Fail Video – MSNBC Tries To Push Race Narrative, Embarrasses Themselves….

MSNBC was trying hard to push a racism narrative earlier on their broadcast when Tamron Hall cut in a live segment from a Donald Trump rally with a black and white Trump supporter interview.

The results didn’t quite go as they expected.  They immediately cut the feed. Watch:

Whoopsie, reality begs to differ with the preferred narrative.  Donald Trump doesn’t care about race or social status, he wants to make this country great for all AMERICANS to enjoy. 

trump rally arkansas 4


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333 Responses to Fail Video – MSNBC Tries To Push Race Narrative, Embarrasses Themselves….

  1. NJ transplant says:

    I was watching Congressman Collins on MSNBC. He was asked about David Duke. Collins said that Trump disavowed Duke last Friday. Then the reporter brought up the Jake Tapper questions and Congressman Collins said “Listen, no one believes Donald Trump is involved with David Duke.” Then the anchor brought up Senator Sasse from Nebraska, who was involving himself in Iowa last month. The congressman said that 90% of his fellow Republican congressman believe that Trump will be the nominee and they are prepared to back him. He was not asked any more David Duke questions.

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    • Jason says:

      hope that’s true, ty NJ t

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    • WSB says:

      I just emailed and called Sasse’s Lincoln office: 402 476 1400. Sass, my ass. Gave Olivia a piece of my mind. She said she could not get involved with a campaign issue, I told her this wasn’t a campaign issue but a sitting Senator insulting the base of the party on national TV.

      Here’s my follow up.

      Senator Sasse,

      You have no place as a sitting Senator to insult the base of the Republican Party on national television. We have put up with lying, deceitful leadership who are ruining this country, and we’re all disgusted.

      Trump’s voters will support any candidate who is supporting Trump. Trump’s voters wil not support anyone who attacks Trump and will deny any DOWNTICKET candidate at the ballot box. If you are a member of the Republican Party, act like it. Otherwise, drop out and find another party to belong to.

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      • emma says:

        What did he say about us? I can add my voice, as hubs and I are Nebraska residents.

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        • tampafan says:

          You should! Read his posted Facebook rant about why he would not vote for Trump if nominee. He has taken the lead in anti-Trump on social media and on tv. Says Trump doesn’t respect the constitution and will “reign”. He does not address the issues important to us that are driving Trump’s success: Failure of the Ben Stasse’s of DC to protect our communities and our economy. Another “constitutional conservative” that is more about purist ideology than getting anything done. They all need to know elections have consequences, and just like he does, YOU have options, and will not be voting for him.

          Call the number that WSB left. I am doing same for my state reps. If they think Trump Train will come for them, they will back off, no doubt

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      • Naslod says:

        awesome! BTW… what is the poll numbers in Nebraska? if they are majority Trump, this guy is gone soon.

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        • emma says:

          Husband fired off an angry email to Sasse’s office, let him know we will not be supporting him in the future due to the fact that he’s a “Senator for Sale.”

          We’ve not seen any polling from this state yet, there is probably some out there but we aren’t aware of any.

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      • helenerbrown says:

        I’ve been doing the same thing all day to tamp down my rage. I’ve also let the advertisers on morning and nightly news have my unAmerican anti democracy rift. I’ve sent nice postcards to Trump and all his endorsers so I won’t shoot the TV.

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      • laineethecat says:

        That’s right. We are taking names and kicking a$$

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        • You bet your a_s we are. Never seen such idiocy in my life, all these cowards terrified by…what? An American citizen running for office? Seriously?

          Oh wait. I have seen such insanity before. But that was when I was Charge Nurse in [locked] Psych wards. Hey Sen. Sasse! You’re in good company!


    • BigMamaTEA says:

      Thank you for reporting that NJ.

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    • Hannibal Toissant Beauregard IV says:

      Why doesn’t anyone ask about Marco and his gerbil collection?

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    • czarowniczy says:

      Note to immediate world: David Duke is a dead issue. Come election time he can be found standing by a major intersection with a hand-lettered sign that reads: ‘will spout racist rhetoric for food’. He’s made a comfortable living selling himself as a ‘racist for rent’, even managed to get the Louisiana state Republican Party to use him as a goobernatorial candidate when it was necessary to make the public eat an inedible opponent that would otherwise have been beaten by a dead horse.
      When the Rats need a boogeyman to scare dim voters they go out and pull Duke off the shelf and the scarees react accordingly, it’s a well-choreographed skit.


