The Only Endorsement That Matters…

Not endorsed by the Professional Political Class….

SC candidate endorsements

Not endorsed by the punditry…

Endorsed By The American People !

Florida – Tampa

trump rally tampa 17

trump rally tampa 10


trump rally louisiana 11trump rally louisiana 7

South Carolina – Clemson

trump rally clemson 5

Trump rally clemson 6


trump rally oklahoma 5

trump rally oklahoma 3


Trump rally mississippi

trump rally mississippi 2


trump rally michigan 2

trump rally michigan


trump rally illinois 3

Trump rally illinois 4


trump rally virginia 2 10-31


Trump rally texas 2

Trump rally texas

trump lion


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170 Responses to The Only Endorsement That Matters…

  1. Pete V says:

    “But Ted Cruz was endorsed by God who killed Scalia!” – Glenn Beck.

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  2. beaujest says:

    The book just out,”Jeb and the Bush Crime Family” will end the Bush political hopes for good !

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    • elena19501 says:

      I didn’t know about the book, but that what I been calling the Bush family since Iraq war.

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      • it’s what i’ve been calling them since i heard ghw bush tell “me” (all of us) that the “new” world order was and “would be successful, with a credible united nations using it’s peacekeeping role to ensure the promise and vision of the united nations founders.” at that point my research kicked in and i found out all about prescott bush too, and it’s been nothing that evil that comes from that traitorous family heavily connected to the clintons as well. did you know the united nations charter was written by an American? yep, tennessean cordell hull, then secretary of state under fdr. so, back to WE THE PEOPLE. best endorsement for sure, and a group that has a LOT of work to do if trump can get a landslide going… and beat the bankster/globalists with our support.

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        • Prothonotary Warbler says:

          Also… the acting Secretary General of the United Nations while that organization was being established was none other than Alger Hiss, a high-ranking State Department official and a proven Soviet spy.

          I took my nickname here from the “little bird” that (literally!) told Congressman Richard Nixon that Hiss was a lying commie traitor.

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        • Gail Combs says:

          In 1901 Samuel Prescott Bush becomes General Manager of Buckeye Steel Castings Company, owned by Frank Rockefeller, brother of John D. Rockefeller. So just like Maurice Strong, the great granddaddy Bush started out as a Rockefeller employee.


    • 2x4x8 says:

      yes, i think Jeb might drop before Florida (3-15) just as Lindsey Graham did, so as not to lose his home state and give Rubio a chance to get his GOPe votes to stump Trump

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    • ZZZ says:

      I said this before but…have to mention again as an addition to your comment:

      I got a mailer in support of Jeb where he was dressed like the Godfather and the caption read “Veto Corleone”.

      Now, considering the words “crime family” are often associated with the Bushes…don’t you think this was a bad marketing effort?

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    • Concerned Virginian says:

      You may want to know that early this morning on Atlanta radio station WSB750AM, there was a report about the GOP establishment in Georgia is putting serious money on JebBush (I put the name together, it sounds like a sneeze that way) and on Marco Rubio. Something about “they have the right experience”, etc. I listened to the report and then emailed the Trump campaign (except they probably knew this already).

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  3. Hunter says:

    Haven’t had this much hope for America in 25 years.

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  4. As Trump states “it’s a movement”

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  5. sundance says:

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  6. Paco Loco says:

    Time to kick ass and take names! A leader with a vision for a great American revival. a Vote for Donald Trump is a vote to reclaim our country from the socialists, the Corporatists, and the illegal immigrantants.

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  7. Hunter says:

    Quick response on any board:
    W admits no WMDs at :20 or so

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    • feralcatsblog says:

      Great find!

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    • feralcatsblog says:

      Bush tries to dig himself out of a hole and just digs himself deeper. Even babbling on like the followers of the Monster Mohammad want liberty and human rights as much as we do.

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    • oldschool64 says:

      Clearly, Jeb wasn’t the only Bush child gorging himself on lead paint chips.

      We can’t endure 4 more years of the mental retardation exhibited in this video. We just can’t!

      A vote for anyone other than Trump is a vote to end our country. PERIOD!

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    • ZZZ says:

      It’s in the U.S. interests to build a 100 acre embassy in Iraq.

      That would be more appropriate…


    • Anyone have comments on The Downing Street Memo???


    • joan says:

      Somebody send this to the Trump campaign asap.


    • definitely a nice archival find. ‘funny’ how “politicians” never address a freedom agenda here in the USA. however, the preamble does begin with We the People. let’s get and stay busy!


    • jackphatz says:

      Those initial terrorist were from Saudi Arabia, not Iraq.

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      • We was scammed by the old Saudi-Saddam switcheroo.

