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Twitter Caught Shadowbanning Candidate Donald Trump To Block Distribution of THIS Video:…

Once again the act of Twitter Shadow-Banning has surfaced, only this time it is against U.S. Presidential Candidate Donald Trump.  Breitbart has the story HERE Here’s the video message Twitter is blocking: As you digest the reality of a social … Continue reading

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The Grandest Usurpation – President Obama and Angela Merkel Talk Trade and Immigration…

Several years ago we first began pointing to the presidential election of 2016 as a grandly constructed enterprise of financial global entities.  Toward that end point we began to outline the strategic global players who were spending tens of millions lobbying congress … Continue reading

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Stunning Video Examines Scope of Illegal Alien Influx to U.S….

A video production by an American Worker group looks closely at the statistics behind lax border security and illegal alien migration in the U.S.  “No Documents Needed“:

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Rhode Island Poll: 90% of Female Voters Reject Senator Ted Cruz…

For the past several weeks Senator Ted Cruz has been running a presidential campaign based on a strategy to ‘win despite the voters’.  The latest Brown University poll (full pdf below) of Rhode Island voters highlights why. The Brown U Poll shows … Continue reading

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Chris Wallace Interviews Paul Manafort – Fox News Sunday (Video)…

Donald Trump’s newly appointed Convention Manager Paul Manafort joins Chris Wallace to discuss the campaign strategy to get 1,237 delegates before the Cleveland convention:

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Donald Trump Rally, Hagerstown Maryland – 4:00pm Live Stream…

Candidate Donald Trump is holding a rally in Hagerstown Maryland today at the Rider Jet Center. The event is scheduled to begin at 4:00pm EDT: Live Stream Link – Alternate Live Stream #1 – Alternate Live Stream #2

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Kentucky GOP Party Insiders Send Mitch McConnell To Convention as Delegate…

(Via Kentucky.com) […] Kentucky Republicans selected 25 delegates to the national convention on Saturday, and McConnell was one of them. He urged delegates not to give Obama a third term by electing Hillary Clinton. But McConnell would not say who … Continue reading

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