  2. It just keeps collapsing on them. So funny.

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    • Howie says:

      All the GOPERS who are playing the race card should have to pay back all the money Trump or his supporters ever donated to them. Out of their own pockets. It is amazing to see Republicans play the race card.

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  3. says:

    That video clip is a classic!! Thanks for sharing.

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    • liberty2828 says:

      Links the reviews from the characters in the commercials.

      All gave 5’s on satisfaction 1-5. Chumps!

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      • Riddick says:

        Actually, one of the main plaintiffs in the lawsuit got caught with issuing GLOWING reviews for the Trump U and even cutting a video ad. When Trump’s lawyers tracked that down, she was promptly dropped from the list of plaintiffs.

        This was a shakedown deal all along, almost of all of it was already thrown out by the court. They are just grasping at whatever they can get at this point. As Trump stated in the debate last week, Its a matter of principle for him not to settle. He will prevail.

        And that polish guy Lubio has mentioned in the debate, gave an interview over the weekend clearly stating that it was his contractor who hired him, NOT Trump, and that he is NOT blaming Trump for ANYTHING. Also mentioned that he has NOT received even a penny of the 1999 settlement, his contractor and lawyers kept it all.

        Something that Trump should beat Lubio over the head with come Thursday night.

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  4. Heartburn says:

    I’m taking refuge from AOSHQ – Ace of Spades. He’s been bashing Trump so hard last week and today. It seems pretty obvious that he’s been paid off by GOPe. He says he supports Cruz but really he’s anyone but Trump and now the commenters are being so awful to the pro-Trump crowd. It’s like high school and they’re all trying to earn the popular guy’s approval. I can’t take it anymore. I only hope people aren’t turned/change their minds because of it. I just found CT and love it so far. I’m so happy to find some sane people!

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    • MMinLamesa says:

      I know what you mean, my favorite site for years, DirectorBlue, has really come off the rails with his anti Trump linkage. He says he’ll vote Trump if nominated and he will respectfully respond but man, the Cruzbots rule there now.

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    • helenerbrown says:

      Just take names and don’t forget.

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      • smythe714 says:

        I second that. I hold no grudges and do not intend to start now. But I am recording names so that I have a reference for the future. This has become a very serious matter to me and my responsibility to my family is being threatened.

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    • “It’s like high school and they’re all trying to earn the popular guy’s approval.”

      It’s always been that way at AofS. A frat house. Ace is just another snobbish pseudo-wit of the Right.

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    • Zeroh Tollrants says:

      Honestly, as a long time friend of Ace’s, he’s one of those rare NYC conservatives, and has always had issues with waffling, but in his case, (not addressing any co-bloggers), he genuinely tries to make the right decisions and does carefully think them out. Torturously, in fact. He also has a bit of a problem with succumbing to peer pressure, and with all his buds pushing so hard against Trump, it was to be expected. I find it hard to believe if he gets the nomination, Ace won’t relent and support him. The others, nope. But, he’s definitely not paid off by anyone. He long could’ve monetized his blog, and chose to keep the open commenting, often R rated content, to please the horde.

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      • He sounds like a pussy to me.

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      • danield49 says:

        Stopped going there for several weeks now. Not missing a thing. I put up with all the Palin bashing there and at Hot Gas but not again. This time is just too damn important. We’re at a crossroads here. Too bad the “burn it down” crowd was all talk and not action over there. Ace should just take down the H. L. Mencken quote on his site. Find another one that more reflects the site. That site is the new “Little Green Footballs” of the internet.

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        • DMorgan says:

          You can add American Thinker to the anti Trump list too. It’s just amazing how this campaign has smoked false patriots out if the woodwork. I think they worship the money and establishment support more than anything else. Also it’s one thing to write bitch articles against Oblamo for the last 7 years and another to wake up and get behind a populist movement to actually push for someone who wants to change a rigged system. They are all being exposed for what they are…. Faux propagandists.

