Candidate Marco Rubio Gains an Additional Master….

Trump warriorUnder no circumstances should anyone angered by the current alignment of back-stabbing republicans want to see Senator Marco Rubio taken down, NOT YET!  Rubio is very useful tool to insure success of the vulgarian insurgency; ie. to insure Donald Trump wins the Republican nomination.

Senator Rubio polling well in the presidential race -and allowing the establishment optimism- keeps the GOPe RINO-class following along happily.    We benefit more from smiles amid their faces, at the crustless triangle sandwich parties, than for them to be developing alternate anti-vulgarian strategies.

This is an insurgency.  As long as the donor class believe they have the upper hand, our operational activity is less regarded. The appearance of a winning candidacy for ‘their-guy’ Marco Rubio keeps them oblivious to reality.  Please Watch Video:

We vulgarians should never work to undermine Rubio. Those who zealously advocate for Rubio have never vetted him.


Those people who are advocating for Senator Marco Rubio have never vetted him.

Trust me on this.

Marco Rubio would never garner the support of the cocktail class if it were not for the insufferable failure(s) of Jeb Bush. However, what most people don’t recognize is that Jeb’s failures are not things happening to him, they are failures ‘of him‘.

How many readers know the very first public office held by Jeb Bush was Florida Governor?

Yes, that’s right. Jeb never held an elected public office prior to running for Governor of Florida. How is this possible?

Pedigree !!

Daddy Bush and Florida king-maker, Senator, CIA Director Porter Goss were besties. Bush was decreed to the position of Florida Governor by a network of political elements almost identical to what you see in that analogous video above.

These same people, walking in the same crowds, meeting at the same parties, essentially create an echo-chamber of political arrogance.   They have no idea how their words, actions and opinions appear to those outside of their pontificating circles.

“Oh, wonderful – FIREWORKS” !!!

This is not an exaggeration.  These people really do not have any idea.  They have no internal self-regulating arrogance meter to tell them they are being elitist.

They view Marco Rubio as similar in consort to Jebbie, who they still love – but accept he is not ‘connecting well’ with the slope-heads, the rubes, and Jeb’s got a lot of really cool things he could be doing in lieu of running for President.

Again, think about it…..   Jeb is running for only the second elected office in his life time; and the first time wasn’t so hard.  “Oooh, lookie ‘FIREWORKS'”.  Yes, completely disconnected and detached from reality.

Now do you understand “Thanks Matt”?

Consider this rather buried line within a recent Washington Post article:

[…]  Bush made clear last year that he planned to run. In April, Rubio announced his candidacy, and pointedly told his audience that America couldn’t go “back to the leaders and ideas of the past.” (link)

That “last year” mentioned was 2014 – when the entire construct of the RNC/GOPe road map to assist him was created; yet so many people still don’t understand Jeb’s presidential bid is an RNC/GOPe decree.

The people within the first ring of the elites will never give up on Jeb Bush.  Pedigree, personage and traditional family honor dictate loyalty cannot be broken for just being an idiot.  It takes far more to be an outcast.  Like say, marrying into the “wrong sort”.

Marco Rubio - enters raceHowever, the people on the second ring of the social circle switching from Jeb to Rubio are doing so out of a lack of possible options and wanting the shiny new Robert’s Report that is candidate Marco Rubio.

…”Why, Rubio’s all the talk of Bal-Harbor“.

These are people who purchase gifts from the Neiman Marcus catalog.  Marco Rubio might as well be on page three as this season’s ‘Must Have’.

The problem for them is Marco is not one of the pedigreed elites per se’.  Meaning, they are assuming he’s vetted like a Bush, but he’s not – not even close.

We’re not going to outline all the serious issues behind Rubio because far too many people read this page now.  However, you can be guaranteed issues like donor Norman Braman paying Jeanette Rubio $1,000/week (plus all her expenses) just so he can control her husband’s activity is only the tippy top of the proverbial iceberg.

Marco Rubio’s hidden stuff, including that of his brothers, sisters and in-laws, makes John Edwards look like a model of transparency.  That story you might have heard about Mitt Romney’s vetting process for Rubio… well, that’s all true; and Team Romney now trying to say he was a viable option is quite laughable.   “Oooh, look, FIREWORKS” !

♦ SECOND RING — > One of the wealthiest and most influential Republican donors in the country is throwing his support to Senator Marco Rubio of Florida, a decision that could swing millions of dollars in contributions behind Mr. Rubio at a critical point in the Republican nominating battle.

The decision by the donor, Paul Singer, a billionaire New York investor, is a signal victory for Mr. Rubio in his battle with his rival Jeb Bush for the affections of major Republican patrons and the party’s business wing.

It comes as a major blow to Mr. Bush, who is seeing his once vigorous campaign imperiled by doubts among supporters, and whose early dominance of the race was driven by his financial muscle. Mr. Bush and several other candidates, including Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey, had competed fiercely for Mr. Singer’s blessing.  (read more)

Paul Elliott Singer (born August 22, 1944) is an American hedge fund manager, investor, philanthropist, and political activist. He is the founder and CEO of hedge fund Elliott Management Corporation, a political activist and activist investor.  He also keeps a copy of the Neiman Marcus catalog on his coffee table.


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