Ratings Flop – Megyn Kelly Broadcast Show, Trump Interview, Few Viewers and Last Place…

Apparently the broadcast premier of Megyn Kelly, containing the interview with Donald Trump, was a major flop gathering only 4.7 Million viewers and coming in last place amid 8:00pm broadcast TV watchers.  –Article Here

megyn Kelly bookThis is probably no surprise to those who have followed the slow downward spiral of Fox News, and specifically Megyn Kelly, since the news executives made the business decision to oppose candidate Donald Trump.

It was not an altruistic endeavor when Megyn Kelly walked into Trump Tower last month and requested the interview.

Kelly and Trump had been locked in a battle since August of 2015, a full eight months (<—remember that number).  Her visit was only two days after the public information came out of Fox News poor financial results, and Rupert Murdoch’s severe loss in capital amid all his various enterprises.

One of the Murdoch holdings to take a hit was Harper Collins Books.  Harper Collins is the entity who gave Kelly a massive advance of $10 million for her exclusive book (pictured above left).  Yeah, the virus of failure was headed toward the executives of Harper Collins and they needed something to calm their nerves, toot sweet.

With Fox stock dropping precipitously, and with Harper Collins on the hook for a significant sum, and with Megyn Kelly’s ratings loss in the key demo (25-54), Kelly walked into Trump Tower because she had to, not because she wanted to.   Two days later another public media report showed just how badly Fox News was being beaten by their competitor CNN.

[…]  CNN ranked #1 in cable news in prime time in April. CNN beat Fox News for the fifth time in the last eight months in M-Su prime time (four of the past eight in M-F prime) among adults 25-54.  The last time CNN had this many prime time wins in an eight-month period versus Fox News was over 14 years ago (Nov. 2001). LINK

Personally, I hadn’t watched Fox News for months because the transparency of the motives behind their broadcasts just became too much, and far too annoying.   The snide and too-cute-by-half schtick from the constant anti-Trump punditry was just, well, ridiculous.   However, I did tune in yesterday and today to a couple of shows just to see what was going on…. to see the tone.

Good grief, Brett Baier is a mess.  Has anyone seen a more depressed look on the face of a anchor/pundit?  It looks like he’s being force fed nails.  There is something toxic appearing on the faces of much of the punditry.

We saw it coming a while ago.  But boy-o-boy, is it visible now.

Trump has won.

Roger Ailes is sick, and probably won’t be around much longer – which portends not good for Megyn Kelly personally.   It wouldn’t surprise me if sympathy wasn’t the key decision factor that tilted Trump toward doing the Kelly interview. Murdoch and his boy’s politics are all over the forced faces of the pundits.

It’s a free-fall, and they probably cannot even see it themselves – because if they could they would never let the viewers notice it – and it is easily transparent.

Ailes Should have known better.

roger-ailestrump media wall

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471 Responses to Ratings Flop – Megyn Kelly Broadcast Show, Trump Interview, Few Viewers and Last Place…

  1. Centinel2012 says:

    Reblogged this on Centinel2012 and commented:

    As the old saying goes you must sleep in the bed that you made.

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  2. I am beyond thrilled that her show & this interview have failed spectacularly. I am a Loyal Trump supporter & have made sure to NEVER watch her show, nor did I watch her little victim play acting in this new interview. She is not someone I respect or desire to hear from when it comes to Trump or anything really. I hope her show is cancelled and she leaves Fox, they can give Lou Dobbs her slot on Fox News, then I will return to watching them at 9pm. Hannity is fine and so is Eric Bolling, but everyone else should be working at CNN or MSDNC. Greta is okay too.

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    • I stopped recording Kelly months ago when her program became a total and complete Trump hating machine. In her place I found a breath of fresh air in Mr. Lou Dobbs on the Fox Business Network. It was like I died and went to heaven. Dobbs needs to be on the Fox News Channel to give him the ratings and Fox the balance it has lost during this election season.

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    • Honestly Mika and Joe have been the most even handed with all the candidates this season, people said they had Trump bias, however Mika acknowledges her Hillary bias and IMHO she was thorough and hard in her analysis of quite a few of Hillary’s shortcomings.


    • Gerald says:

      I agree i haven’t watched 1 second of her show since the first debate, her first question was bullshit period. Just showed us all how much she hated Trump, her question had nothing to do with the debate. Where was she and the rest of the reporters when obama was running with these questions? I won’t watch fox again until megan is gone.


    • Don’t forget Judge Jeanine Pirro and even Jesse Waters. They both are very fair to Trump. But Dobbs is the best and makes no bones about his support for Trump. He must have renewed his contract with Fox last year.


