Donald Trump Rally, Cleveland Ohio – 2:00pm EST Livestream…

The second Donald Trump rally of the day is scheduled for 2:00pm EST at the IX Center in Cleveland Ohio.

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trump rally arkansas 4

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325 Responses to Donald Trump Rally, Cleveland Ohio – 2:00pm EST Livestream…

  1. brcajun says:

    This is a short film on who was trying to attack Trump in Dayton….he had cleaned himself up in prep for this attempt. He is very radical! Looks like Islamic writing on this utube.

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  2. sunnydaysall says:

    He looks like a friggin neanderthal… I wonder what cave they all crawled out of… him, BLM and the isis terrorist thugs.

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  3. flynlow says:

    I’m at the KC rally. It’s kind of chippy. Some BLM people and the usual leftie cooks around outside. Nothing too dramatic. The KCPD doesn’t play and I don’t think it would get out of hand here. I hope for a nice, upbeat rally and that no one embarrasses KC. I’ll post pics when I can.

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  4. Martin says:

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  5. Omar says:

    My goodness….How I have missed the treehouse!!
    President Trump makes me proud!


  6. Centinel2012 says:

    Reblogged this on Centinel2012 and commented:

    I just got back from the trump Rally at the Cleveland I-X Center at the Cleveland airport; however I did stop at my daughters home in Berea Ohio which is only a few miles on the way hope to see the Grand kids. We got there at 12:15 and Trump got started maybe 1:50 and spoke for an hour or so. There were maybe 8 or 10 minor interruptions of no consequence and it was a great Rally and trump gave a Great speech.

    It was started with an introduction by a Cleveland Black preacher who gave a great introduction for Trump and got the crowd in the motivated. We left after the speech and on the way out I was interviewed by Channel 19 in Cleveland it was well worth the time spent to her him in person. I don’t know if it aired or not.

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    • Ma'iingankwe says:

      Sounds like a day well spent. Good for you, and hope the grandkids and family are well. It’s always good to see family.

      If you’re on the news, please send us a clip. It’s okay if you don’t, and only asking because you mentioned it. I’m interested to know if they kept it honest. Local news stations are more apt to do so, but you never know nowadays.
      Be well and stay strong.


    • SVgirl says:

      I was there, too. Seems like most of the protesters were by us. No big deal really. Great rally, parking wasn’t a pain and loved the excitement. I’ll watch 19 at 11 and see if you’re on there.

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    • Angry Dumbo says:

      Loved the preacher’s words. Let’s choose the candidate ourselves and refuse to be brainwashed by the liberal media. Ohio vote and make us proud.


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  8. Ma'iingankwe says:

    I’m really hoping Trump won’t give the protestors any more attention. He should just keep it going since most of the time we can’t here or see the protestors anyways.
    I really enjoyed it when he started doing that towards the middle and end of his speech. If they’re ignored, it pretty much defeats their purpose.


  9. redsequin4 says:

    What’s with the Right Side swinging the camera’s to let the anarchists/protesters wave their disgusting signs. I’ve never seen them turn the camera’s even to show the crowd. What’s up with this new policy. I don’t like it!


  10. standingpat says:

    We were sitting in the VIP section behind Mr. Trump. Could make out one word in ten and had to watch the video here to hear what was said. Mr. Trump exited the stage on our left and worked the whole front row of the groundlings, signing signs, chatting, posing and shaking hands.He could have left stage right and skipped all that. It was a great event. I’ll post a link to some photos later.

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  11. petszmom says:

    just saw a tweet from the last refuge (here) saying a chicago trump supporter was shot and killed by a protester in chicago….can anyone post and or confirm?


  12. belle819 says:

    What an inspirational rally.


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