Governor Pensive – Indiana Governor Mike Pence Gives Fence-Straddle Endorsement…

Indiana Governor Mike Pence was under tremendous pressure from the Moonbats, barking spiders, and ju-ju bone throwers within what’s left of the #NeverTrump movement.  Examples: HERE (Erick Erickson) – and also HERE (Little Ben)

In addition, Governor Pence was fielding calls from the professionally republican DC based consultant committees on behalf of those desperate voices who are professionally republican and addicted to financially driven graft and scheme.

While stuck between a Rove and a Hard Face, Governor Pence needed to choose between which faction would do less damage to his political career.  If Pence didn’t support the moonbat’s choice the ire of the hashtag community and screaming radio hosts would ensue.

So I’ll shut up now, and you can just hear –in his own words– what he did:

And if you remember what we predicted last night, you’ll get a giggle out of this:

mark levin tweet

“Powerful Endorsement” ?

Watch again:


When the sum total of your remaining influence is reduced to calling that a “powerful endorsement“, well, suffice to say the needle on the well-rusted career credibility meter just fell off.




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298 Responses to Governor Pensive – Indiana Governor Mike Pence Gives Fence-Straddle Endorsement…

  1. Beenthere says:

    I’m not from Indiana. Yet, I know that Indianans are such nice people. I bet they probably go out of their way to not to insult anyone just like what Mike Pence did in his little endorsement speech. I bet that little speech was Indiana-speak for “Vote for Trump who knows our economic plight real well & will fix it.”

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  2. Apfelcobbler says:

    Carly on the Cruz “ticket” was a brilliant move for Trump in California although the CruzBush team intended otherwise. Tech moguls know she’s a WorldClass business failure. But they also know she’s a dependable Fed spigot/corporate asset inflation die hard. So they’re all in for her. The tech workers are another story.

    This is almost never discussed in Silicon Valley press. After being let go/replaced it is extremely hard to find a new job. If you’re above 35 you will not even get an interview in high tech. And these people cannot talk about it for fear of being seen as a malcontent. This has been going on for a decade, but lately the leftist moguls are working overtime to instill a climate of SJW intimidation in the workplace. It’s a toxic environment. About 2 months ago I knew people inclined toward Trump but were not confident enough on his H1B stance. Most consider themselves socially liberal Republicans (or libertarians) but are sick of the feminist and SJW loonies.

    By teaming with Carly, Cruz signals he is for moguls and not for workers. Thanks for the clarification Ted!

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  3. No Time says:

    Pence is an awkward shadow of our last governor. Unlike Mitch Daniels, Pence is not highly thought of here. The endorsement could hurt a lot more than help. lololol

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  4. TexasRanger says:

    Nobody Shows Up for Ted Cruz Rally in Indiana – Local News Destroys El Rato – Cruz

    Ted Cruz Grand Wayne Center Summit City Fort Wayne, Indiana.

    Go Vote Trump 2016

    News Channel 15 WANE TV Video Apr-29-2016:

    Lyin Ted

    Vote Trump 2016 Help Make America Great Again.!

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  5. oldschool64 says:


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  6. Bert Darrell says:

    Gov. Pence reminded me of a very popular and accurate saying: politicians are all talk and no action. By the way, how can we be sure that he will actually vote for Lyin’ Ted?

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  7. Jenny R. says:

    I’m from close to IN; Pence is on thin ice with the people there (most of them, the ones that vote). He’s been very un-awe inspiring, to put it lightly. His pits were probably stinking to high heaven while he was saying that. He relies heavily on the establishment, but that is now a souring proposition. He has nobody but himself to blame (ala the Carrier situation); he’s really just drafted off Daniels this entire time.
    If Cruz does manage to pull it off, one can almost assure that it will be due to shenanigans….for which Pence knows he will take some blame.
    That’s too bad that he feels such pressure. s/

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  8. Plain Jane says:

    I’ve been a Hoosier for the last 65 and a half years. The “Proud Union Home” sign folks have put out “Fire Pence” signs for at least a year now. Pence said we don’t have Common Core, but we do…all I have to do is look at my grandsons’ schoolwork and Common Core is printed all over it.

    Part of me dislikes Pence, all of me wants to keep Pence as Governor. The entire Northwest of the state is a replica of Chicago. Indy is so, so entrenched with RINOs, I believe Pence is between a rock and a hard place. (I do love how Sundance used Hardface. 🙂 )

    Pence’s name has been floated as potential Prez a few times now. He’s young enough. He has to keep a foot on both the anti-e and the GOPe bus. That’s tricky, because as those buses get further apart, he could severely strain his man bits.

