The Establishment’s Last Hope – An Unvetted Marco Rubio…

For those who were not reading in October when we shared: “Candidate Marco Rubio Gains an Additional Master“, you might want to refresh; because much of what was covered in that Halloween 2015 review is now coming to pass.

marco rubio and jill kelly

Vetting a candidate is a process of deep research into the history, activity, associations, affiliations and prior background of a political candidate.  Marco Rubio is the least publicly vetted candidate in the race, and there’s a very good reason for that.

Whenever the media are not deep into a GOP candidate’s background, it’s generally because the information therein holds more value for their ideological use at a later date.

The days of reporters actually doing the legwork of research are in the rear view mirror.  Modern political vetting is done by private entities, private investigative teams, generally outside the official campaign administration of opponents.  That type of research is called opposition research, or “Oppo-research”.   

Opposition research is then passed along to the lazy media through liaisons, sources, or random campaign operatives always giving the source campaign plausible deniability.

Every current indication is the Democrats WANT TO go up against Marco Rubio in the general election, just like they WANT TO go up against Jeb.  The Democrats have a very weak frontrunner in Hillary Clinton.  Clinton carries a mountain of baggage, and is a representative image of all that is corrupt, vile and wrong in Washington DC.

Hillary Clinton does not project a positive, optimistic or inspiring message in the base of the democrat party.  If she is to win, she needs an edge.  James Carville and the Clinton political machine would like nothing more than to have a Hillary -v- Marco Rubio contest.

That explanation is specifically why we are not seeing a full vetting of Marco Rubio in the media through the GOP primary.  The Dem operatives, and the water-carrying ideologically aligned media, are intentionally holding back negative assertions about Rubio in the hope he can gain traction.

Democrats are nothing if not predictable in how they run their side of the campaigns as it relates to the opponent’s primary.  The Dems always dump opposition research DURING PRIMARY races against the candidates they prefer not to face in the general.  Conversely they stay silent against the candidates they are comfortable running against.

And, in a profoundly ironic twist of disconnected republican fate, the only hope of the GOPe Old Guard happens to coincide with the preferred choice of the Clintons, Marco Rubio.

Here’s an outlook for what appears to be assembling:

The GOPe are using the final debates to structurally support Rubio.  We saw this in South Carolina where the entire construct of the professionally republican political class stacked the deck, and the event center, for pro-Rubio in North Charleston (Fox Business Debate).

South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, a Rubio advocate, did what she was instructed to do – and tried to give Rubio the boost, at the debate and also in the GOP state of the union rebuttal speech.  Fox News did the same, again using Megyn Kelly, another Rubio advocate, to give immediate airtime to Rubio’s message.

Again, as we outlined in October last year, this should not be a surprise to anyone.  Rubio, a mid forty-year-old one-term senator, with no accumulated wealth, and a family with four kids, is running for office under very specific intents.  A person does not do that without a golden parachute, a financial safety net, and colliery of promises.

The only hope the Old Guard have is to see Rubio finish ‘top three’ in Iowa, ‘top three’ in New Hampshire, and ‘top two’ in South Carolina;  from there they will push HARD, very hard, into Nevada where Rubio holds roots.

The Super-PAC’s for the GOPe candidates will begin mass negative activity against the non-GOPe (mainly Trump) exiting Iowa throughout the remaining two critical months Feb/March.

marco rubio and jill kellyHolly - Scott - Jill Kelly 2

david and holly petreaus 2

Leverage and Lobbyistsand Lobbyists

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190 Responses to The Establishment’s Last Hope – An Unvetted Marco Rubio…

  1. Backspin says:

    Fabulous ……..

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  2. nhtrespasser says:

    who are the gals in the first picture?


  3. Just_me says:

    And the Iowa paper endorsed Rubio so he will be in the top 3 in Iowa. Time to open the files on Rubio and let loose.

