Donald Trump Rally Marshalltown Iowa – 6:00pm Live Stream…

Candidate Donald J Trump will be holding two events in Iowa today.  The first in Marshalltown at 6:00pm (Eastern), the second in Iowa City at 8:30pm (Eastern)

Mr. Trump is anticipated to have a few people joining him to give their endorsements and show their support.  The first event is at the Marshalltown Community School District Roundhouse Gymnasium at 6:00pm:

Live Stream Link – Alternate Live Stream Link #2 – Alternate Live stream Link #3

trump happy crowd

trump rally michigan 2

trump rally texas 3

trump lion

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352 Responses to Donald Trump Rally Marshalltown Iowa – 6:00pm Live Stream…

  1. FireAm 85 says:

    Best presser EVER!
    Trump has BALLS of STEEL. What I witnessed and watched a second time (for fun) was EPIC.

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  2. I hope that this is just a negotiating tactic by Trump because I was looking forward to the debate. I bet if Roger Ailes issued a public apology and FOX donated $1 Million to the Wounded Warriors Trump would re-consider.

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  3. Backspin says:

    FOR SALE / Newscorp – Faux ….. Hollow shell of a media company ,Third Rate talent included with sale , please make offer …….

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  4. Regina says:

    With all the articles recently about Ailes losing power at Fox and Murdoch taking back the reins, it’s interesting that he directed his comments at Ailes. I can’t find a press release from Ailes, but that’s what they’re stating?
    I did find this interesting tidbit – in reference to the last debate
    “Less than a week later, after receiving an onslaught of online harassment, Kelly took ten days off from her show, The Kelly File. Fox News CEO Roger Ailes released a statement saying that Trump owed Kelly an apology. Trump shot back, saying it was Kelly who should apologize to him.

    We “can resolve this now,” Ailes said to Trump, according to CNN, “or we can go to war.”

    Ailes and Trump went on to make peace, with Trump saying that Ailes called him and assured him that he would be treated fairly by the network going forward.

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    • KitKat says:

      There’s a new game in town.

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    • seventhndr says:

      You can find Fox’s words here:

      But essentially:
      “We learned from a secret back channel that the Ayatollah and Putin both intend to treat Donald Trump unfairly when they meet with him if he becomes president,” Fox News said in the statement, adding this gem: “A nefarious source tells us that Trump has his own secret plan to replace the Cabinet with his Twitter followers to see if he should even go to those meetings.”


      • It’s interesting that Fox and Ted Cruz suggest that if Trump is afraid to face Megan, he might be afraid to face adversaries like Pelosi, Hillary, or Putin. But doesn’t this imply that Megan is an adversary? And should an adversary be a moderator? The answer is clearly, “No!” – unless Megan wants to be perceived as the Candy Crowley of 2016. And, it’s simply absurd to think Trump is afraid of anything or anyone. He was in the front lines this campaign season in taking on the border, the sanctuary cities, the media (current issue underscores this), the RINO’s, Hillary, Islamofascism, and political correctness. After taking the heat and prevailing, the other, me-too candidates came out of the woodwork. I hope he’ll televise his alternate town-hall event, and sweep the ratings.


  5. Dale says:

    Ailes is probably on the phone now to Trump trying to apologize for the press release — too little, too late!

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  6. Trump is right. They have had plenty of opportunity to cover all pertinent topics to the presidency. ENOUGH ALREADY

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  7. wyntre says:

    Hahaha! The forum moderator says “Sometimes the people can learn a lot more about a candidate in a forum like this than in a Fox News Debate.”

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  8. KitKat says:

    replaying the press conference Fox 10


  9. KitKat says:

    There are these candidates, knocking themselves out, for the most important job in the world,–especially Trump, and asinine Fox tries to turn it into a petty soap opera … idiots.

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    • georgiafl says:

      SO TRUE – the first Fox debate was a farce. Fox Business did a good job, though, I thought. The moderators had dignity and cordiality. I enjoyed that one a lot.


