The Train Wreck That Came To Iowa….

This has definitely been on of the most interesting election cycles in the past 40 years, and it’s no where close to being over yet.  However, once this primary is decided, it would be great to discover who thought combining Glenn Beck with Ted Cruz would be a good thing.

Here’s a video recap courtesy of Mr. Pinko from iOTW:

This gobsmackingly ridiculous stunt did a hundred fold more damage than anything Donald Trump, or any other candidate, could ever have accomplished.

cruz beck 2

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354 Responses to The Train Wreck That Came To Iowa….

  1. Plain Jane says:

    Cruz might give the slightest appearance of being embarrassed to be trumpeted by Beck , but he’s eating it up. It fits with his character.

    Cruz is needy, of completely what, I’m still not sure, but his father abandoned him at what age and then emerged to him as a “saved” person. There is a lot of psychological stuff going on here. Wish I knew more and accurate info on his childhood.

    p.s. TY Mr. Pinko for that video. It evokes all the emotions, except love, that sane people can experience.

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  2. Buck Weaver says:

    Well, I finally got to the bottom of the matter of George Washington’s compass. The other day at Cruz’s rally, Glenn Beck was panicked thinking he’d lost it. He asked Cruz if he still had it, and Cruz pulled it out of his jean’s pocket (ouch!). I was wondering why the hell Beck had George Washington’s compass in the first place! Turns out there was an auction for some of GW’s belongings in 2011, and Glenn Beck paid $59,750 for it. Way to take care of prized memento. Quite a lot to pay for a stupid stunt.

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  3. scarletpimernel says:

    From all appearances, Donald Trump is a friend of Israel. I’ll take him at his word on that; I haven’t seen anything to the contrary. So I would like to know his position on the UN’s decision to elevate the status of Palestine on November 29, 2012? 138 countries voted in favor of it, 41 countries abstained, and only 9 (nine) voted against it (Canada, Czech Republic, Israel, Marshall Islands, Micronesia (Federated States of), Nauru, Panama, Palau, United States).

    Has anyone asked him?

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  4. Steve says:

    “My God man if you don’t know this…”
    He should have punched Beck in the kisser with that introduction.
    I’m gonna say it, I felt bad for Cruz…………for about 3 seconds!

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  5. Grad says:

    I think all voters can catch a whiff of the stench of desperation that this action gives off. Trump gets all the credit for rattling him so much that he dug his own grave.

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  6. I’m just really embarrassed for someone. Maybe not. Those two clowns deserve each other.

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    • Tulipwood says:

      I am too embarrassed to even watch it. Is there written summary somewhere?

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      • Rev21v3n4 says:

        It’s a few clips put together on Beck talking about who is most like Washington, Lincoln, I’d vote for Hillary over McCain, I’m endorsing Cruz, tell us the oath you will be taking, and a couple other snippets. If you’ve clicked links here, then you’ve probably already seen most of them. It’s just all compiled in a semi-order in one place. I wavered too on whether I wanted to subject myself, but it’s pretty short, about a minute and a half so that’s why I took the plunge. I survived. 🙂 Gonna go take a shower now…

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  7. itswoot says:

    I think with the Cruz and Beck alliance we are looking at one aspect of the Palin Effect. Her endorsement of Trump gave his campaign a sizable boost, and seems to have put Cruz in a bit of a panic to counter that. I’m guessing that the decision was then hastily made to bring in Beck, which was likely done shortly before Palin made her announcement.

    I would think that there was much discussion among Cruz’s campaign advisors, but ultimately the decision was Cruz’s to make. To make such a blunder reflects badly on what his skills would be in making any future executive decisions.

    “The hasty stroke oft goes astray.”
    -JRR Tolkien (Aragorn speaking)

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  8. fred says:

    Cruz was like the Germans. You could yell till your hoarse this won’t end well. But no he had to hitch up to Beck and he deserves what he got. Some nut case putting on a skit with him as the victim……. Can’t say people didn’t scream this out to him.