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      • Gail Combs says:

        To repeat:

        Osama bin Laden, was the former head of Al Qaeda, the terrorist group responsible for the September 11, 2001 terror attacks

        The two closest friends of King Fahd were Prince Mohammed bin Abdullah and Salem bin Laden a brother of Osama bin Laden.

        Jeb Bush was governor of Florida from 1999 to 2007.

        In early 2000, three of the pilot/hijackers are heavily documented at a small flight school near Venice, Florida, while the fourth attended schools in Arizona and California.

        Congressional investigators linked Dallah Avco, a Saudi operator of multiple private Boeing airliners, with the actual hijackers. SEE: Philip Marshall, a veteran airline captain discussions

        July 10, 2001 — the head of the agency’s Al Qaeda unit, Richard Blee, alerted Bush’s National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice. ‘There will be significant terrorist attacks against the United States in the coming weeks or months. The attacks will be spectacular. They may be multiple. Al Qaeda’s intention is the destruction of the United States’…. The information that we had compiled was absolutely compelling. It was multiple-sourced. ”

        ….Inexplicably, although Tenet brought up this meeting in his closed-door testimony before the 9/11 Commission, it was never mentioned in the committee’s final report.”SEE: Politico

        Two weeks before the 9/11 members of a Saudi family abruptly left Sarasota, phone calls were linked between the home and those who carried out the death flights but this info wasn’t reported to Congress or mentioned in the 9/11 Commission Report. Congressman Graham believes the grounds for suppressing the material were “protection of the Saudis from embarrassment, protection of the administration from political embarrassment”

        The flight of Saudi Nationals after 9/11 —
        TIA now verifies flight of Saudis Two days after the Sept. 11 attacks, with most of the nation’s air traffic still grounded, a small jet landed at Tampa International Airport, picked up three young Saudi men and left.
        “…The odyssey of the small LearJet 35 is part of a larger controversy over the hasty exodus from the United States in the days immediately after 9/11 of members of the Saudi royal family and relatives of Osama bin Laden….” Others drove to Lexington Kentucky where they flew out of the USA.

        George W. Bush met with fifteen Islamic supremacists at the White House on September 26, 2001 just after 9/11 Attack

        DHS ordered me to scrub records of Muslims with terror ties

        Now can anyone explain why the target of the USA is Iraq and Iran and NOT Saudi Arabia? — The US citizens Gaslighted again —

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  8. JoeS says:

    POWERFUL videos and pictures capture Trump RAW Sundance.

    That second video just about brings me to tears-and I am no Glenn Beck cry baby.

    QUESTION SUNDANCE (or anyone who knows):

    If the below results hold, does it mean that Trump wins all of the delegates in SC (note the region by region vote)?:


  9. wheatietoo says:

    Trump needs every vote!

    Please don’t stay home, thinking that “he’s got this”….he needs every. single. vote.

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      • That poll is a LIE. Trump has been in mid 30’s for 7 months. This poll is giving us a glimpse of how they plan on cheating. There is no way that Cruz is that close to Trump.

        In any case, this country is not going to be restored simply by winning, the whole stinking rotted condemned thing is going to come down. God sent us a BUILDER and we’re going to be witnessing a DEMOLITION. There is nothing worth saving, it is rotten to the core LIKE A CONDEMNED BUILDING. The good news is the foundation is still solid, that is the people and the principles this country was founded on, but the rest has got to be demoed and hauled away. The media has become a part of the government so that must go too.

        Prepare for a very very VERY wild ride. I would’ve preferred for Trump to call the cheating out prior but we must let Trump be Trump. Perhaps he has to see it for himself and when he does there will be HELL to pay. This entire political system is going to come crashing down and that preacher was right: Trump is God’s wrecking ball. It will get worse before it gets better. O my what destruction I am seeing. Ah but do not fear, the restoration will be magnificent! Glistening!

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    • TheFenian says:

      Amen wheatietoo. “He’s got this” is the worst battle cry ever. He’s got nothing.

      “We’ve got this” … But only if we want it bad enough, and I do believe we do.

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      • wheatietoo says:

        Yep. We’ve only “got this” if we all get out and vote.

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        • KBR says:

          Landslide the Trump vote! 🇺🇸

          If I knew for a fact that Trump had a landslide already, I would still get out and add my voice, my vote, to the US-citizen voters for Donald Trump!

          Make it LANDSLIDE, SC! Make it a MANDATE!

          No more PUPPETS!

          USA! USA! USA! Vote TRUMP! 🇺🇸

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      • IRememberAmerica says:

        Well said Fenian, We need Donald J Trump and he needs us. It is not complex we simply need to go vote, by the thousands…


  10. Dick Albright says:

    Mission Accomplished!

