Donald Trump Interview With Michael Savage – Discussion Topic: Islamic Extremism, Presidential Race…

Candidate Donald Trump called in to the Michael Savage radio broadcast today to discuss current events in Brussels, Belgium and the presidential race:

trump arizona 5

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64 Responses to Donald Trump Interview With Michael Savage – Discussion Topic: Islamic Extremism, Presidential Race…

  1. Savage reported that Trump has had sixteen interviews while….

    cowardly Cruzo has refused every invitation….Trump wants NATO Exit….

    Cruzo claims Iron Curtain Putin threat as his NWO masters have trained.

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  2. Robert Pilchman says:

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  3. runthetable says:

    Savage has 10 million+ internet listeners and my guess is 97% vote.

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    • I’ve started listening to the replays of Savage on his youtube channel a couple of weeks ago after watching some segment posted on here. Great show. Border. Language. Culture.

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    • dooser says:

      Perhaps one of Savage’s fans can tell me why he continues to say positive things about Ted Booger Cruz? He said on at least one occasion that he felt Cruz was “smarter” than Trump. He plays Cruz’s empty anti-Islamic terrorism statements but he conveniently left out Cruz’s attacks on Trump with the Belgium bombing and antiTrump rally violence by BLM. and Cruz’ dishonesty at the Iowa and Utah Caucuses. Why isn’t Savage condemning Cruz’ behavior of laying blame on Donald Trump. The Trump people should be wary of this potential Trojan Horse.


  4. bigE says:

    I have been talking with my brother and friends for years now on my thoughts of what would be best for this country and too hear Trump say the same things I have been saying all along just makes me Love this great man even more,Trump your a God send Thank you.

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  5. TaterSalad says:

    My guess is that Donald Trump will be the next President and Paul ryan and his establishment RINo loving gravy train republicans will just have to like.

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  6. Michael says:

    Trump is right, has been right and will continue to be right. Great interview. Trump has shown more leadership in 8 months than most politicians do in a lifetime.

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  7. Pete V says:

    Hmmmm. Who predicted it?

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    • Riddick says:

      Don’t you worry. Once Hussein makes it back to WH, eventually, sometime this week maybe, hopefully?, his first order of business will be to host CAIR and them make a joint statement about religion of piece.

      Does Cuba have any golf courses?

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    • Zzschnops says:

      Notice: the msm spent hours deciding was it terror, who is responsible, what was their motive, as if it were a criminal investigation.

      Their is a war. We know who we are fighting, and I do not want them arrested. I want them killed.

      Is that too blunt?.


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      • I also read that CNN was blaming Belgian society for not being more welcoming. Sick.

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        • Joe's Dad says:

          God, that IS sick.

          Tell ya what LameStreamMedia, I propose a “welcoming” solution then:

          All migrants are to be put up in the homes of those in the LameStreamMedia, their relatives, and left-wing DC & Hollywood.

          Then you all can show us all just how welcoming we need to be.

          After all, Islam is a religion of peace, right?

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        • yep, and that we here in America are “better at welcoming them and helping them assimilate”… then the gall of “which they do and become patriotic Americans…” NO, not the new ones who are coming as “rapefugees” without us knowing who they even are. I have a couple of great friends who just happen to be from muslim nations, older men who are here to be FREE. they love our consitution, they despise these scumbag “islamists”.


          • Yes. Also, the reason we haven’t experienced the problems that Europe has is the small population we have (granted it is growing!) given how large our country is. If muslims become 10 or 15% of the population we will be in the same boat as our brothers and sisters in Europe.

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  8. Riddick says:

    Expect another attack, or attackS, in EU, and SOON. After French nabbed the planner of Paris attacks islamists now are worried he will spill the beans on other planned attacks and will now set them in motion to ensure they happen before the canary sings. Let’s just hope that he was not involved in not too many plans.

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  9. Travis McGee says:

    Anyone know if Obama’s BFF Raul was asked what he thought about Islamic terror?

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  10. zephyrbreeze says:

    Sounds like we can only convince leftists to do the right things when people even far more left are doing it – like like the French shutting down radical mosques which should be a no-brainer.

    Soft on terror liberal insanity has to stop. Trump!

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  11. TaterSalad says:

    Just in and reported by Judicial Watch:

    Judicial Watch today released 276 pages of internal State Department documents revealing that within two days of the deadly terrorist attack on Benghazi, Mohamed Yusuf al-Magariaf, the president of Libya’s National Congress, asked to participate in a Clinton Global Initiative function and “meet President Clinton.” .