    I think it might be better that he endorsed Cruz rather than Donald. We are an open primary state, and the whole Northwest Indiana is big union, Chicago style Democrat. Hopefully Donald will pick up the Dem vote here, so crossover would be easy; however Union Dems and Blacks here are notorious for being afraid to declare R even if their hearts are with an R candidate. So, I pray for God’s will be done.

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    • Michelle says:

      Thanks for the great insight!

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    • JSBachLover says:

      Very interesting. I grew up in NW IN. I’ m picturing exactly what you’re saying. In the voting booth let’s hope a lot of those Dems vote Trump.

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      • ray says:

        Me also: Valparaiso, home of Orville Redenbacher (Popcorn) and Strongbow Turkey Inn.

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        • proudcsascionsc says:

          Hey, I lived in Valpo, for 4 years, in the white house,(!) on the corner of Chicago and… can’t remember the name of the big street! Catty-corner from the catholic school parking lot/playground, just up from the boys/girls club! The parade totally blocked me in! People all over the yard! “Hey! Get off my lawn!” lol Probably saw you at the Big Wheel; it still there?


          • Plain Jane says:

            St. Paul’s. Harrison St. 🙂


            • proudcsascionsc says:

              Hi, Jane Don’t remember a Harrison St., but remembered the other street was Campbell. I was on the corner, which was a four way stop, right at the bottom of the hill. We had a fire hydrant, with a pole for measuring snow; first one of those i had ever noticed!


    • Joe says:

      Trump is basically offering to kick out the illegal aliens and open up the jobs for poor black peope particularly, so this time could be different. Many folks who live in the ghetto would love to enter the job market through an entry level job that is usually taken by illegal aliens. Just something I heard.


  9. Im so disappointed in my Gov. I like Pence.. he is a good man but this was yet another stupid move.
    Basically my Gov is saying he is voting for the guy who cant win without ignoring the will of millions and millions of voters.
    We have a couple billion in surplus, our State House is overwhelmingly Republican. Our last Governor was probably the best Governor on the planet and set Pence up nicely. To throw that away by not voting for him makes me ill. But what do you do when you just know Pence got a call from ‘Club for Growth’ and did what he was told.
    He is probably going to lose… not just over this but it may be the proverbial straw.

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  10. Dash says:

    Trump is obviously going to be the nominee, and soon president. I think act z supporters need to believe every option was taken before they vote Trump. Tuesday will be a resounding victory for Trump and they will board the Trump train.

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  11. benY says:

    None of this makes sense, except that the Cruzers are so slimy.
    Cruz picks Snarly for VP.
    Pence gives hat tip to Cruz.
    Absurd poll, no one with a brain could believe.

    If the RNC has rigged the voting count, then what would the Headlines be:

    “Cruz masterfully picks great VP and gets Pence endorsement which gives him landslide win in IN”.
    Even though it is not a lose situation for Trump, I hope his campaign is monitoring closely

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    • grannysue says:

      Cruz stole Wisconsin he didn’t win it on the up and up. Trump was ahead for weeks then Fox news started putting out the false narrative that Cruz was polling way ahead of Trump. The only way to steal an election is to skew the polling to make it seem possible.


      • Lakshmi Ma says:

        Exactly! Well said. Thanks for posting that. They switched the poll numbers. They gave Trumps numbers to Cruz and Cruz’s numbers to Trump of terms of votes.


  12. Dash says:

    Indiana native here. It is clear now that Trump will be the nominee and soon the president. My guess is that Cruz supporters need to believe that every option was taken. After Trump wins Indiana most will join the Trump train.

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  13. Joan Sands says:

    Pence really didn’t endorse Cruz. He just said he will vote for him. He should have kept his mouth shut. He is a pussy.

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  14. Maggiemoowho says:

    The poll (Mike Downs Center) that put Cruz ahead of Trump only surveyed 400 likely voters. That isn’t very many people.

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  15. adombom says:

    Pence was probably threatened with excommunication from the club.


  16. Joe says:

    First, he completely caves on the religious freedom bill. Then he alienates the one group of people in the Republican party who may have been able to overlook it, the socially liberal Trump supporters(not all Trump supporters). He has shown himself as trying to straddle every issue, and will pay dearly in the next primary battle. Trump people will remember this endorsement, and Cruz/establishment people will blame the lameness of the endorsement for the loss of Indiana. He has no friends now, a cautionary tale for those who refuse to take a stand.


  17. We Love The Treehouse says:

    I personally feel that he is endorsing Trump but he’s being FORCED to endorse Cruz for the political powers that be


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