#3 – 9:00pm Super Tuesday GOP Election Results – Trump Wins: Virginia, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Massachusetts…

Live stream to Donald Trump Press Conference Below:

9:00PM We anticipate the need for more than one Super Tuesday election results thread. Hence, we will number them (as above) depending on the volume of inbound data.

Alabama ♦ Alaska ♦ Arkansas ♦ Georgia ♦ Massachusetts ♦ Minnesota ♦ Χ Oklahoma ♦ Tennessee ♦ Χ Texas ♦ Vermont and ♦ √ Virginia all have Republican Primary voting contests today.

super tuesday trump

◊ Politico Link To Results HERE

◊ Decision Desk HQ Link To Results HERE

Polling Close Times – Minimum Delegate Threshold

  • Vermont 7:00pm (Eastern) Need 20% vote for any delegates
  • Virginia 7:00pm (Eastern) Need 5% vote for any delegates √ TRUMP WINNER
  • Georgia 7:00pm (Eastern) Must get 20% for any delegates √ TRUMP WINNER
  • Alabama: 8:00pm (Eastern) Need 20% vote for delegates √ TRUMP WINNER
  • Massachusetts: 8:00pm (Eastern) 5% vote for any delegates √ TRUMP WINNER
  • Oklahoma: 8:00pm (Eastern) Need 15% vote for any delegates √ CRUZ WINNER
  • Tennessee: 8:00pm (Eastern) 20% vote for any delegates √ TRUMP WINNER
  • Arkansas: 8:30pm (Eastern) Must get 15% vote for delegates
  • Texas: 9:00pm (Eastern) Need 20% vote for any delegates √ CRUZ WINNER
  • Minnesota: 9:00pm (Eastern) Must get 10% vote for delegates
  • Alaska: 12:00 midnight (Eastern) Must get 13% vote for delegates

Delegate Counts and Distributions HERE

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869 Responses to #3 – 9:00pm Super Tuesday GOP Election Results – Trump Wins: Virginia, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Massachusetts…

  1. I am not listening to Ted Cruz. Has he brought up the secret tape the Donald has with NYT yet? lol. Did the Donald kill JFK? Is he planning to crucify Jesus again? I mean Ted keeps claiming wild stuff, why not go all out and see what happens?

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  2. Howie says:

    Arkansas comes in for Trump!. Minniemoocher Muzz going for Rube.

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  3. oldschool64 says:

    Ted Cruz is a disease and Trump is the cure.

    Trump is complimentary and respectful and this low class POS gives a speech like this??

    I don’t want to see this animal lose. I want to see him completely destroyed!

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  4. Rich says:

    A Trump’ster and his drone, deep in the heart of Texas. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z1kqdbodVQY

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  5. Sanders win in OK. Come on! Anyone see this story over the weekend?

    “…red-letter year for Oklahoma voting. According to the state board of elections, more than 30,000 new voters have registered for the Oklahoma primary since January 15…

    More than 43,000 early ballots were cast as of 11 a.m. Saturday. The amount nearly doubled the total amount in the 2012 election…The turnout that we will see on Tuesday pales in comparison to the turnout we’ll see in November for the presidential election…But it’s how the Grand Old Party is getting a boost that has some scratching their heads…“About 8,300 people have executed some sort of party change,” Ziriax said. “It’s a lot of voters.”…

    According to data from the board, nearly 1,000 independent voters got off the fence to the right and 2,800 Democrats traded in their party.


    Logic and history, albeit short, says those should have been Trump votes.

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  6. Rubio looks deflated and dejected. Must be out of coke. Still besting the KKK drum. Sad

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  7. Not ideal says:

    This is great because Cruz’s showing places just enough seeds of doubt in Rubio’s position, even if he wins Minnesota, to help us in Florida. Who cares about Ohio. Floirida is where we break the GOPe once and for all.

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