White House Begins Selecting Scalia Replacement – Short List Includes Current AG Loretta Lynch…

According to a Reuters report the Obama administration has begun the process of selecting a nominee for the Supreme Court.

loretta lynch AG nominee 2.1

The White House on Monday said President Barack Obama had started preliminary discussions with his team about naming a Supreme Court justice nominee and accused Republicans of “bluster” for saying they would not confirm his pick.

White House spokesman Eric Schultz told reporters that Obama would seek a nominee who understands that justice is not an abstract theory but something that affects Americans’ daily lives. Republicans say Obama should put off naming a replacement for conservative Justice Antonin Scalia, who died this weekend, and leave it to whoever is elected president in November.

Schultz said there was clear precedence for the U.S. Senate to confirm a Supreme Court justice during a presidential election year. (link)

One of the potential ‘short-list candidates’ is the current U.S. Attorney General, Loretta Lynch.

U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch might be the president’s choice to replace Antonin Scalia on the Supreme Court.

She’s the president’s top pick according to Tom Goldstein of the highly respected SCOTUSblog, which covers all things relating to the Supreme Court. Goldstein predicts Obama wants a black nominee for the court and writes, “The fact that Lynch was vetted so recently for attorney general also makes it practical for the president to nominate her in relatively short order.”  (read more)

In what is sure to be a very contentious fight during an election year, this prior video of Senator Chuck Schumer is being used to showcase glaring hypocrisy:

Sen. Schumer intended to block Supreme Court appointments by President Bush 18 months before his last term ended. With the death of Justice Scalia, Schumer now calls any delay in confirmation of a nominee less than one year before the end of President Obama’s term “obstruction.”


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252 Responses to White House Begins Selecting Scalia Replacement – Short List Includes Current AG Loretta Lynch…

  1. Obama should do the right thing and nominate his wife to Supreme court. He will then be free to become the UN secretary unless Michelle wants to run for President in 4 years, which would not surprise me

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    • Mike says:

      /sarc but still makes me ill rather than laugh

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    • F.D.R. in Hell says:

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      • Linda Ruth says:

        Keeping “the Scalia was murdered” Conspiracy active, because Obama is evil.


        “. . . examining the post-Scalia-death mania which continues to dominate the front pages of Sulzberger’s Slimes,”
        “2- More importantly, there has not appeared a single sentence in the Slimes about neither the strange circumstances and inconsistencies regarding the official story, nor the explosive comments made by William O. Ritchie, a former head of criminal investigations in Washington DC.

        Ritchie wrote on his Facebook page:

        “My gut tells me there is something fishy going on in Texas. As a former homicide commander, I am stunned that no autopsy was ordered for Justice Scalia. You have a Supreme Court Justice who died, not in attendance of a physician. You have a non-homicide trained US Marshal tell the justice of peace that no foul play was observed. You have a justice of the peace pronounce death while not being on the scene and without any medical training opining that the justice died of a heart attack. What medical proof exists of a myocardial Infarction? Why not a cerebral hemorrhage?”

        Ritchie also questioned the marshals’ actions:

        “How can the Marshal say, without a thorough post mortem, that he was not injected with an illegal substance that would simulate a heart attack… Did the US Marshal check for petechial hemorrhage in his eyes or under his lips that would have suggested suffocation? Did the US Marshal smell his breath for any unusual odor that might suggest poisoning?””

        “Now that we have sniffed them out, these fishy morsel pieces are too easy to put together. Let my own previous caution be damned — Sugar the Cat was right again! Antonin Scalia, the man so hated by the open-borders crowd and other assorted Marxists, was (in our opinion) deliberately lured to, murdered on, and oh-so-quickly embalmed in a funeral home on enemy political turf — located just miles from the Mexican border.
        This is bad, really bad. America — we’ve got problems!”

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  3. azcatsclaw says:

    Equal branches. You get to nominate, sir, they get to confirm. And they don’t have to just because you say so

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  4. Willy says:

    Why can’t we pack the court?

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  5. Polar Vortex says:

    The founders thought life appointments to the Supreme Court was practical, because nobody lived very long in those days, and if they had a job for life, they wouldn’t be political. The founders should have thought that one over a bit longer.

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    • Arkindole says:

      The silence of the original document on the details of numbers, confirmations, etc. should tell us quite a bit about what they did not want to specify. Remember, the SC originally was intended to interpret the constitution relative to laws, nothing more. Repeat; nothing more. Cultural and political leverage is now the modus operandi with the Judicial branch. The original founders probably thought that the state of affairs would never degrade to such an extent. Impeachment was a controlling mechanism that would have been the force multiplier in their view.

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    • Howie says:

      Republicans are not even usefull idiots. They are useless idiots.

