Ted Cruz Obfuscates Extramarital Affairs Blames Trump For National Enquirer Story – Update Trump Responds…

NOTE: Headline earlier changed because it was pointed out correctly, Senator Ted Cruz does not actually/technically deny the allegations. Instead Cruz is attacking the story of them: “the attacks are garbage”, “the smears are false”, etc.  In essence, professional lawyer speak.

Yesterday the National Enquirer published an article claiming Senator Ted Cruz had multiple extramarital affairs. – Full Back Story Here – The leading hashtag on Twitter today is #CruzSexScandal.  Apparently the story was also briefly discussed on CNN.

Today Senator Ted Cruz obfuscated the scurrilous claims and strangely blamed Donald Trump for the story. Senator Cruz took to Facebook with a post about the National Enquirer story:

cruz lusted 2

ted cruz denial

Cruz also discussed the controversy in a press conference:

There is absolutely no evidence that Donald Trump had anything to do with the National Enquirer story.   Quite the opposite is only common sense.

Factually, given the logistics of a print media publication, the story was being presented by the National Enquirer long before a pro-Ted Cruz Super-PAC began the most recent series of attacks by targeting Mr. Trump’s wife, Melania.

update-1Mr. Trump similarly responded via Facebook:

trump response cruz affair

In addition, as previously shared, all of the original people who were discussing the sexual affairs back in February and March – appeared to be Marco Rubio supporters.

As the origination of the story is told, it was pro-Cruz media company owners and content editors who refused to present the story; that’s probably how and why the story made its way to the tabloid press.

cruz tabloidcruz cheated

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1,364 Responses to Ted Cruz Obfuscates Extramarital Affairs Blames Trump For National Enquirer Story – Update Trump Responds…

  1. libnot says:

    Do you think that the National Enquirer would have printed this without the story going through layers upon layers of attorneys? If they had/have no proof, they would open themselves up to many a lawsuit. Just look at the Hulk Hogan verdict last week. I haven’t heard once that Ted was going to sue, or any of the supposed women involved were going to sue. If he/they are not guilty, then I think the NE wouldve been sued today. No? Ted is supposedly one of the brightest attorneys around. I mean, jeez, one of his teachers was Dershowitz and he always raves about him. Wouldnt he go for some sort of injunction or at least go to federal court to get the issue pulled from the newsstand if this were not true? I’m just asking thats all.

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  2. could not resist—-been thinking about Good Friday and the trail of Cruz stuff cluttereing the day—there is no shame for his campaign—-this seemed fitting when I saw it—

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    • Cee says:

      “LyingTed blames @realDonaldTrump for so many things I am starting to think he is having a mental health crisis.”

      Mr. Trump is correct! Cruz is hanging on to the knot at the end of his rope. He is desperate and he will try to take advantage of the dishonest media to hide his affairs. His character has become so weak and debased, so craven.

      Sundance has revealed that the GOPe have declared themselves unfit to manage their own affairs because they have placed the R party in the hands of sinister men, who have plotted to enslave us by wars, by “directives”. The power that the voters delegated to them has turned them into a club of tyrants. In the name of the American people, we will not be captive to the R party elites, the Uniparty or the dishonest media,

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  3. The Other Jim says:

    Heid is all in with Ted, even if it means the price of her soul. All that just for a chance to live in the White House. I remember Elliot Spitzer’s press conference where, wife standing beside, looking very forlorn, Spitzer proclaimed his love for his wife even though he had spent $1000.00’s on prostitutes. Anthony Weiner and his wife Huma Abedin also stood by each other in a bizarre press conference when he was caught exposing himself.

    I wonder if these wives standing by their lecherous husbands when caught is merely part of the deal when they marry them? They knowingly accept that in order to gain access to wealth, power, fame, and prestige there’s always a price to be paid and if that price happens to be the husband breaking his marriage oath, oh well. So be it. From their bizarre perspective gaining access to the cocktail parties around the beltway is worth it.

    I feel badly for the two daughters. Any chance for a normal upbringing is gone for them thanks to Ted and Heidi.

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    • Kiliman ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ says:

      If you’ve ever seen the Netflix series House of Cards, you’ve got to think that they literally get their script from the real life stories going on in DC.