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  4. Alaska Bear says:

    The establishment yet again miscalculates. In the meantime, I’m counting down the days to the end of Megyn Kelly’s career…..if she pulls another stunt at the next debate.

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  5. Daniel says:

    Rubio: Doesn’t show up at work.

    What else does anyone else need to know? There’s his money management issues too — no small matter. His immigration position also pretty bad. But I think the number one condemning characteristic is bad work ethic.

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  6. auscitizenmom says:

    Well, I am not happy with this. He is an anchor baby. He was not born to an American Citizen at all.
    Rubio was born on May 28, 1971 to Mario and Oriales Rubio, Cuban immigrants who were naturalized when Rubio was a toddler.

    Marco’s mother, Oria Rubio, was approved for an immigration visa in Havana, Cuba at the U.S. Embassy on May 18, 1956. She arrived in Miami, Florida on May 27, 1956 with Marco’s dad, Mario. She became a naturalized citizen of the United States on November 5, 1975. You can see a copy of his mother’s immigration application and naturalization certificate below

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    • Daniel says:

      Ah yes… the achor baby, Not natural-born and not born to a US citizen. No way he can run. Technically an anchor baby is born to illegals but the definition could be expanded to include legals and refugees if there was a chance they could get deported.

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      • I was with my best girlfriend Sat-she is a brilliant Cuban-American immigration lawyer…big Marco fan but sees what’s what and is on the Trump Train (she has the coloring book, it is SO COOL!) She told me Marco’s parents were green card holders when he was born, so that mitigates a little bit, but still shaky for POTUS IMO)-anyway, she thinks DJT will pick Marco for VP—thoughts?

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        • amjean says:

          Gag! That is my thought.

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        • John Galt says:

          “she thinks DJT will pick Marco for VP”

          Why? Rubio is the anti-Trump.

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        • mariner says:

          I can only think about that with my finger down my throat.

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        • Beenthere says:

          Are you sure about Rubio? Trump thinks the youngster sweats too much.

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        • winky says:

          A green card holder usually must wait at least 5 years even before they can apply for citizenship. At the time they were legal residents of the US without voting rights

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        • Spencer's Mom says:

          Nah, I don’t think so. Trump has been so “sensitive” to the Natural Born Citizen issues – therefore, i doubt he’d saddle his supporters with a VP pick whose status was rather dubious. There is no doubt that Rubio is charming, a fairly entertaining and adept public speaker, personable, etc., but he’s not presidential material.

          I’m sure that DJT has a few someones already picked out and vetted, but not Rubio.

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          • Me too and I agree with all of you-he can’t pick Rubio for no other reason than the immigration issues. I sort of nodded and “uh-huh’ed” when my friend said this, but I don’t think he has a chance.

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            • moogey says:

              Wendy does your friend refer to Cuban-Americans as having Latino heritage or Hispanic heritage? I always thought that Cubans were referred to as Latinos, but now Ted Cruz is claiming he’s Hispanic. I’m looking for clarification, thanks :0)

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              • wheatietoo says:

                The two terms are actually interchangeable…
                ‘Hispanic’ was originally coined to refer to the Iberian Peninsula – Portugal & Spain.
                ‘Latino’ is an abbreviation for Latin America.
                The term ‘Hispanic’ has been expanded to refer to all Spanish-speaking countries.
                But the term ‘Latino’ only refers to Latin America, which includes Cuba.


                • moogey says:

                  Thank you wheatietoo. Living on the west coast, Hispanics became my knowledge base, When it comes to the Cuban culture in perhaps Florida or the Russian culture in perhaps New York, I have to hope someone can help me out. I really appreciate the reply.

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                • wheatietoo says:

                  You’re very welcome, Moogey.

                  I was trying to be brief…but I probably should add that ‘Hispanic’ also refers to Portuguese-speaking countries, such as Brazil, since the term was originally coined to refer to Spain & Portugal.

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        • Daniel says:

          If Rubio isn’t eligible for president, he’s not eligible for vice president.