  3. Citizen Kane says:

    Turn all the big news networks off; tune into OANN. A family owned and run cable news. News the way it should be.

    We owe OAN our loyalty; they were covering ALL of the Trump events, early on in the primary process. Live and in total without commercial breaks.

    A great news channel to watch…all day long

    Support OAN.

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    • Angry Dumbo says:

      Always loved OAN, glad I am not alone. I would love to see more advertisers and I would really LOVE to support them. OAN gives me news, no chaser. I respect their bare bones approach to news which reminds me of how news used to be delivered.


    • ladypenquin says:

      How do I find OAN?


    • I tuned in once…..within a few moments I shut them off forever. It didn’t take long and they were claiming Cruz from Canada was eligible. smh

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      • thurmrob says:

        That is exactly what I noticed. They were trying to be professional looking and came off looking stilted and biased. Didn’t work for me either. Infowars seems okay if you can get past Alex the non-stop never saw a conspiracy I didn’t like intel this intel that. The other guy is really good.


        • skifflegirl says:

          Unless you are listening to what other people claim about Alex Jones, I don’t see how you can say that about him. InfoWars is not fringe and the reporting is proven accurate over and over again. I don’t agree with all of Alex’s assessments, but his site is followed by many mainstream names, Trump being one of them.

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          • thurmrob says:

            I didn’t mean to come off that way but he tends to go on and on. I like him and the reporting is good but sometimes he just doesn’t let the guests talk. I think it might have to do with radio and filling in dead space makes him do that. He even admits he tends to rant. 🙂

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            • skifflegirl says:

              Oh I totally agree! Alex knows he rattles on too much and tries to rein it in, but he does talk over guests. I think of Alex Jones as just a super intelligent guy who is so far ahead in concepts and thought process that he gets impatient waiting for the rest of us to catch up. He’s the model for how to run a news gathering and dissemination operation. He has no overlords and sells his own products to finance his media empire. It is very impressive what he has done over the decades. I don’t agree with everything he says but then I don’t run in the same powerful circles he does. So maybe he knows more than me! 🙂

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      • Citizen Kane says:

        What time did you watch? In the evening there is one show that is news commentary…otherwise it is straight news and they don’t pitch for Cruz.

        They have been very pro Trump in their coverage.


    • steve says:

      infowars.com We Are The Resistance!!

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      • skifflegirl says:

        Alex Jones is so maligned and people dismiss him out of hand because of what they’ve HEARD others say about him. He is a patriot and not a conspiracy theorist. Alex was fighting the globalists long before the 2016 presidential race. Glad to know you’re out there, steve!


  4. Tonawanda says:

    I had not read this thread when I commented in another thread that the folks on MSNBC looked devastated, like they were at the funeral of a long time beloved friend.

    And in a way they were.

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  5. charon perry says:

    I haven’t watched her since the 1st debate. She was so unprofessional when she attacked with her 1st question and has been biased and obsessed with the subject ever since

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    • Angry Dumbo says:

      Same date here, first debate was the end of the line. Much like Candy Crowley at CNN in the 2nd Presidential debate. Once it is clear that the reporter IS the news, why watch. My time is better spent online.

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  6. Tryntame says:

    She’s disgusting… I would always change the station after O’Reilly went off.


  7. Virginia Fay says:

    I am thrilled to see that Megyn’s interview with Trump flopped. She deserves it. I did not watch it on purpose, but I saw the small clips prior to the show. Her soft facial expressions towards him were phony and transparent. I hope she gets fired from Fox, and I’m happy that FOX is suffering lower ratings since they decided to wage war on Trump last year. They made a HUGE mistake. Trump will without doubt become our next President, with or without Fox’s support. And as far as all the Fox anti-Trump pundits and anchors, they should be ashamed of themselves. Are they SO worried about losing their jobs if they support him? Pathetic. I don’t watch Bret Baier anymore, or Megyn, or Chris Wallace, or Shepard Smith, Greg Gutfield. And the pundit list against Trump is endless (they all want their contracts re-newed).

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  8. adombom says:

    Megyn Kelly commenting today on Fox, thanking viewers saying it was the second most watched show on a Tuesday in 2016….Putting lipstick on a pig?

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  9. faridrushdi says:

    I was watching Kelly with my 10-year-old son last night when she said, “Millions watched last night; our show had the second-highest ratings on a Tuesday through all of 2016!”. My son said, “Is she kidding, dad? That sounds like a snowflake award from school, you know, ‘You won this award for being the 5th fastest girl on the field that is left handed and with blonde hair!'”
    The hardest part of watching Kelly for me is that she keeps saying that “None of this is about me” while at the same moment making everything about her.