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          • SanteeCa says:

            This political season has been very revealing: First I had to leave Fox News, and am glad to have found NewsMax although the video quality is like watching our family tv in 1975. Then I had to depart from Mark Levin – left Beck years ago. Then American Thinker. I wonder what’s next. (I may need to unfriend a few on Facebook).

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          • Janie M. says:

            DMorgan – and I thought it was just me being overly sensitive to the growing number of anti-Trump articles over at AT/sarc; prior to that change of direction, I had felt the Daily Caller (DC) and Breitbart (BB) had become fetid swamps of trolls worshiping at the feet of St. BusTed.I will continue to visit DC and BB, solely for the purpose of knowing what is being spewed within the enemy camps – I then return to home territory here – truly our last refuge.


    • Riddick says:

      VERY disappointed that Newt didn’t even make an appearance. Something is not right here.


    • JeremyR says:

      Lite and set. I think some one has coffee on, but don’t drink the stuff myself.


    • lilbirdee'12 says:

      Welcome to the Treehouse, Heartburn. Look forward to your comments.
      TRUMP and Treepers ROCK !

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    • Jenny R. says:

      A lot of the commenters at that site (and other very popular ones) are very well indoctrinated. They have a closed community that is very attuned to what the writers and “lead” commenters desire…aka. high school.
      Of course some people’s minds will be turned — that’s the goal.
      This is something to be avoided. This is what will really turn America fascist. (don’t believe me? how is the atmosphere over at there or at some of the others any different than what is going on at the colleges? do they not have their own little safe space too?)


  5. Pops says:

    B-B-But Trump loves the KKK:

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  6. georgiafl says:


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  7. Lray says:

    That’s the funniest thing I’ve seen all day. Thank you for posting:)

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  8. bleep21k says:

    If THIS doesn’t make your day – I dont know what could…despite what we are FED about “race” relations. The devisiveness is perpetuated by the current administration in coordination with the MSM – divide and conquer. Simple.

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  9. zephyrbreeze says:

    Trumped again, boys. Making themselves look foolish.

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  10. TwoLaine says:

    I think this is why why you don’t see as many black people at TRUMP rallies. They are ridiculed and torn apart by their own communities for exercising their freedom of speech and choice. Just look at all the hits Diamond & Silk take. Many choose to just stay home, and when it comes time to pull that curtain and vote they will vote TRUMP and it no ones business but their own.

    I remember when the black ministers first held the press conference at TRUMP Tower to announce they were supporting TRUMP. They were actually asked, “Did TRUMP pay you?” Seriously, what a despicable question. Has ANY OTHER CANDIDATE has one of their endorsers asked if they were being paid? No, because we know the answer would be YES! They will do whatever we want them to do because we bought them.

    IF TRUMP was working with the mob, or a member of the KKK, maybe they should all denounce all the former $upport they received from him in the way of campaign and election contributions. Charities should give all of his contributions back.

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  11. Entity says:

    The Curb Your Enthusiasm version is even better.

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  12. georgiafl says:

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  13. georgiafl says:


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  14. Pops says:

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  15. A similar cut off happened with Ron Paul
    This video is nice because it also show’s election results from Iowa.
    How much more proof is required, that the media (CNN) is out to get us. By that I mean, they are working for the interest of Big banks, certain countries, oil companies, and wall street.

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  16. jojo says:

    Trump is OUR citizen selected candidate and I don’t give one rats a$$ what anyone says about him. I believe he loves this country and us little taxpayer citizens. If he just builds the dang wall and ships out all the illegal aliens that’s enough for me, however, I do believe that will just be the beginning for him. Love this campaign. I’ve been on board since the beginning. I’m proud to be called TRUMPITE TRASH by the talking pundits who are on the verge of losing their jobs. GO TRUMP!

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    • TAS says:

      Yeah….even heard Ben Stein call Trump people the “unwashed” today…my anger is no longer cold!!!!!

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      • The Boss says:

        I’d wipe that smirk from Ben Stein’s face, but it’s wrong to hit girls.