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  6. Linda Ruth says:

    Only speculation:
    Perhaps the odd description of “a pillow over his head” was a message being sent to TPTB that Scalia’s judicial voice has been successfully silenced. And out here in the boonies, there will bo no investigation of his “natural” death. Scalia apparently wasn’t always in ethical company on his outings. The group of people he was with here could have been gathered together to engage in political discourse, inspite of what Poindexter said. Maybe Scalia wouldn’t be bribed by “very substantial business people.” Considering the rush by the Obama cabal to get a replacement for Scalia, some very strategic Supreme Court decisions must be coming up.

    Ranch Owner: Scalia Found Dead With a ‘Pillow Over His Head’
    Rachel Blevins
    February 15, 2016

    Scalia’s last moments on a Texas ranch, quail hunting to being found in ‘perfect repose’ – Los Angeles Times
    Posted by Cited in article on February 15, 2016
    “When Texas millionaire John Poindexter invited Justice Antonin Scalia to his remote ranch near the Mexican border, it was for a private party with about 35 other guests, a weekend of hunting and sightseeing on his painstakingly restored and cultivated 30,000-acre spread.”

    “It was Scalia’s first visit to the storied ranch,”

    “Poindexter said he had met Scalia once before, briefly in Washington, when he was there with a sports group and the justice agreed to meet them. He said he invited Scalia to the ranch on the suggestion of a mutual friend, a lawyer, who came with Scalia.

    He declined to identify the lawyer or any of the other guests, except to say that they were “very substantial business people,” but not big names in politics.”

    “There is no political angle here,” he said. “It was strictly a group of friends sympathetic to the justice’s views.”

    Scalia engendered criticism in the past over his choice of partners on hunting trips. In 2001, he went on a pheasant hunting trip with the dean of a Kansas law school who was the lead attorney in two cases that were about to come before the Supreme Court. And in 2004, he went duck hunting with then-Vice President Dick Cheney — flying with him on a plane that served as Air Force 2 — while the high court was considering a case that challenged the secrecy of an energy task force led by Cheney.”


    • Howie says:

      I don’t see the big advantage of offing Scalia yet. He was a wonderful justice. His demise will not alter much I can see. The SCOTUS will be put back in its proper role by elections of the legislature and the Executive. I honor him. He was my favorite justice. Now it is up to the people. As it should be. Too much pressure is being forced in to the courts. The judiciary can not do it all by itself.


    • Totally Domestic says:

      Who was the lawyer he went to the ranch with? Why all the secrecy?


    • truthwitness says:

      guess this private ranch property is protected land and will not be grabbed by the Fed. govt for some environmental hoax or a monument of some kind. Guess Poindexter has some immunity to the Agenda 21 or guess the UN has changed the Agenda to 2030. But from what I have heard it might make a nice bird refuge.

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    • Papoose says:

      That was my thought, exactly. A message. Silenced.


  7. redsequin4 says:

    The gutless Republicans would approve any candidate Obama served up but now we have Donald Trump and he’s going to call them out and keep pressure on those weasels until election day. If he wasn’t in the race, we’d have Loretta Lynch as the next Supreme by next Saturday.

    I can’t fathom the damage she could do to this country and our Constitution. Scarier than any horror movie.

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    • getouttahea says:

      You’re absolutely correct. They would cower under the pressure of being called racist and sexist.

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    • anon says:

      She actually sounded like she would be an improvement over the wretched quality of Obama’s other senior hires when she was being evaluated for AG, but her preemptive ‘blame the messenger’ attempt to silence any criticism of Islam after the San Bernardino massacre showed her true colors. She is in the ‘destroy America’ camp. I don’t doubt for a second that if Trump weren’t running and watching their every move, the GOPe would confirm her the second the Dem’s put a little (taxpayer) money on the table.

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      • redsequin4 says:

        I actually think she was on her best behavior until she got confirmed and then all bets are off. She’s a clone of Obama.


        • MMinLamesa says:

          Yep. She would terrible-a 100% sure vote for tearing our Constitution into tiny pieces.

          What is it about Obama naming women? At least this one isn’t a homo but she sure is a racist.

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    • tellthetruth2016 says:

      Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnel will help Obama do as much damage as possible before elections if they think Trump is getting in……..They are worse than the DemoRats…… Wisconsin can do something about Rino in 2016 if they have the balls…….

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  8. RM says:

    The great worry is that Obama will make an emergency recess appointment. The House and Senate are adjourned until Feb 22nd. I do not think that he will let the opportunity pass. A recess appointment would also give Touche Douche Turtle McConnell an out from standing against Obama’s wish.

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    • MouseTheLuckyDog says:

      A recess appointment would mean that she could only serve until January . After that the next President would appoint their own guy.

