*UPDATES* – Trump Ohio Attacker, Tommy DiMassimo, Featured In ISIS Propaganda Videos 2015 – Bernie Sanders Supporter…

This will obviously need numerous updates as more information flows in.

dimassimo 10

dimassimo 5An attempted physical attack on Donald Trump took place earlier today in Dayton Ohio – DETAILS HERE – The attacker was identified as Tommy DiMassimo.

A student of Wright University in Dayton Ohio, Tom Dimassimo is a progressive leftist thug who has participated in various protests including flag burning

By his own admissions DiMassimo is self-identified as an activist with Black Lives Matter, and various left-wing social justice groups.  In addition he’s a Bernie Sanders supporter.

However, shocking new ISIS propaganda video has surfaced including footage of Tommy DiMassimo.  The footage appears to be part of ISIS anti-U.S. agenda.  This video was uploaded in May 2015.  You can see DiMassimo is the principal subject within the video which begins with him dragging a flag and talking to the camera operator:

update-1 It appears Tommy DiMassimo, or the person who ownehe account, deleted the YouTube account associated with the video in an effort to hide the content.  However, an alternate and identical copy (for educational purposes) is available here:

update-1UPDATE:  Twitter account identified.  Bernie Sanders Support Confirmed.

22-year-old activist Tommy DiMassimo goes under “@younglionking7” for a twitter handle.  His appearance changes quite dramatically with the beard grown out, or less notable.  Scrolling through his social media feed it appears he was planning on something like this for more than a few weeks.

Malice of Forethought:

dimassimo 9

New Year Resolutions:


dimassimo 6

dimassimo 8

Bernie Sanders Supporter

DiMassimo 7Tommy, aka Tom, aka Thomas, DiMassimo’s threats and provocations are all over his recent social media  Feel free to scrub it, and lift what’s needed to gain an understanding.

Tommy’s parents are also very politically connected.  Mom, Faye DiMassimo:

ATLANTA – Mayor Kasim Reed announced today that Faye DiMassimo will serve as the new General Manager for the $250 million Renew Atlanta infrastructure bond program. In this new role, DiMassimo will oversee the design, construction and completion of more than two hundred transportation and municipal facility projects, including construction of the new Martin Luther King, Jr. Natatorium in the Historic Old Fourth Ward neighborhood. The Renew Atlanta infrastructure bond program was approved by more than eight in ten voters in a special election held on March 17, 2015.

DiMassimo has served as the Director of the Cobb County Department of Transportation for nearly six years, where she has overseen a $36 million operating budget with more than 160 staff. DiMassimo brings a strong track record of execution, expert technical knowledge and proven leadership skills to the City of Atlanta. (link)

Looks like Tommy made bail.  He just tweeted this:

dimassimo 11

Such a nice fellow, huh?

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1,097 Responses to *UPDATES* – Trump Ohio Attacker, Tommy DiMassimo, Featured In ISIS Propaganda Videos 2015 – Bernie Sanders Supporter…

  1. timefortrump says:

    More info on little Tommy

    The offender has been named as Thomas Dimassimo of Fairborn, pictured above being escorted out by Secret Service agents

    Dimassimo, who is a former child actor, was quickly swarmed by security officers and Secret Service at the Dayton International Airport, but not before startling the billionaire businessman who stopped his speech.

    See more at: http://www.georgianewsday.com/news/regional/392477-protesters-pepper-sprayed-by-police-twice-outside-of-trump-rally-in-kansas-city-in-second-day-of-violence-at-the-gop-front-runner-s-events.html#sthash.5pcrVbmJ.dpuf

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  2. arkansasmimi says:

    WOW Marco Rubio saying the dude has no ties to ISIS!! And Tommy DiMassimo retweeted this tweet!


  3. mossback says:

    OK you guys-and gals, here is the actual law. Lil tommy needs to be in jail, not running around.

    18 U.S. Code § 700 – Desecration of the flag of the United States; penalties

    Current through Pub. L. 114-38. (See Public Laws for the current Congress.)

    US Code
    (1) Whoever knowingly mutilates, defaces, physically defiles, burns, maintains on the floor or ground, or tramples upon any flag of the United States shall be fined under this title or imprisoned for not more than one year, or both.

    (2) This subsection does not prohibit any conduct consisting of the disposal of a flag when it has become worn or soiled.
    (b) As used in this section, the term “flag of the United States” means any flag of the United States, or any part thereof, made of any substance, of any size, in a form that is commonly displayed.
    (c) Nothing in this section shall be construed as indicating an intent on the part of Congress to deprive any State, territory, possession, or the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico of jurisdiction over any offense over which it would have jurisdiction in the absence of this section.
    (1) An appeal may be taken directly to the Supreme Court of the United States from any interlocutory or final judgment, decree, or order issued by a United States district court ruling upon the constitutionality of subsection (a).
    (2) The Supreme Court shall, if it has not previously ruled on the question, accept jurisdiction over the appeal and advance on the docket and expedite to the greatest extent possible.
    (Added Pub. L. 90–381, § 1, July 5, 1968, 82 Stat. 291; amended Pub. L. 101–131, §§ 2, 3, Oct. 28, 1989, 103 Stat. 777.)

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  4. Jack says:

    NY Times is attacking Trump, saying that this video was somehow doctored to add the islamic elements.

    “Later, a video surfaced purporting to show the same man at a protest months ago. That video was taken and overlaid with Arabic text and music, but it appears to have been done as a hoax. No government agency has suggested that the man was connected to terrorism.”