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  7. Bart Manson ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ says:

    I could have sworn Rubio already had his chance to surge after the debate in November. People said he won the debate, he climbed two points, and then Trump ripped the media away from him and that was that.

    He’s an anchor baby who supports amnesty, open borders, overrunning our country, TPA, TPP, and excessive spending. On top of that he never shows up to do the job he was elected to do, and in his own home state he can’t get more than 10% in the polls.

    Knocking him out will be far easier than knocking Cruz out.

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    • stringy theory says:

      “knocking him out will be far easier than knocking Crus out.” I think we already have. What’s that story about Humpty Dumpty?

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    • rajabear1 says:

      Thought so too? Around the same time as ‘that face’ push. Maybe they’re hoping to get a bigger ground swell than previously since he just rose a tad the dropped back down because of cruz?
      All I know for sure is this is REALLY fun!

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  8. stringy theory says:

    Hello Earth. If Rubio is now the GOPe/uniparty’s last, best hope, they’re screwed.

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  9. hocuspocus13 says:

    Vetting of Rubio

    The Constitution cannot give someone Citizenship nor can one in a Black Robe

    Citizenship is Inherited by the Child’s Natural Father

    Rubio Inherited at time of his birth his Father’s Cuban Citizenship and not eligible to be President or VP of USA

    That also includes Cruz and Obama

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    • Daniel says:

      I certainly agree with that perspective but I’m concerned how equal rights for women work into this. According to the wiki on the ERA (Equal Rights Amendment) it wasn’t ratified. So only a constitutional amendment can change the meaning of the constitution.

      I suspect any such rulings will will either be avoided or skirted in some way.

      But the fact that he wasn’t born of US citizens is a dis-qualifier, and a very clear one.

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  10. Rebel Mope says:

    Uh-oh. I recognize those two Lebanese ladies, and the grey haired lady, too. This ought to get good.

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  11. Oh the __________________ of it all (fill in the blank)

    If a person wants to be a cop, school bus driver, reactor operator, real estate agent, doctor, or any other position of trust. They have to go thru extensive background checks, psychological testing, rigid knowledge testing, hands on competency testing, sometimes physical ability testing.

    If you want to be president any one can do it. Don’t worry about abilities that could be tested.

    There ought to be some kind of standard political testing.

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  12. Bart Manson ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ says:

    The biggest issue of this election is illegal immigration. It’s the issue that first drew attention to Trump, and it’s the issue that separates him from the entire pack. People want a wall, they want deportations, they want an end to anchor babies.

    The establishment putting up an anchor baby as their last hope could only be surpassed on the stupidity scale by pushing Jeb up and having him conduct the rest of his campaign in Spanish.

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    • winky says:

      Guaranteed that Trump will have all the little loopholes and anchor baby thing and all that clarified…. signed…. sealed….. and delivered!!!

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    • MVW says:

      Yes. Looks grim for the GOPe plan and voting is upon us. Plan S?

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    • Kaiser Roll says:

      It is not just illegal immigration, it is the “legal” immigration and the left/corporate desire to replace us with Third World invaders.

      All immigration must cease, the illegals must all leave, cheap labor visas must be abolished, those employing illegals should be aggressively prosecuted. English will be the sole language of the government, even in Puerto Rico. We should then begin revoking the citizenship of those who acquired it fraudulently in the 1986 amnesty, and revoke all birthright citizenship of descendants of illegals.

      The solutions are harsh, but the alternative is the US becoming a failed state, and the likely ethnic cleansing.

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  13. kathyca says:

    Let the games begin!

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  14. feralcatsblog says:

    Amigos comrades muchachos friends, we are gathered here as an edifice of the
    great glory that is now vanishing and the intuitive feeling, based on
    the assumption as Mencken once said, he who tries to underestimate the
    American politician will never go broke. This is merely a small
    indication to behold and to perceive that which has gone way into the
    behind and to that which might project .. I mean go forward out of the
    mouth I mean .. the future. We’ve got to rip up the constitution so we
    can rip down those outdated borders! This is the main deterrent upon
    which we have gathered our strength and all the others who say, What the
    hell did that get? We don’t yet know.