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  9. zephyrbreeze says:

    As far as Beck’s assertion that marxist atheists are good for the country, he couldn’t be more wrong.

    Here is Professor Clayton Christiansen of the Harvard Business School and a member of the same LDS (Mormon) faith talking about the importance of religion in American life to keep society functioning. You’ll notice he mentions church and synagogue but doesn’t mention mosque. 1:30

    “You can’t hire enough police…”

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    • Interesting indeed. He also says in the video ” If you take away Religion you can’t hire enough police”. Are we seeing this effect in the Democrat run ghettos like Chicago? Headline from Chicago today was “20 shot and 4 killed over the weekend.” Chicago, Baltimore, Atlanta, it never seems to end. It was interesting he did not mention mosques. San Bernadino comes to mind, how many dead and injured there.

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    • zzschnops says:

      I truly believe that the reason religion works is because the ideals are worthwhile and true and real.

      The thing that most religious people misunderstand is that those ideals are appreciated and trusted and professed by those who do not believe in God also. As and Atheist who followed a long road through the monastic maze and stopped just short of priesthood I can attest that good and evil exist Belief in God is not necessary to the teachings, ( it doesn’t hurt LOL )

      The main thing is that the schools and parents have neglected their obligation to teach their children the difference between good and evil. It is not obvious, it Must be taught. Our baser instincts are animalistic and we need to teach the brain to overcome that.

      or else we are lost.

      even if my Hero, Donald J. Trump is elected

      Trump 2016

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      • John Denney says:

        There’s an ongoing debate about whether people are basically good or basically evil.

        My view is that they’re basically conflicted, being created in the image and likeness of God, and thus having a sense of righteousness, yet also born wanting not, “Thy will be done”, but “My will be done”, as anyone who has raised a two year old knows.

        For instance, you’re walking down the street and find a wallet stuffed full of cash and containing the owners contact information. The conflict starts. One side says, “finders keepers; losers weepers!”. The other side says, “Dude! Do the right thing!”.

        It’s not an either/or proposition, but a spectrum from totally evil to totally good. One might compromise and take a few bucks from the wallet before returning it.

        People can be moved along the spectrum by the influence of others.

        When Jesus was asked which was the greatest commandment, He said you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength, and a second is like it: you shall love your neighbor as yourself; these are the basis of the Law.

        So children need to be taught love. If you love others you won’t steal from them or attack them.

        Who teaches love besides Christendom?

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        • georgiafl says:

          Who teaches love besides Christendom?

          Judaism: Leviticus 19:18 “‘Do not seek revenge or bear a grudge against anyone among your people, but love your neighbor as yourself. I am the Lord.”

          Jesus’ disciple was quoting Scripture.


          • FriendlyKoala says:

            No. Buddhism.


            • georgiafl says:

              Buddhism seems to teach about love from a detached perspective. Buddhist monks have been caught doing evil just like the RC priests and protestant church leaders.

              No religion or society or individual follows its ideals. The US and Western society have fallen into decadence, partly due to acceptance of abortion and adult3ry (the Bible recognizes adult3ry as any s3xu4l sin) Therefore, we have become a culture of death. This has allowed the rise of Islam. (Isaiah 10:5)

              We can’t defeat Islam by military might, war. (Isaiah 31:8-9)

              Only way is repentance and return to GOD and His Commandments. (II Chronicles 7:14, Isaiah 30:15)


          • John Denney says:

            Yes, as exemplified by Hal David, who wrote the lyrics for the song, “What The World Needs Now Is Love”, popularized by Jackie DeShannon in 1965.

            One of my favorites, but that was 50 years ago.


      • FriendlyKoala says:

        God isn’t real.

        But most of the conservative principles championed by Christianity are necessary for secular reasons.