  10. TheTorch says:

    OH MY GOODNESS! Bill Mitchell what a wonderful tweet!

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  11. John Doe says:

    I’ve been watching CNN throughout the last 2 hours. Erin Burnett is siding with Trump on this and actually reporting the truth, that it is Fox’s press release and not the venomous Miss Megyn who made his choice easy. Can/will CNN step up and air the fundraising town hall? It has to be on TV as well as internet.

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    • R-C says:

      If I was running CNN (agh…perish the thought!), I’d JUMP at the chance to cover Trump’s event, live. NOT even a question about it–I’d jump on that, and crush FOX in the ratings.

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  12. aximand88 says:

    Donald Trump to the Political Cartel.

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  13. Betty says:

    I wish Donald Trump would listen to admin over on H44 and schedule a debate between him and Bernie Sanders to discuss on CBS or NBC. I know I would watch.


  14. ladysforest says:

    I believe the Cruz people are swooning over The Donalds absence in the debate. But he will be even more present than if he was there! Cruz usually just drafts behind Trump, then does some “me-too, me-too” grandstanding, and not much else. It should be interesting to see what they do without him. He has been the key stone. Hahaha. I won’t watch it though. I hope Trump has a town hall instead of another rally, and sets it to begin 30 minutes before the debate – to run for a hour and a half. Man, that would be GREAT.

    BTW – I booked my hotel today for the inauguration. Got a rate you would not believe. Hehehe. The hotel accidentally forgot to set it’s filter to block that week. It took me four days to find one that hadn’t blocked – but I did. And an hour later I checked it and it’s all blocked out now – but my reservations are confirmed.

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    • H Hutto says:

      Just think of all the hours practicing the “focus group sound byte” comebacks that now will have no use, cause Trump won’t be there. Trump is da MAN!!

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    • auscitizenmom says:

      Smart you. 🙂

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      • ladysforest says:

        🙂 I put in quite a few hours to get that reservation, so I really earned it, LOL. Funny thing is that the rates were for the usual “low season” of January, and if I had wanted to take a flyer on non-refundable rates then I would have rocked some of the lowest rates you can imagine! And it’s a nice Hilton I have stayed in before, just outside of DC. I have become pretty good at hunting hotels/rates/specials the past few years.
        I want to be there so much if Trump is elected! I can imagine what a uplifting and positive experience that will be. Fun as hell is what I expect.


    • phil fan says:

      Haha, that’s excellent Lady. Gooooo Donald

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  15. Ranger1777 says:

    Don’t forget that Mr. Trump has another rally tonight at The University of Iowa in Iowa City. The rally stars at 8:30 pm est. This one should be a classic.

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  16. runthetable says:

    From now and evermore, the term “suffer no fools” will be inextricably linked, in my mind, to THE MAN!

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  17. seventhndr says:

    Holy smokes, what a press conference. I think I may have changed my mind on a critical opinion.

    Its not so much that the press is evil (most of them are), but it only really matters because we have weak ineffectual leaders. They get walked all over. Put an alpha in there, and BAM! Not only can the right person handle themselves easily, its actually entertaining to watch. And that last bit is important too. We need more eyes to be open!

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    • R-C says:

      Yes, hearken back to the days of yore (before the exact moment Trump announced, June 16th of last year), when cheap, ill-prepared politicians were commonly skewered and roasted alive by mediocre press interviewers on a regular basis.

      Politicians quiver in fear from a ‘tough questioner’. By contrast, Trump RULES the ‘presser’; shuts down the ill-prepared, and takes no guff from anyone. My kinda guy.

      Trump 2016!

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  18. cohibadad says:

    Crowd in Iowa City is large and energetic. Protestors outside chanting they want free healthcare and gay rights are human rights but numbers pale compared to the Trump supporters. Rand Paul supporters try to give Trump supporters flyers for Rand rally coming up. No one is interested.