      That place is a cesspool and it’s going to take a man like Donald Trump to clean it out. We’re already seeing the effect he has had on the Establishment and Media, and he hasn’t even won yet.

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    • geoffb5 says:

      Hillary set the standard in the 1992 campaign.

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    • Bahb says:

      The two daughters bear watching. In any footage showing them, except the one where Melania is “tending” them during a Debate, the older child rebels when anyone tries to place her next to Cruz. I’m guessing she’s around 8 or 9. In some of the footage, she disappears eventually, but the younger one stays. Bringing them to Debates seems tone-deaf and cruel, just for starters.

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  4. waltherppk says:

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  5. Ivehadit says:

    Awfully quiet from the Carly camp today,,,

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    • SkyPainter says:

      Could it be because of the 500,000 sent from the LusTed PAC to the Fiorina PAC in July 2015?!?!?! Hush money to keep the lid on Fiorina’s deputy campaign manager’s being “En Fuego!” with LyingTed… Which by the way would be an illegal campaign contribution by FEC rules.

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  6. Remember always, Check the Hotsheets LOL

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  7. patrickhenryrevisited says:

    There is noticeable absence of the politicians who have endorsed cruz speaking out in defense of his character.
    Not much of the broke-back convention scare tactic talk either.

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    • F.D.R. in Hell says:

      They’re busy renaming Good Friday “Bad Friday.” 🙄

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    • tz says:

      I cannot imagine Jeb! or Romneycare speaking out in defense of any Character.

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    • shallbe4 says:

      Perhaps the GOP finally realizes that Cruz is the real problem here. Maybe some of the E’s were involved in this as well. If so, it will come out. Maybe its time to let the voters have to have their say about who becomes the nominee after all they pretty much destroyed every candidate in an effort to destroy Trump. No brokered convention just a delegate vote which will make Trump the 2016 Republican nominee for President.

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  8. Kiliman ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ says:

    When Trump threatened to spill the beans on Heidi Cruz, I believe it was a feint to get Lyin’ Ted to indignantly defend his wife. Trump knew this story was coming out and basically setup Cruz to get all sanctimonious about his wife.

    Hey Ted, where was that concern for your wife while you were sleeping around with other women?

    The Enquirer says there were 5 women, which most likely means there were many more. Especially since one of the mistresses is allegedly a prostitute. Once you are willing to spend money for sex, I doubt highly that he settled for just one. Besides, Ted Cruz was also on the Ashley Madison list, along with Josh Duggar. No wonder he was so quick to defend him.

    Lyin’ Ted is a lecherous pig, and used his power and influence to seduce women, at the same time he lifts the Bible high over his head. When you look up the word hypocrite in the dictionary, you see Lyin’ Ted’s picture.

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  9. dking says:

    This is starting to reach a level of too much. This story even if true has the smell of Karl Rove all over it. This is a story that not only will stall and take out Cruz, but also will have a bad ending for Trump. I know this sounds crazy, but Trump and Cruz need to joun and take out the Rove’s and the big wigs in the Republican Party.

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  10. Kiliman ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ says:

    Have you noticed that whenever a politician says “Let me be clear”… or even worse “Let me be crystal clear”… that they’re lying their ass off?

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  11. MzMaryMac says:

    I’ve been thinking about the lull for this to hit mainstream media and we hear nothing for hours upon hours. Then Amanda goes on CNN like nothing is going on and allows Andrea to bring it up and then feign outrage. Then Cruz comes out and puts the blame on DT and THEN it breaks loose. THEN we are hearing about it everywhere. THEN the story becomes “Cruz Accuses Trump of Planting Sex Scandal Story.”

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    • georgiafl says:


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    • patrickhenryrevisited says:

      There are, in all likelihood, very few of them that aren’t guilty of the same ‘indiscretions.’

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    • rajabear1 says:

      Wow! That is exactly how I just explained it to several people at work. Told them the radio silence was to get the political/media ducks in a row. Don’t forget, rush was on the radio at the same time conflating the Melania PAC tweet/wives fight with the NE story.
      Ducks. In. A. Row.

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  12. Eric Kennedy says:

    Don’t worry about MSM – this is blowing up on social media, including Rubio connection.

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  13. bulwarker says:

    Possible new find: Cruz and Carpenter had matching temporary tattoos (which come from a special etsy dealers sold as a pair).