        • John Denney says:

          There is strong evidence He is real.
          One site:

          As a lifelong lover of science and being a software engineer intimately familiar with information theory, I can tell you number 4 is particularly evidentiary.
          Life requires cell division. Cell division requires DNA replication. DNA replication requires two enzymes, one to split the DNA and one to reconstruct the missing half of each half strand. The coding for these enzymes must be in the DNA. Their code occupies about 1800 “rungs” on the DNA ladder, each of which could be 1 of 4 possible nucleotides. If one gave every atom in the universe a million guesses per second for 15 billion years, the likelihood of guessing the correct combination is still zero to 900 decimal places. Therefore, since the universe is incapable of generating that information, it had to have come from outside the universe, which is consistent with Genesis 1:1, “In the beginning, God created . . .”


  10. tz says:

    Beck: “The media want’s Trump because they know they can take him apart”.
    What is the media going to try that his opponents haven’t already tried?
    Mud doesn’t work on the Teflon Don.

    I’m watching TheBlaze – which has some behind the scenes. David Barton just prayed over Beck.

    What do you do when the person you are saying God has chosen, and he, unlike David, doesn’t become king, aren’t you tuned into the wrong “god”?

    To pronounce the same but to misspell the signs behind Beck: “Chews Cruz”

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  11. joshua says:

    keith ellison sworn into senate on quoran


    • Jay says:

      Point of order, Ellison was elected to the House, not the Senate.

      Isn’t that “We have to pass it to see what’s in it”, Nitwit Nancy on the left?

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    • FriendlyKoala says:

      That’s treason.
      And you can’t trust any oath sworn on a book that commands Muslims to lie to infidels and which says that Islam is the only legitimate government.

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  12. sillsfan says:

    This almost makes me feel sorry for Cruz. Almost….

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  13. RINOKiller says:


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  14. Jim Bryan says:

    I guess Ted Cruz’s lauded photographic memory is out of film? (/S)

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  15. Garrison Hall says:

    Glann Beck is the loosest of loose cannons. He has this strange combination of imperiousness (he wants to be taken very seriously) and wackiness (he want’s to be fun which is very different from just having fun). Working for a guy like that means, as my father used to say, that you “have to learn how to hold your mouth right”, i.e., look like you’re smiling when you aren’t. Watching him “perform” was a bit embarrassing. Cruze is obviously uncomfortable and no wonder!

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  16. Dondidykes says:

    There a couple of dumb a””es


  17. Pepperjelly says:

    I heard Beck briefly this morning. He was discussing Cruz Sr and said that Ted was a NBC because his father was a legal resident of the USA for “decades” before Ted was born. What kind of logic is that? He was also a legal resident of Cuba “decades” before Ted was born but the Cruzes were living in Canada when baby Ted came along and Dad was a Canadian citizen at that point. He is really stretching.

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  18. fortbendcountytx says:

    Recall Cruz argued in Bush v Gore which resulted in the former Governor of Texas –Bush 43—becoming President. That paved the way for Perry to serve as Governor of Texas. Why are the “faith based” all behind Cruz? Who would run in a special election for the remainder of Cruz Senate term? Who came out in support of Cruz earlier today?

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  19. tz says:

    Glenn Beck gave George Washington’s compass to Cruz, saying “May your compass be square”.
    Is the following a “Christian Temple”?


  20. Howie says:

    I tried to watch the CNN fiasco with Clinton and Sanders. Had to turn it off when out of the gate Bernie says everything is corrupt….except Obama.


  21. 1hear2learn says:

    I haven’t read all of the comments, but I found it curious when Ted walked out and the hand shake didn’t happen. Is Beck a germophobe?

    Also, is there actual video of him taking the oath?

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  23. Buzz says:

    Beck has been circling the drain for some now. His jin-up with the Bill Crystal & Rosie O’Donnell anti Trump league will more than likely finish him off….. just a matter of if he outright turns liberal before he is thru.

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