    Clearly today we must all be aware that political expediency for the Chamber of
    Crony Businesses and Serf labor and la raza ethnicity takes precedence
    over rule of law and constitutional procedure. However you say WTF !
    what does this mean in relation to the tabulation whereby we must once
    again realize that the great reconquesta story is now being rehearsed
    before our very eyes, in the rise of Marco Rubio indicating that only a
    two-faced I mean a bi-faced I mean a bi-polar I mean a bi-lingual
    hombre can receive the award for reconquesta, unlike Kenyan Hussein
    Obama whose reconquesta plans don’t drink water.

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  15. feralcatsblog says:

    Rubio has betrayed all those he ever met.

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  16. SueAnn Brockwell says:

    What is the story re: Cruz defending a Chinese company? I missed the news ealier.


  17. Helen says:

    There was an article posted here in the past that showed oppo-research on Rubio. I remember it had something to do with his mishandling funds. I think he was paying his mother-in the-law out of campaign funds as a “courier”. He is also very poor on his own finances so doubtful he can Make America Great again. I think many people have been betting on him because he is young, good looking, a good speaker, and would bring in the Hispanic vote.

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  18. Sentient says:

    So Rubio had an affair with Petraeus’ wife? That might actually sway some Hillary supporters to Rubio.

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  19. We wool stay home and let elites vote for Rubio! No bush, Clinton or Rubio!
    Trump shouldn’t go to the debate this week!

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  20. Howie says:

    Hot Damn…The Rubio Surge. The Rockabilly vote will put an end to this.

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  21. shirley49 says:

    They want him because he is for the illegals sucking the blood out of us. If he is nominated i will do a write in.

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    • stringy theory says:

      Shirley, just be sure you can vote for Trump in the primary in your state and Ribio won’t be the nominee. If you’re not registered as a Republican, I recommend you register as one soon just to be sure no last minute shenanigans by the GOPe prevent your voting for Trump.

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  22. Howie says:

    Rubio is the last surge before Boooosh. I just would dedicate this song to the extablishment. They are losing the Rockabilly’s. Just for fun. It is fun watching them flail now.


  23. I knew the Democrats wanted to face Rubio, ever since some Obama spokes person asserted ‘We’re really “afraid” of Rubio’ months ago. I remember it even got a headline at Hot Air. All that told me was the Democrats thought Marco Rubio (Who, at least is using his given Latin name…) would be real easy for them to beat.

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  24. redlegleader68 says:

    Well, let’s just see who pops up on FNC this week during prime time.

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  25. NCPatriot says:

    To everyone in NC—-last day to change your registration is February 19.

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  26. woohoowee says:

    Presstitutes and Politutes. There’s really no other way to describe it!


  27. sundance says:

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  28. Omg, I just saw a new Rubio ad where the sister of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry (killed in the fast and furious scandal) just gave her support to Rubio saying she is voting for HIM because she knows he will support people like Terry from the border to the battlefield!!!??? Huh?, what????

    I’m sorry and mean no disrespect to her and I’m really sorry for her loss but he is the WEAKEST on the border, so either she REALLY hasn’t done her homework, or the Rubio campaign paid her a bunch of money to say that. It makes no sense to anyone who has followed his flip flops. I’m sure she will get a lot of emails from people reminding her about the Gang of 8… I saw this and was just like wow…wow. They are really trying to pull the wool over the eyes of the low info voters with this one!

    I managed to find it online…wow

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    • TexasRanchQueen says:

      Wow is right eastcoastpatriot! I agree with your take on this…she either didn’t do her homework or they sold her a bill of goods. Except for the endorsement of Marco Polo at the end, it is a very touching ad.