    I thought I was the only one who stopped watching Fox after that debate last August. But Fox’s numbers are looking bad, especially among the 25-54 demographic. The only good news for Fox is that their competition down the dial didn’t try to make their shows more down-the-middle which would have attracted all of us dissected Fox watchers. Alas, they went right back to supporting Hillary Clinton and their numbers will start to slide again.

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    • uvaldegirl says:

      It is a huge opportunity for CNN to go truly middle of the aisle, but I don’t think they can do it. They don’t see there bias as bias.


  10. Blondie Jeff says:

    Put Greta back in Kelly’s spot or put Hannity back at the prime spot . Love both of them but I am sick of Kelly whining all the time . Kelly use to be my favorite but not anymore.


  11. Gomez Cooley says:



  12. ZZZ says:

    Do you think they finally understand that without THE PEOPLE they have no one to entertain, hence no one watching, hence ratings that are non-existent.

    All it took for we bedraggled people was a VOICE…he is us…they trashed him…they trashed us…he spoke up…we spoke up…thank you Donald Trump!

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  13. shipley130 says:

    I won’t ever watch her again.


  14. jparz says:

    Get the fork…Kelly is “DUN!” Bye, bye…


    • Ed hill says:

      Well at least at FOX News she is. I bet FOX News ratings continue to slide. Ailes could have made a grave miscalculation. Kelly will probably end up doing some talk show like the view. Or she could end up on CNN! LOL


  15. singingsoul says:

    Today Michael Savage is on a tirade against Trump


  16. Deb says:

    People hate being manipulated. They can sense manipulation even when they don’t quite know what the purpose is. Fox let their attempt at manipulation become a little too obvious, lol.


  17. Ed hill says:

    I simply do not watch her show anymore. The disdain for Trump was so obvious. Hannity is the only worthwhile show on FOX News now! Trump knew exactly what he was doing when he refused to do the FOX debate. That is why I want him as our president!


  18. NCPatrick says:

    Don’t you ask yourself sometime why Megyn decided to go for the “kill shot” on that debate? First question of the first highly anticipated debate, and she had bragged that there would be some bombshells dropped .. so she dropped her unexpected “bombshells” and she will pay the price for that for the rest of her career I suspect. Stupid bimbo actually thought she could do it.

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  19. skifflegirl says:

    Not just Bret Baier but Neil Cavuto has not smiled in months. Very glum these days. I used to enjoy watching him because he was engaging and good humored but he is not liking Trump’ s ascendancy to the nomination and it shows.

    I did watch the Megyn Kelly Presents show – not only for Trump (and to see what happened) but also to see what Robert Shapiro had to say after all these years.

    Come to find out at the end of the show, it was all one big infomercial for Kelly’s new book! I’ve never seen a primetime tv show where the epilogue was all about the interviewer and what she has for sale. It was a first, at least in my memory. Astounding.


  20. rsanchez1990 says:

    This is how much people don’t like Megyn Kelly. I guess Trump gets Kelly off his back out of it, but I don’t really see a win for anyone involved. What a waste…


  21. Iampatrickhenry says:

    And Trump ought to know himself that he isn’t infallible, when Americans say they’re sick to death of Fox News and their crap and Megan madcow and her crap – Trump should know that he’s not going to just go show up on their show and instantly revive their ratings. We are pissed at them we are pissed at the system and even Donald Trump isn’t going to change that.

    now go kick their ass in november, Trump!


    • Palmer Eldritch says:

      I think Trump achieved what he wanted which was to appear softer to women viewers and amiable to the woman he had ongoing contention with.

      Kelly thought she would have stellar ratings but people have not forgotten her unprofessional & biased attitude.

      Trump comes out on top as he can put this nonsense to bed. Kelly’s career will never hit the heights she dreams of as all who tangle with Trump are ruined because we don’t forget!!!


  22. Sandy says:

    I quit Fox the minute they bashed Trump.


  23. obeara says:

    Kelly’s first question to Donald Trump in the first debate wiped her out of existence for me. Trump’s response was excellent, beyond expectations I had considering he was new at debating, if you can call this debating, so it was a big win for Trump, in my opinion, but for Kelly it was the end of the line.


  24. Fox also had some bad news last week with their ex-CNN reporter, Ed Henry, who covers the Clinton campaign for the network. He’s on leave from the network for having an affair with a woman who is not his wife. Apparently Ed likes to be on more than one “fox”. Of course, there was no mention of the issue on the esteemed fair and balanced network. Karma is a bitch!


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