says:

      yeah it does. I just noticed the horses have mylar eye shields, thankfully.

      word was just passed down the skirmish line, man to man, and the line is advancing again.

      smoke cannisters deployed and being thrown back at police, horses had to retreat. they’re at a 4-way intersection now and advancing thru.

      reporter comments on rocks thrown, he’s been hit once.

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      • nimrodman says:

        “yeah it does” was in reply to “that means their horses are getting hit with rocks too.”

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        • Margaret-Ann says:

          I know a trainer in El Paso who trains horses for the Ft Worth TX police .. impressive process. I think any protester getting within 3 feet of these amazing beasts, should be shot. Those rocks were huge. Reminds me of Cairo protesters in 2013. :\

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  24. inspiredbytrump says:

    Kansas City PD did a magnificent job managing the Trump rally protesters. Law enforcement shut the escalation down early and yes arrest were made. Of course, the police use of pepper spray had to be “reviewed”.


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    • Joe's Dad says:

      Why arrests are not made as soon as the law is broken at ALL of these rallies is beyond me. It has to be ordered from the top – orders from Barry, Soros & co. Absolute worst White House regime ever!

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  25. nimrodman says:

    mounted police doing some pepper spraying, but the one guy I saw didn’t look to be very conscious of wind direction, I hope he doesn’t spray his horse with blowback.

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  26. nimrodman says:

    Cops are fighting a losing battle with wind direction, they should have trucked 20 of them around to the rear to advance with smoke and pepper spray with the wind at their back.

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  27. maquignon says:

    Of course they won’t!!! They probably won’t even report it. They only denounce violence when they think it was committed by Republicans. If it is committed by Democrats AGAINST Republicans, that is perfectly ok with the news media. After all they are on the same team. The only people who are lower in the polls than politicians are “news people.” It is a joke to even call them news people.

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  28. inspiredbytrump says:

    I understand that this protest is serious for the Albuquerque PD and the horses. I have being saying prayers for them.
    Yet…I’m also having a deep gut laugh over the stupid comments/suggestions The Five are given…whoa, those signs look professional, maybe these are organized protesters, you think the PD can figure out who’s behind this type of organization, oh my there were Facebook pages set up calling for protest, Trump needs to have rallies daytime only…

    Sheesh! Where have they been last 8 months!

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  29. BigMamaTEA says:

    Anybody think Philadelphia is ready for the DemonRat Convention?

    There’s a FB page advertising Bernie supporters & Occupy for the Convention this summer:
    Look at their logo:

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    • lineabirgit says:

      it’s an obvious invite to the anarchists with the stylized Guy Fawkes mask (for those not familiar, the V for Vendeta author Alan Moore is an anarchist and that mask is now part of every May Day anti-capitalist protest and riot).

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      • They were selling those stupid masks at my local Barnes and Noble. Then they disappeared and were not replaced. I wonder if other people besides me complained or if they managed to sell the few they had and decided not to continue. I have to admit that drawing is clever, combining Bernie with Guy Fawkes. That convention is shaping up to be….interesting. I hope ours is not interesting as well. Seeing that dual letterhead with TRUMP and Reince Preibus was very comforting.

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      • StuckinCa says:

        Yikes it’s Col. Sanders Evil Twin Brother!

        Wait wait no, “Americas Chickens are coming home to fry! Kentucky style!”

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  30. nimrodman says:

    Jonathan Hunt pointing out rocks on the street that had been thrown, camera points down and shows chunks of concrete a bit larger than golf-ball size.

    Makes the point “what if they were to hit a policeman not wearing protective gear?

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  31. sysconfig says:

    The guy in Milos face was Edward Ward..a former homeless self appointed minister in the tradition of Al Sharpton. The Young lady with the excess roll of cellulite showing was complaining of Milos white man 200 year oppression..Milo asked her how she kept herself looking so young. The numerous Security guards were obviously cardboard props, and were totally useless during audible verbal and physical threats.