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  29. vincentjappi says:

    Rubio is no less ineligible than Cruz — that is, twice — but it is less self-evident given the cottage industry developed to obfuscate the definition of “natural-born” since the “Obama” usurpation.

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  30. In SC, over the past month, we have been getting about 3 of the high end double-folded, heavy card stock, glossy rubio flyers in the mail. Saved them for the fireplace and found out they won’t burn and sucked. So, the cat puked and I thought it would work for cleaning it up. I picked up the cat puke and the daggom things folded like a wet suit and I got cat puke on my shoes. My daughter starts laughing at me while I cussed. She saw rubio’s picture and said that’s the pervert man in the picture on the flyer at school that reads “please notify authorities if you see this man”. I never enjoyed cat puke so much in my life.

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  31. craigusc says:

    Rubio doomed.

    New Boston Herald NH Poll:

    Trump: 33
    Cruz: 14
    Kasich: 12
    Bush: 9
    Rubio: 8

    Uh-oh., there is a 10% cutoff to get ANY delegates at all.

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  32. Backspin says:

    If Rubio was a member of ” The Village People ” which one would he be ?

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  33. Robert says:

    As a quick summary: we know that the man Rubio was arrested with in 1990 was sued by Miami in 2007 for running a gay pornography studio out of one of his properties. We believe the totality of the evidence strongly implies that Rubio was engaged in sexual relations with that man in 1990, and that’s why they were arrested. Full story below.

    The story, published on January 21st, notes that Rubio was with his friend, Angel Barrios, and another unnamed young man, when they were stopped by the police in Alice C. Wainwright Park at about 10 PM on May 23, 1990. Unfortunately, the article does not give very much information about Mr. Barrios, other than the fact that he owns several coin-operated laundries in the Miami area. So we decided to try and find out who this guy is. His LinkedIn page was easy to find: Further searches revealed a case filed by the City of Miami against an Angel Barrios in 2007, seeking to enjoin him from allowing the use of his residential property for business purposes ( What were these business purposes? The production of pornography for distribution over the internet, by a company named Flava Works. What kind of pornography? Gay pornography: (warning NSFW)


  34. Josie says:

    I repost this from the end of the presidential open thread. It seem to fit on this thread.

    You may have seen a recent story by WaPo about an arrest of Marco Rubio when he was 18 years old. He was in a park with a buddy after hours. Marco says they were drinking beer. The park was known for that as well as gay/straight sex and other things done after dark in a remote park. Ok, so maybe not a big deal. However, the guy with whom he was arrested later shared a townhouse together. A few years later, this same roommate was arrested for producing gay porn in his house. Was this what Romney found when vetting Marco? Source docs in link below.

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    • georgiafl says:

      Psychological or substance abuse problems may account for Rubio’s frequent and mysterious absences from his work as a Senator. I have wondered about his wife’s job for Braman, running an essentially non-functioning charity…wondered if Mrs. Rubio also had problems that could call Rubio away from DC.

      There is something wrong with Rubio – too many red flags. He is much too young and inexperienced to be running for President, even if he was eligible. No business experience/ability, very little experience in DC.

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    • Howie says:

      Get Rubio!


  35. Trent Telenko says:

    I posted this on a blog I participate in, but it is worth repeating here regards the Cruz/Rubio H1B support —

    This H1B American worker replacement program for multi-national megacorporations is getting real. It isn’t limited to the IT industry workers and Disney actors training their own H1B visa replacements any more. It is now hitting the American health care industry in the skilled medical technician level, many of whom are college educated American citizen minorities, at least here in Dallas.

    I just saw the local CVS pharmacy I use replace several college educated, Black Female, Hispanic female and Hispanic male Pharmacists, with Indian H1B workers last week.

    The reason this sticks out in my wife went to pick up a changed 30-to-90 day prescription of mine for which the CVS Pharmacy has insufficient meds. A typical case of Indian “IT help desk hell” occurred with two people with incomplete knowledge of the issues of my meds, with the H1B worker trying to get 90 days of prescription price from my wife for 30 days of meds. No transaction happened.