      Most people would not do it because they would have to give up somethingm for example, a judgeship. In that sense she is the perfect choice, but she could not rule on any cases that crossed her desk, so she wouldn’t be very effective.


      • ShibaDad says:

        I just had the thought that the reason Hillary hasn’t been indicted yet, despite apparently overwhelming evidence, is just this moment right now. That the AG, appointed to the SC will be the tipping point in Hillary’s favor. Because any case brought against Clinton will be appealed all the way to the top. Like I said, it’s just a thought.


        • NCPatrick says:

          It seems obvious that Scalia’s death was pre-planned and necessary for other actions to take place: whether or not Hillary will be indicted might be the critifcal factor , as well as the timing of Congress being out until 2-22. So Obama could rush thru an interim justice without the predictable drama. I do hope Mouse the Lucky is right in that an interim justice would only serve until new President is sworn in! Lots of damage could be done of course, but not forever.

          I am still very troubled over the silence from the Scalia family … that is really “off”. Why was his son to have accompanied him and then dropped out at last minute, leaving Dad to go it alone? It would be very helpful in this investigation to know who these 35-40 “friends” were, no?

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    • peachteachr says:

      I read today that all the Senate has to do is convene and that stops the recess appointment. Sorry I don’t remember where I read it; just google it.


      • R-C says:

        Did not Obama make a brazen recess appointment at a time when the Senate was officially ‘in session’? Memory on that is fuzzy, but it seems to me this was one of Obama’s many outrages.

        Anybody else remember that?


        • Yes I remember. Wasn’t it for the NLRB?


          • MMinLamesa says:

            He won’t make a recess appointment now but if he submits LL and it looks like she has absolutely no chance, he’ll make his recess appointment this summer.

            It’s all on McConnell-I hope he looks around and sees the ocean of Cold Anger and decides his political future wouldn’t worth squat if he allows LL to be a Justice.


    • smiley says:

      key word : emergency.

      how coincidentally convenient, all the little crises that can’t go to waste.

      a VERY dangerous situation.

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  9. Reality Wins says:

    I am not remembering the names involved at the time but I distinctly remember the Democrats up in arms when either Reagan or Bush got to replace a liberal justice. They screamed that a liberal justice had to be replaced by another liberal justice. They played the “It’s only fair!” card.

    Turn about is fair play and Obama should be told we will only consider strict Constitutionalists. “It’s only fair!”

    And for the record: the Second Amendment is “SETTLED LAW” (December 15, 1791) and according to their rules – no challenges are allowed to “settled law.”


    • anon says:

      If we lose our 2nd Amendment rights, then we will end up like the English, 2/3 ethnically cleansed from their own capitol city, a broken people whose children were raped by Muslim ‘grooming’ gangs for THIRTY FREAKING YEARS while their police and social services knew and did nothing because ‘racism’ and ‘political correctness’. (keyword search: Rotherham) Don’t think it can’t happen here.


      • angryduc says:

        The second Amendment is not the granting of a right it simply acknowledges it. The right to self defense lies innate within every man. Acknowledgement of this right was essential to the compact of the states. I won’t be losing my right to bear arms.

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      • Jenny R. says:

        Losing the 2nd would likely pitch the country into a civil war (and more of the French kind); they will whittle away at that one, not confront head on.
        Look for something to do with property, free speech/assembly, and due process (immigration will come with executive action at the same time, to provide the pincers movement). That’s how they are going to get the 2nd.


      • Jett Black says:

        People cannot take away the rights stated in the Bill of Rights–they are eternal, pre-existing and extending past any particular administration or even government. People can attempt to take away or infringe those rights, but they should think hard and those who would be their cadres need to think hard about how many of them and otherwise law-abiding, productive citizens, with their businesses, families, and all their influence, they’re willing to sacrifice in the attempt.


    • Obama should consider appointing Ted Cruz. Ted is so well-loved in the Senate that he should have no problem. [/sarc off]


  10. highdezertgator says:

    Headline: The “O” is Supreme
    Effective 2/21/16, I (otherwise known to all of you as “The One”) am appointing myself to the supreme court and turning the keys to my kingdom over to VP Azz Clown Joe.
    And Hitlary will be given lifetime immunity to anything past, present or future.

    Prior to my appointment, I will be moving the Supreme court to Trump National Golf course in Los Angeles after I confiscate the Trumpster’s holdings via my new Obama Domain (eminent was so yesterday). Don’t want to lose my golf swing while I finish off the Constitution…. Fore!

    Azz Clown Joe will be running for the “O” caliphate ….I mean third term of my regime.
    Killary will be getting married to Huma Weiner and taking over her new duties in Syria as assistant server technician and chief email filter to the main head chopper Yabba-dabba-do.

