CNN/ORC Poll – Donald Trump Surges To 41%, Ted Cruz 19%, Marco Rubio 8%…

…I’d rather vote for a single billionaire I know, than support the dozens of billionaires who hide behind the scenes…

Another series of polls today from CNN/ORC (full pdf below), and from NBC (Iowa) show a convergence of statistical support.  Candidate Donald Trump continues to solidify his lead and the base of his support grows ever more firm:

(Via CNN) Washington – Donald Trump has hit a new high in the race for the Republican nomination, according to a new CNN/ORC Poll, with more than 4-in-10 Republican voters nationwide now saying they back the billionaire.

And more than two-thirds of Republicans say he’s the candidate most likely to capture their party’s presidential nomination.

Trump has topped the 40% mark for the first time in CNN/ORC polling, standing at 41%. That more than doubles the support of his nearest competitor, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, who notches 19% support in the poll. No other candidate hit double-digits. Florida Sen. Marco Rubio landed at 8%, retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson at 6%, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush at 5%, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie at 4%, and the rest at 3% or less.

Despite the new high-mark for Trump, the GOP race remains fairly stable compared with where it was in the most recent CNN/ORC poll in late December. (read more)

Here’s the historical review of the same poll:

cnn orc poll january 26th 2016

Here’s the full poll data:

trump cruz - debate break

In addition, NBC conducted a poll of Iowa Voters and found a similar outcome with Donald Trump at 39% support and Ted Cruz at 17%.

Most notable in the NBC poll is the drop in evangelical support for Ted Cruz:

white evangelicals 2

Thou Shall Not Bear False Witness !

trump happy crowd

trump rally iowa 2

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114 Responses to CNN/ORC Poll – Donald Trump Surges To 41%, Ted Cruz 19%, Marco Rubio 8%…

  1. stringy theory says:

    Very good news, very good news indeed. Once Trump takes Iowa next week, it will be a clear sweep the rest of the way. Trump will take care of the rest of the field like that runaway horse in the Trump horse race. I love it!

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    • nimrodman says:

      They still don’t get it. National Review inserts other foot in mouth, declares Trump supporters are ignorant homophobes who “don’t or can’t read.”

      “National Review Goes Full-Snob: Attacks Donald Trump Voters as Ignorant Bigots”

      “After the massive belly-flop that was the poorly thought out, very-poorly executed and way-late “Against Trump” diatribe last week, “National Review” is apparently still so bitter that on Monday morning another fatal decision was made — to attack everyday Americans as stupid homophobes.

      “The National Review Online (NRO) lead piece was written by [Thurston Howell III] Kevin Williamson, titled “Our Post-Literate Politics” (the title changed later in the day), and puts forth the theory that Donald Trump is winning because the everyday Americans who support the billionaire businessman do not or cannot read.”

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      • stringy theory says:

        They are obviously clueless over at NRO. As Trump correctly noted, it’s a failing publication that now lives hand-to-mouth begging for money. This behavior is also endangering their 501(c)(3) status as it borders on forbidden political activity.

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        • KBR says:

          Apparently they cannot read the rules for 501(c) (3)

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        • TheTorch says:

          NRO are not Conservatives, they are Globalists. That in a nutshell is the problem. That is why they hate Trump and that is why they are behaving so crazy. They do not know how to stop him and so they are just throwing the kitchen sink including their credibility whatever little they had left out the window.

          It has proven to be a disastrous strategy as indicated by emails they have sent out, about losing subscribers etc.

          Trump is steam rolling all before him.

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        • oldtoenail says:

          Everyday I wish I had a subscription to National Review so I could cancel it.

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        • Athena the Warrior says:

          Jay Caruso & a couple of others were in denial about their non-profit status. He tried disparaging Trump supporters because some wanted to notify the IRS over this violation. I posted information from their website listing the status. Haven’t heard back from them since.

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      • stringy theory says:

        nimrodman, the breitbart piece by Nolte is very good and shows just how disconnected from reality the elitists at NR have become. I suppose they spend all their time with their noses in Roget’s looking up words to hurl at us vulgarians.

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        • KBR says:

          What makes them think we are homophobes? Is this mere projection of their own tender fears?

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          • notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital says:

            You got it.

            They’re bigots of the old school – condescending. …

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          • Notmeagain says:

            That’s a slur a lib would throw right away, automatically. Says something about their true values and beliefs.

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          • nimrodman says:

            KBR asked “What makes them think we are homophobes?”

            They’re simply projecting and name-calling. They’re using every adjective they can think of to portray Trump adherents as low-fo, low-education, non-reading, bitter, angry, clinger-y, rubes who don’t have the intelligence to make more finely-tuned and -informed judgments.

            In reality, Americans are rising up and making wholly rational judgments about what’s in the interests of them and their nation, and choosing to back a candidate whom they think is most likely to deliver on those interests.

            But the National Review globalists and the GOPe and the Democrats can’t bring themselves to face that reality. Hence it’s “angry” and “rubes” and “homophobes” and “ignorant.”