    • Katherine McCoun says:

      I saved screen shots of Facebook page but didn’t of his youtube page showing that he had posted the video on youtube. If you added the ISIS elements then is it a “hoax” or his choice? Did anyone save screen shots showing it was on his youtube page and linked on his Facebook page?


      • Jack says:

        Does anyone have screen shots of the original post on you tube showing the date it was posted ? If it was a hoax it would have had to have been posted after he rushed the stage. Just seems very irresponsible of NYTimes to say this without proof it’s a hoax.


    • Anonymous says:

      It’s true that the ISIS version was made later, but they have no evidence it wasn’t made by him. It’s almost certainly not an official ISIS piece, but there’s nothing to suggest he couldn’t have made it himself.


  5. SF says:

    Send this to Chuck Todd at Meet the Press. He said he can’t find this link or is lying.


  6. Anonymous says:

    I want to emphasize there’s no evidence the video wasn’t made by him. It is extremely unlikely ISIS itself made it, or that he’s directly tied, but there’s no definitive proof he didn’t make it, and that he isn’t an ISIS sympathizer/this crazy. The main source of this is an article on Heavy.com which claims, with absolutely no proof, he didn’t make it and that it was made by a facebook page devoted to mocking him. The video was taken down very shortly before he made his first post-bail tweet mocking Trump (the one with him and what look like family members), his twitter account was taken temporarily offline less than an hour later, and the title and description were also written in what appears to be fluent arabic- kind of elaborate for an obscure video mocking him.


  7. Ginger says:

    The Violence Against the Trump Rally Was Part of the Safe Spaces from Microaggressions Movement See info on http://www.unz.com/isteve/ Interesting but sad they jerk is out on bail. I guess because his mom has connections.


  8. PatriotForever says:

    God, Christ and the Holy Spirit are the only Ones Who can make a steaming turd into a rational, and saved human being. Sadly and unfortunately this is the typical human turd, that the liberal progressive left have raised up by planting him in the sewer of progressive thinking and indoctrination.
    The USA could have survived CamelDung, but they can’t survive the people who voted for hi and the two anti American’s just like him


  9. Jack says:

    Well if i zoom in on the graphic at the top of this post, the video was posted by Thomas Jenners in May 2015, so if this copy is the same video that was taken down, then it couldn’t have been made after he was arrested (as a hoax) and became notorious.

    Do reporters not understand the concept of people deleting their social media profiles to hide embarrassing/incriminating stuff after the fact ?


  10. Jack says:

    Why isn’t the media focusing on Massimo’s actual twitter posts which hint at an assassination attempt and “spitting on their king” ?


  11. Colt01 says:

    If I run across him maybe I’ll kick his f@@@ing teeth in and see if that calibrates his headspace. Getting tired of these pansy ass twinkies and their socialist crap.


  12. Regina says:

    This guy needs to be watched really close. He is no doubt more than just a show out and a big mouth. Whatvwill he do for attention? Wreck less behavour. All ripe for disaster

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    • Angel Ramirez says:

      I wouldn’t worry about him. He looks like a big momma’s boy! Someone’s going to whip soon!


  13. cadetserveroriginator says:



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  15. Doug says:

    I see he has a movie coming out called Hollywood Makes a Change too? This guys weird!


  16. Garywamer says:

    I see a crazed fool looking for his 15 minutes of fame, to bad he doesn’t channel that energy to help the poor, hungry, elderly,and disabled.


  17. timefortrump says:

    Some excellent detective work found on this thread – strong language warning however before you click on it


    Turns out that Dimassimo is not Italian but probably ALBANIAN – wonder if his family are legal immigrants?


  18. Katherine McCoun says:

    the spin by the media, attacking Mr. Trump’s credibility on this issue, is so very sad! I wonder if this was the actual trap? A honey trap to look as if he were officially associated with ISIS only to be a video he faked. A class assignment that he doctored up. But this bears the question of why did he fake an ISIS video? And could these clips have been used by ISIS even though he claims to have no knowledge of this?

    Mr. Trump being quoted about his retweeting of the ISIS association as him saying, “all I know is what is on the internet” is a bummer. I am sure what he meant was that all he knows is this dude put an ISIS looking video on the internet but it is being spun to say that all Mr. Trump knows is the sources on the internet saying he is ISIS.

    There is so much on Tom Dimassimo that I don’t see how him not officially being part of ISIS is overshadowing all else. It is a terrible picture being pieced together about him! I look forward to when Sundance puts it all together in the usual, logical, point by point style we are used to!

    It was Dimassimo’s own fake ISIS video – so is it actually then a fake if he himself did it? Seems the msn are spinning it like someone else did this video to Dimassimo to damage him.


    • timefortrump says:

      Little Tommy actually produced a “one man show” that seems to have something to do with honoring Islam but yeah I’m sure he’s not sympathetic to ISIS


  19. timefortrump says:

    Little Tommy’s Black girlfriend


  20. Lulu says:

    Paulding County School District
    17 hours ago
    We are aware there was a protestor at Donald Trump’s rally in Dayton, OH named Tom Dimassimo. He is not employed with Paulding Co. Schools.

    Dallas-Hiram Patch LocalStream via Facebook


    (No. But he is the thug’s father….)

    His brother, also not a raving beauty, was on the freshman football team at Davidson.


  21. timefortrump says:

    Such a lovely family Tommy has

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