New Fox Poll South Carolina – Donald Trump 32%, Ted Cruz 19%, Marco Rubio 15%…

Unless something rather drastic comes out that needs to be deconstructed or analyzed, this will be the last presentation of a poll in South Carolina.  Why?  Well, quite simply, all of these latest polls are being too manipulated to be of any real value – Including this one.

The latest Fox News Poll (full pdf below) is data driven by Anderson Robbins Research (Democrat firm) and Shaw & Company Research (Republican firm), and not by Fox Media itself.  The sub-contracts have vested financial interests/stakes in the race – hence the under and over samples evident to present an outcome that cannot be assured as objective:

The results, while following a similar path to prior polls, are too fraught with assumptions and specific weighted demos, leading to high margins of error for certain demographics.

Here’s the snapshot showing the demos, including some of the higher MOE categories as noted.

Fox News Poll SC 02-18-16

From 2011: […]  The Shaw in Shaw & Company is Daron Shaw, a University of Texas political science professor and veteran of several GOP campaigns, whose name has been in the news a bit lately.

That’s because Shaw is one of the starring players in Sasha Issenberg’s e-book, “Rick Perry and His Eggheads: Inside the Brainiest Political Operation in America,” which details a groundbreaking set of experiments that Shaw and three other academics conducted inside Perry’s 2006 reelection campaign.

The Perry campaign allowed the so-called eggheads to run tests on “anything [they] could figure out how to randomize, from lawn signs to television ads,” Issenberg writes, and they assembled a provocative set of findings on which kinds of campaign tactics really work.

Fast forward five years and Perry is running for president and Shaw is one of the lead pollsters for the most influential cable network, by far, among GOP primary voters. (link)

Everything is being manipulated right now folks.  It’s just best to hang back and wait for the actual elections.

These professional political PR outfits are being sub-contracted by those in corporate media who have a vested interest in selling a very specific narrative.  You saw a more obvious example of that yesterday with NBC and the Wall Street Journal poll.

Here’s the full pdf of the polling result.

GOP primary 2

In addition CBS also conducted a national poll today and found the following results:

cbs poll national 2-18-16


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122 Responses to New Fox Poll South Carolina – Donald Trump 32%, Ted Cruz 19%, Marco Rubio 15%…

  1. Fourth of Juluau says:

    New FOX News National Poll shows Trump +17… Cruz supporters all day have been running around claiming it was leaked and it showed Cruz within 8

    How is your “new frontrunner” now?

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    • shallbe4 says:

      Ok guys you think we’re the only ones who are worried. Cruz’s people are worried that a loss in South Carolina will hurt them on Super Tuesday. Tsk Tsk Check out Gateway Pundit. They have the story. Sorry I can’t give you the link but this new computer wouldn’t let me.


  2. Sentient says:

    I think the pope just secured a massive Trump win in SC. Thanks, pope.

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    • TheFenian says:

      Couldn’t agree more. God works in strange and wondrous ways.

      Stopped off to see my mother this afternoon, an 86 year old old-school, pre. Ativan II Catholic who was very upset at hearing that Trump took on our Pope. I let her read the Pope’s words, then had her read Trump’s press release regarding the Pope.

      Her response ? “This is a magnificent statement. He is going to be a wonderful President. This is what America needs”.

      So there ya go. Perhaps a bit anecdotal for some, but I assure you: It was a surer bet hell would freeze over before my mom ever went against our Pope.

      Trump’s going to win big in South Carolina … then run the table.

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      • Please tell your mom that Italy is all Catholic and the Pope says the same thing to any leaders that want to secure the border, calls them anti-Christian and all the same baloney he called Trump and they are all good Catholics! He’s a leftist Pope open borders advocate. He’s the one that let all of the migrants in who ended up leaving broken Italy and migrated North to GERMANY SWEDEN where the money was, the other half came in through Greece! He probably had something to do with that welcome mat too! I’m furious with him!

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      • Your Mom is awesome!