    I can only wonder what a seventy something retired senior trying to get his or her meds are dealing with this corporate H1B visa imposed communication problem?

    And I also wonder about all those minority med-techs I see replaced here in Dallas are dealing with this?

    The same way white male 40-to-50 something White male electrical engineers have in Silicon Valley for the last 15 years? The corporate versus middle class politics of this are poisonous in this Presidential season.

    Consider the implications for the Black vote for Trump in Nov 2016. Trump’s Florida polls show him with 40%_ of the below $25,000 a year black males over his plan to close the Mexican border with a wall. If Trump gets the same 1-in-5 vote that Richard Nixon got in 1972 with Obama’s 2008 and 2012 turn out percentages, he will take at least 45 states in the electoral college.

    This is the electoral power of a real “closed borders” Presidential candidate.

    And the corporate K-Street political contributor class behind both political parties still doesn’t see it coming.

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  36. Howie says:

    People. It is Rubio Surge time. Live it. Love it.


  37. El Torito says:

    Vote Rubio and and handsome young man will deliver your Cuban marching powder.

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  38. Howie says:

    Limbo will finally come around and say we have to take it again and vote for the republican stooge. He needs fuel for his jet and money for his cigars.

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  39. Howie says:

    Sanders has surged much more than Cruz/Beck. But I don’t hear a word about it in the media. Gee, wonder why?


  40. Howie says:

    BREAKING NEWZ…Sanders surges in IOWA and New Hampshire….Breaking like crazy!

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  41. helenerbrown says:

    Birther suit against Rubio filed in Florida. What’s with the GOPe? Do they want the non POTUS eligible to gather votes and then throw them under the bus and assign delegates to GOPe candidate?

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  42. Frank O'Pinion says:

    It takes two balz to run as an ineligible POTUS candidate and a whole bunch of dumb-azzes to believe the fraud.

    Cruz – ineligible.
    Rubio – ineligible.
    Haley – ineliginle.
    Jindal – ineligible.
    Obama – ineligible.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Frank O'Pinion says:

      fat-finger spelling errors.


    • vincentjappi says:

      When Trump was told that Soetoro was ineligible on account of his (alleged) foreign father, he concentrated on the evidence of a Mombasa birth, knowing that the prevalent prejudice is that you have to be born in the US to be eligible.
      It will be more difficult to make the case that that Rubio is ineligible, given the number of paid “legal experts” who always fail to mention Minor v. Happersett and the birth circumstances of past presidents.


  43. RINOKiller says:

    Last hope my arse

    He’s the next one up to bat for Jeb!


  44. Venus says:

    “Top three” — I’ve noticed that all reports in the MSM on the race that I’ve heard over the last week (TV and radio) start off with talking up Rubio (complete with a soundbite of one his vapid, memorized Talking Points) and then go on to say he is “in the top three – with Trump and Cruz in the number 1 and 2 spots.” Those exact words — “in the top three – with Trump and Cruz in the number 1 and 2 spots.” Never any mention of how FAR ahead Trump is or that Rubio’s big “top three” spot they are touting is barely in the double digits.

    Sundance’s outline on how the GOPe is going to play this is exactly right, IMO.


  45. rashamon says:

    Stop. For the dignity and integrity of The Conservative Treehouse, let’s give it up to #1 Marco Rubio is not eligible. All the rest simply diminishes us, him and the office. He is not eligible.

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  46. wheatietoo says:

    Is Rubio running for the Senate this year too?
    He was elected in 2010, right? So he would be up for reelection this year.

    I am not in Florida, so I don’t know. Does anyone know?


  47. rashamon says:

    “On April 13, 2015, Rubio announced that he would forgo seeking reelection to the Senate to run for President, and he is currently seeking the Republican nomination in the 2016 primaries.”


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  48. Backspin says:

    Too Wong Foo , Thanks For Everything , Marco ……. wait ?? WUT ??


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