            Listen, folks: the common man who goes to work each day and pays taxes is quite capable of making rational judgments and voicing his rational viewpoint. You call it “irrational anger” simply because it does not conform to your worldview. But it’s not irrational, it’s not ill-informed, and it’s not ignorant.

            And you’ll hear more of it.

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            • KBR says:

              Getting right down to brass tacks, one of the main things we love about Trump is his protective stance against ISIS coming here. ISIS terrorists throw homosexuals off cliffs.
              Thus by supporting anti-ISIS, we are not taking a position against homosexuals but rather our position (which actually has no sexual connotations at all) actually favors the welfare of homosexuals, I should think.

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            • helenerbrown says:

              Common folk here, those idiots in DC like my green backs just fine…at tax time.

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            • notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital says:

              And they better get this – the movement is not stopping, Trump or no Trump.

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      • Rudy Bowen says:

        English/History double major in college, jerks, 3.5 GPA, and I support Trump 100%. Eat me.

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        • KBR says:

          You are not alone by a long shot, Rudy!


        • Shamus says:

          I’m an RN, husband MD, son has his MBA, sister and hubby have business degrees, and pilot license. Not to mention my brother ( college Grad), and a multitude of professional friends, who are all caucusing in NV in February for Trump. Guess we’re just stupid too.

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      • jakeandcrew says:

        Keep digging, NRO – keep digging that big old hole you’ve dug for yourself. You’ll get to China before you recover from this.

        I’m thinking Julia Roberts in “Pretty Woman”, when she goes back to the snotty salesperson who insulted her…

        Big mistake, NRO!


      • Howie says:

        Well you could vote Trump….or….Hillary.


      • TheLastDemocrat says:

        Ignorant bigots – well ,that tells you a lot!
        Over here on the Left, our bogey-man cartoon-level good-evil characterization of “conservatives” or “republicans” is that you all are Evil Ignorant Bigots. Go read Huffpo or Kos comments, and most boil down to the same simplistic view of good/bad where bad = ignorant bigot. “White,” “Christian,” and “capitalist” are the dog-whistle synonyms, but Ignorant Bigot is pretty much the meme.

        IOW: the GOPe believes in the same bogeyman as the Marxists do. Wow. I don’t know what to make of that.

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      • ….and they continue to wonder why Trump is leading.


      • Doug says:

        So again Im a homphobic gay man according to these people ? Gosh I didnt know I hated myself that much lol .

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    • notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital says:

      A New Clean Broom sweeps all trash away.

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  2. May I suggest a Battle Cry for the Battle for Iowa? “American First, Conservative Second and Globalist Never”. I know I omitted Christian but I don’t think that is the issue right now in this fight.

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  3. TwoLaine says:

    Someone should tell some of these people that they are surging.

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    • gigiscuba says:

      I love Sheriff Joe! Should be a great rally.

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      • Notmeagain says:

        Me too! Too bad he’s getting on, I can tell he’s slowed down a little. He should be in charge of ICE and BP.

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        • NCPatrick says:

          I love Sheriff Joe and he has fought the good fight for so many years and been rebuffed again and again, but still keeps fighting. Proud of him and hats off to him. Actually I’m very proud of all of the border agents and deputies who fight the relentless flow of “migrants” every day in Arizona and Texas.

          God bless them all, and have faith … help is finally on the way! Sorry we couldn’t do more to help you until a brave billionaire came on the scene and said, “Enough!” You are all in my prayers, and we’ll all look back on the Obama years (and Bush years before him) as the dark days. Sun is coming out guys and gals!

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      • El Torito says:

        I love Sheriff Joe too! He could be the Deportation Czar.


    • amjean says:

      Many across the nation like the sheriff from
      Arizona. That should be a fun rally if the
      people from Iowa don’t sit on their hands.

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    • GumboPot says:

      Sheriff Joe for Secretary of the DHS.

      Heads would explode…lol.

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  4. Trent Telenko says:

    Preference cascade…ARRIVING.

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  5. Nope2GOPe says:

    Imagine if he could pick up an endorsement from someone like Jeff Sessions before Iowa… it would be massive!

    Pile it on Don! 😉

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  6. agent provocateur says:

    Reblogged this on Nevada State Personnel WATCH.


  7. hocuspocus13 says:

    The American People feel safe with Trump and trust him to keep his word and promises as his successful record proceeds him… 🇺🇸

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  8. cheekymeeky says:


    “There are mounting signs these caucuses may go into the record books for turnout, at least on the Republican side. Tami Jorgensen, who works for the auditor of the predominantly conservative Warren County, told me she was astonished at how many people had called asking for the location of their precinct’s caucuses”.

    <a href=";

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  9. myopiafree says:

    I would prefer to listen to a man who had the gut to use “political not-correct” language, and supports the Bill of Rights, versus, the total bull shit of Hillary Clinton. I get very tired of this lies.

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  10. auscitizenmom says:

    “…I’d rather vote for a single billionaire I know, than support the dozens of billionaires who hide behind the scenes…” THIS!