  19. TheTorch says:

    Thinking about this more… This could be even worse than I thought for FOX.

    CNN and MSNBC will now likely fall over themselves supporting Trump for this moment in time, because they hate FOX, and they are the main competitor. So if one of them bags the event – it is all gravy. Trump gets massive free promotion leading up to event. Debate is totally overshadowed by what has happened. Controls the news cycle. Cruz gets his last chance to hurt Trump, taken away. Any planned anti-trump garbage from Kelly has gone out of the window and finally this could also result in the debate ending up as a bun fight with the remainders fighting it out for no. 2 position, add in the fact they mostly hate Cruz, fireworks!

    I mean this is just amazing! 🙂

    and one final thought – what if Carson decided to bail and decided to come to Trumps party… 😀

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    • mad3703 says:

      I think Huckabe, Santorum and Carson should join Trump for discussions of concern to Iowa voters.

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    • R-C says:

      An interesting thought popped into my head, stimulated by your post.

      It’s a given that ALL the candidates & moderators at FAUX’s debate will now hammer Trump mercilessly in his absence; scoring cheap points that he can’t defend.

      But the old saying comes to mind: “If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” So, with a vast portion of the audience gone, will their cheap points matter?

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      • lmg says:

        It’s true that very few people will watch now. Fox will probably have to refund money to advertisers because I have to assume they charge based on the expected number of viewers, and that number is going way down.

        But there’s also this: Despite the way people make fun of Trump for being “plain spoken”, all the other candidates look and sound plastic and rehearsed. (The only one who seems human is Kasich of all people.) The ones who do watch will see the plastic. The larger number who watch whatever Trump does will see him in a much more favorable environment, like the live one-on-one interview he just did.

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      • jcbinjcmo says:

        My thoughts exactly…a big whoopee do on the debate. Nobody will be watching to hear the pre-planned bs they were going to dish out to President Trump!


        • R-C says:

          And, with Prez Trump not in attendance, they can’t say, “Archers! LOOSE!” and let those arrows fly. No target. –But that doesn’t mean they won’t spend a good amount of time trashing him in absentia. (To absolutely ZERO effect.)


  20. runthetable says:

    It occurred to me just now that, though Mr. Trump had wanted to play this card for quite a while, the green light was Rand Paul skipping a debate without any sanctions from the RNC.

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  21. El Torito says:

    If he does go to the debate, every time Megyn speaks he could interrupt her – all night so she could get no questions to any of the candidates. That would be funny as heck.

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    • jello333 says:

      “Mr. Trump, my question to you is…”

      “Yes Megyn, you had a question?”

      “Yes, I was about to ask. My question…”

      “Go ahead Megyn.”

      “I’m trying, but you keep inter — ”

      “Please Megyn, we don’t have all night. If you have something you’d like to ask me, just go ahead.”


      “Why are you yelling, Megyn? Don’t you like me?”

      “I’m sorry. All right, Mr. Trump, I’d like to ask you a question. Is that okay?”

      “Sure, fine.”

      “All right, my question is…”


      “No? No what?”

      “Just answering your question, Megyn. Is there anything else I can do for you?”

      “Uh, no Mr. Trump, I think that covers it. Okay, now my next question is for Senator Cruz.”


  22. seventhndr says:

    Breitbart commenters on the presser. 🙂

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  23. chuffed-beyond-words says:

    For a second there I misread the headline as; ‘marshmallow iowa’. Oh, well. It was a great rally either way. ;b


  24. Murse says:

    In conjunction with the recent NRO melt-down, Trump has just fired the kill shot. He has just shown the electorate how utterly unworthy and ineffectual the MSM, pundits, and GOP party apparatus really is.

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  25. RINOKiller says:

    You guys hear Cruz is calling out Trump for a 1-on-1 debate before Caucus Day?


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