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    • elena19501 says:

      Not yet. Hopefully in November. Pray.

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    • TheFenian says:

      Long way to go Mr Albright.

      We can count no chickens till Hillary’s lawyers in all 50 states finally tell her to concede the election to Donald Trump. And just getting to that day will be a brutal, hard, bloody, exhausting, daily battle.

      Long way to go. Much hard work ahead. We have yet to see the most devious & despicable weapons in the arsenals of our many enemies.

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  11. elena19501 says:

    Let have a landslide tomorrow!!!

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  12. mark4trump says:

    Wow – Those pictures are beautiful – Trump IS endorsed by we the people!

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  13. Bull Durham says:

    Donald has repeatedly said: Wouldn’t it be nice if we got along with the Russians?

    Here’s a message from a babushka (grandma) to Obama—

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  14. Howie says:

    The punditry panic is in full bloom. I predict.
    Punditry…Splodey Heads

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  15. photozombies says:

    Ok, SCarolina. Rock this out tomorrow. We need you!!

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  16. seabrznsun says:

    If I knew how, I’d post some Mobile, Alabama photos.

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  17. Niagara Frontier says:

    “Not endorsed by the punditry,” seems like an understatement after scanning all of the network and cable coverage today. I watched in amazement as network after network pundit disregarded their own network’s polling data to headline the NBC/WSJ poll, a clear outlier. It’s all they could talk about. I pray that God gives the voter’s of SC the wisdom and courage to do what is right.

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    • Ivehadit says:

      Manufactured news creating a narrative. How I despise that word, narrative. Chock full of intellectual dishonesty! Just like the media. And Rush has fallen into that category also, imho, sad to say.

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    • bnjohanson says:

      If the mainstream media’s goal was to ever make Trump supporters feel like crap, today was their best effort. i had to hide my knife set and turn my channel to one of the spanish-speaking soaps since even Keeping Up With The Kardashians had dedicated an entire episode to ripping the man to pieces…

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  18. sundance says:

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  19. Bacall says:

    I am watching Lou Dobbs on FOX because he keeps referring positively to trumpt. He talked tonight about the power of the Trump campaign: Trump and Apple, Trump and the trade imbalances and the fact that Trump is the only candidate talking about that, then a segment on Cruz lying about Trump on Israel and Palestine. Trump supporters need to watch Lou Dobbs.

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    • Americat says:

      Lou Dobbs has consistently been fair and positive, dampening the venom of talking head guests with incredible professional grace and humor.
      (FOX Business: weekdays 2 showings late afternoon/evenings, Sat am, Sun pm)

      And.. it is clear Dobbs is very aware of CTH, Sundance, and Treepers 🙂

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      • Americat says:

        And each day he has a new poll… “question of the day,”
        pertaining to current issues, usually related to Trump/politics.
        We think it’s important to participate!

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        • JT says:

          Dobbs is a stand up guy. I’ve not watched his show enough this campaign season to my regret. He deserves good ratings. Starting this Monday I will record his show to watch even if I view it at the same time. (Usually the wife and I go out to dinner when his show’s on.)

          When our candidate is nominated and elected I expect some shakeups at focks. I know they get their cues from Murdoch and ailes fueling the anti-Trump element there. Still there are others not necessarily Trump supporters but who actually believe they should be fair and balanced.

          This election cycle has been an eye opener regarding the so-called conservative pundits and leaders. Seems only Tom Cotton is it in the Senate as his was the only vote against the Iran deal.. Supporters of rafayel and marco-mark are oblivious to the rollovers their Cuban guys perform.

          TRUMP 2016 !!!!!!!

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    • shallbe4 says:

      I love Lou Dobs — always have.


  20. justfactsplz says:

    Can they hear us now? Tomorrow they will hear us loud and clear. How about you South Carolina? Bring it on home.

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  21. bnjohanson says:

    Early voting began today in the Republic of Texas effective immediately upon me concluding my effort via touch-screen…


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  22. The way that the press deliberately hides his crowd sizes is so disgusting it makes me want to scream. If you ever doubted how totally bought by the establishment the press is, this primary season proves it.

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    • JT says:

      A great commercial would be to show a crowd size comparisons next to each other with a panning of those audiences. A split screen that then goes to a panoramic view of any one of the Trump rallies giving location and date vs a full or half empty hall for the others or in case Jeb’s completely empty ones. Let the cheers at the Trump rallies be the soundtracks and go mute when the other candidates are shown.