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      • waicool says:

        same story with my mom, 88 years young, supported Hillary up until a month or so ago. went to see her yesterday and to my surprise she was smiling at Trump on the network news reports standing up for himself regarding the frank the pope’s political statements. mom says she is now for Donald Trump and says she now believes Hillary is crooked…that is moving mountains influence folks. with wench Hillary trailing Socialist Sanders now nationally, it is time for realclearpolitics to start posting some honest national poll averages for trump vs sanders, a match up they have so far ignored to report on. i posted “trump for pope” and got a favorable chuckle from my quasi lib brother. and the trump train keeps chuggin’,

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    • Gail Combs says:

      Oh yes the Pope could not have picked a worse time. South Carolina is 25.65% Southern Baptists and 7% Roman Catholic.

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  3. Dora says:

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    • justfactsplz says:

      Thanks, Dora. I really needed that little pick me up. I have been busy all day as a member of Team Trump working South Carolina. It has not been the greatest day. I must have talked to all of the “anybody but Trump” people. Most of them cut me off at the pass when I first mentioned Trump’s name. However none of them told me who they were supporting.

      I did talk to one nice man who hadn’t made up his mind yet who to vote for. Another man was very nice and said, “don’t worry, darling. My wife and I both will be voting for Trump”. Tomorrow is another day and I will be back at it. I could move on to other states but want to stick it out to the end in South Carolina. Trump needs a YUGE win there. Anyone who can help on the ground in S.C. please contact the campaign offices in Greensville, Myrtle Beach, or Columbia. WOLVERINES!

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  4. NHVoter says:

    Really interesting. Great work once again, Sundance & crew!

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  5. Suzy Kiprien says:

    GOP is in full mode desperation. Murdoch no longer sleeps… he’s headed for a nervous breakdown.

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  6. Dora says:

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  7. Polar Vortex says:

    A lot of money has been dumped into the anti-Trump candidates to defeat him. The big money people never lose money on an investment. Heck, Goldman Sachs one year reported every trade they made, made money. That isn’t luck. That isn’t leaving anything to chance. The only avenue the power brokers seem to have left is voter fraud, which is more likely in a primary than a general election. What am I missing

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    • singtune says:

      Offer to be a Poll Watcher for TRUMP~! I am 7i, but I have signed up to do just that, here in Florida. When It gets close to the Election in your state, & if you have Volunteered for Trump~~They will ask you if you want to be a Pol watcher.

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  8. Finalage says:

    I stopped believing the polls after IA. We have actual voting going on so poll season really is over and what’s most important is GOTV.

    I don’t care if the “polls” show Trump up 50%, GOTV. Don’t go to the polls alone. Bring someone! It’s going to take that type of thinking and commitment to MAGA!

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    • Bahb says:

      Sorry to be dense but what can bringing someone with me to the polls do? What do “poll watchers” do? I’ve voted by mail-in for years, maybe that’s not safe either?


  9. BobW462 says:

    “Everything is being manipulated….”

    Thank you, Sundance… for reinforcing this critically relevant fact. As you know, I have been doing my best to spread this message for months now.

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  10. Daz says:

    What gets me is media trying to pretend their honest about everything. Bullsh*t, I would almost bet Trump is rating higher than the ones that’s got him at 36%. The so called WSJ poll was a joke that old fart Murdock thought he’d fool everyone with. I’m glad Trump called his bluff.

    Then we got the ratings for the town hall meeting, which was another load of crap. I know cruz and Rubio didn’t get better ratings then Trump. Looks like the donors and special interest are paying media big time to pretend their establishment puppets are more interesting.

    Media has certainly whored itself out to the highest bidder.

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  11. Howie says:

    Let’s vote. Splode Dey Haed Mon.

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  12. kinthenorthwest says:

    Cruz needs to have his hands slapped for all the election violations he is/has been committing in not on Iowa, SC, Flor, TX, Or, Mich and I bet there are more… These are the states that I currently know of from the news or from FB friends, or personally.
    Then on top of all this Cruz is INELIGIBLE to be POTUS!!

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    • Tonawanda says:

      “Then on top of all this Cruz is INELIGIBLE to be POTUS!!”