  32. nimrodman says:

    They keep playing the video clip of a gal with Pretty-Woman hooker boots and a portly Jack-Black looking guy getting liberally pepper sprayed and knocked down. They’re not happy campers tonight, you can bet on that. I’m talking “liberally-applied”.

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    • Sherlock says:

      Scroll up about 20 posts to BuckWeaver’s post–the video clip is there. She needs lessons in proper riot attire, for sure.

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    • BuckWeaver says:

      I saw the same incident filmed from a different angle on Twitter awhile ago. You should have heard the mouth of that ____, uh, not sure what to call her, as she screamed at the police. (Filthy trash comes to mind.)

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  33. The Devilbat says:

    I wonder how much George Soros paid them?

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    • Joe's Dad says:

      Soros is probably paying them just a little over minimum wage. These wastes are all about the limelight. It’s the social media ‘look at me! look at me!’ generation and their welfare-supported parents. So it really comes down to the media playing the ultimate scumbag role as they prop them up on the world stage – all in the name of trashing Donald Trump and his millions and millions of supporters. But these idiots are too stupid to realize that it has the exact opposite effect.

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  34. freddy says:

    Pretty backward of a police dept. Fire the gas into the wind…Duhhhh. That’s on page one of the manual. Then they were all engulfed in their own smoke. Lucky that was not Oakland or BLM guys cause there could be serious injuries. These were La Raza punks and dreamers out for fun. Here in CA. they play for real so better get ready like in LA and Oakland. We have hundreds of gangs and illegals here many criminals who love guns and violence…..


    • nimrodman says:

      yeah, they should have trucked about 20 riot-equipped police several blocks to the rear in a rear-flanking maneuver, then they could advance with the wind at their backs and actually deploy tear gas.

      I think all they deployed was smoke, otherwise they’d have tear-gassed their horses in the blowback.


  35. BuckWeaver says:

    Someone within Fox News must have told the hosts to knock off their criticism of the Albuquerque police. About an hour ago one of the women on the panel, I’m 90% sure it was Dana Perino, was criticizing them for being unprepared and for not handling the riot very well. It was a little sickening to hear the east coast elites criticizing a small, usually peaceful western city that was not manned for a situation like this. Then the next show comes on and the woman who I’ve never seen before is throwing out all kinds of praise for the ABQ police.

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  36. More PC NewSpeak. Calling the violence of those who support MEXICO, a FOREIGN COUNTRY and the bandits that come to USA illegally “protesting,” is another assault on TRUTH and twisting of language and WORDS. Seeing all their lying tweets as they call rioting and treason “protesting” from across the world is disheartening. Americans do not see it is part of an invasion. Soft invasion by MEXICO. Mexico, the land no one wants to live in. It is NOT the glorious land. No one is migrating THERE.

    Really it is a riot to quell the silent and obvious invasion by peoples of a foreign country who have been led to believe they have a claim; and the globalists in USA to hide the fact they are upset that their private invasion has been exposed and they’re pissed off about it as they watch their invasion being STOPPED by Trump and Americans who have woken up to hearing the door being unlocked by a slim Jim!


    Build the wall and deport the illegals! Stop waiving the Mexican flag on American soil, it is disgusting even to those in other countries as we watch from around the world on the news. If you want to know the truth about it people are saying very bad things about it and their Mexican cause. Everyone says “Go waive Mexican flag in MEXICO!”

    THIS is the only flag to waive on American soil

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  37. RINOKiller says:

    Unleash the angry camels!


  38. Jason Ross says:

    Get so tired of banner headlines calling these attacks ‘Trump protests’

    It makes me livid. If Trump was not on stage, these agitators would be still be roaming the streets on a nightly basis, all over the downtowns of American cities, while the rest of us are asleep before the next work day.

    His event just give these people a point to gather and display their racist Mexican flag-waving agenda. New Mexico was invaded long before Trump took the podium. Hopefully he will deal with this invasion in short order.