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  23. laineethecat says:


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  24. Reblogged this on Exposing Modern Mugwumps and commented:


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  25. paulgilpin says:

    he just called eric a boy.
    a boy?
    who trump has to look up to make eye contact?
    a boy?
    c’mon man!!!!!


  26. urbanpatriot says:

    The media does themselves more harm than good by refusing to broadcast Trump’s crowds.

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  27. James says:

    It seems it is too much to ask that we could have;

    An able, disinterested, public-spirited press, with trained intelligence to know the right and courage to do it, can preserve that public virtue without which popular government is a sham and a mockery.
    Joseph Pulitzer

    Most of the Media are so much beyond shame, they are an true affront to the human soul. A distinct rot.

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    • KBR says:

      We the US citizens CAN “preserve that public virtue
      without which popular government is a sham and a mockery”

      The rotted press needs to be replaced. We can only do that within a Trump presidency!
      Voting Trump shows the rotted press/media that WE CANNOT BE BOUGHT!

      And that we know they have been!


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    • Gail Combs says:

      Joseph Pulitzer is founder of ‘Yellow Journalism’ and used his newspaper writing to get the USA into the Spanish-American war.

      Walter Duranty, the NY Times writer who hid Stalin’s attrocities and was insturmental in getting the USA to acknowledge the Soviet Union as a country, certainly deserved the tainted Pulitzer. The Pulitzer commitee and the NY Times even after finding out about the Ukrainian ‘Holodomor’ still refused to remove Duranty’s Pulitzer.

      Gareth Jones, a journalist who had had the courage to tell the truth about the despicable things he had seen in Ukraine was murdered and forgotten.

      A Tale of Two Journalists:
      Walter Duranty, Gareth Jones, and the Pulitzer Prize


  28. archer52 says:

    Let me remind all you guys, there are endorsements, and then there are endorsements. Don’t get lost down the rabbit hole too far. Trump is still far from where he needs to be, and YOU have to be the ones to keep him on track.

    Blind following will lead to everybody walking off the same cliff.


  29. tammy says:

    “We the People” are the ONLY endorsement that matters! TRUMP/TRUTH/THE AMERICAN WAY!

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  30. georgiafl says:

    Here is a list of endorsements:,_2016
    Looking at this list, the Scripture comes to mind about the ‘very elect’ in the Church (and State) being deceived.

    Matthew 24:24 – For false messiahs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect.

    Mark 13:22 – For false messiahs and false prophets will appear and perform signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect.

    Romans 16:18 – For such people are not serving our Lord Christ, but their own appetites. By smooth talk and flattery they deceive the minds of naive people.

    Colossians 2:4 I tell you this so that no one may deceive you by fine-sounding arguments.


  31. Lea says:

    The ‘news’ has been agenda pushing talk shows (not unlike Oprah’s and many others) for many years now.
    Whatever happened to ‘just the facts’ and let the viewer draw their own conclusions’?
    Now, if the news is even reported, the ‘facts’ are skewed to be interpreted as the puppeteers want the story to unfold, all politically correct, nice and tidy.
    I am a butcher by trade, no collage education, and just life’s lessons to fall back on, but, for years now, I can see the manipulating not only in the news but the rest of the programming on TV, posted online and even in the movies.
    The ‘Establishment’ has been trying to brain wash this country through the entertainment we seek.
    That is why I would rather walk through the Pine Barrens with the dog taking pictures or set my butt in the boat in the middle of the bay and drown bait than get aggravated with the crap shoveled at me through these sources.
    I firmly believe that a Trump presidency can began to turn this country and its brain numbing misinformation around.
    I come to The Treehouse to get the truths of what is going on in our world. A place that a lowly unwashed vulgarian high school graduate voter can see what is important to me and this country without wading through all the camel dung the elite are spewing, making my eyes glaze over and roll back into my head.
    Thank you Sundance and all Treepers here for the information, sanity and yes, the humor you provide. Thank you all.

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    • thefirstab says:

      “Drown bait…” So that’s what my fishin-husband has been doing!
      Thanks for your thoughts, too.


    • Gail Combs says:

      Try reading Willing Accomplices: How KGB Covert Influence Agents Created Political Correctness and Destroyed America by Kent Clizbe

      You can tell the local library to get the book for you or to buy it.

      It is a fairly easy read.


  32. Lea says:

    NO! No, I meant catch and release. Yea, that’s it, catch and release.
    And thank you for tolerating my rant.


  33. Justin says:

    The second video is just simply incredible. This is the true “TONE” of a leader. Brings out the Reagan in Trump. Folks, this is the ONLY chance to turn this around.
    Vote Trump.


  34. TEAFORALL says:

    We Love you Mr Trump and believe you will make America Great once again


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