      Born on American soil of American citizens parents — the simple, powerful logic is overwhelming. Does any alternative definition approach making so much sense regarding a president?

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  13. NHVoter says:

    Sorry for linking from the Cruz propaganda site The Right Scoop, but it’s the only source I’ve seen for this.

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  14. Dora says:

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  15. NHVoter says:

    What’s the best case scenario for SC results – Rubio second & Cruz third, or vice versa?


    • BobW462 says:

      Best scenario… Cruz and Robotio are declared ineligible and drop their campaigns. 😏

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    • Sentient says:

      Pataki 2nd, Jindal 3rd.

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    • TipTipTopKek says:

      From the most important standpoint, delegates, it doesn’t matter who is second or third statewide. SC allocates delegates on a winner-takes-all but splits up what “winner” means by having so many delegates for the statewide win and then the majority of delegates so many per each district win. So if Trump wins every single geographic area (a very real possibility), by no matter how little he wins any area, it matters not who’s second or third, Trump gets the delegates. For either Rafael “Refito” Edward “Ted” Cruz or Marco “Poolboy from Legally Blond” Rubio to get ANY delegates out of SC, they will have to win at least one district outright (a very slim possibility without lots of fraud).

      My “take” on the nomination race overall is that (and Sundance may have the same or a different take on it) not only will Juan Ellis Bush a.k.a. “Jebito” stay in the race as long as possible, so will Rafael “Refito” Edward “Ted” Cruz and Marco “Poolboy from Legally Blond” Rubio, because the objective is to PREVENT Trump from getting an outright majority of total countrywide delegates, AND prevent Trump from getting an outright majority in EIGHT states or more (ex., NH doesn’t count as a majority in a state because he won the state but didn’t win a majority of delegates in the state, but the delegates Trump and everyone else won in NH count to the countrywide competition). If they do both of those things (prevent a countrywide majority and prevent 8+ state majorities to Trump), then BINGO!, the convention can be brokered as Trump cannot be presented as a nominee under the current rules, and let’s face it, they need a protracted four-way race to have a shot at that.

      If they prevent Trump from getting a majority of countrywide delegates but Trump still wins a majority in at least eight states, they’ll hope someone else wins at majority in at least eight states as well, or manipulate it through having someone (Refito or Roboto) drop out and their delegates go to someone else (Juan Ellis Bush), and try to broker it. The original pre-Trump plan was to use splitters and timed dropouts to either give Juan a majority or broker the convention for Juan anyways.

      The closest thing to ironclad, and it still isn’t ironclad, is for Trump to win a majority countrywide AND at least eight state majorities. But, and someone correct me if I’m wrong, the GOP is a private entity and could potentially change the rules between now and the convention.

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    • H Hutto says:

      Trump in first place and who cares way back in distant second place. best scenario.

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    • Athena the Warrior says:

      Rubio second. Cruz needs to be smacked down hard.

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      • TheTorch says:

        Agreed. A 3rd place for Cruz would be beautiful justice 🙂

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        • Scott says:

          I don’t like Rubio coming in second. You know how that will be spun and money will flow into his coffers. Cruz is damaged goods and taking on water. Keep Rubio behind Cruz. Let Trump wipe out Cruz first so he cannot rise and by then, Rubio will be a non-factor.

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    • CatherinesMom says:

      Best case scenario is Kasich taking 2nd. Imagine the minds blown. A distant 2nd.

      But I’ve been calling for Trump campaign. So far I’d say Trump has a lead, and second favored is Rubio. Please understand that is with only 37 calls, so you can completely ignore what I said statistically. I have managed to talk one person off the ledge regarding Cruz. Will be calling him back tomorrow to discuss the articles I told him to read regarding Cruz. My intent was to not force Trump on him. I have to remember I’m representing Mr. Trump and need to be gentle, kind, gracious to those that actually answer the phone. I pointed out Dr. Carson and Mr. Trump hold his views and please visit each of those candidates websites. I asked if I could call back on Friday and he allowed me to do so.

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  16. Dora says:

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    • TheTorch says:

      I know Rubes will need to get smacked around the head and drowned at some stage by the Trumpinator.