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  39. StuckinCa says:

    ABC 11 oclock new just covered the NM occupiers. “Anti Trump”, no mention of Sanders Hillary affiliation. No slams of Trump or supporters though either. Stated Hillary won but Bernie already nabbed 70-odd delegates, hillary only 27ish. The b*tch got a taste of her own medicine. Of course it wraps with shot of glowing Hillary and her supporters on stage.

    The wife is worried. I always tell her to drop the LSM news. Old habits hard to break.

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  40. redsequin4 says:

    This is what 50 years of uncontrolled illegal immigration has gotten us. I bet many of those protesters were illegals or anchor babies. Waving the Mexican flag and using the Aztlan symbol is not endearing and nothing Americans want to see. In a perverse way they help Trump because it exposes how vicious the far left has become. This is the Democrat party, these are Hilary and Bernie supporters. It strengthens Trump’s message that we need to control our borders and build a wall.

    Trump should use the clips from the riot as a TV ad, it’s a perfect way to show America how far down the rabbit hole our country has gone..

    I felt sorry for the police, I personally think they were ordered to make few if any arrests, why else would they just stand there and take it, even the horses had things thrown at them.

    I did love Donald’s rally, he was on fire tonight. It was good to see him in such fine form. My favorite is calling Warren Pocahontas, that’s hilarious.

    Also did anyone catch BLM shutting down Milo’s appearance at DePaul? The worst was the spineless security guards who just stood there and wouldn’t arrest or remove the BLM nuts from the stage. The whole thing was crazy but very much related to the breakdown that’s happening in our country. We need Trump more than ever!!

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  41. SkyPhoenix says:

    First-time commenter here, although my husband and I have been faithfully reading CTH every night for months and loving it. Attended the Albuquerque rally tonight; it was wonderful. Very inspiring!

    It was very calm outside when we entered the building at 4 pm. After the rally, however, thousands of us headed for the main exit but we got jammed up in the lobby and didn’t know why we weren’t moving any more. We were all crammed into the lobby shoulder to shoulder. Finally we learned that the police had put the metal barriers against the front doors on the outside, but we didn’t know why. No one announced to us what was going on or redirected us to different exits. We didn’t move for about 30 min and still couldn’t see outside. Several people learned from their smartphones what was going on outside. (The battery on mine had died.)

    We had to go upstairs on a narrow escalator to a long hallway that led to the exit to the parking garage on a different side of the building. The hallway had high windows that overlooked the violence, three stories up from street level outside. For the first time, we could actually see what was going on outside. Many of us had our faces right up to the windows so that we could see out. There was a loud noise and the sound of breaking glass just in front of us. A bullet shot from outside left a round hole in the thick glass. Someone shouted, ” Get away from the glass!” Then we heard the “tink, tink, tink” of rocks hitting the glass. None of us were hurt but it shook us up a bit.

    We got to our cars with no further incidents, but as we drove away we saw a lot of traffic heading toward the protest site – loud people in low-riders attracted to the violence, probably because of the news coverage.

    I’m still glad that we attended the rally in spite of a few tense moments on the way out. What energy and patriotism we experienced inside, with people of all races and ages, united in love for our country. We will not let these people tear our country apart! MAGA!

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  42. Howie says:

    “May we never confuse honest dissent with disloyal subversion.”…..Ike

    This is not protesting. These are subversives.

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  43. They could at least TASE someone I mean my GOD. This is ridiculous, it can’t stand.


  44. “Anti-Trump thugs shout ‘Viva Mexico’ while burning American flag”


    There’s a lot of nice countries, beautiful like ITALY and IRELAND; but MEXICO is not one of them. In any case their flag belongs in MEXICO not waived in United States.

    These rioters and traitors should be arrested and the illegal ones DEPORTED.

    Keep showing the footage, it’s a great ad to VOTE TRUMP and a good reminder of the Mexican soft invasion that’s been in process for at least 3 decades.

    BTW if you’re born in America YOU’RE NOT MEXICAN, you’re American. And there’s no such thing as a “Mexican-American” unless you hold dual PASSPORTS.

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  45. Every time these leftist scum do this stuff that wall gets ten feet higher … I’ve had Hamsters that were more intelligent !!!😎

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