Patriots United – Donald Trump’s Iowa Rally For American Veterans – 9:00pm Live Streams and Links…

Trump Tonight

Donald Trump has shifted the entire landscape of current American politics.  No-one in modern era political history has ever fought against every anti-American interest with such intensity, determination and sheer force of will.

And so tonight, it comes as no surprise to see America’s strongest candidate rebuke the entire professional political class and put our nations’ veterans front and center….

Tonight Donald J Trump Rallies For America!

trump vet

Donald J Trump is rallying at Drake University in Iowa with a benefit for American Veterans.  He has also set up a Donation Site Here for online contributions.

There will be several Live-Streams (many listed below) for viewers to join the Iowa patriotism and watch the event.  In addition OANN News is broadcasting live and coverage will also be included on C-SPAN TV.

Live Stream Link:

Live Stream Link:




♦  Donate To Veterans HERE

Trump Tonight

Trump flag

trump rally michigan 2

trump rally texas 3

trump rally fans

trump fans

trump lion

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1,299 Responses to Patriots United – Donald Trump’s Iowa Rally For American Veterans – 9:00pm Live Streams and Links…

  1. blognificentbee says:

    Thanks so much to Sundance & all of the commenters on TCH. I feel like I am not alone on the “internets.” It was great witnessing such a memorable event with all of you!

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  2. seventhndr says:

    Looks like having cajones paid off, just as we thought…

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  3. TheTorch says:


    Shapiro has given CRUZ a C for the debate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Shapiro LOVES CRUZ.

    OH MY! It must of been an absolute disaster.

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  4. Ivehadit says:

    I had the TV set while I had to go out. Just watching it all now. AWESOME! Especially when Santorum and Huckabee spoke.

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  5. Gail Combs says:

    SUPPORT TRUMP— on line poll

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    • georgiafl says:

      Love that Drudge didn’t use the word ‘debate’ for that sorry excuse of a Fox political agenda production, but included Trump and asked people to pick their Presidential candidate.

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  6. rayzorback says:

    OMG!!!!! Frank the Duntz (Luntz) and HIS BS choir (and FOX) is pushing the ANCHOR BABY! (Rubio)

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  7. TheTorch says:

    Bill Mitchell making great observation, vote totals in online drudge poll are massively lower than usual. Indication that audience that watched debate much lower ?

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  8. TheTorch says:

    Needs to be confirmed – but if true this is a GAME CHANGER:

    Local Iowa TV Stations carried Trump Event Live…

    Can someone in Iowa confirm this, with all the excitement on tonight. I forgot to check the local TV streams on the net…

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  9. Miss America says:

    I echo all your sentiments and comments about what a fantastic night this was for Mr. Trump, US Veterans, and all patriotic Americans. Mr. Trump showed generosity of spirit, compassion, organizational skills, leadership ability, and even a sense of humor. I think he showed the people of Iowa that he was not snubbing them.

    By contrast, Cruz appeared even more snake like than usual. Regarding his several jabs at Trump: Cruz is a petty, small, spiteful man. He has shown his true character, and it is ugly.

    God bless you, Mr. Trump. I cannot wait to vote for you!!

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    • lineabirgit says:

      nobody likes him. i know his type. he asks other people for favors but never helps anyone else. i feel sorry Heidi Cruz and her daughters; you know they don’t respect him.

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    • Athena the Warrior says:

      Trump is a great study of character. Everything that he said about Cruz apparently was on display tonight. Think I’ll skim through the debate tomorrow on YouTube.


  10. In many ways tonight’s veteran’s rally was like the the old war bond rallys WWII. And if Trump would have called up some beauty pageant friends it would hve been like an old Bob Hope USO rally.

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  11. Trumped says:

    So funny. Matthews on msnbc laughing stupid at cutting bush and trump together with Trump saying Bush is missing him on stage.(and bush did say it)

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  12. Liked by 8 people

  13. TheTorch says:

    CNN still showing excerpts from the Trump event!

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    • MichelleWSC2 says:

      I hate that PoopScoop site it’s AntiTrump 24/7/365 don’t give them any clicks guys

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      • Trumped says:

        Its great entertainment reading their reactions to the poll.

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      • Bystander says:

        I actually posted a comment for the first time ever on their webpage. No bad language was used. I just remarked about the conflict of interest between Fox news Debate coordinator, Bill Sammons, and his daughter, Brooke being press secretary for Marco Rubio. My comment was immediately removed. Only negative things about Trump are being allowed to be seen. I bet someone over there is awfully busy censoring the hundreds of positive comments people try and post about Trump. Yep someone is going going to be up all night hitting the delete button! I guess they will have to organize shifts of deleters. I bet they are going to have to hire a whole assembly line of deleters, maybe a whole factory. And the headline should read, Trump brings jobs back to Anerica!

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  14. NJF says:

    Watching CNN. All they’re doing is talking about trump. They have an 8 person panel, with one biT$$chy trump hater. They are all over her that she doesn’t get it. Even Ana Navaro!!!

    All agree Cruz has had a couple of good debates & this wasn’t one of them.

    ETA. Trump is going to be on.

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  15. Ivehadit says:

    Donald Trump did a brave and courageous thing tonight. SO PROUD OF YOU, DONALD!
    We stand with you MORE THAN EVER. Thank you for taking on the special interests and the media. You are the BEST.! Love, love LOVE!

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  16. NJF says:

    One of the best comments from BB on debate:

    The Texas senator managed to lose to the man who wasn’t even there.

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  17. DaveNY says:

    I had to run out the door just before it came on live. I did catch a Trump guy on cnn who made an excellent point that silenced the other commentators who were pushing the meme that Trump may have hurt himself with Iowa voters by not going to the debate. He reminded them that faux and only faux had the rights to the debate whereas Trump’s event was unliscenced and was open to ALL media which meant not only was cnn,msnbc etc there but also that there were many local tv crews there., No matter how hard they spin it It was a great event and will pay dividends for Trump with both coverage and votes. But the real winner is the vets.

    The optics of the plane, the crowd outside, and huck sant and Trump onstage were fantastic but the image that will stick with me for a long time was when those guys gave Trump the ring on his right hand he made a fist and through a punch,

    I am thankful to be a member of the TCTH community. I love you all,

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  18. jojo says:

    Our Citizen Selected Candidate rakes the elites from the political class, pundits, and MSM, over hot coals and turns ’em into ashes, AGAIN. Love having a candidate with cajones the size of NY. Go Trump,


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