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      • Lostwithiel says:

        Let me tell you about Ben Stein. During the McCain Palin campaign, he was a guest on the late night Craig Ferguson show. He came out and Ferguson asked him what he thought of Palin. Stein said the first time he heard Palin’s voice (he claims he was on a soundstage with her somewhere), all he could think of was that she sounded like a PROSTITUTE!!! Even Ferguson seemed taken aback, but Stein wouldn’t retract. This was just after I’d seen Stein’s movie on creationism ( twice!) and had persuaded my Dad to go see it.

        I have never heard this incident referred to. Stein goes on his merry way raking in the cash. I hope that this campaign season means the END of trash like Stein. And there are many, many others.

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      • Gail Combs says:

        Ben Stein call Trump people the “unwashed”

        That is a YUGE tell. It is straight out of the Bilderburgers according to Dan Estulin. They call us ‘The Great Unwashed’

        Daniel Estulin Bilderberg Speech at EU Parliament
        “Bilderberg organization is dynamic…. Members come and go, but the system itself has not changed. It is a self-perpetuating system, a virtual spider web of interlocked financial, political, economic and industry interests.

        Now, Bilderberg isn´t a secret society. It is not an evil, all-seeing eye. There is no conspiracy even though a lot of people with their infantile fantasies see it as such….

        It´s a meeting of people who represent a certain ideology.

        Not One World Government or New World Order as too many people mistakenly believe. Rather, the ideology is of a ONE WORLD COMPANY LIMITED….

        The idea behind each and every Bilderberg meeting is to create what they themselves call THE ARISTOCRACY OF PURPOSE between European and North American elites on the best way to manage the planet. In other words, the creation of a global network of giant cartels, more powerful than any nation on Earth, destined to control the necessities of life of the rest of humanity, obviously from their vantage point, for our own good and in our benefit – THE GREAT UNWASHED AS THEY CALL US.

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      • Eric L says:

        Ben Stein paid a young woman under the guise of trying to help her out, then tried to proposition her sexually. He’s in no position to talk about “unwashed”. I quit reading him after that. He had some lame, empty excuse.

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  17. TwoLaine says:

    A scheduled Press Conference from TRUMP was just announced for tomorrow night in FL at 9 PM.

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  18. Ruffin says:

    Another Tar Heel chiming in from the old North State in support of Diamond and Silk,

    If you missed the Carol Costello CNN interview of “The Stump for Trump Girls” you have to give it a look, CC planned to pull a fast one on the girls and they basically whipped her like a rented mule. Those ladies are awesome, you don’t mess with The Donald and get away with it..
    It was an epic take down. Both Rubio and Carol Costello got slonged big time.
    Sundance had it up last week, but it is easier to google.

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  19. helenerbrown says:

    The eye opening, once you’ve seen it you can’t unsee it, absolute depths MSM, journalists, pundits, corporations and politicians have sunk taking with them reputations and future revenue. I can never, ever underestimate the amount of money and power at stake. No candidate without his own billions and the fortitude of Goliath could have ever undertaken this insurgency. Donald Trump, as history is told, will be an American Hero like our revolutionary forefathers.

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    • JunieG says:

      Our man is fighting a war for us. All weapons turned on him. What they do understand is that he is a real man, a man of courage, a great man. Great men are ridiculed these days.

      Mr Trump has had to deal with a**h***s before. He’s got this.

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  20. zephyrbreeze says:

    Reminds me of the Dave Chappell skit:

    Clayton Bigsby – The Black White Supremacist- KKK leader

    (who happens to be blind and doesn’t know he’s black.)

    “How could this have happened?”

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    • Sandra says:

      I didn’t know about that so I watched a YouTube video. Hilarious! And then I watched several more Chappelle videos including “2Pac is Still Alive?”, so funny. 🙂


  21. the blacksmith says:
    that black American nailed it – “this races hustling is just media, real Americans….”
    this is all about every American standing up to the unAmericans in our midst regardless of race on either side.

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    • VegasGuy says:

      This was more like the Media setting out a mine field & then, to test it, sent one of their pundits out to walk it……….

      Well at least we know it did indeed blow up…..

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  22. chrystalia99 says:

    Now that was funny…..MSNBC not only totally failed, but the anchor person admitted they cut the audio feed. I hope the two guys in the video find a media outlet, or make a You Tube video or something, telling “the rest of the story” LOL.