      BUT you have to admit, he is proving to be very useful at the moment, and he knows he has a chance of knocking Cruz into 3rd place, so he is really going for it.

      Good 🙂

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      • Mindcraft says:

        Correct. The best outcome in SC would be, of course, Trump to win, but Rubio to take 2nd. The people who vote for Rubio are solid establishment NWO open border neo cons, so he won’t be pulling votes away from Trump. Cruz needs to come in 3rd or lower. The same goes for Nevada. Two 3rd place finishes for Cruz (or less) would make it very hard for Cruz to recover. Most of his supporters will jump ship for Trump. Just my thoughts.

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    • The MAD Jewess says:

      Dirty Trix Ted always busy…

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  17. NannyG says:

    This Fox Poll’s results were known (by Fox people) all day today.
    But they sat on it.
    They wanted that NBC/Wall St Journal poll’s skewed results to make headlines for the day.
    Too bad the Pope weighed in and stole their fire.
    So, out with it.
    And it lines up with so many other polls.
    Makes the NBC/WSJ into the outlier it is.

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  18. KitKat says:

    A tie, so they can expend all their energy trying to one-up each other.

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  19. Concerned says:

    I think the college degree tracking is bogus, there are so many smart successful people who don’t have a college degree, why would this be important? But hey, since they put it out there, let’s scrutinize the results. I see that Trump is equally popular among those with and without college degrees, but Cruz is actually more popular among people without degrees than with degrees. I find this funny because for some time we were being told by the media that (paraphrasing the media) Trump supporters were a bunch of dumb hicks but the supporters of other candidates were far more erudite, and it was all based on the college degree tracking in the polls. Now how are they going to claim that Trump supporters are dumb hicks? The poll data no longer supports their prejudiced faux logic.

    Why does this election season remind me so much of the Trayvon debacle?

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    • BobW462 says:

      and, there are still a lot of people, more college educated than not, who are ‘secret’ Trump supporters. So, the results for that subgroup are always suspect.

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  20. tz says:

    The upside is it now brings “The Wall” back into the spotlight where Trump will shine.

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  21. Paco Loco says:

    Drudge has news that it’s over for Yeb…out of money and out of juice.He’ll drop out on Monday…good by Bush and the horse he road in on!

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  22. burnett044 says:

    They come they try to screw Trump…hell ,even my dog knows better..

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  23. Trump is up way more than 32%. They are trying to cover their tracks for when GOPe commits vote counting fraud. Not only that but they want to skew the REAL CLEAR POLITICS POLL average and diagram to hid Trump surging. And instead make it look like he is slipping. Please don’t fall for it! They will use this to pad Rubio votes and even Jeb votes in SC.. Their goal is to let Trump win with a smaller margin that is real. These polls help hide that so after the vote they can say well, Trump was on a decline, etc. Then they will blame it on whatever made-up excuse they can fabricate from today til election.

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    • TheFenian says:

      MoniQue – don’t sweat it. The polls don’t matter anymore. Best to heed the most sagacious sentence in sundance’s posted article;

      ” It’s just best to hang back and wait for the actual elections.”

      We’ll all be happy on Saturday night.

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    • chojun says:

      Don’t forget that it’s an open primary and they aren’t polling democrats who plan to vote for Trump. It could be a true landslide unless the establishment has an operation chaos planned.

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      • The Boss says:

        Jeb! being so high in the single digits is a dead giveaway that this poll is rigged. He should be around 1%. He’s a one-percenter for sure.

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      • BobW462 says:

        I don’t think chaos would achieve much here. Most SC Dems are insanely loyal to the party and would not likely risk giving up their chance to vote for Hilary (SC has open primaries, but we’re only permitted to vote in one or the other- not both). Of course, if enough money is offered…

        Trump will win handily, no matter what some Dems may do.

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      • Scott says:

        Nevada is shaping up to be the first state that gives Trump 50%+1. I’ll do my part. If he gets SC by 15+, I suspect Nevada will get him above 50.

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  24. Fox Got The Vomit Leadership.