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  12. feralcatsblog says:

    Clearly the attacks were all Cruz’s and Beck’s fault as they didn’t go over to Belgium in time to pass out Soccer Balls and Teddy Bears to the poor downtrodden, “We are all God’s children”, muslim “migrants” like they did for the poor downtrodden, “We are all God’s children”, Mexican and Central American “migrants” at America’s former southern border. Naturally the poor downtrodden, “We are all God’s children”, muslim “migrants” felt very slighted and reacted to this blatant discrimination against them by Cruz and Beck.

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  13. Joe's Dad says:

    Libtards are iNSanE. And they must be stopped. Forcibly, if necessary.

    Just take a moment and picture a world without libtards……ahhhhhh 😊🌞🐥💰👫🍻…..

    ….now back to reality 😈😠😤☁🌀⚡💧☔😡….

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  14. sDee says:

    Belgian Terrorists Can Still Enter US Without a Visa

    “It’s the case that if those folks are citizens of Belgium they qualify for the visa waiver program and can hop on a plane and get here,”

    “The visa waiver reform, this is something we have been perusing and the Obama administration has brushed us off at every turn,” DeSantis said, explaining that current policy does not mandate more strenuous checks on individuals identified as coming from terrorist hotspots, such as the small Belgian town of Molenbeek,

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    • rashamon says:

      This constitutes a good reason to contact your congress critters immediately. Talk about insane

      “The Obama administration “even takes the position it’s safer to allow someone to come in on a visa waiver than make them get one, it’s kind of crazy,” DeSantis said. You’re not going to be able to have intelligence on everyone there because there are so many potential recruits. It’s a clear vulnerability.”

      What is worse, DeSantis said, is that the Obama administration has been lax about deporting individuals who overstay their visas, meaning that a radicalized person could disappear in America as they plan a potential attack.

      “There’s no enforcement once they get here,” DeSantis said. “Hundreds of thousands of people come over and then overstay” their visas. “You are not going to be removed under current policy under this administration.”

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  15. ZZZ says:

    Saw a good comment today:

    Every time some muslim lunatic commits an act of terrorism, we’re told not to judge ALL muslims by the actions of a few. Shouldn’t gun owners be given the same treatment??

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  16. Another thing that has burned me up and the reason I stopped voting 15 years ago is the GOP’s “Invade the World, Invite the World” insanity. In the days after 9/11 I found solace in the thought that Bush would immediately close the border, build a wall and put a moratorium on immigration. Instead he called Islam a religion of peace and proceeded to get us into Afghanistan and Iraq. We actually had increased illegal immigration, increased legal immigration and most disturbingly more MUSLIM immigration. I totally gave up on politics and gave up because I realized that both parties would rather protect their failed ideology of political correctness and multiculturalism, their source of cheap labor, and their welfare collecting democrat voters rather than protecting our country, our culture and our way of life. The last 8 months have been one of the best times of my life as I watch Donald Trump’s rallies, interviews, read this great blog and interact with everyone else who feels the same way. I feel more upbeat, optimistic and happier than I have been in years even considering the 24/7 smear campaign against our candidate. I thank God Donald J. Trump has put his wealth, businesses, and even his life on the line to run for the highest office in our land and speak the plain truth about so many serious problems our nation has as well as offering common sense solutions we all know are the right things to do. Godspeed Mr. Trump.

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  17. Gail Combs says:

    What the lame stream media and Progressives sweep under the rug.

    There have been 28,018 terrorist attacks since 9/11

    In the first week of 2015 there was 65 acts of terrorism with 2,414 people murdered and 323 injured.
    No Christian or Buddist attacks are among them.


  18. sundance says:

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  19. Debi Brand says:

    Good interview.

    Trump deserves both our support and our earnest prayers.

    Thank you, Savage, Thank you Treehouse.

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  20. Pam says:

    Donald J. Trump ‏@realDonaldTrump 50s51 seconds ago

    Incompetent Hillary, despite the horrible attack in Brussels today, wants borders to be weak and open-and let the Muslims flow in. No way!

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  21. kinthenorthwest says:

    The reason Putin and Trump get along is due to their feeling about ISIS…H3LL Putin has been bombing the H3LL out of ISIS…
    Cruz should be careful of what he says, especially after Brussels.

    What Putin’s Embrace of Trump Tells Us about Trump

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  22. entagor says:

    Thanks sundance for linking to Michael Savage. Savage is so blackballed by both liberal and conservative media his name is never mentioned, lest anyone become curious and seek him out.

    Trump had no hesitation to appear on Savage, both before and after the Trump surge. Trump is a class act, and so is Savage. Both are truth tellers


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