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    • bearsgrrr says:

      On the same day too.

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    • shallbe4 says:

      The man is totally nuts if he believes that a Winston Churchill Tattoo will make him a great leader.

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    • Ted according to the video I pulled up had a Time Stamp of 5:37PM PACIFIC TIME That would be 2:37pm Eastern Time. I am confused to Time Stamps on the Tweet photo from Amanda. One I looked at seemed to be 1:27 Pm or so, the above screen shot looks to my eyes it now says 7:27pm. Also the one posted two pages back has the HAD TO! under the photo with a the 1:47pm Time stamp. The one just above has it reverse its now at the bottom and it sure looks like a 7 now also. How does that happen or is some photoshop creativity at work


  14. tz says:

    I don’t understand the concern. None of the five are CFR or Goldman Sachs. I’d rather Ted be sleeping with them.

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  15. SkyPainter says:

    Ay Si! Papi! Que rico! Never mind the indiscretions here, these are bad enough to torpedo anyone’s campaign. Lying Ted has two huge problems in his hands if true.

    The 500,000 “Donation” made by Ted Cruz’s PAC to Carly Fiorina’s PAC. The official entry int the Federal Election Comision reads “OTHER DISBURMENT”. That trigered a letter from the FEC asking LustTed’s explanation. You see, the specific purpose for that donation has to be specified. If it is not a legal spenditure allowed by the FEC, that is prosecutable. This is beginning to look like that 500,000 is hush money to keep quiet about Ted’s “alleged” escapades with Fiorina’s deputy campaign manager… Why on Earth would a presidential candidate send 500k to a rival presidential candidate?!?!?!! And then try to cover it by saying “Other Disbursement”… Talk about cheating in more ways than one.

    It is “alleged” that one of the 5 women pictured is actually a “Prostitute”. If true, LustTed better pray no money was exchanged. That too is procecutable.

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  16. treeper1956 says:

    I find it ironic that this is all coming down on Good Friday
    Maybe Cruz shouldn’t have held up that Bible?

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  17. janc1955 says:

    I’m sure many women have already said this repeatedly in this thread, but … Ted Cruz? Ugh. Just ugh.

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  18. Ray says:

    In bed with lyin Ted. This is getting good.

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  19. shallbe4 says:

    Wait we haven’t heard from the women yet. There could be big money in it for them. We don’t know what kind of appetite Cruz had. I pray this doesn’t hurt Trump because he is totally innocent. But Cruz is finished and he might try to take Trump with him. However, the longer this goes on the more we will find out about Cruz who will own this scandal whether the media likes it or not.

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  20. TAS says:

    Someone may have already posted something similar..(too many post to read them all).

    I’m beginning to think maybe the RNC/Establishment pushed this story about Cruz out now. It’s pretty much agreed that this originally came from the Rubio team….that means ESTABLISHMENT team!!! Which means Bush, Rove and all the boys in the club, knew of Cruz’s secrets. With Cruz and Trump slamming each other over the wives it was the perfect time to put it out. They could destroy Cruz and hurt Trump at the same time. This would make their recent hints of someone not running getting the nomination, be more acceptable to those unknowing of their scam and make it seem reasonable.

    I get the feeling that neither Trump or Cruz was expecting this to hit this week. Just from their comments to each other I think Cruz really believes that Trump was responsible, I also think from his comments that Trump had nothing to do with it! Which leaves the good ole boys in the GOPe club. I’m not even 100% certain this might be the case, but things are clearly not adding up right now.

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    • Morton Kowalski says:

      I don’t think they would do it now. They need Cruz to keep competing with Donald, then screw him at the convention. Though I think the Jeb endorsement was a deal to amke Jeb VP.

      This will give Trump a much clearer path to 1,237.

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  21. geoffb5 says:

    If this NE has the story nailed down and waits for all the denials to be publicly announced and then drops some/most of the evidence they have, there will be many careers going down with the “Cruz-ship.”

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  22. Morton Kowalski says:

    I do not believe this came from the GOPe. They need Cruz to keep competing with Donald, so Trump can’t reach 1,237. And I think the Jeb endorsement was a deal to make Jeb VP.

    This will give Trump a much clearer path to 1,237 because I’m pretty sure Cruz is done.

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