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  23. barton2016 says:

    Oh DAMN! Somebody is going to loose their job over that goof!


  24. NJF says:

    What’s so masterful is that he’s been telling us thenMSM lies and no one is paying attention to this shi$ show lol. Epic!

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  25. IMO says:

    Republicans Attack Donald Trump With Ferocity But Not Barack Obama


  26. alliwantissometruth says:

    What’s amazing is we’ve allowed this subversive media to operate in this country for this long. What we all need to do is boycott any & all companies that advertise with them. The time is ripe for a national movement. The only thing these media whores understand is lost profit

    On another note, think of all the people, minorities, democrats & the politically correct cowed crowd that are keeping silent, but will vote Trump when the time comes

    Hispanic citizens that are fed up with the illegals. Black citizens who I know are fed up. Democrats who have different ideologies than us, but are sick of seeing the country turned into a third world cesspool. In short, anyone with a working brain not completely blinded by insane leftist ideology

    When I still watched Fox, I saw a segment on O’Rielly with Eboni Williams, a committed black liberal. She said her mom, a life long democrat, told her she & all her friends were voting Trump. She said something like “my mom told me were all voting Trump, you should too”

    This is just another con job by the media whores, & it’s not working this time

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  27. DaveNY says:

    Play that tired worn out race card all you want….

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  28. John Galt says:

    Trademark Registration No. 4773272
    Owner: Trump, Donald J.
    Attorney of Record: Natasha N. Reed

    Photo: Natasha N. Reed

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  29. avgjosephine says:

    I’m so grateful for all I’ve learned here. If Sundance hadn’t explained the lay of the land (and location of the landmines), it would be hard to remain calm and carry on. The manipulation, the strings being pulled, the roles being played, the drama! They really do think we’re chumps.

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    • Benji says:

      Grateful, me too Avgjo. When I start feeling low (or raging mad) about what seems like all sides closing in on Mr. Trump I can come here are read lots of encouraging news.
      I’d ‘like’ your post but haven’t figured out how to work that wordpress registration yet…newbie here.


    • DMorgan says:

      And now you know why Sundance has to remain behind the curtain… They would strive to threaten and harm him (assuming Sundance is a him) if they could track SD down. SD has revealed so much about these dark forces and awakened our eyes and minds to what is going on. God bless you Sundance!


    • AdamSelene says:

      To be fair, we’ve been acting like chumps for a long, long time.


  30. Curry Worsham says:

    Sen. Ben Sasse: “This is the party of Abraham Lincoln, not the party of David Duke/ Donald Trump.”


  31. Riddick says:

    Valdosta, VERY disappointed Newt didn’t even make an appearance. Huckabee, now Newt…


  32. Darth Vaper says:

    One word to describe my reaction: schadenfreude XD


  33. sandraopines says:

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  34. itswoot says:

    I think we are seeing the first flanking maneuver of a two prong attack with the KKK accusations. We may see the next maneuver immediately following Super Tuesday. As I see it, there will be an outcry by the media that Trump’s success in winning Southern States was only due to them being Confederate flag waving racisists who support the KKK.

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  35. runthetable says:

    I just do not feel the Newt endorsement. Better for all I believe.

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  36. runthetable says:

    That’s what they say anyway, every time, now it will be both the D’s and the R’s.


  37. MTeresa says:

    MSNBC – what a face plant………..


  38. McGuffin says:

    I love that video Sundance. It’s perfect. The media are scum, just like Donald Trump says. It’s so funny how he calls them out. To their faces.


  39. KBR says:

    This was on a thread earlier and there was a voice saying “wrong person wrong person.”
    I was not sure if it was actually on the video or overlaid later? But above it is missing?

    Or am I hearing things myself?😳


  40. Phae lae says:

    One of the guests on FOX today had a slip up while talking about Cruz and Rubio and said “Crubio”. I really kinda want it to stick!

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  41. Paul B. says:

    That one black man made more sense in 20 seconds than the woman and her guest did in 2 minutes. Amazing how the PC narrative falls apart so dramatically when truth is given 1/6 of a chance.

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  42. emma says:

    Stefan Molyneux has an excellent piece on the ‘duke endorsement’ silliness.


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