  25. Katherine McCoun says:

    Pick up your phone for SC!
    Its crunch time!
    Not my favorite thing to do but I can’t just watch trump rallies, read about it and want him to win but do nothing.
    After SC is finished lots of other calls in other states to make. Super Tuesday coming fast!

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  26. This:

    Pray for the guys pulling security for Trump.

    They also have the fate of the U S in their hands.

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  27. Martin says:

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  28. CatherinesMom says:

    Well, this can truly only help Trump. I am familiar with some Evangelicals that totally believe that the Pope is some sort of Anti Christ. So that allow may peel some off of Cruz to Trump as the Anti Christ has spoken 😉 (or something). Some just hate Catholics and the Catholic Church. A vote for Trump is a big middle finger for the Church. We’ll see on Saturday, no?

    To quote the Venerable Fulton Sheen: “There are not one hundred people in the United States who hate The Catholic Church, but there are millions who hate what they wrongly perceive the Catholic Church to be.”

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  29. ZZZ says:

    I am in SC – I got a 4 page mailer today and a single page mailer from the same group – against Trump. They are scared – this is alot of effort – numerous statements taken out of context – from the 80’s to the present. Much of it stances he once had but has since changed.

    At least he is transparent about his change of heart – his evolution as he calls it.

    Mentioning it for two reasons:
    1. Did anyone else get it?
    2. Hoping it gets ignored by anyone it is mailed to.

    ({(Trump Thumb)})


  30. TimeIsNow says:

    Deport Murdoch

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  31. So FOX proved they could only cooked it down to 32%.


  32. MissV says:

    Just picked up this link at Free Republic, from RedState (yuck). I did not check out the blog post, it’s just the headline but it’s confirmed by Erick Erickson (yuck). The Bush campaign is out of money and will stop paying its staff on Saturday.

    By the way, I’m tuned into CNN waiting for the Town Hall and it’s just dreadful.

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  33. Riddick says:

    In Las Vegas. Just received a solicitation from Felito, along with a FAKE check, begging for money. Will write a lengthy response after I have dinner, will tell him I will gladly give him him a check in amount of $25,000, on the spot, on TV, just in exchange for his CRBA form as well as his mother’s Canadian paperwork. And will add more to the letter, of course, I am really tired and way past the point of tolerance for any fake USA citizen, let alone a so called “Constitutional attorney”. It wasn’t enough that current WH golfer is one, now we have to face another fake, not much difference between them in reality.

    This after I repeatedly asked to be removed from ALL of his emails and lists. At least 3 times a request went in. Illegal, but for a so called Constitutionalist seems par for the course. Maybe Levin will be able to explain how one ignores multiple requests to stop spamming.

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  34. kinthenorthwest says:

    Love the headline..

    EXCLUSIVE– Pat Buchanan: Donald Trump’s Rise Is Rejection of a Quarter Century of Bush Republicanism

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    • phil fan says:

      Thanks for posting. Love me some Pat Buchanan. His campaign and core constituents (us) very closely mirror Donalds. Was ahead of his time but his time and ours is NOW.

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    • phil fan says:

      Superb article reviewing the Buchanan take down of the phony Bush/National Review neocon “conservatism”:

      “Buchanan observed that there is nothing about Bush Republicanism that is particularly attractive to American conservatives. He said, “After the judges and tax cuts, what is there about Bush that is conservative? His foreign policy is Wilsonian. His trade policy is pure FDR. His spending is LBJ all the way. His amnesty for illegals is Teddy Kennedy’s policy… In smearing as nativists, protectionists and isolationists those who wish to stop the invasion, halt the export of factories and jobs to Asia, and stop the unnecessary wars, Bush is attacking the last true conservatives in his party.”

      Saturday’s smack down on the last Bushie will be a glorious stake in the heart of this fraudservative brand of Texas politics. (apologies to Texas, but….Scalia)

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      • Doug says:

        Im not sure I understand how their tax policies were even conservative? Cutting taxes and running up debt isnt conservative at all its just dumb. Sure, I want lower taxes but cut the spending so they can stop stealing through cost of living. Not once has government shrunk under any of the Bushes. Its exploded , arguable more than any democrat allowed in the interim too. Fraudsters!