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  11. Rev21v3n4 says:

    He’s outta the gate! He goes to the lead. It looks like a match race now. Cruz has pulled slightly ahead. He’s now taking the lead. It looks like he’s opening. He’s holding a large lead and it’s a long way back to Jeb and Rubio. He’s blazing along. He’s widening now–he is moving like a TREMENDOUS machine! It looks like Cruz is dropping back and they’ll catch him today. He’s all alone! He’s almost a 16th of a mile ahead of the rest of the candidates. Trump is in a position he’s impossible to catch. He’s into the stretch. Trump has opened a 22 length lead. He is going to be the President of the United States! Here comes Trump to the nomination! An amazing performance! Unbelievable! He hits the finish 31 lengths in front!

    With love and a hoof tip to Secretariat…

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    • liberty2828 says:

      Love this… Trump said he had good pedigree just like a racehorse!


    • NCPatrick says:

      How I loved Secretariat! Have books and movies of the mighty machine he was and I’m so glad I was alive to watch him blaze into history on TV. Actually the comparison to Trump’s campaign is good, now that you mention it. Thanks.


      • Rev21v3n4 says:

        Thanks! It just seemed like such an appropriate commentary for what we are experiencing in Iowa.

        I think I’ve watched Secretariat’s races at least 150 times on YouTube. I still tear up every single time on the Preakness (which, I think in some ways was even better than the Belmont–that first turn! Oh my!!) and Belmont. I, too, was glued to the TV in 1973 watching those races. We finally went to Claiborne Farms a couple years ago. What an honor just to see the headstone and plaque on his stall.

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    • John Galt says:

      Trump Beats Sham !!!!


  12. be says:

    Important fact about Rafael Edward Cruz.. He does not pay it forward .. One instance in Texas the TEA Party got him elected. He never payed it forward supporting TEA Party Candidates running against GOPe incumbents. That is a despicable trait. Even strangers in a fast food line pay it forward.

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  13. NJF says:


    But, but, but, but FOX keeps saying there is a “new poll” for Iowa that has Cruz within the margin of error??????


  14. John Galt says:

    July 27 – Trump at 22% – “Donald Trump may be approaching the limits of 2016 polling popularity.”

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  15. R-C says:

    Cruz IS the ‘margin of error’: “Oops! Despite my Canadian birth certificate, I didn’t know I was Canadian!” “Oops! I ‘forgot’ to report my Wall Street loan. Oh–you found out there were two of them? It was a ‘paperwork error’, yeah…that’s it: a ‘paperwork error’.” “Hello, I’m ‘Ted’ Cruz. I accept endorsements from raving lunatics, and I allow them to administer the Oath of Office!”

    “I am ‘Ted’ Cruz. I AM the Margin of Error.”

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  16. RangerDoc says:

    I’m reminded of perhaps the greatest race horse that every lived, at least in modern times: Secretariat. Won the final leg of the Triple Crown by 31 lengths. And Sham, who had come in second at the Derby and Preakness, finished last.

    The Trumpinator is going to finish in magnificent style!!!

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  17. El_Flaco says:

    Cruz lost the TX primary to Dewhurst in a large turnout, but Dewhurst failed to get 50%. Cruz then won the lower turnout runoff.


  18. emet says:

    Let’s summarize some of the antiTrump analysis and criticism from around the nation:
    Trump goes to church: Waaaah he’s a panderer!

    Trump says he will enforce immigration law: Waaaaah he’s Hitler.

    Trump says he will send Syrian refugees back: Waaaah he’s a racist

    Trump says he will make America great again: Waaaah he’s a clown in a clown car

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  19. R-C says:

    Breitbart article claiming Quinnipiac Poll shows ‘dead heat’ between Trump-Cruz in Iowa. No internals posted.

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  20. Howie says:

    The E has a problem.


  21. giddyup says:

    fyi-my nephew works in nyc and is in commercial real estate. asked him about trump. although he’s never worked with him others he knows has. said Trump has a wonderful reputation. high standards, ethical, etc. everyone likes him.
    loved the secretariat comparison. i’ve thought that way with trump and secretariat for some time now. loved seeing the video .. i feel we’re seeing history being made again. this is exciting.

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  22. Venus says:

    I’m praying for a total Trump domination and running the table in the primaries so decisively that everyone — especially those at the National Review — can STFU and the GOPe can’t deny him the nomination.

    I’m also hoping for Huck and Carson to “over perform” in Iowa such that Carson snags the distant 2nd spot, Cruz is barely 3rd and Ratso Rubio is a pathetic 4th, just so the MSM can stop talking about Rubio being “in third place” (without ever mentioning just how far behind 3rd place is from Trump).

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  23. preppin247 says:

    Great idea el Toronto call n.r. for subscription and cancel at end of conversation.. I’ve actually been calling Becky’s sponsers on my lunch hour and giving them them a hard time..It helps me pass the time until I can vote ..D.T.16

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  24. jello333 says:

    That’s it. Donald has finally hit his ceiling.


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