“Ceilings”? – Brand New Massachusetts Poll: Donald Trump 50%, Marco Rubio 16%, John Kasich 13%…

As you absorb this sneak peak polling release, remember….  Yesterday, even before the South Carolina elections results were finished, candidate John Kasich took off to attend events in Massachusetts.

Here’s a sneak peak into the current polling from Massachusetts via Emerson College:

Nothing more than, ceilings;
Trying to forget my,
Ceilings of hate…

trump smile 3

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219 Responses to “Ceilings”? – Brand New Massachusetts Poll: Donald Trump 50%, Marco Rubio 16%, John Kasich 13%…

  1. Some interesting analysis on these poling numbers…

    5 candidates, 100% possible outcome, that is 100 / 5 = 20 average.

    4 of the candidates are underperforming against the average by a lot. One is over by a lot.

    The remainder, after adding up the scores, is 8%. That is more than Carson and almost as much as Cruz. Interesting…


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  3. Riddick says:

    Interesting claims in regard to Rubio’s rally yesterday in TN. Local paper claimed 3,500 attended. Then another source, afterwards, claimed 4,000. Then Fox and Breitbart bumped it up to a claimed “huge” turnout of 5,000 (How much has Mercer wasted so far in his attempts to avoid IRS bill of $$$ Billions). And then a video of the “huge” turnout was posted on utube. Well, maybe 300-400 hundred, AT BEST?

    Now that ICE issue is hitting hard and Trump has finally raised Foam Boy’s eligibility issue, SEC should be a good run ahead of MA. Tomorrow here, in Las Vegas, I will up another great cigar along with great Bourbon, in honor of Trump’s win. All the radio talk locally is about and in support of Trump, have no idea who supports the 2 Cubanos.

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  4. kenramsey says:

    I’m surprised that Ted Cruz is getting 10% in Massachusetts. It’s really not Cruz country at all. Then again, after Ted’s horrific result in South Carolina, I’m starting to wonder where in the world he’d do well. He has really undermined the rationale for his own campaign with all the questionable ethics. It’s very hard to “TrusTED” when he keeps pulling shady stuff all the time!

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    • jackphatz says:

      Would he have stood out if he had been ethical?

      He really messed up here. First he was way too inexperienced to be running for the top position. Second, he knew he lacked a certain”appeal”, he should have dedicated himself to work on that for the future. Third, he just was not smart enough to know who would be bad for him-Beck. And fourth, his religion. He would never appeal to that many different people while wearing his religion on his sleeve. Who really is behind him. Why do I think it is Bush related.

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  5. Chris says:

    Trump would win even more hearts if he offered the SCOTUS position to Cruz and VP position to Kasich.


    • Kef Farms says:

      I like the idea of Cruz on the SCOTUS, but you lost me with Kasich. Perhaps he should bring in a conservative governor, such as Martinez out of New Mexico. Conservative, check; political experience, check; female, check; Latino, check,
      Just throwing out an idea, but I can’t stand Kasich. He gives me the creeps.

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    • jackphatz says:

      What do you base this on? Cruz has proven to be somewhat unethical, not to mention his sealed records situation. And Kasich is serving no purpose whatsoever. Actually he is a spoiler. And he’s a liar.


    • SCOTUS and VP one not positions to be given out as charity to people who do not deserve it.

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    • jello333 says:

      NO to Cruz on the SC! Even if he wasn’t such a dishonest slime, he’s too right-wing. I think it’s unfair to the American people, who are all across the political spectrum, to have a person on EITHER extreme, left or right.


    • Notmeagain says:

      The Justices have lifetime appointments and no easy way to remove them. During the 30-40 years they might serve, as opposed to 8 years for a president, they have daily opportunities to change life for everyone in the country. It isn’t a light choice to make, to please a few possible voters by pandering with one of the most important jobs in the country is crazy.


    • helix35 says:

      I don’t want Cruz anywhere near the Trump Administration. I wouldn’t trust this creep to walk my dog.


    • Bert Darrell says:

      Do you really like a creepy fellow like Cruz to be a member of the SCOTUS? And do you really want lefty-RINO Kasich to be a heart beat away from the presidency? What good is all the hard work that trump is putting in if these losers end up in important positions in his administration?


    • CountryClassVulgarian says:

      NO, NO, NO, No, absolutely NO on Kasich. Trump does not need Kasich to win Ohio.


  6. Athena the Warrior says:

    “Ceilings, nothing more than ceilings…” thanks Sundance. The Officer and a Gentleman version is stuck in my head now especially the bad trumpet part 😊


  7. Yes, Trump has a ceiling. He capped between 28% and 36% in every Super Tuesday state except Massachusetts, where GOP-leaners (like Charlie Baker and Scott Brown) apparently have a soft spot for know-nothing blowhard progressives.

    Trump’s support in the latest polls outside Mass: 32, 26, 28, 35, 28.

    And Trump’s negs among GOP leaners are sky high. Trumpkins are gifting the presidency to Hillary and will cost the GOP the Senate and the Supreme Court.


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