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        • phil fan says:

          Agree. That was Buchanan speaking. Maybe he felt he had to say SOMETHING nice about the disastrous Bushes


          • Doug says:

            Probably right.. Again whats so nice about Trump is that hes exposed this whole conservative political thing for what it was.. a bunch of bull. They hijacked the word and it no longer means what we think it means. I used to say it was just common sense and live and let live but that isnt what has been for the past 20 years.


            • phil fan says:

              Agree Doug. Look at the original tea party which was quickly co-opted by the GOPe and has become nothing more than a conduit for ambitious pols to join the RINO class. Never mind balanced budgets and smaller gumnint. We’ve been missing a Trumplike leader to hold the fort from the top so we can have a chance to clean up the lower levels and hold our representatives accountable.


  35. Linda Ruth says:

    The reality is that we know, Trump knows, the GOPe know, and the media know that neither Cruz nor Rubio are eligible to be running for President. Unfortunately, the courts nor the States can be trusted to adhere to Constitutional Law. Money has the power to corrupt, and the billionaires backing Cruz and Rubio can pay any bribe necessary to protect the candidacies of Cruz and Rubio. That is probably why both of them are so arrogant and confident. It worked for Obama. And in the long run, even the corrupt electoral college can be bought off, or even the Supreme Court (as was used to get GW Bush into office.)

    Trump Should Move On This:
    Cruz, Rubio & Secretaries of States
    By Devvy Kidd
    “There is NO question Marco Rubio is ineligible. NO question since neither of his parents were U.S. citizens at the time of his birth. Rubio’s parents were foreign nationals when he was born. Rubio’s parents didn’t become U.S. citizens until he was four years old. His name should not be on any ballot in any state.

    Ted Cruz knew two years ago this was going to be a problem, just like the criminal impostor in the White House knew. Soetoro was born with dual citizenship: A British citizen and U.S. citizen. That’s also the legal issue here with Cruz.

    Cruz legally renounced his Canadian citizenship. Cruz wants everyone to believe that since his mother was a U.S. citizen at the time he was born, that makes him a ‘natural born’ citizen. It does not. Both parents must be U.S. citizens at the time the child is born. Ted Cruz’s father was not a U.S. citizen at the time of his birth.”

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  36. flawesttexas says:

    I could probably commission a poll showing I am up by 20 points over everyone else. Seems all the otger candidates and their sycophants are doing such 😉


  37. kinthenorthwest says:

    Trump gets knighted

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    • seventhndr says:

      Thank you, I had not heard that. Inspired by your post I researched and found this as well:

      Today Camelot Castle, England formally recognized Donald Trump’s Humanitarian Deeds and Services to Humanity and awarded him an Honorary, Hereditary Camelot Castle Knighthood – Henceforth at Camelot Castle Donald Trump shall be referred to as Sir Donald Trump of Camelot.


    • wheatietoo says:

      John Mappin cannot be happy with the invasion of muslim immigrants that has been going on in the UK….but he probably doesn’t want to say that that is another reason why he likes Trump so much.

      Trump’s courage to speak out against the muslim invasion is contagious.
      It is spreading to the UK and to Europe…but the media over there is liberal too, like here, and they are doing everything they can to suppress it.

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  38. Lulu says:

    Marco Rubio Cancels Conservative Review Event Appearance Five Minutes Before His Speech


  39. seventhndr says:

    Murdoch is right. He is doing a lousy job. His scope is wrong though. He doesn’t just suck at taking down Donald, his news orgs suck too.


    • sDee says:

      Exactly – these globalist creeps are aging out rapidly and now scraping the bottom of the gene pool – their spawn are spoiled and lazy – they cannot step up to the corrupt and evil games.

      They had to take out America – it is the last stand. 100 years in the making – they shot the wad on Hussein Obama.

      Their intend to rule us – they think they know better how to run out lives than we. They build untold wealth by extracingt it from us who produce.

      None of it could have gone this far without the global propaganda media and brainwashing of government educators. Murdoch deserves a special place in the fires.


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