    PS: Please drop-off all of your ammo and weapons at your closest Caliphate 2nd Amendment Re-cycling Center

    Bye-Bye USA!!”


  11. amwick says:

    Everyone here, absolutely everyone (except me) is sooooo far off the mark. The nominee to the Supreme Court will be one of two people, Marilyn Mosby or Benjamin Crump. You heard it here first!!!! (<======= SARC!!!!) My own suggestion would be Judge Judy(Scheindlin), since most of the Bernie Sanders supporters think she already is on the Supreme Court. Hold on peeps, this will be a rough ride.


  12. Centinel2012 says:

    Reblogged this on Centinel2012 and commented:

    I would not want to bet that McConnell doesn’t cave and confirms anyone that Obama picks no matter who it is. A more important question than Obama’s pick would be why wasn’t an autopsy preformed on Scalia?

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  13. peachteachr says:

    I think you can look at the current justices and figure out that even they don’t want Obama to have another pick. Surely Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg would rather be at home. She’s had cancer twice and appears so frail. I think she wants to deny Obama another chance to appoint a justice. Justice Ginsburg is as liberal as they come. She knows Obama is bad for the US.


    • MMinLamesa says:

      Wow do I disagree with that.

      Ginsberg is a former leader in ACLU-she’s stated our Constitution is terrible and should not be considered as a guiding document. She has consistently voted to shred the Constitution and has “found” rights in the Constitution that an originalist like Scalia rallied against all of his tenure there.

      She believes in the state not the individual.


    • Jett Black says:

      It’s been surprising to me that Ginsburg didn’t step down a long time ago. I was in the court in ’94, and thought then she wouldn’t last long. I don’t think it’s a testament to how she feels about <0bummer. I think it’s a testament to how the devil takes care of power-crazed progs like her to further evil. She won’t let go of power until the devil comes to claim his due.


  14. angryduc says:

    The interesting thing with this development is the shot across the bow that Trump made as to challenging Cruz’s right to run. Depending upon the issues raised in such a challenge the outcome could (in theory) impact the legitimacy of Obama. There are several issues that simply have never been litigated.

    Loretta’s statements infringing on Americans right to free speech are open fodder, and as good a basis as any to deny her an appointment.


  15. Lou says:

    I hope this isn’t serious. Loretta Lynch must be the worst candidate besides Eric Holder. this can’t be serious. please tell me this is some sort of joke.


  16. owentt says:

    The Senate will confirm whomever Obama picks once the Crubios are out of the presidential race. Senate Republicans have a lot of swing seats up in states that went for Obama twice and vote pro-choice. Blocking an Obama Supreme Court appointment will make the Supreme Court the main issue in those elections. Making the Supreme Court the issue will lose those seats and put the Senate in Democratic hands.

    So the Senate Republicans will roll over and give Obama whatever he wants to save their own butts.


  17. RINOKiller says:

    I heard Trump said nobody makes the nominee until he is in The White House, and after the house cleaning!


  18. jk91977 says:

    I think there needs to be a fundamental change in the way SCOTUS justices are elevated to the bench.

    The Constitution says that they are to be appointed “with the advice and consent of the Senate”. Where is the advice part?

    As it stands now, it seems to me that the Senate is failing to wield half of their power in this situation.

    Confirmation hearings are only the consent part. The advice part would be the Senate having at least equal say on who is even allowed to be nominated!

    Maybe this is shortsighted because in the future the Democrats may well control the Senate. But let’s cross that bridge and reassess when we come to it.

    Trump should advocate this position and take the lead in making it so. The makeup of the highest court in the land is too important to not exercise FULL Constitutional power in this matter.


    • jk91977 says:

      Furthermore, the 17th amendment makes no sense and MUST be repealed.

      The modern day Senate is nothing more than a small House of Representatives.

      We need to return to Original intent. The 17th amendment was meant to screw We the People just like the 16th amendment was.


  19. Loretta Lynch would have to indict Hillary Clinton to have a gnats ass of a chance without being laughed off of the list.


  20. Jett Black says:

    Lynch will be trotted out as a ploy, then she’ll withdraw and someone only slightly less odious will be pitched, allowing the uniparty to pretend they opposed <0, when they’re capitulating, instead. Comically, GWB used the same strategy.


  21. redsequin4 says:

    I don’t think so GOPe, DT will make this the biggest campaign issue, they won’t be able to hide like the scurrying ants they are. Obama is a lame duck and no Supreme has been confirmed in a divided election year since I think 1880.

    GOP showing signs of backing down from vow to block Obama SCOTUS pick


  22. angie says:

    So many sheep on FB think that there is no way the GOP will go along with Obama. Praying for once they are right but if Obama’s GO lapdogs follow their pattern….


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